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WGYT 92.1 FM

City of License:
Greer, SC


Web site:

Tyger River Radio

WGYT is a low-power FM radio station broadcasting at 92.1 MHz. The station is licensed to Greer, SC. The station broadcasts Oldies music programming.

Station Coverage Map

WGYT-LP Coverage Map

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Listener Comments and Reviews

92.1 is a great station, been looking for a station that plays the oldies and beach music in Greer. Got a Victrola which has a FM and AM radio to it and your station was the first one that I got on, keep playing that old time music from the 50's 60s 70's. Again thanks.
By: Wayne King on January 15, 2017

This is the radio station I have been waiting for! I love the music and plays… The only complaint I have is that the station doesn't reach further! We need more music like this in the upstate!
By: Morgan Liner on June 12, 2017

Love this music great station l wiil listen
By: Robert wherler on July 8, 2017

GREAT!! to have station back playing beach music and oldies
By: WAG on July 17, 2017

Wayne -- Thank You for the kind comments! We appreciate them very much. Morgan -- As for the distance, I really wish we could do more. We are in a class of radio station known as LPFM. (Low Power FM) Generally speaking, it is limited to 100 watts at 100 feet above average terrain. This gives a range of about 4 miles from the transmitter site. If anyone wishes to contact us directly, our email is trey at 921wgyt dot com. Robert -- Thank You!
By: Trey Cooper-operator of WGYT on September 17, 2017

Can u add this song to your playlist-Mighty Qinn by Manfred Mann. Love your station! Wish signal was stronger like others who have commented.
By: Ron V. Davis on October 5, 2017

Wow ! What a great radio station ! I just found your station by turning the dial on this old radio . What a breath of fresh air to listen to the songs that you play . I reside in Greer & I'm so pleased that you are located here ! Sometimes I have trouble picking up your signal but I will never quit . Maybe one day you will have growing pains with a stronger signal for all of us . I will be in touch with you very soon & keep all of the hits coming & coming ! Thanks , Peter Rabbit .
By: Peter Rabbit on November 26, 2017

Just found your station. It's all we play here at Mahalo Auctions every day. We've really missed oldies and beach music in this area, so lucky for us we're just inside your signal range in Greer. Keep those great old songs coming, we really enjoy it.
By: Tom Laws on December 13, 2017

Ron -- song added. Not sure how that got overlooked. Would LOVE to add more! Keep 'em coming. Trey at 921wgyt (.) com
By: Trey Cooper-operator of 92.1 WGYT on January 28, 2018

We really like the oldies and beach music. We just wish your signal was a little stronger so we could get your station all over Greenville. Thanks guys. You’re doing great!! 🎶 🎶
By: Phil on February 26, 2018

I started listening back last year and now this is the only station I listen to. I play it in my car and when I am doing yard work outside on my day off. It is perfect for me because of where I live (Lyman/Greer). The station does fade when I go to Spartanburg or Greenville, but that hasn't been a big deal since I don't leave the area that often. I love the music variety from all the different years and I especially love hearing songs I haven't heard on any station in years. I find myself saying, on many occasions, "i haven't heard that song in years". Great station and I hope that it will continue to grow and not fade away as so many stations do.
By: Larry C Hines on April 11, 2018

Your music selection is great! Thanks! One thing... the original Groovin recorded by the Young Rascals is way better than the one you played recently by War. Thanks again! Regular old listener.
By: Old Coot on May 7, 2018

Phil and Larry - Thank You for the kind comments. Old Coot - Consider it added! I'm not perfect. If you know of a classic oldie or beach tune that I've missed, please reach out and let me know! My email is Trey at 921wgyt dot com (yes, its working now! I just tested it)
By: Trey Cooper-operator of 92.1 WGYT on May 19, 2018

Jus moved back to Greer after 30 years away. Have never heard a radio station I like more. You play all my old "Flamin Songs". Thank you so very ery much
By: Sheila McLeod on June 4, 2018

Trey, I was just wondering where you’re located on N Dobson road. I live on Arlington Rd. and really enjoy your station, keep up the good work.
By: Mr Jim on June 15, 2018

My name is Nani. I love the oldies but Goldie's....Love the vibe. Can you please play PETE WINGFIELD- 18 with a bullet?
By: Nani on June 20, 2018

Hello, Trey, Looks like the stream is not working today...miss this music!
By: Jerry Cupples on June 28, 2018

