Basic Radio Station Information

WUWF 88.1 FM

City of License:
Pensacola, FL

Public Radio

Pensacola, FL

The University Of West Florida

WUWF is an FM non-commercial radio station broadcasting at 88.1 MHz. The station is licensed to Pensacola, FL and is part of that radio market. The station airs public radio programming.

Nearby Radio Stations

WNVY 1070 AM, WPCS 89.5 FM, WVTJ 610 AM, WTGF 90.5 FM, My Magic 106.1, News Talk 1370, WNRP 1620 AM, WDWR 1230 AM, WBSR 1450 AM, WPNN 790 AM

Listener Comments and Reviews

Living Water Gospel Ministries has set aside the night of Saturday, March 15, 2014 at 7pm to kick-off the 21st Annual Apostle’s Conference or appreciation of its pastor, Apostle Deborah L. Dean, Pastor/Founding Bishop, with a pre-bash of a “Youth Explosion Program”. If you desire your ministry(ies) to be a part of this glorious night; services will be held at 702 Gulf Beach Highway, Pensacola, Florida 32507. Please respond by contacting: Elder Michelle Kee at (850) 356-6407 by February 10, 2014 so that can plan they service with you in mind
By: Elder Michelle Kee on February 6, 2014

We are having a Bar Flair Competition on Monday, June 30th starting at 6pm. I would love to invite you to this event. Let everyone know about this. We are raising money for Feeding America for our community.
By: kay Henry on June 26, 2014

Joni and Friends Disability Ministry Conference May 30, 2015 from 8:30 - 2:00PM Marcus Pointe Baptist church, 6205 N. "W" Street, Pensacola, 32505. Disability 101, Caring for the Caregiver, Gaining, Training, Retaining Volunteers and more that equips us to minister to all families living with disability.
By: Tara Potter on May 4, 2015

Barrineau Park Community Center is having a Community Gathering on September 12, 2015 at 6055 barrineau park school road, Molino, fl. Admission is free. Set up space for vendors is free, but vendors must call for further instructions. Barrineau Park Historical Society will serve pulled pork plates (advance meal tickets go on sale August 1st). There will be plants sales, cake walk, three live bands and open mike karaoke for those who want to show off their talent. Bouncy houses and more games with prizes for the children. COME HAVE FUN WITH US! Barrineau Park Community Center is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 9 am to 11 am. Call for more information or to reserve vendor space 850-5-5389.
By: susie conner on July 24, 2015

JUMP - Japan-US Military Program is hosting an event in Pensacola this weekend at the National Naval Aviation Museum. Lt. Gen. Duane Thiessen, President & CEO, Naval Aviation Museum Foundation and Former Commander, US Marine Corps Forces Pacific and Hon. Shinji Nagashima, Counsul General of Japan, Consulate-General of Japan in Miami will be speaking at the event. Free & open to the public. Advance reservation is required. RSVP to info! or 850-361-8750. JUMP connects past and present service members and their families and government civilians who have served in Japan.
By: James Kendall on September 1, 2015

The City of Mobile Pops Band will present its annual Memorial Day Concert on May 30, 2016 at Cottage Hill Medal of Honor Park beginning at 7:00 pm. This family friendly free to the public event is the perfect occasion to bring a blanket, lawn chairs, table, and picnic basket full of your favorite goodies, kick back and enjoy a leisurely evening of wonderful music. For an easier food experience check out one of Mobile’s Food Trucks at the site offering delicious treats prepared on the spot. The Pops Band will perform an exciting program filled with musical pieces honoring our fallen war heroes from America’s many military conflicts including the Civil War. Come join us under the stars on Memorial Day, Monday, May 30th. It will be a night to remember! For more info visit Mobile Pops Band on Face book.
By: The Mobile Pops Band on May 11, 2016

Hello! I am from Alabama but moved to Nyc Fir Acting. I am a worship Leader as well at the Rock Churches here in Nyc. Hey question?! So we are doing this huge Campaign called Rock-A-Million where we call radio stations and companies and pray with people because of all the craziness that’s going on in the world it’s good to know that God has our backs. It’s a very quick pray like 10 seconds not even that lol! Love to be able to pray on ya radio station! If I can’t it’s okay! It’s all about sending positive messages that no matter who or what you are. God loves you and wants you to succeed! Thanks for opening Melvin
By: Melvin J Cox on October 20, 2017

