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True American Values

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Los Angeles, CA


Los Angeles, CA

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iHeartMedia (Citicasters Licenses, Inc.)

3400 W. Olive Drive Suite 550
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KEIB is an AM radio station broadcasting at 1150 KHz. The station is licensed to Los Angeles, CA and is part of that radio market. The station broadcasts News/Talk programming and goes by the name "The Patriot, KEIB AM 1150" on the air with the slogan "True American Values". KEIB is owned by iHeartMedia.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

What's with this wall street journal crap your putting on at 3pm. we're not interested in that looney right wing junk. please put it on somewhere in the midwest or south where they understand claptrap.
By: Armand Porter 1492 on May 3, 2011

I listen to KTLK from 6am- 6pm every day. The Gail show did not work in the line up. Norman Goldman was a better fit and Wall Street Journal show is really unacceptable.
By: Cynthia Fowler on May 5, 2011

What happened to the Norman Goldman Show? Replaced with a Wall Street Journal guy? Are you kidding? We've got too many conservative talk shows now. Plus you've got the guy from Florida who gives advice on saving money and who is clearly a Republican or a Libertarian. Unacceptable. You can bet I won't be listening to anything that rings of conservative BS. Amrand Porter (above post) sure said it well.
By: Mary Simek on May 6, 2011

When I heard Norman Goldman on the air, I thought "KTLK has FINALLY figured out how to fill that 3 p.m. slot." Guess not. Norman Goldman was a terrific addition to the Miller-Hartman-Randi-lineup. I could finally listen all day long again.....But this Wall Street Journal report?! Are you kidding me?! You lose me again every day at 3 p.m. and I don't come back until Malloy. BRING BACK NORMAN GOLDMAN!
By: Mama Murphy on May 9, 2011

feel the same off at 3pm back on at 8pm.
By: wayner on May 11, 2011

That Wall Street Journal crap is crap. Bring back Nor-man.
By: Scott on May 13, 2011

Totally agree the WSJ show is a slap in the face of KTLK's audience. Cmon CC, give the sane in this market something to listen to that isn't blatantly right wing (that includes the Wrap and Clark Clifford, who is a Reaganomics tool). Suggested lineup, as if CC cares: Steph, Thom, randi, Norman, Malloy. That's a solid day of good ratings, which will only increase with time and STABILITY. There are at least FIVE conserva-dumb stations in SoCal for the knuckle-draggers, theyll be just as sheep-like as always. You guys MUST be noticing the share drop at 3 pm. Why are you doing this?
By: Anonymous on May 24, 2011

Couldn't agree more with the comments regarding the current WSJ guy in the 3p.m. slot on KTLK! After Randi's show ends at 3, I now turn KTLK off. If this WSJ guy is supposed to be some attempt to attract right wingers, it IS an insult to the loyal audience that has supported KTLK and the extremely competent Stephanie, Thom, Randi, and Mike -- finally, liberal points of view had at least ONE outlet, amid the otherwise VERY right wing talk show formats -- shows that now dominate the LA AM radio dial. So, KTLK, what's up? Who ever thought this guy would be a good fit? And what happened to Ron Reagan? Don't know why he left, but he would be, as he once was, an excellent choice to fill this time slot -- come on can do SO much better than this Wall St. Journal guy!!!
By: Eileen Bloom on June 2, 2011

The WSJ show blows. More rightwing crap, as if talk radio needs more of that. Apparently KTLK has nothing but contempt for it's listeners, like we wouldn't notice the conservative lies that the WSJ peddles. Frankly it's not only stupid on KTLK's part but also insulting to the intelligence. For SHAME! Back to All Things Considered on NPR at three. Guess the bluest state in the country can't have even ONE consistently progressive station to go against the multitude of Rush clones on every other station. The fix is in. Clear Channel needs to be investigated re antitrust violations, and SOON.
By: Fred on June 29, 2011

Just want to agree with post above suggesting the return on Ron Reagan Show. I found the RR show both enlightening AND entertaining, and his non-confrontational style would probably get as many right wing leaning listeners as that dreck from the Wall Street Journal does; the guests are from the very much insane Editorial page of said WSJ, which is universally recognized as rightwing extreme to the max. Insulting to anyone with half a brain indeed. Bad, bad move KTLK. Please do something about this quick. Thank you.
By: Stanley on July 1, 2011

I have to agree with the previous comments. We loyal listeners have suffered through numerous changes and it is an insult that we get more hot air from Wall Street blown at us. It is ridiculous that the 3rd hour is a repeat! Give us another hour of Mike Malloy. Is there some rule that with all the conservative outlets available, we who enjoy some sanity can't get at least one day at a time of progressive news and issues. Also, the weekend blather and constant pandering from medical/legal/real estate "experts" is insult on top of injury. Reruns of our favorites would be preferable if that all that you will offer.
By: S. Dohnal on July 3, 2011

Couldn't agree more. Ron Reagan was the best. When Norman Goldman finally showed up, I felt that KTLK was finally back on my side. Oh what a relief it was. When the WSJ guy showed up, I felt like this was just the beginning of the transition to the RIGHT WING BRAIN WASHING that has infected the rest of the country's air waves. Who are you replacing next? I now tune out at 3pm but don't really know where to turn. Unfortunately, I can't get KGO in L.A. at 3pm.
By: G.A. on July 19, 2011

Thank the fates I found this page. I now know I'm not the only KTLK listener that heard the new 3:00 show with ever-increasing shock and horror as it became apparent it was nothing but Faux News-style ultra rightwing propaganda. And it's on the ONLY progressive talk station in this market!! I listen to KTLK all day, Steph, Tom, and Randi are all excellent shows, and more importantly they all have regard for actual FACTS and the truth. Then, at 3 pm, it's like a cancer has found its way on to my beloved KTLK in the form of a WALL STREET JOURNAL/Murdoch blast of moronic fact-free repug-shill of a show, whose most frequent "guests" are freaking WSJ editorial staffers!! Here's a news flash: the WSJ editorial page was well known as the most rabidly EXTREME RIGHT-WING such page in the whole country, even before the disgraced Rupert took it over. This show IS like a sucker-punch to KTLK's listeners, and can only leave one wondering: why? It makes NO sense! Ok, I'm done here, with just an anguished plea for Clear Channel to do the right thing by its devoted listeners, and PLEASE REPLACE THE 3:00 pm SHOW IMMEDIATELY. Listen to the posts above; in the short time since you've made this inexplicable and disrespectful programming move, there is not a SINGLE comment in favor of this awful show. Thank you in advance for addressing this outrage asap.
By: Scott E. on July 29, 2011

By: Jake on January 27, 2012

Your programming from 3:00 am to 10:00 pm is strong except for one huge exception. It appears to be difficult to get a good program for the 3:00 to 6:00 pm slot. Gail was in over her head. Ron Reagan's didn't do his homework and instead posed questions for the listener's response. Norman Goldman was boring. Now you have David Cruz. He is really awful. Since he has been on, I have tuned in periodically and he is consistent -- awful. I hope he doesn't have a contract. How about bringing us Bill Press from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
By: Susan W on January 31, 2012

I love Tom Hartmann and wouldn't miss his show. Randi is OK until she get's crude (ex: "What, does he think I"m going to piss on his lawn?" from several months ago; "They're dushbags (Said over and over)" from about one month ago. I've heard she's a comedian, but this isn't a bar and most of us haven't had a few drinks! Also, where is Michael Castner's Daily Wrap? He didn't sound right-wing to me. Just a financial guy and much more interesting that that David Cruz guy. He puts me to sleep and I turn the radio channel. I change the channel when Randi gets crude too. Bill Press would be OK from 3:00 to 6:00 or 12:00 to 3:00.
By: P. C. on February 8, 2012

David Cruz is worse than his predecessors. Am I the only one who caught yesterday's ironic chauvinism? When dinging Santorum's Puritan era statement about women in the military and their lack of strength due to "emotions," Cruz references his own 50s era explanation of why women ARE strong: they raise kids, keep the house together, and make dinner for the family when dad gets home. Agreed. Get with the program and put on a true progressive from 3-6
By: CCM on February 11, 2012

Glad the WSJ guy is gone and hope David Cruz will soon follow. He sounds nice enough but is boring! I'm still hoping for Marc Germain to get a regular spot but WITHOUT any sidekicks. He's much better on his own. Thom announced today that his new time slot would bee from 12:00 to 3:00 PST What's happening?
By: Carol Giandalia on February 28, 2012

Please bring back NorMAN GoldMAN in the 3 to 6 slot! David Cruz is shallow, uninformed, and only talks about sensationalistic L.A. stories. He loves the word SEX. A good drinking game would be to count how many times he says "SEX!" in every show. Except I wouldn't win since I don't listen to him anymore. I stream NorMAN GoldMAN. By the way, is Thom Harmann moving to the noon to 3 slot on KTLK in March?
By: leftwritelady on February 29, 2012

David Cruz leans on a subject like nancy grace! Boring
By: lou on March 9, 2012

Hey what happened to the Tom now its the almost show
By: gernit on March 12, 2012

