Radio Station Information

WOAM 1350 AM

City of License:
Peoria, IL

Adult Standards

Peoria, IL

American Education Foundation, Inc.

WOAM is an AM radio station broadcasting at 1350 KHz. The station is licensed to Peoria, IL and is part of that radio market. The station broadcasts Adult Standards programming.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

i am so glad 1350 is back on the air i hope it stays on the air longer than last time it was on. would you please email me and let me know thanks I really love to listen to yous thanks 2891
By: james hertter on July 11, 2011

WOAM is under new ownership, Nelson Broadcasting, Inc. from Plano, IL. They are really back this time and began commercial broadcasting this morning with news, commercials, and announcer after equipment testing for about one month. They will remain an Adult Standards format station and will be more community oriented.
By: Larry Ware on July 29, 2011

THANK YOU for coming back on the air. This station and it's programming have been sorely missed. The Peoria area definitely needs and has an appreciation for a station with a format and line-up like this. Thank you again!
By: Steve R. on August 6, 2011

I am delighted that you are finally back on the air. At last Peoria has a radio station that doesn't play Country or Rock. We enjoy your programming starting with Royce and Roger and continuing all day long. Thanks for returning!
By: Linda Harrison on August 25, 2011

Just listened to the R & R show online in AZ this morning. Great to hear Roger and Royce again! Have to ask,,,,Royce, which WHS English teacher had you read "A Tale of 3 Cities." I am guessing E. Sperling.
By: V and J in AZ on December 16, 2011

Why can't we e-mail WOAM? brings up some Japanese station. It would be nice to pass along "local" information about on-air discussions. For instance: "COP", as defined today, is not "Constable on Patrol". I remember it being about the uniform buttons made of copper. Thus, they were know as coppers, which has been shortened to cops".
By: Skip Morris on January 17, 2012

Skip beat me to it. I had wanted to mention the same point. The program is great!
By: Dave M. on January 17, 2012

Enjoy listening to you almost daily. At 11:58 this morning, what where you playing? Who is the artist, and the name of the music or CD. Thanks! Donna Heller
By: Donna Heller on June 17, 2012

So nice to hear music you can understand, the old favorites and classics too. The over 50 demographic still has the most buying power and they appreciate wat you are presenting for entertainment
By: Mike Kleiber on September 18, 2012

I'm waiting to hear the Royce and Roger show this morning, but all I hear is music and commercials???????? Have you again taken them off the air? If so this is a travesty as in the past.
By: Don Lewis on October 1, 2012

By: MELANIE MARTIN on February 15, 2013

Is there a way to contact the morning show?
By: Greg Parker on October 13, 2013

I really need the name of the female artist that sings (over the rainbow) as I would like to buy her C.D.
By: chuck Riddell on April 15, 2015

Love this station! The only one I listen to in my car.. But could you tell me the title of an instrumental I think from early 60s. It's vocals just sing lalalalalalala...lalalalalala...haha that's all I have to describe it...if you know what it is please let me know...thank you so much!
By: Liz on September 6, 2015

We hear WOAM F.M. on 88.5 here in Morris Illinois. We can only hear it in our vehicles and can't get it on any of our radios on our house. Is there something we can do to get it in our home? We LOVE this station with their easy listening beautiful music! So many songs that we haven't heard in such a long time-unless of course we get out our LP's. We sincerely hope that it's possible to get this in our home. Thank you for your time
By: steve and sara on February 3, 2016

Just heard Harry Connick Jr.'s Wink and a Smile on 107.5 Peoria. Could you possibly review and play Bob Robert's Society Band by Jimmy Buffet from the Banana Winds CD? Seems it would be a good fit for the station. Thanks for the consideration.
By: John Boy on June 2, 2016

Enjoy listening to your fm station when it's on the air. Really getting tired with the station being off the air. Hope isdue is fixed soon.
By: Squeaky on January 16, 2018

Enjoy 1350 ... wish that it were on more often. Is there a broadcast schedule?
By: Dot on February 16, 2018

Is there any way of having you name a song for me that I heard on your station Sunday morning at 7:25 ? I know it is by Herb Alpert I do believe and every time I hear it I wish I knew the title. Would be so helpful if the station could announce either before or after the song title of the selection. Thank you.
By: June Rice on May 19, 2019

Is there any way of having you name a song for me that I heard on your station Sunday morning May 19, 2019 at 7:25 ? I know it is by Herb Alpert I do believe and every time I hear it I wish I knew the title. Would be so helpful if the station could announce either before or after the song title of the selection. Thank you.
By: June Rice on May 19, 2019

I really like your variety of good old songs,I do not think any other station does it like you people do.
By: S.J. Martin Sr. on September 18, 2019

Has WOAM gone off the air?
By: Judy K. on May 14, 2021

What happened to 107.5 fm radio can’t find it on fm or am Love this station!
By: pat on May 17, 2021

I cannot find it on my car radio. Only station I listen to.... Is it gone? Can I expect an answer? Please. Thank you
By: Jo H. on May 17, 2021

What happened to WOAM radio? i can't find it on the AM or the FM station. It's our favorite station.
By: Peggy on May 28, 2021

Yep I was in peoria the other day and wondered what happen to 107.5. I always tried to get it on 1350 but the station is off the air more than its on. I wish some of the ham repeater guys could take a look at the tower and get it working. That was definitely a great station to listen too.
By: Anonymous on May 31, 2021

What has happened to WOAM 107.5 FM in Peoria, IL?
By: S.K. on June 1, 2021

Where is woam? Can't find it on am or fm
By: Curlylox on June 9, 2021

Where is the channel? Please bring this back.
By: Vickie on June 20, 2021

WOAM has returned both on AM 1350 and, NOW, 92.9 FM... I don't know the backstory, however, on the frequency change.
By: WJZW on July 7, 2021

Is WOAM the same format - adult standards? I tried 92.9 but what I get is a channel out of Bloomington "Cities 92.9". I can't get 1350 AM to come in.
By: Margaret on August 26, 2021

92.9 is a big station out of bloomington Which is why 92.9 dose not com in 225 watts in peoria it's just to weak.
By: Anonymous on September 12, 2021

What's up with this channel!?! I can't get either one to come in 1350 or 92.9 - it's all static and talk! PLEASE PLEASE get it together because I LOVE hearing just music and not all the lousy ads and chatter! You can't even get that with Sirius.
By: Cathy on October 7, 2021

Just found this station by accident this weekend. Wow! Love the music
By: KIMBERLY on August 20, 2023

What happened to the station…..just static! Please bring back!
By: Shelia on January 25, 2024

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