Mobile's 2nd Annual Jigsaw Puzzle Competition will be held January 27, 2018. How fast can 4 team members complete a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle- Winner receives $500 Free to enter- Register your team at
By: Paulette Horton on January 8, 2018

VOLUNTEER DOCENTS NEEDED Volunteers are needed to serve as docents in the 18 houses on the CELEBRATE HISTORIC MOBILE tour and to sell tickets at the Trolley Stops and cemeteries during the tours. Volunteers will receive a free day pass to the tour day of their choice. To sign up to volunteer please go to You will be given a chance to rank your first 4 choices for job / date / time / location. We hope you will join us as a volunteer. CELEBRATE HISTORIC MOBILE: March 8-11, 2018 The Historic Mobile Preservation Society will host CELEBRATE HISTORIC MOBILE with a four-day, three-night event that will entertain, inspire, and inform residents and visitors alike. Join us in exploring Sacred Spaces, Living Spaces and Resting Places, as well attending a gala reception in Oakleigh Mansion museum and taking a comedy tour of Mobile’s early red-light district. SACRED SPACES: On Thursday, March 8, soak up the architecture and the environment where congregations in Alabama’s oldest city have worshiped for up to 190 years. Some Mobile congregations date back to time before Alabama became a state. Congregation’s black, white, and of ethnic origins will welcome you. This is our first tour devoted to Historic Scared Spaces. Learn about the history of denominations in Alabama and the founders of the houses of worship. LIVING SPACES: Eighteen private historic residences and inspired adaptive reuses will be open for touring on Friday and Saturday, March 9 and 10. Here is your chance to see what is behind the doors of those stately homes and charming bungalows in the DeTonti Square and Dauphin Way Historic Districts. RESTING PLACES: On Sunday, March 11, guided tours will be given in three historically significant cemeteries in South Alabama. These include Church Street Graveyard, Magnolia Cemetery, and the Plateau Afrcatown Cemetery. phone: (251) 432-1281 email:
By: Terry Mannion on February 5, 2018

Hi my name is Christopher Jason Simpson. My social security is 593-44-9151. I used to live in Panama City, FL 1135 Babby Lane. My birthday is June 30th 1983. My old home (850) 874-1195 is what I use to call when I was going against the talk with companies about HACKERS who use it against me. I was wondering how is it my fault when I was little at 3 years old that father Edward Ervin Simpson and my mother Woncha Kim Simpson had told me that I threw up blood on her back and says it was a french fry. I think back now and never thought could it been a piece of any object that had to be in with the french fry in having to be making threw up blood and having my tonsils removed. On growing up over the years I got spanked in Kindergarten and I was confused why it happen and failed. Over the years I also got my sister who had molest me Jacqueline Kim Simpson and I was very confused. On later over the years friends did it to me that I got more confuse on what and why the molested me too. Even in church I couldn't sit still and I got spanked by my mother and father, most from my mother though because I couldn't understand night church. I also wanted to that I got my Eyes done by a man named Dr. Bret Fisher that got laysec surgery done July 2009. Then it happen to me later that I got raped 3 times in prison at the Florida State Washington County Main Unit and it was scary. I felt violated. I also told my family that I use to think that they would understand and they didn't. I also when I got back home I had heard alot of HACKERS who looks at through cameras not even working for the government telling to stop jacking my dick off watching pornography when I got mind hacked that I had on bing that had a title of my name when I searched it. Now if there was theory that my father made a Life Insurance policy after he had passed away. I was in prison when this all came about and I don't know if my rest of the family are hiding it. I don't know all if the HACKERS are using a Fraud Life Insurance policy against me and also just waiting when I pass away. I live at 1103 N. 15th AVE APT 101 in Pensacola, FL 32501. When I tell other people about my life other people make jokes about it and sterotype me and tell me you have to be GAY woman is not for you go Kill yourself and tell me that a snitch is a dieing breed and also that I can't have a woman of my choice. Just wanted to tell everyone what can I do when I get a lot of people to trust I can not find to making a family of my own. I want to be accepted...
By: Christopher Jason Simpson on March 31, 2018

