Radio Station Information

The Bay Area's BIN 910


City of License:
Oakland, CA

News/Talk (Black Information Network)

San Francisco, CA

Web site:

Live Stream:

iHeartMedia (Amfm Broadcasting Licenses, LLC)

340 Townsend Street
San Francisco, CA 94107


KKSF is an AM radio station broadcasting at 910 KHz. The station is licensed to Oakland, CA and is part of the San Francisco, CA radio market. The station broadcasts News/Talk programming and goes by the name "The Bay Area's BIN 910" on the air. KKSF is owned by iHeartMedia.

July 2016 the station flipped from talk radio to Spanish sports ESPN Deportes. In June 2018 the station dropped Spanish sports for progressive talk radio.
On June 30, 2020 the station dropped the progressive talk programming for "Black Information Network."

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Listener Comments and Reviews

The brain washing is happening. It all ways the fault of the persons any thing happens to. That is all that will be stated on Clear Channel. The Banks lie.
By: Solo Jay on February 9, 2012

So pleased to hear many of he former KGO personalities, along with Tom Sullivan on 910. I'm sure this will prove to be a ratings boom for KKSF.
By: Diane on February 17, 2012

I used my fake email to drop a post here. Long time ago I used to tune into both 910 and 960 but they began to bore me. Were it not for Coast to Coast AM being on at my bedtime I would never tune in at all. Sundays I tolerate 1 hour of some doctor guy, an alright show, but I enjoy the FANTASTIC TABLOID RADIO that follows. Some day I hope to wake up and not hear "Hush Bimbo" droning on about (R)=good (D)=bad in the morning. However if it changes to (D)=good (R)=bad I may just give up on radio altogether and figure out how to stream coast2coast from my laptop to a pillow speaker. What is this stations direction anyway? I truly miss Barbra Simpson and her co-worked The Rabbi Daniel Lapin. just wish I had a more sophisticated radio that would make changing stations easier. Here's a suggestion: put on some of those "Somewhere in time" selections with Art Bell. I know other radio station have them. Art Bell was a truly truly superior broadcaster compared to George Norry in almost every way. I'm gonna be tuned in to 910 100% of the time Coast to Coast has a guest host on. Well its time to put my tinfoil hat back on to stop those pesky aliens from downloading my brain, and bigfoot really likes the way I look in them, he says it brings out the blue in my eyes. Adios!
By: Will on June 25, 2012

I like this station very much. Too bad that you have to be a facebook member just to leave a comment about that whining woman on that true car commercial that they play every five minutes. Alot of complaints about that one commercial. I'll just go back to my local talk station until they stop running it. Even worse than that cars for kids ad. I would never join facebook for ANY reason.
By: Catherine Seaward on November 17, 2014

I enjoy listening to Gil Gross very much. My problem is that there is a buzz on my radio on this station. It's not my radio because KGO, KCBS and NPR 88.5 FM come in loud and clear. KGO brags how they have a 50,000 watt signal. If that's the problem, I hope KKSF can improve their signal in the future. Thank you
By: Dorothy Lopresti on August 4, 2015

Great Coast to Coast. I live in Livermore and the signal is not good at all. PLEASE boost the signal. Thanks!
By: Jim on February 11, 2016

What did you do with Armstrong & Getty?
By: Mary on April 1, 2016

The Armstrong and Getty show was my favorite show by far!! Gill Gross is somewhat entertaining and funny from time to time, and the rest I can only tolerate for a short time. I do listen to Alan Comes when I want an honest libreral viewpoint. I hope the lady on from 6:00 to 10:00 is temporary, or an april fools gag, and A & G will return! If not , me, along with thousands of others will be tuning out for good....... who makes these decisions anyway?
By: Brian S. on April 3, 2016

Started my Monday morning drive without Armstrong and Getty! Did some searching and apparently, A&G will be appearing on San Francisco Bay Area station KGO 810 starting Tuesday, April 5th in their normal time slot, 6:00AM ~ 10:00AM.
By: Chris on April 4, 2016

