Radio Station Information

KAFR 88.3 FM

City of License:
Willis, TX

Religious (Christian)

Houston-Galveston, TX

Web site:

American Family Association

KAFR is an FM non-commercial radio station broadcasting at 88.3 MHz. The station is licensed to Willis, TX and is part of the Houston-Galveston, TX radio market. The station broadcasts Religious programming. KAFR is owned by American Family Association.

Station Coverage Map

KAFR-FM Coverage Map

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Hey Guys! I am from willis and attend Grace Family Fellowship. We are hosting an event in a couple of weeks and I was told your station will tell the world about it! If this is the case, will you please contact me so I will know how to go about getting the information to you. LOL ( love out loud ) Glenda
By: Glenda on July 18, 2011

Hey Guys! I am from willis and attend Grace Family Fellowship. We are hosting an event in a couple of weeks and I was told your station will tell the world about it! If this is the case, will you please contact me so I will know how to go about getting the information to you. LOL ( love out loud )
By: Glenda on July 18, 2011

I am listening to a program called Constitutional Literacy...I haven't heard anything yet about a powerful new proposal for an amendment to the Constitution called the REPEAL AMENDMENT...this proposal states that it would allow states to repeal a federal law or regulation if 2/3 of state legislatures voted to repeal it. This would restore states rights and common sense.
By: nancy on June 8, 2012

We have our 2012 Spanish Marraige Conerence at 619 Berry Rd.Houston, TX. 77022 from 8:30am - 4:00pm $40. per couple or $20 per ind. (includes: child care, lunch and materials) 4 topics= 1. Domestic Violance in the home 2. Jeoulosy 3. 7 Secrets to a successful family 4. Returning to intimicy Contact Person Pastor Richard 832-888-1656
By: Doverside Baptist Church Houston TX on October 12, 2012

Free Christmas Presentation "The Gift" consisting of short skits/plays or "vignettes" amidst the anointed sounds of musical presentations depicting the real story of Christmas and the Gift who was given, Bring the whole family for a time of enjoyment and remembrance of the Real Gift of Christmas. From I45 go west on Louetta Rd; make a left into plaza behind Shipley's Donuts and Taco Bell; just before reaching Stuebner Airline.
By: Bible Teachers Global Training Center on November 21, 2012

i've been listening to kafr & 1 day u said if church has a event u would announce it on radio . we're having a 30yr appreciation service 4 our Pastor at 3pm th 3rd sunday in sep9/15/13 all r welcome to attend
By: my mcdaniel on August 16, 2013

oh 7 the Pastor appreciation on sun 9/15/13 at 3 pm is at Bethlehem church 1097 west . just past the lake
By: my mcdaniel on August 16, 2013

Please put Jannet Mefford on your station. If you do not I will hate your forever! so there! God Bless, thanks Charles. PS: If you put Janett Mefford on your show God will bless you a lot more in my opinion.
By: CHARLES CUPP on May 7, 2014

What happened to the format? Wheres my Sandy Rios in the Morning?! Please tell me this is just temporary. AFR in Conroe is the only alternative for Christian TALK radio!
By: BRAD on May 28, 2014

Does anyone know how to get involved with what is called the "BLACK ROBE REGEMENT" in the Houston, Texas area?. It is a religious organization the has groups meeting all over the country. Thanks: Charles Daniel Cupp 3rd
By: CHARLES CUPP on September 11, 2014

Good Friday - play "At The Foot Of The Cross" a series of Lenton Monologues on the lessons of the cross based on Jesus'last words @ IMMANUEL UNITED CHURCH PARIS HALL -26501 Border Street at Spring-Cypress, Old Town Spring,Tx 77373 phone:281-288-3199 Free admission - family event 4/3/15 at 7:30 pm ALL INVITED!
By: gaye fairbanks on March 27, 2015

tell if opening time slots for preaching thank you
By: lonnie on May 11, 2015

What happened to Alex at 3:30 pm. did his show get moved to another time slot please let me know what time I like his show it was something the Word, I miss Alex at 3:30p please advise, thank you :)
By: angelina rodriguez on June 9, 2015

I wish your station would put Jonathan Park and Adventures in Odyessy back on sat mornings starting at 6am. My kids and I love to listen to them,
By: Chales Thomas on August 14, 2015

I heard a program at 9 p.m. last night with Dr. James Dobson talking with Paul Tripp on prayer. How can I find this on AFR to listen to it again?
By: Gorgana on August 25, 2015

Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to reach someone at KAFR 88.3 Radio. or AFR I know they use to be located in Willis Tx. Now it shows Conroe Tx It appears their phone number has been disconnected. if anyone knows how to reach them please email me. Afr Radio does not have a contact number to reach them as well. Thank you and God Bless
By: Wayne Bergeron on September 29, 2015

First United Methodist Church in Navasota is having their annual Craft Fair. Could we get some PSA announcements? Please contact me.
By: Carol Parker on October 29, 2015

I am interested in employment within your company.
By: Charity Crockett on January 4, 2016

How could I get a schedule of your programming for weekdays and weekends? I would appreciate it if you contact me via email to let me know. Many thanks.
By: Dorothy Ruelas on February 8, 2016

My Name is Patrick McCullough an I write Christian Children books. Currently I have 3 books published (2 in English and 1 in Spanish). I would be interested in the possibility of being interviewed to share what these books are all about, the purpose of these books and what makes these books so unique. Thank You Patrick
By: Patrick McCullough on September 22, 2016

The program at 3:40pm on Friday 9-23-2016 is very close to being stright up misleading and/or lying.
By: Stephen Norair on September 23, 2016

I'm a local Christian artist who recently wrote a song I believe is worthy of listening to... Ya'll getting yours in Heaven.. Please let me know if your interested , I'll send you the mp3
By: Cyril Harris on April 3, 2017

Everyone is invited to the annual Praise Him Festival May 20 @ White's Park, Hankamer, right off I-10. Come and enjoy live Christian music throughout the day while shopping at a variety of booths. Also browse our Silent Auction and enjoy the Live Auction! Anahuac's Got Talent competition will also be held. Outside, youngsters can enjoy a variety of carnival-type booths, petting zoo, face painting and hay rides, all free! Barbecue lunches will be sold. Drawings for door prizes held throughout the day. Drawings for a variety of gun prizes also held. All proceeds will help complete the Education Building for Community Christian Fellowship church in Oak Island. Call or text 936-334-4279 for more info. More info at
By: Sue on April 10, 2017

would like to know the name of first 2 songs on your Sunday show @1:00 6-25-2017, title and artist
By: Lorie Maldonado on June 25, 2017

Here's an awesome remake of a Christian classic by Twila Paris
By: Ronnie Murchison on October 7, 2017

Hi. My name is Ben Roth and I am a Life Scout with Troop 1180 out of Woodlands, TX. I have volunteered at Montgomery County Animal Shelter for 3 years as a dog walker. I am working on my Eagle Scout Project which is to bring awareness to Montgomery County Animal Shelter and ask people to first check the shelter to see the hundreds of animals available for adoption. These loving animals need loving/responsible homes. All adoption fees are waived for MCAS for the month of December. If you are outside the MCAS/Conroe/Montgomery County areas, perhaps, you could advertise animal shelter pertinent to your area. As you know, Houston and surrounding areas were hit hard this year by Harvey. The stray/displaced animal population followed suit. We are asking help to reduced the number of cats & dogs. I am happy to help if I can and you can reach me through my Father by reaching out to my Dad at E-mail address provided. I can supply shelter hours. Thank you for your consideration. Happy Holidays. Respectfully, Ben Roth Life Scout Troop 1180
By: Ben Roth on December 12, 2017

