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KABQ 1350 AM

Albuquerque's Home For iHeart Podcasts

City of License:
Albuquerque, NM


Albuquerque, NM

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iHeartMedia (Clear Channel Broadcasting Licenses, Inc.)

5411 Jefferson Ave Suite 100
Albuquerque, NM 87109


KABQ is an AM radio station broadcasting at 1350 KHz. The station is licensed to Albuquerque, NM and is part of that radio market. The station broadcasts Talk programming and goes by the name "AM1350" on the air with the slogan "Albuquerque's Home For iHeart Podcasts". KABQ is owned by iHeartMedia.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

As I listen to Chris LaVoie's last day in radio on the Stephanie Miller Show I felt like I wanted to express my appreciation for BEING ABLE to even listen to the show for free here America anymore. I wonder how long has 1350 played TheStephanie Miller Show? I listened to 1350 in the AM for the 33 years as I got ready to go to work teaching at a high school and after school on the way home. Thank you.
By: Martha Lane on November 13, 2015

Please consider adjusting your sound! Thom is comming in at a whisper and the station is blasting. Also for some time there is a second radio station competing with Thom. Thanks for being here
By: Georgia Meyer-Hayes on August 31, 2017

Good morning. I've been a listening to KABQ 1350 for quite some time. It is the only progressive station in our area. I enjoy the political programming which, unfortunately, seems to be disappearing. In the morning, when I'm driving to work, all I get is Clark Howard. While he's informative, I'd rather hear about politics. Same thing as I'm driving home. Now, all I get is some science program. Where's the politics? One other complaint--the signal for your station is very weak, especially in the morning. Can you please tell me what's going on with the programming at KABQ?
By: Kathy Haggett on September 11, 2017

Is KABQ am1350 no longer on air or streaming?
By: bakermom on September 16, 2017

What happened to this progressive ststion?
By: Ross on September 22, 2017

Norman Goldman show audio is very weak and can barely be heard on the KABQ radio signal. Can you turn up the audio for his show?
By: David Wallerstedt on January 30, 2019

Why has Norman Goldman been eliminated from your radio station?
By: Bonnie Schmidt on March 28, 2019

Tuesday May 28th. So....format change? Where's Stephanie Miller? Is Thom Hartman gone too? Democracy Now? And exactly what is the weird replacement for Stephanie Miller? Very disappointing.
By: Anonymous on May 28, 2019

Just discovered that Stephanie. Miller is not airing this morning. I hope this is not a permanent format change. Progressive radio is a precious commodity and I’ve always relied on AM1350 to be my source. Stephanie is how I start my day. If this station abandons it’s progressive lineup I’ll have to search for an alternative.
By: Robbie Lamkin on May 28, 2019

Where is Stephanie Miller and Thom Hartman? This is a disaster for Albuquerque AM radio?
By: Jerry Huchel on May 28, 2019

Why, why, why are all the progressive programs gone?!? Where is Stephanie Miller? What has happened?
By: Linda on May 28, 2019

Ditto! Guess I won't be listening to this station any longer
By: Vicki on May 28, 2019

Way to go iHeart...another progressive station gone? What's happened to this station?
By: Dar on May 29, 2019

After fifteen years of great progressive radio, why change what works? Please bring back the sane liberal voices to 1350AM!
By: Dr. O on May 29, 2019

I will not be listening to this station either.....
By: Anonymous on May 29, 2019

I went to streaming this station after iheartmedia turned our Asheville NC station into an alt rock station. Looks like they did it to another dine station. Once again iheartmedia is suppressing progressive voices. Shame on them.
By: Steven Paulson on May 29, 2019

What happened to my progressive radio station that I listened to almost 24/7? I'm devastated! The current programming doesn't cut it at all. I have a radio in every room and don't find listening with ear buds or over internet connected speakers to be feasible. I don't even have a smart phone. And I patronize the progressive host's sponsors too.
By: Linda Lillow on May 29, 2019

I had 1350 set on my car, home and work radios and listened to the Miller and Hartmann programs whenever possible. It is a shame I won't be listening to 1350 anymore. I HEARTMEDIA HAS NO HEART.
By: Reynold on May 29, 2019

It's a shame that you are no longer carrying the Thom Hartmann program. We listened to his program every day. We won't miss Stephanie Miller as much because we thought her show was rather silly; probably appealing more to a generation Younger than us. Please bring Thom Harmon back!
By: Allen Rogers on May 29, 2019

