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Educational Media Foundation Radio Stations

We found 863 radio stations in our databased that are owned by Educational Media Foundation.

StationCity of LicenseFormat
K201DX - Air 1 88.1Walla Walla, WAChristian Contemporary
K201EG - K-Love 88.1Ketchikan, AKChristian Contemporary
K203EN - K-Love 88.5Ellensburg, WAChristian Contemporary
K203EY - K-Love 88.5St. George, UTChristian Contemporary
K204EO - K-Love 88.7Yankton, SDChristian Contemporary
K204GE - K-Love 88.7Fairbanks, AKChristian Contemporary
K204GM - K-Love 88.7Hilo, HIChristian Contemporary
K205BM - K-Love 88.9Oakland, CAChristian Contemporary
K205BN - Air 1 88.9Los Gatos, CAChristian Contemporary
K205DV - K-Love 88.9La Grande, ORChristian Contemporary
K205EP - Air 1 88.9Santa Clarita, CAChristian Contemporary
K205FI - K-Love 88.9Ardmore, OKChristian Contemporary
K205FV - Air 1 88.9Plainview, COChristian Contemporary
K206AZ - K-Love 89.1Leadville, COChristian Contemporary
K206BQ - K-Love 89.1Hollister, CAChristian Contemporary
K206EO - Air 1 89.1Granite, WYChristian Contemporary
K207CZ - Air 1 89.3Carlsbad, NMChristian Contemporary
K207EM - K-Love 89.3Moab, UTChristian Contemporary
K208CW - K-Love 89.5Monterey, CAChristian Contemporary
K208DV - Air 1 89.5St. Cloud, MNChristian Contemporary
K208GB - K-Love 89.5Crescent City, CAChristian Contemporary
K209BT - Air 1 89.7Plainview, TXChristian Contemporary
K209CJ - Air 1 89.7Tooele, UTChristian Contemporary
K209EM - K-Love 89.7Huron, SDChristian Contemporary
K209FA - K-Love 89.7Glenwood Springs, COChristian Contemporary
K209FW - Air 1 89.7Ames, IAChristian Contemporary
K209FX - K-Love 89.7Mitchell, SDChristian Contemporary
K210AM - K-Love 89.9Sheridan, Etc., WYChristian Contemporary
K210BO - K-Love 89.9Aspen, COChristian Contemporary
K210CE - K-Love 89.9Mesa, COChristian Contemporary
K210CF - K-Love 89.9Kodiak, AKChristian Contemporary
K210CW - K-Love 89.9Newport, ORChristian Contemporary
K210CX - Air 1 89.9Yakima, WAChristian Contemporary
K210DT - Air 1 89.9Pocatello, IDChristian Contemporary
K210ES - K-Love 89.9Aberdeen, WAChristian Contemporary
K210EU - Air 1 89.9Tucson, AZChristian Contemporary
K211CO - Air 1 90.1Redding, CAChristian Contemporary
K211FN - Air 1 90.1Norfolk, NEChristian Contemporary
K211FS - Air 1 90.1Williston, NDChristian Contemporary
K212BF - Air 1 90.3Eugene, ORChristian Contemporary
K212EF - K-Love 90.3Las Vegas, NMChristian Contemporary
K212FY - K-Love 90.3Vail, Etc., COChristian Contemporary
K212FZ - K-Love 90.3Ada, OKChristian Contemporary
K212GH - K-Love 90.3Ottumwa, IAChristian Contemporary
K212GI - K-Love 90.3Hastings, NEChristian Contemporary
K213AT - K-Love 90.5Buena Vista, COChristian Contemporary
K213BX - K-Love 90.5Nucla, COChristian Contemporary
K213DV - K-Love 90.5Pleasant Hill, IAChristian Contemporary
K214AV - K-Love 90.7Vernal, UTChristian Contemporary
K214CI - Air 1 90.7Eugene, ORChristian Contemporary
K214DF - Air 1 90.7Golden Valley, MNChristian Contemporary
K214DT - K-Love 90.7Flagstaff, AZChristian Contemporary
K214FG - Air 1 90.7Casa Grande, AZChristian Contemporary
K215BS - K-Love 90.9Craig, COChristian Contemporary
K215BW - Air 1 90.9Arcata, CAChristian Contemporary
K215BZ - K-Love 90.9Dillon, COChristian Contemporary
K215CR - K-Love 90.9The Dalles, ORChristian Contemporary
K215DM - Air 1 90.9Hoyt, KSChristian Contemporary
K215DP - K-Love 90.9Port Angeles, WAChristian Contemporary
K215EM - Air 1 90.9Eagle, COChristian Contemporary
K215FF - Air 1 90.9Rock Springs, WYChristian Contemporary
K215FJ - Air 1 90.9Carson City, NVChristian Contemporary
K216DR - Air 1 91.1Central Point, ORChristian Contemporary
K216EB - K-Love 91.1Hood River, ORChristian Contemporary
K216EM - Air 1 91.1Arcadia, CAChristian Contemporary
K216GP - K-Love 91.1Wickenburg, AZChristian Contemporary
K217CY - K-Love 91.3Oberlin, KSChristian Contemporary
K217EN - Air 1 91.3Great Bend, KSChristian Contemporary
K217FA - Air 1 91.3Portales, NMChristian Contemporary
K217FT - Air 1 91.3Waterloo, IAChristian Contemporary
K218BP - K-Love 91.5Parachute, COChristian Contemporary
K218DL - Air 1 91.5Scottsbluff, NEChristian Contemporary
K218DR - Air 1 91.5Bel Aire, KSChristian Contemporary
K218EX - Air 1 91.5Klamath Falls, ORChristian Contemporary
K218EZ - K-Love 91.5Pocatello, IDChristian Contemporary
K219AW - K-Love 91.7Meeker, COChristian Contemporary
K219CK - K-Love 91.7Coos Bay, ORChristian Contemporary
K219KM - Air 1 91.7Butte, MTChristian Contemporary
K220AH - K-Love 91.9Gunnison, COChristian Contemporary
K220BM - K-Love 91.9Rangely, COChristian Contemporary
K220BV - K-Love 91.9San Jose, CAChristian Contemporary
K220FR - Air 1 91.9Thousand Oaks, CAChristian Contemporary
K220GC - Air 1 91.9Minot, NDChristian Contemporary
K220GT - K-Love 91.9Lincoln, NEChristian Contemporary
K220HC - Air 1 91.9Studio City, CAChristian Contemporary
K220IV - Air 1 91.9North Pole, AKChristian Contemporary
K220JB - K-Love 91.9Vacaville, CAChristian Contemporary
K221DQ - K-Love 92.1Petaluma, CAChristian Contemporary
K221DW - Air 1 92.1Tecumseh, KSChristian Contemporary
K221ES - Air 1 92.1Albertville, MNChristian Contemporary
K221FT - K-Love 92.1Twin Falls, IDChristian Contemporary
K221GB - Air 1 92.1Barstow, CAChristian Contemporary
K221GC - Air 1 92.1Austin, TXChristian Contemporary
K221GT - Air 1 92.1Ruston, LAChristian Contemporary
K222AW - K-Love 92.3Bowie, TXChristian Contemporary
K222BE - K-Love 92.3Borger, TXChristian Contemporary
K223AU - K-Love 92.5Dumas, TXChristian Contemporary
K223BR - K-Love 92.5Montrose, COChristian Contemporary
K223CS - K-Love 92.5Cave Junction, ORChristian Contemporary
K223DE - K-Love 92.5Wichita Falls, TXChristian Contemporary
K224DK - K-Love 92.7Fontana, CAChristian Contemporary
K224DL - Air 1 92.7Portland, ORChristian Contemporary
K224DV - K-Love 92.7Kalispell, MTChristian Contemporary
