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600 WREC


Memphis' News, Talk, Traffic & Weather

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Memphis, TN


Memphis, TN

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iHeartMedia (Ihm Licenses, LLC)

2650 Thousand Oaks Blvd Suite 4100
Memphis, TN 38118


WREC is an AM radio station broadcasting at 600 KHz. The station is licensed to Memphis, TN and is part of that radio market. The station broadcasts News/Talk programming and goes by the name "600 WREC" on the air with the slogan "Memphis' News, Talk, Traffic & Weather". WREC is owned by iHeartMedia.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Dear Mr. Oppenheimer, I was very disappointed to hear that you have layed off Andrew Clark, Sr. He is one of the few radio talk Show hosts that speak the truth and is a wonderful Journalist. You should be hireing more like Mr Andrew Clark, Sr. not shortening the time that Mr. Clark is on the radio. He is absolutely outstanding and is an admirable man. I cant believe that you would replace he with a show named "snitch". You evidently do not have the intestinal fortitude to be supportive of a wonderful man that reports the news fairly and justly and that speaks the truth. I can't believe that your station is not willing to be a leader in the Talk Show Media and stand up for a man that soundly speaks truth,has honor, is a gentleman, is patient and tries to educate people on what is going on in our country which is in very bad shape, morally, physically and ethically and the values that our Country has always had that make the U.S. a leader in our world. I only wish your station and Board of Directors would be as half as good as a strong leader like Andrew Clark, Sr. How could you believe any show called "snitch" could replace him? Why do you have no faith in a wonderful man like Mr. Andrew Clark, Sr.? He is truly an admiral "just" man that should have your respect and that there is still a human being in our town who is above reproach. You have rather "caved" into the almighty dollar and sold out the values that our country used to have. I have learned more about our country and the truth about the reality and demise of respect for truth, justice and the American way and yet Mr. Andrew Clark, Sr. offers us faith, hope and trust in our country and does not speak filthy language or treat the callers like they are stupid and he makes the callers feel like they should not go along with all of the bad things that are happening in our country, especially in the morals, justice and American Way that your radio station used to have with outstanding journalists from the past. I fail to have the confidence in your station that used to be dedicated to truth and justice. You are making a mockery of the dedicated journalists that made your station a very respected radio station that used to be a great leader in the radio busines industry. You are joining the ranks of all the other radio stations that join the bad crowd that you are appealing and joining hands with. I could never call into the station or buy any ads because I am a Religious Sister that has taught religion for 46 years. Do you have any idea how many of us are listeners that are out here? What has become of our leaders. I guess if everybody else jumps off the bridge into the disfunction of our world, you are joining them. What will happen to us in the future? Cannot one honest radio station be found? Mr. Andrew Clark, Sr. cares more about the people, and our world than you and all of your Board of Directors added together. In my estimation and many, many others, all of you are not fit to tie Mr. Andrew Clark's, Sr., shoes. May God have mercy on all of you. When our world begins to fall apart from others like you that just fall into being with the "bad guys" and following evil. Rmember what happened to Sodom and Gormora? Are you going to lead the parade with your worthless dollar at the head of the parade into nothingness. Please stand up and be a man, like Mr. Andrew Clark, Sr. does. You should be following him instead of going the other way. You and your Board of Directors will be in my prayers that you will have the courage to be leaders and not followers of evil into infinity. Please think twice before you make those decisions. I attend a church of 3,000 families, and 2,600 students, who will be praying for you to be strong and stand up for those values that are right. God bless you! Please be an honest man and give Mr. Andrew Clark, Jr a copy of these comments.
By: Sr. Theresa on April 22, 2011

Was it the ratings? Surely you realize you have no local politics now....what were you thinking?
By: von verner on April 26, 2011

Too bad you let Andrew Clark Sr. go........that ends me listening to your station anymore......enjoyed every moment of his broadcast....liberal higher ups squeezing u? Goodbye and hope your ratings fall through the floor.
By: Linda Conner on April 27, 2011

You finally fill the late afternoons with a host that is worth listening to and then you let him go? For what reason? I am searching the internet now trying to find why one of the most honest and fair speakers you have ever had on the airwaves is suddenly no longer there. This is disgraceful, and a clear indication that you do not value honest and fair discussion of topics that matter to those at both the local and national levels. You have lost a listener and I will now be asking my friends, co-workers, company and anyone I meet to boycott your station.
By: M Holt on April 28, 2011

Dumb move laying off Andrew Clark Sr. I won't be listening any more. The new 'program' you put in his slot stinks up the air.
By: H McManus on April 28, 2011

I am extremely disappointed that you booted Andrew Clark Sr. out of the 4 PM to 7 PM. There's no be show host on the air in my opinion. Please reconsider and bring Andrew back on a daily basis.
By: Everett Davis on April 28, 2011

I'm sorely disappointed with the new 4-7 pm programming. Andrew Clarksenior is a class act with a broad engaging radio listenership. Andrew kept local issues front and center and welcomed comments and questions from all sides of the aisle; a truly refreshing presence on weekday afternoons. While relieved that we will still have him on weekends, I believe this was a very unwise move on WREC's part, and I trust you will reconsider your decision to remove him from the weekday line-up. Lorinda Hill
By: Lorinda Hill on April 28, 2011

I am absolutely "stunned" that you would replace a man of character; that loves this city; speaks the truth; listens to and appreciates the opinions of everyone; informs; maintains local, regional and national information that is necessary to the listening public, with a bunch of "mess". Your new program "STINKS", and you have made a terrible decision! Like the others before me, you have lost another listener.
By: Jim Gambill on April 28, 2011

I am very sad that you have taken Michael Savage off the air and cut Glenn Beck to two hrs. I'm also shocked to hear that Andrew Clark Sr. is no longer on the radio. What in the world is going on at this station! You had been my favorite station for several years.
By: Bobbie Hooker on April 29, 2011