Ye gods. What has happened to my beloved KTLK? THE FIX IS IN. JUST IN TIME FOR THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. For SHAME, Clear Channel. For goodness sake, play ed at 9 and tape delay Thom at 3!! So much for so-called "liberal" media. What a joke.
By: Lester on March 12, 2012

KTLK! What are you doing? Where is TH? What is this mess you have on between 9AM and 12Noon? I had to dial out. Will go back for Randi @ Noon. She'd better be there, or I'm finally gone. Been hanging in since Air America, but it's just getting silly now. You're making it hard to listen to KTLK.
By: Jean on March 12, 2012

You have to be kidding. Thom Hartman replaced by a couple jokers! The fix must be in. Whoever made this decision should be fired. I am sending a complaint to the FCC and I trust they are investigating your license already.
By: Joe on March 12, 2012

Wow! Thom Hartmann is a light of understanding for me and mine;about what it means to be an American. TH is USA and what KTLK espouses as USA. i'll miss brunch with Bernie on Friday; but I'll miss truth on American air-waves even more! I will miss balanced progressive thought which the KTLK managers have decided to replace Thom Hartmann with! "C;ear channel" should reconsider. Clark
By: Clark on March 13, 2012

THOM HARTMANN GONE.?? you've just lost me. The two goofs you put on in place of the only SANE talk show host out there is ridiculous . What were you thinking of?
By: Barbara Harrison on March 13, 2012

/It's been apparent ever since CC sold out to one of Romney's old business connections that the station would soon be ridding itself of any progressive shows to be eventually followed by more Conservitude trash. ....KGO San Francisco fired their progressive broadcasters on January lst, and the same is slowly , but steadily following suit in L.A....God help America!!!
By: Doug Jacobson on March 13, 2012

My god. Now KTLK replaces Thom Hartmann with a CONSERVATIVE (Joe Hicks; google him if you don't believe me)???!!! WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE?? We live in California, the bluest state in the Union, and we can't have a single solitary liberal talk station?? Are you kidding me? It'd be funny if it weren't so sad. Guess CC wants a tax write-off more than a successful station. Check the numbers, the listenership will PLUMMET at 9 am, yet it doesn't seem to make a difference. Free market my BEHIND. I agree with the above post, and urge outraged KTLK listeners to join me in protesting this abomination; write management, flood their phones with your concerns, and contact the FCC too. Do NOT just take this, especially in an election year! Joe hicks BLOWS. So does David Cruz. Both shows are insults to the injury KTLK seems determined to inflict on their listeners (whoever's still left that is). And they're incredibly BORING. I agree with the above: THE FIX IS IN :-(
By: Scott E. on March 13, 2012

By: Carol D. on March 13, 2012

Dropping Thom Hartman is a terrible mistake. I agree with the other comments. Your station has now become expendable. Progressives are getting the shaft.
By: Gordon Vosburg on March 14, 2012

I too am gone David Cruz is terrible Thom was the best Ed Schultz was Great I guess this is exactly what clear channel wants good bye
By: Colin Mcconville on March 14, 2012

Come on, LA! Yeah. I miss Thom Hartmann, too. But is the alternative AM 640 or 790? The decision to change time slots was Thom Hartmann's. He didn't explain it on his show, so conspiracy theorists have a field day. The replacement show is garbage. Cruz is boring. Hopefully the ratings will be so bad they will put on TH reruns of yesterday's program, or Norman Goldman, or bring Ron Reagan out of retirement! It has to get better. Be patient!
By: Gregg Oelker on March 14, 2012

For God's Sake...What a LAME station KTALK is now! David Cruz is PATHETIC! Get rid of him now! Those 2 JERKS you put on in place of Thom Hartman are AWFUL too!. Don't know who is worse them or David Cruz. All my friends are DONE with KTALK now. Between Thom and Randi...Thom is way above her league. Who cares about her personal life...and she goes on and on about it. You have ruined your station. Why can't Thom be on at 3 in place of that zero entity David Cruz??? I and my friends are back to music and NPR now. KTALK is pathetic!
By: mill on March 14, 2012

Those guys in the 9 a.m. to noon time slot are clowns. Bring back Thom Hartmann. I want to listen to someone who actually thinks.
By: Irwin Spector on March 14, 2012

Who does your programming? If the intent was to "dumb it down" you have succeeded. Thom Hartman is the best & brghtest of any talk show hosts. Is he totally gone from KTLK? The lineup now is really bad. The shows before & after Randi Rhodes are impossible to listen to.
By: Rhoda Medvene on March 14, 2012

I was driving to work today and I couldn't believe my ears. What happened to Thom Hartmann? I went online to find out and there and behold were all the comments about you - CC - changing your lineup. I can't believe that you would get rid of TH, an intelligent thoughtful radio host that we could depend on to tell the truth about what is really going on in our political system and the only show that I am aware of that actually puts on a U.S. senator that we can call in and talk to. It's bad enough that this is the only progressive talk show in L.A. and you are taking that away from us. No reason to listen to ktlk any more. I will turn to the computer and listen to TH there instead. I guess intelligence is a bad word on radio. You suck Clear Channel!!!!
By: clarine on March 14, 2012

What is going on with your station??? What happen to the Thom Hartman show??? The show that replaces Thom Hartman is nothing in comparison to Thom, not even similar. I am very disappointing. I will really miss Friday's Brunch with Bernie. What are you guys doing over at that station? And what's with this David Cruz show? Not interested. Get ready to lose some listeners. Can you tell me if I can find Thom on another station?
By: JB on March 15, 2012

David Cruz is awful. your core lineup should be Ed Schultz, Thom Hartman and Randi Rhodes. There is some kind Peter Principle, Corporate myopia, bean counting, BS. Be bold be dynamic INNOVATIVE WE WANT TO BE ENTERTAINED AND INFORMED. WE DESERVE THE BEST. GET THE BEST AND STOP F'ING AROUND.
By: Joe Segal on March 15, 2012

this is absolutely horrible now! I used to enjoy listening to Tom in the morning driving to work, right after Steph. I understand if they changed Tom's time, but where is Randi then? But if you are going to change the morning lineup, at least put someone on that people would like to listen to in the morning. These two guys are awful. I don't even know what their format is - they call it Diversity, but I just think they are obnoxious. and the guy at 3:00 is boring and chauvenistic. Hardly what I expect from "Progressive" talk radio.
By: Ellyn L on March 15, 2012

I agree totally with the comments about Thom Hartmann's so called replacements. Total duds and ditto about Mr. Cruz. Back to NPR and KUSC.
By: Larry Kemper on March 15, 2012

I agree with all of the above comments. To get rid of Thom Hartman is beyond belief; he is irreplaceable and a wealth of information that is otherwise unobtainable. Why not carry him live and put Rhandi back on at 3-6 PM? That would be a stellar line up. The other guys could have different time slots that are not key "drive time" slots I miss the good old days when we could actually get one progressive talk radio station in our Blue State.
By: Liza2do on March 16, 2012

Though I share thier frustration, even fury, I wish my co-listeners and fans of Thom would have been a little less hostile toward Cruz and the guys in the a.m. Having said that, PUT HARTMAN BACK or we are done listenting to all of 1150:LA, or is that the plan of Clear Channel? Slowwlly peel away popular progressives.
By: Vicki Stern on March 16, 2012

KTLK Management: when I travel to Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Denver and yes even Phoenix their Progressive Station is just that Progressive Talk from the Left. With the exceptions of Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes, and Mike Malloy the rest of your programming is not acceptable for a progressive station. Understanding shows can be taped; do so or loose your progressive audiance. We listeners have other options with Sirus & Iheart radio. Bring back Tom Hartman, Ed Shultz, Norman Goldman (he's an LA lawyer) and get rid of the rest. Clark Howard - seriously? Fix it or I'm gone along with other progressives. Michael Calvo
By: Michael Calvo on March 16, 2012

Bring back Thom Hartman!!! I was out of town and could not believe that he was gone when I came back. I am through listening to your station unless he is put back on. If his time was changed or whatever the reason figure something out but get him back and some other more progressive talent.
By: Ellen Kay on March 16, 2012

Progressive Radio 1150LA?? How about Regressive Radio 1150LA!!
By: Gary Lachs on March 17, 2012

I am very disappointed with KTLA. Thom Hartman is intelligent, probes each issue, and is listens to people with opposing views. I no longer listen to KTLA during this time slot.
By: Sheila Decora on March 18, 2012

So sad to learn of Thom Hartmann's departure. Those two mooks in his place are just that - mooks! Alos that David Cruz is regressive. And now instead of Jesse Jackson on Sunday mornings, you have two hours of golf news?!?!?!?! Looks like those conservative dollars have taken you over! I figure within a year, this station will be all sports and right wing news and talk. I really don't believe its so difficult to move the shows around since, from the criticism here, we would be more thnan glad to hear re-broadcasts of our progressive talk show hosts rather than the drivel you now have on the air. I wonder if the GM of the station ever reads any of these comments anyway. Are we just talking to ourselves?
By: Luce Gauthier on March 19, 2012

