Radio Station Information

WEPB 106.3 FM

City of License:
Noblesville, IN

Enduring Communications Inc

WEPB is a low-power FM radio station broadcasting at 106.3 MHz. The station is licensed to Noblesville, IN.

Station Coverage Map

WEPB-LP Coverage Map

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Listener Comments and Reviews

I love the type of music player. It reminds me somewhat of I heard upon arriving in 1980, WXTZ 107.1. What can I do to ensure that this station will remain in the market with its current type of music?
By: Bob Patterson on October 23, 2017

THANK YOU for playing the most beautiful music! Let us know how we can support your station and keep this lovely, heart lifting music going! Your station is just what so many people need to lift their spirits!
By: L. Bellis on October 25, 2017

Absolutely LOVE your station! It DOES remind me of WXTZ, & you're even better. Only one suggestion: I was listening Sunday morning when "Upon This Rock" was played. I don't know who the female singer was, but I did not like that version. I would suggest the Sandi Patty version of that wonderful song (and she IS from Indiana). That's all - keep doing what you're doing! Those of us who have found you are spreading the word!
By: Jeannie Fredrickson on February 21, 2018

I am hopelessly in love with the nostalgia of this music yet gone by & in this, I vicariously am lost dreaming of a romance of a love that doesn’t exist on earth anymore.
By: L on April 15, 2018

Thank you for your wonderful programming. Love the music!
By: Ralph Koch on April 17, 2018

Do you have the themes to Dances with Wolves and Chariots of Fire?
By: Carol Koch on April 20, 2018

Please add to your tower strength. I love the music and have to listen to it with static near my home at 116th and Gray roads in Carmel.
By: Deanna on April 26, 2018

Very much enjoy your easy listening format. Discovered it by accident while re-programming my car radio. Highly recommend your station.
By: bill barnes on June 5, 2018

Love your music format, keep it up haven't heard that kind in a while.
By: Robert Davenport sr on July 2, 2018

Hello - I am caregiver for my 95 year old Mom. She loves your station, and so do I. My request is that if possible, could you tweak whatever settings are necessary (assuming most of your operation is electronically set up and electronically handled) to provide a little more “air” between songs? Many times a new song will start before one has fully ended. They overlap and one cannot hear either the ending of the current song or the beginning of the new one - all I hear is a confusing mix of the two songs, or a very abrupt change from one song to the next without so much as half a beat between the two. Many songs trail off slowly, and it would be nice to hear that. It would also be nice to hear the precise beginning of each new song. I suppose the way you have the song transitions set currently don’t really matter for some of the lesser-known songs, however, there are MANY very well-known songs plus well-known versions of those songs that are played on your station. That is when it is disappointing to not hear the entire beginning and end. There are lots of us out here that know those songs very well, down to the exact last note. Please take another listen to your station, through a few songs, and see what I mean. Is it possible to tweak the transition settings so that there is a bit more of a pause between songs? For me, letting the 50s, 60s and 70s songs begin cleanly and then end as they were originally recorded would be such a pleasure to hear.
By: Pamela on September 3, 2018

Please tell me the name ot the Johnnie Mathis song played after 11 PM on Feb. 17, 2019, w/guitar accompaniment. Some lyrics were close to: Looking at the moon, I see you I keep my hand in the steering wheel, I feel you Thanks
By: Lisa Gooch Music Services on February 19, 2019

My DH found your station by accident and now it is our ONLY station while within your area! THANK YOU!
By: Marley Buckman Webb on March 8, 2019

Love your radio station. It is the only one that plays decent music. I wish you could increase your tower strength. I would like to hear it more clearly where I live which is on the west side of Noblesville.
By: Lori Gaber on May 17, 2019

Hey there, Is there anywhere to get their playlists? I like the music, but don't know some of the groups or artist. Is there anyone to email them at the station? Thanks, Todd
By: Todd Stout on July 31, 2019

Love Love Love your station......KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!
By: mike downey on August 19, 2019

PLEASE for GOD's sake "turn up," your half watt radio transmitter! I live here in Fishers and I CAN barley receive your signal. However you are playing the most beautiful music EVER RECORDED! Better than SX. Keep up the good work!
By: Anonymous on September 13, 2019

I'm with Anonymous, please strengthen your signal. I don't ever want to lose your station.
By: Anonymous2 on October 31, 2019

Love, Love, LOVE your station! I live in Anderson, and try to listen as long as I can going down 32.
By: Anonymous on November 16, 2019

Absolutely my favorite radio station! Incredible amount of classic wonderful songs. Just wish I could receive your station better as I am driving around Hamilton/Marion counties. The Christmas music currently being played is a delight! Thank you!
By: Emma on December 23, 2019

