Radio Station Information

KIVA 1600 AM

City of License:
Albuquerque, NM


Albuquerque, NM

Vanguard Media (Rock Of Talk LLC)

KIVA is an AM radio station broadcasting at 1600 KHz. The station is licensed to Albuquerque, NM and is part of that radio market. The station broadcasts Oldies music programming. KIVA is owned by Vanguard Media.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

What happened to Bloomberg radio? It is 3:40 AM and Dave Ramsey is on. I hope this is not a permanent change. I love Bloomberg radio and dislike Dave Ramsey. Please do not take Blomberg radio away. 2891
By: Ginger Foerster on January 5, 2015

Clyde Lewis has apparently been permanently replaced by Alex Jones. I find this regrettable since I do not listen to Alex Jones, and found Darkness Radio enjoyable. I have located Clyde Lewis on I heart radio so have stopped listening to KIVA 1600.
By: Jim Chmelicek on May 8, 2016

Why am I not able to hear stations today
By: Leslie Blea on May 1, 2017

Why is Laura Ingram keep having the same recording in. Never a new show.
By: Mark on November 16, 2017

When is Dave Ramsey on? Used to listen at noon on 1600 AM, cant find now.
By: Michael J. Moretti on February 5, 2018

Removing your station & Glen Beck's rants from all of our stored radio settings. Goodbye
By: D. Gregory on March 20, 2018

Why did you replace b Kilmeade with Beck? big mistake won't be listening to your station anymore!
By: david Mora on March 21, 2018

Where is Kilmeade? Will not listen to Beck.
By: Fitzpatrick on March 21, 2018

Where is Brian K, cannot listen Beck or Bob Clark in the morning, to much excess banter. Found Brian K on different radio station out of state called New Talk 1290
By: Daniel Miera on March 21, 2018

Where did Brian Kilmead move to? He was on at 7:00 am on 1600am. Shocking when I heard Glen Beck... can't do it!! cannot listen to Beck... where can I find Kilmead.... thanks
By: Mary Lovato on March 22, 2018

Eddy, I was listening while driving on Saturday, I believe, and heard an interview with a woman who was doing Irlen Light Sensitivity syndrome. I work with an optometrist and we have many patients with light sensitivity issues. Did she give out contact information? Would you share that with me, please? Thanks! Marianne Costello
By: Marianne Costello on April 6, 2018

Your Kiva station goes off air(static) randomly for sometimes hours at a time, sometimes right in the middle of a broadcast show, and you dont start broadcasting again until Fox network takes over. WHO WOULD ADVERTISE ON YOUR STATION WHEN THE ADVERTISING THEY PAY FOR DOES NOT GET AIRED????? LOCAL MERCHANTS ARE PULLING THEIR LATE NIGHT ADS.
By: Jay Perrone on April 12, 2018

What happened to Dave Ramsey? This town NEEDS him desperately and you take him off???
By: Marsha on February 2, 2019

3 days now nothing but static. Want Hannity show. What’s up?
By: George Hackler on March 15, 2019

Yesterday, I heard you share some NM-based crisis hotline numbers on the drivetime show. Well done! And much needed! I'd like to add to that: Several local mental health clinics--including Life Change Psychotherapy Institute, where I work--have quickly geared up to see patients via video teleconferencing. Most major insurances are covering this benefit, and in some cases, phone therapy, as well. If you want help, call 271-5050. If our availability won't work for you, we will give you other leads. Helping New Mexicans get mental health support is what it's all about right now.
By: MJ Maher on March 27, 2020

Static again today. What's up?
By: D Schrader on November 30, 2020

Eddy Aragon and his on air art nerd from 4 to 7 each day is by far the most entertaining, informative, honest talk radio in Albuquerque. Used to listen to 770 in way home each day because I thought they were all that was available. They don’t take a stance on anything. Mr Aragon has great local expert guests, takes phone calls from listeners and if Eddie disagrees with their comments he holds them responsible for their on air comments. The other station agrees with every thing their so called experts have to say and the listeners never get a alternative opinion. Especially with their weekly guest Dr. Ramos and what he has to say on Covid. He is a waste of time as well as 770’s personalities. Give Eddie a go next week on your ride home. Agree or disagree you’ll hear informative views on many subjects with facts to back their views not agreeable uninformative unknowledgeable Commentary from their 3 to 6 personality. Their talk is not interrupted every couple minutes with commercials etc. Their weekend radio is great stuff also. Thank you Eddie!
By: Tom on February 6, 2021

Your advertising is so mind numbingly unprofessional especially JJ : Josepfa From Santa Fe crap. Rudy is not too good at playing both parts. I’m outta here.
By: Mike on June 29, 2021

Miss hearing Eddy on 1600am KIVA last 2 days. What's up? Did the Dems attack the station transmitters again? We could use a report about downtime incidents! Best wishes.
By: Graystar on July 15, 2022

Does one need to be a member of KIVA in order to find the phone number for the comment line on Rock Of Talk?
By: Gene on July 8, 2023

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