Radio Station Information

WRSK 97.5 FM

City of License:
Newton, NJ

Sussex County Community College

WRSK is a low-power FM radio station broadcasting at 97.5 MHz. The station is licensed to Newton, NJ.

Station Coverage Map

WRSK-LP Coverage Map

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Listener Comments and Reviews

I love this station, I listen to it everyday.
By: Denise on October 13, 2016

Absolute BEST station in the tri state area! Been a loyal listener logging 12-14 hours a day and love every minute of the programming! Tony D's shows are amazing as are Denis Franks, Dave Marthouse, and the rest of the DJs! Look forward to putting the radio in every day!
By: Rick on September 22, 2017

Can you play The Last Farewell by Roger Whitaker more.
By: MIke on September 25, 2017

love the station, my kind of music . I love country more than oldies but I'll take any thing that is not crazy or rap. just wish you had a broader distance scope...The reception starts fading 12 miles from the college.
By: renate sweatt on October 2, 2017

Love what you are doing! How about more oldies instrumentals: Duane Eddy, ghost riders in the sky The Champs, tequila Sandy Heldon, teen beat The shows, Apache The ventures, walk don't run Theme from the magnificent seven Etc, etc Thanks Bob T
By: Bob Tiscornia on October 28, 2017

If it wasn't for this station I would not be listening to the radio at all! Great job,,,,keep going!!
By: Jim Forneris on October 30, 2017

When will you be streaming on the internet?
By: Ed Kulisz on November 6, 2017

I absolutely love this station! Great mix of music. Treasures you won’t hear elsewhere. Stirs up a lot of great memories and makes me want to dance all day! Keep up the great job you are doing! Love you guys and gals!! ❤️
By: Victoria on November 19, 2017

First I love your radio station, Second, My name is Tony Krucinski and I play in the Snake Oil Willie Band. We are a local band and have viral hit out on You tube, I don`t look good naked anymore and Gift Card. It would be great if we could get some radio play. You could contact me at 973-903-4294. or my email tony@snakeoilwillie,com. Thanks, Tony
By: Tony Krucinski on December 5, 2017

My greatest applause to WSBK I now only listen to the radio. Tony D's engineered one Hell of a Radio station. Oldies, Country, Big Band and Polkas. I'm sure your station has attracted a wider audience than predicted. Hat's Off To Everyone Who Has Brought Back Great Radio.
By: Joseph Heatter on February 5, 2018

I accidentally found this station today looking for something good to listen to. I’ve been trying to find an oldies station for a while and hit the jackpot today!
By: Karen on March 10, 2018

Really Great to hear from all of you on how much you like the radio station. Thanks for listening and spread the word. You can email us direct at
By: WRSK on March 25, 2018

Top notch! Best variety of any oldies station I’ve ever heard....even better than Sirius satellite radio. Please don’t go anywhere...keep up the great work. Always wishing for better reception here in Warren County. Would love to see you guys streaming online. The area needs this great station. Finally someone realizes there is a viable market for this music.
By: Listener in Blairstown NJ on April 5, 2018

Heard Tony D playing the songs that are timelessly wonderful, and bring a smile to your face and a shimmy to your hips!! He is the best of what was and what is to come.proud to be on his station as a sponsor lc Interplay couture
By: Lynn Cohen on April 20, 2018

I just found your radio station by accident the other day! Fantastic music station! You play all songs from my era. Keep on playing, I love it!
By: Jane E Vaughan on May 10, 2018

Finally, and oldies station in our own back yard. Great eclectic mix. I have a classic car and its fun listening to WRSK while I'm cruising. I put out a general e-mail to the guys in my car club to tune into 97.5
By: Jack on May 12, 2018

I tuned you in on my way home from The Chatterbox last evening. You had a very good Saturday night show going on strong. It was nice to hear some of the tunes I play on my web station coming out of an actual antenna type radio station. I'm sorry but, I forget the DJ's name. He was sure going to town. I don't think I could keep up with him. My web station features all kinds of music from the 20's through the 70's plus I do a lot of spoken word stories. I'm getting so tired of hearing nothing but politics and arguing all over the AM band so, it was good to hear a fun station for a welcome change. If I can assist you in any way, don't hesitate to email or call. Oh, I'm not a robot but, many mornings I feel like I'm in dire need of oiling.
By: Doc South on May 13, 2018

I just posted a nice complimentary video about your Saturday Night Show on my Facebook page. Search Doc South to view it. I think you'll like it. Feel free to share it if you think it will help you.
By: Doc South on May 13, 2018

Please offer online streaming of your station. First its very difficult to get good quality AM or FM radio in the Allamuchy area and, aside from a clock radio or listening in the car, no other way to hear your station!
By: Wendy on May 14, 2018

Love, love, love the Sunday morning polkas! It brings me back to when I was a child; gives me that warm fuzzy feeling. Mom, dad, aunts, uncles, etc. dancing and having a fantastic time, everyone was so happy then. Days long gone.
By: Patty on May 27, 2018

We moved from Bergen County almost five years ago. IMO, there's nothing like WRSK down there. Love the format. Recently I've noticed the hosts have been identifying the songs by artist(s) and year -- good move. There were/still are quite a few songs for which I knew/know almost all the lyrics but could not identify the artists. Drove this Type A guy nuts. Now it's one less issue I have to deal with.
By: O'burg Bob on June 5, 2018

We LOVE the station and play it all day everyday her in our office! Can you post on the SCCC/WRSK web page what your radio coverage footprint is?
By: Omni on August 1, 2018

WRSK LP does not have a website or stream at the moment but will in the near future from a link on the college website and will also be heard on the college TV cable Service Electric channel. For more information and signal coverage for any station go to and put in the call letters and click on view coverage map. Thanks for all your great comments and for listening to Cruzin Oldies.
By: WRSK on August 3, 2018