K224EH - Air 1 92.7Victoria, TXChristian Contemporary
K224EY - Air 1 92.7San Marino, CAChristian Contemporary
K225AO - Air 1 92.9Lompoc, CAChristian Contemporary
K225AU - K-Love 92.9Nevada City, CAChristian Contemporary
K225CA - Air 1 92.9Del Valle, TXChristian Contemporary
K226AG - K-Love 93.1Pine Bluff, ARChristian Contemporary
K226AL - K-Love 93.1Carson City, NVChristian Contemporary
K227BI - K-Love 93.3Santa Barbara, CAChristian Contemporary
K228BR - K-Love 93.5Tulsa, OKChristian Contemporary
K228EB - K-Love 93.5Pampa, TXChristian Contemporary
K228FD - K-Love 93.5Monterey, CAChristian Contemporary
K228FI - K-Love 93.5Las Cruces, NMChristian Contemporary
K229BU - K-Love 93.7Missoula, MTChristian Contemporary
K229CF - K-Love 93.7Batesville, ARChristian Contemporary
K230BP - K-Love 93.9Hutchinson, KSChristian Contemporary
K231CD - Air 1 94.1Smithfield, UTChristian Contemporary
K232CU - K-Love 94.3Green River, WYChristian Contemporary
K233DC - K-Love 94.5Kailua, HIChristian Contemporary
K234AM - K-Love 94.7Groves, TXChristian Contemporary
K236AP - K-Love 95.1Fallon, NVChristian Contemporary
K236AW - K-Love 95.1Lancaster, CAChristian Contemporary
K236BM - K-Love 95.1Spring Valley, NVChristian Contemporary
K236BQ - K-Love 95.1Carmichael, CAChristian Contemporary
K237ER - K-Love 95.3Grand Forks, NDChristian Contemporary
K237EY - Air 1 95.3Temple, TXChristian Contemporary
K237FS - Air 1 95.3Conroe, TXChristian Contemporary
K237GC - K-Love 95.3Des Moines, IAChristian Contemporary
K238AH - K-Love 95.5King City, CAChristian Contemporary
K240CZ - K-Love 95.9Tigard, ORChristian Contemporary
K240DX - K-Love 95.9Eureka, CAChristian Contemporary
K240ED - K-Love 95.9Tulsa, OKChristian Contemporary
K240EJ - K-Love 95.9Yreka, CAChristian Contemporary
K241AP - Air 1 96.1Ferndale, ARChristian Contemporary
K241BO - Air 1 96.1Belton, TXChristian Contemporary
K241BW - K-Love 96.1Waco, TXChristian Contemporary
K243AF - K-Love 96.5Jacksonville, ORChristian Contemporary
K243AM - K-Love 96.5Colorado Springs, COChristian Contemporary
K243CC - Air 1 96.5Tucson, AZChristian Contemporary
K244FE - Air 1 96.7Calhoun Beach, MNChristian Contemporary
K245BN - K-Love 96.9Salina, KSChristian Contemporary
K246CK - Air 1 97.1Lake Charles, LAChristian Contemporary
K247AZ - K-Love 97.3Sand Springs, TXChristian Contemporary
K247CL - K-Love 97.3Indio, CAChristian Contemporary
K248BS - Air 1 97.5Newberg, ORChristian Contemporary
K248CE - Air 1 97.5Davenport, IAChristian Contemporary
K249DO - Air 1 97.7Clinton, IAChristian Contemporary
K249DT - K-Love 97.7Atchison, KSChristian Contemporary
K249DV - K-Love 97.7Baton Rouge, LAChristian Contemporary
K249ED - Air 1 97.7Albertville, MNChristian Contemporary
K250BC - K-Love 97.9Ames, IAChristian Contemporary
K250BH - K-Love 97.9Jonesboro, ARChristian Contemporary
K250BU - Air 1 97.9Bettendorf, IAChristian Contemporary
K251AL - K-Love 98.1Beaumont, TXChristian Contemporary
K253AA - K-Love 98.5Susanville, CAChristian Contemporary
K253AD - K-Love 98.5Oceanside, CAChristian Contemporary
K253AX - K-Love 98.5Shasta, CAChristian Contemporary
K253BG - K-Love 98.5St. Joseph, MOChristian Contemporary
K253BH - Air 1 98.5Gardnerville, NVChristian Contemporary
K255BB - K-Love 98.9Mauriceville, TXChristian Contemporary
K255BE - Air 1 98.9Tulsa, OKChristian Contemporary
K255CH - Air 1 98.9Kalispell, MTChristian Contemporary
K255CL - Air 1 98.9Clarksville, CAChristian Contemporary
K255CN - K-Love 98.9Auburn, CAChristian Contemporary
K256CL - K-Love 99.1Port Angeles, WAChristian Contemporary
K257EP - K-Love 99.3Dilworth, MNChristian Contemporary
K257FD - K-Love 99.3Sterling, COChristian Contemporary
K257GG - K-Love 99.3Wasilla, AKChristian Contemporary
K258AB - K-Love 99.5Modesto, CAChristian Contemporary
K258BE - K-Love 99.5Estes Park, COChristian Contemporary
K260BA - K-Love 99.9Coon Rapids, MNChristian Contemporary
K261DH - K-Love 100.1Iowa City, IAChristian Contemporary
K261DY - K-Love 100.1Sioux City, IAChristian Contemporary
K263AK - Air 1 100.5Wichita Falls, TXChristian Contemporary
K263AM - Air 1 100.5Tahlequah, OKChristian Contemporary
K264AF - Air 1 100.7Guasti, CAChristian Contemporary
K264AJ - Air 1 100.7Lawton, OKChristian Contemporary
K264AL - Air 1 100.7Merced, CAChristian Contemporary
K264BP - K-Love 100.7West Sonora, CAChristian Contemporary
K265CV - K-Love 100.9Fremont, CAChristian Contemporary
K265DF - K-Love 100.9Eugene, ORChristian Contemporary
K265DT - K-Love 100.9Chickasha, OKChristian Contemporary
K265EH - Air 1 100.9Waverly, IAChristian Contemporary
K267AZ - K-Love 101.3Cedaredge, Etc., COChristian Contemporary
K268GF - K-Love 101.5Ashland, ORChristian Contemporary
K269EQ - K-Love 101.7Loveland, COChristian Contemporary
K269FS - K-Love 101.7Centralia, WAChristian Contemporary
K270AA - K-Love 101.9Redding, CAChristian Contemporary
K270AI - K-Love 101.9Cathedral City, CAChristian Contemporary
K270BE - Air 1 101.9Modesto, CAChristian Contemporary
K270BW - Air 1 101.9Bellefontaine, MOChristian Contemporary
K271AS - Air 1 102.1Killeen, TXChristian Contemporary
K272EI - Air 1 102.3Sulphur, LAChristian Contemporary
K273BM - Air 1 102.5Farmington, NMChristian Contemporary
K273BT - K-Love 102.5Price, UTChristian Contemporary
K274BL - K-Love 102.7Anthony, TXChristian Contemporary
K275BT - K-Love 102.9Stockton, CAChristian Contemporary
K275CH - K-Love 102.9Gresham, ORChristian Contemporary
K275CU - K-Love 102.9Monterey, CAChristian Contemporary
K276EK - K-Love 103.1Vacaville, CAChristian Contemporary
K276EL - K-Love 103.1Austin, TXChristian Contemporary
K276EU - K-Love 103.1Kennewick, WAChristian Contemporary
K276FR - K-Love 103.1Duncan, OKChristian Contemporary
K277CH - Air 1 103.3San Francisco, CAChristian Contemporary
K277CU - Air 1 103.3Wichita, KSChristian Contemporary
K279BJ - Air 1 103.7Blytheville, ARChristian Contemporary
