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WTKK 106.1 FM

Raleigh's Talk Station

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Knightdale, NC


Raleigh-Durham, NC

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iHeartMedia (Ihm Licenses, LLC)

3100 Smoketree Ct Ste 700
Raleigh, NC 27604


WTKK is an FM radio station broadcasting at 106.1 MHz. The station is licensed to Knightdale, NC and is part of the Raleigh-Durham, NC radio market. The station broadcasts News/Talk programming and goes by the name "106.1 FM Talk" on the air with the slogan "Raleigh's Talk Station". WTKK is owned by iHeartMedia.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

I'll be glad to comment about WRDU, having just received a vile, racist, rude, and ignorant email from Carmen Connors who co-hosts a morning show. i am shocked that in 2012 any radio station would allow such a person to be on the air. Disgusting.
By: Dr. Anne Russell on February 4, 2012

***PLEASE*** Bring back Jason Lewis, or just get rid of this Michael Castner. I am forced to listen to liberals in all parts of the media, but please... do not put them on RUSH RADIO!!!! This guy's show is so incredibly boring, I feel like I'm listening to MSNBC without a video. I no longer support 106.1 WRDU after 5:59pm.
By: Conservative on September 14, 2012

Please bring back Jason Lewis. The program now in that time slot is boring and not on par with the show Jason does.
By: Ken on September 14, 2012

Why-or how did you lose Jason Louis? I looked forward to hearing his uniquely thoughtful, constitutionally /historically infused perspectives every day. A real educational treat. Replaced with this Superboring liberal excuse for a radio show? How can you possibly justify this move? At the 6:00 timeslot too? I turn my radio OFF now at 6:00. Pitiful interviews with left-leaning(at best) guests are the norm. If not then just plain boring. From so good to SO bad so fast is unbelievable. Can these guys and get Louis back! And hurry up too! Give us all a break. Uncle! We'll be happy again and you'll be the heros. Win win!.and really- HURRY IT UP- PLEASE!7
By: gus on October 29, 2012

Time to atone.....Jason Lewis should replace the soon-to-depart Wall Street Wrap Up. Your listeners don't care whether Jason inked a deal with a non-Clear Channel preferred syndication company......they want good radio. They will be loyal to good radio. They will listen to your advertisers' marketing investment. The duty is to your listeners, not some high level Clear Channel executive in Timbukthree who couldn't spell your station if you spotted them the W-R-D.
By: Brian Tremblay on February 12, 2013

No more 106.1 after 6:00. I will no longer listen to Michael Castner -- are you kidding me! The rest of the media is owned by the left and now we have to listen to it on Rush radio? I can't take it anymore. Thank goodness for internet radio options. I used to listen 24/7 now I only briefly check in during the morning commute when Carmen is not talking and no more after 6:00. BRING BACK JASON LEWIS! Jason was refreshing and actually backed his opinion with economic facts.
By: Ranger 94' on April 5, 2013

I agree with all of the loyal Rush Radio fans here; PLEASE remove Michael Castner from your programming schedule! Placing his show on your channel not only loses your station thousands of dedicated listeners for three hours a day, it leaves a sour taste in their mouths. If you are willing to try and sneak by an anti-American show into one of your busiest time slots, what will you do next? The majority of the media is in the tank for the downfall of our nation, we truly do not need another socialist voice, especially in the last place we'd expect to find it!
By: An American on April 11, 2013

Please bring Jason Lewis back ASAP!!!
By: The Daily Wrap Blows on May 2, 2013

two words: JASON LEWIS
By: Eve L. Stroik on September 2, 2013

Where's Carmen?
By: Anonymous on October 9, 2013

Where's Carmen????
By: Anonymous on October 14, 2013

We want Carmen back!!!
By: Laura ferguson on October 16, 2013

What is the status regarding Carmen Connors? Is she still under contract with 106.1?
By: Ricky B on October 19, 2013

Where is Carmen? How about giving us some answers. No one is responding to emails & I've heard nothing on the air.
By: Chris C. on October 30, 2013

Where is Carmen? Enjoy Casey but HATE her "replacement"!
By: NC Nani on October 31, 2013

Again, as others have asked, where is Carmen? I even like her 'replacement.' But hope she is okay. Please give us some kind of information.
By: Jona from Holly Springs on November 13, 2013

I enjoy the show much more now since Carmen Conners is not on the air.
By: Ed Proctor on November 19, 2013

Where is Carmen?? I like Ross but where is Carmen????
By: Jo on November 21, 2013

There are other questions that need to be answered more important than where is Carmen. Where is she? She's Honest
By: Will Ellin on November 30, 2013

why do you think everyone wants to hear about tarheel sports all the time. Between sales shows and tarheel sports your station is useless in the evenings and weekends .
By: mike on November 30, 2013

Where is Carmen?
By: Bdtugwell on December 2, 2013

Rock on Carmon ! KC The next limbaugh ? Ross the next babydaddy show on OWN ! Keep up the good work love the conversation ..
By: erich on December 3, 2013