Thank you Tony, Dave, Dennis, Al, Pat, Kaitlyn, Emily and all the rest of the team who make Crusin Oldies such a great station! Listening to it really brightens my days and nights!
By: Karen on August 14, 2018

I love this radio station! I recently found it while searching on the car radio. Instantly put me in a good mood! And am especially happy that I can get reception in my house also. Please keep Cruzin Oldies on the air! We were in dire need for this kind of station/music in this area.
By: Joan on August 15, 2018

Hi there, Listen all the time and love it. I know I heard your DJ's saying if you have a community event just email us @: Herein the problem, tried to find the email, but happily found this. Could you give me the proper email address to notify? Here's the info. 37th Annual Irish Feis/Festival. Sponsored by the Irish American Association of North West Jersey. Date: Sunday, September 9th from 8AM to 6PM. Place: Augusta Fairgrounds, Augusta NJ They'll be two bands, Bagpipe Band Exhibition, Hundreds of Irish Step Dancers, Culture and Art. Thank you so much, Pat
By: Pat on August 17, 2018 We ask that you Please don't leave community events on this website, Just comments about WRSK LP. Thanks Pat and everyone, Cruzin Oldies 97.5 Staff.
By: WRSk on August 18, 2018

Dennis Frank’s Sunday morning show is great! I’m not really into polka music but I really enjoy his show! Looking forward to the Big Band show with Tony Dee tonight!
By: Karen on August 19, 2018

Great mix of music with a local flair! I especially enjoy the Sunday shows. The morning polka reminds me of the old days of radio in Sussex County. then country oldies (fantastic!) followed by doo wop and then the big band/vintage pop is tops! The weekday programming is also wonderful, great mix of oldies that goes way beyond the usual, sprinkling in some forgotten gems. Best wishes to Tony D, Dave, Dennis, Al, Pat, Kaitlyn, Emily and all who put on this wonderful soundtrack for us.
By: Rick Bolger on August 21, 2018

I love the music you play and listen a lot, esp in the morning. I wonder, however, how you chose your news service. Has anyone at the station researched the political agenda of this outfit? It does not sound like a neutral media service to me, but very slanted. If you are financed by public funds, you should ensure that the news you present should not be colored by a particular political party's views.
By: D Morrow on August 22, 2018

Mr. Morrow glad you like our music, hopefully it gets your day off to a happy start and end. As far as are hourly news and twice in the morning we have no control of what they report. Please feel free to contact USA radio at and express your views. Most news services have there own political views and are slanted to some degree as are even your own personal friends. Other stations in the Sussex County area don't even have news around the clock.. With time we will also be adding local news with student reporters. To have a news service like CNN/FOX/ABC/CBS/NBC is very expensive and for now USA worked out best for the station. I hope you Keep Cruzin with us regardless and thanks for your post.
By: WRSK on August 30, 2018

To respond to Mr. Morrow: USA Radio is a Republican organization. Sussex County is overwhelmingly Republican, so this is hardly a surprise. I listen to WRSK every day, and I LOVE IT, but the moment USA Radio news comes on, I change the channel. I refuse to listen to incessant praise for Trump, and how great he is. And while I LOVE WRSK, I’m not impressed with the disc jockey robots, Al Gordon and Pat Appleton. Appleson pretends he is in Newton (“my fellow Newtonians”), and he is really in North Carolina. I have no idea where Gordon is. Both of these robots say the exact, same, word-for-word sentences every day, and are clearly not behind a microphone at WRSK. Dennis Frank is a real human, I think. He is very good to listen to, and I want to believe he is not a robot.
By: Wm. Pratt on September 1, 2018

As I said, I listen to WRSK every day, and I love it. While it is obvious that Al Gordon and Pat Appleson are not real DJ’s in Newton, Dennis Frank is a joy to listen to. When he introduces a song, he gives the year (which I really enjoy!), and a bit of background about the singer or group. He is great to listen to! Most days he isn’t a robot, but I think some days he is. But, when he comes on at the top of the hour, he says “It’s a few minutes after the hour of 10, 11, 12, whatever. If he’s a real person behind a microphone in Newton, he ought to look at a clock and give the EXACT time, not “a few minutes.”
By: Wm. Pratt on September 1, 2018

I love Crusin Oldies 97.5! Best station to come to Sussex County! I like the variety of oldies music you offer! I especially like Tony D’s Sunday night Big Band Show from 8 PM to midnight. I look forward to it every week!
By: Kali on September 3, 2018

What a breath of fresh air with listening to WRSK LP! Had the good fortune to have met Doo Wop Dave, Dennis and Tony in August 2017 at the vintage vinyl record shop on Spring Street in Newton. Love the music as it brings back so many memories! Continued success with the station! Hope it will someday be available streaming on the internet some day! Cheers!
By: Bill Priester on September 24, 2018

Hey, This is Tony from the Snake Oil Willie Band and I just heard my song ( I don`t look good naked anymore) on the radio Sunday, Oct 14 at about 5:50. Thanks so much for putting us in the rotation on Sundays.
By: tony on October 14, 2018

I also love the format and the alternative it gives us in Sussex county to the limited choices in broadcast music. I also agree with previous comments about the bias news coverage. I don't consider what I've been hearing every halve hour in the morning news, I'd call it a campaign commercial at best. Maybe NPR could work for you. While no news is perfect when it comes to bias, I find they are the most balanced.
By: Mike Watson on November 12, 2018

Great to hear a station that mixes in the Christmas songs with its regular music. I live in Andover and love your station. Merry Christmas to everyone and keep us Rockin @ Rollin.
By: Pete on December 23, 2018

Hi Tony Any idea about when you will be streaming? Miss you guys so much
By: Paula K. on January 7, 2019

Love your station! It's on in the car and it comes through my earbuds when I am running. The oldies music is great, and I have heard interesting interviews on weekend mornings. Is there a web address where listeners can view your playlist? I sometimes want to look up lyrics.
By: Angela Weigle on January 14, 2019

