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560 WVOC


Columbia's News, Talk, & Sports

City of License:
Columbia, SC


Columbia, SC

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iHeartMedia (Capstar Tx, LLC)

316 Greystone Blvd
Columbia, SC 29210


WVOC is an AM radio station broadcasting at 560 KHz. The station is licensed to Columbia, SC and is part of that radio market. The station broadcasts Talk programming and goes by the name "560 WVOC" on the air with the slogan "Columbia's News, Talk, & Sports". WVOC is owned by iHeartMedia.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

What happened to Mark Levin? Can you please bring him back?
By: Selena Suber on February 27, 2019

Hello, Can someone please tell me why the evening broadcasts of Mark Levin and Joe Pags are no longer running on WVOC? I have been a consistent listener of WVOC for many year and am very disappointed in these program changes. Please consider returning to your previous schedule. Thank you, Gail Ramsey
By: Gail Ramsey on February 28, 2019

I would like to hear Chris Plante's program instead of Beck @ 9:00 AM Thanks
By: Franklin Coahran on March 6, 2019

Christopher Thompson does a great job on "Columbia Morning News". Gary David attempts to inject himself and his opinion into almost every story. Keep Christopher doing the show.
By: John Nelson on March 15, 2019

What happened to Mark Levin?????? I will never listen to "sports" at 6:00PM EST or any other time for that matter. However, this totally sucks. If you need to get rid of anyone let it be Glen Beck. Very dissapointed and was hoping this was a temporary thing. Obviously not. What is wrong? I listened to this channel from Noon until the wee hours, on AM radio, yes some of us actually listen in our cars and homes on the radio! No more. BAD DECISION on your programming. Very dissapointed!!!!!!
By: Karen Metcalf on March 17, 2019

Bring back the Mark Levin Show ASAP. Whoever had the idea of replacing him with some lame sports talk show should be fired.
By: claude Brown on March 25, 2019

Just letting you know since you have dropped Mark Levin I tune my radio off of WVOC at 6PM.
By: Glen on March 26, 2019

Is the reason for taking Mark Levin and Joe Pags off your line up some kind of managerial or owner hissy fit or a legit contractual situation? Are the sponsors leaving? Make your answer honest. Mean time, I am out of hear. Nice while it lasted. By the way, your sports replacement is lame. Really?
By: Gerry Scott on March 27, 2019

Please put Mark Levin back on the air.
By: John Watts on March 28, 2019

I tune you guys out at 6 pm now that you have dropped Mark Levin . The shows you replaced him with are terrible. You might want to rethink your programming. Orwhoever made
By: Glenn Stalions on March 28, 2019

Two issues: First, like many others, I am super disappointed that you have dropped Mark Levin. I never turn my radio to your station at 6.00 p.m. any more. You have lost yet another listener at that time. Second issue: Would someone please tell Gary David to slow down his advertising voice? It's so incredibly irritating to hear "HithisisgarydavidwhenmywifeannandI....."etc. when he advertises Lifetime Cabinets. Either he's hypercaffeinated or else someone is paying him for the number of words he can jam into a minute. Or maybe both. There's no point in saying something if your listeners either can't understand it, or get so annoyed they turn the radio off!
By: Danelle Mackey on April 5, 2019

The SC Sports Show is terrible. What was the programming meeting like? Did someone say, "Hey, let's put a couple of Clemson guys on the radio bashing South Carolina every night. That doesn't happen on any other station around here." The State tried it with Ron Morris and how did that work out? News flash. WVOC was station to listen to in Columbia for conservative talk. If I want to listen to Carolina bashing, I'll tune in to the Tiger Phil Kornklut show. Bring Levin back! P.S. Because of this change, I discovered podcasts and, thanks to bluetooth in my car, I'm just about VOC free.
By: John on April 8, 2019

I would like to add my concern that Mark Levin is not coming on at 6pm anymore. It does not surprise me that so many others have expressed the same opinion ... most more forceable than mine. Why no response from Scott Pritchett ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
By: Lanny on April 17, 2019

