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City of License:
Hernando, FL

Adult Standards

MARC Radio Group (Marc Radio Gainesville, LLC)

WRZN is an AM radio station broadcasting at 720 KHz. The station is licensed to Hernando, FL. The station broadcasts Adult Standards programming. WRZN is owned by MARC Radio Group.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Your station plays music from my era, but I have a problem receiveing tour signal in my house,I live in a concrete block house. I have and loop antenna connected to my receiver and it does pick up WRZN singal to good. Can you tell me what kind of anttenna I could use to receive your signal with more gain? I have no problem with 640 AM station in the Villages,it's power is only 980 watts in the day and only 870 watts at night. When I'm driving in my Avalon I receive WRZN loud and clean, I presume the car radio has a better tuner in it. Doug Court
By: Douglas D. Court on February 14, 2011

No offense, but I like to listen to the OTHER 720AM, WGN Chicago, starting as early as 10pm EDT, and with the time change(?) your signal has been overwhealming WGN--have you strengthened/redirected yur signal? Sunspots? Summer? Thanks in advance for any advice John Galyean Tifton GA 31794
By: John Galyean on April 4, 2011

Please tell me the name of the gentleman who sings (I belive the name of the song is (Close to You), not the song by The Carpenters, but another one. You just played it on the air last Friday. Thank You
By: Janet Kunstman on May 6, 2011

I am trying to find a copy of a song I head on 720 coming from Ocala / Villages by the title "What a Wonerful Day" or "What a Monderful World". Can you be of help. R. Thomson
By: R. Thomson on June 21, 2011

why do you go off the air at 7:30 pm every evening?
By: Duke Stoetzer on June 23, 2011

I was listening to the Don Bruce show on Thursday morning September 8, 2011. Don mentioned a meeting for veterans in Gainsville to learn about benefits they may be entitled to. I would like to know more about this meeting. I have called 352-307-0278 & 352-726-7221 but have been unable to reach anyone. I believe this meeting is coming up soon & would like to have more information. My phone number in Tavares, Fl. is 352-742-2651. Thank you, Don Sansone
By: Don Sansone on September 9, 2011

I heard bits and pieces yesterday and today on WRZN that Don Bruce and Gene Martin are going off the air. What's going on? Is the station changing format? If so where will I be able to listen to big band on my car radio?
By: Ted Drzewiecki on September 23, 2011

Sadly, it's true. WRZN-AM 720 will be changing formats in Oct. The new format will be 24/7 Talk. The new owners have decided to make the switch.
By: Central Florida Radio on September 24, 2011

I am so sorry that you changed the format on 720. I enjoyed listening to the great music you played. I found 105.5 and will be tuned in to that station from now on.
By: Peggy Densmore on November 1, 2011

I can't believe it!!!! The best station anywhere and you have changed the format!!! What a shame..... I have been searching and searching everyday for about a week for your station with the BEST music and haven't found it .....and now I know why! I am new to Floral City and even enjoyed the commercials because it introduced me to places close for me to shop! Loved Don Bruce and Gene Martin...are they going to be on another station??? Where can I find music such as your station played????? WE HAVE ENOUGH TALK SHOWS!
By: Karen Streaker on November 2, 2011

Every radio in my house and car WAS tuned to 720am. Now I will have to change to some new station. I don't Know whose bad idea it was to change the formate of the station but they should be ran out of town. What a dumb change to make. Most unhappy I hope you loose your shirt.
By: phil rea on November 8, 2011

I've been listening to WRZN since 1991. You've got to be s**ting me with the new format of your version of talk radio. Without WRZN there are no less thsn six (6) talk shows in the immediate listening area. We do not need one more. Besides... the shows that I have briefly listen to are by an indiviual who continues babbling with no substance. You are not fooling anybody....It's all for the money (greed) and politcal agenda. I'm for taking your license away from you and your firm. You dispicable b**turds. I am thorougly pissed off.... I for one am tired of you republican conservatives trying to destroy this country to shove your agenda down our throats!!!!!! Frank C. Lombardo 3355SW 159th Avenue Ocala, Florida 34481-4947 (352) 478-1748
By: Frank C. Lombardo on November 9, 2011

I walk every morning and my radio headset can only pick up 720 AM. I have enjoyed Don and Gene for years. Your new format talk format isn't worth listening to so I have to walk in silence. An I-Pod is on my Christmas list. Lets hope you go broke with your new format.
By: C.J. McLeod on November 22, 2011

Too bad, the last of the interesting and live radio shows are gone, lovely music that one can actually listen to!! What a novel concept...well, that is gone and also many of your listeners...I have tuned out of 720 AM.....ranting, compliants, and general bad news is everywhere, and to tune in on the radio to listen to this, well, not me...I loved the songs, light comments and humour from 720 AM....and the people that called in and won a prize, entertaining... and I am with the other will be broke before the year is long!!!
By: kimbra danielson on November 23, 2011

Bad, bad decision to change the format. I absolutely loved the station. Loved all the oldies. I now no longer listen. I turn it on daily hoping it will go back to the way it was & when I hear all the yaking I shut off my radio. Shame on you for the change.
By: Anonymous on January 5, 2012

I guess it's that time again--when your signal is jamming 720 am WGN Chicago at night. Are you "powering down" after sunset? I hear a mishmosh of Spanish (Havana? South FL? Fox talking head bombast, etc) well into the 10pm EDT hour. Thanks in advance for responding.
By: John Galyean on March 26, 2012

I listened to the good old WRZN What has happened. There are significant lulls Two talking at once (different reports) Please fix it I love talk radio. 2891
By: Esther on March 26, 2012

By: Anonymous on July 9, 2012

Gene Martin is still heard on the web via his internet radio station. If you do a search for the GeneMartinShow dot com you will find it easily!
By: Jeff Borger on August 22, 2012

I resided in Ocala from 1987 to 2000 and early on I listened to WMFQ, FM, which had some good features. It wasn't long before I found your station and all my radios were set on your station from then on. I truly enjoyed your music and quiz shows etc. and when I moved to the north Georgia mountains at the turn of the century I really missed my favorite station. I have never been able to find another like yours, but it's all for naught anyway because some misinformed group has apparently now turned it into a talk format. Please add my name to the list of those who find this travesty unbelievable. I feel sorry for Hernando County and the many listeners who have lost a great asset.
By: Jack Quinn on December 25, 2012

Would be nice if you all would clean your radio trailer, that thing is nasty looking, and eye sore in the neighborhood.
By: Mr Clean on June 2, 2021

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