I love love love your station! Always takes me back to happy days!
By: Charlene Cascone on October 23, 2018

Do u stream online?
By: john on November 1, 2018

Listen to your radio station all the time...Do you happen to have a play list for the morning of Monday,1/14/19 from 4:30am to 5am? There is a song you played that I need to know who sings it and the title of the play this song everyday....thanks.....
By: Larry W Parham on January 14, 2019

WGYT(We’ve Got Yesterday’s Tunes) I love it! I live in Greer! My truck radio dial stays on 92.1fm when I’m in Greer. I wish my house radio would pick up your signal. Keep playing yesterday’s tunes and we’ll keep listening. Dalton
By: Dalton on February 28, 2019

BTW the email listed above doesn’t seem to be working
By: Dalton on February 28, 2019

Rather than boosting watts or license class maybe you can find a free channel. What stops your signal more than anything is capture ratio from another station same frequency. In Cincinnati we had a religious pirate that it took the FCC a long time to shut down but he got 30 miles because he was on one of two clear channels. Question. Do you broadcast BRDS? My radio tried to display a few characters near st mark road then quit. I wish you were digital (HD) too but I know that is a $$ racket.
By: Steve on March 9, 2019

Great selection of oldies/beach music- a good portion of which I’ve not heard in 50 years or ever. We’re in Taylors & pick up WGYT FM on the patio, but not in the house.
By: Bucky on March 30, 2019

I recently got my old high school rock band together after 50 years. Our base player had written a great beach song which we recently recorded. How can we get you to play it on your station?
By: Paul Campbell on June 21, 2019

By: ROD BAKER SR on July 11, 2019

I listen to WGYT on each of my car radios even though I have the XM stations as well. You play all of the songs I remember growing up listening to. I live in the Blue Ridge area and wish I could get your station on my home radios. If you have a suggestion on how I receive your channel on my home FM radios please let me know.
By: Ben F Few on July 20, 2020

I need to know if your station is online. I was in Greer on assignment last month and picked up your station. Wanna play it on my phone!
By: Dan Addis on September 12, 2020

Could we have a tribute to Mac Davis, who passed away earlier this week? He was a song writer as well as singer. One of his songs was "Baby, Don't Get Hooked on Me". Elvis recorded Mac's "In the Ghetto" and "A Little Less Conversation". Thanks!
By: Elaine Huttenstine on October 2, 2020

Hello ! This station is a breath of fresh air ! I listen to you all of the time . I go to 92.1 to relax & enjoy the oldies . This era in time was so simple & laid back . You just can't get any better than this ! Thanks for everything . B.C.
By: B.C. on October 25, 2020

Loved your beach Music Program tonight. Brought back lots of good memories. Greer High School -Class of 1952
By: Carolyn Jones on February 11, 2021

Every time I go to Greer I tune into your radio station. Luv, Luv Luv it! I wish I could tune into it at home and in my car all of the time. Keep it going. I get sad when I drive out of range for the signal. Music has a way of bringing back past memories. Hopefully, you will be able to get a stronger signal real soon. Thanks !!!
By: BD on February 14, 2021

Every time I go to Greer I tune into your radio station. Luv, Luv Luv it! I wish I could tune into it at home and in my car all of the time. Keep it going. I get sad when I drive out of range for the signal. Music has a way of bringing back past memories. Hopefully, you will be able to get a stronger signal real soon. Thanks !!!
By: BD on February 15, 2021

I’ve been listening to this station a long time. Loved the oldies! What happened? Now it’s more rock with interruptions! Sorry I just don’t like it! Guess I’ll have to find another station 😩
By: Anonymous on April 22, 2021

My son told me about your station and how much he loves there any way to get it over internet?
By: Jill on May 14, 2021

i am circa 1952, born and raised in Raleigh, NC. I just know you remember the Embers! Their first 2 albums were recorded in my dad's studio on his label JCP (Jimmy Capps Productions)! Thank you for WGYT! I wake up to to the the oldies you play every morning!
By: Jane C. on May 14, 2021

Enjoy the oldies music. I listen to this station daily.
By: Wane M. on June 16, 2021

Just found your station. What excellent work you do! Thanks and ever thanks!
By: Angela W on August 11, 2021

As a DJ that still plays the oldies tune on a internet station, it's good to find a local station that plays the tunes that a lot of us grew up with, Too bad your signal range is limited .
By: George Ward on February 7, 2022

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