K279BO - Boost Radio 103.7Portland, ORChristian Rhythmic
K279BX - K-Love 103.7Des Moines, IAChristian Contemporary
K279CV - K-Love 103.7Burley, IDChristian Contemporary
K280FV - Air 1 103.9Santa Barbara, CAChristian Contemporary
K280GB - Air 1 103.9Pleasant View, COChristian Contemporary
K280GC - K-Love 103.9New Braunfels, TXChristian Contemporary
K281BL - Air 1 104.1Coyote, CAChristian Contemporary
K281BS - K-Love 104.1Hiawatha, IAChristian Contemporary
K281BU - K-Love 104.1San Francisco, CAChristian Contemporary
K281DD - Air 1 104.1Cheyenne, WYChristian Contemporary
K283BC - Air 1 104.5Hobbs, NMChristian Contemporary
K284AO - Air 1 104.7Oildale, CAChristian Contemporary
K285FI - Air 1 104.9Muskogee, OKChristian Contemporary
K285GG - Air 1 104.9Edison, CAChristian Contemporary
K285GP - Air 1 104.9Millard, NEChristian Contemporary
K288FB - Air 1 105.5Honolulu, HIChristian Contemporary
K288FX - K-Love 105.5North Enid, OKChristian Contemporary
K288GR - K-Love 105.5Bayport, MNChristian Contemporary
K289AZ - Air 1 105.7Porterville, CAChristian Contemporary
K290BZ - Air 1 105.9Kneeland, CAChristian Contemporary
K290CJ - K-Love 105.9Soledad, CAChristian Contemporary
K291BD - K-Love 106.1Brownfield, TXChristian Contemporary
K292FJ - K-Love 106.3Stillwater, OKChristian Contemporary
K292GE - K-Love 106.3Bunkie, LAChristian Contemporary
K293AP - Air 1 106.5Sand Springs, OKChristian Contemporary
K293CI - Air 1 106.5Columbia, MOChristian Contemporary
K296EX - K-Love 107.1Yuba City, CAChristian Contemporary
K296GB - 107.1 The BullNorth Highlands, CACountry
K297AJ - K-Love 107.3Coburg, ORChristian Contemporary
K298BQ - Air 1 107.5Coeur D'alene, IDChristian Contemporary
K299AG - K-Love 107.7Rock Springs, WYChristian Contemporary
K299AU - K-Love 107.7North Burlington, IAChristian Contemporary
K300AE - K-Love 107.9Breckenridge, COChristian Contemporary
K300AP - K-Love 107.9Sunnyside, WAChristian Contemporary
K300BO - K-Love 107.9Killeen, TXChristian Contemporary
K300CH - Air 1 107.9Lees Summit, MOChristian Contemporary
KAAI - Air 1 98.5Palisade, COChristian Contemporary
KAER - Air 1 89.3Mesquite, NVChristian Contemporary
KAGT - Air 1 90.5Abilene, TXChristian Contemporary
KAIA - Air 1 91.5Bloomfield, MOChristian Contemporary
KAIB - Air 1 89.5Shafter, CAChristian Contemporary
KAIG - Air 1 89.9Dodge City, KSChristian Contemporary
KAIK - K-Love 88.5Rockaway Beach, ORChristian Contemporary
KAIO - Air 1 90.5Idaho Falls, IDChristian Contemporary
KAIP - Air 1 88.9Wapello, IAChristian Contemporary
KAIX 88.3 FMCasper, WYChristian Contemporary
KAIZ - K-Love 105.5Avondale, AZChristian Contemporary
KAKI - Air 1 88.1Juneau, AKChristian Contemporary
KAKL - K-Love 88.5Anchorage, AKChristian Contemporary
KAKV - K-Love 88.9El Dorado, ARChristian Contemporary
KALR - Air 1 91.5Hot Springs, ARChristian Contemporary
KARA - Air 1 99.1Williams, CAChristian Contemporary
KARJ - Air 1 92.1Escondido, CAChristian Contemporary
KARO - Air 1 98.7Nyssa, ORChristian Contemporary
KARQ - Air 1 88.5San Luis Obispo, CAChristian Contemporary
KARU - Air 1 88.9Cache, OKChristian Contemporary
KAWF - K-Love 88.5Selma, CAChristian Contemporary
KAWJ - Air 1 94.5Coarsegold, CAChristian Contemporary
KAWK - K-Love 88.3Coalinga, CAChristian Contemporary
KAWR 98.7 FMReliance, WYUnknown
KAZK 89.7 FMWillcox, AZChristian Contemporary
KBIL - Air 1 89.7Park City, MTChristian Contemporary
KBLV - K-Love 88.7Tehachapi, CAChristian Contemporary
KBMK - K-Love 88.3Bismarck, NDChristian Contemporary
KCAI - Air 1 89.3Linden, CAChristian Contemporary
KDAI - Air 1 89.1Scottsbluff, NEChristian Contemporary
KDKL - K-Love 103.7Okemah, OKChristian Contemporary
KDLZ 101.5 FMThe Dalles, ORChristian Contemporary
KDTI - K-Love 90.3Rochester Hills, MIChristian Contemporary
KEKL - K-Love 90.7Emporia, KSChristian Contemporary
KELU - K-Love 90.3Clovis, NMChristian Contemporary
KFAA - Air 1 89.5Horace, NDChristian Contemporary
KFLF 91.3 FMSomers, MTChristian Contemporary
KFLV - K-Love 89.9Wilber, NEChristian Contemporary
KFMK - K-Love 105.9Round Rock, TXChristian Contemporary
KFRI - Air 1 88.7West Odessa, TXChristian Contemporary
KGCL - Radio Nueva Vida 90.9Jordan Valley, ORSpanish Religious
KGCN - K-Love 91.7Roswell, NMChristian Contemporary
KGFA - Air 1 90.7Great Falls, MTChristian Contemporary
KGKV - K-Love 88.1Doss, TXChristian Contemporary
KGLV - K-Love 88.9Manhattan, KSChristian Contemporary
KGRI - Air 1 88.1Lebanon, ORChristian Contemporary
KHCO - Air 1 90.1Hayden, COChristian Contemporary
KHCS 91.7 FMPalm Desert, CAChristian Contemporary
KHJK - Air 1 103.7La Porte, TXChristian Contemporary
KHKL - K-Love 91.9Laytonville, CAChristian Contemporary
KHLR 91.9 FMHarrison, ARChristian Contemporary
KHLV - K-Love 90.1Helena, MTChristian Contemporary
KHRI - Air 1 90.7Hollister, CAChristian Contemporary
KIKL - K-Love 90.9Lafayette, LAChristian Contemporary
KILV - K-Love 107.5Castana, IAChristian Contemporary
KIMI 107.9 FMMalvern, IAChristian Contemporary
KITA - Air 1 89.5Iota, LAChristian Contemporary
KJBR - Air 1 93.7Marked Tree, ARChristian Contemporary
KJKF - K-Love 88.9Klamath Falls, ORChristian Contemporary
KJKL - K-Love 89.1Jamestown, NDChristian Contemporary
KKHI - K-Love 102.3Kaunakakai, HIChristian Contemporary
KKLB - Air 1 89.1Bartlesville, OKChristian Contemporary
KKLC - K-Love 107.9Fall River Mills, CAChristian Contemporary
KKLG - K-Love 88.3Newton, IAChristian Contemporary
KKLJ - K-Love 100.1Julian, CAChristian Contemporary
KKLM - K-Love 104.1Murrieta, CAChristian Contemporary
KKLP - K-Love 91.1Perris, CAChristian Contemporary
KKLQ - 100.3 K-LoveLos Angeles, CAChristian Contemporary
KKLT - K-Love 89.3Texarkana, ARChristian Contemporary
KKLU - K-Love 90.9Lubbock, TXChristian Contemporary
KKLV - K-Love 107.5Kaysville, UTChristian Contemporary
KKLW - K-Love 90.9Willmar, MNChristian Contemporary
KKLY - K-Love 89.5El Paso, TXChristian Contemporary
