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The Life FM

WWQK 88.7 FM

City of License:
Oak Ridge, TN

Southern Gospel

Web site:

The Power Foundation

WWQK is an FM non-commercial radio station broadcasting at 88.7 MHz. The station is licensed to Oak Ridge, TN. The station broadcasts Southern Gospel programming and goes by the name "The Life FM" on the air. WWQK is owned by The Power Foundation.

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WWQK-FM Coverage Map

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Hello, I live near Crab Orchard, TN and listen to your station every Sunday morning on my way to church at 8:30. I very much enjoy the gentleman who preaches on the program, but can never catch his name, or understand the chapel name - Brauer's Chapel, Bower's Chapel, I can't get it. Would you please send me his name and the name of his congregation, I would love to visit if its near enough..I also LOVE the Southern Gospel music you share. Thank You1 In Christ's Service, Bonnie Smith
By: Bonnie Smith on April 8, 2018

We are doing a grand opening and was wondering do you provide music
By: Eco heating and air solutions on October 8, 2018

I wanted to unofficially introduce myself. I am a nobody trying to tell everybody about somebody that saved my soul. I am including my Facebook posts & email in this message and stating with no doubt that I am not in this for me, I am a byproduct of our broken society. I pray TVA has been in contact with KARM. I want to assure you I am not a 'rogue' individual, I am a messenger of God and if by chance anyone decides to act on this call to TVA, I would greatly appreciate if I could have a contact at KARM to refer to. I have fellow sisters & brothers in Christ that hold resources and needs in our battle against homelessness & addiction that IF/WHEN TVA or any other entity decides to take action it would be KARM representing/delegating/coordinating with all the faithbased facilities that would love to be involved in building a gospel community to end homelessness & hopelessness. Magnanimous Musketeer Village. TVA + GOD = MMV Who am I? Exactly who I am. I'm a nobody trying to tell everybody about somebody that saved my soul. I am also a somebody. I am a Yantis. Cousin to Ryan Yantis. Our grandfather holds a plethora of US patents and there are components still vitally active on the space station he created. My uncle & grandfather worked for NASA & Lockheed Martin. My uncle's technology he invented in the 1950/60 is still so advanced it can't be utilized with programs written to date. TVA you have EVERYTHING to end homelessness NOW! As a Yantis and child of God, TVA + GOD = MMV My cousin Ryan Yantis is retired Public Relations officer for the Army. He was a pivotal point person in pulling fellow Pentagon 911 survivors out of the burning building. He is respected and still connected and active advocating for Veterans rights. Our Service Commitment Let’s just say it plainly: TVA exists to make our region the best place in the country to live, work and play. From the time we were founded in 1933, TVA has worked tirelessly to make life better for the people of the Tennessee Valley region, which spans 80,000 square miles across parts of seven states in the Southeast. Every day we work to improve lives by providing…. Go to to read about how TVA applies the "Three E's to serve the people of the Tennessee Valley: *Energy *Environment *Economic Development TVA receives no taxpayer funding, deriving virtually all of its revenues from sales of electricity. TVA + God = MMV God says to bring back the Thorium reactors to use for powering good NOT war. TVA you should contact the Oak Ridge facilities who successfully designed, built, operated, and still maintain active Thorium reactors. Thorium nuclear reactors are multifunctional in they can provide power, propulsion, desalination as well as safely burning off used uranium. The thorium reactors were not pursued in favor of uranium reactors due to thorium having no useful war purpose. Thorium reactors can be assembly line manufactured with virtually no threat of a Chernobyl or other catastrophic failures. Oak Ridge may be willing to re-organize some of their non-war technologies, such as the currently operational thorium reactor, and branch out of "war mentality" to a "public good" mentality and provide the information they have on Thorium reactors to be used immediately to help end homelessness and poverty. The bonus of partnering with Oak Ridge and the DOE is we can utilize our Military & Veterans and make sure that another night doesn't pass where a soldier that fought for USA sleeps under a bridge. Speaking again of our great epidemic of homelessness. Since this is God's country you serve, I would hope you would utilize one of the greatest resources in our area...KARM KARM serves men, women and children through a variety of progressive ministry programs designed to break the cycle of homelessness. At KARM, you will find responsible, employed parents forced to choose between paying rent and