Radio Station Information

KYIZ 1620 AM

City of License:
Renton, WA


Seattle-Tacoma, WA

Christopher Bennett Broadcasting (Kriz Broadcasting, Inc.)

KYIZ is an AM radio station broadcasting at 1620 KHz. The station is licensed to Renton, WA and is part of the Seattle-Tacoma, WA radio market. The station broadcasts Urban programming. KYIZ is owned by Christopher Bennett Broadcasting.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

I’ve posted information in Washington DC, Seattle, Spokane Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Orlando Florida and Portland Washington as well as a few other locations. I also sent messages to almost all the Portland Oregon radio stations yesterday. On Wednesday 5-15-2019, hackers closed down my email accounts so I could not get into them. They also prevented me from opening any new accounts. Two days prior to this they had gotten their hands on my thumb drive with all the files I was using to inform people about my situation in regards to the actions of the Family. I had backups of the files in my email accounts. I had been emailing radio stations in southern California the day before which was covering the randy Rhoad’s murder and Radio 1190’s failure to cover it. Radio 1190 is Colorado Universities Radio station and had an obligation to cover the story because the motive behind Randy Rhoad’s murder was linked to an Ozzy Osbourne Performance that was held at the Colorado University’s Event Center in 1982. I was also sending out information about the situation connected to the Wilson sisters of Heart that resulted in the murders of my bandmates and the bandmates of two other bands over a situation that happened in 1992 involving Becky the secretary of Bad Animal Studio’s owned by the Wilson sister’s located in Seattle. Also I was covering the situation involving KISW in 1994 where they were trying to get me across the Canadian Border to attend a Pink Floyd Concert to get an opportunity to lock me up outside of the country to natural my HIV activism. I had mentioned that Diana who worked in the advertising department was murdered over the issue as well as a number of other people. Again I was informing people that KISW had a legal and moral obligation to cover the story because of the murder of their employee over the situation. I also had information about The Family being responsible for the HIV pandemic by the creation and distribution of Aids. The only reason they’d go after my thumb drive and closed down me my email accounts then prevent me from opening new ones was to stop me from sending out these files about the situation. Now there is absolutely no reason they’d do this unless the information I was sending out was the truth which of course it is. In the courts this action will actually be viewed as an admission. The reason they stopped me from sending out the information is the whole situation is tied to the creation and distribution of HIV by The Family. They are desperate to try and keep the public from finding out about that. This whole situation is about genocide. They’ve murdered hundreds of millions of people worldwide with the HIV virus. They set the pandemic off by using tainted vaccines produced by Merck which has a website at and the National Institute of Health which is a Federal Government program and they have a web site at On the day they closed my email accounts down I sent a message to President Trump about the situation and he failed to do anything about it. The reason is, is because clearly the US Government is involved in the distribution of HIV and the ongoing genocide as a result of this deadly virus. In about 2007 around the time I was intentionally infected with Aids by The Family I learned that OHSU had discovered a cure to the virus and that it was being reviewed by the FDA. For more information go to Several years ago I contacted the FDA and still noting has been done to get that vaccine approved. The Family has the power to stop the HIV pandemic and has not taken action about this. So clearly they are still killing people unnecessarily with HIV and the US Government is still involved through the FDA. There’s lot of information about this situation on the blog and the only thing further I’m going to mention here is that the United Nations was involved through the distribution of these tainted vaccines there their organization called the World Health Organization. This situation should concern us all because not only is it a serious health issue for society at large, it is in fact an act of war committed by The Family against the entire world. No wonder they stole my thumb drive and closed my email accounts.
By: Paul Huebel on May 17, 2019

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