Where is Carmen Connors and when will she return? I enjoy listening to KC and Ross but the morning format just isn't the same without Carmen. Why the mystery?
By: Ricky in Wake Forest on December 8, 2013

Heard from an intern at 96.1 that rumor has it Carmen was suspended (leave of absence) for her conduct. I personally have no clue. But for the love of Pete, TELL US THE TRUTH!!! WHERE IS CARMEN?!?!?! The truth cannot be any worse than the rumors.
By: Mike Gray on December 17, 2013

How about getting Mark Levin?
By: Lisa on December 31, 2013

The morning show is worthless without Carmen.!!!! KC and Ross are like two stupid and uninformed little boys with a microphone in their basement. The constant laughing at each others jokes and see who can top who stories are so hard to listen to!!!!!! I just can't stomach the show anymore!!!!!! Carmen was the STAR and without her you have nothing.
By: Lori thomas on December 31, 2013

Hey guys I'm a daily listener pretty much since January of 2011. I understand contractural issues, however it would be kind of you folks to let people know what's up with Carmen. She really did add to the morning programming in spite of the fact that she didn't always quite have her thoughts organized. I know she had surgery recently and hope she is doing well. I think it's really tacky and childish not to say a word about her but still have her name on the web page. Weird. Thanks
By: Gary Strange on January 2, 2014

Tar Heels....really....I've made numerous complaints about this...with al the "sports Talk" on the air why do u insist on putting this dribble on this political talk station?......As soon as it comes on I turn it off....likme many of your soon as u get competition I'll permanetly move the dial.......I hate the tar heels and sports talk
By: James V on January 8, 2014

Calling the show "KC and Carmen" is false advertising. Bring Carmen back! I'm listening only once (maybe twice) a week until she comes back or an explanation is given. As I write this, a commercial on the station says "the people are heard here"... Disgusting!
By: Drew Barfield on January 14, 2014

Carmen has obviously been fired. OBVIOSLY.....KC has made a mistake by not being honest...The truth must be told or his career is well as the format...Carman was not conservative..nor Kc......Kc's new cohost VOTED FOR OBAMA...aCARMAN DID AS WELL>.in first election.......I do bot know who KC voted for..but he is only conservative on economic issues......
By: jim on January 15, 2014

It is time for conservatibes to abandon RUSH radio...they show know lotyalty....they have neoconservatives..KC and the new guy ,,,,,Remember...Carmen and the new guy SUPPOTEED OBAMA first election,,,,no conservative would been that ignorant of his politics,,,NO ONE...none of these people are conservatibes...Take Rush,,,he had a married homosexual to sing at his wedding...think about it,,is Rush a believer in what Jesus taught??? He has married over and over again and has endorsed REASON atheist abortion,,,,evolutionist.....we are being had by pseudo conservatism in the name of MONEY....don;t get me wrong..I love these people..But they are NOT conservatives..KC will not disccuss abortion..why not?? I heard the reasons..that is bull,,,Beck is a NEW AGE mormon...he uses Jesus as a come on..READ HIS BOOK...he does not believe in the Jesus the sciptures taught us about..Paul warned of the other ZJesus...KC..I like him,,but OI doubt he is a conservative..he sounds close but really??? Car men...she sounds tough and mean..that does not make her a conservative,,it makes her MEAN...a leftist is mean..and used profabity like we drink water..gon't be fooled by NEO's
By: jim on January 18, 2014

I no longer listen to the Moorning Rush since there is no point with no Carmen! The show is horrible now
By: Bamma on January 19, 2014

don't know what's happened to this station, totally going nowhere, now with Dave Ramsey in the morning need to get KC and Carmen back on
By: jerry cummins on January 20, 2014

Mo more KC..he and his cohort...Showgram is better than KC.....go yo showgram...make you laugh and laast you know who show up or get fired..Carmen was fired..They use the moniker..KC and Carmen just to make you THINK she isn;t gone..she is..she was fired..I heard from a friend of hers that she was let go....KC has hurt his career because he has mislead people..he's finished...The slot keeps him alive..not the quality of the show..IT SUCKS> whole family use to listen to're GONE..once you losr a litener//YOU LOSE>>>>>many//////I hope they close their doors///why LEFTSIT LIE...what is the diffenece what KC is doing?? NONE!!!! I emailed him..he said he really did not know....that is a lie..
By: Jim on January 21, 2014

Still enjoying the show without Carmen. KC can now get a complete thought across without interruption! But still wondering happened to Carmen. I hope she's OK. Did she have surgery? Suspended / fired??
By: Bill on January 22, 2014

I agree that it's totally bizarre that Carmen is gone without an explanation. She provided an extra dimension to the show that is sadly lacking. Time to switch stations.
By: raleighlistener on January 23, 2014

Sure miss Carmen. Enjoyed her with KC. But with no explanation from the station as to her demise I'm a bit dismayed. Show is boring without her. Since she moved on so did I. Found another station & switched. No more Rush 94.5 for me here in Greensboro. I hope she lands on her feet somewhere.
By: Chris on January 23, 2014

