Basic Radio Station Information

WSHR 91.9 FM

City of License:
Lake Ronkonkoma, NY


Sachem Central School District Holbrook

WSHR is an FM non-commercial radio station broadcasting at 91.9 MHz. The station is licensed to Lake Ronkonkoma, NY. The station airs jazz programming.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

                                                                Little Alonzo’s Amazing Testimony/My Story Dear Mrs./Sir:                                                                                           Date 05-24-2017 My Name Is Mr. Alonzo Cleveland Jr., And My Wife Name Is Mrs. Alicia Cleveland.   We Have An Autistic Son, And His Name Is Alonzo Cleveland The 3Rd.  He's 28 Years Old.  I Would Like To Share My Sons Awesome Testimony With The World.  So I Can Spread The News On How Powerful My God Really Is, And The Supernatural Turnarounds Which Manifested In My Son’s Life, And In Me And My Wife Life As Well.  My Son's Testimony Is So awesome And Amazing It Will Turn Any Atheist To A Firm Believer That God Is So Real, And It'll Make Their Hair On The Back Of Their Neck Stand Straight Up.  Yes Indeed My God Is So Real, He's Magnificent.  I Can Feel His Goodness, His Spirit, And His Love For Me And My Family.  I Want The World To Know What God Has Done For My Autistic Son.  My Son Is A Lymphoma Cancer Survivor, He Had Dark Blood The Color Of Molasses Coming Out Of His Rectum.  An Endoscopy And A Colonoscopy Procedure Has Been Done On Him.  He Was Diagnosed With Lymphoma In The Year Of 2008, He Had A Large Mass In His Stomach.  The Doctor Checked On A Later Time, And Said The Mass Has Completely Disappeared, No Lymphoma, And No Large Mass, My God Turned It Around.  My Son Had Very Bad Aggressive Behaviors, It Was The Month Of April 2015, We Called The Ambulance.  The Paramedics Gave Him Too Much Medication To Calm Him Down On His Way To The Nearest Hospital, And He Flat Line During The Trip To The Hospital.  Again My Powerful, And Awesome God Turned It Around.   There Is More Of My Son’s Amazing Testimony, And Turnarounds To Be Continued With My Son’s Online Link At:
Or Please Help Share My Son's Amazing Testimony And My Story To The World In Your Informative Radio Station Or Newsletter. My Son Lived In Jefferson Chase Apartments In Blacklick Ohio For Four Years, They Have Been Approached, And Ask To Modify His Apartment, But Been Denied. He Has Been Denied Of His Rights Under Disability Act And Been Discriminated Against. He Has A Disability And He Is Severely Autistic. They Refuse To Reinforce His Walls To Facilitate And Minimize Destruction To His Walls. Also To Have His Walls Padded For His Protection And Safety. He Was Head Banging With Very Aggressive Behaviors As A Result He's Now Partially Blind. He Can Only See A Very Little Out Of One Eye Now.  If I Can Get Some Help Or Legal Advice On This Matter It Would Be Greatly Appreciated. Possibly Pro Bono If Necessary Because We Can't Afford  Any Lawyer, Where On AnExtremely Tight Budget. In The Year Of 2015 My Son Was In O.S.U. Hospital, He Was Over Dosed With Medication By The Hospital, And Later Move To I.C.U. Because Of Complications, And Bad Judgement Which Made Him Very ill While In The Hospital.  He Almost Passed Away Five Times.  This Is A Malpractice Law Suit So Me And My Wife Needed A Really Good Malpractice Lawyer That Specialize In The Disability Area Of Law.   Unfortunately We Went Beyond The Statue A Limitation Because We Were Distracted By Other Legal Matters Concerning Our Autistic Son. With This Particular situation with the I.C.U. It Was So Unfair, And Unjust For My Wife And I That We Couldn't Pursue A Malpractice Law suit for our Autistic Son. Sometimes Life Gives You Lemons Which Is Very Bitter. My Son's Service Coordinator (Caseworker) Didn't Come Around To Check On My Son, He Never Checked To See If The Documentations Was Done Properly In The MAR (Medication Administrated Record) And The books in My Son's House. He Never Followed Up On The Property Destruction In My Son's Apartment. The Coordinator (Caseworker) Never Check To See If The Staff Was Medication Administrated. My Son Was Not Giving His Medication Exactly The Way The Doctor Prescribed, He Was Overdosed or Underdosed And He Always Seemed Unbalanced. When Serious Situations Arised The Coordinator (Casewoker) Was Very Difficult To Contact, And Wasn't Good At Returning Phone Calls. As A Result Of The Negligence Of The Coordinator (Caseworker) My Son Being Admitted To The Hospital Could've Been Avoided In Due Diligence It Begins In The House With The Staff Caring For My Son And Doing Their job Properly. This Is A Perfect Example Why Me And My Wife Feel We Should