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WPHT 1210 AM

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Philadelphia, PA


Philadelphia, PA

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Audacy (formerly known as Entercom/CBS Radio) (Entercom License, LLC)


WPHT is an AM radio station broadcasting at 1210 KHz. The station is licensed to Philadelphia, PA and is part of that radio market. The station broadcasts News/Talk programming and goes by the name "Talk Radio 1210" on the air. WPHT is owned by Audacy.

With the merger of CBS Radio and Entercom completed on November 17, 2017, the station became part of the new combined Entercom.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

no more beck, no more listener here. your "new format" eliminating conservative hosts disgusts. i'll listen to the phillies on wpht, nothing more.
By: bill on January 17, 2011

Sorry to see that your station has gone lame with the new lineup. I have been a faithful Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity listener for years. (Once you have tasted bouillabaisse is hard to stomach oatmeal.) Those powerful conservative voices will not be silent for long in a radio market this size. I am sure they will reappear on a nearby station soon, and that station will be my new "Button #1" on my car radio. Good luck to you.
By: Arlo Greiss on January 24, 2011

On the morning drive to work, i gave up on Michael S. after i heard one to many references with the word "Hotties", not to mention his support for our current one term President! What's that saying, just the facts and i found a much more intelligent Bill Bennett and company on 990am! i was a faithful listener to 1210am in the pm, enjoying Sean Hannity and was disappointed to find out for my ride home the station switched to Michael S., of all people to take Sean's place! Who is running your station, are they sleeping? 990am or 770am it is! Glenn gone Rush next? good bye 1210am
By: J Miller on January 27, 2011

I always wondered how CBS radio had Glenn Beck & Hannity ....just couldn't take conservative thinking anymore? I am as disgusted as the rest of these previous entire family just dropped 1210 radio like we did your other liberal minded newscasts.
By: Foti on January 31, 2011

From 6 AM to 6 PM, I would listen to your entire lineup throughout the day. Owning a small business, I would play the station for my employees and customers to hear as well. Smerconish lost me after I began noticing drug innuendos and other liberal speak that I did not want to invite into my workplace. But, for the remainder of the day, my radios were tuned exclusively to 1210. With the loss of Beck and Hannity, I'll find another station to listen to before and after Rush, until another station in Philadelphia picks them up. With no offense to Dom G, because I enjoyed his program in the evening, but what in the world was management thinking when they removed those two programs? Well, good luck with your new programming, I won't be listening.
By: Jim Mathews on February 1, 2011

With the loss of Beck and Hannity, I'm out of here!!!
By: Ed on February 24, 2011

I really miss the old WPht, but I found 990 to be a great alternative. I tuned out on Smerconish a long time ago, I think Matthews poisioned his mind, and O'Reily made his out of control ego worse by allowing him to guest host. If anyone cares, PLEASE get BECK back on the radio. I can't get him on my car radio, and I do alot of driving.
By: Karen Jay on February 28, 2011

Sounds like some people want to hear only what they want to hear.Nothing wrong with opposing views on things.You still have Limbaugh and 990 to listen to.You'll always have one sided people around. I like to hear all sides.
By: JIM on March 2, 2011

I miss the old line up but Chris is ok and I actually like Dom at this time and I never cared much for him before. The rest I don't care for . I just go somewhere else.I also wonder if cost cutting was part of the reason for the changes.
By: Anonymous on March 24, 2011

With the lose of Beck and Hannedy I now listen on line also Rush but will continue to listen to the Phillies Chris seems like a good egg, Smercomish turned me off when his conserive leaning went way left..Sorry
By: Lind R on April 25, 2011

Its about time someone got rid of those three sorry bums
By: amy on July 11, 2011

Michael Smerconish was supporting Gay marriage and making a mockery out those who didn't on his Aug 18th show between 3-6 !! Smearing a local business in my area which I found pretty offensive. I will be contacting his advertising clients. 1210 am radio is now off limits for my organization. It's been going downhill for the past year or so, and now this is the last straw. Pure immorality.
By: Jim Reeves on August 19, 2011

What is this station a TALK station or a SPORTS station? In the past 2 weeks just when Rush Limbaugh is the talk of the NATION you idiots put on the Phillies 3 times. These games don't even count. We have a REAL sports station WIP. The games should be on there. And it's the 21st century WTF listens to baseball games on radio???? It is 1940 or 2012??? You dump 2 of the biggest talk radio shows for 2 idiots well Dom I like but that bald headed freak smirkomish idiot talks about stupid stuff. You clam you wanted LOCAL TALK RADIO then baldy tries to go NATIONAL with like 3 stations when Glenn had 450 and Sean had 400 and Rush has 600 stations. Your ratings are down and I bet you revenue is down too. Give Rush back to WWDB FM where talk radio was much much better.
By: Chris on March 12, 2012