By: BILL on January 24, 2014

Really miss Carmen. I thought she was hilarious. Don't get me wrong ,KC is awesome and so is Ross...but seriously it would be great if y'all would bring Carmen back. Also quit the sports really suck Im listening to Jason Lewis and it goes in to a bloody basketball game...I hear enough about that crap at work. But whatever...just find a way to bring Carmen back.
By: Big E on January 24, 2014

The show will not last long without Carmen. Very sad, have changed stations at 0535.
By: Jorge on January 24, 2014

I've been a long-time listener. It's NOT the same without Carmen Connors! Would be nice if we knew what happened to her. Noticed last week that KC stated it was the "KC O'Dea Show". Carmen's name is off totally. She added a lot of "truth" to the show; I appreciated her candor. Shame that the station won't comment. Not the same without "Carmenland".
By: LadyListener on January 25, 2014

How can companies be so incredibly tone deaf? Your listeners are your life line. They are your blood. So you mysteriously put someone like Carmen out of sight and just expect everyone that has listened faithfully to, no biggie? Is this station nuts? The "banter" between KC and Ross is scripted, contrived, boring, and simply tough to listen to. I no longer can listen to the morning show. Maybe when the ratings come out, this station will realize that. Too bad that it has to come to that as most of the comments on there and other forums have been in favor of bringing Carmen back. Heck,at the very least, tell your loyal listeners the truth!!!!
By: Sano Bano on January 27, 2014

I will no longer listen to the show or the station for that matter.. WSB750 in Atlanta for me.
By: Jeff on January 27, 2014

If we the people have any integrity, or honor, shouldn't we boycott RUSH Radio until an explanation is given? For, me I've made the decision to move on. Goodbye Carmen.
By: Drew Barfield on January 28, 2014

It's tuned into a long boring sports segment everytime I chime in. Sadly enough pulling one party away from the other just flatlined the show.. Ross is funny no doubt . BUT..................
By: Tony on January 28, 2014

Another station needs to put on The Carmen Show and smoke you in the ratings. Get real, get Carmen back and move on. Look at all the comments you are receiving, that should tell you something.
By: Travis on January 28, 2014

I saw Carmen working at the Big Lots in Coats NC...get over it.
By: Craig on January 29, 2014

To show you how much I listen.. I didn't know she was gone until today when I heard a promo for the K.C. show. Sounds like I chose correctly for Imus on Iheart radio.
By: Jerry on January 31, 2014

Just don't understand.without her there's no comedy. It was the only show on 106.1 that's not all politically correct and so serious.I never got into politics until I listed to Carmen.I never voted conservative until Carmen.she made me the voter I am today and that should be what 106.1 is looking for but I guss not
By: james on February 1, 2014

I actually kind of enjoy the show more without Carmen. I have to agree with a previous comment about her constantly interrupting K.C. He would have to stop what he was saying just to explain to Carmen because she didn't understand. I'm not sure she was the right fit for this type of show. Ross seems to flow better with K.C. They have a better dynamic. I like to listen to Ray too. Even though he is just there for the weather. They work well together. Didn't think weather could be so entertaining.
By: Military Girl on February 3, 2014

No Carmen so I will no longer listen to the show. Sorry K.C but without Carmen you and Ross suck..
By: hardcharger812 on February 3, 2014

The whole station sucks 24/7.
By: Dave'sNotHere on February 3, 2014

I listen online and switched TO KC and Carmen because of the dynamic, but mostly because of Carmen. Without her, its disintegrated into a clueless little boys club with KC admitting he is clueless, but opting to spout off ignorant garbage anyway. Carmen spoke up and set him straight when that would happen. Now, its just a steady stream of nonsense. I'll be getting my Morning Rush elsewhere. I am so incredibly disappointed in the station's decision to get rid of Carmen.
By: KH on February 3, 2014

Quit wearing your feelings on your sleeve and trying to be politically correct. Carmen tells it like it is and doesn't sugar coat the truth. If you can't handle the truth, you can always turn the dial.
By: KennyD on February 4, 2014

Done with you guys in the morning until Carmen comes back. I like comedy and there is none with the two arses you have on now. Sad that a station won't even tell its listeners the deal.
By: Scott K on February 4, 2014

I personally didn't care for the show then or now but it's insulting to the listening audience to make no comment about someone who has helped build that listening audience. Perhaps you have done the math and have estimated that being straightforward would do more harm than good for your business. However, if I were an advertising client of the station I would begin to question future advertising investments with a station that by its actions show little respect to those that would be my customers.
By: DG on February 4, 2014

Personally,I'm glad she's gone.Her constant batter about her children misbehaving and her seemingly messing up everything all the time got old for me real quick.Plus she laid out of work all the time anyway,so no,I don't miss her.
By: Eddie on February 5, 2014

I/m gone..It wasn't about Carmen as nuch is it is about DECEPTION..I left the show..for good..Hope KC does well..but he IS NOT a true conservatibe..liten to the guy..immaturr...He and Ross act like substance..Goodbye KC..good luck..Ross..don't vote for another you did the first electiob for Obama..Carmen did as out're being duped by NEOCONS>..the whole bunch...I started listening to Bob,,he's funny but vulgar...
By: Jim on February 6, 2014