LOVE YOUR MUSIC! Don't ever change!
By: Roger Willco on January 20, 2019

I stumbled acros this station when searching fto listen to ANYTHING ELSE but overplayed pop and rock and even overplayed songs on Christian radio. I now love this station because it brings back childhood and teenage memories. You have such a great mix of songs and what seems like a never ending variety......I am hooked now on WRSK!!! i'm also glad it comes in clearly on my portable radio and my in home stereo... Plus.i can listen to your station in my car all the way to work from Newton to Hampton, through most of Sparta and from Hampton to Hamburg......Love it! Love it! Love it!
By: Danielle Petrone on January 29, 2019

This station is great. I especially like Tony Dee's show on Sunday nights. No other station plays these great tunes except WRSK. I belong to a classic car club and it's great listening to the songs from the 50's through mid 70's. Thank you
By: Jack on February 4, 2019

I love Crusin Oldies. I love how on Sundays they play polkas, country music, do wops, and big band swing music. My favorite musician is Earl Scruggs. I love how Crusin Oldies played Christmas music on new years eve. I love The Beach Boys. I've heard many great Beach Boys songs and many great Elvis Presley songs on Crusin Oldies. I've also heard some good songs like Yacky Yak, Vacation, Who Let The Dogs Out, Lollypop, Blinded By The Light, and Don't Worry Be Happy just to name a few. I listen to this station on my stereo in my bedroom.
By: Brittany on February 10, 2019

Great local station however........STAY THE HELL OUT OF POLITICS!. Recently, the guy who runs the morning program took a cheap shot at Rush Limbaugh. Very inappropriate especially when he misrepresented what Limbaugh said. STAY THE HELL OUT OF POLITICS.
By: Andy Sapol on February 11, 2019

My wife Karen always has this station on when she’s at home. I’m a recent retiree, so I was never home to listen to it. My hobby is restoring cars from the 70’s and early 80’s. This past summer I was able to participate in Cruzin Night at the Chatterbox. Doc South was the DJ and was playing oldies which brought back many happy memories. When I got home that night I realized that what was being played on WRSK. Well I’ve been a listener ever since. Karen is a bit on a Nightbird and likes the Tony D show, especially Sunday night. We both listen to Dennis Frank Sunday morning and sometimes we request a song which he plays. Now when I’m working at home with my “oldie automobiles”, Dennis Frank is there playing a great mix of songs which helps me make what I’m doing more pleasant. I really enjoy the station and want to thank all those who make it possible. Keep up the good work.
By: Gerald Kastner on February 12, 2019

Yoooo!! I soooo love this station in Green two errryday! I wish you guys would play more old school commercials like they did on the 1360 a.m station did way back those are great! Dennis Frank is great his voice reminds me of “SolRosenberg” a character from the famous phone prankers..the Jerky Boys..!lol I like especially the Saturday night show which I’m always on time from work for..I’m only 40 but I grew up listening to some of this w my Mom Thank you and keep up the great work
By: Pat Murphy on February 23, 2019

Hello. Happy Sunday. Can you please play O Bla De, Oh Bla Da by the Beatles? Thank you, Caroline
By: Caroline Purdon on March 3, 2019

Any song requests should be sent to or leave your email so we can tell you when we would play your song. Thanks Caroline and Everyone. We all are very happy you love Cruzin Oldies 97.5.
By: WRSK Radio on March 3, 2019

By: HARRY P DEMOTT SR on March 6, 2019

Where is Dennis Frank? My husband and I really enjoyed his shows and didn't know why he was no longer on the station. Please advise. Thank you.
By: Tag on March 12, 2019

Dennis decided he didn't want to do it anymore. He was retired and decided to really retire. We hope someday he decides to come back and do a show again even if it's once a week. You can email him at I'm sure he would love to hear from you.Dennis was really great and we miss him on the station like so many other listeners like you.
By: WRSK Radio on March 13, 2019

I had the great pleasure of talking to Tony Dee on ham radio today. Tony was at our radio repeater site and was inspecting his own radio equipment in the communications shack and needed to get a radio check from another operator. I complied and we chatted about the various FM radio stations in the County. I kidded with Tony about the need for a little better coverage. Its a great radio station and really needs to be heard by listeners in adjacent counties. I really wanted to talk to him at great depth about WRSKs format and the professional quality that came from their radio station. We talked about the "Chatterbox" and how you could hear the RSK tunes at the car shows. Tony and the staff should be very proud of the job they've done and continue to do. I've talked to alot of people and have got them to tune in Sunday morning with the Polka music. Keep up the GREAT job! William Oliver
By: William Oliver on April 17, 2019

I listen to WRSK all the time in the car, but I am missing Dennis Frank. Not only was he an announcer who brought his knowledge of the oldies to the station, but he also chose great, fun music. Now it seems that all we hear is easy listening stuff. I used to recommend the station to my friends, but no longer. Sadly, WRSK has become boring. 😑
By: Angela on April 17, 2019

Lori and myself would like to wish Tony Dee and his family a HAPPY EASTER and Happy Easter to all of the WRSK listeners. W2LV -the Sussex Co. Ham Radio club enjoys WRSK. See you on 147.300 soon i hope. "KEEP WRSK GREAT". Enjoy Easter Day----Regards and '73 William KD2MZC
By: William Oliver on April 21, 2019

Angela WRSK is not a Easy Listening station. At 11PM each weeknight for 1 hour we play Jazz and on the weekends at midnight for 1 hour we do play Easy Listening music. Sunday is the only full day that we play different music starting at 9 am with Polkas followed by Country music at noon then Doo Wops at 6PM followed by Big band music at 8PM till midnight. As a low power community college station we must provide other sources of entertainment from our main format including talk shows. Monday thru Friday we play what we brand as Cruzin Oldies music from the 50's 60's 70's and some 80's. Saturday we play Cruzin Oldies till 6PM then we have a Dance party with dance music and oldies mixed together. We also offer Gospel music and a local church service early Sunday morning starting at 5AM. We hope that you and your friends tune us back in again someday. As far as Dennis Frank he decided to retired and spend more time with his family and we miss him too.
By: WRSK on May 6, 2019

