Radio Station Information

WTTZ 93.5 FM

City of License:
Baltimore, MD

Travel Information / Smooth Jazz

Baltimore, MD

State Of Maryland, Mdot, Maryland Transit Administration

WTTZ is a low-power FM radio station broadcasting at 93.5 MHz. The station is licensed to Baltimore, MD and is part of that radio market. The station broadcasts Travel Information / Smooth Jazz programming.

Station Coverage Map

WTTZ-LP Coverage Map

Nearby Radio Stations

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Very nice jazz music. Would like to know some of the artist that is played. Need a feedback every so often. Music is awesome. Fall asleep to it.
By: jean moore on August 22, 2015

Smooth Jazz finally back in Bmore
By: Charlene on October 9, 2015

I love this radio station so much. Always has great music on any time of day or night :D
By: Danielle on October 22, 2015

Incredible,exceptional, out-of-sight music, from an original BMore City Boy
By: The Gare on November 21, 2015

Great music. I just found the station and can not turn it off. Diana
By: Diana on January 2, 2016

Can you stream this on tune in
By: tracy on January 7, 2016

Nice music lineup. I love the music, and appreciate the commercial free broadcasting with a continued non-stop format.
By: claudette on February 20, 2016

Love it....a strong 2nd to my Playlist....
By: Michael S. on February 22, 2016

Could you please start live streaming and get a stronger signal? Would love to listen to while at work. I agree. This is the finest station in Baltimore. I actually stopped listening to any Baltimore stations.
By: Marie on February 24, 2016

Found this station last week and cannot stop listening. Wish they would announce names of songs etc. Bring that power up Smooth Jazz is finally back.
By: BobK on March 5, 2016

I just found out about this station watching a TV ad in March 2016.and wondered what type of "instrumental music" was being played. Tuned in, heard the smooth jazz and can't stop listening. Always hoped we'd get another smooth jazz station in B-more. Recommend more ads (buses, billboards, etc). Many people don't know about it. Stronger signal would be helpful. Also wish some of the tunes (and artists) could be identified. Great music!
By: Anonymous on March 22, 2016

Listen to this station all day while working. Relaxing music and updates on traffic when I'm driving. Keep the music coming.
By: Rhonda on March 24, 2016

This channel is controlled through the MTA. I am guessing you will have to write to them to see if they can get a stronger signal
By: Mike on March 30, 2016

Unfortunately there is not much they can do to increase the strength of the signal. It is limited by the FCC to the current wattage.
By: Anonymous on March 30, 2016

Stumbled on your station accidentally . Love the smooth jazz . Would love to be able to Web stream since I don't live close enough to the signal.
By: Erick on March 31, 2016

I was scanning stations and found this smooth jazz radio station I just love it . I just wish you would post the song title and artists name.
By: BJ on April 27, 2016

I love the smooth jazz format. I know that this station will grow and thrive giving the listeners important and very much needed traffic information along with a smooth jazz format. Thank you all for your continued work.
By: Myra on May 1, 2016

I live in Catonsville. Can't receive signal in my home but listen when in my car. Love the music. Just wish the signal was stronger. Love it. Thanks.
By: Barbara on May 3, 2016

Was turn on to station by a co-worker today. Finally there's some smooth jazz back in Baltimore . Weaa 88.9 is alright but you only get a few hours a day.please don't change the format.
By: Johnnie on June 1, 2016

I hate the fact I have no choice. If I wear headphones, I can't hear announcements. If I dont,, I hear this musical trash.
By: Anonymous on July 27, 2016

So obnoxious that MARC is imposing its personal taste in music on its passengers by broadcasting their station at MARC train stations! Some of us would like to wait for the train in silence. This makes the wait even MORE INSUFFERABLE when MARC trains are late.
By: Anonymous on September 16, 2016

I'd love to know what's playing now (11/26/2016 6:52PM) because I'd buy it--same with other music I have heard here.
By: Linda Brown on November 26, 2016

Been listening to this station since late spring 2016 and have fell in love. Just a little something extra to add to WEAA and WPFW. Thanks MTA!
By: Cassandra Lewis on January 4, 2017