My comment is I love this station , most all I here I love , agree wit and learn from especially dr. Michael Brown, what disturbing to me is the teaching from From His Heart - Jeff Schreve on the tithe from Malachi, he makes poor people , , including widows orphans Stranger Than the land that oh no property have nothing feel like criminals and cursed if they're not tithing 10% or whatever they got and that's simply not the truth in the Mosaic law be taught the first half about the time most of them some of it he forgot to add the levitical priests were the only ones to receive the the official tithes offerings and that these priests were not allowed to own any personal property God's way of keeping them humble and honest and that they were to share the time with themselves to help feed themselves and their family and the poor the wittle the disable the sick the orphan that was their responsibilities, and where the tide was also shared and these people did not have to pay at either under the Mosaic law! And I'm downright offended and sick of hearing the false teachings on this even the New Testament when they Apostles and disciples took at Isle offering they often took the tile offering from a wealthy Church to give it to a poor church and helping the people of the poor Church and there was no official amount, and they only not Minister forgot they worked where they went as tentmakers fisherman and things like that show they weren't just trying to steal from God and from the people. So I'm appalled and biggest reason I had a hard time reaching my brother's with the gospel and several friends was over the greed of money from the church and lies, and so many pastors mega churches buying multiple homes multiple Vacation Resorts full medical for them and their family have a million-dollar salaries this is not the way of God these people will burn in hell I do strongly believe and pray for them that they will change their ways. As for me I've been giving more than half of my income for the last 30 years helping others that are very poor missionaries traveling around the world abandoned baby center Feed the Children and a personal loved one of mine that I'm a trying to help who lost her family at 7 who has no living Kinfolk who's from another country and trying to survive here and I know churches have helped that I've reached out to except for two of them , a one time help. And I've donated a lot of money. To many churches. Tbn. Radio , tv. And so upset and heartbroken. And now I've become disabled at 26. Younger brothers died , and my father in past 4 years , my mom alone so I moved into help , and also still send money to help my adopted loved one Christian friend that I've been helping for the last 20 years who's almost to the end of her immigration battle thank God she is from Mexico her dad died at 5 years old her mother put her and her siblings up in a foster home at 7 and at 12 she had to run away after being abused over and over again and made it to United States of America with some friends and I met her at 19 years old am I helping or ever since and she is a born again Christian but we can't get any help from outside whatsoever very little to nothing so hearing this teaching on the time has my blood boiling and judgments are coming especially to these people who believe they can take donation or money and by themselves home after home salaries of hundreds of thousands of dollars used ATV time to sell their books and pocket more personal money without feeding the poor setting up food pantries and assistant programs helping with rent Electric utilities for the poor and the whittled the sick the disabled so please remove him from your station
By: John carey on January 31, 2018

Hello, my name is Annie and I work for a company in the bath tissue and hand towel industry, and at this time we have a few positions we are trying to fill in our warehouse. The jobs are warehouse, entry-level Industrial engineers, general labor, forklift operators.. and many more! I would like some information on to announce these openings on your radio station. I may be reached by email anytime or any day! Regards, or cell. 281-348-5103
By: Annie Serrano on March 1, 2018

Just heard a gentleman filling for Janice (didn't catch last name), talk about Southern Baptist Convention things. He was great! Can you tell me who "he" is and if I can get a transcript of the show 12-1 June 12. We are traveling.
By: Diane on June 13, 2018

Hello. I live in the Spring, TX area and I'm having problems receiving your station. There is classical music playing and overpowering your signal during the Dr. Dobson and the Sandy Rios programs. By me being located near your station I didn't think that I should have a problem with reception. Can anything be done to boost your signal? I hope this won't be an issue because your station is the only one that I'm aware of that relates current affairs in our politics to biblical principles. Thanks for being a beacon of light in this sinful world!
By: Reggie on July 19, 2018

Coldspring Garden Club has it's Spring Fling on it's 80th anniversary! Get indoor and outdoor plants, jewelry or baked goods. On March 23rd, from 9am-3pm at Coldspring Community center. Visit Coldspring's historic Trades Day with vendors around the San Jacinto County courthouse.
By: Karen Cullar on March 5, 2019

Please add this Ultimate Fundraiser to your Church calendar : The Missionary Camp Baptist Church is giving away a 2019 Nissan Versa Sedan partnering with McBay Global. Tickets $30. Drawing held on May 5,:2019 after service. Help us build the Kingdom for God's Glory. Pastor James Mable Sr., Pastor. Call 9368706817 for further information. Thank you.
By: Doris Sauls on April 20, 2019

I need the main office phone number for your radio station. Thank you! His peace and grace ll
By: Edward Flores on February 15, 2020

Come to historic Coldspring Trade Day and Spring Fling on March 28! Buy indoor and outdoor plants, jewelry, baked goods, and garage sale. Smokey Bear, raffle and hat contests, entertainment too. On Saturday March 28 from 9am - 3pm, find us at the Coldspring Community Center, across from the County courthouse. Visit the historic Trade Days and Garden Spring Fling!
By: Karen Cullar on March 12, 2020

Huge shout-out to Micki !! Just caught her show this afternoon in the car, don’t always get lucky, and I love her and have loved her show for a many years now. She is a WARRIOR for the Lord, and on point, on the Word, and on IT like donkey Kong! I pray for her and all the AMF station folks that I have come to depend on daily. She’s up there with Alistair Begg and (gotta luv em) Tony Evans, and she inspires me - so thank you!
By: JC on July 8, 2020

