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610 WTVN


Columbus' News Radio

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Columbus, OH


Columbus, OH

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iHeartMedia (Citicasters Licenses, Inc.)

2323 W. Fifth Ave, Suite 200
Columbus, OH 43204


WTVN is an AM radio station broadcasting at 610 KHz. The station is licensed to Columbus, OH and is part of that radio market. The station broadcasts News/Talk programming and goes by the name "610 WTVN" on the air with the slogan "Columbus' News Radio". WTVN is owned by iHeartMedia.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Traveling through Columbus. Really want to get traffic updates on the radio as I go through. Why doesn't this station advertise if/when they broadcast traffic???? I am used to KQV, Pittsburgh, does/did traffic every 10 minutes. But their website does not give schedule. C'mon stations--people driving would appreciate going to a station website to find this kind of info. Instead of, dangerously, scanning while driving
By: Martha Grisson on April 15, 2012

Voting machines not working at Church of the Messiah in Westerville, OH.
By: Frank Johnson on November 8, 2016

During CNN news conference of police chief and others about OSU shooting, CNN on split screen showing scene of shooting with one young man in handcuffs and accompanying police. Who was that person?? Nobody in media asked that obvious question; can WTVN?
By: Paul Kamenar on November 28, 2016

When did my favorite news station, (610) change from conservative Fox News to the liberal ABC News... I will not be leaving my radio on all day like I usually do. I can't take the bashing of conservatives that ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and the rest of the mainstream media do. As soon as BECK, LIMBOUGH, and LEVIN, aren't on , my radio is going off. My husband and I have always supported the sponsors, too. This change to ABC NEWS, will affect that in the future.
By: Angela Williams on January 20, 2017

When did my favorite news station, (610) change from conservative Fox News to the liberal ABC News... I will not be leaving my radio on all day like I usually do. I can't take the bashing of conservatives that ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and the rest of the mainstream media do. As soon as BECK, LIMBOUGH, and LEVIN, aren't on , my radio is going off. My husband and I have always supported the sponsors, too. This change to ABC NEWS, will affect that in the future.
By: Angela Williams on January 21, 2017

I've been meaning to say this for awhile, ABC news sucks. 610 WTF! Not even an explanation. These f#!ktards at ABC hate anyone who not vote for a Democrat. I honestly question if I will continue listening. I use to leave my radio on all day just to give them the ratings. Not any more!
By: ABCnews really on August 23, 2017

I agree with Angela Williams. The news now is more of an editorial on Trump, and it is sickening. And I as will have to question whether I will be listening as often. The national shows are no problem, but morning drive and weekends are a major problem management refuses to recognize as a problem. Weekend info-mercial programming is humorous, and then, to make it worse, putting POS's like West Side Jeff, which is wrong, because now he is Northwest side Elitist Jeff. Listening to him and his leftist opinions, ( like what is being broadcast right now a little after 3pm 10-1-17) is too much to put up with. Get over it Jeffy,, Carley didn't make it thru the primary. Had enough of this irritating jackass, time to switch to WMNI.
By: Kem Hayes on October 1, 2017

Who ever filled in today for Corby must be super liberal he should just say he is a Democrat liberal He should keep it to himself. I turned him off and went to 103.5 FM
By: David Clark on October 9, 2017

I would like to add my name to the others who are deeply disappointed with the change to ABC news instead of FOX news. With all the conservative programming you run, why would you think that the same audience would want to hear liberal news coverage?
By: David Noel on December 14, 2017

Brian Dytko, I am a regular, long time listener to this station. I especially loved John Corby's show and miss him terribly. I am not a fan of Sterling. I find his presentation caustic and always turned the station off when he substituted for John. I trust you will use your do diligence in selecting the next host to replace John and not just put Sterling in because of his longevity in subbing for John. If that is the case, I will have to find another station for that time slot. Thank you for listening, Jennifer Truby
By: Jennifer Truby on January 29, 2018

To whom it may concern: I was sorry to hear about the passing of John Corby. I haven’t heard or read who will be replacing him. I do hope that Joe Bradly gets a shot. I always enjoyed Joe when he would fill in for John. I hope it is NOT sterling. He is not my idea of a radio host. When he is on My radio gets tuned somewhere else. WTVN has lots of talented hosts, sterling is not among them in my estimation. If he is, l’ll be listening somewhere else and I’ve been a WTVN guy for probably more than 50 years!
By: Ric on February 1, 2018

I always hated when Sterling filled in for Corby. Always turned the station. Now that he is on every day, I no longer listen during the afternoon. His whiny monotone voice and trying to sound "deep" would be better suited for NPR.
By: Bob on February 9, 2018

Yeah. Hated it when this station went from Fox to ABC, right before the primary election, right? Also miss John and Joe something fierce. Sterling is such a liberal, pretending to be objective. His logic/thinking process is quilt work, and painful and embarrassing to listen. Hope they fix it soon. I turn it off everyday when he comes on.
By: Dave on February 23, 2018