Bring back Thom Hartman. This station was the only station to balance out the air waves. Do not take off Rhadi Rhodes. She is the most informative and entertaining at the same time. Now I can only listen to your station between 12:00 and 3:00. David Cruz is o.k. but I get the feeling he is only looking for "DIRT" at the local level, with very short and shallow dialogue..
By: db on March 19, 2012

Please return Thom Hartmann to the 9-12 time slot. Your other participants don't hold a candle and we all need a flame of light!
By: Audrey Hake on March 19, 2012

Meh. I guess I dont need to listen to KTLK 1150 like I used to when I would carry a portable radio so I wouldn't miss anything. Another one of the greats "fixed" by those lacking the vision why it was popular. We miss some of the greats you've put on in the past. But now it's like you're programming BET & CMT on the same channel or Lifetime & Spike, Cspan & HBO... SiriusXM & CC
By: Tony on March 20, 2012

Thom Hartmann has a discourse with conservative guests. There are no personal attacks or name calling. It's the best political talk show anywhere. You just tore the heart out of your mon-fri programming,the weekend always stunk. CC has conservative roots and appears to be dismantling their progressive programming. You've lost me. I'll find Thom elsewhere
By: Dan Grifka on March 21, 2012

I'm pleased to note the critical comments above, and urge KTLK to take heed. I would suggest the following lineup, which I think will satisfy the vast majority of (now formally) loyal KTLK listeners: 3-6 am bill press 6-9 am Stephanie miller 9-noon ed Schultz Noon-3 pm randi Rhodes 3-6 pm Thom Hartmann (tape-delayed) 6-9 pm mike Malloy 9 pm-1am phil hendrie 1-3 am Norman Goldman (tape-delayed) The swift implementation of the above weekday programming schedule would go a long way to undo the damage the recent shuffling has already done. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE HOWEVER. At some point, the hemmoragging of listeners KTLK is now experiencing will be so great that no amount of 'repair' will suffice to return us loyal liberal listeners to the fold. Thank you for your consideration. Time is running out fast though!
By: Mr Kite on March 21, 2012

I cannot believe you got rid of Thom Hartmann!!! That absolutely blows. He was informative, intelligent and sane---a breath of fresh air. Why would you get rid of something so incredibly important in this day and age of trash tv and radio? You're just digging your own grave, in my opinion--you've just lowered the bar and that is very sad indeed.
By: Ms. Tbo on March 21, 2012

Every morning I turn to 1150 a.m. hoping you've come to your senses and I'd find Thom Hartman back. I give your station about two minutes of your miserable programing and switch it off. Do you have any listeners left?
By: Marvin Goldenson on March 21, 2012

I, too, am devastated that Thom Hartman is no longer on the station. He was the best!! Please reconsider and bring him back
By: Lisa on March 22, 2012

I love listening to Stephanie, Randi and David Cruz
By: Diane Williams on March 22, 2012

What happened to Thom Hartman? He is the best! I will no longer be listening.
By: Julie Burch on March 23, 2012

People, you can still listen to thom hartmann just search him on the web. we don't ever have to listen to k talk again.
By: kevin knox on March 27, 2012

Please put Tomm Hartman back on the air! I will no longer be listening as well!
By: Kim Monge on March 27, 2012

KTLK has been hijacked, pure and simple. Right now, the so-called Diverse LA show has been given over to a rightwing simpleton who apparently has sold his soul to corporate conservative radio. In a word, SHAME! Shame on you KTLK. Another listener gone. Sad.
By: Jake on March 28, 2012

Hey Thom Hartmann fans...try KJFK to listen to all three hours of the TH show starting at 3 pm PST. You can listen live on smartphone etc thru TuneIn free app, or online thru KJFK website. And also get to listen to Randi on KTLK from noon-3 pm. Much better than tripe on KTLK at 3. You're welcome! :-) (you could be doing same, KTLK. No one to blame but yourself. Not too late to change!
By: MrKite on March 28, 2012

Thanks MrKite for the KJFK recommendation. I own a fleet of limo/towncars all tuned into KTLK and TH is my favorite talk program on the air. If he stays off, my clients and I will have to find another progressive radio station in the LA area (that is if another one exists?). Please bring Thom back! Thanks!
By: Jon on March 29, 2012

By dropping Thom Hartmann from the lineup you have dropped the Best talk show host in radio. Your replacement "Diverse LA" is unbearable. I am afraid I will puke if I have to hear them pat themselves on the back another time.
By: R Hagan on March 29, 2012

Hi Agree with all the complaints above regarding the loss of Thom Hartmann. What an intelligent, thoughtful, progressive voice KTLK chose to rid themselves of. He is not replacable. PLEASE BRING HIM BACK!!!Without him on, you've lost a listener:{
By: Kristy C on March 30, 2012

These guys on KTALK are so full of themselves and do not have the knowledge of Thom Hartman. Even if I never heard of Thom Hartman the guys on weekdays at 9-12 are terrible. Their self promotion and not telling anything outright but hoping you will hang on to listen. They are talking about nothing.
By: Linda Klapper on March 30, 2012

I've listened to KTLK since the Air America days. You need to put Thom Hartman back on delayed at 3pm!!! This would solve your 3pm time slot problem which has been awful since Ron Reagan left. David Cruz sucks and this new morning show is just a joke.
By: Robert Biles on April 2, 2012

I knew I wasn't the only one not liking David Cruz. I simply don't listen between 3-6. And the new morning person may be okay, but I would much prefer Ed Shultz or David Bender, or someone national. I actually didn't mind the Wall Street Journal show; thought it was often informative and I didn't find him that right wing. Maybe I didn't listen enough to figure that out. Love Randi and Stephanie; can we get Thom delayed and taped? Please? I'm feeling less informed than I was.
By: Nora Lee on April 2, 2012

What the hell happen to your station? No Thom Hartmann and a bunch of light weights at 9:00 AM, 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM. I started with your station with the old Air America but with your current line up I will not listen again until you get some better shows with more intelligent and knowledgeable hosts.
By: AL Czubiak on April 3, 2012

Soon you will be right up there with 640 and 790.......what happened to you? You can't think listeners that tuned into Thom Hartmann will stay with KTLK. Good bye to you and your sponcers.
By: Sue lL. on April 5, 2012

The core of KTLK listeners seem to agree on the shows they want to hear - Thom Hartmann, Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes, Bill Press, Ed Schultz, Mike Malloy, Norman Goldman, and Phil Hendrie. Why not just carry those shows? They would get the listeners and the ratings! I'd rather hear any of them - tape delayed - if the alternative is Diverse LA or David Cruz. Even Clark Howard is OK, though I'd much rather hear Johnny Wendell. Listening to David Cruz show is almost unbearable. The entirety of his content is local gossip. The lack of show prep and accounting for actual facts and information is glaring. For the love of god... please stop talking about teacher sex scandals! If I wanted to hear about that tripe, I'd watch KTLA or KCAL 9 on TV, or better yet, go to work and listen to my co-workers blather on the break room. This week I reached my breaking point with a host named Joe Escalante. He was rude to pretty much every caller, took the entire gig as a joke, and was so offensive and out of line that you could hear the uncomfortable awkward bits of silence from his co-hosts! Today, he made a joke about renaming Mexico and asked the co-hosts if they had any names in mind and they were so put-off that you could cut the tension with a knife! If this is the programming you honestly think we want to hear - local ne'er do wells that just want to make a name for themselves by gossiping or insulting their callers - count me out. If Escalante is on again tomorrow, I am off. I'd rather pay for Satellite Radio to hear radio shows with competent hosts.
By: JG on April 5, 2012

What a HORRIBLE DARK DAY for LA that Thom Hartmann is not in LA!!!!!!!! Do you expect us to listen to Rush for politics? I vomited the last time I heard his pathetic voice. I guess I would rather pay for podcasts then listen to this. The current show would be ok for the week-ends, but we want liberal news, isn't that the name of your station? What's next, you're going to change your name too? Thank God we have the internet. So unbelievable!!
By: Trisha Shaw on April 7, 2012

A huge disservice has been done to your listeners-not only do you take Thom Hartmann off the air (and I still haven't heard why) you replace him with people that come nowhere near Mr.Hatmanns political understanding. I for one will no longer listen to your station.
By: Tyrees Allen on April 8, 2012

I miss TH intelligent, thought provoking voice keeping me step.....podcast, I suppose. I still enjoy RR, but having Thom first to set up the topics with his perspective was invaluable.
By: Brenda Menin on April 9, 2012

Attention KTLK. Time is fast running out, I'm privy to the real numbers and they confirm that NO ONE is listening anymore from 9-12 and 3-6. Not even a 'one' share, not even .5! Is this deliberate? Are you trying to prove progressive talk can't "sell" by replacing highly rated liberal talkers like Thom and ed Schultz with utter crap like Diverse LA or 2 1/2 Mexicans or David Cruz?? Talk about self-fulfilling prophecies! We, the remaining diehards who are praying for redress before it's too late, need nay DEMAND an explanation for what you've done to KTLK. I urge all who read this and the above comments to write, call, petition, whatever it takes, Clear Channel and the FCC and demand a satisfactory accounting of what the heck is going on. And to the poster above who was wondering if there is any other progressive talk stations in LA, I'm sorry to say that there aren't any. And the way KTLK is being run, soon there won't be even ONE. SAVE KTLK NOW!!
By: Peeode on April 9, 2012