I am relatively new to the area and I am the new Trauma Intervention Program (TIP) Crisis Manager. We are volunteers who work in conjunction with first responders. Our role is to be there for the family and provide compassion and needed resources while the first responders take care of the scene. We typically respond to deaths, fires, and other emergencies. We are having a training for new TIP volunteers in August at St Sylvester's Church in Navarre, FL. If you would like to know more about TIP or attend the training, please contact me at
By: Martina Sternberg on June 15, 2018

Are you ready for some wholesome family fun? You are invited to join us every second Tuesday of the month! We have lots of activities and gatherings like FREE movie nights, arts and crafts, informative seminars, discussions, recipe swaps, banquets, pizza and game night, and much more. Join us Tuesday, October 9, 2018 from 6:00pm-7:30pm at the Gulf Shores Public Library Community Room located at 221 W. 19th Ave for FREE Pizza and Game Night! This event is family friendly and sponsored by Kingdom Palace Retreat Missions. For more information call 251-230-2455.
By: Lyn Michelle on September 24, 2018

If you, or anybody you know is in need of a generator after Hurricane Michael, please let them know Gander Outdoors In Pensacola, FL has them.
By: Gander Outdoors on October 12, 2018

Hello it's me Christopher Jason Simpson Lucifer Satan Devil (legally want to change my name to that for cost has a price to pay to change and not to rush into anything to path my life to be over time at times that I love this name to be better than being for the worst of the Chronicle of the Crisis of times that Conspiracy Theories of the worst Serial Killers using me abusing me over 41 years since Jim Jones the F*CKING piece of sh*t that walked on the green earth to poison the people that were innocent John Wayne Gacy, Jeffery Dalhmer, Ted Bundy, OJ Simpson, and I live at Pensacola, FL got no home right now don't ever be taken kidnapped to living in Apartments, Hotels, Motels, Suites and homes that I am gonna make it not get set up from room mates to my own place and not ever to break in my own privacy of Jacking My D*ck watching or in Burn on a Cross, Feeding by Pigs or Hogs, Garbage Dumpster, Junk Yard, Acid Melts, Burning in Fire Pits, Torture Chambers, Piranhas, Watching through televisions, and modifying the worst of the places watching through my eyes that they record it on to their cell phone or what ever it comes it want to be a Snuff Video that Illegal to Legal to never worked for Faces Of Death and "ABC What Would You Do" that is never to be wrong to ask the Good Morning America, 7 WEAR, ABC Nightly News, CNN, Fox News Report, Wal Mart, McDonald's, and having to people harassment me sexual or even try to red caught handed from people making SH*T up and 9' 10s of the law putting things in my bag that I don't F*CKING do that it is entrapment and wrong for GOVERNMENT and JUDGES and JURY don't VOTE for WRONG for JUDGE don't use SUE over MURDER to do the explaining the justice to the difference and never to be neglected. When I get my own cell phone it has never came to me to get money saved to have TERRORIST HACKERS undercover in Call Of Duty Black Ops of all of the series of the worst HACKERS to talk Sh*t and not use me to say I HACKED on there own devices in buy DVD Adult Pornography using quick on quick on the receiving end of the TERRROIST HACKERS that PEDPHILES that they are F*CKED up from the time they put kids on the videos and try me to think I ever F*CKING take the charges on that talking to say they can get away with it and F*CK me over to never to watch my Adult Pornography that is Digital Playground, Brazzers, Wicked Production and that legal age is legal not where y'all change the Simone program to turn to that companies don't F*CKING like that F*CKING perverts that try using it to get money is that the PSYCHOPATHS that can't enter while I want my the skin that also this is for the from gators, crocodiles, following me with bad people while on Crystal Methamphetamine since the time I was little I have no medications that never was to ever use my own for not being own from HACKERS that are TERRORIST that use it as watching as All Seeing Eye since December 2012 at 1135 Babby LN Micro Trend on Sony Playstation 3 had a logo of my eyes and CYBERBULLY on me Dark Web is the FCC they MIND HACK at my whole body and brain and to enter the thoughts from them using their Cell Phones Devices, from Tablets, and Laptops, Computer Desktops, IMAC Desktop, iPhones, iPads that has the worst of radio frequency to they commit to force to have me being their F*CKING bulls*it new Chronic Disease from new of the FRAUD LIFE INSURANCE created from V Vendetta from never HACK the devices that I don't have a cell phone while watching me 24/7 images and thoughts and killing me from not ever having a woman that I never wanted to her ever be the worst and not desperate and never was ever into against watching Adult Pornography and still have kids, but it is not ever wrong to me not ever have them to watch me and her and our kids