I am saddened by not having John Corby any longer and do miss him, but I am truly enjoying Sterling and Josh, I do hope that they keep them in this time slot, it makes the commute home so more enjoyable. Sterling, keep up the good work.
By: Jean on March 8, 2018

Turn Sterling off...he argues w callers is so liberal cant stand to listen. u all better find a better replacement u lost a pm listener ijn me. every time i try to tune in i get disgusted and switch to tunes.
By: blake on March 14, 2018

Please find a replacement for Sterling! He is not pleasant to listen to. His voice is too whiny and he just doesn't have what it takes to put on an interesting show. To be honest, I have never liked him and would immediately turn him off. I thought I would give him another chance, but same results. It will be difficult to find someone the caliber of Corby, but please try to do so. There has to be talent out there. Adios until you do find someone other than Sterling.
By: Debra on March 14, 2018

Is it sterling or schterling either way what a bone head,get this knuckle head off the radio.That voice,that whine oh that whine plllleeeeaaaassseeee give him a janitors job....
By: pm guy on March 15, 2018

I’m glad to see here that I’m not the only person to think Sterling is a poor excuse for a radio host. I hated when he filled in for Corby & Joe Bradly. During those “fill in stints” if Sterling was on I was else where, even preferring silence over his voice. Nobody can replace John C, of course because he was one of a kind. The banter between he and Joe was always entertaining, even bridging generations. On that note, I’ve been a Bradly fan for decades. Where is he? Missing him too! So if Sterling is here to stay, then I’m gone. It’s sad as I’ve been listening for over 40 years. Rick
By: Rick on March 16, 2018

I liked Sterling years ago when he was on in the evening. It is a shame that he was good enough to fill-in for Corby, but not good enough for the permanent position. Yes Sterling was blunt and controversial and I liked that about him. Please keep him on your radio station if he will work for you. No one is perfect and Sterling spoke his mind and tried to make sense of things, as he said. Sterling is a human and refreshing!
By: becky on April 16, 2018

Not a fan of the new afternoon guy - found him completely boring. Liked Sterling replacing Corby - why couldn't he have been permanent? Also, there is so much "repeat" information on the morning show with Joel Riley - I swear I hear the same spots with info several days in a row. Also, I miss the live banter as it seems most of the interviews, etc are pre-recorded. Sorry to say 610 is not the station it used to be. I think I will start "scanning" on my morning / afternoon drives....
By: Bill on April 17, 2018

Sterling was HYSTERICAL! I really liked him after John Corby passed away. I know it was just temporary, but he did a great job being thrown into the position and he was very interesting to listen to and he did a great job trying to stay neutral on controversial issues. He was so funny talking about every day issues and he wasn’t even trying to be. I tried to give the new guy a chance, but he is so boring and I can’t listen anymore. If Sterling comes back, then I will start listening again.
By: Dave D on April 19, 2018

please replace woody & co. I can no longer stand 610 radio, plus you shortened the length of afternoon show. Find a great fit for the Corbs & bring back his trademarks...cow bell, dueling banjos, garage sale, bass brothers....Woody is So Boring as a replacement. Thanks for listening.
By: caroline on May 4, 2018

There's an old saying if it ain't broke don't fix it it's starting to sound like 610 starting to reinvent the wheel I'll give it a few more weeks but if things keep changing you've lost another listener there's plenty of stations to go around we've already got one NPR in town don't need another
By: Jerry H on June 4, 2018

I miss Corbi but thought Sterling was genuine. Please bring him back!!! Woody is self absorbed and loves himself a bit too much. I can't listen anymore.
By: Susan on June 28, 2018

Add me to the list of people who are turning off WTVN because of Woody...find him so BORING! Radio goes to WHIO as soon as Rush is over. Would keep listening if they brought back Sterling.
By: Bill from Dayton on July 26, 2018

Has Woody resigned? If so bring back the fun and interesting Sterling- if he will do it. The way you treated Sterling over the years he may not want to return and that is a darned shame.
By: Rebecca B. on August 2, 2018

I do like Mark Glazer. Surely, you can find someone other than Woody and Company for the 3-7 pm time slot. The ABC news, is not something that I like. I hope you listen to the concerns of the people, as I also have always listened to 610 wtvn, but if it doesn't change, I will no longer listen. Thank you.
By: Susan Vogel on August 3, 2018

Do not care for Woody and Co. in the afternoon. He is only interested in his opinion, and listening to his own opinion. I loved sterling, but like one person posted, he was treated so badly I wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t want to come back! Just heard Blazer this afternoon. Much more energy and willing to let people actually voice their opinions! I would be willing to listen again if Blazer stays on the afternoon
By: Sandy Whitcraft on August 6, 2018

You people are crazy ... Woody & Company was a Great Replacement ( considering the situation ) . Every afternoon I turned the radio on & Sterling was on , I switched stations ... All Sterling was concerned about was listening to himself talk .. He always interrupted the callers @ was down right RUDE .. Please bring Woody back !
By: DEW on August 8, 2018