I love your station. I would really love it if you would play some more Sammy Davis Jr. or Dean Martin
By: Alejandro Villegas Rodriguez on May 22, 2019

I greatly enjoyed the special “30 Year History Of Radio Show” that Tony Dee put together. It brought back many fond memories of mine from the 70’s. All the programs from WRSK are listened to and appreciated.
By: Gerald Kastner on May 26, 2019

Since your station has gone air I always listen to it whenever I'm in the car or working around the house. It's replaced my Ipod for music entertainment, especially while I'm on the mower for a couple of hours each week. Nothing better than your programming. Best music ever made!
By: Rick Antero on June 12, 2019

Enjoy your station everyday driving to and from work. Great music and like the hourly news that no other station has in the area.
By: Harold on August 5, 2019

Harmony in Motion is a non-profit women's a cappella chorus based in Sussex County, singing 4 part harmony in the barbershop style. They will be holding their big show, "Barbershop Through the Decades", on Sunday, Sept. 29th at 2 p.m. at Newton High School. For tickets call Diana at 973-453-5665 or contact any chorus member. There may be tickets available at the door.
By: Beverly Rentler on September 21, 2019

Listening to Tony Dee tonight and I heard my friend Tom Austin of the Royal Teens. Tom also co-authored "Another Season: A Jersey Boy's Journey With The Four Seasons And Beyond" - The Memoirs of Charlie Calello, the most prolific producer/arranger in Pop Music History. Tom and I will be at The Skylands Stadium in Augusta this Sunday, September 29th at the American Truck Historical Society's Antique Truck Show displaying our trucks and selling copies of Another Season.
By: Tom Mulligan on September 22, 2019

Cant believe they are now announcing local arrests on the station alongside national news. Can totally believe Sparta PD would go so far out of their way to publicly shame people ON TOP of the criminal prosecution they are already facing as to take out radio ads. Why do I need to hear about a local woman stealing a coat? If I wanted to see people put in the "public stockade" I would pick up the herald...
By: Alf on October 16, 2019

Hi I am the commander of the Sparta VFW Post 7248. We will start selling Christmas trees on November 23. How can I send you a flyer and Info. All proceeds to into our scholarship fund. We are a 501-c corp. Regards, Pete Litchfield
By: pete litchfield on November 20, 2019

Absolutely the greatest station I've ever listened to. Always rocking with Tony Dee and tune in every morning from 4am to 8 before work and on Sundays before Church for Gospel Rick. What a way to start, end and get thru a day! I highly Recommend it for everyone! I agree with my friends when they say it's addictive. Word has it that Gospel Rick's birthday is Saturday, February 8th. Please join me everyone in wishing Gospel Rick a really wonderful Birthday! We love you!
By: karen fonda on January 26, 2020

Haven't heard WRSK 97.5 station here in Monroe, NY as WALK blocks them. Wish WRSK would stream online. Thanks, Dave
By: Dave Freeman on February 14, 2020

I'd like to have an ad on your Community Calendar please. FISH AND CHIPS DINNER Where: St. Monica’s Church 33 Unionville Ave., Sussex, NJ When: April 2nd, 5:30-7:30pm Cost: $15 Adults, $10 Children Food prepared by Tastefully British Tickets must be purchased in advance, after all masses OR at the church office. Eat in or take-out Call 973-875-4521 for further details. Thank you.
By: Mary Eileen B Schoen on March 3, 2020

If you have a calendar please email it 3 weeks in advance to Please Do Not Post It On This Site. WRSK will be glad to air your non profit event free of charge. WRSK streams from the college website under the Community Tab. After clicking on it look for Cruzin Oldies on the left side of the page and click on the link to take you to the player. The station is also heard on Service Electric Cable Channel 20 EDU TV the College TV station.
By: WRSK Radio on March 5, 2020

The Franklin Borough School District is proud to present "JEANS DAY" with Proceeds to Support Autism Speaks. This fundraiser will take place on Friday April 3rd 2020. Your donation of $5.00 (or more!) is what enables you to wear jeans on this day. Please bring your donation to the school nurse in the health office. You may make checks payable to "Cash." Thank you for your generosity!
By: Pervis Johnson on March 8, 2020

Love your programing and I wish that you were online because I can get your station in my car but not in my house. Keep up the good work.
By: Br WILLIAMS on April 21, 2020

They stream at under Community Tab
By: James on May 1, 2020

Tony--Welcome Back. We didn't know where you were Sunday mornings. Checked with some other listeners and people were thinking maybe Covid-19 had raised its ugly head. Glad to hear you're back and well. Our house sale fell thru due the buyer losing his job due to the virus and social distancing requirements. The only thing that we cling to is YOU and CRUSIN OLDIES. Selling our house was the only thing that held off the SC Sheriff and foreclosure. Keep on 'cruisin. William & Lori
By: William and Lori Oliver on May 10, 2020

Glad your streaming now! Listening to Tony Dee's Big Band show this Sunday evening. Can you please post the program schedule? Thanks, Dave -
By: Dave Freeman on May 18, 2020

The Program Schedule is now posted on the College website under the Community Tab and Cruzin Oldies 97.5
By: WRSK Radio on May 23, 2020

Hello Tony, It's Saturday June 27th (and Sunday is my birthday and as usual my wife had to remind me of that). Wednesday we close on the house and Thursday we move to Ocean County. We have enjoyed WRSK from the beginning and especially Sunday mornings with you. We will continue to listen via the Web. Thanks for playing the tunes that we know and love. If you're in the Toms River area some day give me a call on 146.52. Send me an email the day before and I'll try to hookup. Keep doing a great job and keep the oldies coming. Stay well and I hope your son is doing well in his radio career-just like his Dad. Thank you for the Good OLDIES time. William, Lori and seven cats.
By: William and Lori Oliver on June 27, 2020

