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92.7 Air 1

KYLA 92.7 FM

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Fountain Valley, CA

Christian Contemporary

Los Angeles, CA

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Educational Media Foundation


KYLA is an FM radio station broadcasting at 92.7 MHz. The station is licensed to Fountain Valley, CA and is part of the Los Angeles, CA radio market. The station broadcasts Christian Contemporary music programming and goes by the name "92.7 Air 1" on the air. KYLA is owned by Educational Media Foundation.

Formerly Jill FM and Playlist FM, the station flipped in the end of 2012 to Air 1 Christian music.

Station Coverage Map

KYLA-FM Coverage Map

Most Played Artist

The Eagles, Elton John, Phil Collins, Daughtry, Billy Joel, Michael Buble, Rod Stewart, Kelly Clarkson, Maroon 5, Chicago, Sheryl Crow, Madonna, Uncle Kracker, Taylor Swift, The Bee Gees, Michael Jackson, Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine, Daryl Hall & John Oates, Journey, Santana

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Co-Owned Radio Stations in Los Angeles, CA

100.3 K-Love, 92.7 Air 1

Listener Comments and Reviews

Halleluljah, I just found this station last night. Driving my 17 year old daughter to and from work. Praise God for you all! I realize it used to be Jill and some others. We do not receive the Fish Station clearly in Foothill Ranch. We have all our stereos are set to Air 1 now. We typically listen to worship music on CD's or I-pods. It is wonderful to have family friendly music, discussions and news and views,opinions and encouragement to listen to. Due to the the randomness of some radio stations we rarely listen to any radio stations, which at times leaves a feeling of disconnect. Our prayers of healing, courage and strength go out to the individuals affected by the Newtown Tragedy. I have no connection with anyone personally there, however the grieve is deep. Our little lambs have the Right to go to school or any other venues without fearing for their life and having to look over their shoulders. This Society must be more open minded to all with mental challenges. People, please realize there are a multitude of levels of Mental Illnesses. Over my lifetime I have witnessed many people giving their unsolicited opinions that do not have the slightest idea of daily, hourly challenges that one has to face life with. The struggles are real every waking moment. Especially this society, there seems to be a strong perverseness of righthousness. Children are born to us with special needs , I call them extraordinary. Society needs to realize all these kids become adults, we do not outgrow the challenges. We do learn techniques to deal with our issues. Many people talk down on medications prescribed. It does take patience to find the proper chemical dosages for each individual patient. However, without meds we would not have the opportunity to balance out some of what I call Short Circuiting. Those of us who do face these frustrating challenge daily, and actually realize that we have issues more so than the person next to us, are thankful and greatful for help. We do feel the need to keep quiet. Us, awkward, socially challenged individuals feel cursed. Who advocates for the weak, Millions advocate to be the loudest and fasted and wildest... By the way, genetics - We do not always realize as we build a new family that we may pass the genetic issues, deficiencies, on to our precious children we give birth to. Sometimes we do not have the knowledge of what our ancestors have struggled with. I have worked with the public in various positions, I enjoy working with kids and helping them, and over the years have seen many children struggle in classrooms or on the playground. Society is quick to create the next level of fierce electronic deadly games. PEOPLE, IT IS ADULTS CREATING THESE SO CALLED TOYS and movies and music and videos; manufacturing, advertising, selling and profiting. Our soldiers need some weapons; not the neighbor next door. Our children are born to us innocent, we all teach them what is acceptable. Firearms are glorified by adults, who then pass that on to the children. We do not live in the age of cowboys and Indians. By the way, why were the cowboys the ones that were the righteous. Men always have this need to be owner or leader. Good leadership is wonderful, not at the cost of someone elses life. Our schools and communities need to be better educated about Mental illnesses. We all learn about diabetes, cancer, heart conditions, Epilepsy, Allergies, osteoporosis, PMS, Alzheimers, dementia,the illness are countless. Finally we are becoming more aware and educated about Bullying;it is done face to face, or electronically. Society is very quick to judge and comment "oh, look at that strange kid, or that crazy, idiot, adult over there." (without knowing the slightest thing about them). The bullying of kids and adults is rampant in this day and age. We live in a time when the rowdiest people are looked upon as the in crowd, the way to be. Respect for one another, is seen less and less; this is extremely sad. We do not all want or choose to be the negative part of society. Thanks go out to all the people who have shown support to those that were victimized by the Newtown Tragedy. God is with all the angelic children and administrator we have lost. We will see them again when we get to go home. God can strengthen you all minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. Be strong and courageous, do not be terrified. Do not let the evil infectious one win. Glory to our Father, Son and Holy Spirit, that we can fix on Hope and Faith and find Joy in his precious gift of our life.
By: Liane M. Jackson on December 19, 2012

Our family LOVES Air1 Radio at 92.7 FM in Orange County. Especially my teenage boys listen to it all day long. What a GREAT mix of upbeat Christian songs they play!
By: Lopez Family on October 31, 2013

7/19/14 - do you have the playlist for the songs aired this morning 3:00 to 3:30 A.M. on 92.7 FM on Air One? Gotta find a couple titles. Thank you for the good music.
By: Leslie domear on July 19, 2014

I was shocked to find this station after a women's worship night and to find out I haven't been listening to you for the past two years?!!!!! What the heck?! I loved it! It's programmed in my car and I didn't realize it was Christian music! I LOVE that! So excited to listen more! THANK YOU~!
By: Moosewithme on September 23, 2014

By: Trey Sinegal on June 12, 2017

I really love the radio station it's encouraging and it's upliftinghey I'm at a time in my life where I got approved for a car it lasted 2 years I still owe $13,000 on it and the transmission went out and I'm paying car note full coverage insurance and trying to get my car out trying to keep a roof over my grandkids head so when I feeling down I turned to this radio station it helps me to remember that God is in control no matter what I circumstances is I'm still going to hold on to that belief keep me in your prayers
By: Diane Brown on December 14, 2017

WHY CAN'T I HEAR YOU ON 92.7FM? That's what's listed on a local AirOne advertisement on a billboard. That's what's listed online, for the Los Angeles, CA area. What do I hear at 92.7fm? STATIC. My home radio was successfully dialed-in to AirOne for years. Somehow the tuning was disturbed, and I found myself hearing NPR broadcasts, I tried looking up AirOne to get the local bandwidth, but 92.7F doesn't work for me. Please help! Mrs. Paula Hansen Covina, CA
By: Anonymous on April 1, 2019

I just bumped into a non-alcoholic combination drink with your radio Station Call-letters KYLA in giant letters on the box ! You may or may not know about this already; but I thought it might be of interest to you, if you haven't. (What caught my attention - is that I've collected radio station bumper stickers for some time; and thought for a moment, that a nice new one was about to be added to my collection ! Their motto is - "Ask KYLA. Reveal Your Future ! " Sincerely, John.
By: John Ruckert on January 9, 2020

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