The diverse l.a. line-up for the most part has been a disaster. Morris Kelly is good - but his guest hosts are un prepared for the quality of listeners that have made 1150 a staple of their morning drive. Actually, Mr. Kelly proved to be unaware of basic facts and figures - even logic - when he allowed a local minister, who is a South L.A. Tea Party advocate, go on and on spouting tripe and double talk. David Cruz is a bench warmer. He like his new associates relies on the cliff notes version of political and local news. He presents himself as a serious reporter but I have yet to hear anything that justifies that statement. And I've been listening for 3 weeks. He speaks in generalities, presents opinions then says " ...I'm only presenting a side ... what do you think ....? That's a cop out .... It's a way out of really understanding the facts of a serious political or social issue. Listeners will tell you what they think - you don't have to ask them. But they require the host be more knowledgeable or at least have the ability to distill the information in a cogent and intelligent manner. Mr. Cruz obviously has his agenda and that is children, abuse, bullying etc ... which is due to his experiences as a child and young adult. He used those words more or less during one show that I heard. In a block where he spoke about the killing of a Rabbi and his two children in France, he (Mr. Cruz) was out of his league. He had not understanding of current increase of anti-semitic feelings both here and in Europe. He was completely unaware that home grown terrorism, non Muslims -is more of a threat to our security than Al-Queda cells or American muslims who have been radicalized. The threat comes from Nationalist groups, Neo-Nazis, et other white supremacists groups. Plus, he made some rather strange comments during that segment that to this day I am un able to understand. Now there's Joe Escalante and 2 1/2 Mexicans. What a joke and I don't mean funny -- well --funny but in a sad and pathetic way. He to is un-prepared and disturbingly glib and, I will say un aware of facts. Today, 4/9/12, he spent a good portion of a block discussing gas prices. He basically said - that if the President agreed to the pipeline from Canada to the Gulf, opened up the Arctic Reserve, stopped selling oil to China, increased drilling etc ... we just might have $2.50 a gallon gas. The facts are this: We (the United States) do not own the oil that's extracted in the Gulf. We do not own the oil sands that comes from Canada. We can not prevent, as a country, oil being sent to China. And the Arctic only has up to 300B barrels of oil. But the facts don't appear to get in the way of the facts. He ended the block by saying that Obama has to please the people that elected him ... the environmentalists. Again, there was little understanding that the 08' election was won because of attracting a vast majority of Independents, and some Republicans. This isn't the 1st time he's disregarded the facts on a subject. I don't care about his political affiliation. I do care that he get the facts right. And he doesn't. In addition, Mr. Escalante uses his air time to talk about his religious affiliation, and personal belief in Catholicism as a way to bring clarity to a topic. More often than not it's presented as a way to juxtapose what he believes is wrong with a story. Again not the facts but something based in faith. If a Hassidic Rabbi or a religious Jew did the same thing I would feel just as I do now. Therefore, it's not about religion. And if I wanted to hear a conjoining of religious and political theology wrapped into one - I'd watch the 700 Club or listen to This Religious Hour .... not KTLK. If this is the best Clear Channel/KTLK haS to offer, with regard to presenting a Diverse L.A., then this station is on the way out. My real feeling is that Clear Channel - which for the most part gears itself to a GOP/Right Wing agenda, has made a political choice to dumb down one of the top 3 markets in the country that services a Democratic leaning populist, as well as, one of the most educated in the country. I will no longer listen to KTLK from 9-12, and won't listen to it after 3PM after Randi Rhodes signs off.
By: dori keller on April 10, 2012

KTLK has made a huge mistake by getting rid of Thom Hartmann. I will not listen to them from 9am to noon! And David Cruz is boring. I use d to keep them on all day , now I just switch to classic rock until Randi comes on.
By: Al Morales on April 10, 2012

My god the 9 am show BLOWS CHUNKS. It's boring, uninformative to the max, and the hosts aren't even entertaining in the slightest. What IS this? Are you purposefully trying to destroy KTLK?? Sure seems that way. I cannot overstate how excrementally BAD the 9 am show is, for example the female hosts just spent the opening two segments talking about a new 'boy band' getting sued for infringement ie NOTHING even remotely relevant or interesting. AND THIS IS AN ELECTION YEAR!!! WTF is going on??? PLEASE do something about this intolerable situation NOW!
By: Henry A. on April 11, 2012

Just want to thank Don Keller for his excellent and well-substantiated comment above. And most of the others too. I sincerely hope they are not falling on deaf ears
By: Mr Kite on April 11, 2012

Please bring back Thom Hartmann. I miss his informative program. Something is wrong with management, you've lost a lot of listeners.
By: Priscilla Lazzara on April 11, 2012

What a complete disappointment to turn on KTLK at 9am and find no Thom Hartman. I am also in LA, and it is just mind boggling that we can't seem to get a progressive radio station with any consistency. This happened with the whole Air America issue, when they took Randi Rhodes off. Thankfully, she is back on, but I worry each day that she will be gone again as well. Whoever those people are on during Thom's slot are a joke. No one does their homework like Thom and Randi. These people just think they can go on and on about nothing and call that interesting radio. So disappointing and sickened by this display by Clear Channel.
By: Cindy on April 12, 2012

Just found this site and I am so happy to know how many people feel as I do. I have not listened to more than 2 minutes of KTLK (except for Randi and Stephanie) since you destroyed your schedule. Sorry, the guys in the morning and David Cruz are lightweights if not downright insulting. And, by the way, why do you cut Mike Malloy short in favor of Phil Hendrie. I know he is supposed to be a joke, but really!!!!
By: Nancy on April 12, 2012

The week-ends are such a loss of time & where does the station get the weather & traffic gals ? Geez, these baby voices, all cutesy poo . Keep men in the news and accessories, not barbies . I don't know why KTLK has Ms Miller every early mornings, with her court jesters paid to guffaw at every sentence she shouts ; just don't get it !
By: Michele6933 on April 14, 2012

Wow, congrats, KTLK -- you're managing to turn, what could be, one of the strongest stations on the dial (not to mention, one of the only alternatives to the mostly right wing pap on the rest of the dial) into a mangled mess of inconsistent and unprofessional programming. Aside from Stephanie and Randi in the 6-9 am and 12-3 slots, the current 9-12 noon and 3-6 pm slot has turned into what has to be the most unlistenable 3 hours since KTLKs inception. Either there is some plan to deliberately sabotage the liberally oriented format, OR the station has some of the worst management in talk show history. The very capable Bill Press is on when many of us are asleep on the West Coast -- Bill would be great between 3 and 6 pm. And Stephanie and Co. might be just the right fit for the 9-12noon time period. (Randi is good just where she is. PLEASE don't mess with that!!) With so many really bright and talented liberal spokespersons out there, WHY have you given the other precious air times to persons who are clearly NOT talk show material? At least not for the KTLK format. Thom Hartmann's intelligence and talent is greatly missed, and I would love to see Mike get more air time, perhaps on the weekends -- as it stands now, the weekends are a vast wasteland. One last comment -- WHY are there so many periods of dead air, with no explanation to let listeners know what's going on? Technical glitches happen sometimes, but not on such a regular basis. I know I'm not the only person who wants to see the original concept of KTLK restored, with its integrity intact! And, I hope someone out there in broadcasting land, has the integrity and character and skill, to get KTLK back on track again.
By: Eileen Bloom on April 17, 2012

Cmon folks. I've been TRYING to get into your 9 am replacement(s) for what was the Thom Hartmann slot (it's NOT ktlk's fault people - Thom changed his live broadcast time to noon, ie the same slot as Randi - ouch!). But my god... There has GOT to be a better solution than what you've (is, Clear Channel) tried so far; the haphazard blizzard of shows that have been broadcast have only been remarkable by how truly awful, inane, irrelevant they all have been. Can it really be that difficult to find a liberal talk show that actually IS liberal AND relevant? This isn't just any old time, this is an ELECTION year fercrissakes! You've read the above suggestions above (I hope), there's ed Schultz live at 9, you could tape delay bill press, or (my personal suggestion) you could play the previous evenings mike Malloy show; I guarantee you that would bring you accolades and station loyalty beyond measure or deniability. Or any other of a multitude of sane, rational, market-based programming decisions available. PLEASE, I'm on your side, help us out here! You WILL NOT regret it :-) thanks for your consideration, I'm more than glad to be of help, but you gotta do something FAST. As it is right now, you are training your listenership to change channels at 9:00 am, a PRIME advertising slot I cannot believe you're willing to throw away. Thanks for listening, pun intended! ;-)
By: Helping Hand on April 20, 2012