Fun listening to Stephanie Miller on the morning drive!
By: Ellen on April 8, 2016

After Cumulus purchased KGO & KNBR & took the cheap route, fired their talented on air personalities, I found DAMEN BRUCE on 95.7 & Core & Joe ,Dog house Empire on your station. Frankly the threeo at dog house were my favorite. A breath of fresh air in sucky climate of SF radio & you guys pushed them out the door. Enough with serious politics talk. Even KGO in its days had Dr. Edelman & the lawyer. After Coreyou & Jole today, I listened to the new guy ,he may be good, but I go back to Dame Bruce when there is no A's games. You guys just want to imitate what others were doing & lost your own talent:(
By: K.C Charlaghi on July 21, 2016

I cannot believe just like that no more Gil Gross, the Dog House, Marcus Osborn and the Mo Kelly experience. KKSF was just getting back its rhythm. Bad move. Can anyone tell me where to find those talented people now. Really, sports???????
By: Kimber on July 22, 2016

What a terrible decision. Just re-found Talk 910 a couple months ago and listened all day. Now, gone for Spanish language sports. Where can we get decent non-Rush talk radio in the Bay Area?
By: Mark on July 22, 2016

Can't believe you switched to all-espanol sports. Jeez you guys had a good thing after the demise of KGO and it was only going to get better. What a waste.
By: Kevin on July 22, 2016

Yeah. No warning or goodbyes, even! Where are the radio commentators (Gil, Mo Kelly, Alan Combs) that I was loving??! Where can they be found on radio (not on iphone app)??? ! ! !
By: Marest on July 22, 2016

WTF with this format ???
By: Dc on July 23, 2016

So disappointed. Found out Spanish sports moved from 860 to 910. 860 is now conservative talk radio. Aren't there enough of those already? What about the rest of us? Missed the whole 910 line up today! I have to repeat DC's comment, WTF?
By: CW on July 23, 2016

Apparently 860 was taken over by Salem a conservative talk radio company and iHeart Media (Clear Channel) made a deal to dump the talk format on 910 and rent the station to the same people that ran 860 before it was taken over by conservative talk.
By: Gee on July 23, 2016

I used to be in radio and I pressed my 910 for my ride home no doghouse and I kept pressing it and tuning it and looking at the dial I cannot believe my ears it completely ruined my Friday night I am completely disgusted Awful awful awful awful decision. We already have enough Spanish-speaking stations. I just was trying down for a job because I'm not bilingual. We live in America the language here is English if Spanish-speaking folks would listen to more English maybe they would learn English and why are we catering to them???? DISGUSTED
By: Lynn on July 23, 2016

Thank you, Gee! I thought I was going crazy or that it was a joke when I turned on to listen to Gil Gross today and it was all in Spanish! WTF indeed! Rude that there was no warning, no good-byes. Thank you again for the info. Now I can listen for those folks on yet another station, hopefully. Yes the demise of S.F. radio is heart-wrenching. And the "Next Generation" of talk radio on KGO? I do like Chip Franklin and Drex and of course Ronn Owens, so they're improving in my book after being stripped bare several months ago. But very sad with this new 910 format.
By: D from SF on July 23, 2016

I hope you lose your shirt...what a bad move and no notice. Ruined my whole working day and the many to come. Another stupid decision by some dummy; did you not learn anything from the change at KGO? Stupid move when things were really beginning to gel. No doubt the decision maker knows nothing about the local market. Idiot!
By: A. R. on July 23, 2016

After the dung heap that is "the next generation of KGO" was glad to find a decent talk show in Gil Gross going over current events, politics, entertainment, the weekly Game of Thrones segment, etc, even enjoyed the weatherman with his ""HELLOOOOOOO SEBASTAPOL" Hearing Spanish sports today just ruined my workday being on the road all day. Hope Gil n Lloyd land on their feet somewhere else. Corporate swine. Go to hell
By: H on July 23, 2016

Just when the politics couldn't get better some shinie shoe, pencil pusher has to muck thugs up. Will we the consumer ever receive what we deserve as a product? Good by sweet America we are Scroommed.
By: Sunshine on July 23, 2016