KKMR - K-Love 106.5Arizona City, AZChristian Contemporary
KKRD - Air 1 91.1Enid, OKChristian Contemporary
KKRI - Air 1 88.1Pocola, OKChristian Contemporary
KKRO - Air 1 102.7Red Bluff, CAChristian Contemporary
KKVO - K-Love 90.9Altus, OKChristian Contemporary
KLAG - K-Love 91.7Alamogordo, NMChristian Contemporary
KLBV - K-Love 89.3Steamboat Springs, COChristian Contemporary
KLBZ - K-Love 89.3Bozeman, MTChristian Contemporary
KLCF - K-Love 91.1Truth Or Consequences, NMChristian Contemporary
KLCQ - K-Love 88.5Durango, COChristian Contemporary
KLCX - K-Love 106.9Pueblo, COChristian Contemporary
KLDQ - K-Love 100.7Harwood, NDChristian Contemporary
KLDV - K-Love 91.1Morrison, COChristian Contemporary
KLDX 88.5 FMSioux Center, IAChristian Contemporary
KLFG - K-Love 89.5Fort Dodge, IAChristian Contemporary
KLFH - K-Love 90.7Fort Smith, ARChristian Contemporary
KLFJ - K-Love 105.3Hoxie, ARChristian Contemporary
KLFS - K-Love 90.3Van Buren, ARChristian Contemporary
KLFV - K-Love 90.3Grand Junction, COChristian Contemporary
KLGU 90.3 FMSt. George, UTPublic Radio
KLHH 90.7 FMHanapepe, HIChristian Contemporary
KLHK - K-Love 88.3Hobbs, NMChristian Contemporary
KLHQ - K-Love 99.5Hotchkiss, COChristian Contemporary
KLHV - K-Love 88.5Cotton Valley, LAChristian Contemporary
KLJK - K-Love 94.7Weiner, ARChristian Contemporary
KLJV - K-Love 88.3Scottsbluff, NEChristian Contemporary
KLKA - K-Love 88.5Globe, AZChristian Contemporary
KLKF - K-Love 100.7Malin, ORChristian Contemporary
KLKI 89.9 FMBullhead City, AZChristian Contemporary
KLKM - K-Love 88.7Kalispell, MTChristian Contemporary
KLKV - K-Love 99.9Hunt, TXChristian Contemporary
KLLR - K-Love 91.9Dripping Springs, TXChristian Contemporary
KLLU - K-Love 88.9Gallup, NMChristian Contemporary
KLMD - K-Love 101.1Talent, ORChristian Contemporary
KLMK - K-Love 90.7Marvell, ARChristian Contemporary
KLMQ - K-Love 90.7Placerville, COChristian Contemporary
KLNB - K-Love 88.3Grand Island, NEChristian Contemporary
KLNQ - K-Love 106.5Atlanta, LAChristian Contemporary
KLOF - K-Love 88.9Gillette, WYChristian Contemporary
KLON - Air 1 90.3Tillamook, ORChristian Contemporary
KLOV - K-Love 89.3Winchester, ORChristian Contemporary
KLOY - K-Love 88.7Ocean Park, WAChristian Contemporary
KLPT - K-Love 90.9Prescott, AZChristian Contemporary
KLRD - Air 1 90.1Yucaipa, CAChristian Contemporary
KLRH - K-Love 92.9Reno, NVChristian Contemporary
KLRI - K-Love 89.5Rigby, IDChristian Contemporary
KLRJ - K-Love 94.9Aberdeen, SDChristian Contemporary
KLRM - K-Love 90.7Melbourne, ARChristian Contemporary
KLRO - K-Love 90.1Hot Springs, ARChristian Contemporary
KLRQ - K-Love 96.1Clinton, MOChristian Contemporary
KLRS - K-Love 89.7Lodi, CAChristian Contemporary
KLRV - K-Love 90.9Billings, MTChristian Contemporary
KLRW - K-Love 88.5San Angelo, TXChristian Contemporary
KLRX - K-Love 97.3Lee's Summit, MOChristian Contemporary
KLRY - K-Love 91.3Gypsum, COChristian Contemporary
KLSB - K-Love 97.5Goleta, CAChristian Contemporary
KLSF - K-Love 89.7Juneau, AKChristian Contemporary
KLSK 100.3 FMGreat Falls, MTChristian Contemporary
KLSW - K-Love 104.5Covington, WAChristian Contemporary
KLTQ 90.9 FMThatcher, AZChristian Contemporary
KLTU - K-Love 88.1Mammoth, AZChristian Contemporary
KLUU - K-Love 103.5Wahiawa, HIChristian Contemporary
KLUW - K-Love 88.1East Wenatchee, WAChristian Contemporary
KLUY - K-Love 88.7Searcy, ARChristian Contemporary
KLVA - K-Love 89.9Superior, AZChristian Contemporary
KLVB - K-Love 99.5Citrus Heights, CAChristian Contemporary
KLVC - K-Love 88.3Magalia, CAChristian Contemporary
KLVG - K-Love 103.7Garberville, CAChristian Contemporary
KLVJ - K-Love 102.1Encinitas, CAChristian Contemporary
KLVK - K-Love 89.1Fountain Hills, AZChristian Contemporary
KLVM - K-Love 88.9Santa Cruz, CAChristian Contemporary
KLVN - K-Love 88.3Livingston, CAChristian Contemporary
KLVP - K-Love 97.9Aloha, ORChristian Contemporary
KLVR - K-Love 91.9Middletown, CAChristian Contemporary
KLVU - K-Love 107.1Sweet Home, ORChristian Contemporary
KLVW - K-Love 90.5Odessa, TXChristian Contemporary
KLVY - K-Love 91.1Fairmead, CAChristian Contemporary
KLWA - K-Love 101.3Westport, WAChristian Contemporary
KLWC - K-Love 89.1Casper, WYChristian Contemporary
KLWO - K-Love 90.3Longview, WAChristian Contemporary
KLWR 101.9 FMNorth Rock Springs, WYUnknown
KLWV - K-Love 90.9Chugwater, WYChristian Contemporary
KLXA - K-Love 89.9Alexandria, LAChristian Contemporary
KLXB - K-Love 105.1Bermuda Dunes, CAChristian Contemporary
KLXC - K-Love 90.3Carlsbad, NMChristian Contemporary
KLXD - K-Love 89.5Victorville, CAChristian Contemporary
KLXF - K-Love 90.5Modesto, CAChristian Contemporary
KLXG - K-Love 91.1Grants Pass, ORChristian Contemporary
KLXH - K-Love 106.3Thibodaux, LAChristian Contemporary
KLXI - K-Love 99.5Fruitland, IDChristian Contemporary
KLXN - K-Love 104.1Rosepine, LAChristian Contemporary
KLXP - K-Love 89.7Randsburg, CAChristian Contemporary
KLXV - K-Love 91.9Glenwood Springs, COChristian Contemporary
KLXY - K-Love 90.5Woodlake, CAChristian Contemporary
KLXZ - K-Love 91.3Ruidoso, NMChristian Contemporary
KLZV - K-Love 91.3Brush, COChristian Contemporary
KMFC - K-Love 92.1Centralia, MOChristian Contemporary
KMKL - K-Love 90.3North Branch, MNChristian Contemporary
KMKV - K-Love 100.7Kihei, HIChristian Contemporary
KMLR - K-Love 106.3Gonzales, TXChristian Contemporary
KMLT - K-Love 88.3Jackson, WYChristian Contemporary
KMLV - K-Love 88.1Ralston, NEChristian Contemporary
KMVS - K-Love 89.3Moss Beach, CAChristian Contemporary
KMWA - Air 1 96.3Edina, MNChristian Contemporary
KNAR - Air 1 89.3San Angelo, TXChristian Contemporary
KNBQ - K-Love 98.5Central Park, WAChristian Contemporary
KNDL - K-Love 100.7Berthold, NDChristian Contemporary
KNDW - K-Love 91.7Williston, NDChristian Contemporary
KNKL - Air 1 88.1Tremonton, UTChristian Contemporary
KNMI 88.9 FMFarmington, NMChristian Contemporary