I am disappointed that you took Russ Limbaugh ofF your station. I stopped listening to Michael Smerconish a long time ago. Thanks to that I found 990AM - 11.80am- amd 106.9fm station. You now have lost 40 of my friends so far. SHAME ON YOU
By: Rosalie armenti on June 24, 2012

Seriously, replacing Rush with an intellectual lightweight like Smerconish!!! LOL........
By: Rich Fort on June 26, 2012

TheBigtalker is going the same direction as the Phillies: The basement.All of the Hannity and Rush fans can turn to 106.9 FM to hear them in their original timeslots everyday.
By: Tryst Anderson on June 26, 2012

love them or hate them, Rush and Sean have something worth saying-Smirk is not worth my time. Bye
By: pablo on June 26, 2012

I can't believe you took Rush off and replaced him with of all people Smerconish. Rush is solid as a rock in his convictions. Smirk goes with the fashion and flow as shown by his supporting Obama - a far left winger with no accomplishments or experience for president. Both Republicans and Democrats rejected Spector not bcause he was a "moderate" they canned him because he was a turncoat for votes. Smirk was a turn coat for ratings. Fortunately I can get Rush on a Berks County station and I'm switching to 990 to hear "the other side of the story".
By: Fred F on June 27, 2012

Moving to all local host would be a good idea if ANY of them were informed about the topics they try to discuss. Informed trumps liberal or conservative and in this case, wishy washy middle. Count me out thanks.
By: Jane S on June 27, 2012

Talk radio is on its way out in Philly.Only "Dom Time" is left and probably will also be dropped. I stopped listening once Rush was dropped for the "legend in his own mind" Smerconish.My old 1210 radio button is now set to WABC 770 in NY. Does George Soros own 1210??
By: CHARLES S on July 5, 2012

No longer listen to 1210. Good luck (kidding) with the ratings!!
By: Robert Weinand on July 6, 2012

Thanks for this site, now I know I can get Rush on 106.9 FM. I try 770 AM from NYC but can't always get that in my car. And definitely can't get it inside my house. I stopped listening to the Smirk years ago. As they move him around, he's bumped out the only reasons I listened to 1210. Now all they have for me is Steve Cordasco on Sat AM, and George Noory at night, if I'm up that late. Too bad 1210, it's like watching a suicide in slo-mo.
By: Imelda M on July 6, 2012

With the loss of Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh, you just lost a loyal listener of 25 years!!
By: Pat Colavita on July 9, 2012

If you take Sid Mark and sounds of Sinatra off on Sundays you might as well turn your transmitter off. Your station has gone soooo far down you'll never return,since you cancelled Rush. Get some local talk people like there was at WWDB. YOU should be ashamed.
By: Ed Houseman on July 10, 2012

Like many others I gave up 1210 several years ago and I have been listening to talk radio and 1210 since the 60s. How Smerconish could change from a Frank Rizzo supporter to a lefty Obama supporter just shows how plastic he is and I want to listen to real people, not phoneys. I now listen to 990AM and 106.9FM or to XM while at home.
By: imkms on July 22, 2012

Buzz and Buzz kill in the afternoon is impossible to sit through. I often thought that Buzz kill interjected his political bias too often when I was trying to escape, listening to sports talk, and on 1210 it is nauseating.
By: B.S. on August 10, 2012

Please release Mr. Smerconish to the Chris Mathews show where is a guest host many times. He and Chris can both get the chill up their legs when talking about "Whose Name We Cannot Mention". Anyway he belongs wwith his Liberal/Left friends. Hope your station does not get rid of Dom who is the only rational talk show host left. I realize that it is my opinion and that what is what is great about the USA you can have one! Regards - Fred
By: Fred Reinhard on August 25, 2012

Interesting.Mr.Smerconish went from having George W on his show one Election Eve night to working for the DNC as a "stand-in" for their bias left wing Hall of Famer.Sadly,objective he most certainly is no longer.Another longtime listener long gone.Nevertheless,regards.
By: Tom D on September 11, 2012

