Radio Station Information

HIS Radio Talk 91.9

WHRT 91.9 FM

City of License:
Cokesbury, SC

Religious Talk (Christian)

Web site:

Radio Training Network (Radio Training Network, Inc)


WHRT is an FM non-commercial radio station broadcasting at 91.9 MHz. The station is licensed to Cokesbury, SC. The station broadcasts Religious Talk programming and goes by the name "HIS Radio Talk 91.9" on the air. WHRT is owned by Radio Training Network.

Station Coverage Map

WHRT-FM Coverage Map

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Heard this station for the first time this week. We are loving it! Thanks for playing decent "oldie" music. We are telling all our friends about your station.
By: Bennie and Ronda Sprouse on September 2, 2011

Just heard this station. I have a new favorite now!
By: JB on September 4, 2011

Love your programming.....I am a regular listener and fan. (Savannah Lakes Village - McCormick, SC) Ron
By: Ron Borkgren on September 5, 2011

Hope you keep the same format and avoid repeats
By: Robert Rhoads on September 5, 2011

Found this station today by accident... Car radios are set to 91.9 FM. Thanks for playing the best music of all time for the Upstate of SC. Simpsonville, SC
By: Jim B on September 5, 2011

Great station!!! got it playing at the store and in the car!! Would like to talk to someone about advertising.
By: natures remedies on September 8, 2011

Found you by accident...this area needs this station. I was almost down to talk radio all the time. Most good things don't last long but I hope your around a very long time. Love the music.
By: Dennis Glover on September 9, 2011

found your station last week. love the music.thanks
By: klaus griffis on September 9, 2011

I thought radio like this was long gone. Even so-called "oldies" stations aren't even a close match to this magnificent new breath of fresh air !! Keep up the great job !! ALL my radios in house or in car are set at 91.9 FM. We've needed you for a LONG time !!
By: Thelma R on September 9, 2011

I was searching the FM dial this morning for another station when I picked up your station. I got to listening and the radio is still tuned to WKRI-FM. I was hoping to find the station broadcasting on the Internet for times when I may be in another area or could tell friends in another state about it. Having graduated high school in 1962 I remember these better songs before the heavy metal sound came along. Let us know if you get set up on the Internet. CWW
By: Carl W. Woody on September 10, 2011

Just found this station last week. The BEST ever. I listen almost all the time, at home, outside, and in the car. All the vehicles and radios in the house are tuned to 91.9. Thank you sooooo much for a radio station that remembers the baby boomers, the 60's and good old beach music. Thank you. Please don't go away and don't change!!!!LOVE IT!!!!
By: Lynda M on September 10, 2011

GREAT STATION! please don't ever change.
By: R. Nelson on September 11, 2011

Love your station, I have told all my friends and family. Great music for us baby boomers.
By: S Youngblood on September 16, 2011

I too found the station by accident four days ago and have been listening every day since. My favorite work station. I don't know how you do it, but please don't stop. I've heard songs I had long forgotten about. Replaces my Pandora!
By: S. Taylor on September 16, 2011

I pushed seek on my radio and liked the music I found. I didn't know what station I had found. Then I finaly heard oldies from Cokesbury, as in local. I did this a couple of weeks ago, and haven't hit seek since. Never listened to a station like this. Keep it up
By: Ronnie Llong on September 18, 2011

will you be streaming the signal live soon?
By: Milton Steve Clark on September 19, 2011

We enjoy your radio station, its good to have a station that plays the kind of music that we love, It comes in good in Spartanburg and Pacolet, but in Gaffney it is in and out, maybe you could boost your power. Stations like youll are few and far between. We live in Pacolet Mills and Its all down in a valley, but it gets better toward Spartanburg. Are youll connected to radio station 90.3 in Richburg, its also good when we go that away.
By: Rickey Ross on September 19, 2011

Love your station. Have waited a long time to find a station like yours to listen to. I love the songs you play and the fact that they are non-stop without all the commercial ads and interruptions. News updates and weather no problem since they are brief and concise. I get a lot of static some times but have put up with it do to great songs you play. Wish I could some how boost my reception since I stay on 91.9 when I am in the car./
By: Lester James on September 21, 2011

THANK GOODNESS!!! Finally a new station for US baby-boomers in the Greenville area.. and there are a lot of us!!! So nice to be able to listen to "our" tunes that we grew up with..when music was "real" and not the hip-hop rap/electronic "noise" ... or the dozen country and foreign stations that surround us! I'll be passing the word to my friends & family!!! We "boomers" may be considered old by some...but there are millions of us...still having fun. Hopefully local retailers will understand that too..and start playing your station instead of the "noise" that is played in most stores and restaurants. Hope your sales team is pitching your station all around the area!
By: DARLENE MAJOR on September 22, 2011

Found this station by accident on 9/21/11, and I'm glad I found it. Please keep the oldies format. Hope you play REAL oldies ('50s & 60s), NOT the music from the '70s and '80s, and that you play the oldies all the time. Some stations in the G'ville-S'burg area claim to be oldies stations, but they often have other programming, such as sports, church services, etc.
By: Al on September 22, 2011

Love your station here in Anderson SC. Love the 50s and 60s oldies. Thanks
By: Ed on September 22, 2011

By: RAY FROM BELTON on September 24, 2011

Awesome music! Just found channel today, really enjoy the tunes!!!
By: Denise in Anderson SC on September 25, 2011

Thank You, Thank You a million times over for all the good old oldies that you are playing, have not heard some of the songs that I grew up on in a long time. You are the best station ever to come on in this area. Please keep the same format going because we did not need a another country or rock station. Also enjoyed the Southern Gospel that you played this Sunday Morning.
By: Kevin from Williamston on September 25, 2011

By: c smith on September 26, 2011

My search is over! I have finally found the radio station I have longed for. WOW, from a "grateful alive" listener. Please don't stop the music. Mary, Anderson
By: Mary Craig on September 28, 2011

learned about your station from a friend. now my radios will be set on 91.9 this type music was much needed in the abbeville greenwood area. thanks so much. i will be telling all my friends about your station.
By: LOGAN NORMAN on September 29, 2011

Love it ! Love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for letting me time travel to the great hits that you play. All of you will never know how much I needed to hear such a great selection of hits.
By: Scott Thomas on September 29, 2011

never, ever seriously considered radio advertizing until I listened to your station. Not bogged down with some DJ who thinks he's more famous than the music. Great tunes, format. Keep it up & let me know if adds become a possibility on your local feed. Would love to get back to Colesbury & play a round on your beautiful golf course!
By: Anonymous on September 29, 2011

Love your music. Just found your station and will be listening a lot.
By: Delores Powell on October 2, 2011

Love this station! Telling all my friends about it! My daughter in law found it & my radio stays there all the time now. Hope you will be around for a very long time!
By: Sharon Chapman on October 3, 2011

Got board one night started searching the radio for music found found a great one ! 91.9 cokesbury sc love the oldies keep it up
By: johnny riser on October 3, 2011

I have a new favorite radio station.I E-mailed my friends & informed them.Keep pumping the good music without all the chatter.
By: John Sanders on October 3, 2011

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this station!! I hope you never change...this is "real" music...not the crazy stuff they call it today.... Have tuned all radios (home, cars, work) in to 91.9!! Thank you!!
By: Judy Spinetti on October 4, 2011

Heard this while in the upstate and really liked the mix. Signal doesn't reach Charleston. 8-) Is this online?
By: Curt Bradford on October 5, 2011

WE LOVE THIS OLDIES STATION!! We do not know how long this has been on the air~~but we just found this 2 weeks ago and have all our radios turned on to ONLY THIS STATION!!! I was listening to a great 50s song the other day while running errands~~got home and had the radio CRANKED UP ALL THE WAY while helping my husband with a few things outside. The neighbor next door thought we had our jukebox on!! Our neighbors now are "new listeners" to this station too!! We own a small 1930 filling station in Laurens called NOSTALGIC STATION. We play oldies music all the time and have a monthly free car-cruise in the 1st Friday of each month. Anyone liking old cars and THE OLDIES can come by the 1st Fri of any month 6 to 10pm!! For infor call Rich or Cindy at (864)984-0527 Our website is: SEARCH: Nostalgic Station Laurens to see pages of photos. THANK YOU 91.9 OLDIES OF COKESBURY FOR PLAYING SOME GREAT OLDIES OF THE 50S, 60S & 70S!! KEEP THEM COMING!!!!!!!!!
By: Rich and Cindy Kuhnel on October 5, 2011

As many others my husband found your station by accident. We've been living in Ninety Six, SC for 8 years. We retired here from PA and we have been starving for some great music. Your station is a breath of fresh air. Keep the good sounds coming. Roni G. Oct. 6, 2011
By: Roni G. on October 6, 2011

I found WKRI by surfing the radio. Great music. I live in Powdersville and work at BMW on the night shift. The signal is pretty strong in those areas from 6 pm to 6 am. I laughed this morning as you played, "I've Been Hurt"; that was the theme song at Starnes in Greenwood during the late 60's and early 70's. Brought back a lot of memories from growing up in Ware Shoals and attending Lander. Keep up "my kind of music".
By: David Finley on October 7, 2011

Thank you for bring this new station to us. I have been telling everyone to tune in and enjoy!!! Margie Parks
By: Anonymous on October 7, 2011

found 91.9 and its the at the auto auction and now we have over 500 cars set on 91.9. went to pickens sc last night and the reception was real strong.
By: arthur cox on October 8, 2011

Just heard this station for the first time this week. LOVE IT. Great to hear a station with the best of the best, oldies and beach music.
By: Laurie on October 9, 2011

THANK GOODNESS!!!! Finally, a REAL oldies station! Hope you stay on the air forever!!!! Love your station!!!
By: Debra on October 10, 2011

GREAT MUSIC! Brings back lots of memories, thanks for a job well done.
By: Charles Long on October 11, 2011