I really like Mark Glazer in the 3-7 pm time slot. I also like Josh. Please think about keeping him in that spot. I did not care at all, for Woody. I am a long time audio listener and I also do not like ABC news. Thank you.
By: Susan Vogel on August 10, 2018

Has 610 became liberal because during the Special election I had to constantly change the channel because of Danny OConnar’s ads against Balderson. I hope Woody is coming back. It was hard to lose Corby, but I liked Woody.
By: Mary German on August 13, 2018

What happened to Woody & Company? .... boy ole boy that didn't last long.... lol
By: Leonardo on August 14, 2018

Woody is officially gone ... Mark Blazor reported that his doctor has told him it is too much to do the morning and afternoon shows. He sounded like a genuinely good guy, but I think this change is for the best.
By: Bill from Dayton on August 15, 2018

Bring back Sterling! He was genuine, like Corby.
By: Kathie on August 16, 2018

Keep Mark Glazer on in the afternoon drive. Woody was so boring I could have fallen asleep while driving. Mark keeps it upbeat and interesting. I liked Sterling, but he was going back and forth between 610 WTVN in Columbus and 700 WLW in Cincinnati. I think he just works for 700 now. They're both iHeart stations.
By: Sam C on August 20, 2018

610 hit a home run putting Woody in the afternoon spot. If there could be a replacement for Corby he was it. Mark Blazer is just a generic talking head that is uninteresting to listen to. I am currently looking for another station to listen to in the afternoon. Move Woody from mornings to afternoons.
By: Mike S. on August 20, 2018

So sad about the passing of Corby. I listened every day. I appreciated how he'd provide for his callers. He graciously offered every caller time to speak. I was unable to listen to "SH-terling". He was confrontational with his callers and his yippity-skippity Porky Pig speech was unbearable. Yeesh. I could listen for about 10 minutes but then had to flip the station. Corby's tone and pace were perfect for me. Very calming on those long commutes home through traffic. SH-terling's yippity-skippity stuttering only served to intensify traffic causing my eyes to squint and my hands to clench the steering wheel! Until 610 replaces Corby with someone with similar grace and voice - I'm not tuning in.
By: John L on August 23, 2018

I am not a fan of Mark Glazer, he spends more time talking about himself and does not really seem interested in others opinions. I will not be listening to 610 in the afternoons- please bring back Sterling or Woody-
By: Sue on August 23, 2018

Mark Glazer has strong leaning to making references and jokes about sexiual activities. Josh is great but program is losing “family” programming.
By: Shirley F on August 24, 2018

Miss Corby so much! Sterling was horrible! Enjoyed Woody! Blazer is nothing special. Switching over to afternoon sports talk.
By: Brad Young on September 5, 2018

Came here looking for information concerning Woody was wondering what happened to him?> Now I know. I jumped back and forth between him and the Zone for sports on my long commute home, guess I will keep it on the Zone from now on, the new guy is annoying...
By: Dave on September 6, 2018

wtvn post 3p.m. is terrible. Thank goodness for I heart, I can switch to WOR and catch Hannity
By: tommy t on September 7, 2018

I was a loyal listener for over 45 year. Since Bob Connor retired things seem to have gone down hill. The selection of programs, ie Rush, Glen and Levin are caustic. I enjoyed John Corby and was so sorry that he died so soon. After John’s death I found very little interest in listening to 610. Sorry, you’ve lost a loyal listener. Cunningham is a pain in the rear.
By: Nancy Teck on September 17, 2018

Just wondering what has happened to the Business First segments on Joel Riley morning show? used to be on at 7;15ish am in morning, but no more, are they moved? are they gone? miss the business news it was great please bring back!
By: Lisa on September 20, 2018

We have all.known that Corby could not be replaced and now you have proven it.. Really miss him.
By: Joyce Smith on September 24, 2018

Sterling needs to come back - plain and simple! He did an awesome job filling in for Corby and he did it with dignity. Corby and Sterling were very much alike, adhoc and entertaining. I have no idea why the Program Director let Sterling go after proving himself, and instead signed up BORING Woody. As soon as that happened my dial left 610.
By: Cortan on September 25, 2018

Woody was horrible I miss Corby but Blazor is doing good
By: Grimm on September 26, 2018

Mark Blazer does a good job but it was poor planning to have Woody do double duty while throwing Sterling under the bus. I liked Sterling and think he got a raw deal. Had they kept him we wouldn't have a third transition
By: Mark D on October 18, 2018

I've been a life long listener since Spook Beckman was a DJ, and Don Kidwell was their top salesman. WTVN is the best.
By: R. Mason on October 19, 2018

Please, please do not bring Allison Weyant(?) on during the week. Her "announcer voice" with her unique intonation and inflection makes her sound like she is lecturing a second grade class. For years I've had to turn off 610 when she came on because it was so annoying (and almost insulting) - and I rarely turned it back on. If she starts showing up during the week I'll have to say goodbye to 610. Hopefully she is just filling in for someone who didn't show up.
By: Anonymous on October 25, 2018