Just found this board, and I'm so encouraged I'm not the only one who is outraged by the incoherent slop you're putting on at nine. It's unbelievably horrible; not just bad or boring (although what I've heard at 9 is both of those), but truly mystifying in it's sheer awfulness. It seems like this dreck you're putting on air at nine has been instructed to NEVER discuss anything remotely relevant to this election year, and instead MUST just randomly blather on and on about absolutely nothing! IS THIS DELIBERATE? Your inexplicable programming decisions must inevitably lead to such questions, as well as raising doubts about your motivations behind such a self-destructive approach to a such a vital segment of the programming day. Please do something to allay these legitimate concerns, soon. Thank you.
By: Claire Planet on April 24, 2012

What were you thinking by taking off Thom Hartman? He is one of the most interesting and informative radio host that I have listened in KTLK. The replacements are so boring. We need Thom Hartmann! This election year is so critical and the Mr. Hartmann's logic, wisdom and eye-opening material is so needed. Please bring him back!
By: Martha on April 27, 2012

As some folks have already mentioned and KTLK Programming Dept. has confirmed, it was Thom Hartman's decision to move his broadcast time and go head-to-head with Randi Rhodes. Per KTLK, Thom wanted to broadcast during the drive-time hours on the east coast. Since Thom as never mentioned the schedule change, I suspect that part may be true. But KTLK if your reading this, please, please give us Ed Schultz from 9-12!! Clear Chanel is already carrying him in other markets during this hour. Please END YOUR EXPERIMENT AND GIVE US A NATIONAL PROGRESSIVE SHOW TO LISTEN TO FROM 9-12PM!
By: KTLK FAN--at least I was a fan on May 4, 2012

Since Robert Townshend seems to be the 'main' replacement show on KTLK at 9, a few thoughts: Townsend is The Most Boring Man In The World; his show is completely "entertainment-free", has no relevance to anything going on in this most important PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION year, certainly politics-free, takes almost ZERO listener calls (undoubtedly because there aren't any...listeners that is) and bottom-line is the most drab, awful, and MEANINGLESS drivel I have EVER forced myself to hear. It's just unbearable. Hear for yourself if you don't believe me, you won't be able to take more than five minutes before you desperately reach for the tuner. Well done, KTLK. You absolutely couldn't have done more damage to your station if you tried. Or ARE you? What a crying shame. You owe us an explanation and an apology.
By: Mr kite on May 8, 2012

KTLK from 9-12 unbearable. One of the personalities said "you know" about 60 times in one hour. David Cruz is the worst, god he's boring. Can't stand John and Ken's politics but at least they're entertaining.
By: Philinburb on May 18, 2012

Cannot agree more with the comments above. Fortunately, I cannot tune in between 9-12, but have switched to a different station when I did have the opportunity to tune in. And this right-wing loud mouth who is on between 3-6 HAS to go! He is horrible! What happened to KTLK? Where did the progressive programming go?? PLEASE do not succumb to the brain-dead. Stephanie Miller and Randi Rhodes are amazing! THEY MUST STAY WHERE THEY ARE!! But, yes.... Bill Press, Ed Schultz... Norman Goldman, Nicole Sandler... there are SO many wonderful hosts that could fill that slot. BRING BACK THE PROGRESSIVE STATION WE ALL LOVED!!
By: PK on June 1, 2012

"liberal media"... My ASS. And yet, the Corp media still accepts "liberal media" as a truism. What a joke. A really bad, foul, lying sack of crap joke. And now KTLK goes and proves the ACTUAL bias of our mainstream media is anything but liberal. Shame on you KTLK
By: Disgusted on June 6, 2012

Yes indeed, "liberal media"--my cystic patoot. Next time you hear a willfully ignorant acquaintance state, "...but, but, but...the liberal media...” ask them if they're talking about Pacifica Radio or Current TV. It they look at you while cocking their head like a dog, tell them that THAT'S the liberal media. Everything else is THE CORPORATE MEDIA, which is beholden to its corporate ideology and its shareholders (except for Fox Newscorp, of course, which is the Republican propaganda wing). We are in the grip of corporate media monopolies, which places corporate ideology above serving the public interest--and by extension, in the case of KTLK with their choice in programming--even making a profit. And, so, on KTLK we still have Who-Knows-What from 9 am to noon (KTLK's grossly uninformative website doesn't even tell us who’s on--KTLK, what about your constant promos directing us to your website? It's "a calling"? Really?). Then we have the tabloid “journalist” David Cruz wasting our time in the afternoon (time to switch to KPFK 90.7 FM), and then the informative but irrelevant Clark Howard, which keeps us away the remainder of the day.
By: Jim Spriggs on July 4, 2012

Why is Los Angeles deprived of Mike Malloy's third hour? Is anything other than pure censorship to blame when that jackass Phil Hendrie is awarded FIVE HOURS of airtime directly following Malloy's abbreviated show? To add insult to injury, and more injury to boot, they air a repeat of the first two hours of this rotten garbage to fill up those five hours each weeknight! Why do right wingers control every god damned thing in this country? I agree too, with the posters who say that the replacements for Hartmann's slot and David Cruz are a waste of time! Unlistenable!
By: Carrie Drake on July 18, 2012

I agree who is Cruz he talks about blue lines things no one cares about we get it clear line I believe is Bain? Too much education like Thom will mess with our plans to take over throw us some crumbs
By: Lisa on August 27, 2012

Still waiting for ktlk to get its act together. Shows like Cruz and the 'dead zone' from 9-12 are far more suited to a weekend time slot. I remind the corporate management of KTLK that we are deep into an election year, and the disservice they are doing to the so cal electorate is frankly beyond tolerance. As a formerly loyal KTLK listener, I can tell you I rarely listen now, seems I'm not alone and yet the drought of relevant, progressive shows continues...why?
By: Mr Kite on September 12, 2012

The morning 9-12 local yokels have got to go. Marreeeeoooo and Mondo slapping themselves on the back all morning isn't cutting it compared to Thom Hartmann (sigh). What's with this David Cruz guy anyway? Who cares what Vanessa and he think? He sounds pompous and square. Please fix these two time slots, please. We need more liberal voices on the air, not the local Farm Film Report.
By: Friendly Phil on October 22, 2012

I miss Thom Hartmann VERY much and pray for his return from 9-12. No one can replace Thom! But, I do not understand all the critical comments about David Cruz. He did not replace Thom. I think Cruz is great! He is very fair and balanced and unfailing courteous to every caller regardless of their point of view. I listen to him daily and have never heard him talk about SEX so what is that comment all about? Moreover, I find it a pleasure just to hear him speak. His diction is perfect and a welcome relief from the sloppy English one hears today. He speaks beautiful English and Spanish and covers important local topics.
By: J. Sanders on November 7, 2012

Where is Norman Goldmann? Randy Rhoads? Thom Hartmann? What is this right wing bull clogging up the airways? This is disappointing and disgusting. I couldn't be more displeased with America than I am right now. Progressive radio is what fuels American progress. Bring it back!
By: L. Brower on November 13, 2012

What happened to the regular 9 - 12 program?
By: Jerry Hee on November 20, 2012

I guess "Diverse LA", with "our voice", was desperate again for yet ANOTHER host to fill it's 9am-12pm time slot. (Though I don't know why, as they have a few very good ones to pick from...Mario Solis-Marich, Johnny Wendell, Josefa Salinas....TRUE progessives) Because they chose "Mr. Cool Lawyer, Punk Rocker", Joe Escalante. (What a slap in the face to a very capable progressive, Mr. Kelley, sitting right next to him "co-hosting".) Mr. Escalante likes to push out how "laid back" he is, but in my opinion, he is nothing but a scared, repressed little "highly moral" Catholic boy. And yesterday, "Mr. Catholic Morality" had the egotistical, self-righteous attitude to "laugh off" the outrage of one very astute caller, inferring that the victory progressives celebrated in November was "anything but the grace of God". He also stated how "disrespectful" people were towards President Bush, while in office, along with other very repressed and skewed misperceptions. (I guess he doesn't realize that respect is something that needs to be earned by serving as a vehicle of truth, and not solely via a title. And that true respect can only come through the exposure of TRUE truth, using any means necessary.) Anyway, Mr. "Laid Back" Escalante, truly reflects his fear and repression with his very uni-dimensional opinions. You know Clear Channel can try and fool us all they want with labeling this time slot as still being "progressive" with jerks, such as Mr. Escalante. But when they insult us, with these hosts self-righteous "morality", their confusion is going too far. Because a person can push out how "cool" they are, because they're a lawyer and "punk rocker", all they want, but that in no way makes them an "expert" in God's grace or makes them "progressive". And by the way, since Mr. Escalante takes the attitude that he is that "expert", with his glib commentary, maybe he should go back to Catholic school and learn something about humility in the face of life. Because if what progressives accomplished with their combined will, against the enormous odds that we faced, wasn't the grace of God, then I don't know what is. :D Just the same, I am sure Mr. Escalante is "too cool" and "knowing" about humility too...... Kudos to Joe of Camarillo, emotional and frustrated, who called in and blew Mr. "Half" Mousey-voiced, "Mexican" a new a-hole, in spite of his frustration... :D
By: Seraphine Flores on December 6, 2012