How do you get rid of your morning show's co-host without even so much as an explanation to your listeners? I rarely listen to the morning show since she left and while I liked the dynamic between KC and Carmen, KC and Ross are kind of what I imagine it would be like if you gave Beavis and Butthead their own radio show. Looks like I'll be listening to WTIB out of Greenville, NC with Henry Hinton and The Talk of the Town from here on out.
By: thedudefromnc on February 7, 2014

SO glad Carmen is gone, her only comments to everything "I'll get my gun...", so tiresome. Can Casey please stop chatting w/ the meteorologist? It is painful to listen to, Ray S. is depressed--and doesn't have quit whit to chat it up. One more think, Casey has the worst grammar.....
By: debbie on February 7, 2014

The radio business I guess is like many other ones, good people come and go for various reasons. Nobody likes to tout the termination of any employee, especially in the broadcast business as it does affect ratings and advertising clients. Carmen Connors brought the edginess to the morning drive show, KC the straight man and Carmen the pot stirrer worked. Now KC and his buddy Ross are just boring to listen to. I for one will just Skip 106.1 until 12:06PM when Rush is on.
By: GDT in Raleigh on February 7, 2014

I liked listening to the KC and Carmen show but she got old. She would always interrupt and didn't have a clue on what was going on. She never seemed prepared but always ready to contradict what KC had to say. I like the format with KC and Ross. That being said, the station needs to listen to its customers and if possible give them what they want. It is obvious they want Carmen back or an explanation.
By: Peter on February 8, 2014

The show is crashing! I'm going back to music.
By: Willie on February 8, 2014

No more Carmen no more KC.
By: Ted on February 10, 2014

I enjoy the KC and Ross duo in the morning. I don't know why Carmen left the show but I do know this... As a cohost on a morning show, it is your responsibility to do your homework and be ready to provide full backup support to your counterpart if needed. On many occassions, Carmen was not prepared when she arrived at the station in the morning. If KC was out, she couldn't even hold an intelligent telephone conversation or discuss the most current events. If you want to have job security set yourself apart from those who simply "get by" from day to day. Work hard, study hard and spend every day showing your worth. I am looking forward to what the future holds for the KC and Ross duo.
By: Misty on February 12, 2014

Well I guess it is official Carmen is off the air. Just went to the official website and it is now called the KC O'dea show. So so long KC cause without Carmen you have no balance and I can't stand to listen to you and Ross all morning. Don't worry I won't go to the competition of the Showgrams cause I can't stand to listen to the voice of the girls on there and the new guy on 101.5 is not as funny as he thinks. So I guess it is Pandora for me. It is sad really as I started listen to you guys when you first came on the air and really enjoyed the show, even when I didn't agree with you or Carmen sometimes.
By: J on February 14, 2014

I find it hard to believe that so many of you believe Carmen somehow ran the show. Certainly she contributed to the entertainment value, however much of it was fed by KCs intellect. With the person above who commented that Carmen was often not prepared if KC wasn't there, I agree, and such things are clear to an honest audience. I find that both KC and his 'side kick host' Ross are both more aware of what is going on in the world. Regardless of the situation behind why Carmen left the show, I think the show will not suffer because of it.
By: Will on February 19, 2014

Not really surprised that Carmen is not part of the mix any longer. I tried listening a couple times but man, she seemed to have the attention span of a gnat and could never finish a complete thought; really irritating. As for, KC, he's fairly irritating too and his sidekick, not as funny as he thinks. And please stop running over Jason Lewis with that stupid sports stuff. I don't care what Roy Williams has to say. Basically, there's about 8 or 10 statements these guys repeat over and over no matter what day or year it is. So, just put the guy on a loop.
By: Rigor Mortis on February 19, 2014

Carmen came across as scatter-brained and ill-informed. She was more of an irritant than addition to the show. KC and Ross do just fine without her interruptions "shoot from the hip" opinions.
By: Brian on February 20, 2014

Wanted to hear the discussion pertaining to the CJD incident with the hospital in Winston Salemon on the KC Odea broadcast on Feb 10 or 11. Must have been deleted. Would it be possibe to get a clip of Theresa
By: Dave on February 21, 2014

I for one am enjoying the morning show without having to suffer thru Carmen's rants, raves, talk about her drug use and her ignorance. Ross and KC are much easier to listen to. I tune in every day now as opposed to switching it off when she got off track.
By: Jeff on February 24, 2014

KC absolutely Sucks and Ross is worse. I wouldn't listen now if it were the only station on earth. At least Carmen was entertaining. Ross... whatever is worse than sucks... your picture is on it.
By: tom on February 25, 2014

I quit listening when they started giving that guy Ross an open mike. Sorry to hear about Carmen, though.
By: Duane dePool on February 27, 2014

Glad they finally cut her name out of the promos and the name of the show. She was PAINFUL to listen to. KC and Ross overdo the banter sometimes but it is a much better show without her pointless, uninformed nonsense.
By: Tim on March 3, 2014

I used to listen to this station religiously. Now I can't tell you the last time I've listened or tuned in since all the changes were made.
By: Robby on March 3, 2014