I stopped listening when turncoat Smerconish switched to Obama. What a shame...I learned from online when I can get Hannity.Rush...was listening in car only 1450...sometimes static in the car...unable to get in house. I wads a long time listener to 1210....I switched to 990. Smerconish I guess he tought he'd go where the masses went....we'll see about that in Nov. My husband anther long time listener switched...he thinks very little of that that what he calls he. Thinks Greg is stupid to put up with MS & his insults. I hope the ratings sink & MS is completely out. Has a big head...sold on himself...a trial lawyer...what can you expect....would never address tort reform in the old days when he was so called conservative. Wee listen ti 1450. will try new station. Now that I'e lost my job I'm addicted to FOX...all good journalists...if you want to know the true ..FOX.
By: Peg on October 24, 2012

I stopped listening when turncoat Smerconish switched to Obama. What a shame...I learned from online where I can get Hannity.Rush...was listening in car on 1450...sometimes static in the car...unable to get in house. I was a long time listener to 1210....I switched to 990. Smerconish I guess he tought he'd go where the masses went....we'll see about that in Nov. My husband anther long time listener switched...he thinks very little of that that what he calls he. Thinks Greg is stupid to put up with MS & his insults. I hope the ratings continue tovsink & MS is completely out. Has a big head...sold on himself...a trial lawyer...what can you expect....would never address tort reform in the old days when he was so called conservative. We listen ti 1450. will try new station. Now that I'e lost my job I'm addicted to FOX...all good journalists...if you want to know the truth ..FOX. Isn't this station part of the so called media that promote Obama & his lies? He lies so much, perhaps he believes them. The media is no longer giving honest journalism...who are they beholden to? Listen to Beck. He is so smart that I feel I need to hear him twice to comprehend his findings/ research. I have lived to see journalism die. There are few papers that are conservative. WPHT is going down the tubes.
By: Peg on October 24, 2012

Rich Zeoli,Rick Grimaldi & Gary R'nel would be a good line up to listen to early in the afternoon! But then again I don't want to be flipping channels to listen to Dennis Praeger,Rush,Sean & company while driving !Rich,Rick,Gary,Dom,Chris Stigall keep it going until Sat. when the rest are back on! I only listen to WPHT afternoons weekdays when the Phillies are on! A few friends do too!And we are supposed to be 'minorities' that you could use as a demograph....Asian Americans!
By: Art - Cherry Hill on November 12, 2012

106.9 FM is the station I choose with Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity. Just an outstanding station. Oh,Smerconish on 1210 AM - should really go, he's terrible.
By: Karen on February 4, 2013

By: Anonymous on February 7, 2013

IQ 106.9 on FM dial is what I listen to now. Dom Giordano on WPHT is the only one who brings me back for few hours daily during the week, otherwise it is IQ 106.9 FM all the way! you have intellectual conservatives like Levin and Limbaugh. Michael Savage and John Batchelor are excellent as well!
By: Bucks County Res on February 26, 2013

What's going on with 1210 Talk Radio???? I used to turn it on knowing what I had to put up with inorder to have sanity restored for at least part of the day. Thanks to an angry group of Talk Show Hosts who turn everything racial, Obama easily took Philadelphia and the suburbs,,,Don't they nderstand those days are over, we want something new. So how does the Station manager solve that problem,,,,,Puts more Limbaugh Wanna-Be's on the air,,,, takes off (saveone) anyone daring to march outside the Stepfordbox, and all we have is a bunch of angry "live and Local" from all over the place Has Been's filling in to tell us how victimized we are. If I wanted that, I would swith to the real originals Beck/Hannity and Limbaugh.
By: Mopsy on March 2, 2013

The main reason I no longer listen to WPHT is Michael Smerconish. While he once said that Obama had promised that Obamacare debates in Congress will be televised on C-Span, he would not hold Obama as a liar (among numerous other hypocritical stands). Dom Giordano and Sid Mark the only two I come back for. Otherwise its IQ fm 106.9.
By: Roger Moore on March 14, 2013

To the post below: "The main reason I no longer listen to WPHT is Michael Smerconish. While he once said that Obama had promised that Obamacare debates in Congress will be televised on C-Span, he would not hold Obama as a liar (among numerous other hypocritical stands). Dom Giordano and Sid Mark the only two I come back for. Otherwise its IQ fm 106.9." I meant to say that Smerconish said that Obama promised for teh Obama debates to be televised. Smerconish then added that he saw no way for Obama to wiggle out of his promise. Since then Smerconish sand the tune Omaba plays.
By: Roger Moore on March 14, 2013

Smerconish is leaving WPHT ...:) I will not miss that hypocrite! good riddance!
By: Roger Moore on March 21, 2013