I was very surprised that many changes were made this week. I have been a faithful listener to WREC for many years. I don't understand why you shortened Glenn Beck to two hours, but I am most upset and disappointed about Andrew Clark, Sr. not being on from 4 to7 each evening. He was the Best!! If Mr. Clark is picked up by another station, that will be the station I'll be listening to....not WREC!
By: Sharon Shappard on April 29, 2011

This was a bad decision. Andrew Clark Sr.r was an outstanding person, a professional at his trade and this was a real disappointment. Please explain your reasoning.
By: Peter Smith on April 29, 2011

I agree completely with all of the other writers. This is really sad. I am looking for another station to listen to on the way home.
By: Frances Galloway on May 3, 2011

Please consider returning Andrew Clark Sr to his 4-7 spot. As you have undoubtedly discovered , he is sorely missed.
By: Debra Fogerty on May 3, 2011

Andrew Clark Sr had a great show, at the right time. We need him back on 4-7 PM. He is the best I've heard, period...
By: J. Fortanas on May 4, 2011

Good bye 600. Your radio programming makes no sense at all. Why on earth did you try and fix something that's not broke.
By: mike Schafer on May 4, 2011

I cannot believe that Andrew Clark Sr. is not on your station anymore. You will definitely lose many listeners because of this. I am now looking for another station that has someone as good as him, because the guy now does not measure up!
By: Laura Freeman on May 4, 2011

You guys are nuts , I have listened to you for years. Why on earth did you drop the savage nation. I am done with your station. I will listen to my tiger games elsewhere. And my advertisments are gone to. Have a nice one.
By: James on May 4, 2011

I am shocked that you have removed Andrew Clark-senior from your daily line-up. What a mistake you have made! His is the voice of truth and reason when it comes to political and social issues of Memphis. You have lost me as a listener.
By: Hilairy Guerriero on May 4, 2011

Terrible mistake with changes. The line up was fine the way it was i.e Andrew Clark-senior and Savage. I'll listen to others on XM.
By: Billy on May 5, 2011

I am extremely disappointed that Andrew Clark, Sr. is no longer hosting a show on your station. The "stuff" you replaced him with is awful as your next ratings survey will soon tell you. I will be listening elsewhere until you make some changes.
By: Joe W. on May 5, 2011

I cannot believe you removed Andrew Clark Sr from the 4 - 7 pm slot and shortened Glenn Beck to 2 hours. What a major programming mistake. Mr. Clark Sr is a supporter of Memphis and conservatism, and it's a crying shame that his voice is silenced. Like the others who have made comments, I guess I'll have to get satellite radio now until you wake up and fix this mess you've created.
By: Kathy on May 5, 2011

I am surprised to note that Dr. Michael Savage is no more in AM600. I listen to him almost every day, the real man of America. I really miss him. Can you please let me know in which channel at what time I can listen to him? Is there any way to reinstate him? Anxiously waiting for your reply. Babu Thomas Memphis, TN
By: Babu Thomas on May 6, 2011

Yeah, I have been asking my friends what happened to Andrew Clark. The new guy really makes me feel disconnected from Memphis, and I won't be listening any more. I see the other comment that Michael Savage is no longer on AM600? I hope that isn't true. I tell others how great your station is all the time; I guess now I am going to have to remove my endorsement. Glenn Beck trimmed back also? Really??
By: Matt McLeane on May 6, 2011

You cancelled Andrew Clark Sr? What a stupid decision! I've started listening to Ben Ferguson on another station in that time slot. And you cut one hour of Glen Beck? You people need to wake up and listen to your audience.
By: John huggins on May 6, 2011

Mr Oppenheimer and WREC: Andrew Clarksenior is a great radio host. He's fair and not obnoxious and really knowledgeable. A lot of my friends listened to him. If I was buying a car now, I'd go to Infinity because they supported him. Memphis has a ton of trouble. Andrew Clarksenior was doing a great job in really talking about the issues. He interviewed and made available the politicians in Memphis and Shelby Co. Citizens need to hear these leaders. I'm glad he's still on air, but he needs to be prime time.
By: Kevin Sharpe on May 6, 2011

I can't believe Andrew Clark Sr. is gone from the daily time slot. I definitely don't like his replacement - you can't even compare to Andrew and his ability to succinctly state the facts, connect to the local and national issues and involve his audience. And now you've relegated him back to a timeslot on Saturday that not many will catch. Bad move - I'm now forced to listen to Sirius in that time slot and also now in the 7:00pm hour. Obviously, you don't know what your audience wants.
By: Dianna on May 6, 2011

Couldn't stand Fleming...tolerated Ben....LOVED Andrew. We have quite enough national shows. Need local perspective. You had the best with Mr.Clark Sr. So, back to tolerating Ben on rival airwaves. BRING BACK ACS!!!!!!!
By: Mark Lindsey on May 7, 2011

Taking Andrew Clark's show off your afternoon broadcast is the stupidest decision you have ever made. We love him. He has shown his love for this country and this city, his respect for all people's opinions, his tolerance and kindness, and his good morals without fail. He has prepared thoroughly for every show he has had. He has secured the guests people have requested he get. He is a complete professional in every way. He was one of my favorite things about your station. If you have any sense at all, you will get him back before somebody else grabs him. His 'replacement' is pathetic. I will turn on your station once in awhile to see if you can listen to the public and get him back. If he is not there, I am through with you.
By: Jeannine Dorfman on May 7, 2011