buying groceries. You’ll see entire families whose lives were shattered when jobs disappeared or illness struck. You’ll see elderly men and women who must choose between life-giving food and life-saving medication. For the 5,000 new faces that walk through KARM’s doors each year, there are 5,000 stories and reasons for homelessness. TVA you were created thru our government in 1933; under the same declaration we need to follow today: In God we trust. I'd be happy to share accounts and adventures of my current journey of homelessness, but I am not hopeless. I'm currently spending my homeless day at one of your dams. I know I can't sleep in my car here anymore because the people that can afford to pay at your campgrounds are afraid of the homeless. I've had to leave melton hill at 2am to find someplace else to go because the campground management reported vagrants. There was a mother/son/dog parked near me that the officers had to inform them homeless aren't allowed to sleep overnight on tva property. My church yesterday told me I have to have a job before they would consider emergency shelter funding. I have my Bachelor's in Education and haven't been able to recover from a car wreck & a plethora of unfortunate events. I am just a nobody trying to tell everybody about somebody that saved my soul, My God, My Master Jesus Christ. And He gifted His people with all the information and resources all in one place, TVA, so we could fulfill the Book. I am but a messenger pointing out the obvious solution- In God We Trust, we must unite as one to end homelessness, hopelessness and poverty and give ALL the opportunity to live life with dignity. There are many Faith based facilities that know of TVA + GOD = MMV Magnanimous Musketeer Village We would love to work with you, trusting in God to help set this great nation free...again, this time make it sustainable for all future generations so that when Christ returns He will gladly say "Well done, Faithful Servants". Amen SoBeIt We need TVA to step in and program with KARM and backed by a conglomerate of Faith based programs all struggling to end homelessness & addiction. We need TVA to allocate land so that together unified in our mission for economic & personal development and freedom from poverty we can build Magnanimous Musketeer Villages here in God's country and thru tbe proven history & resources & mission statement of TVA we can solve homelessness & hopelessness. Instead of just employing Americans back in the depression...TVA needs to step up efforts for this generation and provide/allocate land so homelessness can be eradicated. If TVA can allocate land for camping & recreation, surely they can 'try something new'. Thru KARM & other programs we can build tiny home villages and offer real treatment for all societies issues. End homelessness Support & utilize our armed forces & veterans Missionaries Work initiatives Addiction recovery Widow care Restoring families Based on our founding father's declaration "In God We Trust"... TVA with it's partners & resources can transform the TN valley and since they have always been a classroom model for tbe world, we can solve and achieve world peace, by building a village. We ourselves can live in a TVA tiny home village supporting one another, with the Bible as our instruction manual. Let's see if we can get TVA aware that they hold the track record & resources needed to end our homelessness, poverty, addictions, and broken families. TVA + GOD = MMV I posted this this morning: TVA as we near this holiday weekend where many celebrations & parades will be held, what if you did something BOLD to show you are serious about your mission statement & hold yourselves to the Act of Congress in which you were created. TVA you can close campgrounds on public lands for recreation; bring in FEMA housing if needed for our homeless Veterans. How can you justify recreation for the masses when this weekend we will still have our veteran soldiers sleeping under bridges, being arrested for vagrancy and disrespected at every level of their existence. TVA you can end homelessness, with GOD , His faithful servants acting as boots on the ground (KARM, Military/Veterans, and the Faithbased facilities fighting homelessness & addiction) we can make it sustainable for generations and end poverty for good. Magnanimous Musketeer Village. TVA + GOD = MMV We in the faithbased part of this solution can make mountains move over night with God, we need TVA to say YES to fulfilling their own mission & vision statements. Today we could end the homeless crisis with our veterans, tomorrow we can end the hopelessness felt by all, and by the holiday, we could be celebrating unity & a new future for our country to be shared with the world. We can get back to our country's declaration: In God we trust.... Amen SoBeIt We may be able to fill needs with needs. Magnanimous Musketeer Village Rochelle Leffew Yantis May God guide us with perpetual purpose.
By: Rochelle Leffew Yantis on August 28, 2019

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