Radio Station Information

Seaview 104.9

WCVU 104.9 FM

Port Charlotte's Nostalgia Station

City of License:
Solana, FL

Easy Listening

Punta Gorda, FL

Web site:

Live Stream:

iHeartMedia (Ihm Licenses, LLC)

24100 Tiseo Blvd, Suite 10
Port Charlotte, FL 33980


WCVU is an FM radio station broadcasting at 104.9 MHz. The station is licensed to Solana, FL and is part of the Punta Gorda, FL radio market. The station broadcasts Easy Listening programming and goes by the name "Seaview 104.9" on the air with the slogan "Port Charlotte's Nostalgia Station". WCVU is owned by iHeartMedia.

Station Coverage Map

WCVU-FM Coverage Map

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Listener Comments and Reviews

I love your radio station you play a lot of really good music sometimes I' m driving and I'm losing your station I wish you had a stronger signal.
By: Frank ma tip on November 8, 2013

I love your station and also leave it on for my parrots all day long..We sing and dance often to the Golden Oldies. I just wish you had a stronger signal as I can't pick you up on many days and that makes my day a bit gloomy. Englewood/Rotonda West.. Thanks really love your song pics..Susan H
By: Susan Howard on February 22, 2014

Love your station during my winter stay in Venice and back home in Maine. This morning,sadly your link has closed!I hope this only temporary! Truly my favorite radio station!
By: Charlie on May 6, 2014

Could you check, what song was on at 2:25 PM today, Fiday 11/14/14, and who the artist is? This song (it sounded something like 'Think Twice...'). This song was immediately followd by 'Financial Focus'. Your help would be greatly appreciated. And by the way, 104.9, WCVU, has, in my opinion, the greatest music selection in SW Florida, the variety is unbelievable. Thank you all for a great program. Win Hoeffken.
By: Win Hoeffken on November 15, 2014

I am trying to find a song that was played a few days ago. The title is something like "Somebody's knocking" - can you tell me who sings it? Best radio station we have heard - we listen every day. Keep up the good work!!!
By: Shirley Hartwick on November 20, 2014

What do I click to get deals at Burndt Store Restaurant and others?
By: Mary rischar on February 5, 2015

How do I get your station on my laptop in Ontario Canada
By: Ken Johnston on May 22, 2015

Kind of bummed out right now as I heard on your station this morning about getting a $40 gift card to All Stars for $20, All it said was go to your website at 9:00 am. I've just spent the last 12 minutes looking for it and it's no where to be found. Really was a good deal.
By: Tim Snyder on July 1, 2016

Last week I was my car and had 104.9 on and was so glad that Todd M was not broadcasting! He is the most obnoxious announcer! We listen the Chuck Britton and the turn off the radio because of Todd M. We use to have our home radio on from 7 am to 8 Pm but we stopped when Todd M replaced Charlie Sheu. many of our friends and neighbors also have stopped listening to 104.9 because of Todd M. We also like the Golden Hippo! Thanks for listening
By: Chuck on January 9, 2017

Trying to find out the title of the song that played at 1:45 PM on Sat 2/4/17 and also on 9:18 PM Monday 2/6/17 Thank you
By: Dolores Rogell on February 7, 2017

Chuck, I believe your listeners would enjoy some me music by the Bachelors, popular during the 60s. Some of their hits 'I Believe', ' No Other Arms Can Hold You', 'Marie'. They are still performing in Ireland. Thanks and keep playing great music.
By: Mike herman on February 13, 2017

Listening to this station for about 4 years since am 1320/1450 went to all talk radio. However, you seem to be playing more and more of screaming female artists (I use that term loosely). Madonna, Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, etc. Please return to prior programming or lose this listener.
By: Mike herman on March 17, 2017

You have just lost a long time listener because of Todd Matthews. He has a contest on Monday about naming something after clues are given. Yesterday, March 20th he conducted that contest and all through the contest he was giving out clues. After the 3rd clue, I texted crayons. Nothing happened, more clues given. after about the 5th clue I again texted crayons. No winner announced. When he finally gave the answer (and did not name a winner or even say there was a winner) I texted him as to why since I texted him twice with Crayons. I received a nasty arrogant e-mail from him this morning that he received 57 texted with crayons and he could not respond to each and everyone and that he was sorry that I felt my time and energy was wasted. I would not have texted him if he had announced that there was a winner but he never did. As far as I'm concerned that is not a professional way to conduct a contest. I will no longer listen to your radio station and I know many friends who no longer listen to the station also because of Mr. Matthews. Get rid of him and maybe you will get more listeners back.
By: Gloria on March 21, 2017