Is there another station with Coast to Coast besides1080?? What are we supposed to do now?? make up our own conspiricies??? I am lost
By: TheyLive WeSleep on July 23, 2016

One of the worst Bay Area radio decisions in recent history! To switch format AND lose gems like Gil Gross; The Best Weatherman in the U.S.!..... etc; All this for Spanish sports????!! What a waste. Good luck to the sponsors!
By: Petaluma Lou on July 23, 2016

Good grief. SPANISH SPORTS?!? Right when we need informative talk radio? Of course. We have to keep people stupid. Good bye.
By: Lisa Harrigan on July 23, 2016

Are right wing listeners the only ones allowed programming. Losing the programming like Gil Gross & Alan Combs is a huge disappointment! Now the only choice is KGO.
By: Niels Povlsen on July 23, 2016

WTF!!!I pushed my preset button to tune into Gil & thought I hit a brown station,which there should not be any in the U.S.,THIS is one reason why brown people do not know how or want to speak English in this country!Why are they being catered to.NO foreign language should be catered to in this country but why is the brown language being catered to.Are the brown people catered to so that they do not not have to be "annoyed" at haveing to read English,which is the LANGUAGE of this land,or that every nationality knows how to read,speak and understand English but not the brown people.So is it that the brown people are the superior race or the stupidest race that things are in brown words?Why not put things in German,French,Greek Martian etc as well?I get SICK & TIRED of hearing brown talk and yellow talk(Chinise) being spoken in this country every day almost!Where are all the African,Italian etc radio stations.The airwaves should have a show in EVERY foreign language or none!!I am being facetious.There should be NO foreign language stations!English is also the international language FYI.
By: Slick on July 23, 2016

All you stupid libtards got what you deserve. You and your pro illegal immigration now have made it that spanish radio now takes over the California airwaves. Now your precious liberal idiots like Gil Gross and Alan Colmes Stephanie Miller are off the air! I am so happy this has happened. Now you can listen to ksfo560 and hear conservative talk radio because you fools created your own demise of liberal radio
By: MIke Caldwell on July 24, 2016

No we won't switch to KSFO, we'll just listen to jazz instead of rigjt wing crap.
By: hanne jeppesen on July 24, 2016

MIller and Colmes can be streaming online from other stations. My guess is that Gil Gross and some of the other host will either: a) land at another station or b) launch an online show or podcast.
By: Sam on July 24, 2016

Is there another station carrying coast to coast coming in clear in the bay area. Love to listen at night, do not like to fall asleep with my smart phone near me. My little radio was perfect. I could not believe 910 gone with out warning.
By: Lydia on July 24, 2016

Fed up with these kind of radio games. Worst move you could have made. Although I am a sports fan, you have replaced much-needed intelligent discourse with nonsensical noise and as a result permanently lost all previous listeners. Change back or die.
By: David P on July 25, 2016

I also can't believe what you did especially on a Friday night, the weekend before Democratic convention. What makes it disheartening is there is no progressive radio except KPFA, 94.1 which barely come in at Santa Rosa. The radio is full of hate filled, racist, sexist, and homophobic radio. Instead of having a spanish station (i.e. most of whom are Democratic) to take over some of the right wing garbage on other stations, you deny us liberals of some the great humor, intellectualism, and compassion for people into another station controlled by the corporate oligarchy, who care nothing about democracy or interest of Americans. By Derek, July 26th, 2016
By: Derek spiekerman on July 28, 2016

What the hell are you thinking. There are my Spanish station in the area . You have stolen my favorite programs and people from the AM radio! ??????????????????????? Where can I find Gill Gross and Dining Around?/
By: Guido J Salomone Jr on July 30, 2016

Thank you for the return of the new (old) format😊
By: Sheila on June 12, 2018

What happen to progressive talk radio? I miss the Thom Hartmann show. I don't like the new format.
By: Anonymous on July 1, 2020

I stopped listening to it when it became a single issue station that likes to use primary colors to divide humanity into primary colors.
By: Bert on July 20, 2021

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