P.S. In case you didn't get my sentiment Clear Channel, keep Mr. "Rabble Rouser", wannabe-a-real-judge*, "cool punk rocker", "diverse" Escalante off Diverse LA, and FINALLY PICK ONE TRULY progressive host.....because YOU will LOSE all your viewership eventually if you don't. *For those of you who don't know, Escalante ran for a superior court judge spot this year, thinking that if he got a Shepard Fairey poster made of himself (riding off of the Obama line), he could win.....But again, just because a person wants to tout themselves as "humanitarian" "semi" liberal, doesn't make you one....even if Escalante likes to see himself as being as "all cool" as that. And btw, he lost the judgeship......
By: Seraphine Flores on December 6, 2012

Thursday, December 13, 2012 9-12 spot showing their desperation yet again.....Mr. "Cool" weenie-voice on. Turned on some music instead. (When they put a true progressive in this spot, I might start listening again. Until then, this show is so *dead*....)
By: Seraphine Flores on December 13, 2012

If you don't realize what's happening, wait a little while. Portland, Seattle and SanFrancisco have all lost their Progressive Radio stations, meaning an alternate view to right wing conservative talk shows, that had full days line ups of "the other side". All are owned by Clear Channel. First it was covering "some" of it with sports. Now they are all Fox Sports Stations. NO stations in Oregon or Washington are now available on the "free air waves" for us to hear these people. Now just trying to piece together the talk show hosts here and there across the country. Thought I had found one in this, but now see the writing on this wall too.
By: Karen on January 15, 2013

KAREN, (THE PERSON THAT COMMENTED ON KTLK ON JANUARY 14) I don’t know about Portland and Seattle but San Francisco has a Progressive Radio station. It’s KNEW 960 AM that is owned by Clear Channel. KNEW has a strong signal from its transmitter at the approach to the Bay Bridge on the East Bay side that covers all of the Bay Area including San Jose to the south and Santa Rosa to the north. Its line-up includes Randi Rhodes, Bill Press, Stephanie Miller, Mike Malloy, and Thom Hartmann. They have streaming to smart phones and computers via If you want a radio station with a Progressive talk format it has to have enough people listening to it to make it profitable. Also, The Ronn Owens Show, long-time Progressive talk show, is still on mornings on KGO in San Francisco. Ronn has said Progressive talk radio has not been successful because not many people want to listen to a host that too often is obnoxious and yells at the callers but even more important than that there has to be a good portion of just plain old “entertainment” and not just in your face ideological purity.
By: Joe on January 16, 2013

I am really sorry to see that Phil Hendrie is gone. Really enjoyed his wit and characters.
By: Art LeBrun on January 16, 2013

Where's Phil Hendrie? Wheres Margaret? Original and unigue radio programming gone from KTLK. Very sad. Very sad.
By: Richard Thomas on January 17, 2013

When Clear Channel “booted” Tom Leykis, and replaced him with My Boss (Daryl F. Gates), that is when I had already had enough, and I began taking to the radio air waves. Daryl (RIP), did not last long, and now John & Ken have his time spot. 20 years later - After four years of FAILING in their No. 1 Objective - “ensure that Obama does not see a second term….,” The John Birch Society disguised as Tea Party Libertarians have been even more - hateful. However, even I, did not suspect that Clear Channel would get rid of radio stations around - the - country if President Barack Obama was re - elected. The “Obama - Hating” Bain Capital Clear Channel are replacing left -wing political talk radio stations with sports stations, after fomenting a civil war for the past four years on right - wing stations. : I leave You with this quote from me on a recent radio show in Washington, DC.: “Imagine a United States with every little tv station everywhere taking the same editorial line - a line dictated by David Duke. You too, would have a war in five years.“ (page 236 of the book “WAR AND ANTI-WAR”) Semper Fi, “Major Pain”
By: Major Pain on January 30, 2013

David Cruz' show is very informative and offers a balanced perspective on various local, national and international issues. He brings his professional journalistic experience to the table that further enhances the radio talk shows image and the listeners experience by emphasis on facts such as the who? what? why? and where? of a topic or current event. Also, Mr. Cruz is respectful, intelligent and a very articulate host with a great ability to speak in two languages. Change is good! Good to listen to a new perspective. Keep up the good work AM 1150!
By: Powell on February 23, 2013

Also, thank you Mr. Cruz, for the Type II Diabetes health information, sharing your personal family experience with this disease and directing your audience to useful resources that will help them take preventive measures in reducing their risk. These reminders are great reinforcements and illustrate your sincere concern on a familial as well as community level. Thank you.
By: Powell on February 23, 2013

KTLK has eliminated the Mike Malloy show on weekday evenings and replaced it with 4 hours of NBC Sports programming (Phil Hendrie is reduced to one hour from 2am to 3am). The only things worth listening to on KTLK are Bill Press, Stephanie Miller, and the island of Randi Rhodes from noon to 3. On the weekend all that remains is SoCal Live with Johnny Wendell on Sunday night from 8pm to 10pm. Apparently, they can't find any room for Ring of Fire (a no-brainer for weekend programmers) on either Saturday or Sunday. I understand that the addition of David Cruz at 3pm-6pm, which had replaced the ridiculously obscene Wall Street Journal's "Daily Wrap", was an attempt on Clear Channel's part to somehow counterbalance the overt racism of sister station (50K watt 24/7) KFI's John & Ken Show. While Cruz's "fair and balanced" local niche show is head and shoulders above the fascist news-porn of WJS's "Daily Wrap", it's more than a few shades beneath the knowledge and quality of Thom Hartmann, Ed Schultz, or Norman Goldman (an L.A. local). Still, I understand the need for local programming. The Huckleberry Hound of personal finance, Clark Howard, just has to go away. Jeez, how much more can we take? "Gosh, Clark, I have all this money to invest! Whatever shall I do?" To help render the entire evening a waste, and to make room for Cruz's newly added 4 hour, Clark's show has been pushed back to 7pm-10pm. For the evening's coup de grâce, though, KTLK nixed the ever awesome Mike Malloy in favor of 4 hours of torturous "NBC Sports" irrelevance and nonsense. If ever there was a WTF with KTLK this one is it. In summary, KTLK's weekly programming is like Texas: vast sections of wasteland peppered here and there with tiny islands of redemption.
By: Jim Spriggs on March 9, 2013

Who is the person on the air after Stephanie Milller? He is so biased and hateful. Stephanie, David Cruz, Randy Rhodes are awesome but, this 9:00 am person is fixated on Paula Deen and really hateful. He has jumped on the bandwagon about something that took place years ago. I hate racism but, I hate a witch hunt even more. Get him off the air. In fact bring back Tom Hartman.
By: susan on June 25, 2013

My radio couldn't move from KTLK, L.A. for years.You removed the brilliant Thom Hartmann and Mike Malloy and gave us Mo Kelley or EboniK or Mario Solis-Marich and David Cruz.or Elizabeth Espinosa. Just a waste of time and air. what happened to Tanya Hart? There are plenty of "News"sources for local information to be hashed and rehashed.You and Fox are reponsible for dumbing down Americans and we're dumb enough already.Now my radio goes on at noon and off at 3.I guess that's the way you like it. . .
By: Maxane on August 1, 2013

KTLK isn't making it anymore. Kelly or any of the others that are filling Thom Hartman's old spot are typical of what is wrong with radio. Angry, mindless, singular issue ranting, disguised as informative radio talk. It's nothing more than simple cultural rot, not unlike what we hear from conservative radio. Yes, Hartman was left, but his show encompassed all of the rainbow and the multiple issues that progressives face. I'll take Hartman's previous day's reruns prior to Randi Rhodes. Please!!!
By: R. Gerber on August 28, 2013

As an African foreigner, in the beginning I used to listing to the conservative radio for two years in Atlanta before I came to LA. I had no option, or wasn't introduce to a sound radio show. I never agreed with all what the conservative say, but I was shocked listing to some of their comments and was planning to work hard and go back to Africa as soon as possible before this country goes downhill and people lose their sanity. I came to LA and by chance I cam across Thom Hartman show. I felt this guy is educated and well informative and I started listening to Him almost everyday. I went to Ethiopia for vacation came back and could not find Thom Hartmann and I stopped listening to K talk. Now I listing to MPR, why don't they produce more education shows..and more sound people!
By: Elias Ali on September 6, 2013

In January KTLK 1150 will be conservative radio?! You guys won't be worth listening to...BYE!!
By: Rose on December 5, 2013

I cannot wait until they get rid of these mental midgets RANDI? Really? DAVID? Barf! I used to listen to KFI-No More! Bill Hendal way to liberal and stupid! I am tired of Progressive Liberal Lies and Propaganda Radio. Hopefully I can listen to 1150 after they get rid of the Liberal Retards that no one listens to.
By: Trayvon on December 5, 2013