I can't believe 1210 is bringing on Dick Morris. Fraud and a RHINO.
By: Chuck Harris on April 4, 2013

As soon as 1210AM dropped Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh I dropped 1210 AM
By: R. Klenk on April 7, 2013

i just learned that mike smerconish is leaving. HALLELEUJAH!!! i stopped listening way back when he pulled a colin powell and showed his TRUE colors and "came out" for b. hussein obama. i was already beyond disappointed when glen beck went. i still popped in occasionally for Dom G. and sid mark. and i have been somewhat renewed by chris stegall. in the words of the howard jones song, "things can only get better". it is a start.
By: R.L. Chope III on April 12, 2013

I left WPHT MANY years ago when that IDIOT Grace Blazer cancelled the Rollye James Show, remember her? This made me get the XM sattelite radio to listen to Rollye, but they cancelled her contract on XM due to one of her enemies from Clear Channel. Of course the TURNCOAT Smerkonish who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth went on Sirius, hope he fails and he will, frigin Commie who never worked a day in his life! Traitor Smerkonish!
By: Talk show freak on April 25, 2013

Talk Show Freak says Smerconish was born with a silver spoon in his mouth??? Who better to prove my point that Con Men Radio Base know nothing outside their protected bubble. No-one his age with a name like that was born with a silver spoon in his mouth,,,,but then again, that's why Smerconish chose to leave the one horse station who hired the Horses "neck" Dick Morris to do a "listen my children" monologue. Now at 6AM the assigned outrage begins and doesn't stop. It's the same thing for at least 12HOURS!!!! Over and Over and Over again. My guess is Talk Show Freak would prefer Alex Jones take the only original thinker left on Talk Radio,,,,my fear is the Station manager will pick another Wanna-Be to take his place.
By: Anonymous on April 30, 2013

Why is Gary R'Nel playing second fiddle to Dick Morris, Gary is terrific but can not get a work in edgewise with Morris. Dick Morris is just plain "boring". Gary should have his own show" again".
By: jane on May 3, 2013

Was hoping to hear Christine Flowers,, instead JD Mullett and RJ (who notes the biggest Republican Scandal Bush not keeping his No New Taxes Pledge. Where the "H" did this man come from??? Otherwise they brilliantly somehow have been able to couple all scandals happening only under Democratic Administrations to Obamacare to get this LCB Privatization - Between that pathetic hope to please the Boss, and poor Gary 'Rnel becoming little more than Dick Morris' lap Dog,,,,is there a shred of dignity or decency left on 1210. No wonder the good people are leaving. There is just nowhere for anyone with an original thought on the new Live and Local 1210
By: JAY on May 19, 2013

DICK Morris will be out of Philly in a year or earlier. He's the hypocrite if I ever knew one. That traitor who back-stabbed the Clintons -- conservative, who the hell is he fooling? Michael Smerconish was not perfect but a lot smarter, more intellectually honest than anthing currently on that lame station. Gary was ver entertaining so why am I hearing him every ten minute? Please, stop putting these ghost riders on the radio. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, please, please!!!!!!!!
By: Harry on May 31, 2013

Dick Morris has no business hosting a radio show. His horrible voice alone should prevent him from working in the industry. I guess it helps that he's friends with the owner of the station. He's also an arrogant, hypocritical, liar who apparently thinks that he's incredibly funny and witty. I've heard him laugh at his own jokes and the assinine sound clips he plays during the news segment. Does anyone know what his ratings are?
By: anon on June 19, 2013

I notice your last posted comment was on June 19th 2013. Good job with the new line up. For me it's Stegall, Dom until Rush and occasionally R'Nel and sometimes the Phillies. Glad you dumped smearcorish. What are you going to do once the Phillies season is over?
By: ZMan on August 19, 2013

Good line up Stegall, Dom etc. Worth tuning in. Stegall is great, pay him whatever he wants, he's the best, a new rush a second coming, a messenger from the mid west I think I feel a tingle!!! no, no, it's just Stegall
By: Mike on August 26, 2013

Gary R'Nel should fly solo.....Get rid of Dick Morris. Gary stays local. No second fiddle to Morris.
By: J.W.W. on September 16, 2013

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? You're letting Rush back? I can't stand you anymore. Even Rich and Dom were a nuisance. Tea Party is going away and if you don't watch out so will 1210.
By: Rose on October 18, 2013