I find it sad that the one station that provided truthful commentary in a sea of conservative lies has decided to stop airing Thom Hartman and Stephanie Miller. Conservatives have lost their values and want to keep the truth of what is happening from being told, I guess keeping people uninformed is the only way they can win.
By: dave on May 30, 2019

You can still use Tunein Radio; however, it is lower quality. I am frustrated iHeart always gets rid of Progressive programming. I will delete iHeart now, for I have no use for it anymore.
By: Fred from GA on May 30, 2019

This change is such a loss for Albuquerque. We need the voices of Progressive radio to balance Right Wing radio. Please, please bring back the old 1350.
By: Kash on May 30, 2019

What has happened to the progressive programming? I know lots of people who listen to it. The podcasts this week are garbage and you will lose your audience! Bring it back!
By: Jennifer on May 31, 2019

Really disappointed in this sudden change in programming. Bring back Stephanie and Tom!
By: Patrick Scott on May 31, 2019

It's sad to lose progressive talk in the ABQ area. iHeartMedia is definitely losing an audience with this move - I'm unsure what they think they can recoup by playing podcasts, but this is one high disposable income progressive who won't be listening to 1350 anymore.
By: Gus on May 31, 2019

Remember tht iHeartRadio is really ClearChannel, the folks who led the saturation of conservative "talk" on the airwaves. Sad as this is, it shouldn't be a surprise...the only surprise is that it took so long to quash progressive radio in ABQ. ClearChannel/iHeartRadio doesn't want a blue New Mexico
By: jb4 on May 31, 2019

Very disappointed Thom Hartmann is no longer on 1350. He was the only reason I listened to your station. I will no longer do so.
By: Mark on May 31, 2019

the change in format is awful, one more progressive station down the drain, what is happening...........I am sick about this, I will absolutely not follow IHeart radio.
By: C Fox on June 1, 2019

Found Hartman and Miller on 1260, after a disappointing loss from 1350 am. There is no other public progressive liberal point of view.
By: Gail on June 1, 2019

Agree the loss of Progressive Talk Radio is very disappointing. Thank you Gail for finding them on 1260!
By: Chris on June 1, 2019

I was very disappointed you chose to drop Progressive Radio shows from your lineup. I have deleted your station from my list of radio stations from my car and home. It is a disgrace to no longer have a progressive station to hear the honesty in the political realm. Iheart Clear channel has lost a listener!
By: michael ABQ on June 2, 2019

Will no longer be listening to 1350. There is a lot of support for Progressive Talk Radio in Albuquerque. If 1260 is the new source, that is where I will be. Goodbye 1350–will not support you under any circumstances.
By: Donna on June 3, 2019

We will no longer listen to, nor support their advertisers. Albuquerque listened to 1350 for one reason, progressive talk radio. Adios.
By: Marilyn on June 3, 2019

I will join the other "high disposable income" progressives and see if I can find Stephanie Miller and Thom Hartmann on 1260. Goodbye I-Heart Radio!
By: Connie on June 4, 2019

Wow, nothing worth listening to on 1350 with Thom and Stephanie gone.
By: Sue on June 4, 2019

A thank you to all the Progressive listeners and commentors. I will see what kind of reception I can get on 1260am. Keep listening and VOTE!
By: Arthur Fuldauer on June 5, 2019

Geez! 1350 sucks now. I hope whoever thought this programming is a good idea is parking cars somewhere, 'cause radio programming sure ain't your thing Buddy. 1350? Deleted. I might check back when you realise what a dumass move that was. The GOOD NEWS? TuneIn app has Stephanie Miller from 10am. search for CRN 4., she plays back the 3 hour morning's show. Also there's always Progressive Voices and Free Speech TV on ROKU.
By: Jose' on June 5, 2019

No more light in ABQ now that progressive talk is gone. The format change to ridiculous podcast-pablum is perfect for the clueless drug-addled misfits in this ever-increasing violent and low-life town. I recently saw a young hippie couple with a dog hitching at the Tramway Eastbound Exit on I40 holding a sign that read: "Help! Need a ride back east to sanity. Have gas money. Just need wheels. Help us get out of this godforsaken city and state!" I'm right behind you guys...
By: John on June 5, 2019

Where did the progressive programs go? I can't stand the lame replacements and so don't listen to KABQ any more. Shame on you!! I hope you'll be sorry, and fired.
By: Elaine on June 5, 2019

