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News Radio WHAM 1180

WHAM 1180 AM

Rochester's News Radio WHAM 1180

City of License:
Rochester, NY


Rochester, NY

Web site:

Live Stream:

iHeartMedia (Citicasters Licenses, Inc.)

207 Midtown Plz
Rochester, NY 14604

(585) 222-1180

WHAM is an AM radio station broadcasting at 1180 KHz. The station is licensed to Rochester, NY and is part of that radio market. The station broadcasts News/Talk programming and goes by the name "News Radio WHAM 1180" on the air with the slogan "Rochester's News Radio WHAM 1180". WHAM is owned by iHeartMedia.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

I no longer listen to WHAM after 8:00 PM , since my favorite show-The Savage Nation- has been removed.
By: Ann Damico on January 9, 2012

I miss The Savage Nation on WHAM. Please bring it back.
By: Tom C. on January 27, 2012

Dear Whomever; I used to listen to WHAM much more, can't take more than a few minuts of the rude and crude Lonsberry. Although I'm sure he is inexpensive he drove my family back to music radio, not all bad but I do miss intelligent local radio.
By: S DANIELS on February 9, 2012

Hello, I also miss the Savage Nation. Although I did not always agree with him, I found his show to be very entertaining. Also, please feel free to drop Dave Ross commentaries. He is clearly a liberal. I find him making fun of Catholics over them objecting to mandated birth control in Obamacare to be extremely offensive... and I am not even Catholic. Regards, Scott
By: Scott on February 17, 2012

Why exactly was The Savage Nation removed?
By: Diane on March 8, 2012

2014, by the Chinese Calendar, must be the year of the disappointment. I was looking forward to listening to Michael Savage after Rush, but skim milk Hannity is still in that slot. Oh well......... Lonesberry is still on in the morning........ so life is good.
By: R. Henderson on January 6, 2014

We like & listen to Michael Savage daily. What is the story on skim milk? I was driving & did not hear the reason to avoid it. WQXR New London,CT
By: Lillian Mosa on May 12, 2014

In the 80's I use to listen to Bruce William financial show. What is he doing these days? JZ
By: joe on May 9, 2016

Please give the Savage Nation an explanation as to why you took Michael Savage off the air.
By: Mary on January 8, 2019

Please put the Savage Nation back on the air instead of the same old thing that is now on at 9;00 PM. No one is as multi-faceted as he is. Just brilliant!
By: Carol on January 10, 2019

I am at the point where I cannot listen to your station anymore because of the number of times you repeat your call letters. "WHAM, News Radio WHAM" over and over and over. It`s very annoying. I counted the number of times it was repeated from 7 to 8 am yesterday and it was 96 times in the hour. Today it was 120 times in one hour! Is this really necessary? Obviously I know what station I`m listening to and I don`t need to hear it repeated so much. By contrast, I listened to WBEN in Buffalo and they repeat their call letters 32 times per hour. Come on! Enough is enough!
By: Dave on January 11, 2019

Time to replace Bob Lonsberry or cut his air time. He is rude and arrogant to callers. Purports to be a "talk show but hangs up on most callers. Recently stated on air that, after he was fired several years ago, WHAM lost a million dollars in advertising revenue and HAD to rehire him....ludicrous. Let's fill the four hours of morning airtime with several varied and more interesting programs. Survey of family and coworkers confirms his program is stale and predictable....all about him.
By: Anonymous on January 11, 2019

Unfortunately, you will no longer allow one to listen to your station on line without downloading your app. I will not download your app and will find the show else where on the web.
By: christopher l lesperance on January 14, 2019

I find listening to WHAM radio superior to anything TV has to offer. I love Lonsberry, Rush and even Bob Matthews. I miss Dr. Savage. Please put him back on the air. His intellectual viewpoints round out your station. I need Savage, don't make me watch Hallmark all night.
By: Sue Ellen on January 15, 2019

what happen to the savage nation. the best educational and entertaining radio out there.
By: josh weisen on February 1, 2019

I miss Michael Savage at 9:00 p.m. on WHAM radio. I will find it some where else on the dial.
By: lisa montelle on February 22, 2019

Why did you dump the Savage Nation?
By: William Mooney on February 25, 2019

Bring the Savage Nation back. I'm not liking Shannon Joy.
By: Sandy S on July 7, 2019

Turned on the radio at 9:00pm & expected to hear Michael Savage. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT! I listened to some squeaky voiced woman & turned radio OFF!
By: Georgia Winegard on July 25, 2019