You have finally done it. You have taken leave of every one of your senses. You have shown how little you really think of your most faithful listeners and this community. Above all, you have shown, by making such a bone-headed decision, how truly unqualified you are to decide what your public hears on a day-to-day basis. Taking Andrew Clark Senior off of your radio line-up was the final straw for me in deciding whether I would be listening to your station or not. It may prove to be your station's rating downfall. I know I will no longer be listening to your station. I listened to Mr. Clark's so-called replacement and he left me cold. There was no comparison. He could not be conversant about this community's specific problems. If you want to abandon this community, that's the way to do it.
By: Mark Dorfman on May 7, 2011

Let me join the disappointed! Trimming Glenn Beck and taking off Andrew Clark Sr!!!!! A touch with Memphis was SO smart and nice... I've tried the new afternoon guy all week, and I'm done. He is not a class act - has an approach that dulls respect for his opinion. He is crude, rude, and too harsh...pushing as if there is only one right mind set. His values do not line up with the integrity of speech as you find in Glenn and Andrew - even harsh Michael Savage has higher standards. I too am gone except for the two hours of Glenn Beck. Sigh.
By: Joy Boudreau on May 7, 2011

I've listened to your station for many years and I'm sad to say, I'm done. Removing Andrew Clark Sr and Michael Savage is just stupid. Huge mistake and I hope your ratings plummet.
By: Ray on May 7, 2011

No Savage? Good bye AM600.
By: Carl on May 10, 2011

Bad idea on the new lineup. I have been a long time listener but you will have to add me to the list of those that will no longer listen to your station.
By: Michael T. on May 10, 2011

By: E. O. on May 10, 2011

I have spent a lot of money advertising on your station over the years in various positions. Needless to say, I am dumbfounded by your recent programming changes. I can't phathom what inspired you to take interesting hosts off the air and dilute it with water-downed, Wall Street Journal, mainstream puff formats. Shaking my head, I will look for other areas to advertise. Respectfully disappointed
By: Gary Browning on May 12, 2011

Whoever your program manager is needs to take a permanent leave of absence. The changes recently made are worthless and are not going to be supported by the majority of your listeners. Beck; Clarksenior and Savage trimmed up or gone? Come on folks. The replacements suck! The only thing keeping 600 on my favorites is Coast to Coast AM. Change that and you can count 1 more gone!!!
By: Bill W. on May 13, 2011

I was very disappointed that Andrew Clarke, Sr's afternoon radio talk show was cancelled. I think you have made a huge mistake. Andrew was always interesting and whether you agreed with him or not, he was thought provoking. He made my ride home from work much less tedious. His replacement can not compare!!! You have lost another listener. Please reinstate Andrew!!!
By: Sandy on May 13, 2011

I just returned home to learn that Andrew Clark Sr has been reassigned to weekends. I also learned that Michael Savage was taken off the station. This was Not a wise move at all. I think you will realize the error sooner than later. I know I will not have the dial in my car set on 600 after Sean goes off. As a matter of fact I will search the dial to see where I can get Savage. If you thought ratings were bad before BRACE UP!!!!!!
By: MOP on May 14, 2011

A.m. 990 is what I listen to now. At least they have Ben furgeson. Screw 600 and their advertisers. Bad move, messing with the Savage nation.
By: Anonymous on May 15, 2011

Oh pandering to the liberal bulls--t that runs the political machine in Memphis, I was really hoping the demise of King Willie was the turning point for an even keeled opinion platform , but apparently not for the liberals, they must have some good dirt on you eh, Mr. Oppenheimer, don't forget people can vote for your radio station by just rotating or pushing the tuning button. Bye-Bye
By: learjetzz on May 16, 2011

Andrew Clarke senior was a very personable gentleman with a common sense of right and wrong.I think he was good for a community still tied up with racism. Screw Clark spoke of equality no matter what color your skin was and he is a true American for all the people.I think that society will lose the views of one of the fairest men I have ever listened to on the radio. Shame on whomever made that call. Truly a mistake and if I owned a radio station I can promise you he would not be unemployed very long. Continue your voice where ever you can. Thanks Andrew Clarke Sr
By: Randy. Thornburg on May 17, 2011

Very disappointed in this decision. You have lost a regular listener!!
By: D Steele on May 18, 2011

Count me as one who won't be listening anymore.
By: Robert on May 19, 2011

I must comment again to say that I don't enjoy the replacement programming and want to see Mr. Clark restored to his previous time slot. Thank you.
By: debra fogerty on May 25, 2011

I miss Andrew Clark, Sr. on my drive home! I am not enjoying his replacement and miss Mr. Clark's fair and objective approach to various community and political issues. What a disappointment! I no longer have any reason to listen to AM 600.
By: Van W. on May 26, 2011

You have done the wrong thing. Andrew Clark was open, honest and fair. We won't be listening anymore. Andrew you are great!
By: Sarah and Jerry Hollingsworth on June 7, 2011

I'm gone.
By: Capitalist on June 23, 2011

Dear station manager Mr.Oppenheimer,thanks for canning Andrew Clarksenior.He was a bootlicking sellout and a two faced dog.On the radio he said whatever he could to please those of the white race.But off the air he was stabbing his white masters in the back to please the Blacks who called him a sellout.He ran a game on white people for years,because he knew,your station would have never hired him if he showed his true color.Mr.Oppenheimer,thank you so much for getting rid of this lying two faced dog,who talks republican,but is afraid to admit he's actually a coward democratic.he would sell his own mother out,for 29 pieces of silver.He is despied,in the black community and he's refered to as a Oreo Cookie.He another O.J.Simpson.You and West Memphis Police chief Powder are smart men, and know a trick when you see one.Thanks again for the wonderful choice to remove Clark I can start listening to your station again.
By: perry S on July 12, 2011

I cannot understand why WREC is sending people to other radio stations to discuss LOCAL news. I stopped listening to WREC in the evenings when you took Andrew Clark Sr. off the air, however I tuned in on Saturdays and Sundays. Now that is gone. I suppose AM990 and others are the only shows that care about what is happening in and around Memphis. IF I find a station that MR. Clark is on, I will be listening.
By: Sharon L. on July 31, 2011