Blazor is terrible, just terrible. Obviously does no show prep. Can’t speak intelligently about current news topics. Every other word is “whatever “, “whatever “. Blazor acts like a 15 year old with his sophomoric sense if humor, chock full of fart jokes and childish nonsense. I will be listening to podcasts on my way home from work.
By: Ted Bowers on November 5, 2018

The only person worth listening to on this channel is Joel Riley in the morning. For the most part he is upbeat, a common man and has a positive attitude about life unlike the immature Mark Blazier and his side kick. In my opinion, this channel can do better at 3:00 pm than these 2 trying to create hysteria out of nothing or long boring discussions that are completely pointless. I used to listen to 610 during my long commute in the am and pm. You have lost a listener during the afternoon commute due to these 2 unprofessional entertainers.
By: Michelle C. on November 6, 2018

I can't stand ABC News and their liberal bias. Too much leftist commentary in their so-called "news". Sometimes I turn the radio off at the half-hours and forget to turn it back on. Obviously replacing someone as beloved as John Corby was going to be a difficult task. You wisely set the bar low with Sterling, who was terrible. Woody was a slight improvement, but still not great. Mark Blazor has been another positive progression. Given 6 months or so, I feel he could develop into a fine afternoon host. I also enjoy Dimitrious Stanley.
By: Joseph on November 9, 2018

You have turned Saturday Morning Open Phone into a joke. This is SUPPOSED to be a program where the callers can talk about anything THEY want WITHOUT INTERRUPTION from the host. Today (Feb 2,2019) is the first time I heard the Host INTERRUPTING, that has occurred for the last several years. However, the host acted as a little dictator, trying to make the caller justify there point of view. Once upon a time, that WASN'T the hosts job. I realize the program is YOUR program, but I will never listen to your station ever again. You have obvious decided that is it allowable to the host of this show (and past or future hosts) to publicly embarrass any caller. This isn't a political issue thing, it occurs for calls on both sides. As far as I am concerned, this stations practices have now become an embarrassment to me.
By: David Caldwell on February 2, 2019

When are you going to replace Joe Jewitt on Saturday morning open phones? There is no doubt he's a liberal and has to nit pick anything a conservative caller says. He is better suited to a liberal station. You might have missed the comment by a caller when Joe was not there. The caller said the substitute hose was a breath of fresh air. I agree whole heartedly. Find a conservative host. We get enough liberal comment everywhere else.
By: Sherry Frazier on February 23, 2019

Just wanted to correct the afternoon co-hosts about Dewine's tax hike. They didn't think there were other increases that were automatic. Dewine stated," That is a 64 percent increase over the current 28-cent tax, which hasn’t been touched since 2005. He also wants the tax to continue to rise with inflation after 2020, which would add 8 cents by 2030 if inflation remains on its current pace.
By: Stan Jones on February 25, 2019

The previous comments demonstrate how much people enjoyed John Corby and considered him like an old friend you love to visit with. I hope John realized how much enjoyment he provided to people over the years. I think it unfair to expect anyone to follow John in that time slot or to judge them harshly because they aren’t John Corby. Personally, I like listening to Sterling, but I think he is best suited to the evening, when his quirky, rambling speech can more easily take its course than during an already-hectic daytime. And I particularly enjoy when he has a controversial guest who is not discussing some trivial topic. Sterling comes across as an intellectual, so he is easiest to listen to when he is discussing something of importance instead of something trivial. In the latter case, his talking can become a bit tedious. Overall, I like listening to his shows.
By: Bob Troxell on March 16, 2019

Well, Joe Jewitt has done it again. Put a caller on hold without telling him to "correct" what the caller was saying. I'm not interested in his snide comments. Saying that was 90 seconds he'll never get back after a caller hung up. What a sarcastic smart ass. If that's what you deem a good host, I will find another station to listen to. There are other things to do on Saturday morning. Maybe you could put another investment show on as if all day Sunday wasn't enough. Or maybe constant Columbus Men's Clinic ads. There must be an epidemic of ED in the Columbus area from all the ads they have on. Whew! There are some ladies somewhere breathing a sigh of relief when that affliction hits home!
By: Sherry Frazier on March 31, 2019

Just heard West Side Jeff give an excellent lesson and explanation of true capitalism and why it is so important and beneficial to is all. THANKS. I think we all need to understand and keep this firmly in mind during the upcoming propaganda blitz Thanks WSJ....Eric
By: Eric Watkins on April 7, 2019

Thank the Jow Jewitt babbling show is about over on Saturday mornings! What a Class A Jack Ass! His treatment of callers, when he bothered to let one speak, was appallling!
By: Ralph Humphrey on July 6, 2019

Hey Joel you failed to ask the prostitute buzzer guy who is going to pay for any treatment. How much will it cost. And will this program in effect cause warreants for arrests to be shelved in favor of treatment. Kind of a get out of jail buzzer.
By: Rob Peterson on October 28, 2019