I sent an e-mail to Bob Lonsberry at about the upcoming vote on the proposed community center in the former Irondequoit mall and the reasons to vote against it. A week has passed and no response from him. Very unprofessional.
By: Sal Nobile on July 27, 2019

First,you took ground zero off the air in can't listen to savage nation!! Who makes the program decisions without caring for the listeners. You need to maybe find a better choice of decision makers. Especially during this period of time that we have to go through much anxiety I need to hear truths of a logical and intelligent manner. Lost another listener for your station.
By: Jean on May 13, 2020

Taking the Savage Nation off your station is a bad decision on your part. It will cost you a lot of listeners. I only have Rush to listen to on your station now. Bring Savage back or watch your ratings drop lower than whale bones. It's your choice.
By: Richard L Chapman on May 13, 2020

Where or what has happened to Michael Savage? Please put Savage Nation back on for heavens sake. Michael has a background in epidemiology, why would you take him off the air now.
By: mark esper on May 14, 2020

Why did you take Michael Savage off the air with no warning! Now I have to listen to Marc Levin every night for 3 hours and you only gave Michael Savage 2 hours and then cancelled him? Regards, Shari Ludlow
By: Sharon Lee Ludlow on May 14, 2020

I like Mark Lavine but why is Michael Savage missing from the Rochester market completely? Shannon Joy is not the host that either of those gents are.
By: jdcraw on May 14, 2020

Bring back Michael Savage !!! dumbest move you could have made !!! Shannon Joy is night i listened for an hour and i'll never go back again !!! what were you thinking ????????? program director should be fired !!!!
By: Bob on May 18, 2020

There is room for all.Each personality has much to offer.Best to hear different angles of people who are on the same side.That includes the fill-ins for Savage,and others.It is helpful to have someone local like Shannon Joy,for the 1 hour which moves along packed with info., who is honest ,so committed to our freedoms (especially around here),and brings to light facts and points that we need to keep in mind.
By: Kris on May 20, 2020

Years ago stations both radio and tv use to announce program changes in advance to alert and inform their listeners and viewers as to what was coming and.what was going to be taken off their stations. I listen to Wham 1180 daily except for Saturday Sabbath observance. I never heard any promos about the changes which were implemented. People get acclimated to certain programs and look forward to and even plan their time to tune in to their favorite programs. You don't just pull the rug right from under their feet without warning. That, I think is showing disregard for your loyal listening audience. Will the management of WHAM 1180 AM radio station please inform your listeners in the future when you plan to change your programming line up.
By: Bernard on May 20, 2020

I listen on the iHeart app. Rush and Sean most every day. I grew up in ROC, now live in SC. PLEEEZE turn down the "background music" in your traffic report to less than 80 decides so I can decipher the actual report. The THUMP THUMP THUMP "music" does NOTHING except irritate me. Stay warm!.
By: Philip Riker on May 20, 2020

Haven't listened to WHAM in the since Savage Nation was inexplicably cut. On the upside, WYFL is surprisingly good.
By: JEM on June 18, 2020

To you people that think Michael savage often away 1180 it's on 6-8 so if you want to listen to it go listen to ITIT's not off when 1180 they put it back enjoy them 1180
By: sean michael on August 19, 2020

i love wham1180 i think its the best station in Rochester. Im almost 15 and i would love to meet the crew at wham1180. I would love to work there because im into WHAM1180
By: sean michael on August 19, 2020

Today's substitute for Lonsberry is awful. You could run the Financial for the days Lonsberry is off and it would be far superior to what you are broadcasting now.
By: carol on December 29, 2020

Bring back Michael Savage loyal Canadian listener from Port Hope Ontario.Be Safe,Peter
By: Peter pnisuskas on January 8, 2021

At last a good replacement for the excellent Michael Savage enjoyed for many ears, in that we get Joe Pag. His voice is clear and he has common sense, Please keep him for us who miss Savage a good replacement. Bob Lonsberry a great show, hear thinks others donot report. Thank you
By: RIM on January 20, 2021

Does anyone know the first time callers phone number as well as the east coast callers phone number?
By: Rayjelly3 on February 2, 2021

Shannon Joy, you are rockin it. God wins. Keep up the good work. You are a voice of reason thru God and I appreciate having you on after Mr. Levin. You ground us in the hope that is God. Thank you.
By: pb sr on April 9, 2021

I miss Doc and Katie!
By: Garby on August 5, 2023

Can't listen to WHAM 1180 anymore because there are more commercials than news content! Ridiculous!
By: Len on August 19, 2023

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