Just came across your radio station. Very nice and beautifully strange.Thx!
By: Anonymous on January 23, 2020

Very good station. Love your music. Do you stream so I could listen at and not just in my car
By: Neil Fladeland on February 21, 2020

I live here in Hamilton County, I live at the highest geographic location, "peek," in the county and should, but cannot "RECEIVE NOR HEAR," any of your beautiful, great music but the "bleed over," music from some "HILL JACK, RED NECK," radio station in SHELBYVILLE! I wanted to call you and tell you this but your telephone number is NOT listed anywhere on ANY Google Search for WEPB! So why can't WEPB with it's "HALF WATT TRANSMITTER," BOOST IT'S RADIO SIGNAL SO THAT IT WOULD BE WORTH PUTTING IT ON THE AIR IN HAMILTON COUNTY and receive it on MY RADIO IN MY HONDA????? DAH! Answer that one Messrs. Marconi and Edison! I know that it is a "LOW WATT-LOW FREQUENCY STATION," so DON'T give me that B.S.! But for ALL the BEAUTIFUL MUSIC that we can 'SOMETIMES," receive and hear it is not worth the cost nor trouble to even broadcast it BECAUSE DAMN IT, WE CAN'T RECEIVE NOR HEAR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Drive to Fishers and "tune in" to WEPB at 106.3 and tell me what you hear! As Al Copone said, YOU GOT NOTHIN!'" Thank you and as "Frank & Ed," said, "we appreciate your support!"
By: Harry Snorklefritz on March 27, 2020

Trying to access your station at work or on my phone and can't. When I search "The Trap" comes up, advertises "Free Internet Radio" and then I get nothing except one ad, then many ads all over my screen. I can't "download" to a company computer. Doesn't "free" mean free as in no charge, no credit card information required? I very much love the music your station features. Trying to enjoy it. I would love to support YOUR station, not a subscription to "many" stations which I would not care to listen to. Any info would be much appreciated.
By: Susan on May 10, 2020

Hello! Please tell me the name of the piano instrumental you played today October 1st, 2020 at 9:36 a.m. It was a beautiful piece. Thank you for the great music!
By: Natalia Wallace on October 1, 2020

I just found your station during this past week on my car radio. I will be 81 this year and my music tastes run from A to Z. I enjoy it all. I've been involved in music my whole life. Your scheduling is wonderful. Your station is so refreshing to listen to and I will be asking my friends if they are aware of 106.3. There is less and less to watch on TV that's worth while and with a station like yours, we may go back to the family gathering around the big old Crosley radio!! Please don't change a thing unless it's you can add more power to your station.
By: Jean Holmes on January 24, 2021

I really enjoy listening to your station but receive a lot of static here in Carmel. I wish your signal was stronger. Do you have any suggestions for better reception? Thank you.
By: Steve Gross on April 16, 2021

Absolutely love this station! It would be great if your site had a running setlist of these gorgeous songs. Sometimes my Shazam app doesn't have the time or the ability to inform me on all of these beautiful melodies!
By: Rebecca on July 18, 2021

I love this radio station. I would love to contribute so that this station can cover more area, or even have an online access! There is no other music venue this eclectic or satisfying. None of the online venues do it this well!
By: Susan on August 21, 2021

Please make your station have a wider radius, I work in Noblesville but my commute home to Pendleton, I lose the signal every time in Lapel. Also is there any way possible to hear your station on-line? thanks for the station though, I love it
By: Eddie on September 16, 2021

Is there a platform I can stream this station on. I haven’t been able to find it on iHeart Radio or anywhere else. Thaanks!
By: Anne on October 27, 2021

Please tell me the artist and name of song that ended this morning around 9:40. A Caucasian male sang a slow, freelance, romantic songs with orchestra. I believe his final words were, "when I was young"
By: Lisa on February 26, 2022

Is there a way to see a song line up? A particular song that I enjoyed but I can not find it on Google as I don't know the title and name. Thank you.
By: Justin on October 5, 2022

How can get access to your list of song?
By: Derek on February 13, 2023

I have listening and enjoying mostly the music of this station. Recently and more frequent you have been playing religious type of music during the regular programming. I do not want to be listening religious indoctrination included in the daily enjoyable music. Hopefully you will review this issue.
By: Angel on June 28, 2023

Some of your selections are wonderful, and some are just awful.
By: Terry on August 14, 2023

I wish you would get on Live365 or similar! Wev'e spoken before. I ran Eagle Tower Services for a few years. I loved your station then and love it now. And you need a website!
By: Terry on September 1, 2023

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