I like the Mark Blazer show. However I am wondering how Demetrius Stanley can get away with saying "cracker" and "a white guy probably did it" when talking about who told that Chase Young got a loan from a family friend back in 2018. Then saying he was just joking.....ha ha ha. If mark Blazer had said the "N" word or that a black person probably did something bad, he would have been off the air forever in a matter of hours. Just saying.
By: Jean Miller on November 8, 2019

You need to update your on-air DJ identifications. I'd like to send the Open Lines Saturday guy (Bob) a link he was looking for but your website doesn't list who does Open Phones. There's a local show (or two) on the air (on Sunday) that are not noted either. ~~ Thanks.
By: The NPP on January 6, 2020

Hi friends at WTVN Could you give a shout out to Keep Columbus Beautiful? We are in need of volunteer groups interested in helping to pickup winter litter in key areas of the city. Contact 614-645-2421 to volunteer-All equipment provided.
By: Sherri L Palmer on January 30, 2020

Where has Josh Seas been?
By: Mary on February 14, 2020

Longtime listener to 610 WTVN radio I will echo the thoughts of many: What happened to Josh Seas ? Did he lose his job ? I recall in the past when Corporal Craig who did the traffic report for many years came up missing in action, nothing was ever mentioned about his absence Most recently sidekick Josh Seas is suddenly gone without a word! Did he get terminated too ?
By: David Fowle on February 19, 2020

P.S. After reviewing previous comments about the station switching from Fox News to ABC I too am greatly disappointed Most DJs at 610 demonstrate a conservative bent then the news feed comes out from the liberal ABC What a contrast! Not pleased !!
By: David Fowle on February 19, 2020

I would like to know where Josh Seas is too ! I thought Josh and Blazer made a good team , their banter was really funny and for the first time since Corby passed I was looking forward to listening again every day , now it seams 610 is trying to make it a “ morning show” at 3:00 and that format does not work at that time . If nothing else please tell the listeners what happened to him !
By: Erin on February 20, 2020

Yes! Where is Josh? Absolutely no mention of him. I also was wondering what happened to Fox news. I love Friday afternoon with Demetrious. He is one class act.
By: Susan on February 21, 2020

sunday night, 3/22 Corona Virus is raging, and 610 is giving me the idiot known AS RON BURGUNDY????????? Are you kidding me???????????????? The station manager should be thrown out and fired immediately. Meanwhile others in other radio markets are hearing information from Cunningham. Or many of the other options that we DONT hear in columbus. The crap you broadcast is getting weaker and weaker. Don't hear all of Levin or Cunningham, nothing from bunches of good programs. There are so many programs out there that I get on the net. YOU are going away unless you get better. This crap "podcasts" on Sunday night is HORRIBLE And any local scumbag can buy an hours time and shill financial advice or rip on law enforcement on the AM weekends. WEAK. WEAK. AND yes to echo all of the other comments, the "News Feed" from ABC is so tilted LIBERAL that I constantly turn off 610.
By: sidv on March 23, 2020

The Mark Blazer show is informative and entertaining .Josh is funny and entertaining and Daveman is a good fit. I love Dimitrious Stanley's comments regarding the direction of our nation. He should be given more time on the air. I used to listen to 700 WLW but they have gone downhill. The only complaint is the ABC news -give them the boot!
By: George Morris on April 10, 2020

Why are your weekend news feeds based out of Northeast Ohio and the Cleveland area? Having grown up in that area I can somewhat understand the geographical references that the news stories are pertaining to but I imagine the large majority of Columbus listeners have no idea. Is this Iheartradios attempt to skimp on their news departments by consolidating two completely different major cities giving listeners an inferior product?
By: CLTBUCKEYE on April 24, 2020

I guess the heads up in the ivory tower at iheartradio truly understand our town’s relationships with our sports teams in particular Ohio State football. The glutinous needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many. From WKYC Cleveland: In Columbus, three sports radio personalities were let go as a result of the layoffs, according to Barrett Sports Media. Lori Schmidt (Sports reporter at 610 WTVN) Stan Jackson (610 WTVN Buckeye football analyst) Dave Maetzold (610 WTVN, sports reporter and Buckeye football pre-game host)
By: Greg on April 24, 2020

Is there any way to find out the programming lineup for each day of the week? It seems the shows I enjoy most in the evening keep being shortened or disappearing. Specifically Sean Hannity is shortened on some nights, Joe Pags (sp?) doesn't appear to be on tonight; There have been others that have seemingly disappeared as well. In addition, I agree with others who express dissatisfaction with ABC spewing their liberal version of the news. Fox isn't as conservative as it used to be but it's still much more informative than ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. Please bring Fox back. Also, I would greatly appreciate knowing where to go to get the weekday and weekend programming lineups. Thank you!
By: Joanne on May 4, 2020