"under the supervision of General Manager Chuck Hammond"... Are you seeing all these entries,Chuck?...Are you listening??? Tell your iHeart buddies to change this station back... You are loosing listeners by the truck-full!
By: Dar on June 6, 2019

hell, I would be happy with a all news format - nothing like that here in ABQ
By: mark on June 6, 2019

What happened? My favorite news/talk show is now nothing but drivel!
By: Laura on June 7, 2019

Very disappointed. Deleted iHeart app from my phone and my computer. I will find something else to listen to on my commute. Will no longer be listening to any iHeart/clear channel stations.
By: Lee on June 7, 2019

1350 has been the only AM station in ABQ I’ve listened to for years. Now that you’ve dropped Progressive Radio, I will not be listening again. The programs you’ve replaced Miller, Hartmann and Goldman with are just terrible.
By: Cindy on June 9, 2019

Where is hartmann, miller, goldman, etc. Really disappointed..
By: Allan on June 9, 2019

Clear Channel, I Heart Radio, what ever you call yourselves .... you are missing out on a large group of listeners and folks who spend money on their advertisers. Shame on you for bending to the right wing. I will NOT be listening to the drivel of podcasts you are airing... If I wanted to listen to podcasts I would do that in some other format. NOT radio! Bring back Progressive Talk Radio!!
By: Linda Gloudemans on June 9, 2019

You weak losers, bowing to right wing dictators, quashing freedom of speech. Taking progressive programming off the air.
By: Mel Pearse on June 10, 2019

Here's another family that will not be listening to 1350 anymore. What a shame that you had to mess up a good thing.
By: Amanda on June 10, 2019

I am one of hundreds of former listeners to 1350 AM. I agree with all of the comments that have been posted. Everything I wanted to say has already been said. Other than that, thanks for the good times while they lasted. It's a real shame that they had to come to an end. Goodbye old friend.
By: Scott on June 11, 2019

You sold out, I won't be back.
By: Mike Maulsby on June 13, 2019

By: Emily Antle on June 13, 2019

I listened to 1350 all the time in the car for the intelligent, informed talk radio on history, politics, government and law that was no where else to be found on the radio. The only thing left in Albuquerque is right wing crazies that only call names with no intelligent or knowledgable discussion of important issues of the day.... obviously that is what Iheart wants and are willing to lose money make it so.... the new programs are just dumb and can't imagine anyone listening. . Conservative talk media is all there is now... our democracy is under attack by corporations who own all the media and are controlled by the republican party. They oppose the informed populous notion our country needs to survive as a free country.. Needless to say I will no longer listen to this station, hopefully another one will pop up with real news and commentary about important issues . I will boycott all Iheart radio stations and hope others will as well until they provide balanced programming.. This is really disturbing!
By: Steve on June 14, 2019

1350 simply sucks now. I used to complain that Stephanie Miller repeated during the day. I wanted more variety. But now?! What the heck. Podcasts? Where is Thom Hartman, Norman Goldman’s and yes Stephanie Miller. Your format, lineup is ridiculous. Booooring. What happened? Did you get paid by Russia to have this crap on?
By: Shirley on June 14, 2019

Eff you iHeart; your're dumb af.
By: Luke Reilly on June 14, 2019

Really disappointed with the format change, in particular the loss of Thom Hartmann. I will be deleting your station from my presets.
By: Mark on June 15, 2019

I wonder why iHeart is not responding to the comments here?
By: Dar on June 15, 2019

Whatever that crap is that you’re running in Stephanie Miller’s time is not worth my time. I now have absolutely no time for 1350am. Such a shame, and a boneheaded programming move. You are now gone from my radio buttons. I’ll try 1260, and if that doesn’t work I’ll just stick with Sirius/XM. Shame on you.
By: Eric on June 18, 2019

What a shame that you have dropped progressive talk radio. I will listen for Thom Hartman elsewhere. Good by 1350.
By: Gloria Mirabal on June 19, 2019

I no longer listen to AM1350 in Albuquerque. Amazing coincidence that Trump announced his strategy for 2020 including flipping states like New Mexico right around the same time that Clear Channel/iHeart dropped the only progressive programming in NM. Maybe I am just crazy but this looks sounds and smells just like the Russian 2016 conspiracy, "Russia if you're listening?", right out in the open. I hope you go out of business for this.
By: Greg Davis on June 19, 2019