KNOF - Go 95.3St. Paul, MNHip Hop
KNOL - K-Love 107.5Jean Lafitte, LAChristian Contemporary
KNRI - Air 1 89.7Bismarck, NDChristian Contemporary
KNVE - Radio Nueva Vida 91.3Redding, CASpanish Religious
KOAR - Air 1 101.5Beebe, ARChristian Contemporary
KOBC - K-Love 90.7Joplin, MOChristian Contemporary
KOKF - Air 1 90.9Edmond, OKChristian Contemporary
KPGA - Air 1 91.9Morton, TXChristian Contemporary
KPLV - K-Love 88.7Corpus Christi, TXChristian Contemporary
KPOR - Air 1 90.3Welches, ORChristian Contemporary
KPOS - Air 1 104.3Fouke, ARChristian Contemporary
KQAI - Air 1 89.1Roswell, NMChristian Contemporary
KQKL - K-Love 95.3Keokuk, IAChristian Contemporary
KQLR - K-Love 89.7Whitehall, MTChristian Contemporary
KQLV - K-Love 90.7Santa Fe, NMChristian Contemporary
KQRI - Air 1 105.5Bosque Farms, NMChristian Contemporary
KRKA - Air 1 103.9Severance, COChristian Contemporary
KRKL - K-Love 93.3Walla Walla, WAChristian Contemporary
KRKM - K-Love 91.7Fort Washakie, WYChristian Contemporary
KRLE - K-Love 89.7Carbon Hill, ALChristian Contemporary
KRLH - K-Love 90.9Hereford, TXChristian Contemporary
KRLP - K-Love 88.1Windom, MNChristian Contemporary
KRLR - K-Love 89.1Sulphur, LAChristian Contemporary
KRLU - K-Love 90.1Roswell, NMChristian Contemporary
KRQA - Air 1 88.1Bentonville, ARChristian Contemporary
KRTY - K-Love 91.9Great Bend, KSChristian Contemporary
KSAI - Air 1 90.3Salem, ORChristian Contemporary
KSFS - K-Love 90.1Sioux Falls, SDChristian Contemporary
KSLY - K-Love 96.1San Luis Obispo, CAChristian Contemporary
KSQT 89.7 FMPrunedale, CAChristian Contemporary
KSRD - Air 1 91.9St. Joseph, MOChristian Contemporary
KSRI - Air 1 90.7Sterling, COChristian Contemporary
KTKL - K-Love 88.5Stigler, OKChristian Contemporary
KTLW - Air 1 88.9Lancaster, CAChristian Contemporary
KTSL - Air 1 101.9Medical Lake, WAChristian Contemporary
KTUA 88.1 FMCoweta, OKChristian Contemporary
KUAO - K-Love 88.7North Ogden, UTChristian Contemporary
KULV - K-Love 97.1Ukiah, CAChristian Contemporary
KVID - K-Love 88.5Mesquite, NVChristian Contemporary
KVKL 91.1 FMLas Vegas, NVChristian Contemporary
KVLB - K-Love 90.5Bend, ORChristian Contemporary
KVLD - K-Love 91.7Norfolk, NEChristian Contemporary
KVLK - K-Love 89.5Milan, NMChristian Contemporary
KVLP - K-Love 91.7Tucumcari, NMChristian Contemporary
KVLQ - K-Love 90.1La Pine, ORChristian Contemporary
KVLR - K-Love 92.5Sunset Valley, TXChristian Contemporary
KVLT - K-Love 88.5Temple, TXChristian Contemporary
KVLW - K-Love 88.1Gatesville, TXChristian Contemporary
KVLX - K-Love 103.9Franklin, TXChristian Contemporary
KVRA - Air 1 89.3Sisters, ORChristian Contemporary
KWAA - Air 1 88.9Mart, TXChristian Contemporary
KWAI - 97.7 K-LoveLos Altos, CAChristian Contemporary
KWAO - Air 1 88.1Vashon, WAChristian Contemporary
KWKL - K-Love 89.9Grandfield, OKChristian Contemporary
KWLR 96.9 FMBigelow, ARChristian Contemporary
KWLU - K-Love 98.9Chester, CAChristian Contemporary
KWRY 104.9 FMRye, CORegional Mexican
KXAI 98.3 FMOdem, TXChristian Contemporary
KXGM - Air 1 89.1Hiawatha, IAChristian Contemporary
KXLV - K-Love 89.1Amarillo, TXChristian Contemporary
KXRI - Air 1 91.9Amarillo, TXChristian Contemporary
KYAI - Air 1 89.3Mckee, KYChristian Contemporary
KYDA - Air 1 101.7Azle, TXChristian Contemporary
KYDO - Air 1 96.1Campo, CAChristian Contemporary
KYKA - Air 1 104.9Meadow Lakes, AKChristian Contemporary
KYKL - K-Love 90.7Tracy, CAChristian Contemporary
KYKV - K-Love 103.1Selah, WAChristian Contemporary
KYLA - 92.7 Air 1Fountain Valley, CAChristian Contemporary
KYLR - K-Love 92.1Hutto, TXChristian Contemporary
KYLV - K-Love 88.9Oklahoma City, OKChristian Contemporary
KYMI - Air 1 97.5Charlo, MTChristian Contemporary
KYRA - 92.7 Air 1Thousand Oaks, CAChristian Contemporary
KYSA - Air 1 88.3Sparks, NVChristian Contemporary
KYSF - Air 1 97.5Bonanza, ORChristian Contemporary
KYSO - Air 1 88.7Selma, ORChristian Contemporary
KYUA - Air 1 88.5Inyokern, CAChristian Contemporary
KYXA - Air 1 106.7Homer, LAChristian Contemporary
KYZA - 92.7 Air 1Adelanto, CAChristian Contemporary
KZAI - Air 1 103.7Balcones Heights, TXChristian Contemporary
KZAR - Air 1 97.7Mcqueeney, TXChristian Contemporary
KZKL - K-Love 90.5Wichita Falls, TXChristian Contemporary
KZLO - K-Love 88.7Kilgore, TXChristian Contemporary
KZLR - K-Love 88.3Fairbanks, AKChristian Contemporary
KZLV - K-Love 91.3Lytle, TXChristian Contemporary
KZRI - Air 1 88.7Sandy, ORChristian Contemporary
W202CD - K-Love 88.3Wilson, NCChristian Contemporary
W202CF - Air 1 88.3Champaign, ILChristian Contemporary
W203BD - Air 1 88.5Decatur, ILChristian Contemporary
W203BL - Air 1 88.5Kirksville, INChristian Contemporary
W203BX - Air 1 88.5Sheboygan, WIChristian Contemporary
W204BL - Air 1 88.7Gainesville, FLChristian Contemporary
W204CQ - Air 1 88.7Piketon, OHChristian Contemporary
W204CT - Air 1 88.7Pittsburgh, PAChristian Contemporary
W205BT - Air 1 88.9New Albany, INChristian Contemporary
W205CG - Air 1 88.9Charleston, WVChristian Contemporary
W205CP - Air 1 88.9Winston-salem, NCChristian Contemporary
W206AH - K-Love 89.1Eau Claire, WIChristian Contemporary
W206AQ - Air 1 89.1Plattsburgh, NYChristian Contemporary
W206CE - Air 1 89.1Dekalb, ILChristian Contemporary
W208AV - Air 1 89.5San Jose, FLChristian Contemporary
W211BG - Air 1 90.1Walden, TNChristian Contemporary
W212AP - K-Love 90.3Notasulga, Etc., ALChristian Contemporary
W212BM - K-Love 90.3Jackson, OHChristian Contemporary
W214BD - K-Love 90.7Gifford, Vero Beach, FLChristian Contemporary
W214BL - K-Love 90.7Oxford, MSChristian Contemporary
W214CD - K-Love 90.7Wadsworth, OHChristian Contemporary
W215CH - Air 1 90.9Grand Ledge, MIChristian Contemporary
W215CM - K-Love 90.9Hinckley, OHChristian Contemporary
W216CJ - K-Love 91.1Harrisville, WVChristian Contemporary
W219CY - Air 1 91.7Irmo, SCChristian Contemporary
W219DS - K-Love 91.7Findlay, OHChristian Contemporary
