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WYFG 91.1 FM

City of License:
Gaffney, SC


Bible Broadcasting Network (Bible Broadcasting Network, Inc.)

WYFG is an FM non-commercial radio station broadcasting at 91.1 MHz. The station is licensed to Gaffney, SC. The station broadcasts Religious programming. WYFG is owned by Bible Broadcasting Network.

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WYFG-FM Coverage Map

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Me and my husband just want to thank BBN for giving the upstate an awesome Christian radio station! We love to listen to it all day long. Thankyou and God bless your work
By: Nadia Shtanko on January 23, 2012

We listen to Ravi Z going to church on Sunday morning and to Irwin Lutzer coming home. Recently, the station has been inteferred with by another station and we can't hear the broadcasts from 91.1. Is this just us or have you heard about this problem with others. Thx Sam and Jackie Kiser
By: Sam Kiser on November 3, 2013

Dear WYFG, We would love to have WYFG onboard this year. Can you help us get the word to your audience that the Projecting Hope Film Festival is coming to Charlotte in October 2014? Free faith-based and family friendly films for three days designed to Inspire, Uplift and Encourage. The website is Our Facebook page is Please let me know your thoughts. Send me an email so I can get you more details. Thanks WYFG, Michael (Mike) Sexton 803-448-9177
By: Mike Sexton on January 14, 2014

Altrusa of Fayetteville will host a 22 annual "Trade-a-Book", April 5, 10am-4pm, NWA Mall. CHILDREN --- you can bring in any old book(s) and exchange for a new book(s). Our goal is for every child have a book(s) at home. If you do not have a book, allow us the honor of giving you your first book to begin to build your home library. Bring one of your favorites from home and one of our storytellers will read it to you. Rosemary Rogers, email:, 479-790-0845
By: Rosemary Rogers on March 22, 2014

Greetings. The PTA of the Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, located at 500 Bilmark Avenue, Charlotte, NC is hosting a Fish Fry and Yard Sale along with a Father/Son Basketball Tournament on April 18, 2015 from 11:00am to 1:00pm. (Hidden Valley Neighborhood) It is Open to the community and we are looking for community sponsorship and support. All support is welcomed, including Celebrity Appearances, DJ and music support, advertising the event to the community, any thing we can give away for door prizes and tax-deductible cash donations. Funds go to support educational advancement of our students. Your support is much needed and much appreciated .We would love to have you be a part of this awesome community event. For additional information please contact Robin or call 704-606-0087. Thank you.
By: Anonymous on March 28, 2015

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE state who has just sang when you play music with someone singing. PLEASE. Or have a song list online. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Thank you. Emilie LaFave in Gastonia, NC
By: Emilie LaFave on April 8, 2015

Can you send me a contact email so I can send updates from SC Works regarding upcoming news and events for Cherokee county?
By: JL on September 23, 2016

Can someone tell me what time Dr.Jay Vernon McGee comes on Sunday Mornings
By: Crystal Williams on November 6, 2016

Great station.....this morning early Saturday 12-17-16 around 545---/610am was a song that was sung by a male about Jesus walking to Calvary and the pain and suffering knowing one day you would need a friend..... the ending was the words Jesus died. I would love it if you could give me the title and name of who it is please thanks Dennis
By: Dennis on December 17, 2016