Your morning broadcast with Chuck Britton is a great way to start the day, Sadly, he is followed by Todd Mathews whose voice is like fingernails on a blackboard spouting inane commentary. He is so annoying to me that I turn him off and seek another station. Am I the only one who feels this way?
By: Al Dee on March 24, 2017

We are heading back to Florida tomorrow and one of our favorite radio stations is WCVU. Our favorite DJ is Todd Matthews. He is so alive and full of fun. We get back to Boston in June and continue to listen to only Todd via our computer. He is the best. We need some life and Todd you give us that.
By: Rosemary Desalvatore on April 23, 2017

My husband and I LOVE this station. Sadly we are leaving to sell our home in VA but will be back hopefully by late summer. I wish we could get this in South Western Virginia. Do you syndicate this station? Just wanted you guys to know it IS easy listening and this is coming from a Rock and Roller!
By: Laurie Brandt on May 20, 2017

Upset about the direction of the recent commercials. Most particularly the one by the golden hippo. It strongly implies that if you do not use Howard's pool world you don't care about the safety of your family. Although I am a fan of Howard's pool world and of 104 9, I don't think that is the message you're trying to get across. One of Todd Matthews spots for Howard's lightly touched upon the safety of your family also. Both your station and Howard's have excellent reputations, please address this marketing strategy so that neither are compromised.
By: Tom Schaeffer on July 6, 2017

Todd Matthews in my opinion is a fantastic radio personality. He obviously realizes that great music is only one ingredient in producing a four hour radio slot. He stimulates great conversation through presenting quirky trivia & current event items that appear in the news. I can readily see that Todd prepares well for his time slot. I am particularly a fan of the commercials where Todd promotes a product or service with the assistance of his able sidekick & wife, Stephanie. Together they're a dynamic duo that delivers a positive message while frequently coming off like a Burns & Allen comedy team (Todd is definitely Gracie). Thank you 104.9 for supplying your listeners with such a capable & cheerful radio personality as Todd Matthews.
By: Ed Morgan on August 5, 2017

My husband used to work for Nabisco in Atlanta. He believes that the new flavor might be the Coconut cream. He says they need to make them in the USA, not Mexico . Are we right? Well be listening Kathy Johnson and Bob Smith
By: Kathy Johnson on August 28, 2017

WCVU won my heart twelve years ago while visiting my brother at his home in River Haven (Punta Gorda). I had a home at River Haven for three radio was always set at WCVU. Here in Janesville, Wisc. "Sea View" is often my wake-up radio station. A Baby Boomer, I love the mix of Oldies and more contemporary music. Am hoping everyone at "Sea View" escaped Irma unscathed~ Chuck, happy to hear on today's broadcast that your home is O.K. Good luck with the staples!
By: Doug Helmers on September 12, 2017

Please, please play Bing Crosby and David Bowie, Little Drummer Boy. It’s beautiful and original.
By: Janice Collings on December 16, 2017

Snow bird, first time, Nov. Till end of April, really going to miss listening to you when we head back to Duluth, Minnesota. I listen to KDHL A.M back home and know some of people that work there and I will be telling them about how good you are... keep up the good work!
By: Dennis Young on January 30, 2018

Love your show, Get rid of that disgusting commercial about a "SHINY HINEY" ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Is that the best commercial they can come up with for TP I for one will never buy that brand because they have such a C VULGAR COMERCIAL!! Next you will be discussing SIZE SHAPE AND TEXTURE REALLLLLYYYYY!! GIVE IT A MISSS! You are an excellent Radio announcer and you can demand much better for your show.
By: Marion on February 14, 2018

Trying to figure out why I can't connect with the Iheart app on my devices, both phone and tablet but it's fine in the car. I try to connect and it rolls over to the real oldies station which I don't mine but they don't give weather and news. tks
By: George on April 2, 2018

Need more music too much talking & commercials
By: Thomas Cummings on July 17, 2018

I have been a long time listener. Am extremely disappointed with the "new and improved" format. Some of us still like to hear the oldies. Guess I will have to change to a different station!
By: Dianne on September 18, 2018

Where the heck is Chuck Britton?? All this week some guy with no personality whatsoever has been on when Chuck should be there. He's not even saying anything "like I'm filling in for Chuck while he's on vacation" or "sick" or "whatever". If Chuck is not coming back then I will be switching my radio to 106.3 Give listeners some info, won't you?
By: Kathy on October 26, 2018

