Radio Station Information

Family Radio

KFRB 91.3 FM

City of License:
Bakersfield, CA


Bakersfield, CA

Family Stations (Family Stations, Inc.)

KFRB is an FM non-commercial radio station broadcasting at 91.3 MHz. The station is licensed to Bakersfield, CA and is part of that radio market. The station broadcasts Religious programming and goes by the name "Family Radio" on the air. KFRB is owned by Family Stations.

Station Coverage Map

KFRB-FM Coverage Map

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Listener Comments and Reviews

In search of my biological family: I was born in Bakersfield California Oct 7th 1965 @ Kern County Hospital. l was abducted by a friend of my mothers by the name of Eula Randle or Eula Ford. I live in Michigan l want who ever in my family that may listen to this station to know l am alive and well. My mothers name was/is Maybelline Dabney my father Michael Brown my aunt Annette Dabney my grandmother Cora Wheeler my grandfather Joseph Dabney. My prayer request is that if it's God's will " I'd like to meet my family one day... I maybe reached at 734-628-2406 Thank you! Please spread the word... God bless!!
By: Sheila Lavette Dabney Johnson on March 30, 2016

er car at me. Shes just angry and thats exactly what the devil wants. Cause he knows shes my only family and wants me to live on my own all my life with no sister and no one. I just cant sleep have no peace in reason of her silence. i dont understand. I feel pain in my heart all the time missing her. I want to see her talking to me so we can work it out as adults. The whole church and the pastors want me to leave the church so it will cover up the sin we both commited together. Even tonight the pastor humiliated me in front of the whole church saying if someones sitting by the stairs or leave the church or getinside. But when others do it they dont say anything. Theyre just picking on me, hate me worried about the churchs image reputation while they stick up for her and bless her. They dont even get the anointing oil in my head but to others they do it. Theyre not acting like 1conrinthians13 at all. They are horible people. They make me feel angry when they wont allow me talking to her and treat me badly on purpose to make me look for another church so at the end of each worship i dont feel iv received anything good from god cause they treat me bad and treat bruna like an angel. I feel something really bad when i get home like if theyr cu rsing me. And im worried they made brunas mind to report me to the police. She said she did it but i dont know. Help me pray she didnt do that please. Helpp please.All i do is cry why theyr doing this to me. Pray to god to protect her and release her form a man whos getting her out of the rhuch and the presence of the holy spirit a boyfriend please. Shes hit her car because shes commit a sin inside her can with this man. Jesus already told her that but she wont listen. The devil is just anxious to kill her in that car. And help me pray for bruna to have real friends in her life, after her "best friend" the music minister found out about her sin shes got cold and turned her back on brunas, so lets pray shell have real blessed friendships cause not even jesus did that to her why a human think she should be acting like this towards bruna. And tonight her step dad threatened me showing his gun. He is crazy his sister is a witch.Please do not pray for me mostly some people are writeing to me saying theyre focusing their prayer on me. Pray for Bruna more please. She needs it more. Its her the one who wont forgive and doing horible things against me.amem.bless u all..
By: giselle jorge on November 23, 2016

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By: Jennifer Sadlovsky on April 27, 2017

Is there a way to steam the radio station out of Tehachapi, Ca (Bakersfield)? I do not live in n area that has a station like this nd I love the music!! Would love to be able to steam in my home.
By: Wanda on June 6, 2020

I have not been able to hear anything from 91.3 for the last few days. I miss this station terribly!
By: Shelley on June 8, 2023

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