W221BG - K-Love 92.1Toledo, OHChristian Contemporary
W222AF - K-Love 92.3Marietta, GAChristian Contemporary
W222BY - K-Love 92.3Laureldale, PAChristian Contemporary
W223BP - K-Love 92.5Lithia Springs, GAChristian Contemporary
W223BV - Air 1 92.5Brentwood, TNChristian Contemporary
W223BY - K-Love 92.5Connellsville, PAChristian Contemporary
W224BO - K-Love 92.7West Union, OHChristian Contemporary
W224CD - Air 1 92.7Parma, OHChristian Contemporary
W224CL - K-Love 92.7Anderson, INChristian Contemporary
W224CO - Air 1 92.7Greensboro, NCChristian Contemporary
W225AM - Air 1 92.9Toledo, OHChristian Contemporary
W225AP - Air 1 92.9St. Paul, MNChristian Contemporary
W227BR - K-Love 93.3Portsmouth, VAChristian Contemporary
W228DE - Air 1 93.5New Baltimore, MIChristian Contemporary
W230AY - K-Love 93.9Westover, WVChristian Contemporary
W231AZ - K-Love 94.1Sidney, OHChristian Contemporary
W231BY - K-Love 94.1Bellefontaine, OHChristian Contemporary
W231CQ - K-Love 94.1Athens, OHChristian Contemporary
W231CZ - K-Love 94.1Hartford, CTChristian Contemporary
W232CH - K-Love 94.3Raleigh, NCChristian Contemporary
W233AS - K-Love 94.5Meridian, MSChristian Contemporary
W235BB - K-Love 94.9Hauppauge, NYChristian Contemporary
W235BF - K-Love 94.9St Albans, WVChristian Contemporary
W236AN - K-Love 95.1Floyd's Knobs, INChristian Contemporary
W238AV - K-Love 95.5Wilmington, NCChristian Contemporary
W238BJ - Air 1 95.5Auburn, OHChristian Contemporary
W240CG - Air 1 95.9Webberville, MIChristian Contemporary
W241AI - K-Love 96.1Gorgas, ALChristian Contemporary
W244BY - Air 1 96.7Memphis, TNChristian Contemporary
W245AJ - Air 1 96.9Forest Park, OHChristian Contemporary
W245AK - K-Love 96.9Sheboygan, WIChristian Contemporary
W245AR - K-Love 96.9Jackson, TNChristian Contemporary
W246CQ - Air 1 97.1Dayton, OHChristian Contemporary
W247AS - K-Love 97.3New London, WIChristian Contemporary
W247AY - K-Love 97.3Bedford, INChristian Contemporary
W247BS - K-Love 97.3Hope Mills, NCChristian Contemporary
W248AW - K-Love 97.5Indianapolis, INChristian Contemporary
W248BB - Air 1 97.5Chicago, ILChristian Contemporary
W248BF - Air 1 97.5Granville, WVChristian Contemporary
W249BX - Air 1 97.7Southern Pines, NCChristian Contemporary
W249CT - K-Love 97.7Williamsburg, VAChristian Contemporary
W250BD - K-Love 97.9Louisville, KYChristian Contemporary
W250BQ - K-Love 97.9Newport News, VAChristian Contemporary
W250CY - K-Love 97.9Pittsburgh, PAChristian Contemporary
W251BH - K-Love 98.1Montgomery, WVChristian Contemporary
W252CP - K-Love 98.3Holly, MIChristian Contemporary
W252DJ - K-Love 98.3Jacksonville Beach, FLChristian Contemporary
W256CA - K-Love 99.1Joliet, ILChristian Contemporary
W257AB - K-Love 99.3Marion, OHChristian Contemporary
W257BP - K-Love 99.3Weirton, WVChristian Contemporary
W257CU - Air 1 99.3Columbus, OHChristian Contemporary
W260AS - K-Love 99.9Lawrence, MAChristian Contemporary
W260CH - K-Love 99.9Albany, NYChristian Contemporary
W261BH - K-Love 100.1Flint, MIChristian Contemporary
W262BD - K-Love 100.3Dimondale, MIChristian Contemporary
W262BM - Air 1 100.3Charlotte, NCChristian Contemporary
W262CN - Air 1 100.3Hendersonville, TNChristian Contemporary
W263BA - K-Love 100.5Wilmington, NCChristian Contemporary
W264BW - K-Love 100.7Norwood, OHChristian Contemporary
W264CN - K-Love 100.7Appleton, WIChristian Contemporary
W265CV - K-Love 100.9Madison, WIChristian Contemporary
W266CD - Air 1 101.1Baton Rouge, LAChristian Contemporary
W266CJ - Air 1 101.1Beachwood, OHChristian Contemporary
W267AL - Air 1 101.3Syracuse, NYChristian Contemporary
W268AY - Air 1 101.5Seward Township, ILChristian Contemporary
W269AS - Air 1 101.7Carlisle, Etc., PAChristian Contemporary
W269BB - K-Love 101.7Brownsville, TNChristian Contemporary
W270AD - K-Love 101.9West Palm Beach, FLChristian Contemporary
W270AW - K-Love 101.9Sanford, NCChristian Contemporary
W271AC - K-Love 102.1Appleton, WIChristian Contemporary
W271BG - K-Love 102.1Columbus, INChristian Contemporary
W271BN - Air 1 102.1Birmingham, ALChristian Contemporary
W271BT - K-Love 102.1Rocky Mount, NCChristian Contemporary
W272CB - Air 1 102.3Long Creek, ILChristian Contemporary
W272DD - Air 1 102.3Fayetteville, NCChristian Contemporary
W273BL - Air 1 102.5Akron, OHChristian Contemporary
W275BW - Air 1 102.9Fayetteville, NCChristian Contemporary
W276BF - Air 1 103.1Bloomington, INChristian Contemporary
W277AH - K-Love 103.3Dover, DEChristian Contemporary
W277BI - K-Love 103.3Toledo, OHChristian Contemporary
W278BO - K-Love 103.5Savannah, GAChristian Contemporary
W279AQ - K-Love 103.7Mascoutah, ILChristian Contemporary
W279BB - K-Love 103.7Urbana, OHChristian Contemporary
W279BR - K-Love 103.7Greenville, OHChristian Contemporary
W279BT - Air 1 103.7Cleveland, OHChristian Contemporary
W279CU - K-Love 103.7Tallahassee, FLChristian Contemporary
W280DO - K-Love 103.9Lexington, KYChristian Contemporary
W281AK - K-Love 104.1Amsterdam, NYChristian Contemporary
W281AL - K-Love 104.1Harbor View, OHChristian Contemporary
W282BI - Air 1 104.3Coxsackie, NYChristian Contemporary
W283BA - K-Love 104.5Selden, NYChristian Contemporary
W284CR - Air 1 104.7West Palm Beach, FLChristian Contemporary
W285DT - K-Love 104.9London, KYChristian Contemporary
W287AU - Air 1 105.3Dekalb, ILChristian Contemporary
W287BZ - K-Love 105.3Oshkosh, WIChristian Contemporary
W287CL - Air 1 105.3Lancaster, OHChristian Contemporary
W288BK - Air 1 105.5Rochester Hills, MIChristian Contemporary
W288BP - K-Love 105.5Wilson, NCChristian Contemporary
W288CM - K-Love 105.5Connersville, INChristian Contemporary
W289BX - K-Love 105.7Henderson, NCChristian Contemporary
W290AS - K-Love 105.9Bainbridge, GAChristian Contemporary
W290BA - K-Love 105.9Bowling Green, OHChristian Contemporary
W290BG - K-Love 105.9Chattanooga, TNChristian Contemporary
W291CM - K-Love 106.1Appleton, WIChristian Contemporary