Please Keep "Boots" on Saturday Morning Call-In's & extend it longer as it was when B.C. was the host. Listeners called in with local events happening & regulars "Comeback Coach, Dave from Powell, & A.J..", to name a few, had entertaining local personality views. "Boots" is a great anchor for Saturday mornings! Thank you. Also, enjoy Blazer, Mann, & Josh! (& Stanley!) Alot! Please extend Hannity. He mentions guests coming up in the hour & then, I believe, it switches to Mark L. All in all, 610 is getting stronger after the sad loss of superheros S. Cannon, B.C., Corby. Keep "Boots" Sat am Call-In & extend for more callers! Thank you all!
By: Shelley on May 17, 2020

Mark, I have listened to you over the years and you have a good show but you are over worried about this virus to the point I think you are drinking the main stream media cool aid so much so it makes you sound like a hard core Democrat. Look, I don't wear mask and never have and not one day stayed home unless it was an accident. I go into all stores dozens and dozens of times. I am pissed I can't do more stuff, including my cancelled cruise, jackets games and more restaurants. My son has been playing baseball tournements allmost 2 months now going to tournements all over including myrtle beach. No one care about this hoax of a virus they are all sick of it. I am going to go to myrtle beach again on vacation. This thing is the biggest hoax in history of the world and I am so sick of it. Please relax over it because most of your audience, this is talk radio after all, don't care about it and want to move on with life. Myself, I could care less form the beginning and new it was a hoax for the most part. Don't give a rats ass over it. I just get angry that our rights are being violated and taken from us. Travis Escue
By: travis escue on July 7, 2020

I love the afternoon drive- it's a great mixture with Mark, Josh, Dave & throw in their weekly guests- simply entertainment! No more BC or JC&Joe, But I feel that they found the right ingredients to keep us all entertained on the drive home!
By: Mjo on July 17, 2020

Shame that Lori,Stan and Dave gone. Quality media professionals. Still enjoying 610. Blazer is solid and same with DaveMan. Love Hannity and Levin at night. Great job y’all. Morning show as always, great JR!!
By: LarryG on July 24, 2020

Has anyone noticed in the last couple of months or so that they keep turning down the signal when it's time for Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh to be on? I think it's a darn shame they feel the need to do this . Apparently they are afraid of the message about what is happening to our country being heard loud and clear. Shame on you 610 for doing this.
By: d.pierce on September 2, 2020

Yesterday on the blazer show ( or maybe it was Wednesday ) mark boasted that he would not wear a mask to go his kids school to either pick up or get something from a teacher. How would it hurt him to wear a mask ? Is he trying to be macho ? And one of the guys slammed nancy Pelosi saying she needed more “work “ done. Come on guys grow up and stop being so critical.
By: Anonymous on September 4, 2020

Have written to ffc coordinator at 610 to find out why they are reducing signal and adding static from 9 am to at least 3 pm during Beck and Rush shows and haven't received a reply. Talk about BIAS and removing conservative talk radio. Thought it was against FCC rules but doesn't apply to Liberals. Thank god for internet and XM radio. I thought about using I heart but now I know who owns 610 so not going there. Good bye 610 and Columbus keep your people out of Hocking.
By: John on September 4, 2020

I am looking for the name of the babysitting service that the ladies in the what's happening segment that was on Sunday. I'm not sure where to look...thank you for your time...
By: Kristen hess on October 5, 2020

Joel Riley's firing...BIG mistake. Only common sense good guy on the air. I am so sad.
By: Phyllis J Mondlak on November 5, 2020

I have been wondering what happened to Joel. I hadn't heard any explanation on the radio. I've been trying to find out and saw the comment from Phyllis. Why in the world would you fire him? I am sad, too, and will probably start listening to a different station. He made my morning ride to work enjoyable.
By: Ann Rengert on November 5, 2020

I have been listening to Daveman for years. Has he been let go and will he be coming back?
By: Mindy Runyan on November 5, 2020

Just discovered that Joel Riley was fired. That explains a lot about my once favorite radio station. Admittedly, I have drifted away from listening since the death of John Corby. As I look back, I realize the drift began while Corby was still on air because the stress he was under from station management was coming across in his show. Personally, for that reason I feel the station is complicit to his death. Regardless, I’m officially done with 610 WTVN. DONE, DONE and DONE! While listening to Ron Wilson/In The Garden, on Saturday morning 11/7, the news reader felt it necessary to inject very misleading commentary. The news story was related to Covid 19 outbreaks. He (the reader) connected outbreaks in previously low incidence counties to how those counties voted in the presidential election and surmised that the people getting Covid are Trump supporters, as if personal opinions increase immune response. For the record, metropolitan counties in Ohio went to Biden. Those counties have remained high incidence counties since the beginning of the pandemic. Following logic, it would seem that perhaps the “Trump” counties were infected by the Biden counties. From this point forward, I’ll find my local news from other venues. Also, I’ll stay in touch with my preferred radio announcers through other venues. IHeartRadio and 610WTVN will not be an option I choose.
By: A Van Hoose on November 9, 2020

