Radio Station Information

WXJC 101.1 FM

City of License:
Cullman, AL


Birmingham, AL

Crawford Broadcasting Company (Kimtron, Inc.)

WXJC is an FM radio station broadcasting at 101.1 MHz. The station is licensed to Cullman, AL and is part of the Birmingham, AL radio market. The station broadcasts News/Talk programming. WXJC is owned by Crawford Broadcasting Company.

Station Coverage Map

WXJC-FM Coverage Map

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Just found your station this afternoon! I am delighted about the news, Christian related topics, talk radio!
By: Dana Fountain on May 16, 2019

I was listening to 101.1 in Huntsville, AL on Sunday, May 18th, around 2 o'clock. I always listen to this station on Sunday afternoons and was shocked by the soft spoken, black woman who was advocating abortion. She was talking about how much a baby can be a financial burden to a person who does not make more than minimum wage. She also spoke of that if the baby was placed in foster care, it would not be loved. How it would be a tragedy for the mother who did not have the means or family support she needed to keep the baby. She then went on to indicate that abortion would be acceptable in this situation. That that decision needs to be between the woman and God, and that God is a forgiving God. While it is a challenge to be in a less than perfect situation, I also know it is a sin to murder an innocent, defenseless baby in any situation. How can a woman, who is given the opportunity to be a voice on a "christian" station be allowed to advocate the murder of a precious child just because the situation may be difficult. I was shocked and sickened by this "christian" radio host and will never listen to this station again! Please! Christians, rise up and be a voice for the tiny, precious, defenseless babies against the evils of this evil world and stand up to these heartless murderers and advocates of murder of innocent life! Please!
By: Anonymous on May 21, 2019

I heard the same radio host on 101.1 Birmingham rant about Gov Ivey signing the bill the previous week that would protect the rights and lives of the unborn. It disturbed me as much that she questioned Gov. Ivey's christianity. I was appalled! She apparently has been influenced by a worldview and the culture surrounding the topic of the unborn.
By: Rebecca Smith on July 3, 2019

Having recently discovered WXJC (at 101.1 FM on the dial) -- while trying to tune to my regular all-day Christian station-- Country Gospel 99 Eva, Alabama (at 99.9 FM) -- I have been leaving my radio tuned to 101.1 FM , WXJC. all day, ever since the shutdown began. I enjoy most of the programs and most of the speakers. Among my many favorites are the morning preachers and Family Talk with Dr James Dobson. Knowing that tastes and opinions differ widely among listeners, I even leave the radio on during programs on topics outside my normal interests. I enjoy most of the programs and listen to most of the talk shows (with one exception!). As to this one talk show, in particular, i am just not comfortable in my spirit when listening to the hostess. I always have to turn the radio off when this program comes on; Then, today, as I was searching for a WXJC daily programming schedule -- I came across this page and read these comments! When I realized that both comments referred to the same talk show that i find so disturbing -- and that their objections echo my own concerns regarding this particular talk show hostess-- I felt I ought to write to WXJC about this issue. I believe it is only respectful to WXJC, a Christian radio station, to let management know that I have become aware of the comments submitted on May 21, 2019 and July 3, 2019,;that they validate my own uneasiness about the program, and that I concur completely with the views expressed in the earlier comments. My purpose in writing today is to substantiate the information contained in these two listeners' comments, to add my voice to theirs in agreement, and to emphasize the gravity of our shared concerns. As these two comments were written almost a year ago,-- and yet the program is still being aired -- it is possible that those in charge of programming may not be aware that this issue still exists. Please bring these comments to the attention of WXJC management, on behalf of your listeners--for their prayerful consideration.
By: Wanda Smith on April 22, 2020

I am a daily listener of your station - I especially enjoy ‘Focus on the Family’ and ‘David Jeremiah’ on my way in to work every morning and ‘The Ronnie Bruce Show’ on my way home each evening. I would like to make a request for Ronnie Bruce to add ‘You and Only You, Lord’ (by Fred Spencer, I think?) to your line-up. I heard it recently and loved it! Would enjoy hearing it more often. Can you tell me if it’s available for purchase? Thanks so much and keep God’s word flowing!
By: Jill Acker on February 22, 2021

I was scanning the radio stations on my way home from work today at 4:15pm and I over heard the host talking about Dr. Fauci being a liar, and I can't even begin to wrap my head around that kind of stupidity. Also, some woman named Andrea from Yellowhammer News called in and she's just as dumb as the host. I've heard your radio station promotes lies and conspiracy theories, and that was confirmed today. You people are making Christians and Christianity look completely ridiculous.
By: Stephen W. S. on May 27, 2021

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