Saturday nite about you announced about a virtual gaming camp, and it's free for Sussex county youth, I can't find anything about it. can you help me out here for my 12 year old grandson. thank you susan
By: susan bonard on June 28, 2020

I've been listening to this station and have been enjoying it, especially the Yacht Rock show that is on now. I told my sister about it, who happens to live in Indiana, and her response was simply "How DARE They!??" She proceeded to tell me that the host of the show, Adam, has a criminal past as a registered sex-offender in the state of Indiana. Upon hearing this news, I am in absolute disbelief! Since this is a radio station affiliated with Sussex College, is this really a good fit? Certainly someone should have vetted this person before adding them to the station OR they did and thought this would be acceptable anyway. Either way I am disappointed. Shame on whoever allowed this show on without checking credentials especially in the world we now live in. Now, knowing this information truly sours my enjoyment of WRSK and I'll be finding another station to listen to!
By: Eve Sommers on June 28, 2020

We now listen on our job sites even the younger in their 30s say leave it on nice change from our other repetitive local stations. Our workers are a range from 30 to 60 year olds and while talking they said they would like to hear the original spider man music from the 60s. We noticed you play introductions to old tv shows witch has become a game we ask young to guess tv show. Hope not a silly request. Thanks and keep up the good work
By: Jim r on June 28, 2020

OMG! I am so sad to learn about the Host, Captain Adam, of that Yacht Rock show! Eve I also listen to that on Saturday Evening. He seems like such a Nice Genuine Person! That Music brings back so many Happy Memories when times were so carefree. I agree Eve, what were they thinking to put a Registered Sex -Offender on their Station! That’s Not any kind of example for to set for the Students! Shame on Sussex Community College Staff!
By: Stacy Kramer on June 28, 2020

We will investigate the Adam Ritz matter and if this is true we will pull his show from the station. There are more then one Adam Ritz's out there so we check out the matter. It's sad because his show was a good fit and a lot of listeners enjoy it. Second this in not a site for birthdays etc or finding out about events we have a email address for that stuff Thank- you WRSK Management
By: WRSK on June 29, 2020

Thanks for bringing the news about Captain Adam to our attention. After speaking with him it is true about his past, but since has been expunged from the offender registry. He is doing a lot of good today speaking to young adults about his past and how one mistake can mess your life up and always come back to haunt you.Today besides producing his Social Awareness shows and Yacht Rock Radio Shows he owns his own marketing business and is very successful. We told him in our best interest we are pulling his show from the station and thanked him for a great show that he provided over the past 6 months. Thank-you Stacy and Eve for bringing this to our attention. His show will be replaced with the Golden Gup and mixture of new and old R&B and Doo Wop Rock.
By: WRSK Radio on July 2, 2020

I was away on vacation and did not get to hear the new show last weekend that replaced Yacht Rock. It really is disappointing that his past caught up with him because it was an enjoyable show. Honestly though, what replaced it I really don't care for. At least Yacht Rock was something different on 97.5 but this new show is just more of the same. I think I'll be spending more time with 96.7 where they have some newer fare in their playlist. I am glad that the college looked into the matter and I hope they truly learned to better check into the backgrounds of who they bring onto the station. Hopefully a lesson was learned here.
By: Eve Sommers on July 12, 2020

How come some of the dj's never mention the time or things happening in the world or mention any local things? It kinda seems like they always say the same things day after day and sometimes at the same times each day. Maybe I listen for extended periods but my friend from church asked me the same thing and I did not have an answer. Is it my imagination or is that station policy to not say very much? I like the station and the fact that I can drive around and here it in places I never have before lately. I figure maybe you got some new equipment or something.
By: Jamison Frischman on July 21, 2020

To answer your question Jamison some of our DJ's are automated students from past years that have graduated and do say the same things. Since teaching radio at the college is new there hasn't been enough enrollment of students to teach and learn radio, us old guys have to keep it alive till we can fill the shifts with new live students. Covid 19 has set everything back too. Nothing has change for over the past year when we installed a new antenna. We thank you for your concern and for listening and hope you continue to enjoy the music. Thanks for liking us. Tell your friends and keep Cruzin to the Oldies
By: WRSK Radio on July 22, 2020

Do not normally listen to this station, but unfortunately I did today. Before 12 noon. Not sure who the DJ was, but before he announced the song "Kodachrome" he said something sexists like "remember guys back in high school when there were the pretty girls and the ugly girls. Well the pretty ones aren't so pretty anymore and the ugly ones have grown up to be not so ugly." Even after the song was over, he had to add something like "if you look on social media you can see the pretty ones are not so pretty now." These types of comments are offensive to me and to many, and certainly did not have to be said. SCCC, where do you get these guys? First a registered sex offender and now a chauvinist? What's next? For a station that purports to represent the college and it's student body, you certainly have not done your homework. Just an FYI. Many of my local friends here in Sussex County advised me to not listen to this station because they believed that it is not apolitical, and complained of the slant to right, hence I stayed away. Now I know for another reason not to tune in! Who wants to listen to someone who wants to try make others feel bad about themselves!
By: MKRG on August 3, 2020

My wife and I are from Morris County where we lost electricity yesterday with the storm and drove up to Newton last night to stay at her sister's house. My wife suffers from asthma and without air conditioning it makes her condition worse. Her sister had your college station on and we were enjoying the oldies since we are big oldies fans and listen to WMTR in Morristown in our area. She says she never turns it off and enjoys it and now she's got us hooked on it too since we were up most of the night listening. She had posted on this website a while back and gave me the site. We hope we have our power back soon and wish the same to everyone else without power.
By: Steve on August 5, 2020