I had been searching, unsuccessfully, for a radio station, since the one I listened to changed it's format. I ran across WKRI and have not listened to anything else since. Thank you. I can hear it in my car and have a little trouble at home, but, all of my radios are turned to 91.9. I am spreading the word. Hopefully, your signal will strengthen with all your new listeners! Love, love, love ... Spartanburg, BTW!
By: Renee Hughes Hawkins on October 12, 2011

truly a great mix of songs we know and can sing and grew up with keep the good work
By: Jerry Peeler on October 12, 2011

Just found you quite by accident. I travel to work early in the am and entertain all the other commuters by singing the entire 30 minutes. Thank you for a wonderful mix. I know all the words!!! Keep up the good work. It puts me in a good mood to start the day.
By: Mary Hammond on October 13, 2011

I do not understand why this station is licensed to Cokesberry. The transmitter and antenna is between ware shoals and Waterloo. Also there is no studio.
By: Josh on October 16, 2011

Thank God ! we found your station 5 days ago & haven't been able to turn it off. I'm telling all my friends, had to run a second story antenna, but it was well worth it. Don't change a thing, you have our devotion !
By: Gary Petsch on October 17, 2011

Thank you! Thank you! Please live stream! The nation needs more of this!
By: tina clark on October 18, 2011

My husband and I are so excited to finally have an oldies station. I had started to listen to talk shows because there were no radio stations in the Anderson area. I hope to listen to you for many, many years and will be telling my friends to tune into 91.9 FM.
By: Dee on October 19, 2011

Great station,superb format. I spend a lot of time driving and I listen everyday. I am promoting WKRI by word of mouth every day. Keep on playing the oldies,we love it.Thanks and may GOD bless you.
By: Wayne Langston on October 19, 2011

Friend told us about your station last week and I haven't changed the channel since, great format... oldies and no talking, please don't change a thing!
By: Danny Ostrowski on October 20, 2011

Absolutely LOVE your station. Please don't go away!!!!!!
By: Music Buff on October 20, 2011

Was traveling to the lower part of the state and found you. Now if I hold my mouth just right, I can get you in Greenville.
By: Joe on October 20, 2011

Picked up your station while camping in Calhoun Falls. Absolutly love the music. Great date range. Sure brings back a lot of memories. Was able to listen all the way home to Easley but any further north and I loose you. Keep on with this great station.
By: Tim on October 21, 2011

Thank goodness!!! I was getting desperate trying to find good music on the radio! Thank you, thank, you, thank you!!!
By: Katie Gillespie on October 21, 2011

This is a wonderful station with an amazing signal. I have been able to listen out past Lincolnton, GA and up by Clemson. Without commercials, as well...How do they do it??
By: Chris from Greenwood on October 22, 2011

What a welcoming sound. We're tickled pink to have found you. And on my hubby's 60th birthday. What a gift.
By: Maggie Z - Simpsonville SC on October 24, 2011

Have been looking for an oldies station for the three years we've been living in SC. Love your music and format. You make my day.
By: Anonymous on October 26, 2011

Just learned about your station, and I love the oldies. Only one complaint...not loving the beach music. How about just playing Top 40 hits. Thanks.
By: Kathy on October 29, 2011

Good station, great music. But I was wondering are these the original recording artists, or covers? If the latter, they've done a great job of recording!
By: Jim on October 30, 2011

I had almost given up on radio and then to my astonishment I found your station. I kept listening waiting for some DJ to yell and scream some silly joke, but it didn't happen. Thanks for the great music. Don't change a thing. We really love this station.
By: Tommy Harrison on October 31, 2011

Found your station by accident. Finally a decent radio station in the upstate that plays great oldies tunes. I live in Greenville and pick it up really well. Keep it coming...
By: Steve Hawley on November 1, 2011

I stumbled on WKRI last week and the radio dial has been glued every since, playing good music even my customers are asking what station I'm listening to, not to much of the beach music please just the popular songs, puts me in a good working mood all day, Thank you very much.
By: the grillmaster cafe on November 2, 2011

Loving it don't stop. actually a decent radio station even my customers are asking what station I'm listening to. puts me in a good mood all day. Tony Green The GrillMaster.
By: the grillmaster cafe on November 2, 2011

What a refreshing surprise to find your station and those wonderful oldies as well as the beach music. I thought that here in the upstate that we had lost all possabilities of ever having this type of music again. Thank you for being there and the music format that you have..
By: Buddy on November 3, 2011

November 3, 2011 TO: Radio and Media News Coordinators FROM: Eric “Pat” Patterson, Emergency Management Office or 864 942 8553 SUBJECT: Monthly Siren Warning Test for Greenwood County. Request your support in announcing to the public the Monthly test of our Countywide Siren Warning System. This will occur on the first Monday, November 7th at 9 am. Announcements made on Saturday, Sunday and early Monday would be greatly appreciated. Your participation will lower the number of 911 calls received each time we conduct our tests. Citizens are asked to inform the Emergency Management Office at 864 942 8553 if they notice the siren in their vicinity does not activate during this testing period. Beginning with this testing exercise Greenwood County had initiated a split zone siren activation system. This new system has three separate zones for siren activation. Simply stated we have a North, Middle, and South activation zones. These zones will be tested separately starting with the November 7th test. Activations of the siren test will start with north only; middle only and finally, south only activation. The purpose of this new zoning of siren alerts will permit Emergency Management target more accurately tornado alert areas. Public feedback is encouraged. Email any appropriate comments. Please inform the general public that the siren system is only intended to alert those individuals OUTSIDE of any structure. Those citizens desiring complete emergency notification coverage should consider the purchase of a NOAA All Hazard Weather Alert Radio. If you would like to receive this notice and future such emergency preparedness information via email please provide at the above email address. Thanks “Be a good boy scout - be prepared!!!
By: Pat PattersonEmergencyManagementGreenwood on November 3, 2011

Like most others, I found your station by accident, just doing a station search trying to find something decent to listen to. All I can say is WOW!!!!! Love your music!! And with no DJ or commercials to have to suffer through. I don't know how you get your funding, but we are loving it! Please don't ever change formats. LONG LIVE THE OLDIES!!!
By: Bill Howell on November 3, 2011

By: STEVE GREEN WATERLOO SC on November 4, 2011

I just found your station this week. Love the music! Keep it coming!
By: LA on November 4, 2011

LOVE LOVE LOVE your line up! I have turned so many people on to 91.9 in the Ninety Six, SC area!! Never change! 91.9 gets me going every morning!
By: Gayle Ostrowski on November 4, 2011

We are really enjoying your radio station. The music is just what we enjoy listening to. I'm listening to more of your music now and less sports talk show. Thanks.
By: Bobby and Judy Cook on November 5, 2011

Found your station while visiting Abbeville great music and it picks up in the upstate near wallhalla.
By: cbt on November 5, 2011

I'm 22. I have my own radio show. In my free time, I listen to you guys. Keep it up.
By: Graham on November 5, 2011

I like others found your station very very enjoyable . take me back to the good old days.THANK YOU SO MUCH . DONT CHANGE A THING [ITS PERRRRRRRRRFECT]
By: steve sutherland on November 6, 2011

found your station by accident and now it is programmed in my car radio! LOVE IT. Please don't ever change it. My only problem is when I get on the other side on town in Anderson I loose the station, so I stay on my side and enjoy your music.
By: Anonymous on November 6, 2011

Hello from the booming Hickory Tavern Metroplex!....running a prolonged aircheck of your GREAT sounding station on my early 70's vintage Pioneer SX-727 Receiver and a TEAC X-10r reel to reel loaded with Maxell UD-XLI 35-180B tape on the 10.5" silver metal reels doing the recording honors......LOVE IT!!!......OLD SKOOL ROCKS!!!
By: Chris Jaynes on November 7, 2011

fter the mid 80's, that may have been when country became the new american country music. Great job guysn keep up trhe good wurk.
By: Ray Dorn on November 9, 2011

Super station!!! I do very much like the Sunday morning gospel music. Might even hear the Statesman. Keep up the good job.
By: Ellis Fowler on November 10, 2011

Love your station! I'm 37, but your music reminds me of growing up when my mom had the oldies playing 24/7. Love how the music spans the decades from the 50's-80's. Talked to my sister 3 times about this station already LOL GREAT SONGS
By: C Cullen on November 11, 2011

i love your station.where is cokesberry sc
By: lhyder on November 14, 2011

You're on the buttons of several in our old guys motorcycle group. How can you be non-commercial? I love it but don't understand how you pay your bills.
By: Mike Emily on November 15, 2011

found station DX'ing on Sony XDR-F1HD tuner & yagi antenna. Pick it up in Black Mtn NC, and various other mtn. peaks in WNC. Good to great signal traveling through upstate, of course. Really great having true oldies format again, since the other "oldies" station in Greer doesn't seem to be really interested in the format any more. Hope the format stays, and isn't just another teaser to hook an audience, before changing to some garbage rap format, AC/urban or whatever passes for music these days. Unfortunately, seen this too many times - bait & switch. Classic format swap, where the PM/OM thinks the audience will stay put despite radical format departure. Not this listener - if it changes, I'll go elsewhere. Hope it stays as is, but not holding my breath. Somebody has to be shelling out some serious $$ to back a 25KW FM station... and rightfully expects return on investment at some point. Hope it can make it as currently programmed. Good luck.
By: Scott-ACS-Co on November 15, 2011

Went to the Ward, SC Trail Ride this past weekend. Found you on the way down from Greenville and played you all weekend at our camp. we danced the nite away to the great music you play. Was so glad that I can pick you up at home! You made a lot of people happy this past weekend!!
By: Jules Olson on November 15, 2011

By the way, heard the story on how you can play commercial free! Thanks for your contribution to the music loving people in this area!
By: Jules Olson on November 15, 2011

Discovered WKRI a few days ago. Hallelujah! Upstate SC has needed a consistent great oldies station for sometime. I'll tell everyone I know. I wish you every success.
By: Steve Carter on November 16, 2011

