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News Radio 910 WSBA


York's News Leader

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York, PA


York, PA

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Cumulus Media (Radio License Holding Src LLC)

WSBA is an AM radio station broadcasting at 910 KHz. The station is licensed to York, PA and is part of that radio market. The station broadcasts News/Talk programming and goes by the name "News Radio 910 WSBA" on the air with the slogan "York's News Leader". WSBA is owned by Cumulus Media.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

I will no longer listen to wsba as long as limbaugh is on your station!!!!!
By: Dale w. Rice on March 6, 2012

Rush rocks! He is the only media that tells the truth!
By: Susan on March 6, 2012

Where is my favorite lawyer 3:00 slot I hope he just on vacation . I switched to your station because of Len
By: Jenny on April 1, 2013

Add another to that total, I will be listening to O's games on other stations. Participating in the broadcasting of misinformation via intentionally divisive, self-righteous assholes who use biased and extremist minority opinions often represented as fact or as majority shared opinions to undermine the constitution of this country by impairing the ability of our government to function through the encouraging of dissent and hostility between people and discouraging cooperation and civic participation is reprehensible, by definition anti-American, and has no place on any media format when being carried by an organization having any association with news and journalism. That is the realm of tabloids -- where everyone knows there is no expectation of, or likelihood of being misconstrued as actual news. I will absolutely not be supporting in any way organizations which participate in or allow this kind of disservice to the public, regardless of which side of the political spectrum or affiliation the extremist jerks adhere or whoever they pretend to be looking out for the interests of while attempting to further push the limits of and expand the divide in this country.
By: j on July 20, 2015

America is a Free Country on paper, behind the political Bs it is a business a big business with debts that equal more than profit. Trump is used to that atmosphere. Hillary with all her snow job lies and not just those listed in "Hillary's America" is relying not just on the Clinton name but the Obama support she has been able to pay off, make promises too, or other wise garner behind closed doors.
By: Robert Patrick MD on September 12, 2016

I'm really appalled by the removal of Rush Limbaugh, by far the most listened-to talk show host in America, and his replacement by a no-name clown named Jimmy Faillia (sp?) I can't believe you would dump a huge star quality host like Rush, who's immensely enjoyable to listen to, in favor of a talentless sound effects monkey who gets no call-in listeners and has to rely on the Fox News stable to get any feedback at all. In conjunction with this brilliant business move, you then bump award-winning Michael Savage out of prime time and replace him with boring Ben Shapiro. Hence, an incredibly dull and listless WSBA Noon-6PM lineup, not worth listening to.
By: Jim Jordan on May 27, 2020

Hello. I too have been saddened by your removing Rush from our local radio station. I've listened to him for at least 10 years 12-3, and couldn't believe the show that is replacing him. NOT VERY GOOD. Rush has the better radio show, and we could use Rush in these boring, stay-home times. I'm sure Rush can bring you in a lot more advertisers. I also miss Michael Savage. It's been a long few months, and I have had to listen to Rush online, instead of my portable radio. I'd rather listen to a local station, and hear the local ads. But.... for now, I'm listening to Hagerstown, MD. THANKS for nothing.
By: B Holley on September 3, 2020

Listening to Gary Sutton speaking to someone about the stupidity of starting a new party-the Patriot Party. They both sound like embedded democrats-saying to just “reform” the present Republican party by making it bigger, add more republicans with diverse thought....THAT would only dilute conservative standing, and play right into the hands of the liberals! We have enough Liz Cheney’s, Benn Sasse’s, Mitt Romneys to last for the rest of the century! We actually need a TRUE Conservative Party, FOCUSED on the Founder’s playbook for our country, not engage in more wacky “let’s be nice, nice” to the opposing party, and play charades every 4 years, so as to continue having politicians make a career out of government, no matter who is President!
By: Barbara on January 26, 2021

I have heard that WSBA is considering dropping "fox across america " . i am very disappointed to hear that. Jimmy Failla has a unique blend of commentary and comedy that is not easy to find, and will be sorely missed. His guests are not always conservative, but they get a chance to present their view. i really appreciate his take on the news and how he calls out the left's incredulous hypocrisy . Please reconsider.
By: Lawrence on March 20, 2021

I am very disappointed that you have removed Andre Viette from your Sat. Line-up. As an avid gardener, I listened to him faithfully. If budgeting is an issue , how about getting rid of Gary Sutton. I grew tired of him a long time ago.
By: Mrs. Laura on July 8, 2021

I listened to WSBA for years to hear every Baltimore Orioles game. Lately there have been times when a game was being played and it wasn't on your station during game time. Was curious as to why after years it was decided at times to not have the game on.
By: Les on June 16, 2023

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