In response to another contributors post, I believe the DJ goes by 'Babalou' but he sounds like Tony D who does various shows all weekend long too. I agree though, even if that was said in jest, it was in very poor taste to make a statement like that. One would think staff would know who their audience was/is and should be able to differentiate humor from insult. Whoever is running this station either doesn't care about the bizarre staff choices or simply isn't listening and clearly not investigating backgrounds. It's truly disappointing considering what I had read above about a sex-offender being hired to do a program. Sussex College is really damaging their reputation by not monitoring what is happening on their station and surely someone should be held accountable. Maybe the state of NJ needs to know since their funding is critical in the colleges operations. I'm truly taken aback by all that I've read... Wow! +++ Not sure who the DJ was, but before he announced the song "Kodachrome" he said something sexists like "remember guys back in high school when there were the pretty girls and the ugly girls. Well the pretty ones aren't so pretty anymore and the ugly ones have grown up to be not so ugly." Even after the song was over, he had to add something like "if you look on social media you can see the pretty ones are not so pretty now." These types of comments are offensive to me and to many, and certainly did not have to be said. SCCC, where do you get these guys? First a registered sex offender and now a chauvinist? What's next? For a station that purports to represent the college and it's student body, you certainly have not done your homework. Just an FYI. Many of my local friends here in Sussex County advised me to not listen to this station because they believed that it is not apolitical, and complained of the slant to right, hence I stayed away. Now I know for another reason not to tune in! Who wants to listen to someone who wants to try make others feel bad about themselves! +++
By: Carlton Meadows in Stillwater on August 5, 2020

Love Babaluu he does say jokes that if you did not have a sense of humor it could be taken another way. So what life is short and sometimes boring and you are going to let a comment on the radio upset you! Get a life!
By: Debra on August 11, 2020

I love the station! Would like to hear more Rockabilly or Surf Rock. I also recorded a Surf Rock album recently. I'm from Newton. Wouldn't mind a spin on "Inspector Walks In" or "Hasta La Vista Bonita." Sounds like the Ventures. Anyway, keep it classic pre-1970 is preferred.
By: Kyle Robert Spear on August 22, 2020

WRSK has been a welcome addition to Sussex County since it inception. The station has a professional staff led by Tony DiNicola and his on air staff and all behind the scenes including Tony Selimo a true legend in the profession. A great choice with music from the oldies to country and the great polka express show. If your looking for musical memories tune in to Sussex county community college 97.5.Try it you will like it.
By: Coach Bill on August 23, 2020

That says it all and not in a very positive way as to who the College Station is “Led By”, Tony Di Nicola. Some of the latest postings on here, make sense now. Professional? According to what I read on here, and have also heard myself from time to time, I highly agree with the posting that Carlton made. Tony Di is the one who is saying disgraceful, hurtful, and harmful things . Just wondering if Jon Connolly ( College President) listens? If not, he should. This also reflects on him and All of Sussex County Community College.
By: Steve Martone on August 23, 2020

I have been listening to WRSK radio since it started broadcasting. It goes on after right after the office lights! Since radio stations require commercials to pay the bills, this station is a refreshing change. Who doesn't enjoy upbeat polkas on a Sunday mornings and wind down with Big band on Sunday night. I've used the streaming program to listen on vacation. In this crazy world, I let the WRSK music take me back to pleasant memories. For many of us, these songs will bring back memories of our youth and beyond. For those who don't care for the music or the jokes, it is a free world and you have the right to change the station.
By: Joe from Sparta on August 27, 2020

Joe, who said Anything about Commerc I certainly didn’t! Get your facts straight! It seems like you’ve been reading the latest comments to, because you basically took things “ Sayings”, from theirs and put them in yours! It also seems to me that perhaps Tony D aka. Babalu had you write this or perhaps He wrote this as Joe? It just seems a little rehearsed to me. Let me be clear, I don’t have a bone to pick here. My point is to just tame it down and think before you speak and make offensive comments. Being told to “Get a Life”, isn’t the answer to make Comments acceptable. Older generations should know better.
By: Steve Martone on August 28, 2020

Steve I am not Joe or anyone else on this board. Everyone has their own opinion and freedom of speech.I really don't know whats bothering you about what I said but radio is supposed to be fun and I do fun radio. My midday Babalu radio show is the highest rated most listened to show in area and online according to Nielsen ratings.The radio dial is full of stations and you have the freedom to listen to any of them like anyone else. No one is forcing you to listen to me or WRSK. If you wish to contact me off this board on anything feel free to email me at: Regards and stay safe.
By: Tony DeNicola on August 29, 2020

Yo yo yo!once again ITS ON! i gotta mother F ing CONFESS: I love that 10:05 on the dot wveryday Babalou intro..! I must know where its from or if it was created ...i try to STOP what im doing(depending on where i and TUNE IN JUST TO HEAR THE INTRO!☺️ Hell even on vacation in AZ..3 hr time diff... i would get the station on my I Phone just to listen to that intro! Idk why but i really like it..!And Hey...! Wheres that Dennis Frank at?😊lol is he coming back at all??😕 That would be great to hear him again.. And also a Bone TO PICK W YOUS...Why was the Saturday night dance party segment cut wayyyy SHORT? Yous used to have that on till like 11 Pm @ one point? Bring that back from 6-11 ..cmon guys we need ya!☺️ Thanks for letting me say something cool here! Let me know w a reply..THANKS One MORE THING! Bring those old 50-60’s commercials back too! Noxzeeeeema...!!!😊😊😊😊😆 bye bye now...
By: Pat murphy on August 30, 2020

I love Cruzin' Oldies! I could only listen to the station from home at night and on weekends or while driving locally or streaming in my car. Now that I am working from home, I also get to listen to the Babalu and Tom Kennedy shows every weekday! Great shows! Thanks guys!
By: Sharon from Sparta on August 30, 2020

Pat the Saturday Night Dance Party was cut short because the person who runs the Station, now I’ve learned his name is Tony D also known as Babalu, put on a show called Yacht Rock, late 70’s and early 80’s. Come to find out the guy who hosted that show was a Convicted Sex Offender. The show was taken off. Shame all that took place because that show was very good. The shows that replaced it are Boring for a Saturday Night. They cater more to older people who are probably already asleep.
By: Eve Sommers on August 31, 2020

PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO: The DJ who was on after lunch on 9-2-2020 and said he didn't know why they are adding another 9 cent tax to the gas. Well here is why and I am not picking on the Republicans or Democrats but here is what Murphy said on the front page of Tuesdays NJ Herald Monday. They are contracting a consulting firm for 35 MILLION dollars to help out with the over burdened NJ divisions of EPA, Transit and Economics development division. First off maybe we need less government not more worker, just saying. BUT the real kick was this. The company he hire to help out the Economic development division is from Washington DC. Do you see the irony in this? We don't have one consulting company in NEW JERSEY who could help expand our economy here in NEW JERSEY? IF we can keep the money here in NJ and pay NEW JERSEY workers / tax payers to develop the economy and since they are part of the economy that is being developed isn't that logical???. Am I missing something but keeping jobs in NJ should help develop it, right? Maybe I'm just a dumb tax payer and you could explain why this is a good idea. Stay well! Walter
By: Walter Winkler on September 2, 2020

Wrsk is my favorite station.
By: Britt Lawrence on September 8, 2020

I normally listen to your station at night when I am driving home, from 12:30am to about 1:05am. I usually pick up your station loud and clear once I reach Sparta, heading north. For some reason, tonight, Wednesday September 9, your signal was being drown out by the ESPN station out of NYC. Even in Sussex county, your signal was almost non-existent. I was just wondering if you were having transmitter issues or if the ESPN station increased their output. I appreciate your station and your programming. Keep up the great work
By: Tom Markert on September 9, 2020

Tom email Tony De Nicola on his email address posted above about that issue. I’m sure he would be more than happy to accommodate you and increase WRSK Power Output. Although that would be an FCC VIOLATION, but he wouldn’t care. From what I’ve heard from a lot of people in the business, he has quite a Reputation and it’s not very positive.
By: Steve Martone on September 9, 2020

We were not the only station suffering its was tropo atmospheric conditions it happens when there is a temperature inversion. Should be fine now or will clear up soon. This is a common thing this time of the year even with TV signals also. Thanks for listening and your concern.
By: Tony DeNicola on September 10, 2020

I just hear the most beautiful song this morning during the 9/11 tribute. I don't know the name of the song, but it addressed parties coming together. Does anyone know the name of the song? One of the lines was "America, a home for you and me"
By: Valerie A Evans on September 11, 2020

Valerie the song is America recorded by Bobby Valli in 2006, Frankie Valli's brother of the Four Seasons. If you would like a mp3 copy email us at or Facebook Bobby. Glad you enjoyed our 911 Tribute
By: WRSK Radio on September 13, 2020

Can you have the song info on my car radio display?.I know a lot of younger people are interested in the oldies and they want to know the song title & the singer. Thank You
By: James Bordt on February 18, 2021

James maybe someday but not for awhile. I suggest using Shazam or Sound hound on your phone which the young generation know all about. Thanks for listening and your concern. Keep Cruzin to the Oldies!
By: WRSK Radio on February 21, 2021

Love you radio station. I listen everyday to and from work and at home. Thanks for such a great station. The college rocks with Cruzin Oldies 97.5. Kathy of Augusta
By: Kathy on May 26, 2021

Hey Al Ferrari! Good to hear you back on the air in Sussex county and on a great radio station. I remember you when you were on WSUS and WTBQ. Wow you even have your own shout. I listen everyday to the station and my dial stays on it in the house and in the car. Keep up the good work. Cruizer Keith of Branchville
By: Keith on August 25, 2021

Great station and great programming for labor day today! I really enjoyed the Tommy James interview! Keep up the good work 🎶🥳
By: Susan from Hardyston on September 6, 2021

Found your station tuning around. I even put the streaming app on my phone. Best station for oldies ever. Thanks guys it brings back tons of memories.
By: Jason on October 31, 2021

Enjoying the Saturday Night Party Show with Al. Great music Al. WRSK is a Great station. I love all the DJ's even Babalu,Tom & Mel. Amy from Fredon
By: Amy on December 5, 2021

First of all I can't believe this is a college station. I love it and have it on all the time at home and work and even in my car. I've told my friends about it too. Thanks Sussex County College for putting this station on the airwaves. Betty of Branchville.
By: Betty on February 6, 2022

I listen to this station when I have some down time and would love to hear more students on the programs. Not that the adults don't do a satisfactory job presenting but it would be a wonderful change to hear some SCCC students embrace this great music and bring a modern day perspective on it from today's generation, not those that have lived it firsthand. I am guessing since it is a college station that the students would love the chance to be heard on air or maybe the format isn't of interest to them which is why all we hear are the same adults. At some point the "adults" won't be around and we need the younger generations to keep this music alive. I know other college stations have more mainstream formats so I am not sure how oldies was chosen, researched or selected but perhaps adjusting things to encourage more mass appeal is something to consider. Thanks for the forum to offer my thoughts.
By: Wendell on February 23, 2022

Hi Wendell, It's been very hard getting students interested in radio.The DJ on overnight is a former student and the DJ's on Saturday morning and afternoon. They just don't have the devotion and love to do it live or recorded everyday. Also the weekend overnight DJ Pete is a former student. I'm working with 3 students now and hope to have them on the air on Saturdays within the next month. It's a whole new generation when they don't even know what radio is or the difference of AM and FM or Mono and Stereo. The radio they know is their phone, private streams and their own music in their phone and You Tube. I'm trying Wendell. One of my prior students from last semester is now working at WRNJ 1510 AM doing news while still attending the college and hopefully one day with my help on News Radio 88 or 1010 WINS in NYC. Thanks for your concern and hope you continue to listen. Professor of Radio Communications at SCCC Anthony DeNicola
By: Anthony DeNicola on February 25, 2022