and if never to have any I know why it will never be my fault and have them PURGE to SURGE to kill me and to watch me from working at Peg Leg Pete's & Red Fish Blue and have the times of them telling people while I work my *SS off they tell people that the all in different sides to kill me or to have me murder by Mafias as TERRORIST with the worst of the two of the Kennedy's that are Kin to Ted Kennedy John Edward Kennedy & Tamarra Rae Kennedy as makers of the creators of the worst actions for GOVERNMENT making editing fronted TERRORIST in front of TOURIST from over 20 jobs that I left since The Wine Bar the worst of the TERRORIST ATTACK in downtown from Galleria into October to using Secret Society and Scientology and still trying Spring Break to even not ever to stop if what could happen before it comes to where Pensacola Beach, FL Spring Breaks & Summers and they don't F*CKING have the Federal Prison, Jails, and from me never to go back to killing me that they think FRAUD LIFE INSURANCE into CRIMINAL MIND ACTIVITY is their answers on using NSA, FBI, CIA, and records to not believing to just abuse me to not ever use GOVERNMENT as I love them that they are never wrong about when I just am human as they are with not having being helping to not even to just make this up and not ever had them use me to kill me to use it on me watching Adult Pornography from using Convicts from not fronted blending mixing into websites from areas that hides the worst of tricking back from using it as a that can't be President that got away with murdering a woman that died Mary Jo Kopechne and the reason I don't have the reason to have a never to get the woman that is never ever to right on that I don't quit on loving her more than having to never to loose that woman that sex of sexy never will be gone from Victoria's Secret Pink that I love woman over men that is not a insult that is not homophobic I don't hate GAYs or Trans, and BIs and I don't sterotype from HACKERS that try me to tell me that I have to be GAY from being RAPED three times in PRISON that country hillbilly kills from the Deliverance from Green Mile from punks like F*CKBOYs that woman don't F*CKED with men that has no respect of getting using to have tall or mean to kill for smoking a cigarette blowing smoke at the baby and including the Brave One Jodie Foster having getting back a dog from a Grand Central Park in New York City, New York having Gangsta getting paid from helping to get the dog back from just looking for what dogs go looking by themselves and then asking to getting it back that they think real men that kill me and and think that country men that Redneck Hillbilly that are the one that City Guy Token Racist not I, but them to exchange for their own designs from never to let them walk over me God not tell me to die from them and hearing a redhead B*TCH that there is not GOD I hope someone puts her in her place ex on that Scotland on your F*CKED up in the mind that Freemason like my sister and mom don't care for the time they all killed my father Edward Ervin Simpson May 16, 2014 from his bedroom that I know for a fact that its never wrong to know what the F*CK I know and they tell it like getting away with MURDER where money doesn't pay to exchange him to his death from the stents from his arteries and from using it on Illuminati on there always nervous about the times that I never think its my love of my own father to understand the his mind was taken over and from the worst of the times that I handle my self better than a TERRROIST HACKERS use Illuminati over the GOOGLE over time the Tower to Sniper Sight the Music over the building that is crazy that is not even going to ever to think that I never to think that they use this as a clutch and been using me to from held of hostage situation that I am a victim and not ever trying to tell them to leave me alone that they won't that I have to keep on trying to type how many times to have it gone from them invading to saying a SNITCH is DYING BREED to kill me that I don't have the hear that because that they think MURDER is HOMICIDE and SUCIDE and not me to be ever to be in Alysum or Baker Act I know what who I am not to be held in and that is my choice not the ever to let HACKERS get away with this to dominate our country and make me look weak and lazy never worked like I worked for a job and F*CK them that they know who the F*CK that LAZY F*CK that F*CKS to never wants to work, to his name is World War 3 their only want Nuclear War to end this earth to Mars to blow up from their from 2012... That TERRORIST HACKERS use it to make it further on tricking and tracking never getting caught not ever believing why I HATE a TERRORIST HACKERS and hope they get F*CKED over for LIFE... Love Always N Forever, Christopher Jason Simpson Lucifer Satan Devil never a conspiracy theories of the saying to get over the F*CKED that over takes my mind I talk what the F*CK I need to never get a stroke, a heart attack and don't F*CKED what I mean to what can't tell me what you think to take over my life...
By: Christopher Jason Simpson Lucifer Satan Devil on February 24, 2019