Just heard a song making reference to being back in the sun again and mentioning Boca Grande! Any way to get more info? LOVE your station!
By: Carolyn McGee on February 20, 2019

Please get rid of Todd Mathews. He is so full of him self. Your station is great otherwise, love the songs. Have to turn off when he is on.
By: Joe G. on February 26, 2019

can you please replace todd m.he is the reason I quit listening to 92.9 years ago. chuck is great, bob is a good replacement for the hippo, we need a person similar to chuck and bob. for me todd is too loud, he has too many opinions and personal bull. thanks for letting me vent. a loyal listener for many years. we just need a calm great music station as before..
By: howard tucker jr on March 18, 2019

Terri Gibbs - Somebody's Knockin' (1981) - YouTube Shirley Hartwick
By: Tammy Manshanden on March 19, 2019

By: Barbara Aquilina on July 19, 2019

I love the music played on 104.9, but I absolutely cannot listen between 10 am and 2 pm. when Todd Matthews is on. He may be an OK guy, but his voice absolutely grates on me. Terrible, terrible voice for radio. From reading previous posts, I'm apparently not the only person who dislikes this questionable radio "personality".
By: Bobbye on December 13, 2019

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By: Carl Roberts on April 25, 2020

I'm trying to find the name of a song that you played sunday around 5;00 pm if you could send me the playlist for 5 minutes before and after 5;00 I would really appreciate it. I can only remember the lerics I want ?????
By: richard glenn on June 22, 2020

Very good station but Todd Mathews is so annoying I have to change the station. I don't think he talks like that when he is not on the air. Please tell him to stop it !!
By: Wayne Studaker on November 24, 2020

Like Chuck Britton I am a Chicago native and now a Floridian. I really appreciate his knowledge and professional opinions about music. But his not always well informed opinions about politics are best kept to himself and not on air. As much as I like much of Britton’s on air banter I am ready to jump ship find another station for my morning nostalgia. Please dial it back Chuck and stick to the music or start your own talk radio show
By: George K on January 22, 2021

I like your station and the music you play. I don’t think your platform is the appropriate outlet for the political opinions of your radio personalities. This morning for instance, your personality spread misinformation regarding the Capitol Insurrection. He made the looooooong stretch to blame Nancy Pelosi, a victim of Trump’s mob, for the insurrection. Maybe he should listen to something besides Fox Fantasy News. He should play they music, talk about the music and do his commercials or switch to talk radio.
By: Pat Grote on February 16, 2021

I have stopped listening to the station because Chuck Britton can't keep his mouth shut on his political view, Great music, but I don't want to hear his political view..
By: Scott Schau on March 16, 2021

Certainly enjoy the music but don't need the political commentary in the morning.
By: Steven Parker on April 6, 2021

Love the station and used to like all of the DJ's but Todd Matthews just received an F for his injection of his politics and comments on anything other than his job.
By: ed on August 26, 2021

Wonderful music,lively humorous commentary, until Chuck Britton injects his one-sided political commentary. (I can watch Fox news or CNN if I want politics.) Cheering the booing of an American President, or chastising an 80 yr. for not pitching like Nolan Ryan is biased, ignorant and classless (nice trifecta, btw). We have enough divisiveness in the world and 'confirmation bias' runs rampant - why not take your own advice and 'be kind'. Wonder how the 'hoax' is working for him ...
By: Ren on October 1, 2021

We live in North venice and cannot get 104.9 clearly. The further north you go the worse the station comes in.
By: Anonymous on October 31, 2021

"We live in North venice and cannot get 104.9 clearly. The further north you go the worse the station comes in." - Anon --- Dear Anon, WCVU's primary coverage area is Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte, while providing poor coverage to the Venice area. (Have a look at the rabbit ears website and go to their FM query, and look for a Longley Rice map of WCVU.) It should be quite hearable with a proper car antenna (consider buying a larger one), although the signal will be very weak indoors. Luckily, there is an internet stream of the station for you to listen to as well. Otherwise, there is 1320 WDIZ located right inside of Venice, and covers to Sarasota with a good signal. Hope this helps, ZBG
By: ZBG on November 1, 2021

We are new listeners and very much enjoy your Station. However, while the announcer Todd Matthews is no doubt a very nice, knowledgeable radio professional, we immediately change stations while he is on. His voice is grating and annoying and does not “keep us relaxed”..unfortunately just the opposite. Hoping you can replace him with another announcer and find another responsible position for him.
By: Tom and Marie L. on October 13, 2022

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