Jul 27 (12 days ago) 107.3 JAMS I know that you or aware of the abuse and intimidation and forced homosexual that occur in men homeless shelters and so am II Unfortunately I know it to well they suppose to try and treat everyone some what the same that is not the case at the men shelter at harbor hope or miracle hill in Gaffney SC terry black the men's counsel have been using his position as way of torture and rape and humiliation against the men that have to use this place to try and get on their feet since 2006 that I know of for a fact if a man that terry black wants at the harbor of hope shelter here in Gaffney does not give terry black sex how he wants it when he wants it then that man will find himself thrown out in the middle of the night with out warning, I have tried this place several different times each time with same result no sex with terry black then I have to leave if a man that terry black wants do not have sex then he is out do not have sex with terry black then you are out simple right. Case and point July 18 2017 I was in need of the mission or should I say terry's place I had called several days to see if I could get a bunk I had been riding my bicycle to work from where I had been living and bike have became really worn out and the distance from where I had been living is a great deal further from my job than the harbor of hope is so I decide I could try the mission I was thinking maybe its different now than what it use to be but I was wrong terry black is still up to his degrading humiliating distasteful disgusting ways he is worst than what he use to be also harbor of hope is suppose to give you a free ride to work but they don't they charge twenty dollars a week for riding plus your fifty five dollars a week for rent but that's o k but it is still not enough for terry black he uses his position at harbor of hope to torture men by forcing them to have sex with him and he also trains his interns to do the same in fact terry black once told a intern at harbor of hope one of his lovers to try and convince me to have sex with them but I did not do it and that same week shortly after I had refused the invitation I got off work one night and came in but I was not allowed to enter the building I had been kicked at eight o'clock at night with no warning or no reason but that intern told me that all I would have had done was to screw terry black and everything would have been fine and that I would have been able to stay as long as terry black is kept happy sexually .Just like on the night of Monday July 24 2017 after being at work for 12 hours I work 12 hours shift at my job I got to the mission about 9 o'clock but again same time I was not allow to enter the building after riding my bike from work on a hot and tiring sweaty trip from work I was anticipating a meal and a shower and going right to bed after preparing myself for work for the day to come but none this happen again I had been thrown out again at nine o'clock at night with no good reason and all of my belongings put into storage somewhere there at this mission so since I was unable to my belonging I called police to file a compliant because my belongings should not have been move from my locker for 72 hours my medicine that I needed to take every night and my personal savings of 150.00 dollars I had hidden in my pants pocket was there lock away from me and I have no food to eat and now I have to find away to clean myself up and I have to be at work the next morning from 8 o'clock am until 8 o'clock pm i like my job at Carolina Cotton the pay is not that much but it is a good job for me but since being at that harbor of hope from July 18 2017 I was force to be late two days and terry black is directly responsible for me to be absent on July 25th with no place to sleep no place to eat or a place to go. terry black actually told Anthony one week earlier after me being there for only one day Anthony the intern to kick me out on July 19th me a client there he said I was late getting there the fact is I got there after 9 pm but terry black knew that I work until 8 pm he also knew my scheduled after being there for only 6 days i got off work at 8 o'clock it take me right at an hour to ride my bike from work to the mission i got to the mission about nine o'clock and i tried to go in but the intern Anthony said to me that terry black said not to let me in notice i said i rode my bicycle because terry black would not let any of his drivers take me or pick me up from work even though i only work 4 miles from the job terry black said that i should not have a job that let me off at 8 o'clock at night even though several others clients have jobs that let them off later than me in fact i came into the mission on July 18th 2017 on July 19th i got to the mission a little after 9 o clock after walking most of the way to the mission the only day that i was allowed to ride in the van to work. Crazy right i know but it gets better i called Gaffney police department when i was not allowed to get in the night of July 24th so that i could filed a police report since i had medicine in my belongings that i needed and also they are not suppose to move any of any clients stuff for 72 hours not only did they move my things but my stuff was made to look like trash all thrown about but that's not the bad part 150.00 dollars that i had hidden in my suit pants pocket is gone i know that's not much but that was my life savings at this point i also had 2 bottles of colones stolen one bottle versace valued at 45.00 dollars and polo green valued at 60.00 dollars and a pair of brown wolverine work boots stolen from me i wanted to file a complaint against this place the night of July 24 2017 but when i called the police but the police would not even talk to me since i do not trust any police officer in Gaffney SC however when i find someone to go to police station with me i will be filing charges for my money and my missing items against terry black and miracle hill , the staff at place showed total disregard and disrespect towards me and for my personal