Hi my name is Christopher Jason Simpson and Al Pacino and Robert Di Nero Joe Pepsi wants to kill me that they are threatening to kill me at Pensacola Beach, FL a back alley or lone spot or to kill me someone else doing it the Mafia or Mob they are Terrorist and HACKERS that working with them also they are TERRORIST and GANG MEMBERS too also... Christopher Jason Simpson
By: Christopher Jason Simpson on February 26, 2019

Hello it's me Christopher Jason Simpson Lucifer Satan Devil. There is a issue of things that I don't have and is neglected to been taken over advantage and taken over advantage. I can write something like with God in my life in Instagram and then there's a TERRORIST HACKER who is blocking from me posting and says can not write when it is something beautiful. It is from pestering the Regional 1 from the side of the computer whoever is taking advantage of the message I put out there is about what God has helped me from sleeping at Peg Leg Pete's and I know God has seen what I have written and when I talk with putting in God in the message with out everytime they want it as crazy as Jim F*CKING BULLSH*T Jones F*CK that N*GGER and there I repeat won't be a OJ N*GGER TRIAL three with FAT *SS whit man and Red head F*CKING piece of sh*t like my old ex/gf DEMORCRITC ATTIC and REPUBLICAN STATIC ATTIC thats all CHEATERS think for their own lost of win too much money to lost of a case that is FAKE for real life my life that my father is gone and dead and the killer is still on the loose of the Kennedy's of the two no conspiracy theories that is not enough to have them and the rest of them locked up same as Victoria Jones, Tamarra Rae Kennedy, John Edward Kennedy and finally just adding more names are bad habits from F*CKED up situations of they want to be getting more recupation of a F*CKED up Scientology of the worst of the Secret Of Society to get away with murder and have a TERRORIST attack at the Beach.... Love Always N Forever, Christopher Jason Simpson Lucifer Satan Devil that I won't and it will not happen in Pensacola Beach, FL that no one too Tourist is going TERRORIST mode I promise that...
By: Christopher Jason Simpson on February 27, 2019