While I didn't care for Clark's opinions and lies he was entertaining and a somewhat barometer to what the hateful conservatives are thinking. Hopefully you will program more local talk where callers can call in instead of the moron you have on in the afternoon.
By: Abudu Mukarram on August 1, 2011

I complained when you took Andrew Clark off the 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. segment and now I say goodbye to WREC.
By: Lucille Val on August 1, 2011

And where did Andrew end up going?
By: Max on August 2, 2011

Limbaugh is the same every day so now without Andrew there is no reason to listen to AM600.
By: Doug on August 4, 2011

You had someone of high moral character qualified to dialogue with any caller of any ilk and what does management do. You go and take Andrew Clark Sr. off the air and for what? (The computer Goddess, no disrespect to her) Clearly there's a quality as well as a judegemnt issue here. To be brief, Mr. Clark was the only reason to listen to your station...That frying sound you hear is your station going off the air after being consumed by the competition.
By: will on August 13, 2011

Andrew Clark Sr is missed The savage Nation is missed
By: Anonymous on September 15, 2011

Shame on you for taking Andrew off. Whoever you have making those kinds of decisions needs to be removed!
By: Susan on September 16, 2011

Although I liked Andrew as well he was the best I had heard you have.. Ben fergueson ..glad to see him gone.. but this schnitz characte..this guy is worst, arrogant piece of junk I have ever heard... Hopefully you will change this lineup I will check back in 3 months...
By: Mike McNeer on November 18, 2011

Big error in loosing Brother Andrew, big lose in Micheal Savage. Don't know why their gone but so am I.
By: Allan Quinn on December 5, 2011

no Andrew---no rec---no jean-leigh!!!! you must be afraid of the truth---Andrew spoke the TRUTH!!! why are'nt you listening ????? Maybe because know one is there!!! GO JUMP IN THE RIVER AND TAKE WREC WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by jean-leigh Dec 08,2011 3343
By: jean-leigh on December 9, 2011

What is your reponse to Rush Limbaugh's latest statements about women. Whether you like it or not your station is labeled by this insane and vile man. Take him off the air! Please send me the list of advertisers for him - if you choose not to, there are other ways of getting them. We now have 1500+ people who are ready to go to your advertisers unless you remove this cancer on our society. TAKE HIM OFF THE AIR!
By: Wright Pillow on March 2, 2012

Return Michael Savage (THE SAVAGE NATION) right now please. Sir, I left to serve my country 2 1/2 years ago and served in East Germany training soldiers to survive before they departed for Afghanistan. I left, and The SAVAGE NATION was still airing, 3rd in the nation, my favorite show. Now its 2nd in the nation on pace to beat out Rush Limbaugh, yet when i turned on the radio, there is no SavageNation! sir, fix this. This is a veterans request. thank you sir
By: Joshua Blair Jacobs on March 18, 2012

We need Michael Savage and the Savage Nation to return M-F 7-10pm.
By: Rusty White on April 10, 2012

folks i' found savage on internet on a fort lauderdale, florada station. just google savage. there seems to be a supernatural evil settling over our nation doesn't it?
By: larry mansel on April 14, 2012

Since Andrew Clarksenior left I stopped listening to 600Am; however, I am glad I found him on 98.9 FM. The FM channels are so much better than the AM channels anyway, reception quality is much better. 600AM doesn't come in that well way out here in Collierville.
By: Gary C. in Collierville on July 15, 2012

I can't stand Andrew Clark Sr. Thank goodness Ken Kincade is on the air to show some sense in the conversations. Clark screams and interrupts when ever anyone doesn't agree with him. Then he goes into a rampage attacking others. He's an idiot with twisted views.
By: J on December 15, 2012

Andrew was and is an old of the most entertaining and straight shooters on the radio..I loved him every Sunday at 12 noon and later after I moved to the New Orleans area I would still tune in when he moved to the daily pm show. Like alot of stations that make horrible decisions [the local here in NOLA did a similar change and lived to regret it and changed back], WREC made a terrible one. Long live TV trivia, grape sodas, westerns, and country music!! Thank you Sir for your service. Good night now! Tigrdog
By: Rik Tigrdog on January 7, 2013

Where is Forrest goodman, turned on the 600 this morning, and there was some one else on. You people should inform your listeners of change in Programming, FYI, this guy was horrible.
By: Barbara on October 2, 2013

I have enjoyed AM 600 for many years and felt at home with the local host. The new national format and the morning show has destroyed the local flavor. I'm sure it's cost effective to broadcast syndicated shows but the local hosts made your station desirable. I too must change the dial for something local.
By: Ralph Peperone on October 2, 2013

Ditching the local morning crew.......WTF.....your programing just turned have set your course for DISASTER. Best Wishes!
By: Barry Jones on October 2, 2013

Where are the morning crew, felt I woke up in an alternative universe. Who Are these new people? I listened to 600 Friday and tuned in Monday and had no idea what I was listening to. These people are awful. Suggestion, if you cannot get Forrest and the crew back, might want to consider putting Beck on for his full 3 hours. I will have to tune out until further notice. Who in the world are making these changes, might need to get rid of him in the process.
By: Samantha on October 3, 2013

I'll have to look for something else to listen to. Your new hosts are terrible. What were you thinking...............
By: Harris on October 3, 2013

I have stopped listening to the morning show on WREC now that Forrest Goodman and crew are no longer on. They had a great show. Stationmanagement made a HUGE mistake.
By: Scott on October 3, 2013

Why change a good thing? I am very displeased. The new people are just plain silly. I'm moving to another station.
By: jean on October 4, 2013