Love your radio station. I have never heard such a professional sounding college radio station like WRSK in my life. My best to the staff and president of the college.
By: Mary on May 26, 2022

You guys are the best time that happened to local FM radio in Sussex County in years. I used to listen to WTOC 1360 AM until they went off the air and now I found you guys. Can't believe your a college radio station sounding so professional. Please don't ever go away.Thanks for all the great music, news, weather.and community events .Way to go Sussex County Community College. Steven from Branchville, NJ
By: Steven on August 15, 2022

I have just started at WRSK. I am humbled and proud to be with such talented broadcast professionals. It was Tony Dee who showed me the ropes when we both worked together at WCTC in the mid to late 80’s. I met Dave Marthouse when it’s was my turn to show him the ropes at WCTC. I just wanted to tell you all of the wonderful people at this fabulous radio station.
By: Wayne Tropp on August 16, 2022

Just found your radio station and I can't believe my ears. Keep the oldies coming. Great college station. John from Sparta.
By: John on October 18, 2022

Love Dave the Rave on Saturday nights. The station is really great.Thanks Sussex County Community College for your tremendous sounding radio station. Janet Branchville, NJ
By: Janet on November 7, 2022

Been listening to WRSK for quite sometime now and can't seem to be without it. I have it on in the house and car everyday. I love the music and everything on the station including the news and weather. Thanks Sussex County Community College for such a great radio station.
By: Janice on March 27, 2023

I'm ever so glad for WRSK radio station at/ on the campus of Sussex County Community College (my Alma Mata) in Newton NJ (where I live). It's the only station on my car radio, and the only station at home. I'm am early Baby Boomer (born in the very late 1940s), and I remember very well... I lived during... the Doo Wop and Rock n Roll hits of the '50s, Rock n Roll of the '60s, Woodstock '69 and the 1970s Rock. WRSK is the BEST.
By: Tina on April 8, 2023

Just want to let you guys know I listen to your station everyday and love it. Thanks for such a great radio station of the best oldies ever. I even enjoy the Polkas on Sunday. Keep up the good work and I'll keep listening. I even support your underwriters. Harry from Franklin.
By: Joe on May 9, 2023

Holy Cannoli - what a great radio station and what a blast listening to Tony Dee on WRSK 97.5 FM. The best oldies radio station around. You never know, what’s going to play next on WRSK. WRSK is playing all of our favorite Timeless Tunes, keeping our music alive and my favorite saying is - Nobody’s Doing, What WRSK is Doing! From Mike C. and the entire Woodbridge Corvette Club, in Woodbridge NJ.
By: Mike C. on June 2, 2023

Enjoy it streaming on the 'Net. Where else can I listen to Maureen McGovern singing the theme song to "The Poseidon Adventure"? And other great movie songs.
By: Howard S on June 14, 2023

Great Oldies Station. Love you guys. Thanks for all the memories. Sandy of Sparta.
By: Sandy on July 24, 2023

I listen to Cruzin Oldies everyday! Love the music, Tony Dee, and all the DJ's! Great station!
By: Kevin Wheels on August 14, 2023

Hi Oldies 97.5! I don't live in New Jersey but Arkansas and I accidentally found your station and I just wanted to say that you play really good Oldies! I'm 36 I grew up with 50s and 60s Oldies. Brings back good memories for me! Keep up the good work! Your fan from Arkansas! Michael!
By: Michael on August 19, 2023

Your station generally plays great music! However, what is with the do-wop at noon? It's a downer. We need peppier music to get us through our day at work!
By: Jeanie S on November 13, 2023

I love your radio station so much I even bought a new radio. Don't ever change, its so professional sounding even better then New York stations and for a college station it's just amazing. Thanks for the great music and information. Jessica of Sparta
By: Jessica on November 27, 2023

Jay and I talk many a night about how grateful we are to have a radio station that is not preprogrammed or iHeart. It makes a real difference. Did you see Jim Ladd passed this week? They said he was the last free form DJ in the US. But Jay and I were like well wait a second. What about WRSK?!
By: Eileen and Jay on January 1, 2024

What a great New Years Eve show Tony Dee did. I think it was the best show I ever heard on a New Years Eve. I Love WRSK, and the Christmas programming was just perfect too. Kudos to the college and all the DJs and the staff of Sussex County Community College Radio 97.5. I live in Stillwater and listen everyday and night. Happy New Year WRSK
By: Gloria on January 2, 2024

Love WRSK. Such a great variety of music. Brings me back to my childhood and High School days and when my own children were growing up. Love the music of the 50s and 60s and 70s and 80s. And especially love Big Band Sunday and Polka Express and Uncle JImmy Smooth Contemporary Jazz. Applause to all of the deejays. Grew up with the radio on all the time at home and in the car. Music has always been one of the greatest joys of my life. Everything is so much better and more fun while the music is playing. Sing a long and dance a long. And drive a long. Turn the radio up. It can only put everyone in a good mood, and music is so good for the mind and well being. Applause and applause and applause. Keep doing what you are doing, and do not change a thing. I am a happy listener. WRSK is a pleasure!!
By: JOLENE on February 8, 2024

Still have convicted and RE-INCARCERATED ped0file Gary Glitter on your playlist? What will it take for you to stop?
By: James on April 5, 2024

Love your station and the DJs and the music. It’s great to have a local college station sounding so professional. Great interviews by the students too. I’m always listening. Love the Oldies and Polkas too. Terry in Augusta.
By: Terry on May 3, 2024

I'm a food photographer way up here in Franklin. I can barely get you on my radio but listen to you all on-line both in the studio and in my car. Whoever decided to program oldies is a genius! You are almost the old CBS FM. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
By: Bill on July 12, 2024

Love, Love Love WRSK. Listen everyday where ever I am. Home, my car, work. You guys and gals are the best! Don't ever change. Best Music.... Martha of Franklin
By: Martha on July 15, 2024

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