items so i ask again when will this nonsense stop and do terry black answers to no one apparently not, this man tortured me from the time i check in there on July 18 2017 08:00 until he force me out july 24 2017 he violated my human rights he did not want me to have job when i got there it seems, so terry black took it upon himself to make me lose my job i just started my job july 12 2017 terry black made me late july 17th and 18th and is directly responsible for missing the day out of work July 25 2017 how can a terry black have job in this position when he so bladden and evil i tell you there is something bad wrong this man can hold a position that directly affect people lives and he makes a God call to determine whether a person succeed or fail depending his twisted perverted fantasies so it seems i cant do good because i will not screw him this man terry black should be investigated and charged for the crimes he has committed on innocent men and boys in this community stilling their pride and sense of well being to satisfy himself it is a travesty,and can you please tell me how much money the state pays to the mission each time that it enrolls a man and and kick them out this seems to be viscous continuous repeating cycle so how can a person become a self depended contributing individual in this community with predators like terry black being allow to set up shop and prey on the unsuspecting people in this community i tell you something is bad wrong if this man is allow to continue type of behavior at miracle hill.terry black has torture me humiliated me and violated my human rights as a man and as a person and is attempting to murder me by executing my faith in any man to me that is a form of slow death if i can not support myself as hard as i am trying what do i do when a terry black is allow to post himself between a little freedom and the goals that i have set for myself what do i do tell you right now something need to be done about terry black using his position to satisfy his twisted and perverted demoralizing fantasies,terry black should be investigated and charge and in prison for the injustice he has plagued this community with and i also believe the people that allows terry black to commit these terrible acts against the people in this community should be held responsible for that devil in sheep's clothing, my personal opinion is terry black should shot in the head i would do it myself if he was worth the price of a bullet but he is not so he get to live another day.i have used all my time up here at the library but i would like to here from you soon.Thank you and goodbye. Sincerely Calvin Davidson [ STOP PLEASE NOTICE ] Before I was able to get this letter sent to anyone I tried to rent a room at commercial hotel downtown gaffney and have been trying to since getting a job at carolina cotton but told no vacancies my email account has been hacked and wording of letter was so badly rearranged that I had to start from the beginning to try and make sense and straighten out this letter also on early Saturday morning late Friday night of August 5th I was riding my bike from the neighborhood store when I was attacked and severely beaten by about ten cherokee county and city police men also while in handcuffs a police dog was allowed to attack me I was then thrown into back of county police car I asked why am being arrested I got no answer I asked for medical help I was told no by the arresting policemen I asked to have my bicycle chained to the fence where I was being arrested at I was told no. carolina collision was called to pick up my bike and now for me to get my bicycle back is now over 200.00 dollars.At the police station I was told that I was being arrested for not having a headlight on bicycle and public drunk I then ask for a breathalyzer test and I again was told no by the arresting policeman so now i am facing a 500.00 dollar fine for just riding a bicycle to the store. On August 2nd I turned 55years old have had drivers licenses since i was 15 years old 40 years up until this point I have never had dui or public drunk charge and have ridden bicycles many time at night here in cherokee county and have never been cited on such a childes citation. Also two days later I go to work and from 8am until 8pm on Monday after being arrested that weekend about 10:00 O'clock that evening I got text saying that my assignment had ended without warning and for no good reason except for that snake terry black had wanted me to quit my job at carolina cotton in order to live at the mission and since I did not he showed that he know of other snakes just like him and that they are only a phone call away it is no secret cherokee county has lots of conspiracy in the name of the brotherhood against a certain group of people but it is unacceptable.Now 200.00 impound fee 500.00 in made up charges by the police and needing medical treatment for my back shoulder and head but with no job suddenly and even if I had a job I can not rent a room in this town this is unacceptable.again I hope to here from you soon sincerely Calvin Davidson 864 764 9527 Thank You goodbye
By: CALVIN DAVIDSON on August 17, 2017

What group sang "Confession" at about 7:57 pm on Sunday 3/25/18. I would like to get that. The words to "Confession" were written by John MacArthur and I was in his church and choir in California when it was originally done. Last nights was a beautiful arrangement.
By: Nancy Lewis on March 26, 2018

This radio station has kept me grounded in my faith for many years. For the past week to ten days I've been unable to pick it up on my car radio or on the radio in my home. Can you email me an explanation please as I am lost without it. I live in Taylors SC
By: margie white on May 21, 2019

Today Nov. 9th,22 a lady Speaker was on the radio. Her name was Sonia that’s all I know. She had a WONDERFUL MESSAGE! I would like to know if she has a page I can find her , please. I would love to hear more from of her sermons. Thanks!
By: Etta on November 9, 2022

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