I really didn't listen much to Andrew Clarksenior when he was on.However,I accidentally discovered 98.9 FM.They have a great lineup of shows and I found Andrew Clarksenior was on Monday-Friday 6am to 9am.The best show on 98.9 is the John Batchelor show but it comes on at 11pm-1am.John is really a class act and on almost every show John has done extensive research.He seems to have read a lot of his guests' books and I am never bored when listening.
By: Bill Steward on October 4, 2013

Glad Karen Perrin is back on the radio. However, she barely gets to say a word and this new guy is TERRIBLE. Really wish you would have simply added Karen when Tonya left and kept Forrest Goodman. Forrest and Karen would have made for an entertaining local show. The show now is just completely useless and uninteresting. Will have to find something else to listen to.
By: Paula on October 4, 2013

What a mess you have made of the morning show! I have been listening every morning for years. I was blind sided. Why did you get rid of such a good show. The new show is awful. I now listen to music.
By: Don on October 5, 2013

I assume this was a business decision by management. However, removing Forrest Goodman and company appears to have been a very bad idea. I have listened to this morning show for some time and now find it irritating. This morning I simply turned off the radio.
By: Larry on October 7, 2013

Echoing the same sentiments already given by others. New morning show is weak and lame, new guy (KC) is horrible. Forrest Goodman and Karen would have made a great team. Glad you got rid of Tonya Powers, who butchered the news every day. Couldn't read without messin' up and fumbling over the words. Too bad, I can no longer listen to this "new" tripe. Already switched to 990 AM.
By: Mikey on October 7, 2013

Glad you got rid of Forrest and company. They were the dumbest people on the radio. And very hateful. Just angry people mad at the world. Of course thats like almost every one else on your station. Can't remember her name but you should get back the lady who was on before the last group. She was never allowed to get a word in but when she did it was insightful and worth listening to. Good job! You just p*ssed off all of your dumb a** listeners!!! hahaha
By: robert on October 8, 2013

Management WREC 600. I am extremely disappointed in the disappearance of Forrest, Steve and Tanya. I enjoyed their banter, humor and passion. They were goofy at times, but this made them human and easy to listen to. I hope that they can see these and other comments from all who miss them. I have switched to 790 AM. I tried listening to KC but he too opinionated and narrow. Karen is interesting but she must be told to stay in the shadows.
By: David on October 8, 2013

Thank you. You just made it much easier - instead of flipping channels in the morning between 600 for news, talk to others, I'll just listen to them, starting with Chris Wade on 990, because what you have on there now reminds me of what I leave in the tank after some hot wings and beer.
By: Tom G on October 9, 2013

I am going to echo most of the comments I see about putting someone in the place of Forrest Goodman and Steve Butler. I miss Tonya Powers but understand her decision to advance her career. However, this new guy you have put in Forrest and Steve's place just rambles, rants and raves about nothing. Karen Perrin is fine and would have made a good addition to Forrest and Steve. I don't find your show entertaining anymore and will now try 990 AM or anything else, because this new guy is terrible!!!!!
By: Kim on October 10, 2013

It was like getting cold water thrown in your face with this new morning news crew. Terrible decision. Who does such things? Did you have massive complaints about Tonja, Forrest and Steve? I listend almost all day to WREC via the internet at work. Don't now. How about changing the person behind the scene that blew this call.
By: former listener now on October 16, 2013

Your new AM show is unbearable. Who makes such a horrible programming decision?
By: Gone on October 25, 2013

This morning KC said keep listening and he would grow on you......Yeah right, like a fungus. Tried for three weeks now, time for the 990 or 98.9 ointment.
By: Now a former listener on October 29, 2013

I have had enouogh of KC. His ranting about money and the public schools and what it takes to get students to learn was too much and was just that RANTING. At times, I may agree with him but I have a choice and would rather listen to someone who doesn't think everyone is so stupid that they require a lecture every 15 mintures. Does anyone really need to start their day listening to someone so angry? Like previous posters, I too have enjoyed AM 600 for many years and felt at home with the local topics and the friendly means in which they chose to deliver their message. I called the staton, immediately after his last diatribe, and asked if the listenership had increased due to the format and personnel change. I was told the numbers would be in within a couple of weeks and we would soon learn. Reading the comments, I am guessing the numbers may be down but perhaps the folks who love the new guy are silent supporters. As for me and my car radio; we will be listening to music.
By: Amy Downing on October 29, 2013

The new member of the morning show is definitely aggressive with his commentary, and although talk-radio is in its nature, an aggressive format, it will come off as blind ranting and agitation if isn't re-enforced with reason and a general amount of respect from callers. I can tell the other members of the program are very uncomfortable after his ranting because you can hear the pause and chorus of crickets chirping after he's done. If the program was supposed to be a light-get-up-and-go show, you shouldn't have introduced a combative host that over-shadows the others and may I add --- his off-comments are filled with sexual innuendo too. I think 600Am is quite dead. Aside from Tiger Sports, and the few nationally syndicated shows such as Rush and Glenn Beck, your programming dies after Hannidy. I don't think Memphis listeners can relate to a local host in Florida, Schnitt and I don't think he's all that entertaining either but to follow up with Dave Ramsey? Don't get me wrong --- Dave Ramsey is great for financial help and his advice is really good but that is something for a Sunday show... not your evening slot. I won't criticize for your other talent losses, those are in reality, beyond 600AM's control because the radio hosts, such as Michael Savage, had broken his contract with the company he was working for and is now under cumulus rather than the others. You guys need a huge up and down re-invention of your programming. You may not be able to get certain personalities anymore but you can certainly attempt to find better people to fill these slots.
By: Estranged Observer on November 2, 2013