W292CO - K-Love 106.3Middletown, OHChristian Contemporary
W292CZ - K-Love 106.3Jackson, TNChristian Contemporary
W292DA - K-Love 106.3Linden, MIChristian Contemporary
W292DK - Air 1 106.3Westland, MIChristian Contemporary
W293CM - Air 1 106.5Graysville, ALChristian Contemporary
W295AZ - Air 1 106.9Jacksonville Beach, FLChristian Contemporary
W295BP - Air 1 106.9Haslett, MIChristian Contemporary
W296CD - K-Love 107.1Jonestown, PAChristian Contemporary
W296CG - Air 1 107.1Detroit, MIChristian Contemporary
W296CV - Air 1 107.1High Point, NCChristian Contemporary
W298BW - K-Love 107.5Iron Mountain, MIChristian Contemporary
WAIV - Family Radio 91.7Kingston, NYReligious
WAIW - Air 1 92.5Winchester, VAChristian Contemporary
WAKC 102.3 FMConcord, NHChristian Contemporary
WAKL - K-Love 106.7Gainesville, GAChristian Contemporary
WARA - Air 1 88.3New Washington, INChristian Contemporary
WARJ 102.5 FMShawsville, VAChristian Contemporary
WARV - Air 1 90.1Colonial Heights, VAChristian Contemporary
WARW - Air-1 96.7Port Chester, NYChristian Contemporary
WARX - Air 1 93.9Lewiston, MEChristian Contemporary
WAWE - Air 1 94.3Glendale Heights, ILChristian Contemporary
WAWM 98.9 FMPetoskey, MIChristian Contemporary
WAWR - Air 1 93.5Remsen, NYChristian Contemporary
WAWS - K-Love 107.3Claxton, GAChristian Contemporary
WAWX 101.7 FMLynchburg, VAClassic Hits
WAWY 103.9 FMDundee, ILOldies
WBKC 90.9 FMMorgantown, INChristian Contemporary
WBKL - K-Love 92.7Clinton, LAChristian Contemporary
WBKV - Family Radio 89.9Buffalo, NYReligious
WBNK - K-Love 92.7Pine Knoll Shores, NCChristian Contemporary
WCCC - K-Love 106.9Hartford, CTChristian Contemporary
WCKL - K-Love 97.9Chicago, ILChristian Contemporary
WCLR - K-Love 92.5Dekalb, ILChristian Contemporary
WCVJ - Air 1 90.9Jefferson, OHChristian Contemporary
WDKL - K-Love 102.7Mount Clemens, MIChristian Contemporary
WDKV - K-Love 91.7Fond Du Lac, WIChristian Contemporary
WDLV - K-Love 88.7FMFort Myers, FLChristian Contemporary
WEKL 102.3 FMAugusta, GAChristian Contemporary
WEKV 101.9 FMCentral City, KYChristian Contemporary
WFLV - K-Love 90.7FMWest Palm Beach, FLChristian Contemporary
WFMA - Air 1 102.9Marion, ALChristian Contemporary
WFVL - K-Love 102.3Lumberton, NCChristian Contemporary
WGKV - K-Love 101.7Pulaski, NYChristian Contemporary
WGLA - K-Love 90.5Nashville, GAChristian Contemporary
WGLH - K-Love 103.9Hawkinsville, GAChristian Contemporary
WGLU - K-Love 102.5Warner Robins, GAChristian Contemporary
WGTI - Air 1 97.7Winfall, NCChristian Contemporary
WHAR - Air 1 105.1Havelock, NCChristian Contemporary
WHKU - K-Love 91.9Proctorville, OHChristian Contemporary
WHKV - K-Love 106.1Sylvester, GAChristian Contemporary
WHVK - K-Love 103.5New Hope, ALChristian Contemporary
WIKL - K-Love 101.7Elwood, INChristian Contemporary
WIKV - K-Love 89.3Plymouth, INChristian Contemporary
WILV - K-Love 91.1Loves Park, ILChristian Contemporary
WIRO 107.1 FMIronton, OHReligious
WJAI - Air 1 93.9Pearl, MSChristian Contemporary
WJKB - K-Love 105.1Sheffield, PAChristian Contemporary
WJKE - K-Love 101.3Stillwater, NYChristian Contemporary
WJKL - K-Love 105.7San Juan, PRChristian Contemporary
WJKV - K-Love 90.9Jacksonville, FLChristian Contemporary
WJLR - K-Love 91.5Seymour, INChristian Contemporary
WJLV - K-Love 94.7Jackson, MSChristian Contemporary
WKBP - K-Love 95.9Benton, PAChristian Contemperary
WKCC - Family Radio 90.5Columbus, GAReligious
WKCD - K-Love 90.3Cedarville, OHChristian Contemporary
WKDL 104.9 FMBrockport, NYChristian Contemporary
WKEL - K-Love 88.1Webster, NYChristian Contemporary
WKFF 102.1 FMSardis, MSChristian Contemporary
WKFV - K-Love 107.3Clinton, NCChristian Contemporary
WKGV - K-Love 104.1Swansboro, NCChristian Contemporary
WKHC - K-Love 97.1Hatteras, NCChristian Contemporary
WKHL - K-Love 92.1Palmyra, PAChristian Contemporary
WKHW - K-Love 88.5Halifax, PAChristian Contemporary
WKIF 96.5 FMHolly Springs, MSChristian Contemporary
WKIV - K-Love 88.1Westerly, RIChristian Contemporary
WKIW - K-Love 88.3Ironwood, MIChristian Contemporary
WKJL 88.1 FMClarksburg, WVChristian Contemporary
WKLU - K-Love 101.9Brownsburg, INChristian Contemporary
WKLV - K-Love 93.5Butler, ALChristian Contemporary
WKLZ 105.9 FMSyracuse, NYChristian Contemporary
WKMV - K-Love 88.3Muncie, INChristian Contemporary
WKMW - Family Radio 88.7Americus, GAReligious
WKMY 99.9 FMAthol, MAChristian Contemporary
WKPA - K-Love 107.9Port Matilda, PAChristian Contemporary
WKRT - K-Love 89.3Richmond, INChristian Contemporary
WKTH - K-Love 88.5Tullahoma, TNChristian Contemporary
WKVB - K-Love 107.3Westborough, MAChristian Contemporary
WKVC - K-Love 88.9North Myrtle Beach, SCChristian Contemporary
WKVF - K-Love 94.9Bartlett, TNChristian Contemporary
WKVH - K-Love 91.9Monticello, FLChristian Contemporary
WKVJ - K-Love 89.7Dannemora, NYChristian Contemporary
WKVK - K-Love 106.7Semora, NCChristian Contemporary
WKVN - K-Love 95.3Corydon, KYChristian Contemporary
WKVO - K-Love 89.9Georgetown, KYChristian Contemporary
WKVP - K-Love 106.9Camden, NJChristian Contemporary
WKVR - K-Love 88.9Flint, MIChristian Contemporary
WKVU - K-Love 107.3Utica, NYChristian Contemporary
WKVV - K-Love 101.7Searsport, MEChristian Contemporary
WKVW - K-Love 93.3Marmet, WVChristian Contemporary
WKVY - K-Love 88.1Somerset, KYChristian Contemporary
WKVZ - K-Love 102.1Dexter, MEChristian Contemporary
WKWO 90.9 FMWooster, OHChristian Contemporary
WKWP - K-Love 88.1Williamsport, PAChristian Contemporary
WKWR 90.1 FMKey West, FLChristian Contemporary
WKWV - K-Love 90.1Watertown, NYChristian Contemporary
WKYF - K-Love 92.1Fredonia, KYChristian Contemporary
WKYP - K-Love 90.1Ledbetter, KYChristian Contemporary
WKYV - K-Love 100.3Petersburg, VAChristian Contemporary
WKZV - K-Love 102.1Tybee Island, GAChristian Contemporary
WLAI - Air 1 107.1Wilmore, KYChristian Contemporary
WLBW - K-Love 92.1Fenwick Island, DEChristian Contemporary
