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WCVE 88.9 FM

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Richmond, VA

Public Radio

Richmond, VA

Vpm Media Corporation

WCVE is an FM non-commercial radio station broadcasting at 88.9 MHz. The station is licensed to Richmond, VA and is part of that radio market. The station broadcasts Public Radio programming.

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THE FOLLOWING WAS WRITTEN BY ME JUNE 6, 2015. I'M CONTACTING ALL I CAN TO GET SOMEBODY'S ATTENTION ABOUT THE, AT THIS TIME, ONLY VERBAL ABUSE, OF SENIORS RESIDING AT THE ARBORS SENIOR CENTER. I'M BURDENED WITH GETTING ALL WHO SILL LISTEN TO HELP ME CORRECT THIS MATTER. My personal understanding of a ‘disability’ is the malfunctioning of what is considered as normal human functions are restricted. But, disabilities are a reality. In such a case as mine...I’ve been fortunate to overcome my adverse health issues and life can once again be enjoyed. After my major stroke in 1999, it was medically determined that I should be dead but I am here, fully functional, and extremely keen on what’s important in the life. Unfortunately, there are many people who address any form of disability pertaining to a human being as that person being less of a human being and not deserving of experiences the world considers ordinary or logical. Please Governor McAuliffe…Arbors Senior Apartments houses many people with disabilities who are treated a ‘scrap metal’ and regarded as something to be tolerated and hidden. We are still tax payers and have contributed our skills over many years to this fine State. I beg of you to investigate this Senior Citizens home. Thank you, Governor for all your previous help to me but again…I must bring to your attention to a resident apartment building for the elderly and disabled. I am in the proses of looking for another place of residence because the rent where I now live has become unaffordable for my limited income as I rely on only Retirement and Social Security each month. In my apartment hunt, I visited the Arbors where I’d lived before on May 29, 2015 to submit an application for residency since I had learned NONE of the previous staff was employed in the main office. On that day, I turned in documentation to prove that all rent had been paid upon my last residency there. I was assured by the current Office Manager (Patricia Hixon) that all would be well and was promised to be shown a vacant apartment. In that conversation, I was told that the information I had submitted would have to be confirmed by Centrum Management, LLC before a vacancy could be shown to me. I later overheard Patricia, in her office, conversing with Barbara Ford, a current resident that, in her opinion, it would NOT be advisable to approve my living there again. It's called: ARBORS SENIORS APARTMENTS located at; 7608 Forest Hill Avenue; Apt 303; Richmond, VA 23225. Currently, as I write this, I reside at Carriage Hill Apartments…a wonderful Senior Living Community. But...I lived at the Arbors beginning May 15, 2011 but was forced to relocate the same year simply because I…“COMPLAINED”. The reason? I reported all to Governor McDonnell’s office and was answered in a letter by William A Hazel, Jr., MD during the time of hurricane Irene. Governor McAuliffe, while I lived there, I witnessed these the most sickening incidents and brutal treatment to other human beings with my own eyes. Dawn Wise has since been fired from her managerial positions at the Arbors as well as Forest Hill Apartments which she also managed. The following is a notice that was hand to all residents by Dawn Wise (Property Manager at the time) on the first day of the hurricane. She was not present during this tragedy and DID NOT come on the premises in those horrible weather conditions but this is exactly what she wrote and had distributed to all residents: Reminders April 30th @ 11:02 (80427127485) First and foremost, we are glad that everyone weathered the hurricane and sustained no injuries or damage. That being said, there are a few matters of business to address. Power outages cause major inconveniences for everyone. We all have been spoiled by the invention of electricity. When we have to do without it, it can be very aggravating. None the less, there are certain rules that we must adhere to for the safety of all residents in the building. Absolutely NO KEROSENE lamps of any kind is allowed in the building or on the property. If you have kerosene in your apartment or storage areas, it must be disposed of immediately. If you fail to do so and it’s found in your possession, eviction will be swift and certain. The survival kits that were handed out were donated by the Red Cross. They have been in our possession for over one year to hand out in case of an emergency. Unfortunately, the batteries for the flashlights had gone dead in a lot of the bags. Please be advised that nobody was “entitled” to receive these bags. They were given as a courtesy. All residents are responsible for obtaining their own food, water, batteries, etc. Prior to a major storm. This is independent Living. We even sent out a reminder notice with things to consider as you prepare for a storm. It is not the company’s