One more thing --- I would greatly disagree with some as I believe the morning show for AM600 has always been weak and certain ex-hosts are gone for a good reason, one of them being that their voices weren't made for radio to begin with. Their show was caked in fluff, they never really tackled local events in any meaningful way, and pretty much, just like most of the local media of Memphis, got along to play along with the corrupt city political machine. The people of Memphis do not have a voice and what voices they do have are really just paid sock puppets whom won't cross a certain line and their attempts at pretending to be against the damaging policies of both Shelby County and Memphis are laughable.
By: Estranged Observer on November 2, 2013

What happened to Steve Butler. The woman reading his material can't pronounce half the words.
By: RadioWink on December 6, 2013

Please return Forrest and Steve to the Memphis Morning News. Don't like the new crew nearly as much.
By: Luke on December 26, 2013

SO confused about the morning show shakeup. I loved the Goodman, Powers, and Butler combination....seems like WREC keeps trying to fix what "ain't broke". I don't listen anymore.
By: Susan on December 30, 2013

I can't listen anymore on my drive to work. I thought this new guy would grow on me. He's a raving idiot. I don't need you commentary. Report news and facts and I'll make my own mind up. Sheesh! This station used to be as comfortable to the ears as a old pair of shoes are to the feet leave Karen to do news cut-ins and just go with some nationally syndicated news production. Right now you are definitely a waste of energy to power your transmitter for this crap.
By: Jeff on January 18, 2014

Your morning crew on Monday 1/27 reported armed roberies in a particular appartment complex. It went into great detail regarding the time, methods, etc. Eye witness descriptions were mentioned, however the reporter failed to describe the armed robber, race, age, etc. It was clear he was attempting to be politically correct............he sounded like a moron leaving out this pertinent info................thanks for all the help.
By: cecile on February 1, 2014

Stopped listening when Steve and Forrest left, Casey was horrid and the women doing the entertainment was even worse. I tune back in when Beck comes on , really glad he is on the full 3 hours now and that horrid Casey is gone. Need to get Forrest and Steve back instead of the WSJ to do their old show before Beck comes on. Love Beck and Rush, the rest of the programming is awful, listen to 98.9 when they are not on.
By: Barbara on February 17, 2014

Cannot STAND the WSJ in the morning so I've switched to 98.9. Glad you haven't done anything with Glenn - yet - and hope you never mess with him and Rush, but if you do I'll go wherever they are. Don't know why you messed with a good combo in Steve and Forrest.
By: Kathy on March 21, 2014

I tried for the 13th time to listen to "The Nation of Jake" this afternoon and I threw up again. He is some kind of kiss up liberal pretending to be a conservative. Today he was advancing his support of the Ole Miss Black Bears....well, someone needs to tell Jake it isn't happening soon. In Nevada they have the UNLV Rebels and more businesses than I can count in a 10 day visit that have the word Rebel in their names. A Rebel doesn't have to be a southern soldier from the civil war...dud? The fact that this is an issue in MS is embarrassing and stupid. Of course, Jake thinks he is right. Take his liberal arse back to Atlanta and please find someone who can do the afternoon show.
By: R G Moreland on September 27, 2014

Where is RUSH?!!!
By: Cynthia F on December 26, 2014

UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Worst decision by a Network I have seen in many years. We can only wish Andrew all the best! As for your station you have lost 5 listener's from our household. News Talk 98.9 was a strong positive foundation for the city of Memphis! Shame on you!!!!
By: Tony Burns on March 1, 2015

Your decision to pull News Talk 98.9 and replace it with TRASH was a very bad one. I will have to find another station!
By: Cindy on March 2, 2015

I have to agree with most of the comments on this board. The decision to go from a great talk/radio station to a hip hop station is absolutely in sane! Andrew was someone I felt could relay information in a factual way, whether you agreed with him or not, he provided facts. Out of all the people on 98.9 throughout the day, I think Andrew was the best at being factual, but also being humane and decent to his audience. I didn't care for your mid-morning person, or Ben Ferguson, but Andrew was again, factual, to the point, and very informative....especially for things going on in Memphis. I guess I'll have to resort to streaming from some other city through an internet connection than support a local station that won't consider the listener base to keep good people who want to make a difference!
By: DanV on March 2, 2015

Who lost their mind at 98.9? I don't want to listen to talk news all the time but when I did listen it was 98.9 and my husband listened EVERY day! Hip-Hop - really? Like I said, who at 98.9 lost their mind???
By: Priscilla on March 4, 2015

Very disappointed about the format change on 98.9, me and my family, even my two sons loved the afternoon shows. I will miss Andrew Clark SR. Will now go back to Internet listening.
By: jerry on March 4, 2015

HOLY SMOKES!!!! What were you thinking!!! I LOVED the fact that we had an FM NewsTalk station in Memphis. But when I turned on the radio the other day I thought I had the wrong station. Never been more disappointed in a station than this. PLEASE bring back NewsTalk to FM in Memphis. Local was great, but I even listened to the syndicated shows as well. Then, Andrew Clark Sr.!!! I respect that man so much. What a loss your station must be experiencing now. Hope somebody snatches him up quick! I guess I'll be listening to some other NewsTalk on streaming internet again. Not a good move.
By: John on March 4, 2015

What in the world can you possibly be thinking? Mr Clark spoke the truth. Which these days you would have to agree the truth is hard to come by. Even when Mr. Clark disagreed with someone on an issue he still gave them a platform to speak and voice their opinion. Maybe its the truth you want to silence (like every other major broadcast). Please Mr. Clark, if you read these comments come back!! I NEED the truth about our city. A city that I have been a part of for 30 years! Smh....
By: nanci on March 4, 2015

By: CHARLES on March 5, 2015

We love to take long drives and listen to 98.9. Very interesting topics. Loved Andrew Clay & Ben Ferguson. Where will they be moved too. Please post and let us know. We have 4 grown daughters that listen and love it.
By: Jeannie Stevens on March 8, 2015

