Radio Station Information

WMDG 1260 AM

City of License:
East Point, GA


Northwest Georgia Broadcasting

WMDG is an AM radio station broadcasting at 1260 KHz. The station is licensed to East Point, GA. The station broadcasts News/Talk programming.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

This station license was transferred to East Point, GA and the station is still silent.
By: Koolio on June 11, 2018

Dear WMDG Radio, Listened to 8 AM Talk Show about American History, specifically WW II and the Civil War, and found that neither the host or the guest knew the facts about what the hell they were talking about. Tried to call you folks, but you don't have a phone listing. Why? As for the facts: The US Government interred Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor for two good reasons - 1. They were afraid that anti-Japanese feelings were running so high in America that Japanese people were no longer safe from harm and had to be protected in camps. 2. The Government knew that, though these Japanese were Americans, still they feared that these people, having strong family ties in Japan, might be approached and threatened with harm against their families in Japan if they did not try to spy or commit damaging acts against the US. These were valid fears. 3. These people were fed, clothed, housed, educated, and cared for much better than were the Americans who were held in Japanese camps, starved, tortured and killed in them. These factors were never touched upon in your morning talk show on the subject in all fairness, making the US seem unfeeling and cruel. 4. Did you know that Japan had planned a dirty radioactive bomb attack on San Francisco even before we dropped the A Bombs on them? So much for their saying it was inhuman of us. Look it up if you don't believe me! 5. Dropping the A Bombs actually saved more American invasion troop lives and Japanese than would have been lost if we had had to invade Japan. Don't believe me? Look it up! If you're going to have a morning talk show, you should have hosts and guests who know history and are fair in the way they explain things. It's far to fashionable now and PC to knock American history and make America look evil to listeners and to the world. You may think you're being PC, but what you are really being is plain ignorant! Concerning the Civil War and the dismantling of Confederate monuments - It was never mentioned that that war was basically one about states rights. Only later did it touch on slavery. Being a states rights issue, those families of the South should be free to mark and honor the loss of their soldiers who fought bravely for their cause, though they lost. It's like defiling grave markers to dismantle their monuments to their fallen soldiers!
By: Ray Ferrante on August 23, 2018

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