WLCW 100.1 FMWest Salem, WIChristian Contemporary
WLEZ 99.3 FMLebanon Junction, KYChristian Contemporary
WLFM - K-Love 103.9Lawrenceburg, TNChristian Contemporary
WLFV - K-Love 98.9Midlothian, VAChristian Contemporary
WLGF 107.1 FMGulfport, MSChristian Contemporary
WLGQ 91.5 FMGadsden, ALChristian Contemporary
WLJV - K-Love 89.5Spotsylvania, VAChristian Contemporary
WLKA - K-Love 88.3Tafton, PAChristian Contemporary
WLKB - K-Love 89.1Bay City, MIChristian Contemporary
WLKC 105.7 FMCampton, NHChristian Contemporary
WLKE - K-Love 93.5Gallitzin, PAChristian Contemporary
WLKJ - K-Love 105.7Portage, PAChristian Contemporary
WLKP - K-Love 91.9Belpre, OHChristian Contemporary
WLKU - K-Love 98.9Rock Island, ILChristian Contemporary
WLKV - K-Love 90.7Ripley, WVChristian Contemporary
WLKW - K-Love 95.3Celoron, NYChristian Contemporary
WLRB 102.7 FMOcean City, NJChristian Contemporary
WLRJ - K-Love 104.7Greenville, MSChristian Contemporary
WLRK - K-Love 91.5Greenville, MSChristian Contemporary
WLRX 106.1 FMVinton, VAChristian Contemporary
WLSF - K-Love 88.3Starke, FLChristian Contemporary
WLSW - K-Love 105.5Salisbury, MDChristian Contemporary
WLTK - K-Love 102.9New Market, VAChristian Contemporary
WLVE - K-Love 105.3Mukwonago, WIChristian Contemporary
WLVG - K-Love 105.1Clermont, GAChristian Contemporary
WLVM - K-Love 98.3Chickasaw, ALChristian Contemporary
WLVN - K-Love 101.3Grenada, MSChristian Contemporary
WLVO - K-Love 95.5Providence, RIChristian Contemporary
WLVU - K-Love 97.1Belle Meade, TNChristian Contemporary
WLVV - K-Love 88.3Midland, MDChristian Contemporary
WLVW 107.3 FMWashington, DCChristian Contemporary
WLVX - K-Love 107.1Greenville, PAChristian Contemporary
WLVZ - K-Love 107.1Collins, MSChristian Contemporary
WLWX 88.1 FMWheaton, ILChristian Contemporary
WLXB - K-Love 98.9Bethel, NCChristian Contemporary
WLXD 104.5 FMState College, MSChristian Contemporary
WLXF - K-Love 105.5Macon, GAChristian Contemporary
WLXJ - K-Love 88.9Battle Ground, INChristian Contemporary
WLXK - K-Love 88.3Boiling Springs, NCChristian Contemporary
WLXQ - K-Love 99.1Greensboro, ALChristian Contemporary
WLXW - K-Love 89.7Waynesboro, MSChristian Contemporary
WLXZ - K-Love 90.3Pinehurst, NCChristian Contemporary
WLZV - K-Love 94.3Buckland, VAChristian Contemporary
WMHK - K-Love 89.7Columbia, SCChristian Contemporary
WMLE - K-Love 94.1Germantown, TNChristian Contemporary
WMLV - K-Love 89.7Miami, FLChristian Contemporary
WMSJ - K-Love 89.3Freeport, MEChristian Contemporary
WMXK - K-Love 94.1Morristown, TNChristian Contemporary
WNHI - Air 1 106.5Farmington, NHChristian Contemporary
WNKC 104.9 FMGloucester, MAChristian Contemporary
WNKL - K-Love 96.9Wauseon, OHChristian Contemporary
WNKV - K-Love 91.1Norco, LAChristian Contemporary
WOAR - Air 1 88.3South Vienna, OHChristian Contemporary
WOFM - Air 1 89.1Alcoa, TNChristian Contemporary
WOHC - Air 1 90.1Chillicothe, OHChristian Contemporary
WOHK - K-Love 96.1Ashtabula, OHChristian Contemporary
WOKL - K-Love 89.1Round Lake Beach, ILChristian Contemporary
WORG - K-Love 100.3Elloree, SCChristian Contemporary
WORI - Air 1 90.1Harrison, OHChristian Contemporary
WPAI - Air 1 90.7Nanty Glo, PAChristian Contemporary
WPCK - K-Love 104.9Denmark, WIChristian Contemporary
WPFF - K-Love 90.5Sturgeon Bay, WIChristian Contemporary
WPFM - K-Love 107.9Panama City, FLChristian Contemporary
WPKV - K-Love 98.3Duquesne, PAChristian Contemporary
WPLJ - K-Love 95.5New York, NYChristian Contemporary
WPLV - K-Love 95.7Navarre, FLChristian Contemporary
WPYK - K-Love 104.1Portsmouth, OHChristian Contemporary
WQAI - Air 1 89.5Thomson, GAChristian Contemporary
WQFL - Air 1 100.9Rockford, ILChristian Contemporary
WQKV - K-Love 88.7Warsaw, INChristian Contemporary
WQME - Air 1 98.7Anderson, INChristian Contemporary
WQRA - Air 1 90.5Greencastle, INChristian Contemporary
WQRP - K-Love 89.5Dayton, OHChristian Contemporary
WRCM - K-Love 91.9Wingate, NCChristian Contemporary
WRIQ - Radio Nueva Vida 89.7Charles City, VASpanish Religious
WRKV - K-Love 88.9Raleigh, NCChristian Contemporary
WRWX - K-Love 91.1Winchendon, MAChristian Contemporary
WSGR 88.3 FMNew Boston, OHChristian Contemporary
WSHA - Air 1 89.3South Charleston, WVChristian Contemporary
WSRI - Air 1 88.7Sugar Grove, ILChristian Contemporary
WTAI - Air 1 88.9Union City, TNChristian Contemporary
WTCF - K-Love 103.3Wardensville, WVChristian Contemporary
WTKL - K-Love 91.1North Dartmouth, MAChristian Contemporary
WTRK - Air 1 90.9Freeland, MIChristian Contemporary
WUKL 106.9 FMMasontown, PAChristian Contemporary
WUKV 95.7 FMTrion, GAChristian Contemporary
WULV - K-Love 88.7Moundsville, WVChristian Contemporary
WVKV - K-Love 95.3Nashville, GAChristian Contemporary
WVLO - K-Love 99.3Cridersville, OHChristian Contemporary
WWLT - K-Love 103.1Manchester, KYChristian Contemporary
WWLV - K-Love 94.1Lexington, NCChristian Contemporary
WXKV - K-Love 90.5Selmer, TNChristian Contemporary
WXKY - K-Love 96.3Stanford, KYChristian Contemporary
WXRA 99.3 FMInglis, FLChristian Contemporary
WYAI - Air 1 93.7Scotia, NYChristian Contemporary
WYDA - Air 1 96.9Troy, OHChristian Contemporary
WYKC 99.1 FMWhitefield, NHChristian Contemporary
WYKL - K-Love 98.7Crestline, OHChristian Contemporary
WYKV - K-Love 94.5Ravena, NYChristian Contemporary
WYLR - K-Love 101.9Hubbard, OHChristian Contemporary
WYLV - K-Love 88.3Maynardville, TNChristian Contemporary
WYNG - K-Love 94.9Mount Carmel, ILChristian Contemporary
WYPA - Air 1 89.5Cherry Hill, NJChristian Contemporary
WYRA - Air 1 98.5Confluence, PAChristian Contemporary
WYXA - Air 1 90.1Clarksburg, WVChristian Contemporary
WZKC 103.1 FMRoyalton, VTChristian Contemporary
WZKL - K-Love 91.7Woodstock, ILChristian Contemporary
WZKV - K-Love 90.7Dyersburg, TNChristian Contemporary
WZLV - K-Love 90.7Cape Charles, VAChristian Contemporary
WZRI - Air 1 89.3Spring Lake, NCChristian Contemporary