Basic Radio Station Information

WOOG 92.7 FM

City of License:
Troy, NY


Albany, NY

Oakwood Community Center, Inc.

WOOG is a low-power FM radio station broadcasting at 92.7 MHz. The station is licensed to Troy, NY and is part of the Albany, NY radio market. The station airs country music programming.

Nearby Radio Stations

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Listener Comments and Reviews

if this is the country/western's GREAT wish I could follow play lists
By: JOE spairana on September 3, 2018

Great mix! it's nice to hear the old time Gospel and yes even the Christmas songs sprinkled in. I would like to learn more about this station, and What's with the call letter's voice? interesting.
By: John Carcia on September 3, 2018

haven't been able to pick the station up last couple of days....hope u haven't gone off air
By: joe spairana on September 11, 2018

Absolutely Love it. Let me know how I can help.
By: Mike L. on October 7, 2018

Absolutely great vintage country and Bluegrass -part of Americana that no radio station plays ANYWHERE!! Fantastic listening for those seeking traditional/roots country music.
By: Gary B on October 22, 2018

Awesome, how do you do it? The best since WSM, 'Way back Wednesday'. How can everyone find out more about your station? How is it funded? I'm able to get it in my work truck down to Greene County. I've been telling a number of old country fans to tune in. I hope I'm not dreamin'. Thank you.
By: John Earl on October 25, 2018

Pleased you are back on air. The best. I am spreading the word.
By: J.C. on November 7, 2018

Just found your channel today and I am in total love. Have not heard GOOD country music like this in years. Keep up the great work.
By: Carol on November 28, 2018

Greatr station ,,,, I wish iot had more power!
By: John F on November 30, 2018

Great station. Glad I found it. Love the old time music.Hope you can boost your power.
By: Dave D. on December 11, 2018

So happy to hear authentic American Music on the radio...keep up the good work...
By: guitar slim on December 14, 2018

New country sucksI MO but this wonderful station plays one great country song after another.
By: Jeff on December 14, 2018

I'm continually blown away by your song selections. You can always add more Patsy , Emmylou, and Tammy, Johnny, George and Merle to your program list. I listen all day on the road. Thank you and Merry Christmas. If we had listened to today's Country Music when we were younger we would have thought it the best. I first listened to Country Music when I was a teen on Sunday night. WABC's Rock n Roll programing would end and I would switch to the only Country station in North Jersey. I remember Buck Owens and Roger Miller. I'm glad I did...
By: John on December 23, 2018

WOOG LP: We listen to your low power station everyday now. We like it more than any other radio staion. We pick up WOOG with portable radio upstairs, and guess what, with the old Fisher speaker cabinets hears it too. In the past, I would tune around and wait for that gravelly WOOG voice. We love your station. We love you. Look forward to WOOG everyday!
By: Jay and Susan on December 27, 2018

1-7-19 off the air and miss my old country station.
By: Jeff on January 7, 2019

Very nice station I just hope it never goes away thank you and the call letters guy is hilarious I can’t stop laughing every time I hear it ...
By: Bobby guitar on January 11, 2019

Fabulous! Heard it tonight driving through Albany. How can I get it here at home (Canajoharie/Ames)? Would love to get it by radio or live stream on Computer!
By: Lisa on January 13, 2019

I was in town this weekend for National Guard drill and stumbled across your station. What a find! I'm hoping I can find a way to stream it when I get back home.
By: Joe on January 13, 2019

I have not been able to listen on car radio in Troy NY for a week now. The station stopped working on Jan 23 during the big snow storm and has not come back on. We really enjoy this station.
By: Paul Gwozdz on January 29, 2019

Ditto Paul Gwozdz comment. What happened to WOOG?
By: Carl on February 5, 2019

I hope you are coming back. It was too good to be true. How much money do you need? We will support you.
By: Mark on February 7, 2019

I've been listening off and on since October, this is hands down the best station on the radio. Hopefully it remains funded for a long time!
By: John on February 22, 2019

I keep hearing a number and at the end he says something about the third world war I’d love to know the artist since I really dig thank you if any one knows too
By: Bobby guitar on February 24, 2019

Many thanks for all the love WOOG has been getting on this site! We sure do appreciate all the encouragement. We're still in shake-down mode and, as you've noticed, we've had some technical problems over the past few months. But we're here to stay. Soon we'll be posting information on how you can support WOOG but, in the meantime, please enjoy and tell your friends!
By: WOOG on February 24, 2019

So happy to have been turned onto this station. I commute to Albany every day from Washington County and love when I hit that spot where WOOG comes in full blast. Keep up the great music!
By: Jim on March 5, 2019

I was in my truck, hit search and found your station. A Jimmie Dale Gilmore song came on and I was HOOKED. I didn’t think anybody around here even know who he is. Then a little latter you played a Robert Earl Keen song; WOW! Your Austin North radio!
By: Tim on March 8, 2019

This station plays an OUTSTANDING mix of old country and bluegrass. I wish it could broadcast further.
By: Dave Sacca on March 13, 2019

Your signal has become weaker in the past few days. Just a heads up. Love your station.
By: Mark on March 15, 2019

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