Great station. So glad to hear the oldies again. Makes me happy going to and from work. Love it. Told all my friends about this new station. Please keep the "oldies" going.
By: Debbie on November 17, 2011

By: Lauren Mims on November 18, 2011

Like most of the boomers posting, I found your station the same way. My wife actually was the one. She was scanning the dial in her car and your station hit. We stopped right there and set all the presets on all our radios. We turned the XM off because you are much better. I play your station in my business and everyone that comes in says you sure play good music.Until I found you it was CD's of Carolina Beach music.Keep the oldies vibrating the airwaves.
By: Harry M on November 18, 2011

I agree with a lot of the's about time we have an oldies station in this area. The Sunday morning gospel songs, as well as other songs, bring back so many memories. Thank you and God Bless you
By: Mil Martin on November 20, 2011

Great station and format!!
By: James Hardy on November 20, 2011

My wife found your station, thank God. Better than anything out of the GSP area. Please keep it up and we willl keep listening.
By: Don H on November 21, 2011

Listening today, seems to a bug in the works as the songs stop after a minute as another song picks up. Still LOVE the station! Don't want to lose you!
By: Gayle on November 22, 2011

My boss turned me on to WKRI on Monday. Very refreshing change! Seems to be a programming glitch today ... songs starting & stopping in midst. But I can handle growing pains. How do you do it without advertising? However, hope you can maintain. Listining in Simpsonville & Mauldin.
By: Matt D on November 22, 2011

As usual drive time radio in Greenville sucked so the wife was channel surfing. If it's a clear morning we can get 105.7 out of Augusta. Not this morning. She normally don't go down that low on the dial because it's all religious or public broadcasting stations. She says it's fantastic. Clear reception today at Woodruff Rd and 385.
By: Ron on November 23, 2011

Love the station BUT over the last 10-14 days there is a lot of static as well as while listening to a song another song will cut in but volume lower then in a little change back and forth. Is there something wrong with your controller or is it the host doing something strange?
By: mike martin on November 23, 2011

love your station.need to know name of song and artist you played about 1 pm. starts out with across the street
By: tommy bailey on December 1, 2011

Best station to come to our area in years.Please stay.
By: joe greer on December 2, 2011

Thank you for your wonderful radio station without comercials. I listen to it all the time at work and even at home some. You play songs I grew up with. Don't know how you do it without adds but I for one am very thankful.
By: Anonymous on December 2, 2011

Thank you for your wonderful radio station without comercials. I listen to it all the time at work and even at home some. You play songs I grew up with. Don't know how you do it without adds but I for one am very thankful.
By: Jackie Wells on December 2, 2011

Jeff, I was just thinking the other day about calling you and seeing if you could get a station of Oldies and Beach Music for the upstate, especially Anderson and Oconee County. I listen to 90.3 when I travel to York County. My Prayers have been answered, Awesome, Thank You so much. K.M. Gordon
By: Kenny Gordon on December 3, 2011

I was scanning stations when I was in Greenwood SC and found you. I was sooooo excited. I LOVE your oldies. I am from Anderson SC but my car radio is not too good so I can't get you all the time, but you are a great station. It's been a long time coming for a good oldies station around here. I'll tell everyone I know about you. Keep bringing it!
By: Ruby Wooten on December 10, 2011

Great music, keep it up..... Thanks
By: Robert on December 11, 2011

Ineed the phone # for the radio stateston
By: floyd daniel pye on December 13, 2011

Love your station ! Where is Cokesbury,S.C. located ?
By: Janice Weaver on December 14, 2011

My sister-in-law told me about your station, & we have been listening ever since then. Enjoy hearing songs we hadn't heard in years. I'm also a fan of The Speer Family & heard one of their old songs as I was driving to church one Sunday. Thanks for the memories!
By: L.Goldman on December 15, 2011

Love, love, LOVE that you don't play Christmas music 24-7! Heard Smokey & The Miracles "I Don't Blame You at All" on the way to work this morning. People at the traffic light thought I was CRAZY, jumping up and down and singing at the top of my lungs! ADORE your station!!! Merry Christmas y'all!
By: Debra on December 19, 2011

WKRI is just what I've been searching (and praying) for. My drive to and from work is so much more pleasant now thanks to you! I'm hearing songs that I haven't heard since forever - and it makes me happy. Thanks for a great format!!
By: Nancy Zink on December 20, 2011

9978 Just found your station!! Boy did we need you in the up state of SC. Keep up the great work and NEVER change you format.
By: James Anderson on December 20, 2011

WOW...your oldies are loud and clear in Pendleton,SC! Found you by accident recently...Could not believe my good fortune to find you and this great music! Love the beach music since I am a Carolina girl! So glad we have something in the upstate now! Keep the good oldies playing...I'm hooked!!
By: Beverly E. Land on December 23, 2011

Thank you for bringing the oldies back.
By: Les Gaines on December 25, 2011

My wife & I love your station. Listen to it all the time.
By: Martin Junkins on December 26, 2011

Like so many of the other comments from listeners, I found this radio station by accident, and my wife and I love it! We really needed this type of format in the upstate area, as there are a lot of us baby boomers here in the Greenville area who really appreciate listening to the music we grew up with. Thank you for bringing the oldies to the Upstate and keep up the great work! BTW- its also nice to hear you are still playing Christmas/ holiday music, as most other stations stop playing right after Christmas. Again, thank you!
By: Rob on December 29, 2011

By: MARIE PAULICELLI on December 29, 2011

Your radio station is THE BOMB. I can't get enough of it. I am able to pick it up without interference. This is my kind of music, the music I grew up with . Please stay. You are needed !!!!!
By: Carol Thomason on December 30, 2011

Im a machine shop owner whose work has just all dried up so I do a good bit of sitting and just listening nowadays, lol and man it's been n a big pleasure to listen to a station play the music from the days my life was so full joy and the music was real ! Please tell me where to send my donation as this is now my daily church,,,,,thanks so much,,,,Chuck listening @ Hi-Tec Tool, Inc. Sugar Tit, South Carolina.
By: Chucknsc on December 31, 2011

I discovered your station last week and listen to it all the time. Thank you for the great music. Keep up the good work. Our area needed a station like yours.
By: Barbara - Greer on December 31, 2011

I love this station .....Is it streamed so I can listen online ????
By: laura on January 2, 2012

Love your music, just wish it was on more often, are you having equipment problems? I can not remeber the last time I heard The Isrealite!!!
By: Bob Osthues on January 3, 2012

This station is awesome! Wish I could receive in Upstate NY!!!
By: Anonymous on January 3, 2012

the real test of a radio station is often would you switch to another channel? You pass...I never switch. But how do you get your funding?
By: Dave Maddox at MVPizza on January 5, 2012

Can't get enough of your station. Have every radio in my house and cars tuned in. It's so pleasent to hear something from my generation. Keep up the great work and please don't change. Please start streaming live if possible. Also a little more power would be great. Can barely get you in Prosperity sometimes.
By: Timothy Connelly on January 10, 2012

What's more dangerous while driving? Texting or dancing? I can't help myself! I love all of this music I grew up with! I can sing along, it's great! But so hard to stay still! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this station. Never do I hear the same song twice! THANK YOU!!!!!! for such a great alternative to ALL the other stations!
By: Anne Rack on January 12, 2012

I just wanted too let you know I love your station. Found out about it at a yard sale the lady told me where I could find your station. I am so glad. Thank you for the great music.
By: Cindy Brown on January 12, 2012

I came across this station by accident on my way home back in November because the other stations (that I don't listen to anymore) were playing Christmas music all day everyday. Once I hit this station on my radio I was hooked. I have been turning everyone I know on to it. Love it to death... My only complaint is that I have a hard time getting it on my radio at work. Oh well I guess you can't have everything.. Super variety, Love the music.
By: Larry Davis on January 13, 2012

I just returned to the upstate and was desperate to find a station that I could fall asleep to. I can't imagine anyone (with taste) not enjoying the mix of music, and without commercials!!! - Wow - From now on, it's 91.9 all the time.
By: Mj on January 14, 2012

Found your station while driving home from Columbia. Great music. I had good signal to within 2 miles of my house in Lyman and it got fuzzy. Need to broadcast on the web.
By: Mike Comer on January 16, 2012

Absolutely brings a big smile (or two) as I listen and remember the background music from my college years. Yes, I'm a moldy oldie, too! Keep up the great work!
By: MAR on January 17, 2012

I absolutely LOVE this station! I don't listen to anything else! How wonderful to finally have an Oldies and Beach Music station that doesn't waste time with talk or commercials! A million than yous!
By: Ann Benjamin on January 21, 2012

How can I pick up the station in Columbia, SC ?
By: dr on January 22, 2012

Thanks for the great songs. I now have it saved on my truck radio. Hope you stay around forever.
By: Al Raymond on January 24, 2012

I am a New Yorker who moved to South Carolina 4 years ago. One of the things I missed most was a good radio station. I usually tune in to NPR or college stations. I am not a Country or Doo Wop fan. Man! I found your 99.1 station and I glued my dail to it. It is not the same over-played oldies. Bravo to the program director! I have turned half a dozen friends on to your fine station and we all agree, YOU ROCK!
By: James Carlson on January 26, 2012

I love, love, love the oldies. For a long time there was an oldies station out of Atlanta that I could pick up where I live, but it has been off the air now for probably ten years. I have always since then wished that there was a good oldies station to listen to. There are plenty of classic rock stations, I enjoy those too, but I am so happy to have found this radio station! It brightens every single one of my days!
By: Mindy on January 28, 2012

We love the oldies!! We found your station while scanning for something worth listening to. You fade out a bit when we are driving in low areas or are surrounded by hills and heavy trees, but it is worth the occasional static just to hear the great music. You rock!! PS I hope you get a stronger signal. We are picking you up in the Greer, Taylors,Greenville area.
By: Sharron on January 29, 2012

We found you just last week and haven't switched yet. (Just like every one else) Thank you for bring the "Real Oldies" back to our area. Keep it up for a long time.
By: Elaine Holland on January 30, 2012