I am so disappointed in your terminating Joel Riley after his long dedication to your station. He felt like a friend . Mark smith blazer is country- sheik but I still enjoyed sterling much more. Demetrius Stanley is great, as well as the TV anchor female. I do enjoy the financial shows. Love Rush, Hannity, Levin, and Cunningham. Still you should be ashamed of your decisions regarding Riley and Sterling. Go back to Fox News please.
By: Becky b on November 18, 2020

Long time listener-but hate ABC News. I turn it off every time, but then forget to turn it on again. Please change back to Fox. Also why in the world would you let Joel Riley go? He had enthusiasm and was a great way to start the day.New guy-not so much. Sounds like he's trying too hard. And where is DaveMan? He and Blazer and Seas made afternoons funny and enjoyable.You could at least acknowledge when someone is going somewhere else.If it were not for Rush, Pags, Hannity and Cunningham, Blazer and Seas, this station wouldn't be worth listening to anymore. And get rid of ABC news. Cannot stand having to turn it off every half hour.
By: Leslie on November 20, 2020

WTVN, thank you, thank you, for finally cleansing the station of that irritating freekin Joel Riley. That is the best news! Between his diction, pulses and speech rest, he made me want to scream. Then add all the commercials he was doing that drove me up the wall all day long, no more Allen's Coin Shop commercials from him, thank you!! Mark Blazer does a pretty good job in the afternoons. But they need to stop talking about booze so much, and bringing in the craft beer makers for free promotion. I hope those hosts aren't alcoholics. Also, less time talking about OSU football, get more callers on, we have sports stations in town for the football nonsense. And for Gods sake, put some news on instead of all the news being this absurd Covid 19 lies. And one other thing, ENOUGH OF THE CJS HEATING AND COOLING AD EVERY FEW MINUTES! That comercial played so much with that irritating womans voice makes me want to scream. ..............thanks again for ridding us of of the awful Joel Riley!
By: Kem Hayes on November 22, 2020

The station is getting worse by the day. Sooooo sick of the virus crap every time there's a news break. Joel was okay for the most part. Worked one day and gone the next? WHAT THE FOXTROT OVER? I agree the news provider should NOT be ABC or any other MSM, including FOX! How about Newsmax or OAN? If not for Rush, Levine and Pags I would be on 98.9 all the time. Matt McCoy, Boots and Bob Randolph are the best. I agree the afternoon show is "too loose" sometimes. Square it away or lose another listener. I give the station an overall C-
By: Tom Bidlack on November 27, 2020

I’m sick of the leftist “no evidence of election fraud”! I have been a fraud investigator for decades and have never seen such overwhelming evidence! After MANY years- Goodbye 610!
By: Greg on December 3, 2020

Where is Daveman? The Mark Blazer program was better when he was part of the conversation.
By: GEORGE M on December 22, 2020

This weekend there was a show on telling about how bad Columbus has become with all the killing and shooting going on. There are many black people picketing and saying how bad it is that 2 white cops have killed 2 black men ( and it is very bad) BUT I do not hear any of them showing a outrage about all the blacks or minorities killing other black or minorities ? Why are they not talking about that? Then we have the Mayor and others letting the people out of jail and telling the police not to arrest criminals and only telling them to show up for court (maybe) where they will only get a slap on the hand and let go. It is a wonder that Columbus has not totally gone the wild west where everyone is carrying a gun everywhere they go. It seems that all the kids are. It is no wonder that Columbus is going down hill fast. I would like for your station to provide more shows like this to point out how wrong the leaders and other groups are leading the city towards being a hide out for criminals and all the good people will be leaving town if they are smart.
By: Earl B on December 30, 2020

Well.bere we go again. WTVN putting that West Side Jeff on in place of Hannity (today Jan 6) Jeff is even more irritating than Joel was. If I hear him say again just how much common sense he has I'm gonna scream! He's offensive. This jackass seems to believe he is Walter Cronkite. Get rid of him, NOW! His presence profane the station. No one wants to hear this fool.
By: Kem Hayesw on January 7, 2021

Todd Ferguson went missing on Jan 20, and was found dead on Jan 21. All his belongings were taken, his jeep is missing, he was found in an area he would not go to, he had a would on the top of his head, and the coroner is talking about calling it a heart attack, even though there is no evidence of a heart attack. The police, Detective Siniff (614)-645-4938, and Detective Grockie (614)645-4017, don't seem too interested in investigating, and won't return the family's calls. He had received death threats, and a video was posted to YouTube implying Todd was dead, four days before the family was even notified Todd was dead. Detective Shepherd told me none of this was relevant. None of it meant a thing. What is up with that!?!? People are murdered and the Columbus police don't care? Mark should talk about this on his program and maybe help get this murder solved!
By: Robert Tuttle on February 13, 2021

Mark and Josh are doing a good job. I only recently started to listen as I have not listened much to 610 pm since John passed away. I also like Demetrius on Friday. Like Allison also-- great radio voice. Disapointed that Joel was let go. Had listened to him for years.
By: Rick on April 2, 2021