You've lost another listener! (Worst thing you could have done). I hope the Memphis market will start up an FM talk radio station. That stations's ratings will go thru the roof!
By: B Wilson on March 15, 2015

Loved Forest & Steve on my drive to work...then on my lunch hour would listen to Andrew...going home, Ben was giving his take. This kept me informed about Memphis...whoever made the decision to change format, well, it was the worst decision for your station. Until 'my guys' are back on the air, sharing the happenings in my town, 98.9 will no longer be on my 'FAV' listing. Shame on you!!!! Will not listen to your station. Hope your advertisers read this too!
By: Bettie Silliman on March 23, 2015

STUPID is Forever,Andrew Clarke Senior is the BEST you ever had or will have,DUH
By: David on April 11, 2015

Miss Dave Ramsey at 7-10 on 600. Can't believe he is not on any Memphis Radio station given the large market here.
By: Susan on May 18, 2015

Pretty good radio station. I was use to listening to FM 98 but they went wrap or something over night. Had no idea. Bev needs to listen sometimes in the morning. "I never knew anyone who was able to learn while they are talking", Samuel Clements. I still like Bev, and the whole conservative team. Jake loves to talk about monkeys ripping people's lips off like it happens every day. Unfortunately it did happen to one poor lady but it was a big primate. Keep conservative, Make Levin is good to listen to until he goes on a tirade. What would make him vote for Hillary, spilled coffee on the voting machine? Glad I found your station. I'll come by and get my "Nation of Jake T" shirt today. Please continue to speak the factual truth. And please no wrap or what ever they call that stuff.
By: K.C. on July 11, 2015

Andrew Clark was just the best. I listened to him when he was on the weekends only. Bring him back with Ben and Mark Levin and Michael Savage.
By: David Willcox on July 18, 2015

I wish you would air the entire Gordon Deal Show. Much better show than the locals in the morning.
By: B.E. on August 1, 2016

The only part of the daytime line up that I would have to change the channel from 600 is in the mornings, between 6A - 8A. I like the content and even the relaxed tone, with guests occasionally. Karen, however, has this annoying laugh after what seems like every other sentence. It has me changing the channel within a few minutes. I wrote about it last year with the hope that someone could coach her. Some of the advertisement has caught my attention, so it seems a shame that no one will bring this to Karen's attention. Being a professional speaker, on air, I would think the annoying little quirks that may push listeners away would be a concern. I am getting used to Ben Ferguson using the word "literally" for much of his talking but even that gets old. His show is informative and from the heart. I wish someone would help Karen understand her habit of laughing after every other sentence. I hate surfing for a comparable talk show in the mornings but listening to the repeat chuckling and laughing is worse.
By: Eric on March 3, 2017

Sir, the previous comments are dead-on & I actually quit listening when babbling Karen Perrin moved into the AM slot where she happily admitted she didn't read or research topics, listeners always heard her personal opinions. This appeaes to be the one of job qualifications along with being true blue (sans Ben Ferguson). Guess you think his late timeslol will have only minimumon impact therefore you can't still tout ' fair talk radio'; otherwise Andrew Clark Sr would be hosting & you would not have received these negative, but true comments. You would become a station more in demand, increased advertising dollars, & possibly loyal listeners- instead of these...
By: Deana Campbell on June 3, 2017

This morning (06-08-17) while listening to Karen Perrin and Tim van Horn, their producer (?) Sherry, (not sure of the spelling) stated "The President has trouble telling the truth." When Tim tried to point out that was her opinion, she blurted out "NO, that's a fact!" I was greatly offended by her statement, and switched to another channel. First of all, that WAS her opinion, NOT a fact. Secondly, while everyone has a right to their opinion, when you have the ability to broadcast that opinion over the radio waves, you also have the responsibility to verify the validity of that opinion, and label it as such. Also I wish you would either forward this to Sherry, or at least ask her if she had heard the phrase "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor" or "If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan" , not to mention not to mention the lies put out regarding Benghazi, leading to the deaths of 4 Americans, or the publicized terms of the Iran deal - those were intentional, blatant, verified, and factual lies. I'd like to ask her opinion about that! Liberals always seem to value the views of others, as long as those views coincide with their own. Thank You, Galen Lapka
By: Galen Lapka on June 8, 2017

Hearing Andrew Clark-Senior instead of Ben Ferguson this week has been a blessing and I haven't changed the channels like I usually do once Ben opens his mouth. I am a 50 year old white male.
By: BeenListening Since80s on December 29, 2017

Ben Ferguson I have listened to you for many years at different stations so I so trust you. I am having a problem with Dish Net Work. They demand I press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish.. After having several problems with my installation I have been pushed to my breaking point. The C/S people at Dish do not even know the Number to call Xfinity which is their sister company. Also I purchased a new IPhone 8+ and will owe 655.00 when I disconnect from ATT that Dish offers NO bail out on my phone to go to their service. That's OK, my mistake for not asking up front this question. . Install was was May 11, no phone call or hook up after an appointment was made on phone with the Dish install person. Dish said do not disconnect from Direct or ATT until all was complete. So, I am paying two different services for one month or maybe two months. Estimate about 460.00 for what is not used. When I was calling about my installation the Dish C/S people did not have Xfinity numbers and said they did not work with them or have contact info, saying it was my responsibility to make this arrangement. OK, called Xfinity and was required to push one for English or two for Spanish.. This put me in to another mode. If I did not push this one I was repeatedly told to do this then I was hung . up. I did not complain about the money.. MY complaint was the indoctrination of press one or no SERVICE... After asking for a Customer Service supervisor three times when I did get thru and got RICK, at the end he told me he was not a supervisor. I was lied to.,.. I told them if I did not hear back from a person in management before installation (finally) this morning I was going to not allow install and through all equipment in the road due to the poor service and treatment. Do you, Ben Ferguson approve of having to punch one in American to equalize the Spanish speaking?
By: Bill Ford on May 23, 2018