As a long time listener to Thom Hartmann, Stephanie Miller and other progressive radio hosts, I am very disappointed that 1350 AM has changed the format of this station. I no longer have a reason to listen to AM radio at all....
By: Judith Parsons on June 21, 2019 PD at kabq...former PD disagreed with format change????????
By: Dar on June 28, 2019

C'mon new comments since June 26th??? Voice your opinion about this hyjacking of a once-great station!
By: Bill on July 16, 2019

What happened,who paid you all to get rid of coherent respectful news???? Is there progressive talk radio? At first I thought the junk I was hearing on 1350 am was a fluke like what I heard from you late a night or weird weekend hours. It was soooo riveting hearing a discussion about the cap lock key,seriously? By,by am 1350!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talya If there is a real progressive radio channel in Albuquerque ,let us know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: Talya Raveed on July 19, 2019

Bad decision to change programming on 1350. People want to listen to progressive radio. I like everyone else enjoyed listening to Stephanie Miller and Thom Hartman. It is bad for democracy when view points are limited. I no longer listen to 1350.
By: Lynn on July 28, 2019

I finally got up to sort this out too. Its been months and I wonder if Trump's orgs are killing off AM liberal talk radio. I see lots of questions and complaints above, but NO ANSWERS. I heart radio please answer for this change. tyvm and hurry up. Btw, is 1350 ABQ in trouble? Is it for sale ? How much ?
By: Lars D Roose on August 2, 2019

The only progressive radio in Albuquerque made the decision to switch to podcasts, most of which seems to be about discussions of technical topics better accessed by those who really are interested via UNM, CNM, the library, and bookstores. Radio listeners want music, progressive or conservative talk shows, and religious programming. Given your "drastic" programming change, I predict that your radio audience will decline to the point that you will try something else, perhaps something drastic like the diatribes of some raving conservative. FYI, my favorite radio program was Thom Hartmann, and since your decision was to eliminate that informative programming featuring one of the most knowledgeable, rational, progressive talk show hosts in the country ... I'm "outta here!!"
By: Glen DeGarmo on August 8, 2019

I'm very disappointed in the format change. Not only has the Albuquerque community lost the only Progressive radio station available, but iHeart management has replaced it with pure drivel in the form of uninteresting, niche podcasts. I made a point to frequent businesses advertising on 1350. Radio listeners, customers and businesses all lose with the new format. Very disappointing.
By: Michelle Blake on August 12, 2019

Yes, please bring back stephenie miller and tomm hartman. what a disappointment with what you have replaced it with! would appreciate a response on this.
By: Diana Zelnio on August 17, 2019

What happened to your station? I used to listen to ThomHartman when I came to dhop in Albuquerque. Now there’s nonsense on the 1350 station. Shame on you for changing good programming!
By: Janice Trujillo on August 28, 2019

Well, it's been several months since the format change at KABQ, and our feedback here hasn't changed iHeart's mind, so I have deleted the iHeart app from my device. I've found Thom , etc., on other stations( NOT iHeart stations!) Bye, bye iHeart!!
By: Bill on September 25, 2019

What happened to the Progressive programming!? Please go back to being the only sane radio in Albuquerque!!!
By: Thomas Tickner on January 8, 2020

No longer listen to your station. Progressive radio took me to your station. Your new format is not worth it
By: Maria E on January 8, 2020

As part of his campaign outreach literature, NM HD22 State Representative Gregg Schmedes recently created a fake newspaper. Among the numerous and all too obviously desperate smears of his & Stephani Lord’s political opponents in that publication, especially defamatory is a photo he used of his former opponent (Jessica Velasquez) and her friend Darlene. Schmedes implied that a hat worn by Darlene defines her as a “Communist”. Jessica’s friend just happened to be wearing a warm winter hat with a red star on it. To set the record straight, the wearer of said hat is an illustrious retiree of the US Department of State, having served The United States of America at several posts in numerous foreign countries, sometimes even in life threatening situations. Darlene lived in a world where professionals worked to make our country a voice for justice and reason. She served with US Presidents, Ambassadors, and other government officials on diplomatic missions all over the world. She happened to get the souvenir hat in St Petersburg, Russia while serving on a diplomatic mission with Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. It was probably not a wise choice for Representative Schmedes to defame this government servant. His public apology to Ms. Darlene would be an appropriate course of action at this time. E. Vinogradov, Edgewood W. Singer, Cedar Crest
By: Evelyn Vinogradov on October 25, 2020

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