I was wondering how I can go about getting my Prayer Poem in rotation on your show and how can I get the recording to you for your consideration.
By: Apostle Paul E. Beard on August 13, 2020

We listen to 88.3 KAFR a lot. That is till about a month ago. We can no longer receive it in Cypress TX and it it being overrun by 88.1 a Christian Spanish channel even as far down as south Houston. Something has changed radically in the last month or 2 that is severely limiting your broadcast. Please check on it. Thanks!
By: Robert K on February 24, 2021

First of all I love your station. Here lately, that is the last several weeks in the morning when I listen there has been much bleed over or cross over which is blocking out the normal shows being broadcast with spanish, and I am sorry that is disturbing to me. Please can you have something done about this problem????????
By: Michael Lewis Diettel on March 1, 2021

I've lived in Houston since 2014 and 88.3 has been the station I choose to listen to. I really enjoy the programming. However, I wondered why, being in such a large market as is the Houston Metro, your signal so weak? What are the secular music stations doing that AFR can't? And yes, in the past couple of months the interference has become increasingly annoying to the point one must turn it off. I've been praying for the signal to get stronger since 2014. Is there anything we can do to help?
By: Rob Lo on March 4, 2021

My husband and used to listen to your station on the way to work every morning, but a Spanish language program has overrun your broadcast. At least it’s a Christian station. However, we would like to be able to hear AFR. Thank you for addressing this problem.
By: Judy F on March 5, 2021

I too am having problems hearing you station in the Cypress TX area. There is a lot of interference with a Spanish language station. I hope someone is reading these comments.
By: Kevin on March 25, 2021

Also having trouble getting reception. I live in Cypress where it was crystal clear and I could listen to it easily down to I-10. Now it's unlistenable around the beltway or a little north, and completely gone inside the beltway. Surely that spanish channel (bless its heart) is not supposed to be broadcasting with that much power, if they are legally using that frequency at all.
By: Jonathan on April 3, 2021

i listen to KAFR in the Houston, Texas area... here lately another radio station has been overriding this station... it appears to be a hispanic station and it completely blocks AFR starting at 1960 and 290 and everywhere south of there... can anything be done about this?... thanks, Larry
By: Larry B. on April 22, 2021

I live in kingwood Texas and listen to 88.3 primarily from my car. I just want to inform you that I have been getting a lot of interference with other channels. This seems to have just started recently. Not sure what ‘s happening but thought you would want to know.
By: Ron B. on May 3, 2021

How do I file a complaint concerning the Spanish speaking radio station that overrides the KARF 88.3 FM signal in the Houston area. I have not been able to listen to KARF clearly for several months.
By: Mike B. on May 11, 2021

I am also in the Kingwood Tx area and am having interference bleeding into the channel 88.3. It is difficult to listen on my commute into work.. Let the FCC know as the channel is weak even before this started.
By: Thomas w H. on May 11, 2021

I too am having problems hearing you station in the Cypress TX area. There is a lot of interference with a Spanish language station.
By: Wayne G. on May 13, 2021

I love to listen to your radio station, but the interference from a Spanish speaking radio station is making it unbearable to listen to it. This has been going on for quite some time now and I am wondering if someone is working on the issue and if there is a time frame as to when this issue will be resolved.
By: Don C. on July 8, 2021

today sept 5 2021....where can i listen to todays broadcast again....i wwas in and out of the building where the radio was...and missed parts of the show...especially interested in the conversation about social media and smart phones..thanks
By: hockley on September 6, 2021

I listen to your station all the time. Last Saturday, Sept. 11, 2021 was listening around 12:30 p.m. till 1:00 p.m. Please tell me how I may obtain a copy of what was said on your program. The gentlemen, can't remember his name, game a lot of history about Israel and what had transpired over the last 2 centuries in the Middle East. I loved listening to what he said. Please advise as to how I may obtain a copy of this broadcast that afternoon. I keep my radio on your station all the time and have for a long time!
By: Anonymous on September 15, 2021

That's nice how you just cut off that caller on air, as soon as he mentioned people were dying from the forced jab. Hundreds of thousands have died from it, you can't cover this up.
By: Perry on September 16, 2021

Few months ago I hear in your radio a preacher that seemed to be British, kind of young and very funny, very well suited for children and youngsters and for adults too! If anyone knows his name please pass it along. Thank y’all and God bless!
By: Manny on November 13, 2021

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