Mark, did I hear you right? Listening on April 19, 2021. Did you say that there have been over 750 people killed in Chicago so far this year? Shouldn't that be over 750 shootings and not killings? Maybe I heard you wrong.
By: Rick on April 19, 2021

I have been a longtime listener, Connors, Corby, Riley and now Blazer. I am a conservative and strong Trump supporter. I listen to Beck and the Limbaugh show daily. I enjoy Mark Blazer and Demetrius Stanley very much, BUT I cannot take Josh any longer. He is nothing but a whiney, smart mouthed negative bully that hides behind the microphone. A majority of his comments have no scientific basis and are full of ignorance. I know you are not a fan of the governor, but speaking as someone in the healthcare field, if you are still living, breathing and walking you should thank the governor. Do you really think Nan Whaley is a better choice for governor? Really? If you continue this rhetoric against DeWine, that is exactly what you will get. Do your research and be informed on ALL topics on your show. I’m sorry to say, I will no longer be tuning into the Blazer show as long as Josh is still a part of it.
By: Jody on April 20, 2021

Started listening to 610 in the mornings to get away from Kilmeade pushing the "no evidence of voter fraud" crap on WHIO in Dayton and found Glen Beck's show! Found that I could listen to Rush at noon (damn, is he missed) and then got tired of Hannity pushing the f---ing mask BS on his show, so I gave him the boot. And damn am I glad that I did, because MARK and JOSH are THE best tandem on conservative radio!!!!!!!! As soon as I found out that those guys are not fans of our WORTHLESS governor, I became an even bigger fan!!! I downloaded the iHeart Radio app today so that I could listen to Mark and Josh while doing yard work. The Mark Blazor Show is my favorite show on radio now. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!
By: Rob on April 21, 2021

I have removed this station from my list of iHeart favorites
By: DB on May 24, 2021

I think WTVN's programing has become very skewed. There is too much of a stew as to who they are trying to appeal to. It used to be good ole boys now its from gearheads to buyers of bitcoin and people that have over a million dollars in their retirement...I got news for you if they were that rich they wouldnt be listening to your station. Then to ice out the working guy you have replaced Joe Paggs with some guy that tells you in a hundred different ways every week that you should buy bit coin in a condescending way... You are a sinking ship thanks to your owners the ultra liberal/woke I heart radio......You cant be a blue collar radio station when you are owned by a meglo-leftest company
By: bobb on January 16, 2022

Best radio station in the city for dips--ts.
By: Allen on January 23, 2022

Getting rid of Joe Pags was another in a line of HUGE mistakes this station has been making. They are desperate to stay on the air so they bend a knee. It's so stupid. Can't really get into listening to the duo who took Rush's time slot, either. They banter back and forth quite aimlessly and have no real destination. Who really cares about a sportscaster's highly skewed political opinions, anyway?
By: C Tims on March 28, 2022

Why is it that the Blazer show repeats the first hour of their show during the last hour? I can see doing that maybe for the Trump interview, but it seems this happens several times a week. Is finding content for four hours too much? I bet Sterling could do it!
By: Tom on May 12, 2022

Just started listening to WTVN since I moved here. Your 3-7 time slot really stinks with Mark Blazor and his sidekick. They don't talk about anything worthwhile...just themselves, drinking alcohol, and OSU which has plenty of other media exposure, and just junk talk. Afternoon drive time should catch people up on what they've missed while being at work that day. I'm used to listening to 1040 WHO who has a great weekday afternoon host. I still listen to him rather than Mark Blazor and company because they are boring and meaningless. There is so much good talent out there. I'm sure you could find someone worth listening to. Where are Joe Pags and Bill Cunningham during the week? Don't like any morning shows. They are all beyond stupid. I haven't listened on the weekend yet. Afraid it's the same old local shows and endless money programs and that annoying technology diva. Thank God for Glen Beck, Travis and Sexton, Hannity, and Mark Levine. They save WTVN. I really want to listen all day. I really want WTVN to be my radio station here in Columbus. Make some quality changes please.
By: Chris on March 17, 2023

I used to listen to the Blazer/Seas show everyday. But it has got to the point with the endless commercials, little air time for Blazer/Season due to the commercials, and way too much sports talk, I am to the point of not bothering to tune in. There are stations in town for useless sports. Then factor in Blazer, that cannot work without a script, with his constant "you know" and "like" wording, as if I am listening to a 8th grader, wasting time talking about his kids, the dog, and his special little golf game, Going to the movies, ect, is beyond the point of irritating .This asshat is supposed to be a professional broadcaster. Time for Blazer to be let go, let Josh take over that time slot. Josh does a better job, but Josh really needs to get off of his love for weed, booze, and being a constant commercial for Crown Royal. Don't literally broadcast your dependency problems. And once again WTVN, cool it with the commercials. There are only 12 minutes per half hour segment of talk, the rest is commercials, news, weather, traffic. And start going back to having callers call in, it makes the show much better than listening to Blazer say "you know" so damn much.
By: Kem on November 15, 2023

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