Great music, boy did we need a change from the same old 30 songs the other guys play! Keep up the good work, Rock On No comercials how do you do it?
By: Pete from Anderson on February 1, 2012

Was in the area recently and really enjoyed listening to this station. Have been reading the posts for WKRI and noted that no posts show up after Dec 2 however if I search under REVIEWS AND COMMENTS more recent posts about WKRI do appear. Can fix this?
By: John E. on February 2, 2012

Thanks so much. Finally a great radio station in the upstate. Listening all the time.
By: Tammy on February 3, 2012

Great music. Thanks!
By: Judy on February 4, 2012

LOVE the music! Have high static volume around Greenville area when it's cloudy, but on clear days, can listen forever. Wish you would announce artist and year regularly.
By: carol on February 6, 2012

Love it! Thanks
By: George Pullin on February 7, 2012

The most fantastic radio experience in a long time...I was a radio DJ at WQOK back in the 1970's and we played this type music..LOVE IT..!!!!! never change..teling everybody I meet about your station. Lots of us at Greenville Memorial Hospital listening and loving it..spreading like wildfire.!!!
By: larry and Becky cordell on February 8, 2012

Great station. I am truly enjoying the music with minimal talk...novel approach in current broadcasting...thank you.
By: Lin-Heart on February 9, 2012

Found station on recent through upstate and just love it. I want to listen via web from Atlanta home, but cannot find that it is available. Anyone know a link or time when plan to have this great station internet available? thanks
By: Atlanta Traveler on February 10, 2012

Just found your station, don'tknow what to add. Am super excited to hear the oldies again. Thank you.1492
By: janeisman on February 11, 2012

I, too, found your station by accident. I was scanning the FM band, and out of my car speakers came this great oldies music -- song after song after song with hardly any interruption. It makes me wonder how your station is able to meet expenses (heating, cooling, utilities, etc.) without advertising revenues, nor have I, for one, ever heard any requests made on air for donations. I have submitted my e-mail address, and would like to know how you meet your expenses. How do you do it? (I don't want to tune to 91.9 one morning or afternoon just to find out that you had to "pull up stakes" and go away because you couldn't make your radio station a fiscally successful enterprise. "Profit" isn't a bad word, you know.)
By: Al K. on February 11, 2012

I'm from the north ( nj) now living in Greenville, SC, Love this station, lots of great oldies!!! Thanks!
By: jACKIE on February 12, 2012

By: Major T Crawford on February 13, 2012

Love the music, I have not heard The Istrealite in 30 years, get it once a week now, awesome. Have played WKRI at Greenville County Freinds of Library on thursday mornings, have at least 5 new listeners from that, they are doing great
By: Robert Osthues on February 15, 2012

Love this radio station. A friend told me about 91.9, now this is my favorite. Getting good reception in Fountain Inn, SC.
By: Carl D. on February 17, 2012

There is an annoying hummmm or buzzzzz recently in your broadcast. Please try to eliminate it. I don't want to miss a thing. Love your music.
By: P McGuire on February 21, 2012

As you can see by all the responses, your station is needed, wanted, and very much appreciated by many--me included. And a commercial free station of any kind is practically unheard of, not to mention a decent golden oldies station for those of us who grew up with this music that set the stage for almost all music that has come since (I personally prefer this music because I can hear and understand the lyrics!). Again, kudos to you and all who are responsible for making this station possible. May you reign forever!!!
By: RRRRR on February 23, 2012

As a little kid growing up in the 60's i listen to this music. Love this station. How do you stay operating without the advertisments? so much_cooler. You the bomb. Keep it up. and keep the advertisment man down. Do you take donations?
By: mark dennie on February 25, 2012

I just learned of your station last week. Now it is my favorite! Best station in this area. Thanks much.
By: RW on February 26, 2012

I just found your station, what a joy to finally have real music back. please don't ever change this format. Thanks again!!! Jim Browder Greenville, SC
By: Jim Browder on February 29, 2012

Just found your station while driving from Anderson to Edgefield, SC. Absolutely love it. Set the #1 quick pick button right away! You began to fade as I neared hone on Lake Hartwell. Hope to listen much more. Would like to see you boost power, so I can get good reception in Anderson!!!
By: Bob Straup on February 29, 2012

What a great radio station.....since I found it my dial has not changed!!
By: J Wilkerson on February 29, 2012

Upbeat,happy and right next to the Public Radio band. WGOG Walahalla used to have your type of format and they dropped it in 1997 ,I've missed it since. This station reminds me of KRTH ( KAY- EARTH )out of Los Angeles. Thank you ! I'd PAY for your type of programing . Right on ! Far out ! What happening !
By: on March 1, 2012

Just found you this week and really love the station and the music. Hate that i didnt find you sooner. You sure make the ride home on I-85 a lot more enjoyable, and how can you broadcast without commercials?? thank goodness you can.
By: dallison on March 2, 2012

Found it by accident and am staying with it! Ditto what everyones is saying.
By: G Adams on March 2, 2012

thanks so much for your station. we love all your music so much. keep it playing so we can have something decent to listen to. god bless you all
By: vickie on March 3, 2012

OMG I love this station. Finally something decent to listen to. So glad I can pick up in my office.
By: Susan on March 6, 2012

Love WKRI, great station, great format.
By: kaye.cannon on March 8, 2012

This station is fantastic! Glad I found another station since 102.5 now sucks with current crap.
By: Susan on March 9, 2012

Love the station. It so good to hear the oldies again. Im in my sixties, so your music is from my era. Keep up the good music!
By: Nancy Goodwin on March 10, 2012

The best station I've found in years, the only thing that would be better, is if you could increase your power to reach Landrum, S.C. more clearly, you fade out alot up here. But I do love your oldies, you seam to cover from the 1950's to the 1980's, I think. It took me a little while to find Cokesbury, but I did find you. keep it comming.
By: Joe Kelly on March 10, 2012

7833 The best station I've found in years, the only thing that would be better, is if you could increase your power to reach Landrum, S.C. more clearly, you fade out alot up here. But I do love your oldies, you seam to cover from the 1950's to the 1980's, I think. It took me a little while to find Cokesbury, but I did find you. keep it comming.
By: Joe Kelly on March 10, 2012

Love your station, just learned about it recently. Hope you never change your programming. I love those old songs nobody ever plays anymore.
By: James Deaton on March 11, 2012

Wonderful radio station! It is hard to get in greenville. Can you help?
By: Terry on March 13, 2012

I heard a song on your station on a Sunday about a man they called preacherman he had a small congregation can you send me the title of this song and who sings it I want to look it up to use when my husband passes on. Thanks-Wife of a Preacherman
By: wife of a preacherman on March 14, 2012

What happened to the oldies. Tuned in today, and the oldie were gone.
By: Tim B. on March 14, 2012

Love the station! Please, Please play more of the Osmond Brothers from the 1970's. They take me back to my childhood when Osmondmania was huge among teen and pre-teen girls. thank you from the bottom of my heart!
By: Anonymous on March 15, 2012

You're like a breath of fresh air... I was traveling with a friend who happended to be listening to you. I was hooked!! I now listen to you at home, while traveling in my car, and at work. Thank you for bringing back so many good memories. Keep up the good work!!
By: Sandi Satterfield on March 19, 2012

Found this station by accident today. Love it - no silly endless chatter, however it does not come on inside my house.
By: May in Greenville on March 26, 2012

Great Music Only problem is we need a stronger signal, I work in Travelers Rest & reception is spotty here.
By: Buddy Dudley Powdersville on March 28, 2012

Friends of the Greenville Library sort books every Thursday morn to WKRI, we are all over 50, people ask me for the requency several times each week, love it! Our used book sale is 4/20-4/22 at Merovan Center, across Wodruff from Kohls. All catagorized, all alphabetized, low prices, half price on Sunday, really good deal.
By: Bob Osthues on March 31, 2012

By: Jane G. on April 1, 2012

I love your station!! I love the oldies music, it is so uplifting and brings back great memories. I live in the Anderson, SC area and have longed for a station that played some good oldies and finllay happened up on it when scanning channels. Needless to say, it's on preset now! Glad to know someone finally GOT IT RIGHT!! Keep up the good work!
By: Elaine on April 5, 2012

It's time us "boomers" had our own music on the airwaves.I used to play this music on a local AM radio station in the early 70's. Let's get more Beatles on! thanks, guys!!!
By: vince van horn on April 5, 2012

My radio is set on 91.9. I am passing the word to every one I know! This is the best station that I have tuned to in years! I love your non stop oldies! Stay just as you are but please stay! Thank you again for your wonderful station! Best of luck!
By: G Williams on April 10, 2012

Great Station! Love the music. Use to listen to 102.5, but not anymore.
By: Donnie Jarrett on April 12, 2012

Like many of the other listeners, I found you by accident. You have the greatest programming of any oldies station I have ever listened to. Not only are the car radios programmed for 91.9 FM but my wake up clock radio is set to WKRI! Keep up the great work and do not change your format!
By: John O in Simpsonville SC on April 25, 2012

By: JANICE T ANDRSON SC on April 25, 2012

i just love your station just wish it was more powerful i loose it around pickens and liberty sc wish it was more powerful keep up the GREAT music
By: marie scott on April 30, 2012

Need A stronger transmitter!!!!!
By: Marion Dudley on May 7, 2012

Great radio station. Would like to talk with someone about advertising. We do Town Rhythms Free Summer Concert Series featuring, the Tams, the Embers, the Swinging Medallions and Out of Towners Band. Hope to hear from someone soon
By: Dianne Wyatt on May 7, 2012

Accidentally found your station a few weeks ago and I LOVE tha songs you play. it is so hard to find stations that play 60's and 70's Top 40 songs...the songs I listened to when I was in high school. I graduated in 1965...the only problem I have is that soetimes I have a hard time getting your signal. I live in Greer, SC, just off Pelham Road. Any chance you might boost your signal strength anytime soon? Keep up the good work!!
By: Linda Bell on May 15, 2012