Wondering what the new lineup as of 10-28-13 will be? I've been a listener for years. Loved Michael S. until he left for Sirius. Enjoy Dom G because he focuses on the local news, and covers national. Just started listening to Chris S in the morning, and like him too. Not wild about Dick Morris or Gary A. Dislike Rich Z -- too much pontification about his own views day-after-day the same content. This is "talk" radio; 1/2 education, 1/2 entertainment. Totally dislike Rush and Sean H -- totally out-of-touch with the local audience. Sorry to hear that Rush is coming back...I'll be tuning OUT.
By: Kathy on October 21, 2013

Will never listen to your station again!! Just because your bringing Rush Limbaugh back (the reason I used to listen)It's not enough. I think I will stay with IQ 106.9!
By: Lori on October 23, 2013

You have done a real number on radio listeners and I will not even bother to turn the radio on. I am disgusted with this powerful censorship of the conservative talkers, Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, Marc Levin. How do you control the airwaves so well that all I get is static and buzz! I want my representatives to tell me how this happens that a few dishonest people have usurped what I can hear on radio.
By: Maria on November 6, 2013

Dick Morris is great !!
By: Joe G on November 26, 2013

This radio station has been a joke for over twenty years. By the way you are all going to lose the House next year and get Hillary in 2016. You had some idiot on today saying that the President has lost credibility because he lied. Is that a joke? No politicians have any credibility and all politicians are liars. If you ever get any broadcasters with greater than single digit IQs you might be taken seriously again. But I seriously doubt I will see it in my lifetime.
By: whatever on December 23, 2013

It's a shame nobody has bought this radio station from CBS and turned it into a serious broadcaster with integrity like it was twenty five, thirty, and forty years ago. Very sad.
By: what on December 23, 2013

Keep the Phillies and Temple. Fire everyone else including the syndicated shows and start over with real local talk.
By: jack on December 23, 2013

J.D.Hayworth is surprisingly good. Hannity is boring. Give that caller Linda from Princeton an evening per week co-host spot. She'a hoot.
By: Rognvald from S.C. on January 5, 2014

Good job getting Dick Morris. Glad he has the freedom to speak uninterrupted. You made a mistake getting rid of Glen Beck. That's when I stopped listening. Only started again with Morris.
By: Kathy on January 14, 2014

The Dick Morris Show is excellent! Thank you for bringing him to Philadelphia.
By: Jonathan on March 8, 2014

I am listening to Mutual Fund store on Sat am. These people are despicable! They told a caller to not even talk to a representative selling annuities ( a competitive product) because that sales person would take advantage of her. Then he went on to misrepresent what Annuities can do for a retirement portfolio. Then he gave a 10 minute commercial how he could Sell her mutual funds, that always has a great outcome. We all know that Markets do go down. But the MOST OUTRAGEOUS thing he did was he next told her not to even keep the appointment wit Annuity person and he suggested "A LIE" that she could use to get rid of him. FINRA would be interested in the tactics these people are promoting on your station. Lastly I think they should be obligated to remind people that this "show" is a COMMERCIAL, and " buyer beware"!
By: Gerry Couch on March 15, 2014

Really got to appreciate Rich Z. in the 6-9 time slot & am sorry to see his hours cut so we can hear our "Fighten" Phills. Just the right amount of humor & serious talk. Maybe you could give Dom a 3 day weekend & give Rich Fridays. I would LOVE to see him & Don swap times...but probably too much to ask for...
By: Jerry leeds on March 25, 2014

It's April 24,2014, 3:44am. I should be listening to Coast to Coast, but guess what? It's been bumped for Hannity because Hannity got bumped for the Fighting Phills. It seems to me that Hannity should be the one to lose his spot for the Phills game. Not the show that's in its rightful time slot. As for Hannity, I have trouble dealing with his shrill and annoying voice. I kind of makes my blood curdle. Reminds me of Rich Z. I could tell you the story of WIBG, a jerk of a DJ named Joey Reynolds, and his copy of Love Can Make You Happy by Mercy. I won't because I don't think you read these comments and if you did, the point would go right over your head. As for the Fighting Phills, you can find them 9410 FM so there's no need to hang around. Sign me: Insomniac
By: Fred on April 23, 2014

I am 86, In a wheel chair, can't walk and I love WPHT 1210 talk show. I learn a lot from the talk show , it keeps me company I don't watch much TV and don't have cable. I love "REMEMBER WHEN" on Saturday nights Hallahan class of 1946 Marge
By: Marge Murphy on June 12, 2014