KC is arrogant and close minded. Personally, I'd like to see him replaced.
By: Bill on March 4, 2014

I began listening to Casey and Carmen about three years ago and it took a while to warm up to Carmen. However she began to come across as a perfect balance to Kasey. As she has said herself, she was hired as the talent, not a journalist. Your show now on 94.5 with Kasey and Ross is a minor league version of the Glenn Beck Show where he and his cohort drivel on like grade schoolers with their stupid and insulting skits. I will no longer listen to Rush radio until Carmen is brought back. By the way, it is insulting to your listeners to cut her with no explanation to the people who make your show possible.j
By: H.B. on March 5, 2014

Tuesday, January 21, 2014As promised... From Carmen I felt it very important to explain to you...those who cared about Rush Radio and its purpose...what happened back in September 2013, that resulted in my being off the air and led to my separation with WTKK. First and foremost, I do have health issues that qualified me for short term disability. I had my spinal cord stimulator surgery coming up but I'd been having trouble with my hands going numb. There's obviously a cervical disc that needs repairing, so I'll be out of commission for a while. I could leave it at that but it wouldn't be the whole truth. I believe you deserve as much truth as possible. You gave the show your loyalty and I wouldn't dream of treating you so disrespectfully. First, I want to tell you that, despite what many jocks feel, I never had a problem with Clear Channel. I worked for them in Tampa-where I led the morning show to second place in women in 3 years. Not to shabby for a first morning show and being a girl lead, to boot. I worked with (and filled in for) Glenn Beck and shared the mornings with Bubba the Love Sponge down the hall and the MJ in the Morning Show, who ruled Tampa in ratings for well over a decade. You know him now as Todd Schnitt. I also got to work with Dave Reinhart, Gabe Hobbs, Randy Lane and Chuck Morgan; four of the most gifted men I've known and who took me from 'Disc Jockey' and shaped me into a real radio personality. (May you rest peacefully, Dave. Thank you. You are missed.) From Tampa, I took our morning show to Minneapolis, where we bit the dust. It was there that the lesson Chuck Morgan taught me-and that I'd promptly forgotten-came to kick me in the ass. "Never Violate the Expectations of your Listeners." It would be the LAST time I made that mistake. Yes...I know this is reading like a memoir but, dammit, it's MY site and MY there!!! ;) Back to NC, a short stint with the company that gave me a start in radio-Curtis Media-and then Rush Radio. I was ready for another win and I would have it...but it would be too short. Too damned short. The first man I met was Ken Charles. Ken was dynamic and he knew what great radio was and how to get it out of you. Ken gutted me my first week on the show. The original host-a guy named Bo-quit two days into the show. KC, who had been hired as a producer from his part-time job in Minneapolis as a phone screener for another talk show host, was put in place. We were going into a break, when I said "Jesus could kick Mohammed's butt." I thought it was funny. Ken did not. Ken SHREDDED me and I cried all the way home, while calling Ken every name in the book. But even then, I felt-as I still do now-that I would work for Ken a thousand times over. He's that damned good. He mentored us through the first year of the show and taught me a great deal. Clear Channel promoted him to a VP position. He deserved every bit of it. The second person I met was Clear Channel's Rush Radio Greensboro GM, Kim Pyle. She was incredible...she was the female version of my boss, Dick Harlow and I deeply regret not getting to know her better. She is what I've always considered myself to be...the last of the good ol' broads. We're women who are capable but demand chivalry. At least, that was my impression of her and understand...the good ol' broad title is the highest 'award' I would ever give a woman. Considering how I feel about women in general (that's what my NEXT post will be all about-trust) she ranks high on the list of how women in business should behave. That is "I don't expect you to GIVE me anything...I'll work my ass off for it...I don't mind." She really is 'beast', as my 10-year-old, Austin, would say. CML public service announcement: I'm sure the 'ass-kissing' label is being used generously at this point and you're more than welcome to slap it on me as many times as you like. But I'm NOT wasting time speaking negatively about the people who were dishonest, arrogant or so afraid of being fired they couldn't make a sane decision. I don't waste time on that...I owe it to the people who helped me and believed in me. THEY are the people who deserve accolades and I will damn well hand them out. That is all. The next person I want to talk about, as his story is relevant to all of this-is Dick Harlow. Dick was my GM. He is incredibly charismatic, charming-and, at times, a hothead who scared the shit out of me when I was on the receiving end- with the proverbial heart of gold. He ran a tight ship; he was also the rare manager who knew that you couldn't manage employees the same way. He quickly learned what worked with whom and used it to the company's advantage. I thought the world of him AND his wife....also one of the 'last of the good ol' broads'. I genuinely loved the both of them. Case in point: One of our regular listeners got shipped out to Afghanistan. I asked him to keep in touch and was thrilled when he did. We talked via email and I found the unit could use some entertainment in the form of music and cd's, which Dick instantly approved. I insisted my friend tell me what he and his unit ould enjoy most and their request was simply 'coffee'. It was Dick who handed me a credit card and told me to get what they needed and ship it. Because of him, I was able to send 20 big cans of coffee AND two coffee machines! He did the same thing when I asked for items for different charities I was always involved in and never questioned it. He believed in the community and demanded we be a part of it. Dick was one of the rare GM's that understood the complicated dichotomy between programming and sales. The bottom line is that radio is a product. Radio stations can be built or destroyed by patronizing or attacking advertisers. It's not a big secret...the Libs know it very well and while we despise them, they managed to bring Rush Limbaugh to his knees. Remember that. If we could organize and be that effective, you'd have solid, Conservative radio on in every radio market. But we're NOT organized. Nor are we impassioned. We've become apathetic and we're reaping the punishment. We'll continue to suffer until we are thoroughly whipped and we decide to either step up or give in and lick the boots of the Progressives. Damn. Didn't mean to head straight to CML...IN WRITING!! HAHAHAHA Back to Dick Harlow...I respected him. He made Rush Radio successful. He never hesitated to encourage me, inspire me or rip me a new a**hole when I needed it. Dick was scary when he was mad...but he was one of the few men in charge that could excoriate you and then it was over. He would always end any meeting...informal or not...with his standard "Now, get outta here." If you learned your lesson, you would think it completely forgotten. Dick had numerous meetings with KC and me. You won't be surprised to learn it was due to our constantly butting heads. Typical morning show crap. At least, it was typical the first year. By year 3, we were ALL getting tired of it. But more on that later. In January of 2013, Dick was fired by Clear Channel. No one gave us a reason, but rumor was...and this is RUMOR, mind you...that CC got tired of Dick telling them 'No.' In short, Dick had made the Raleigh cluster one of the most profitable in the company. Our cluster was successful because Dick had the cahones to SAY no, when necessary. He knew what needed to be done and HOW it needed to be done because he knew the Triangle, the Triad and upper management didn't. Clear Channel is a little top heavy; meaning there are a LOT of managers: Area, Regional, Market, Division, etc. and management was always changing, it seemed. But regardless of the 'why', the fact remained that he was there, then he was gone. I was devastated. Absolutely disheartened. Months later, we would eventually get George Allen as our GM and though we didn't work together long, I can tell you he is a very smart man and a good man. I hope he's successful. He's the kind of guy you root for because he's got a lot of heart. Now, as you know, there are things I cannot get into. I wish I could. The primary reason I wasn't on the air after September 17th was due to my health. The reason I stayed on the website is due to them having to hold your job open for a specific amount of time. That's all. When Clear Channel and I discussed what I wanted after being released from medical leave, I did tell CC that I couldn't go back into the same situation: the morning show atmosphere was toxic and that I believed there was no way the show would ever be effective with the behind the scenes drama that I simply couldn't think about dealing with while healthy-much less returning from two back surgeries and a progressive auto-immune disease. In short, KC and I HAD a great morning show at one's too bad that only one of us knew it. At the end of the day, Clear Channel and I had an amicable separation. They were fair and I feel they made the best decision they could in such a situation. I am deeply grateful to them and I appreciate the opportunities they offered me over the years. The thing I'll miss most is you...the people who faithfully gave their support and embraced the show. If there's anything that really hurts...that really cuts me to the's that you and I lost a valuable spot on the air that gave validation to the Conservative cause and support to people that continue to lose their voice against this administration's attempt to subjugate the people and those who wish to revise history as well as our Constitution. But the fight isn't hasn't even begun. When it does, you and I will stand shoulder to shoulder and we'll win...or die trying. E Pluribus Unum
By: Joe on March 6, 2014