I'm on the fringe of your listening band. Wish I could listen every where I go. Thanks for playing the "real" Oldies
By: J.E.Smith on May 17, 2012

Love this music, please keep up the good work! Thank you!!!
By: Tina Shealy on May 18, 2012

Oh my god i love this radio station it is so awsome please keep playing the great music
By: sarah strickland on May 19, 2012

oh my god i love love love your station it is so awsome i hope youre on the radio forever and ever
By: sarah strickland on May 20, 2012

Just found your station by accident a few weeks ago in Greeville and have only changed it when the reception goes out. Love this stationa nd hope you can boost your signal someday. Live in Powdersville and commute to Greenville so there is a lot of static obviously.
By: Bill Stafford on June 6, 2012

Best station, It"s about time, Don't change.
By: Jim McCall on June 9, 2012

Fantastic!! Love your music! Thanks so much. Please, don't go away. Haven't pulled out any of my old 45's in ages. Thank you so much for reminding me how great they are and by listening to you I don't have to search through dozens to find special favorites. Loving you!!
By: Montana on June 11, 2012

I,too, found you by the most fortunate accident. Love your music!! Still remember the words to most and have not heard them in years. Thank you so much and, please, stay on the air. Seneca, SC.
By: montanamary on June 12, 2012

Finally a station that my husband and I agree on! Great music.
By: Shaeron Dunlap on June 18, 2012

Hey I must be dreamin'. I kinda miss the DJ, but if no DJ helps you to keep beamin' the tunes north to Spartanburg I'll keep listening. Most of our car radios here in the Burg can pick up your signal. It would be nice if you could add a few more watts. Keep up the good work! Jack Anderson - Spartanburg
By: hatterasjack on June 22, 2012

By: Charlie Richards on June 23, 2012

Love your format. Whenever I listen to radio, it's your station. Do you or anyone stream your station on the internet?
By: Raul Gonzalez on June 30, 2012

I listen to 91.9 WKRI (I think) it's a little staticky sometimes. I live in Easley SC. I would listen to it all the time if I could get better reception. It's pretty good in the car, but can't get it in the house. I LOVE THE OLDIES AND BEACH music. It's my favorite of all times. I pray i can get it better. I am doing a radio survey and have put you guys down everyday. Thank you for the clean and enjoyable memerable music. LOVE it! Tonya Taylor
By: tonya taylor on July 1, 2012

I love this radio station. This is the music I grew up with. It is number 1 on my car dial and I keep my home radio on it all the time. I love Charlie Brown Beach Music time but would like to suggest more Motown. My friends and 1972 classmates are all spreading the news about this terrific station on Facebook. Thanks for the commercial free broadcast. This is the kind of place I could work at and enjoy going to work everyday.
By: Lynn Hall Arrowood on July 7, 2012

Absolutely love this station!! The songs of my youth and so much variety. It is the BEST station to get work done to when I can resist the urge to start dancing. Wish I could stream it....Are there plans for that in the future???
By: Kathleen Hamilton on July 13, 2012

Thank you !!!!!. Found you by accident traveling. Can listen all the way to Johnston, SC on clear day. Please dont go anywhere-
By: tparkman on July 16, 2012

I Really Enjoy you GREAT Radio Station! I am a loyal listener.Don't EVER CHANGE!
By: Sherry Stewart on July 17, 2012

Thank you soooo much for playing MY favorite songs that I can listen to in my car! It's the best station we have had with oldies in years! Once I found this station, I never turn it to anything else. Keep up the good work and PLEASE don't change over to rock, rap, or country!!
By: Charleen Galloway on July 21, 2012

Best line up of music I have heard in a loooong time. Working on furniture in my garage and singing my heart out along with the music. Thank you!
By: K Owens on July 22, 2012

great station and great music. Keep up the good work and thank goodness for your efforts. Never stop!!!!!!!!!!
By: Pinckney Spencer on July 24, 2012

Love the music you play . Heard you are for sale . Hope you never change .
By: Suzann on July 25, 2012

Love it love it love it!
By: Mary Lynn Lyle on July 26, 2012

Someone in the parking lot of Goodwill in Greer told me what she was listening to. What she had on her radio sounded better than what I had on so I tuned in. I LOVE IT! Would love to be able to listen online someday too! Please keep up the good work! Today's music sucks!
By: Linda on July 29, 2012

Now we can listen to great music in the Golden Corner that is WALHALLA SC. Thank You
By: Steve Petty on July 29, 2012

Wow! Man this is like the Coolest...Groovy..Rockin..Hippest station in the area. I found it by surfin stations...I got bored with the beach guy...he talks too much...and always has wannabe oldie groups doing promos and playing newer songs that try to immitate the oldies...but no one can copy an original group and make it better. Please don't start playing remakes. Us baby boomers had the best music ever recorded...from the very oldie 50's (which my mom turned me onto when I was a little girl) to the British invasion...the Go Go music...then the Hippie songs then into the Disco dancing music...It's all good! LoVe it and Love listening to your station. I can only pick it up in the car...can't listen in my trailer..but if I could I would be Dancing! Wish there was a way we all could be chatting through here...I don't do FB or twitter. Blessings to all my Baby Boomer family! LoVe & Peace! OH! and Please don't change the format...or play music past the 70's!
By: EllY Woman on August 2, 2012

My husband told me about this radio station.. I LOVE IT!! It is all I listen too.. I was born in the 80's but I grew up listening to this kind of music
By: Brandie Riddle on August 3, 2012

I found the station this week by accident. This is the best station I have heard since I was a kid in the 60's.All my radios are set here now. Thanks!
By: V. Burket on August 9, 2012

Have you ever thought about sending out car magnets to your listeners? I think we would all love to help you advertise this great station. The magnets are a great way promote your business. Love Love this station!!!
By: Jamie on August 9, 2012

Great station. I my radio stays on 91.9.
By: Kenneth Crowe on August 9, 2012

Great station. My radio stays on 91.9.
By: Kenneth Crowe on August 9, 2012

So happy to have found WKRI. Great music,great station. Coming in loud and clear in Cross anchor, S.C.
By: mary lawing on August 12, 2012

I was home in Anderson, S. C. and set my car radio tuner to scan and Lo and Behold, I found your radio station. I listened to you the whole weekend. Now that I am back in Atlanta, I cannot pick up your station on the Internet. What is up with that? Please respond and advise. Thanks James L. Lindsey
By: James Lewis Lindsey on August 14, 2012

Yesterday, Aug.13 at 8:20 PM +- you palyed an instrumental song. It was greaT. cAN ANYOUE TELL me the name of the song? I think it was was a soundtrack. Are your playlist available?
By: Danny on August 14, 2012

Good station we older people has wanted this kind of format for a long time, keep up the good work. Thank you guys.
By: W. Blocker on August 17, 2012

Great station, just found you.
By: Richard Ellis on August 17, 2012

Love this station. Best around. Wish I could pick it up in Beech Island. I can only get this on the way to work. Does it stream through Internet?
By: jbee on August 25, 2012

Found your station by friend telling me about it. Work in toxaway, NC, listen to it all day everyday, only station worth listening too love it love it, keep it going. Can't pick it up whole ride home, but it's on as long as i can get it.
By: curtis on August 25, 2012

We found your radio station, now ours stays there. The music is the BEST!!! Thank you from Anderson SC!!!
By: Helen and Billy Arflin on August 26, 2012

I can only say 'THANK YOU FOR BRINGING BACK THE GOOD OLE DAYS' to take us away from all the problems facing the world today. A REAL breath of fresh air and a great STRESS RELIEVER! I am spreading the word about 91.9.
By: Myra J on August 31, 2012

Great playlist! Not the same old "oldies" other stations broadcast. Love it!
By: David Markheim on September 1, 2012

Love this station. When will it be streaming, so I can listen to it at work!
By: Eiggez Goalsire on September 7, 2012

I learned of your station about a month ago. I love the oldies. It brings back so many good memories. I just hate it when I lose signal. I live in Elberton, GA. Keep up the good work.
By: Peggy Mercer on September 9, 2012

great station listen at work and in car love your play selections
By: William Orr on September 10, 2012

Heard about this station. As a child of the 50's & 60's, I've been searching for a station that plays this genre since moving to the Upstate 10 yrs ago. Hope you will get a stronger signal over time. Also love that you play music without all the 'cute' talk that seems so much a part of the format of the other Greenville stations. I don't listen to the radio for 'patter', I listen for music that I like...Thanks for being this kind of station!!!!
By: Mary H. on September 15, 2012

My all time favorite radio station! Just wish we could stream it online so I can listen to it at work!!!! Keep up the great work and please stay around!! Great music that's makes listening fun!!1 I've been spreading the word!!
By: Jan on September 17, 2012

I love this station! However, when I open you browser then click listen online it shuts down my browser. PLEASE have your tech support team fix this so I can continue to listen at work. Also, this morning, September 19, on the way the work, I could not get the radio station in my car.
By: Gloria Chinn on September 19, 2012

Just found your station about a month ago and love it because I'm "of the age" who loves the oldies music. It's definitely on my car radio all the time. Thanks.
By: Wanda on September 19, 2012

Thank God we found your station,best songs ever. We've told a lot of people about your station and they said that WKRI is the only station they listen to now. Keep giving us the great oldies and we'll bring you more ears.
By: Dan on September 21, 2012

Is there any way I can get this station on the radio or online? I live in Helen, GA 30545
By: Judy George on September 21, 2012

I love to listen to your station in Laurens,SC.I heard that A DJ ....JD MICALS may be coming to your station soon.I LOVE THE JD MICALS AND THE STARLITE SHOW.The TRADITIONAL COUNTRY MUSIC that JD plays is awesome as well as all the knowledge he has stored inside his heart and soul.He is loved appreciated and listened to by many.JD would be a great one to have onboard at your station.Thank you.I already listen to your station all of the time.Keep up the good work.Ann Strickland.
By: ann on September 22, 2012

