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News Radio 1580 WCCF

WCCF 1580 AM

Port Charlotte's News Talk Station

City of License:
Punta Gorda, FL


Punta Gorda, FL

Web site:

Live Stream:

General Manager:
Sherri Carlson

iHeartMedia (formerly known as Clear Channel) (Citicasters Licenses, Inc.)

24100 Tiseo Blvd, Suite 10
Port Charlotte, FL 33980


WCCF is an AM radio station broadcasting at 1580 KHz. The station is licensed to Punta Gorda, FL and is part of that radio market. The station airs talk programming and goes by the name "News Radio 1580 WCCF" on the air with the slogan "Port Charlotte's News Talk Station". WCCF is owned by iHeartMedia under the supervision of General Manager Sherri Carlson.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

By: DALE HERLAN on December 2, 2011

Where is Ken Love Joy?
By: Vince on December 1, 2014

I'm done. I will not listen to any radio programs any longer on AM1580 as long as an elitist New York City liberal like Tom Brokaw insists on criticizing and denigrating every action President Trump takes to get this country stable. Brokaw may think he's the next Paul Harvey - but he is 180 degrees from that real radio giant. GET RID OF THIS BORING LIBERAL! Regards, Janet Tomas North Port, FL
By: Janet Tomas on February 23, 2017

The afternoon news reader usually talks so fast she isn't understandable, but today I understood three of her news items enough to know they were all in last week's Sun newspaper. You should be able to do better in your newsroom.
By: Neil on March 13, 2017

I am certain there is little chance my complaint can be dealt with but just to lower my blood pressure. Every time " Papa's " commercial is run I want to throw my radio out the window. Carrie, Cody and Casey will never be a name in my family and his pretense that his animals were upset with the hurricane makes me gag. 30 years of this is enough , please for Gods sage muffle this character. He personally ruins the Limbaugh show each day Richard Hopp
By: Richard Hopp on October 27, 2017

I forgot to mention I am a loyal Ken Lovejoy listener !
By: Richard Hopp on October 27, 2017

Does " Papa " understand that anyone who listens to talk radio on a regular basis is eventually going to sour on him and his crap he throws against the wall ! Running the same damn commercial over and over and over has to turn people off to the point of never considering his company. That's me PAPA !
By: Richard Hopp on November 3, 2017

Worse than Papa is the ambulance chasing dope smoker Morgan & Morgan...dah-dah-dah-dah ---dat-dah rhym drives me nuts. I turn the radio off for 30 seconds to a minute to avoid that trip and fall creep. Was in Boston...heck, he is chasing ambulances there. Heard he owns pot businesses or field of the devils weed in Colorado.
By: Lindsay M. Harrington on March 28, 2019

The radio host Bob Alexander is a wonderful addition to the radio station. I listen all week and fill informed. I just wish the other guy wouldn't butt in so much. I really don't think he brings too much to the show
By: Lynne Malcolm on April 15, 2019

Just found 1580 am about a year ago. Really enjoyed Hippo and Tommy. Then Hippo retires and is replaced with Bob Alexander who is doing a wonderful job. Zane is a good second half for Alexander, but what ever became of Tommy?
By: Dave Alger on April 24, 2019

You guys certainly have the right to slant your shows anyway you want as long as you do not ignore facts, but you have gone totally overboard in your defense of Donald Trump. Guys, if it talks like a duck and walks like a duck and acts like a duck, it is most likely a duck. The failures of President Trump are never acknowledged by your talk show hosts and every time a controversial issue appears (which is almost daily), you take Trump's side. You then resort to name calling, strange sound effects and ridicule to those who think Trump is wrong about anything. Are you ever going to acknowledge that Trump does make mistakes and makes them often?.l His ability to distract us with the crises of the day is now almost comical because as soon as one issue hits the fan, he creates another to grab the headlines. Coupled with his failed policies, (no wall, no infrastructure, losing allies, betraying the Kurds, no trade agreements, the highest debts and deficits ever which will be paid by future American generations, the failure to retain or hire great help as advisors and cabinet, the blasting of our own intelligence agencies, the sucking up to dictators and power brokers, the self aggrandizement from emolument deals that are unconstitutional, and destruction of water and air protection for example) Trump is a failed President. When coupled with a character of questionable morality, we have a problem. I am a liberal when it comes to social policies but am also a fiscal conservative and I ask you what is Trump? What are his true beliefs and how is he helping America? I honestly think that your station must question why you defend him when it is obvious that the man is a failed man and we would be much better off without him.
By: Jim Wasowski on October 23, 2019

K Lovejoy is a loud mouthed ignorant buffoon! He ridicules and berates a decorated active military serviceman who defended our freedom in Iraq as an infantryman. Only because he couldn't back President Trump's telephone call to the Uran. President. Lovejoy you should be ashamed of yourself - you support Trump regardless of his actions. You are a fool and you reinforce your behavior every time you talk on you radio show. You will someday look back on these times with profound regret - maybe you can make one of your ridiculous jokes with your funny sounding voice in attempt to make your point. You're a spineless weak punk who can't make an opinion that counters Trump. Good riddance to you and draft evader Donald J Trump- two clowns!
By: Harv Baver on October 29, 2019

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