I'm glad I'm not the only one glad that Carmen is gone. I couldn't stand listening to her talk. It was always a constant 'um' or 'uh' or stuttering to get her thoughts out "Th-th-th-the, uh, I, I, I, uh, that's not the point" or something similar to that effect. It bothered me so bad.
By: Casey on March 6, 2014

CARMEN,CARMEN,CARMEN,CARMEN,CARMEN. Bring her back and also Jason Lewis. Quit listening at night when Michael Castner was given a spot.
By: hardee on March 6, 2014

Carmen and KC both had/have their short-comings as show hosts, but their on-air chemistry worked and I am sorry that is gone. The general manager had better step up and figure this out or this morning show is on its way to gone. Without listeners there is no reason to fill the airspace. Make an announcement about some kind of change and I will try you again...
By: LCJ on March 14, 2014

Carmen was a dunce.....get over it!
By: Brainiac on March 18, 2014

Carmen should have been fired a long time ago....she was clueless!
By: Brainiac on March 18, 2014

Can you PLEASE get rid of Lisa price! She is one of the most annoying news person. I'm not sure how she got the job of reading the news. It's so annoying I change the station when she comes on.
By: Rose on March 19, 2014

Wow. Just found this thread. I was curious where Carmen went only because I've enjoyed the show so much since she left. I used to routinely turn the dial when she went on ill-informed and emotionally laden rants. KC and Ross provide professional, well researched and witty banter. I don't dislike Carmen as a person. She seemed genuine. But her lack of broader context in understanding issues and apparent lack of serious preparation only reinforce stereotypes of conservatives and southerners as rubes.
By: D. A. Vacha on March 25, 2014