Best station to come to our area in years.Please stay.
By: B. Ford on September 28, 2012

In a nutshell - I love it! Keep it up.
By: Hal Taylor on September 28, 2012

what a great station. Can we get a play lot by time and date?
By: Ed Harris on September 30, 2012

Found your station last week and I love the format. I just cancelled Sirus in my truck and programmed 91.9. I get good reception here in the Travelers Rest area.
By: Glenn Farr on October 6, 2012

Finally a station that I can listen to without country, hip hop, rap, or commercials all the time! It's like taking a Tv Music channel or having Sirrus without paying for it!
By: David McMillin on October 8, 2012

1910 Fruit Gum Co! Simple Simon!! Wow you play the most fantastic music! Thank you. We have been telling everyone about you.
By: D. Harkness on October 10, 2012

By: TISSIE on October 10, 2012

Great mix of oldies from the 50's, 60' and 70's without having to switch channels as with other paid formats. Just wish you guys were on line and I'd even pay for the subscription. Any chances?
By: Nick Arkon on October 18, 2012

We absolutely love your station and listen as much as possible. We can get your signal pretty well in our cars but we live downtown Greenville and have difficulty getting you signal downtown. Is there an alternate band we can get to receive your broadcast. More people need to hear your station!!!
By: Bob Ellis on October 25, 2012

why is there so much DEAD AIR time on your station in the mourning? .
By: Jim McCall on October 27, 2012

How refreshing to hear an oldies station once again in our area. There are still alot of folks who look forward to hearing these songs which bring back so many memories. Do you have any LIVE announcers? I'd love to work at WKRI-FM, since I have radio experience and I'm very famliar with your playlist.
By: Peter L. Rinzivillo on October 28, 2012

Perfect, Just found out about you by accident. Don't change a thing. THANK YOU
By: warren white Simpsonville on November 4, 2012

By: ANN MCCARSON on November 4, 2012

A W E S O M E ! I'm loving it! Mr. Ed
By: Mr. Ed on November 20, 2012

Moving here to Brevard, NC from Richmond, Va. I became depressed over the Radio Stations I was getting....until I found you ! Thanks so much for being here ! Love the format and the no commercials ! Please keep up the great work !
By: Bob Crane on November 21, 2012

What a relief......finally a station that plays the music I grew up with and love, yes I'm a baby boomer. I had been button surfing for a while until my sister-in-law told my husband about your station. Your music makes me SMILE..... Hope you're around for a long time. Thank you, thank you.
By: Barbara Jackson on December 5, 2012

Have my car radio set to 91.9 oldies. LOVE this station. I hear songs I've never heard before as a baby boomer. I heard a song yesterday about, a fatboy, and it had something like I can't believe a sweet girl like you could love a fat boy like me. Can you please let me know how I could find this song I heard it about 11:30 AM December 7. Keep the oldies coming they are very calming for me.
By: betty watson on December 6, 2012

I found your station about a year ago while dialing in 91.5 WTBI. Being a senior citizen (70) I love the oldies music. I grew up with this (anyone remember dancing at Woods Lake?) I live in Easley and the reception is great. However I work part time and travel in the western and northern parts of Pickens County. The reception is not too great there, wish it was. Any chance of uping the wattage? Keep up the good work. I tell all my friends about your station, many have started listing to it. Thanks, Richard Lee
By: Richard Lee on December 15, 2012

love the station, want to stream it please
By: lexie on December 16, 2012

I found your station while dialing in 91.5 WTBI during a drive thru the Anderson, SC area. Being a senior citizen (70), I love the oldies music -- I grew up with this stuff! Hope there is some way I can stream your music live and listen to it when I'm not driving somewhere.
By: Rick Stanford on January 1, 2013

I got rid of XM radio after finding your station. You play the only music I enjoy listening to. Thank you!
By: Margaret Tate on January 3, 2013

I still can't get over how " GREAT " this Radio Station is...........
By: Bob Crane on January 11, 2013

Music has a quality of transending time. The music you play took me back to my childhood. Your playing songs I haven't heard in years and it's commercial free. Awesome station! Keep up the great work. Thank you
By: Larry Felts Jr. on January 20, 2013

I live in Athens Georgia and would be thrilled to be able to stream your station online. Can you give me any hope?
By: Debbie Crawford on February 25, 2013

My family and I really enjoy your station's format. NO DJ and No ads. So, why are you putting junk like, A taste of the Beach, on in the afternoons? We do not like Pat flapping his jaws or the non- beach music he plays! My family and a lot of our friends have said that they put cd's in or turn to another station(or turn the radio off). Please, take that garbage off and go back to what you do best- playing nothing but music ALL DAY! Vincent Van Horn
By: Vincent M. Van Horn on March 5, 2013

i live in winston salem nc can't get you here but i am a good friend of pats' @ glad u on board with beach , boogie, and blues
By: THE original DIRTY OLD MAN on March 5, 2013

A friend introduced me to 91.9 WKRI in Cokesbury, and I love it!! I've been telling everyone about this great station and 60's music.. thank you for providing really GOOD music.
By: Rita Pigg on March 9, 2013

I was sad Beach Bob retired- then a friend put me on to 91.9FM. I listened yesterday afternoon and as I drove around town running errands, I got that "fall in love like rush", just bringing back old memories with each song- I especially loved the Beach Music late in the afternoon. Your show made my day and lifted my spirit! I am a loyal listener now-
By: Anne Moore on March 9, 2013

Thanks for adding Pat Patterson to your line-up. Was a regular listener before the addition of the Beach Music program. Broke the tuning knobs on our radios so that they STAY set on 91.1.
By: The Ellis Family on March 12, 2013

easley sc thanks for the station,some time the station has another station play in at the same time.
By: john newhouse on March 12, 2013

So..I can't wait to get out of work today to listen to the largetime beach music show and its not there????? Where did it go? Please tell me its going to continue...if not you have lost a listener!
By: Terri Murray on March 15, 2013

I agree with Terri. Love the beat of the Beach. Why was it not on today 3-15-13? Please tell me it will be back on Monday.
By: Anonymous on March 16, 2013

Found this station and keep my radio in the car on this station even if it doesn't come in good some days. Love it because of the oldies, No DJ & no ads. Why are you putting junk like, A taste of the Beach, on in the afternoons? We do not like Pat flapping his jaws or the non- beach music he plays! We now in the afternoons put on cd's in or turn to another station(or turn the radio off). Please, take that garbage off and go back to what you do best- playing nothing but music ALL DAY! Don't want to hear all that talking!!!!!
By: Glenda on March 22, 2013

I just found you while looking for another station. I am 70 and you guys play the old music I was raised on. Keep up the good work, and keep us seniors happy.
By: Ron of Mauldin on March 26, 2013

Great station with a wide variety of music. Thanks for playing positive, upbeat songs that carry me down memory lane.
By: Jimmy on April 19, 2013

Great station!!!! Brings a lot of childhood memories!!!!LOVE IT!!!!!!!!.... FIREBALL 96 S.C.
By: JEFF ROBERTS on May 8, 2013

Great radio station!!!!!!!!!! Love that Pat Patterson playing beach music. Please let him play longer than 4-7
By: Debbie hawthorne on May 8, 2013

Is it possible to get better reception in Spartanburg?
By: Johnny on June 5, 2013

Love the music... bringing back memories of the past, and lifting my spirit. Keep up the good work.
By: Jenn of Greenville on June 6, 2013

I was the first black dj/engineer in Brooklyn College back in 1980. I my mp3 is filled with everything from the Beatles to the Voices of East Harlem,the duet of James Brown and Luciano Pavorotti singing "It's a Man's World. From Pink and Prince to 2pac and Marvin Sapp. I would like to see how such a Great station is operated. I am a veteran and I am at home 24hrs,and terrifyingly bored. No pay, just a chance to see, and possibly be heard by your station. I am 58 and I have traveled to 48 states and 5 countries, I LOVE MUSIC. Thanks. Take Care. God Bless. Gene
By: eugene townsend on June 12, 2013

We love your station, listen to it constantly and sing along with all the familiar songs!!! What a treat! We just found your station recently. We didn't realize you'd been on the air since 2011. Please don't change a thing!!
By: Flo June 13 2013 on June 13, 2013

Thank you for having a family station that we can listen to out by our pool. It is also so nice not to have the commercials. You can always add more 70's!!!!
By: Ash Martin on July 2, 2013

Long time listener. This morning's music selections are outstanding! Your station fills a real void in this area and for this I thank you. Keep the oldies coming!
By: Randy of Simpsonville on July 10, 2013

Great station! One of a kind! Love it! Keep this clean music flowing boys! Ninety Six, SC
By: Robert on July 21, 2013

LOVE the beach music thanks so much!! I can pick up station in CLAYTON GA AND on my garage so I spend weekends in the car or the garage Loving it
By: Celeste York on July 21, 2013

LOVE THE STATION!!!! now I can have variety of good old music. 91.9 WKRI has great oldies, information, and when bad weather hits, I count on WKRI for emergency weather information. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! Love it how when its the top of the hour, and your station id says the current time and the station jingle. I91.9 W K R I Classic Oldies!!!!
By: Chris Wideman on August 29, 2013

I am on assignment as a professional artist from Charleston. We have lived in many different states and large cities, but I have never heard a better mix of oldies than your station. Whoever developed your format is the best at the job. I will attempt to find your station when I return to Charleston. Keep the faith, I wish there were more stations like WKRI. My painting work at Wofford College is much more enjoyable because of your music selection.
By: Frank deLoach on September 17, 2013

Love the oldies you play and beach music. i listen to you on 88.7 in bath sc.keep up the great tunes.
By: robbie griffin on September 17, 2013

Love the station. How can I listen to the station over the internet?
By: Danny Wilson on September 25, 2013

LOVE LOVE LOVE the station,,,, nothing else like it. I also would like to support your station by keeping it alive...bumper stickers etc. Perhaps the public could assist in helping with more power to get the buzz off the station?
By: CJMO on November 7, 2013

