Radio Station Information


City of License:
Willow Springs, IL


Chicago, IL

NewsWeb (Wypa, Inc.)

WCPT is an AM radio station broadcasting at 820 KHz. The station is licensed to Willow Springs, IL and is part of the Chicago, IL radio market. The station broadcasts Talk programming. WCPT is owned by NewsWeb.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

I listened to this station accidentally this afternoon. The announcer needs to be tested to determine if he's psychologically able to report political events without foaming at the mouth and calling any one who opposes him a Nazi. I don't even think Al Franken would approve of your station's format.
By: Ralph Kriho on October 8, 2012

I listen to WCPT via a streaming feed just to keep up with what the mentally challenged, oppressive-leaning left is up to. The parade of self-righteousness begins w Thom Hartmann. (The "h" in his first name signals he's a pretentious, pseudo-intellectual clown.) His analysis revolves around blaming Ronald Reagan, a man he considers both stupid and an evil genius (pick an argument, Thom!), for all global ills. With Thom $200+ trillion in unfunded govt liabilities is a merely a good start. Jeff Santos comes on after Thom. I guess WCPT is cutting him loose. Too bad. With Jeff, he'll never allow the historical record on unions (bastions of racism) and govt infrastructure spending (boondoggle after boondoggle) to change his advocacy. On the other hand, Jeff does talk sports from time-to-time. He should stick with that. Then there's Norman Goldman. If it's perverse, Norm's for it. Debate? Too difficult for Norm; he'll just construct a caricature of those he opponents and then skewer it. We can all be glad that Norm has not managed to reproduce.
By: Dave Rusher on July 3, 2015

I stopped listening to Stephanie MIller Show a while back due to the constant sarcasm. Today I tuned in for a short while, and she had a very kind caller thank her for her show and he thanked God that her show ahs prospered for so long and told her the hoped the Lord would continue to bless her with a long radio career. She accepted graciously, but after he hung up she and her co-host proceeded to make ignorant statements about God, Jesus and the likelihood that God had not been involved. She should have kept her hostile mouth shut. Some of us agree with her views but are strong Christians and do not appreciate her mocking our faith.
By: Douuglas Cockbill on August 18, 2015

I just want to comment on your disrespectful Billboard "Show us your taxes - Mr. Trump" that can be seen when driving into Chicago. I would never step on anyone's right to free speech or expression, however your lack of disrespect is what I object to. The man is President of the United States and should be referred to as such. I'm sure this was more of a statement than simply an omission of title given the obvious "leanings" of the station and general lack of acceptance with the outcome of the election. Go ahead and ask your questions or make your demands heard......but please refer to the institution with respect and call him President Trump.
By: JDM on June 23, 2017

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