PLEASE do something to update the commercials that are running on the on-line version of your broadcast! The same stupid commercials have been repeating for at least SIX MONTHS. I love listening to Chris, Dom, Rush, etc, but the commercials are extremely annoying because they NEVER change. Help!
By: Byron Crane on July 7, 2014

I am almost to the point of turning the channel when I hear Gary Arnel say the word EXISTENTIAL. i mean how many times can you use that word!!!!! Dick Morris is a phenomenal host with so much insight and then Gary adds EXISTENTIAL to half of his monologues. Hard to swallow.
By: Bob on September 30, 2014

Bring back Rollye James
By: Brooke on October 25, 2014

Great move to reward RIch Z's commitment to WPHT & the patience of his loyal listeners by assigning consistent 3-6 pm weekday airtime. Rich seems in his stride now discussing local & national news stories. His interviews with name newsmakers has elevated the caliber of drive time listening. Thank you, Rich & WPHT!
By: Barb on December 9, 2014

Hey Gary Arnel, have you ever had someone count how many times you give the call numbers and call sign during your 3 hour program? My guess is management has something to do with this, however that doesn't take away from the fact that it is annoying as Hell. For goodness sake, PLEASE stop giving the call sign and phone number in what seems like every other sentence. Listen to yourself.
By: Kenneth Heffner on December 22, 2014

PS Gary. I just listened to you being both rude and patronizing to a caller who was trying to express his opinion. (12/22/14, aprox 12:02pm, the guy went by "Muffin")I don't know how you keep your job or how you landed the 6 to 9 plum hours, But I will tell you that your style can be not only generally rude and patronizing, it is amateurish at times as well. As I said before, you really need to listen to yourself in action. My guess is that you would find yourself surprised. That's the opinion of this part time listener, as I can only take you in small doses. I'm the ant on the counter. I'm only one opinion, but like that ant, typically when you find one there are a lot more in hiding. I can still remember my Program Manager telling me "Don't have anything to say? Give the time and station ID". As you sometimes say, "That's you, Baby".
By: Kenneth Heffner on December 22, 2014

Hey Gary baby!!! Two can play it that way. You try to get Rev. Al Sharpton off the air and we will get 1 Million flash phone callers to call WPHT 1210AM and demand that they fire your dumb ass. You big phony!!!!! Someone, be sure to pass this on to Gary.
By: Watchdog on December 24, 2014

I had to stop listening to station 1210 because of to many commercials. There`s WAY to many commercials .
By: RMC on March 1, 2015

Love all the shows.I only listen to wpht.
By: granny smith on June 14, 2015

By: JOHN RYAN on July 8, 2015

Phillies are on the west coast game get"s over after 2:00 am.So we now have to listen a repeat of Hannity.He comes on at 5:00 in New York so we hear a repeat coast to coast is on at 12:am thanks toolset station we don" t hear that show.Plus thanks for getting rid of remember when they New every thing about Phily and the crime guys.Like to see your earrings another listener you lost.
By: dabronxx on August 12, 2015

When I look into a dictionary under the word "BLOVIATE" there is a picture of Gary Arnell. Gary is apparently a bright man but he is obsessed with filling the air with big words and long sentences(sometimes he won't take a breath) and over complimenting his producer. I'll assume Tashia (sp?) does a good job, but I'll also assume most of your other hosts have good producers , but they don't constantly talk about them. I find that I change the dial when he comes on because I just can't take it any more. Also it's hard to believe that your station carries Temple sports. What a drag for the thousands upon thousands of your listeners that couldn't care less about the Owls. One more reason to actually be FORCED to turn the dial. SORRY!
By: Bill on September 2, 2015

I so agree with John Ryan. Sean Hannity is soooo over. We want to hear Coast to Coast. Far more interesting and not as abrasive as the Hannity robot.
By: Gi on September 3, 2015

I don't understand why I no longer hear Arnell, but you encourage me to endure (rarely happens), Zeoli. Let's see: lose Smerconish, gain Zeoli - what a terrible loss for the station. My favourite days are Phillies baseball days, when I don't have to suffer the most. I don't know why you brought "it" back. Dennis Prager gains a listener most of the non-baseball days, or I just listen to music.
By: John Edgar on September 8, 2015

It should be interesting to see what the ratings are the next time the ratings come out!
By: Mary on October 22, 2015

I don't understand how Stigall got a job here when he wasn't even from the Philly area. When WPHT was going 'local', they acquired a talk radio host from Kansas City. Also, why have Sean Hannity on a 9 PM? Hardly anyone listens to talk radio at that time of night. WPHT has really gone downhill over the past several years.
By: Jon on January 4, 2016