Jason Lewis is on 850 AM Mon-Fri 6-8 pm.
By: Mark on April 10, 2014

Can't stand KC! He sucks! Ross is actually better. No longer listen unless a guest is hosting. KC just sounds like a whiny girl!
By: Jason Johnson on April 22, 2014

It's unfortunate that you decided to change the morning show because after listening to KC this morning I now have to find another morning station.
By: M Johnson on April 24, 2014

Sorry, I am gone. KC and Ross do not entertain. The sub (Casey)that was in for KC last week was rude and short with the callers. There is better radio out there and I WILL find it! Your weekend programming is forgettable. Time to tune up the program list or you will not have any listeners. Good Luck.
By: Denise on April 24, 2014

You've forced me to move to NPR in the morning. KC and Ross just don't do it for me. The station's mistake was allowing KC to take lead and giving Carmen the ditzy role. You are losing your audience fast and about to go the way of WZTK.
By: Karen on April 25, 2014

Yep, KC and Ross is a huge waste of time. I'm thinking the station let Carmon go due to her outspoken comments. Maybe a gag order was implemented and for her to be paid off and removed from the show. The station should offer some sort of spin. If nothing else maybe a comment about her moving on to other ventures. OR maybe it is a health issue and privacy is the reason. Maybe one day we will know. I think we deserve an explanation.
By: Dale Thompson on May 14, 2014

I still listen to the show. KC and Ross do a decent job. Carmen was clueless most of the time,,but she sure was entertaining.I keep scanning the ban now hoping to find her.
By: Mike on May 25, 2014

Please bring back Jason Lewis.. Loved his show on your station, but now...I dont listen to your station as much as I used to.
By: Mike on June 6, 2014

WTTK -- Rush Radio --106.1. I like talk radio most of the time. KC in the morning has become totally intolerable. So, I listen to ESPN's Mike & Mike until 9:00. Then I switch to WTTK. I am not sure why I continue to make the effort to attempt to listen to you guys ... I listen because of the syndicated talk radio format programs that you run. It is certainly not because of the quality of the signal you provide in the Apex - Morrisville -- Highway 55-Morrisville Parkway area. It SUCKS. Fades and drifts like it was coming from Chicago. You should be able to do better. Fix it please!!
By: Jake on October 14, 2015

Is there any way for you to check your "feed" to Fayetteville?? SO MUCH STATIC AND INTERFERENCE....😖
By: Aly on November 1, 2016

Dan Forest did better than McCrory because he fights Common Core? McCrory favors Common Core.
By: Kathy young on November 9, 2016

Please PLEASE get a morning show!! KC's voice and attitude are unbearable!! I actually listen to NPR, to get away from it. Getting rid of Carmen was a huge mistake.
By: Breezy Flower on June 19, 2017

I enjoy listening to KC and Ross in the mornings...great mix of news, commentary, and humor. Carmen was a drag on the show back in the day. She was too crazy and outrageous. Please keep these guys on!
By: Super Conservative on June 27, 2017

I have a solution to the Boy Scout money issue that will keep them all boys: let them brew and sell beer.
By: Jason on October 12, 2017

Just gave the morning another shot and holy cow, it is worse than ever. Sounds like a couple of middle aged school kids talking to each other. The interaction between Carmen and Casey is SORELY missed. Time to switch the dial yet again. Thank goodness for the internet and the many options now available.
By: Sleepyin Raleigh on February 23, 2018

Love KC and Ross. Wickedly funny. I set my alarm daily to 6:00 AM (aughh!) to hear their show. Minutes later, I'm laughing out loud (feels kinda weird when you're alone). Hilarious reflections on the absurdity of political correctness. Oh yeah, and stupidity in general. Great way to face a day at work. Nothing else on TV/radio is so smart, edgy, or engaging. Last week, an outraged woman emailed the station asserting that females don't listen to KC. OMG! Epiphany ! My sexuality is truly fluiid - male in the early morning, when rationality merges with humor and irony. Not sure how to switch back to xx after the show... Guess I could take a hammer to my brain and watch "The View"...?
By: Linda on April 23, 2018

I look forward to listening to KC and Ross in the morning I never make comments like this on websites but wanted to say so because I was surprised at how many people commented on here about how boring the show is without Carmen. I used to listen back when Carmen was on the show and had started listening less and less right before she left. At first I enjoyed when they would banter, but toward the end it seemed like everyone was miserable to be there and she always seemed so distracted and unprepared, and her rants were just that... rants. It became a lot of arguing back and forth that I just didn't enjoy. I stumbled back onto the show after Carmen left and have begun enjoying it immensely. I like that KC takes a very thoughtful perspective and doesn't just rant left or right because he wants to. It seems to think for himself and I appreciate his perspective. I like his interactions with Ross and I enjoy all the strange news stories that he spends time scouring the web for. Keep up the great work KC and Ross!
By: Christa on December 12, 2018