Always Be Our Son's Eyes, His Ears, His Voice, And Advocate For Our Autistic Son. I Tried To Reach Out To Autism Organizations, Autism Society, Autism Resources, And Networks, And Etc. With All My Time, Effort, And Energy I Feel I Was Ignored, And Let Down By The Mass Majority. There was No Where To Turn For Help Which We Desperately Needed. I Did Put Together Substantial Amount Of Documentation, And Photo Pictures, And Submitted To My Son's Behavior Specialist, And His Service Coordinator (Caseworker), But Again Was Not Looked Into Or Followed Up On Instead Ignored. The Service Coordinator (Caseworker) Established Bogus Allegations And Accusations Against My Wife To Probate Court. My Wife Gave Up Her Guardianship To Her Daughter Just To Satisfy, And Please The Court. Actually My Wife Is A Better Suitable Guardian For Our Autistic Son, But Me And My Wife Didn't Mind As Long As The Guardianship Is Still In The Family. My Son's Coordinator (Caseworker) Added To My Son's I.S.P. (Individual Service Plan) That Me And My Wife Provide Natural Support For Our Son With The Agencies Providing Services For Our Son Which Was Fine With Me And My Wife, But It Did Interfered With Us Financially. We Could Not Support Our Needs, But We Managed To Continued To Provide, And Support Our Son's Necessities. A Particular Home Health Care Agency Took Advantage Of The Natural Support That Was Written In The I.S.P. (Individual Service Plan). This Home Health Care Agency Suspended Me From The House For Three Weeks, Because Of Force Accusations. The Coordinator (Caseworker) Turned It Around And Mention That I Was Working In My Son's House For Profit, Which Is A Lie. In Actuality I Can't Be At Two Places At Once By That Being Said I Can't Have A Job And Provide Natural Support For My Son With The Home Health Care Agency. It Was Very Clear To Me They Where setting Me And My Wife Up To Fail. During The Threat Of The Probate Court Alone With The Bogus Allegations, And Fictitious Accusations This Was Potentially A Defamation of Character Lawsuit So My Wife Requested The Supervisor To Have My Son's Service Coordinator To Be Replaced. My Wife Request Has Been Answered, And My Son Has A Better Service Coordinator Now. I Notice Home Care Provider Agencies Always Use The Term Conflict Of Interest, But In Actuality What It Really Mean Is An Inconvenience Or Threat To Their Agency. It Has Been Said To Me That A Parent Or Guardian Working In Their Child House Would Be A Conflict Of Interest. Ultimately A Statement Like That Would Make Me Feel Uncomfortable And Suspicious Especially When Your Child Is Disabled, Partially Blind, Nonverbal, And Severely Autistic, When Your Child Can't Express If He Was Verbally, Mentally, Or Physically Abused Or Not. As Long As My Autistic Son Has A Home Care Provider Service Agency, Me And My Wife Feel Extremely Comfortable Being His Eyes, His Ears, His Voice, And Advocate While Being Part Of His Staff In His House. I've been working In this Field for A Very Long Time, I Can Write A Book, I Seen And Experienced A Lot From All Of These Different Home Health Care Agencies That Was Providing Services For My Son. They Will Try To Set You Up Or Blackball You Or Even Have One Of Their Staff Make False Accusations Against you. Another Problem Was The Control Medication, Everyone Knows The Seriousness Of Controlled Medication In This Field. I Had A Very Strong Feeling, And Suspicion That Some Staff Would Try To Conspire Against You And Set You Up With The Controlled Medication Another Form Of Trying To Blackball You. In Essence You Have To Keep Your Guards Up At All Times, And Never Let Them Down In Other Words Not To Get Too Relaxed In Your Surroundings Or Environment. Me And My Wife Is Going Through So Much Financially, So We're Trying Very Hard To Maintain Our Autistic Son's Essential Needs.  He Destroys Clothes When Having His Aggressive Behaviors, And He Destroys His Furniture In His Apartment.   We Would Appreciate Very Much If You Can Guide Us In The Right Direction With The Proper Resources That Can Help Us.   We Will Definitely Need Legal Representation In The Future Any Resources Will Be Deeply, And Profoundly Appreciated. I Urge You To Please Visit My Son's Online Link, And Submit Your Comments In The Guest Book, At My Son's Link, And Share My Son's Link With Others As Well Thank You In Advance, I'm Looking Forward To Hearing From You At Your Earliest Convenience. Mr. Alonzo Cleveland Tel. No. 614-209-6870 E-Mail: Mrs. Alicia Cleveland Tel. No. 614-607-4561 Unity for autism My wife dedicating a poem to her autistic son. Please click below:
By: Mr. Alonzo Cleveland on May 24, 2017

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