I love the music. I wish that the artists and songs were displayed. Like others, I also wish the signal was stronger. Reisterstown Road has the worst reception. Carroll County is iffy (sometimes you get a signal, other times you don't).
By: Kim M. on February 28, 2017

Love it! Heard songs I'd like to know more about. Bummed I can't do that.
By: Bonnie on August 8, 2017

I agree that this is the most beautiful of music, truly joyful sounds ,will lift your spirit through this difficult life. Also agree that they should tell us the names of the artists so that we can buy their music from them. This would be a win/win for every one, even the states economy. I called the stations representative to see if they would tell me the names of the artist but just got the run around. Unsure why its such a big secret. A co-worker showed me a app. that he downloaded to is smart phone that identifies any song within a matter of seconds...sounds like the only way to get this info. Peace, Love and Happiness to ALL.
By: Daniel Troy on October 9, 2017

It is to my understanding that this is the first Mass Transit Radio broadcast station of its kind in the United States. Congratulations! I like this station and I love the smooth jazz! I think other cities should implement communication tools like this in their area. Every bit of communication can be important information to help people make necessary travel decisions that can help them reach their destination. Likewise, 93.5 WTTZ can be very helpful and PROFITABLE as people may decide to park their car and take Mass Transit instead. So, in other words, the approximately $3,000 or so dollars per year that it takes to keep this station on the air, I believe can be easily made up by listeners like me who may prefer choosing MTA over driving and parking downtown or take the MARC train to DC. I also LOVE the Smooth Jazz that they play on 93.5 FM. It is very relaxing. This station makes me want to tune in and listen their music even when I am staying in the house for the day. I would LOVE to hear traffic for both Baltimore and Washington DC because so many of us work in the DC area. Even if you just talk briefly about traffic on the main road like on I 495 and 295 inside the 495 beltway. I cannot get this station south of Columbia so again for those who work in the DC area this would be great if we could traffic for those traveling to DC. Thank you and Keep up the GREAT work!!
By: Ree on October 29, 2017

It would be nice if there was a playlist of the songs played on this station. I would like to add a lot of the music played to my personal collection. Thanks šŸ˜€
By: Kevin on November 27, 2017

Love the music, is there a play list? If so how do find jt?
By: Tom Johnson on April 9, 2018

Good morning. I listen every day all day to the station. I agree with some of the comments regarding strength or lack there of for the station. I also agree that it would be nice to know who the artists are or if a playlist could be published daily. I wish much success for the station and do hope that you consider some of the listeners comments.
By: Debbie on June 20, 2018

get rid of this trash and change to a heavy metal format...
By: daddy o on September 10, 2018

Music choices were very poor in 2018 . Be nice in 2019 to mix it up a bit with perhaps a song made in the last 3 or 4 decades. I listen everyday and the playlist includes 1 (one) song with lyrics. On a side note; The traffic reports do feel like an insult to our intelligence, being this is a commuter radio station. We need newer and better music, please hook us up in 2019.
By: Zane on January 15, 2019

Love it!.. A station like this is definitely needed! I was channel surfing and happened upon it. Promotion is needed so more folks will know about you. Keep the good music flowing!
By: Jill on January 23, 2019

Love this station! Great playlist and so glad to have some smooth jazz back in Baltimore!
By: Lori Neikirk on May 9, 2019

Iā€™m inquiring about a song,the lyrics are come a little closer let me love you ten times over.Thank you.
By: Fonzo on September 14, 2019

I love this Station! It gives me exactly what I need in the morning. Two requests however. Can you give the current temperature the morning? And please list the music played on your web site. I want to buy some of it!
By: Granville Sawyer on October 29, 2019

I really enjoy the music, being a musician I hear new way to interpret melodies. Thanks for the resource. KERQ
By: KERQ on January 6, 2020

Discovered this station by accident by visiting Baltimore for the day. I live in DC where there is no Smooth Jazz station. Been hooked ever since. Listen every day on my Echo Dot. Any way to access the playlist? I would love to know what I am listening to. Thanks, WTTZ!!
By: Joyce on April 27, 2020

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