I started listening to Rich Z a few months ago and enjoy his show. I like the addition of Dawn Stensland as well.
By: MD on February 12, 2016

I have difficulty in understanding much of the Steve Stigall show because of all the background sound effects, mostly the rumbling and clicking and megaphone effects. Sometime there are several sound effects at once that cover up the speakers own voice. Can you please turn off the background sounds when the traffic report is on or the host is speaking. The megaphone and other effects are really bad when you have several on while someone is speaking. Thank you. ling
By: Frank from Bristol on March 7, 2016

How do I get in touch with Linda from Princeton?
By: Rognvald on March 14, 2016

What are you people doing? Who is in charge of tracking your ratings? I'm sure you have been taking a beating with your constant conservative republican rhetoric radio. The only breather we get is Sunday's with Frank. Why would you drop the top rated syndicated radio program in the country for this jabrony Ramsey? IMHO, this is a bad decision. PLEASE REINSTATE COAST TO COAST AM. Your listening public will thank you. V/r G. Cureton
By: G.Cureton on July 20, 2016

Boy, do I miss the old 96.5 AM. Old timers there like Irv are dead but you mean to tell me you can't do any better than financial infomercials??? Keep Dom, Zeoli, Rush and Sid, the green thumb people on Saturdays and even Ramsey, if you must. Get rid of the rest. Bring back Cordasco, Matthews and never ever have that A..hole Bartholomew. You want another winning member, pit in some old time music standards like the old 950am radio station. Make you signal ho to south jersey and you'll have more listeners turn the knob to you!
By: Slm on August 26, 2016

Michael Smirconish makes me vomit.
By: william on December 27, 2016

William is obviously a Tard.
By: Todd on December 27, 2016

WHY would you say that he is a tard ? Because he doesn't like Smirconish? I think you are a mongoloid!
By: Murray on December 27, 2016

You guys must be hard up for host' and to fill air time. Sunday nights from 8 to 11 is a good example of why. Could it get any worse than Flowers. I think most of us would rather listen to info-mercials. Yikes, just a big cat fight every week. Good luck getting through five minutes of this crap.
By: Dave on March 13, 2017

what's with that 'over-modulated' voice during commercial breaks? Very annoying! Does someone at WPHT management think its cool, or clever? I understand that the competitive market requires a unique 'edge', but this marketing technique just doesn't work! Whoever came up with this is overpaid, and managers who approved this have made poor decisions (as also evidenced by others listener's comments listed here). I'll find another station to listen to Coast to Coast AM. Goodbye 1210!
By: don on April 2, 2017

Talk radio is taking the same route as Hollywood and the current music scene. 1210 should be embarrassed to allow Flowers and Sterling any air time. You know things are bad when people tune in to hear if it can be any worse than the previous program but it does every week with these two, especially Flowers. This lady ( say that loosely ) should be committed; Sterling is running a close second. I wonder if management listens to these two wanna-be's, just horrible radio but then again there isn't much left that hasn't gone down hill. There is no doubt that " Old school was the best school "; people as a whole were much different and had some class; things certainly aren't what they used to be. The only entertainment value is just seeing how bad it gets and yelling at the radio ! I assume that qualifies me as a listener for the ratings however they would be better off if the fan base actually enjoyed the programs. For me it only makes me realize how sane I am in comparison to these idiots, crazy isn't it. Hang it up Christine and go away, thanks and bye bye.
By: Dave on May 23, 2017

Station has turned into a show of Advertisements. I understand Add`s pay the salaries but when there`s as many Add`s as talking,it`s a turn- off. I switched to FM 90.9 and 990.
By: Maxx on October 5, 2017

Interesting how Giordiano no longer has IBEW (electricians union) "rat sightings" from non-union worksites since the union now has a paid show on Saturday @ 7:00 P.M. And ever notice the "live" Ramsey show @ 9:00 PM. during the week isn't "live" at all but prerecorded afternoons. Ethically challenged station doesn't open the show with a disclaimer of this dact.
By: NE Listener on October 14, 2017

Don't the bosses at 1210 listen to that guy that's on 6 to 9 they can't tell he's sick he's laughing all the time about nothing he cant go 10 seconds without laughing. He might be Bipolar get the poor guy help I don't like saying what these people are known for doing to themselves
By: Wilber on February 9, 2018

Sounds Like WPHT 1210AM Has A Good Lineup Now! I Know All About Advertisements But They Pay Operation Costs, I Especially Enjoy Rich, Dawn And Gregg And Rush. William Tolan West Norriton, PA.
By: william tolan on May 1, 2018