Christopher Jason Simpson For the record emergency when I write online on anything on Social Media or yelling outside in the Public it's for the wouldn't never make kill someone that Massacre or ever Postal and for the long walks or with short distance to long distance as the TERRORIST HACKERS just as the Kennedy's of the Kins from Ted Kennedy orJohn Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy known from December 2012 don't care if Larry Dale Kennedy the father of John Edward Kennedy or the Mother Pamela Rae Kennedy with her daughter try to use their voices to mix up with V Vendetta and have TERRORIST of other HACKERS or my family also Jackie Kim Carlisle & Woncha Kim Simpson both that think they can get away killing my father Edward Ervin Simpson and use Secret Society or Scientology to bring me down to hurt or to kill me from kidnapping to have me in. boat out here for Springbreak, Silencer over a rooftopSniper Rifle or Drone with a hand or any device to kill me or other people around the world just because they're broke and don't have any money to make LIFE INSURANCE into more anything of a INSURANCE POLICY that is over limited over the FRAUD LIFE INSURANCE until Death Certificates and using Birth Certificates as another one or adding even if I type this they think everything I think they do what if they do this they think they can do this and set people as Conspiracy Theories of BullSh*t of me going down or get thrown under the bus and to think that I'm trap 24/7 to write and being angry or being who I have to be locked in the Baker Act, County Jail, State Prison, Federal Prison, & Asylum and get RAPED or KILLED as their advantage for a disadvantage from before that going never to court room against a jury instead a judge knows the right and wrong decision and not using PURGE to SURGE to anything that the Judge will never sign to have people to sign asign a petition or forge a signature even as stalking to cyberstalking and to use others to demonstrate a false of statement of reenactment and file cause of injuries that I don't have to be there to get my self in other people's way that is why I write this that nobody is hurting themselves because of me and that I never had a life with my own with a woman in my life and that I want to have kids and I don't rush into things that I am very patience and I don't have to earn to have them Mind HACKERS as TERRORIST to HACK my whole body or the people around me to blame and for the wife and kids that is harming and looking and watching me 24/7 with hate that is why I will always type and fight against it and not ever harm no one to physical or mental on that subject to the take them as a blame I tell people that I can so that gets me a better chance and not just to do, but later explain as they would just think they told and tell and working over 20 jobs in the last year that they think they can take all my jobs away from me and I don't sue they should be arrested that they haven't gotten caught and that only proof I have from against them are the things that I put to type they can't get me for Child Pornography that they make from Darkest Web and from their own mistakes watching it or locking people up by setting themselves as a cult from setting worst of the things that they regret and by watching me Jacking my D*CK off watch Adult Pornography they think that they can't be arrest for that invasion of privacy and from later that they continue I will always love Adult Pornography and never will change that I won't take it away and so will the woman I am will she and that woman will always be as love is to understands that I understand what she loves too not to abuse over each other that I take care of things that understands to value each other then letting me ever think that she comes first in things that romantic things are for and still continue to grow in our life and still have things to do than make no sense to do and still have dignity for ourselves including anything that are good things better than evil things that I never do and I trust with woman to be with than being with a man and that is my prerogative thank you for y'all time and this is for never to answers that gets the answers to never give up on life... Love Always N Forever, Christopher Jason Simpson
By: Anonymous on February 28, 2019

Greetings, This email is to share the information about the Grand Bay, Alabama, Odd Fellows Lodge #73 and Martha Rebekah Lodge #29 and the Antiques & Uniques Show and Sale we will hold in April.The Independent Order Of Odd Fellows and Rebekah organizations follow the original command of the IOOF, to visit the sick, relieve the distressed, bury the dead and educate the orphan. Specifically, IOOF principles of today are dedicated to the following purposes: To improve and elevate the character of mankind by promoting the principles of friendship, love, truth, faith, hope, charity and universal justice. To help make the world a better place to live by aiding each other, the community, the less fortunate, the youth, the elderly, the environment and the community in every way possible. To promote good will and harmony amongst peoples and nations through the principle of universal fraternity, holding the belief that all men and women regardless of race, nationality, religion, social status, gender, rank and station are brothers and sisters. April is the 200th birthday of the American Odd Fellow organization. This sale will be held the first weekend of April. Friday April 5th, Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th. Hours of operation will be 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. This event will showcase vendors from Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and of course Alabama. There will be no commercial items available, only Antiques, true Vintage items and specialty made Unique items. Many vendors will be set up outside under the shade of age old oak trees while other vendors choose to have their booths inside the Lodge auditorium or under the 40 foot Gazebo onsite. There will also be food vendors on site so you won't have to miss a meal as you shop. Location is 10327 Taylor F. Harper Blvd., Grand Bay, Al. 36541. This is also known as Festival Park where we hold the annual 2 day Watermelon Festival at this same site. This Festival was started in the early 50's and is a continuing tradition sponsored by the same groups holding this Antique Sale. All proceeds from this sale will go back into the community as we uphold the original purpose of the IOOF and Rebekah organization. If possible, we would like to schedule a time for a spot during the community interest segments of your broadcast. Thank you for considering our request and I look forward to hearing from you soon, Judi Miller-Poiroux * Chairperson. 251-454-6585 Tom Poiroux * Chairperson 251-490-8288 12012 Potter Tract Rd. Grand Bay, Al. 36541
By: Judi Miller on March 6, 2019

Money is real as you are real Sharon Stone and let your ideals of things that can still do and from the celebrity world into the views at things that are interested figures out into really
By: Christopher Jason Simpson on March 17, 2019

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