Radio Station Information

WMCQ 91.7 FM

City of License:
Muskegon, MI

Religious (Christian)

Muskegon, MI

Web site:

American Family Association

WMCQ is an FM non-commercial radio station broadcasting at 91.7 MHz. The station is licensed to Muskegon, MI and is part of that radio market. The station broadcasts Religious programming. WMCQ is owned by American Family Association.

Station Coverage Map

WMCQ-FM Coverage Map

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Hi, I have heard on your station that you will advertise non profit events for no cost. Newaygo County Tea Party is hosting a Senate Candidate Debate, Thursday, September 15, 7pm, at Loomis Lodge in Newaygo, MI. People can contact for information. Confirmed candidates are Gary Glenn, Randy Hekman, and Peter Konetchy. Thank you!
By: Andrea Blachford on September 2, 2011

All I've gotten is static on 91.7 in Grand Rapids today. Is there some sort of problem with your transmitter? Thanks and God bless you in your work.
By: Richard Carr on October 11, 2012

I live in Newaygo and have been able to recieve your programs since yesterday the 10th and today..I hope that This will will be fixed soon! Thanks much...
By: Virginia Smith on October 11, 2012

I live in Grand Rapids, MI. These last two days (Oct 10,11) I cannot receive signal on my car radio which I usually receive daily. I really look forward to be able to hear your program again. When at home I just access it through the Internet, or Thanks!
By: Okke Surjana on October 11, 2012

I also have not been able to receive the station on October 10 & 11th.. I hope this is a temporary thing. It is only one of the two or three stations we listen to!
By: Berg on October 11, 2012

How can you tell your listeners that we are living in the END of TIMES and give financial advice for your listeners to invest in for the FUTURE? Either our country is doomed under the leadership of Biden, and there is no need to invest because there will be chaos under his administration. I fear our current leader more, who is more concerned about his own life than those 250,000 lives that are lost under his FAILURE to act, and not always blame others for his incompetence.
By: Anonymous on November 19, 2020

Please! Was listening to you this morning at about 7:30am to 2nd half of Bennett speech (virture of values?) and would like a transcript of it to use in our small groups here at Church of the Living Christ Fremont. How can I get a copy? Blessings, Evelyn Slater Ministry Assistant CLC Fremont, 605 Hemlock, Fremont, (231) 924-4670
By: Evelyn M. Slater on January 22, 2021

Have not been able to get a signal on 91.7 on the Gulf Coast in Mississippi. this is transmitter been taken down or doing work on it?
By: Craig Cobb on February 21, 2021

I was listening to your station this afternoon and heard some comments about thousands of kids being on spring break, and the next comment was something like “looks like we are getting back to normal! I couldn’t believe that a radio host was so knowledgeable about covid 19!! Are you kidding, how irresponsible can you be by saying that comment to your listeners, many of whom probably take advice from such stupid words! I would think that your station should remind their listeners that we are far from normal and that comment was said without any knowledge. What say ye?! That would be the moral thing to do!
By: Paul on April 8, 2021

I was on my way to work this morning Oct 26 and a program was on at 7;30. In the 5 minutes I listened I found it very interesting but I had to get to work so I have no idea who it was or how I can listen to the program that was on at 7:30 am again. Can you help me find his name and direct me so I can hear the entire program. Bob Rosenberg
By: Robert on October 26, 2022

Best talk radio in west Michigan. I wish they had a stronger signal though.
By: Justin on May 29, 2024

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