Dear Sean Hannity, why don't we start a go fund me or ther like for the wall. I think it would take off, ty Frank
By: frank jess on February 18, 2019

ok whomever took over talk radio 1210'wpht,u r loosing listeners, I am an avid listener, but no more.
By: Suzanne Graham on March 11, 2019

No Chris Stigall! You lost me, too. I will listen to Rush somewhere else. Bye bye.
By: Ed on March 15, 2019

Where is Stigall?
By: CR Zelez on March 19, 2019

So glad Stigall is gone! I enjoy the lineup you have now. The more conservative the better! Won't listen to those liberal freaks. Just keep that in mind!
By: Mary on August 26, 2019

In case anyone forgot,,,, when someone lies for someone that liar owns them the rest of their lives. I can think of two Locals who are owned lock stock and barrell by a Upper West Side Elitist, Liberal Millionaire Democrat whose only succes in life is to destroy the Republican Party. I have never heard two more panicked, trained monkies in the morning than on WPHT1210 Talk Radio. Their attempts at comedy are as sad as their need to lie and condone POTUS every move in the name of nothing more than a school yard bully win. It is sad - they know better.
By: Jane Yavis on October 5, 2019

Long time listener but no more. I'm tired of Rich who has become a bully when callers with different opinions call and he doesn't like it, doesn't give them a chance to speak, interrupts and usually hangs up on them. No freedom of speech on your program, right First Amendment Rich! Not very adult.
By: Alexandra on October 2, 2020

I just heard some person totally against Trump...I did not know that 1210 WPHT also had D - Haters for their much for Free Conservative Veiws, where Mark Levin Makes His Home?!
By: elva z on January 31, 2021

What is with the Spanish commercials playing on WPHT for Auto Zone? Who is asleep at the wheel? Fix it or lose your listeners!
By: fdrb on May 31, 2021

To: Whoever is in charge. Who is Mike Opelka and why did you put him on your station to replace the late great Rush. He doesn't have the chops. It's like replacing a PhD with a 5th grader. Geez Tina
By: Tina on June 22, 2021

Why isn’t joe pags on at 9:00 to 12:00 anymore I listen to rich zeoli in the morning I don’t want to listen again to repeat
By: Seena on July 26, 2021

For Gary Arnell, please stop calling people "BABY" It makes you sound uneducated and I know that you are not uneducated. I enjoy listening to you, but the "BABY" is just really annoying
By: claire on August 4, 2021

Really like Don and Dan, Rich Z and Gary Arnell Great interesting and fun radio Thank you for having them!! Geo
By: G romeril on August 6, 2021

Please stop using baby.
By: neil on August 9, 2021

1210 is a joke. Might as well call it 1210-CNN. The 10-12 slot is really pathetic. Used to be a long-time listener. No more. Absolutely disgusted with the turn-coat "conservative" hosts. Go to 990 for quality show hosts.
By: anna on August 23, 2021

Gary Arnell is terrible. That is all.
By: Melissa on August 25, 2021

Love listening to Rich Z, Dom G, Gary Arnell and Lou Pate. Please keep these great hosts! Very informative and entertaining.
By: Barbara on September 6, 2021

Gary Arnell thinks Republicans are too far right? I can only guess what he thinks of Donald Trump. This morning almost ran my car off the road. Some yo-yo caller and Arnell were talking about the importance of keeping a dialogue open with the left. To top it off, the yo-yo caller praised Arnell and suggested he's the new Rush Limbaugh. How delusional. These are the idiots who vote. Get rid of Arnell. He just gives a forum to the clueless so-called moderates. Arnell is also very annoying with his greeting of "BABY"! Anyone else fed up with him dragging out the pronunciation of names? 1210 doesn't need a milk toast, moderate amateur in it's line up.
By: Vince on September 6, 2021

When is WPHT going to be on FM? KYW saw the light. I want to listen in my car
By: jerry on November 25, 2022

Please get rid of that liberal flunkie Gary Arnell! I heard him giving Alvin Bragg advice the other day, and was spouting how Trump will never win the presidency if he is the nominee. Really? Get rid of this clown. Democracy in action my rear end. GET RID OF HIM!!
By: Louis on April 3, 2023

So, Mr. Arnell, Please tell me the "good reasons" why Hillary has not been indicted. I'm going to turn off 1210 now and listen to Pandora. Bye
By: Alice on June 10, 2023

By: Christine on August 21, 2023

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