Ben Ferguson I have listened to you for many years at different stations so I so trust you. I am having a problem with Dish Net Work. They demand I press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish.. After having several problems with my installation I have been pushed to my breaking point. The C/S people at Dish do not even know the Number to call Xfinity which is their sister company. Also I purchased a new IPhone 8+ and will owe 655.00 when I disconnect from ATT that Dish offers NO bail out on my phone to go to their service. That's OK, my mistake for not asking up front this question. . Install was was May 11, no phone call or hook up after an appointment was made on phone with the Dish install person. Dish said do not disconnect from Direct or ATT until all was complete. So, I am paying two different services for one month or maybe two months. Estimate about 460.00 for what is not used. When I was calling about my installation the Dish C/S people did not have Xfinity numbers and said they did not work with them or have contact info, saying it was my responsibility to make this arrangement. OK, called Xfinity and was required to push one for English or two for Spanish.. This put me in to another mode. If I did not push this one I was repeatedly told to do this then I was hung . up. I did not complain about the money.. MY complaint was the indoctrination of press one or no SERVICE... After asking for a Customer Service supervisor three times when I did get thru and got RICK, at the end he told me he was not a supervisor. I was lied to.,.. I told them if I did not hear back from a person in management before installation (finally) this morning I was going to not allow install and through all equipment in the road due to the poor service and treatment. Do you, Ben Ferguson approve of having to punch one in American to equalize the Spanish speaking? Sincerely, Bill Ford 662-292-3737
By: Bill Ford on May 23, 2018

Good riddance to the self hating negro Clark Sr. Trump apologist unworthy human. He spreads bile and poison over the airwaves to titillate the returning to diapers demographic. I hear he is back on Saturday but notice you don't list him in the schedule. He is not a black guy who agrees with you or your black friend white racists. He is just feeding your confirmation bias. Thank god him and his supporters will soon be passed from this earth. Hopefully before they screw it up beyond repair
By: Ric Starr on March 16, 2019

Why in the world does your radio station have so much static in the afternoons. I could at one time listen from Memphis to Covington but now you get 5 miles out of Memphis the static is so bad you can't understand anything the hosts are saying. I love listening to Sean Hannity and Ben Ferguson in the afternoons going home from work but now it's impossible to listen. Would you please get it fixed.
By: Polly on May 22, 2019

thank god for xm Sirius radio.
By: haygood farnworth on July 17, 2019

Andrew is a sell out conservative idiot, who if you don't agree with him he doesn't let you make your point. That's chill , Ben Ferguson although we don't agree on a lot is a much better host.
By: Anonymous on September 11, 2020

Why is Glenn Beck not on at 8.00 anymore? I've been listening for years and much prefer his program at the 8 o'clock hour, especially during this important election cycle.
By: Barbara on November 2, 2020

Never listening to A.C.S. ever again just showed who he really is.
By: Johnny Shannon on December 12, 2020

Have you tried listening to your station? Severe dead air/static during Beck and Rush - except during commercials and news. One would almost think some engineer is hitting a mute button. The weekends are really bad (and have been for ages) - lots of dead air and commercials played over the news. Like it is being run by children. Actually children could do a better job.
By: Emily on January 13, 2021

Now that the announcement has been made that Dan Bongino will have a time slot formally occupied by Rush Limbaugh will WREC be broadcasting that show beginning May 24th? I certainly hope so!
By: Sheila B. on March 19, 2021

Please consider Mark Kaye out of Jacksonville, FLA for the 11-2 time slot. He is taking many markets for that Rush Limbaugh Spot. I think he would be a good fit for our Market.
By: MARY O. on April 8, 2021

Just read through this whole list of comments. First, now I know why I can't find my regular programs. I thought I was going deaf when I could only get 2 hours of Beck. His most important comments were in the 3rd hour. The comments of the very few haters of Andrew Clark Sr. are definitely the cancel culture idiots. I am a Conservative and I didn't always agree with Andrew, but always found him fair and not dug in to all of his thoughts. I respected him. When I was only getting your new replacements I thought I was having problems finding your station......when I was listening I thought I had got a station of uninformed idiots. Collierville area has the worst reception on any programs. Same with telephone service. AT&T is the worse. Keep reporting them to the FCC and they do nothing. Tried of getting horrible telephone service...but they still keep charging me for what I don't get. When I was growing up here in Memphis...they had the most loyal radio audiences. I left when I was 27 after marrying a Marine. I came back when I was 72 to try to get the killers of my and Dad them put in prison...Still working on it. The radio in the back ground was always calming. Reception is terrible now. And the switching of great radio personalities to morons with no talent....has ruined it. Once the Left gets their dirty paws into any area.....TV, Radio, is no longer enjoyable. I am lucky that I started a library of movies and series on DVDs years ago. I saw into the future that good films and programs would be gone by now. I have over 300 collections. It is comforting to have decent movies and series compared to what is out there now. I enjoy the weekend pastors on the radio. If that is ever gone. I won't need a radio anymore. just turned on Andrew for the first time in weeks.....there is some horrible, obnoxious woman who has been added to his show. So long, Andrew. I will miss you. Instead I will switch to playing albums in the background.
By: Carol A on September 25, 2021

Is there a General Manager? Do you ever listen to your radio station? For the last week in the Fox News on the hour in the morning, the lead has been "President Biden is in New Jersey this morning, promoting his "Build Back Better" legislation. This may not be news to you, but the President did not go to New Jersey every day to promote his legislation! Is there no live person at the station to make sure it is running correctly? There are long breaks of silence, and periods of static, every day. I enjoy some of your programs but I may not put up with the bad presentation much longer!
By: Virginia on December 27, 2021

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