This radio station ought to do stories on how WRDU is ripping people off by constantly advertising the Getupside app to save money when you buy gas....... what they don't tell you is that when you use this app with stations that participate, they charge you more money than a regular station and you absolutely have to use your credit card , you cannot use cash ..... so it makes money for the credit card companies and it rips people off on high gas prices . lies. Doing a story about this would help people things are hard enough as they are without being ripped off by paying high gas prices and being fooled you getting a discount. I have told them this several times. the apps designer Wayne Lin , the developer or credit card companies, must be paying a lot of money to have these advertisements all day everyday , all it is is a scam and to make money for the developer it's easy enough to verify if you get the app look at how much the gas stations charge you and then get a free app or use GasBuddy and take a look, and find out how much the gas prices are at other stations nearby.. Woody and Wilcox will do anything for a buck and so will WRDU, They don't care what they have to do to rip people off as long as the advertisements are paid for. they advertise huge per gallon discounts the first time you use it and all the times after that that the discounts could be high, well yes the first time you use it there's a good discount on gas per gallon , after that it is only $0.01 or $0.02 per gallon and even with that discount there are gas stations much cheaper. I say this from experience , that's why I deleted my Getupside account
By: Hal on May 16, 2019

Bring back Todd Schnitt from 9 pm - 12 am. Get rid of the podcasts.
By: Robyn Elmore on July 16, 2019

It appears you have changed your lineup - please change it back or I’m done with listening. K.C. and Ross made the mornings and Schmitt was solid. Podcast you’re now airing suck!
By: Earl Hardy on July 19, 2019

What happened to Schnitt at night? So enjoyed hearing him on my way home from work. I don’t know what that’s on now, but I turn the radio off.
By: Kathie on July 22, 2019

Used to be a regular evening listener until you cut the Schnitt Show from your lineup -- if I want to listen to podcasts I'll listen to podcasts, but I turn to your station for talk radio. Would tune back in if you brought back Schnitt!
By: Mark on July 26, 2019

Enjoy listening to KC. Especially like his guests like Dan Forest who tells it like it is. So glad that Schnitt is gone and hope he stays gone. Schnitt was rude to anyone who did not agree with him. He is completely arrogant and constantly brags about himself and his family. The only time that I could stand to listen to Schnitt's show was when he was on vacation and a guest host, like KC, was substituting for him.
By: Lola on July 27, 2019

It's TALK RADIO. Not PODCAST listening. Bring Schnitt back. Until then I will listen to Mark Levin or anything elsewhere.
By: Denise on August 13, 2019

I quit listening, when the lineup changed to podcasts in the evening. Bring back talk radio.
By: EI Native on August 16, 2019

Put Todd Schnitt back on. Your podcasts suck, especially since you repeat them over and over again. I no longer listen at night. (Also don't like Dave Ramsey, btw.)
By: Rosemary on August 29, 2019

Like many above, I no longer listen at night. Enjoyed the Schnitt Show. Hate the Tar Heel coverage and podcasts. This is supposed to be conservative talk radio. Bring back the talk. Until then, you’ve lost a listener to Internet radio. We have options, and you need to make better business decisions if you want your listeners back.
By: Chris on September 19, 2019

I would like to join the chorus of people voicing displeasure with the change of line up. I looked forward to Schnitt when on the road in the evenings. I even liked Coast to Coast .. it was good for a laugh even if the subject matter was esoteric. If I want a podcast I'll download it. I don't need you feeding me podcasts!
By: Mj on September 22, 2019

No more listening after 5:59pm for me. Depressingly, listening to folks who make 6 digit salaries discuss how they are now debt free does little for most of us who aren't as fortunate. We want to hear conservative talk radio. Put Schmitt back on please and I'll come back.
By: KC on October 25, 2019

What happened to THE SCHNITT SHOW. That junk you have on now from 9-12 midnight is FUBAR. AND it repeats the same podcast over & over. How many times are you gonna have the same thing about clocks & vapeware - NO MORE FOR ME
By: SP on November 14, 2019

WTTK needs to find a way to get Buck Sexton into the lineup. Intelligent political commentary. That KC morning show is a throwaway. Truly awful.
By: TDH on July 13, 2020

I live in Kenansville NC and have listened to you for years. Now, a month out from the election I cannot receive you on my car radio. Help, so pissed. this has been going on for several days so not just a fluke.
By: Barbara Miller on October 14, 2020

looks like you need a new station engineer, the station in the morning has HD radio working,, it falls off @ between 8 - 9 aM, and the signal is weak, how long before someone wakes up and fixes it?
By: Michael on October 21, 2020

Can you please take Schnitt off the air and replace with Jason Lewis? Schnitt is horrible - I listen most of the day but need to shut it off at 9:05pm - I just can't listen to his arrogance. Jason Lewis is smart, conservative, and much more interesting to listen to.
By: Kimmy on June 1, 2021

This radio station, WTKK 106.1 FM broadcasts more dead air than all the cemeteries in their broadcast market and when they are on the air, their news and weather reports are usually a day late being yesterdays reports.
By: Anonymous on August 19, 2021

Thank you for replacing Schnitt. No other show had so many spoken words that communicated less content.
By: Brian on November 11, 2021

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