I, too, am super disappointed with losing Mark Levin show at 6pm! And the sports show is terrible! I don't want to listen to sports talk radio shows, so now I turn off WVOC at 6pm. This was a terrible programming decision. I called and left a message about two weeks after the switch happened, but never got a call back. I
By: Winnie on April 17, 2019

First, like many others, I am super disappointed that you have dropped Mark Levin. I never turn my radio to WVOC at 6.00 p.m. any more. You have lost yet another listener at that time.
By: DuWayne Stender on April 19, 2019

Bring back Mark Levin. No longer listen to your station, because you dropped him. As you have heard, many people want him back.
By: Melissa on April 22, 2019

I too am turning off my radio at 6 p.m. because of the programming change. I think it was a big mistake taking Mark Levin off of the line-up. If you want to get rid of someone please get rid of Glenn Beck. His program is awful!! Whose decision was this? Obviously they haven't polled the people to find out what they enjoy listening to. Not everyone enjoys listening to this lame sports program!!
By: Tricia on May 25, 2019

With the new program schedule ( no mark levin and suffering thru sell out Glenn Beck) you should have a more challenging task ahead to sell advertisements. It's hard to sell ad space when no one is listening anymore. What were you thinking? The sports shoe at 6pm is terrible. That's what you replace the mark levin show with, seriously! I hope ad revenue falls so far down you will be forced to return to levin and dump Beck. I hope this is just local stupidity and not dictate from tptb.
By: Chip on June 5, 2019

Once again a "no name" podcast replaced Mark Levin at 8:00pm. This was proceeded by miscellaneous dead air dropouts. Thank goodness for the option of podcastong the Levin show elsewhere. I do appreciate Rush and Hannity, though.
By: Albert Carr on June 20, 2019

Once again a "no name" podcast replaced Mark Levin at 8:00pm. This was proceeded by miscellaneous dead air dropouts. Thank goodness for the option of podcasting the Levin show elsewhere. I do appreciate Rush and Hannity, though.
By: Albert Carr on June 20, 2019

Poor excuse for a web site. I was just trying to find the programming schedule for WVOC 56 AM no luck here.
By: DuWayne Stender on July 31, 2019

Please, brains want talk radio, not worthless sports opining. That can be found anywhere which drives listeners to talk radio for substance.
By: Talk radio listeners for a reason on January 24, 2020

What happened to the 9:00 am radio show on Saturday mornings Carolina Fresh Farms that is located in our state? It sure was a better show than " In the Garden" that is airing now. All your talk show programs are great. Thank you.
By: Judy on January 25, 2020

Why in the morning show do they continually talk about unproven and no studies to prove social distancing works either. You continually just spout fear. We are approximately 55 million short of the infection rate in America for H1N1. The then president quit testing so numbers wouldn’t continue to grow. The death numbers for this disease or so grossly out of line and people paid to put down COVID. Yet you to still spout fear speech. You’ve evidently not read any history of late 50’s late 60’s and what took place. After some wore mask and quarantined in the late teens for Spanish flu the second wave killed more than the first. You are never going to stop until herd immunity has taken place. Look up death rate for TB and we have a vaccine. I will have to turn you two off as you continue to spread fear amongst Colombians. Quit listening to fear monger political people spout stuff they think will help. They are treatments out there yet y’all don’t push that. What makes one doctor more right than the other. Many doctors say all the bs is just bs to make yourself feel better. If we would live off history and facts we all would be in much better place. Respectfully Me Howell
By: CB Howell on August 7, 2020

If it wasn't for Rush and Hannity I'd never tune in at all, the morning show is terrible. Gary David or should I say Larry David shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the same broadcast station as Rush.
By: J logan on October 30, 2020

BYE, no Mark Levin no listening!
By: Mike on September 2, 2021

Please return Mark Levin to your station or explain WHY you no longer run his show. Also, why am I hearing Spanish at every commercial? Are you guys trying to run me off?
By: Pat on March 29, 2022

Mark Levin stinks. The constant screaming like a fool into his microphone is pathetic. No wonder the guy had a heart attack and got divorced.
By: Rob on September 28, 2022

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