Here comes Rush and Sean - lib-tards beware, you have nobody to listen to anymore. Radio Havana?
By: Drew Barryless on December 6, 2013

just heard thatnKTLK will be changing their line up to more conservative talk....I will not be tuning in to this. station's unfortunate that the businesses buy up everything and everybody and there isn't an equal amount of balanced talk's either conservative or it's not. this sucks.
By: nomorektlk on December 7, 2013

Well, it looks like the Wall Street Journal is over the head of most of your listeners. If that is the case, Rush Limbaugh will really blow their heads of. Adios! You can join the other 12 listeners and join Bill Press and his lefty buddies. Like most lefty radio hosts, they cannot compete. No ratings.
By: Dennis on December 7, 2013

KTLK figured it out. Twelve listeners does not make a radio show. No ratings, no advertising, no money. If they cannot get a subsidy like NPR, or take on a conservative that actually has ideas, you are out of business. Let the crying begin.
By: Dennis on December 7, 2013

Of course KTLK only had 12 listeners. That's exactly what Clear Channel wanted. At one time they had a good progressive lineup through most of the day. Then slowly began dismantling the station. To all you idiots claiming the media is run by liberals .....
By: Sad Tosee Itgo on December 10, 2013

Please tell me you are not going right wing. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? First Thom Hartman and now RANDI RHODES. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING??? Please stop your madness. Are you all a bunch of bigots too? I am so upset and disappointed in your programming director and you CEOs can rot in a trash heap. This Karma will be your undoing. Do something for the people and forget the corperations.
By: Patricia B. Taylor on December 13, 2013

I'll be listening to Randi on iHeartRadio. Chicken-hawk candy-ass pseudo "great American" Hannity taking her place on KTLK 1150? Your station just lost my ear.
By: Ron G. on December 17, 2013

Dear General Manager Mr. Ashlock, Not certain if you will be part of the “Patriot” formula change at KTLK but I’m really curious as to how Limbaugh, Hannity or Beck factor into being a flag-waver or compatriot yet sadly the term also covers xenophobe and chauvinist. definition = a person who loves and strongly supports or fights for his or her country. It was sad to listen to the ktlk advertising clap trap ramping up to the end of commonsense and rational debate on the people’s airwaves of Los Angeles, but, with this demise of truth and facts argued over opinions and outright lies, time has come to break away from clear channel and any stations lost to the controls of its clear agenda. Mr. Maurece Chessé An American, Californian and Angelino
By: Maurece on December 21, 2013

You really need to bring back Progressive Radio. Randi Rhodes has many many followers. I can't believe you are really going to replace a truthful, sane radio station with a bunch of lying right ring idiots!! ENOUGH ALREADY
By: Barbara on December 28, 2013

The repugnant Republican'ts are gearing up for 2014 in L.A. We HAD only ONE progressive talk radio station, KTLK AM 1150. First we lost Thom Hartmann, who was replaced by a parade of local hosts who initially talked about national and local politics, but digressed to talking about "karaoke cougars", the Kardashians and Tori Spellings' cheating spouse. That was just the beginning, tho.... Starting tomorrow, Randi Rhodes, Stephanie Miller, and Clark Howard (not political, but a great show) will be replaced by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Hannity. The ultimate insult is that the new station will be called "The Patriot." Hubby and I downloaded the free IHEART RADIO app so we can listen to our favorite talk shows. Buh-bye, KTLK... Sorry to see you go!!!! As for you Republicans thinking you're going to brainwash California, uh, good luck with that!!! I hope the station goes bankrupt!
By: Michele on December 30, 2013

Clear Channel does not care if nobody listens to their new lineup. They just want control of the airwaves. And they do NOT want to encourage progressive thinking. They would rather have 0 listeners than encourage any of us that think differently.
By: stopthe madness on December 31, 2013

Goodbye!!, KTLK
By: olympia hava on January 2, 2014

This is a sick joke. The Nazis are taking over. Please everybody, help stop this new propaganda radio, diguised as patriotism. I spit on your decietful station. Rot in hell.
By: Dan Chapman on January 2, 2014

I do believe that Clear Channel has Mitt Romney as one of its owners. It's amazing the progressive line up on 1150 KTLK lasted as long as it did. It seems pretty "clear" though that they are trying to shut down as many progressive voices as possible before the midterms and the 2016 election.
By: David on January 2, 2014

WTF...No Stephanie Miller??? I loved listening to her during my morning commute; your station was one of the few media outlets where I could hear an alternative to the extreme right wingnuts and now your lineup includes the hate-spewing Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck? I listened to the boring garbage you had on at 8 this morning and thought I was in a waking nightmare. Really, KLTK? Say goodbye to your listeners and your ratings.
By: Michele on January 3, 2014

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? "Liberal media"? Where is it? Rush, Hannity, and Beck are all delusional right-wing lunatic a-holes who couldn't find the truth or a fact if their lives depended on it! I'm not going to listen to any of your stations AT ALL until you bring back Stephanie Miller and Randi Rhodes. And for additional balance against the lying looney tunes, I suggest you also put on Thom Hartmann, Ed Schultz, and Mike Malloy. Yeah, I know you're scared that if we figure out what's what, we'll all vote "liberal" - well, watch out, you jerks, that's coming anyway, regardless of what you do with your damn radio stations. You lying sacks of crap; you know you cannot win legitimately, so you have to cheat. But I suggest you get on this progressive movement and ride it, because the hateful repulsive republicans are dying out (thank goodness), and the smart businesspeople will figure out how to make a profit and do the RIGHT (correct) thing!
By: Jane on January 3, 2014

I see all these comments complaining about no progressive radio and such witty and eloquent comments like 'You lying sacks of crap; you know you cannot win legitimately, so you have to cheat.' I have a suggestions, pool all your money and buy a radio station. Put on the icons of progressive thought. Better yet start your own group of stations...oh wait wasn't that called Air America? Perhaps radio is dominated by conservatives because other media like TV, Film, TV News, Newspapers are all dominated by progressives. The truth is, progressive radio does not work on a large scale syndicated basis. To quote one of our early presidents, 'Facts are stubborn things.' Until progressives find a liberal version of Rush Limbaugh, it will not work. My guess is there is no such person. Perhaps someday there will be but for now, if you absolutely need to hear progressive radio, try NPR.
By: Joseph on January 3, 2014

Horrified to hear Rush's hateful spewing on KTLK AM 1150 this morning and immediately changed the channel. To further read this entire radio station has gone with a full roster of RWNJs for 2014 and trying to label itself as "Patriot" is insane. I am confident you will do nothing but =LOSE= ratings in Los Angeles.
By: Chris on January 3, 2014

The last of the local progressive stations in Los Angeles is gone. It only took 15 years for the progressive radio market to be dismantled in L.A. That's why I have Sirius/XM. I saw the writing on the wall years ago when there were more advertisements than actual talk radio. Furthermore, great radio hosts were pushed out of the market and replaced with these so-called patriots who have never served and could never make it one day in boot camp. BTW, Randy served. However, one thing I do is listen to the stations for the advertisements for things I will choose NOT to purchase.
By: J. on January 3, 2014

You've finally done it. By dropping Stephanie Miller you've eliminated the last show worth listening to on KTLK. Putting David Cruz on was bad enough, but adding more right wing nuts in the morning is more than I can take. Goodbye KTLK!
By: Dave D. on January 3, 2014

Horrible decision, 1150 AM in Los Angeles. I will not even listen to the Kings on your airwaves now. Goodbye.
By: Pizza911 on January 3, 2014

Goes to show--(rightwing) money talks--on the radio waves. Corporate money would like to brainwash us all with Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, their faithful lapdogs. We don't need their propaganda here in California; we're doing great since we got our super-majority in both state houses and our blue governor. Blue works. Great suggestion above: shun all sponsors of the claptrap on 1150 AM.
By: Barbara on January 3, 2014

Wow, what a loss AM1150. You are now deleted.
By: Jim on January 3, 2014

OMG! I tuned into 1150 am yesterday and thought I was in an alternate universe. At first I thought Stephanie Miller was playing an audio clip from one of Rush's stupid rants from the day before, but then he didn't stop! He kept talking! I turned off the radio, totally confused. Later I tried to unsuccessfully tune into Randi Rhodes. I was so upset when Thom Hartmann was taken off the air, but I kept listening to Randi and Stephanie. Now I have absolutely no reason to tune into 1150 am anymore. I enjoy progressive talk radio and will switch to live streaming.
By: Jackie on January 5, 2014

Karen from about a year ago pegged it in her posting when she wrote the following: If you don't realize what's happening, wait a little while. Portland, Seattle and SanFrancisco have all lost their Progressive Radio stations, meaning an alternate view to right wing conservative talk shows, that had full days line ups of "the other side". All are owned by Clear Channel. First it was covering "some" of it with sports. Now they are all Fox Sports Stations. NO stations in Oregon or Washington are now available on the "free air waves" for us to hear these people. Now just trying to piece together the talk show hosts here and there across the country. Thought I had found one in this, but now see the writing on this wall too. By: Karen on January 14, 2013 PAY ATTENTION TO THE SPONSORS OF THESE SHOWS AND CHOOSE WISELY WHERE YOU SPEND YOUR MONEY. IT'S ALL ABOUT POLITICS AND MONEY NOW. Clear Channel, KTLK 1150 am in Los Angeles has chosen to hire liars, bigots, racists and an oxycontin abuser to spew their propaganda. My opinion and I am sticking with it until they show me something to the contrary.
By: J. on January 5, 2014