responsibility to take care of this for you, nor is it the responsibility of the Red Cross. I am told that many of you were dissatisfied with the electricity being out and the Arbors having no generator. You were all notified in advance that we have no generators in the building. You will be hard pressed to find an independent living facility that will supply a generator and if you do, please check the amount of rent a month that the facility charges. Ponder that before deciding to complain about the situation. Our lobby doors are run by electricity. It is advisable to be prepared to stay inside the building after 10 pm during the power outage. The office will do it’s best to make sure someone is available to open and close the doors during the power outage, but that is too a courtesy. Unless you have an emergency, it would be advisable to stay in the building to avoid being locked out. If you must go out, please make sure you have a neighbor’s telephone number and they will be available to come down and open the door for you so you can get back in the building. Again, if it is after hours, we will try to make arrangement to have someone stay in the lobby and manually open the doors, but sometimes that may not be possible. Please use good judgment to avoid this type of situation. Please do not remove any furniture from the building for any reason without approval from the office staff. Please always remember to clean up napkins and trash after hosting an outdoor or indoor after hours party. The chairs in the smoking area under the carport belong to residents. Please do not remove those chairs from the smoking table area. Make sure all cigarette butts are being disposed of in the cans on the smoking table. We are finding lots of butts on the ground. Do not be the reason that we closedown the smoking area. I took it upon myself to write former Governor McDonnell’s office and Centrum Management on Saturday, September 4, 2011 at 5:00 pm about the deplorable happenings going on at the Arbors. I wrote Centrum Management that because of the severe hurricane Irene weather, all electricity failed for three days. All residents were trapped in their apartments with no elevator service or electricity in our apartments. We were experiencing a severe power outage. We were like prisoners trapped in a dark three story box. Our food spoiled and we were offered no resolutions to our dilemma. On the first day, there was a knock at my front door. It was the Red Cross passing out survival packets that included a flashlights…that didn’t work. Why? Because Dawn Wise, the Property Manager, for some reason, refused to pass them out to the residents, felt they were non-essential and instead stored them in a basement area for two years. She nor George Tiller (assistant manager) or ANYBODY were on the premises during the storm. The residents were left to themselves. We had emergency lights in the hallways but the batteries ran down in two hours. In the dark staircase, a frightened and disoriented male senior, with one leg, tried to descend the stairs in by crawling down one step at a time dragging his wheelchair behind him and allowing the wheelchair to plummet down each floor level. Later we (other residents) learned he died as a result of his trauma. There were many others in wheelchairs and some had oxygen tanks. One of the elderly female residents was wheelchair bound. She suffered incredibly because from the heat as there was no air conditioning and we all opened our balcony doors to let in a cross-breeze of only hot air. Another resident suffered a major stroke…and died. All those who could descend the stairs, walked down a three story flight of stairs with only the dim lights of their flashlights. Once we were downstairs in the lobby area, we were not allowed to use the first floor rest room because the Property Manager locked them because we were, under no circumstances allowed to use them. I know this message is lengthy and I could go on and on. I have written verification of all incidents and persons contacted should your offer desire to view them. Governor McAuliffe…I fear for the residents there now. Why? Because the current manager, Patricia Hixon has demonstrated even more deplorable conduct as an office administrator. Example…a third floor resident was found dead in his apartment for three days! Another resident smelled the odor and notified the office. Another tenant had owned her Cocker Spaniel for eight years and was told, by the manager, that it was reported that her pet barked too much and disturbed the other neighbors so she’d have to house the dog elsewhere or leave the premises herself and she had three days to respond to the managerial mandate. In actuality, the dog only barked when there was a knock on the door. Again, I plead with your office to investigate these unbearable situations at this small Senior Citizens community. Thank you for your precious time, Arvis Marie Taitt
By: Arvis Marie Taitt on June 7, 2015

Have you reported any of this to the County or City Department of Human Services? I would very much like to know if you have, and what response if any you received.
By: Tom on December 18, 2015

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