Do you have a playlist online. Heard a song, don't the name or artist, would like to find out. Sunday 11/10 around 7:35 pm. Thanks!
By: Ric on November 11, 2013

I heard a Gene Pitney song this morning at about 7:15 that I hadn't head played ON THE RADIO in 40 years! I have the CDs, but there's nothing like hearing it coming out of the radio! More Pitney! He had many great songs.
By: David Petrie on November 12, 2013

I live in Elberton, Ga. Accidentally came across your station while in my truck a couple of months ago. I can pick you up pretty good here but lose the signal as I get away from Elberton. I must say that this is the best oldies station that I have ever listened to. I would recommend your station to anyone that can pick it up and I will continue to listen as long as I can receive your signal. I have also enjoyed the Christmas music you have played. Thanks for the memories !!!
By: David Lovinggood on December 16, 2013

Where have you been, just ran across the channel. No more comprise on great music. I know Iam late to the party, but not going any where soon. Again thank you all for the outstanding programming. E.R.Hornsby Easley,SC
By: E.Hornsby on December 17, 2013

Does anyone out there know who is playing the piano version of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer? It sounds like Floyd Cramer but he never put out this song on a single version. I'd appreciate any information you can give me, come on listeners help me out on this. I love this station!!!!
By: Mickee Crisp on December 17, 2013

We just want to thank you for playing Christmas music for several days after Christmas. The other stations immediately stopped playing Christmas music after the 25th. We enjoy your station all the time, and the playing of Christmas music just confirmed that we have made a good choice of stations. We hope that your future includes higher wattage or a stronger signal.
By: R. Peeler on December 30, 2013

your music format is great. But since you do not stream, do you sell CD's of your oldies collection?
By: George Maso on January 29, 2014

I drive truck in newberry sc heard the radio station. Then heard in summerville sc. Love listing all to it just good music. We a station bamberg area bad
By: Alex on March 12, 2014

I stumbled on to this station,what a Great day,oldies are fantastic,and on sundays the gospel,is outstanding.Please keep up the good work.If you sell CD`s please contact me.. Thank you very much,have a GREAT day,jerry..
By: jerry magnuson on March 23, 2014

Great music. Just found your stations. I listen on 88.9 in Summerville. I'm here to stay. :))
By: Eddie Hamner on March 31, 2014

Received my stereo for Christmas. I took the stereo out of its box, plugged it in and viola instant beach music. My heart began beating faster and my feet began moving to the beat of the music. I love it!,,, takes me back to a beautiful time in my life. Charleston's Folly Beach was not the same after DOUBLE SHOT by the SWINGING MEDALLIONS hit the charts and The Shag became the new sensation. Thank you for the most perfect sound I have ever heard.
By: Kaye Funderburk on April 25, 2014

Just found out about your station this week. I love this music. I have been telling everyone I see about it. I am just having a Large time. Thanks.
By: Randall Spearman on May 15, 2014

I live in the Walterboro, SC area (Colleton County), and recently we began to 'pick up' your signal on 88.9 FM ... As a former radio disc jockey myself (for many years in the 60's in Walterboro, SC and then in the early 70's in Atlanta, GA), and a former guitarist & singer in a rock band, and a current karaoke oldies singer, I would just like to say "great job" to your music programmer ... Your station plays the best of the oldies ... beach, soul, shag, dowop, British invasion, and so many of those forgotten soulful tunes that were so great 'back in the day'! I LOVE YOUR STATION! (AND PLEASE DON'T CHANGE THE MUSIC FORMAT)!
By: Mike on May 17, 2014

Just found your station at 88.9 the other day. We have been waiting a long time for an oldies station to return to the Summerville/Charleston area. I play in a band; we do lots of oldies and love the music from my youth. DON"T CHANGE THE FORMAT!
By: Carl Chinn on May 20, 2014

I live in Summerville and it is great finally having a good oldies station to listen to. Love the music and so happy to find your station. I LOVE YOUR STATION! (AND PLEASE DON'T CHANGE THE MUSIC FORMAT)!
By: Connie Chinn on May 20, 2014

Love the music you play, great station. On June 1st you played a song that went like this: Baby sweet baby I love the way you call me baby Who sang this song?
By: Tim Dover on June 2, 2014

By: s pitts on June 6, 2014

PLEASE DON'T CHANGE THE MUSIC FORMAT Love the early 50's (love it all)Do you have bumper stickers and Tshirts for sale yet hope you will soon want to help keep up the good music
By: Terry on June 6, 2014

Thank you for broadcasting such GREAT music! I hope you never change. I tell everyone I can and now most of them say they are already aware of it and already listen. Your audience must be bigger than you think. (I do hope you can increase the transmission power a little as I sometimes can't get WKRI clearly here in the Greenville area.)
By: doug robbins on June 25, 2014

LOVE! LOVE! teen of the 60's..Great music from "The Swamps of the ole' Santee!! to Charleston~~ Santee, SC...88.9
By: Joe- Pam Flood on June 27, 2014

The last time I heard music this good was years ago when two guys had a station in Ridgeland or Hilton Head. They played Beach, Boogie, and Blues. Was Pat one of them by any chance? I think this was about 15 years ago. Anyway, I listen to 88.9 in Summerville and live in Walterboro. Keep up the good work Patman, you're doing a great job!
By: Richard Smith on July 11, 2014

Best radio station! I really enjoy the oldies and beach music. The music takes me back to so many good memories. Love you WKRI !!!!
By: Sherry Maden Williams on July 19, 2014

My good fortune to find this Station. We need this music to stay alive. I was a DJ with WTMA TIGER RADIO here in Charleston SC. We had Doug Randall,George Wilson,Bobby Dee. We played top 40. Ah the good ole days. Keep up the good work. Rockin Rick Allen.(my radio name)
By: Fred Hart on August 17, 2014

Love your station and listen every day, but what happened the last couple of days? Can't pick you up. Sure hope it's only technical and that you'll be back!
By: Eddie on August 22, 2014

I know wkri 91.9 stopped broadcasting at 7 pm on 08/21/14, I don't know why, but I hope you will be back on soon and bring back pat patterson as well.. Best oldies station ever!!!
By: Brenda Parker on August 22, 2014

What happen to the station? Love this music, listen to it all the time. My day feels incomplete without it. Please come back, best station ever !
By: gary on August 23, 2014

If I could patronize your advertisers I would. Come back!
By: Ed Martin on August 23, 2014

WHERE ARE YOU? All I get is air
By: Dennis on August 23, 2014

Are you coming back or should I go ahead and sell my radio ?
By: Ted on August 24, 2014

Tried finding you all weekend from charleston to Greenville! What a horrible ride without your station! Where are you?
By: Susan on August 25, 2014

What happened? Are you coming back? Miss the oldies!
By: Lou on August 25, 2014

What has happened to the oldies? You were the only station in our our area that played good music.
By: Tim on August 25, 2014

Thanks for 3 GREAT years of the BEST MUSIC!
By: Dann Scott on August 25, 2014

Very sorry to hear the format has changed. This was a big disappointment after we finally got a signal from the station again. All my friends, that I talked with about radio stations, said their radios were tuned to 91.9. Mine was one of them. I guess we will have to go back to streaming oldies from the internet.
By: Wesley Smith on August 25, 2014

SO SAD! We miss the oldies and Beat of the Beach! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!
By: Libby on August 25, 2014

Now the people in the Greenwood - Clinton-Laurens area do not have an oldies station to listen to. Nothing against Christain music but we do have 3 or 4 Christain stations to listen to in our area. It was nice to be able to listen to decent oldies everyday over the last 3 years.
By: Roy on August 25, 2014

where in the wold would you rather be than with us we love ya. hurry back 3343
By: mark from anderson on August 26, 2014

What am I going to listen to on my 5 o'clock drive home? I need Pat's picks at 5 back!!
By: Myrtle on August 26, 2014

With the new format. Good luck keeping your listeners. There was only one oldies station and several Christian stations. You have left many loyal listeners high and dry!
By: Captain on August 26, 2014

we have enjoyed oldies and gospel on Sunday...PLEASE BRING BACK for our enjoyment. we love Christian music but we have 2 or 3 Christian stations we can tune in already but do not have Oldies.
By: Donnie on August 26, 2014

What happened?! I listened to this station MON - FRI every morning & afternoon (Pat Patterson) but I don't care for this new format of music at all. You had something really unique and enjoyable before you changed it. Something that people could really talk about. Now it just sounds like Christian elevator music. So sad.
By: Dixie on August 26, 2014

What happened to the oldies music? Tell me you didn't change formats!!!! I had told a lot of friends about your oldies station and they too had become full time listeners. I need your music, I work from home and my radio was always on your station. I can't even think about my workday without your music. PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLDIES!!!
By: Bill on August 26, 2014

PLEASE BRING BACK the Oldies music!
By: Jimmy on August 26, 2014

What a shock! We have not listened to any other stations since we heard about your great oldies music format. A friend suggested 103.3 for oldies and the first song I heard this morning was Michael Jackson singing `Black Or White' (CLICK). Thankful for my huge selection of MP3 music but will miss Pat Patterson. Please bring back the Old music!
By: Charlie on August 26, 2014

LOVED your Oldies format! So sorry you are gone. My day seems incomplete without your music to enjoy. There is NO other station to compare or enjoy as much as I did yours!Thank you for 3 years of FABULOUS MUSIC!
By: Crazy Oma on August 26, 2014

what happen miss this oldies station played good southern gospel music on Sunday & i was shocked to hear what was on i had to turn it off bring it back please
By: SHERRY on August 26, 2014

By: THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED on August 26, 2014

The station(s) were sold because the underwriting we had didn't generate enough money-we were losing money every month. We appreciate our listeners but couldn't afford to keep operating at such a loss. People in Eastern Laurens, Newberry and Southern Union county should be able to pick up Oldies 90.9(WNBK-Whitmire) and around Enoree, WUBK 88.1 (southern Spartanburg and Northen Laurens counties). The Oldies format is the same except no Pat Patterson and originates from WRBK 90.3 Richburg(Chester County) which can be heard in parts of Union, Laurens and Newberry counties as well on car radios. WRBK covers Chester, York, Lancaster, Fairfield and Kershaw counties as well. These stations will continue to program Oldies but currently don't stream although that remains a future possibility. Thanks for listening!!
By: Jeff on August 26, 2014