Hello 1150! Congratulations. You will have a lot more listeners now, with the intelligence to understand and appreciate your programming and the motivation to support your sponsors.
By: JJ on January 7, 2014

You can have your radio, and your conservatives radio hosts forever. I am out. And they are not going to win. Wait and see in November 2014. Everyone in the House is going to be out of business, like your radio. Hasta la vista, baby!
By: B.B on January 7, 2014

Bye Bye KTLK. Peace out. I will not listen anymore. I was a religious listener when you had Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartman and Rhandi Rhodes. My dial never moved. I turned on the station and heard Rush Limbaugh and almost choked. Now i won't even turn you on. These right wing hacks make me sick. HELLO EVERYONE!!!! Clear Channel, KTLK 1150 am in Los Angeles has chosen to hire liars, bigots, racists and an oxycontin abuser to spew their propaganda. I never thought i would see the day.
By: Susi Kaplan on January 7, 2014

By: randy hicks on January 9, 2014

What are you thinking? Rush, Hannity and Beck are all losers and liars spewing the most un-patriotic, uninformed and vile statements on the airwaves. They are either stupid, evil or both stupid and evil. Put the progressive, intelligent and truly patriotic people back now. I will not listen until you do and am writing to your sponsors telling them drop advertising for those idiots.
By: John Cannon on January 9, 2014

Sean Hannity and Rush? Seriously? Nothing left on AM for a person with a brain. Will never stop at 1150am again. So sad.
By: Curran Crockett on January 13, 2014

By: DAVID RAY on January 13, 2014

I will no longer listen to 1150 am radio. Complaining is not enough though time to speak with you wallet ,boycott businesses who advertise on this as well as 640 am radio. I have done this for years now I'll begin sending letters to these companies as well. Peace Rabble Rouser
By: Rabble Rouser on January 13, 2014

Rush Limbaugh? Sean Hannity? You've got to be kidding! KTLK is no longer a station I will listen to. Anyone out there know another progressive station? I guess it's NPR only for me from now on.
By: Barbara Harrison on January 14, 2014

I couldn't believe my ears when I got in my car and found this the station I have relied on for years to keep me informed about the issues is now gone. In its place is this terrible noise coming from the Right Wing Nuts that spew hatred, lies and treasonous BS. What a loss to our country. Progressive radio and television hosts are always held to a tougher standard than the right wing crazies. Too bad LA won't be hearing from the radio hosts any longer!
By: Georgia on January 15, 2014

The FCC better not mess with KEIB adding wattage to its power. We will march on Washington if they try to mess with us.
By: Kathy Cochran on January 21, 2014

well After searching the airwaves and internet I found out where Ranting (Randi Rhodes) is now I have to listen to her ((on the Internet)) instead of my car radio, Thanks Lot CC for ((taking over the LA airwaves)), I can't /won't listen to any Radio stations here in ((Los Angles)) even KFIAM640 BEEP-BEEP-BEEP- BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP (Muster tone)
By: Anonymous on January 30, 2014

Thank goodness I found Rush again. Now I just need help with moving Mt. Wilson so that I can CLEARLY hear the Real Clear channel 1170 am. In reading the previous comments it will be so nice to know that the nasty previous listeners will not have their evil ears anywhere near Limbaugh's voice.
By: Linda on February 18, 2014

The corporations and the filthy rich now own the Supreme Court, the Government and the airwaves; kiss your freedom goodbye. You now get to listen only to what the right wing wants you to hear, unless you can access alternative sources, through the web. I used to be a dedicated KTLK listener, but have never tuned it in since the change over to right wing hate talk.
By: Ron on April 16, 2014

Utterly ridiculous that CC removed a stellar line up, including my favorite Rhandi Rhoades! How lucky to be subjected, yet another right wing careless, clueless, over bearing, fact challenged propaganda. As if there weren't enough NEOCON, talking point spewing puppets in radio. Clear Channel has clearly become akin the Nazi Papers of the 21st century. Why are alternative voices silenced? Like someone said take the backwards hillbilly, Nazi inspired, rhetoric back to Hicktown, (Always in the red, asking for government subsidies, but crying Government is too big) Red State, USA. "Control of newspapers was put into the hands of Joseph Goebbels, the head of the Ministry of Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda. Goebbels set up a department within the ministry that dealt solely with newspapers. The newspapers had to spread the same message as everything else – Gleischaltung – the coordination of the whole of Nazi German society so that it acted and thought the same. Therefore people could only read the news as it was presented to them by the government."
By: Tuned Out on April 22, 2014

I stumbled across this site and all the unhappy "progressives" just saddened me. From what I have read here I believe now that you are all exactly what is wrong with our great country. Only your opinion is right and anyone else who thinks differently is a chauvinistic pig or a hate spewer or a racist or a bigot. I pray all of you learn to tolerate other peoples and their beliefs. This world would be a better place for our children if you could learn tolerance instead of just trashing anyone who thinks differently from yourselves. You all sound like selfish spoiled 6 year olds having tantrums in the store because mommy won't buy you everything you want. Progressive indeed, intolerant adolescents seems a more likely label. You have every right to believe what you think is right but so does the other side. Balance, harmony, tolerance. May we all find the true meaning and beauty of those words. -from a hate spewing conservative.
By: saddened reader on June 1, 2014

Back to say thank you clear channel. Since you changed the format of 1150 KTLK I was forced to find new programming. And did I ever - Madison in the morning, Maggie Linton, Sharpton, Mark Thompson, Thom Hartman, Armstrong Williams, Lou Hutton - All on SiriusXM btw. And not to forget Randi Rhodes online and others via podcasts etc. TALK RADIO is back and better than ever!!!
By: J on August 22, 2014

Why Glenn Beck? He is such an idiot I always end up turning him off! You have so many, why him?
By: Kim williams on December 9, 2016

What is wrong with this station? It is Wednesday around 9:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. The program on-air should be America Now with Buck Sexton. Instead, it is broadcasting sports. Someone needs to be fired for screwing up the programming.
By: KC on March 2, 2017

Where is my A and G I will not listen to Glen beck
By: Gilbert on October 16, 2017

Good morning, luv'in Patriot Radio, BUT, What happened to Armstrong & Getty in the morning? Glen Beck ISN't making it happen, his program is to SLOW, its also to early in the morning to hear a slow talker like him try to philosophize deep thoughts while driving in aggressive morning traffic!! I have instead, listen to Armstrong & Getty's podcasts and the Russ Limbaugh at 9 AM......i'm probably not the only listener that feels this way...oh and Ben Shapiro hit it out of the park last week when subbing for Beck, get him on instead of slow talking Beck on that time slot..... Thank you
By: Morning Listener on December 26, 2017

I read through the comments above, You nice folks at KEIB sure get a lot of PBS listeners type demographic coming over here to complain and harp about Your 'normal' lineup. Please keep up the good work and as the name says folks it's Patriot radio not Marxist radio manifesto .....cheers.
By: Steve on January 17, 2018

I really miss Armstrong & Getty. They are my go to morning radio and now they are gone. What happened? And yes, I would love to hear Ben Shapiro, Daily Wire on KEIB. That would be awesome!
By: Jeremy P on January 24, 2018

I really miss Armstrong & Getty. They are my go to morning radio and now they are gone. What happened? And yes, I would love to hear Ben Shapiro, Daily Wire on KEIB. That would be awesome! Now I have to hear them on the IHeart App KGO San Fran.
By: Carlos on March 3, 2018

Please bring back A&G... Poor old Glen Beck is low energy, not amusing and almost sends us into a coma...A&G, fun, energetic and what a body needs first thing in the morning... Keep up the good work...
By: Bazmon on March 8, 2019

All of these mass murderers want, need, and feed off the notoriety gained from their act, they hope to create a more heinous and spectacular crime than those sick bastards that preceded them, giving them the things they want most , their Name and picture in the press and on TV., Feeding their ego. In my opinion all the media attention is a primary motivating factor for them to try to make their crime bigger, better and more spectacular than the preceding atrocities. The news media in its frenzy to be first to publish as many lured details as possible, feeding into their compulsions by giving them, and those who follow them exactly what they crave attention. The media, print and TV, could remove most of that motivation by simply blacking out their pictures and referring to them only as SICK and DERANGED.
By: John Martin on August 6, 2019

2/12/20 Your station was hijacked at 5 am this morning. Still playing hip hop at 6:20 am. What happened?
By: Rick on February 19, 2020

Opps. I got the date wrong. It is 2/19/20 not 2/12. Sorry.
By: Rick on February 19, 2020

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