Thanks! Now Clinton has nothing to listen to. With all the people that tuned into WKRI it looks like you could have been able to get enough advertisers to support the station. Some commercials are better than no oldies at all!
By: Tim on August 26, 2014

I discovered last night something had gone wrong with my favorite oldies station! I just learned from postings on this page that WKRI is now airing a religious music format instead. I agree with others who have expressed their opinions on here - I like religious music as well, but there are so many of those stations on the air already! Please bring the oldies format back ASAP!
By: Fred on August 26, 2014

Such a thing could only happen in an mid-term election year. Can I get an Amen to that?
By: Rev. Ike on August 26, 2014

Figures! I just acquired me a P.T. to Cruise about town in. I tried resetting the radio stations and couldn't get I91.9 to come in. John Boy and Billy may be okay, but come on! Just how much of that can one take in the mornings driving to work? I want my I91.9 WKRI back like it used to be!
By: P.T. Barnum on August 26, 2014

I am extremely disappointed! I finally found a station that played the music I liked, and it disappeared overnight. I like religious music just fine, but there are already plenty of religious stations. On the other hand, a station that plays the oldies I remember from my youth seem to be non-existent in South Carolina. What happened? If it's a matter of money, as it commonly is with ETV, I may be willing to make a cash donation to get the oldies back. I wonder how many people there are like me who want that Oldies Station back? At the same time, I doubt that most of them would ever realize they could give their opinions here. Well, I have to take 91.9 FM off my list of stations and try to find a replacement now. It is disappointing!
By: Jay on August 26, 2014

I just read Jeff's comments on August 26th above stating why the station(s) were sold. While I certainly can appreciate the economic reasons cited, WKRI was unique in the radio programming it offered listeners in Up State SC. Seems to me the ultra right wing southern religious political establishment is doing all it can to remove any kind of musical diversity or thought from radio programming in the South! Isn't broadcast radio still governed by the Federal Communications Commission? Seems to be me there should be some kind of US government grants that could be obtained to continue the radio programming WKRI had going on for those few years. Here's one listener hoping we can get it back in Up State SC!
By: Old Timer on August 26, 2014

best oldies station in area, loved Pat Patterson on the beach, cant believe you changed the format. I want listen anymore
By: das on August 26, 2014

In response to Rev. Ike's comments above from yesterday, may I get on board this discussion by saying that Rev. Al (yours truly) and all of my constituents here in New York City and beyond are behind you in your efforts to regain those wonderful oldies that have gone silent with the loss of WKRI I-91.9 Thank you for this glorius opportunity to add my thoughts to this discussion, and good luck going forward!
By: Rev. Al NYC on August 27, 2014

I have listened to the oldies here ever since I found it, but never again. I"d like to tell the mental midget who saw fit to do this change, what I think!!! I hope something shuts the whole stinking bunch down. What a bunch of morons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: Adam fesperman on August 27, 2014

I am so very disappointed that the oldies format is gone. While I also like Christian music, I already had several options for that. Losing this station is like losing an old friend. ...just hoping to find another oldies station as good. (103.3 is a nice option but not as good as WKRI was.)
By: Doug on August 27, 2014

A TERRIBLE day when I turned on the radio and the oldies were gone..... :( No one else in the upstate plays them and NOW you don't!!!! WHY??
By: B. Pafford on August 29, 2014

It was bound to happen. I did some research on this station earlier this year. It has been owned by "Spirit" but was up for sale even as early as January, accd. to certain radio-finder websites. Besides, it overpowered a very,very good listener powered public radio station in Spindale NC with its simulcast on the 88.7 frequency out of Saluda. They had sewed up the whole region pretty tightly using these two stations together. The oldies format from the Cokesbury transmitter was pretty good, but I was never a fan of losing my ability to get WNCW out of Spindale on 88.7--Praise music as a genre is a narrow market and an acquired taste(as some here have agreed), and an all-too common occurrence at the left end of the FM dial. People should try listening instead to people blessed by the lord with real musical talent (jazz, blues, bluegrass, Americana). All my own opinion of course. JHC
By: Joe C. on August 29, 2014

Have been out of town. So sad you changed your format. You were the only oldies station around.
By: Anonymous on August 29, 2014

Wow, went out of town and came home to find my favorite station sold out. We are very disappointed! There's not another station like this one to hear the music we love. It's like losing a member of our family! Our friends would come over for a get together and hear the station and were fans instantly. So sad.
By: Kristie Anderson on August 29, 2014

I am missing th oldies-you were a part of my day, every day. Say it ain't so!!
By: Ken Hardwick on August 30, 2014

I'll just bet the late, great James Brown, the godfather of Soul, isn't one bit happy about this either! There is nothing on my radio dial now that even comes close to WKRI. Sad, so sad!
By: Dr. Groove on September 1, 2014

Bring bakc the oldies, it is way better than the music they play now days. I found your station about 2 years ago and ever since it was the only one I listened to. I agree with others, that christian music is good too, but we already have 2 stations that I know of that plays christian music, your station was the only one I found that plays oldies, or at least used too, so now I dont listen no more:-( I miss the oldies, you just can't beat them. PLEASE PUT BACK ON THE OLDIES. YOu'll gain all your listeners back!!! Thanks, Huge oldies Fan.
By: Marie on September 3, 2014

I want you to know the new format I AM NOT HAPPY WITH. The Religious music that's coming from your station now just makes me want to VOMIT. IT SUCKS, IT BITES, IT BLOWS! You really had a great station with the oldies, no one else had the oldies. I listened to it every day at work and would make my day so much better. But now I have to go to the classic rock stations. PLEASE PLEASE put the oldies format back on, you had a really AWESOME station then.
By: Dale Claxton on September 4, 2014

I am so sad that the oldies are GONE. Please tell me it is coming back. We listened every time we were in the car.
By: Ronnie w. Bishop on September 5, 2014

I hope the smart people sitting around the decision making table soon realize they made a great mistake about mid-August. Don't take my word for it...just read the comments. The "religious format" at present, is not wanted or viable. Get a life!. You went from a product, it seems everyone wants, to a format no one is seeking out. Come on. Own up to your poor decision making and get it right. Thank goodness for satellite radio.
By: Doc on September 6, 2014

I was so pleased when we had an oldies station in the area.Then you went and changed to a religious station.We had enough of those.Please bring back the oldies.There are no others anywhere around us.Wkri 91,9 should be an oldies station.
By: phillip williams on September 6, 2014

Guess "all really good things" come to an end. I was so so happy when 91.9 and Oldies came on the air...listen several hours every clear, such good reception all over upstate....we have enough kooks espousing their hate and detain while claiming to be "chosen by God" to bring us their message...And yes it is their own kinky screwed up message or belief....not God's.....his would be love, charity, peace and comparison.....Please Lord, give us back the Oldies
By: Leonard on September 8, 2014

By: D. Ellis on September 8, 2014

Closest thing I can find now on my FM radio dial is Rock 101.1 in Upstate SC, and Fox 97.1 from Atlanta (which actually broadcasts from Gainesville). Definitely NOT the oldies that I listened to WKRI broadcasting, but certainly some good stuff from the 70s and 80s. It seems to me that broadcast TV is changing as well. Religious channel 16 now has 3 separate channels (all religious) and the new channel 51 is broadcasting all religious programming as well. I do listen to some of their programs but I think we should have more variety of programming on the free airways! Thanks for the opportunity to comment.
By: Roger That on September 8, 2014

Just hate that you've changed from the OLDIES. I'm in the far western corner of SC and there is no other station that plays the music I grew up with. I' also enjoyed listening to your station while traveling most of the upstate....made the time fly and put me in a great mood. I do not have satellite. Sure wish you would reconsider your format...really think there are enough religious stations in this area. Again, feel like I'm not the consumer anyone is interested in reaching.
By: Pegye on September 9, 2014

PLEASE bring back the oldies format. It WAS the best station in SC. Sad to see it go.
By: Joe W. on September 16, 2014

Me too! I'm sickened by the fact that the oldies format is gone. This was the ONLY oldies station I've ever listened to that didn't play the same old oldies over and over. We heard songs played on 91.9 that we haven't heard since being in high school in the 70's. And combined with beach music - perfect. Very disappointed the owners made this change. Please consider bringing it back - possibly with more advertising to generate more revenue.
By: T. Vickery on September 20, 2014

Looks as if everyone has given up on WKRI ever going back to an oldies format, and chances are it won't anytime soon. Last post before this one was on Sept. 19th. Well, it was good while it lasted, and here's hoping we'll have the golden oldies back again soon ... if not on WKRI then perhaps on another Upstate SC station.
By: Chuck Brown and the Great Pumpkin on October 29, 2014

HOLD ON! it'S comimG SOON!
By: Anonymous on November 11, 2014

Could "Anonymous" be referring to the recent change of format to classic rock at WRIX Radio in Anderson SC? That is indeed an earth shattering change for that station! Even so, it never will be the same without Matt and Bev! RIP Happy New Year to all who still miss the oldies at WKRI.
By: In The Year 2015 on January 2, 2015

YES! And it`s leaving before it had a chance, going the way of WKRI!
By: Anonymous on January 9, 2015

For the time being - Heard in the Anderson, SC area on WANS-AM 1280 and FM 107.7 mhz
By: Anonymous on February 10, 2015

Still wishing WKRI had it's oldies format! There is nothing around here yet that comes close to matching what it had to offer, especially with the beach and oldies format. It does seem (at least for the moment anyway) that there is less changing of formats between this and that radio station. Here's hoping that is a good sign!
By: Chuck Brown and the Great Pumpkin on October 19, 2015

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