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550 KFYI


The Valley's Talk Station

City of License:
Phoenix, AZ


Phoenix, AZ

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iHeartMedia (Amfm Radio Licenses, L.l.c.)

4686 East Van Buren Street, Suite 300
Phoenix, AZ 85008


KFYI is an AM radio station broadcasting at 550 KHz. The station is licensed to Phoenix, AZ and is part of that radio market. The station broadcasts News/Talk programming and goes by the name "550 KFYI" on the air with the slogan "The Valley's Talk Station". KFYI is owned by iHeartMedia.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Barry and Michel, et all! You say that Americans are NOT the kind of people that would show the pics of OSAMA's death. MAYBE THAT'S WHY WE ARE ON THE RUN INSTEAD OF THE TERRORISTS BEING ON THE RUN? YA THINK? Only you two would fight a viscious war against a killer enemy, with rubber bullets! Gotta be nice, ya know! Please stop knocking REPUBLICAN hopefuls, like nasty comments about how rich Palin is getting! I know you're luke warm Republicans and you know what Jesus said about lukewarm! Remember Reagan's eleventh commandment!!! We should be trashing DEMOCRATS. Wonder why they have us on the defensive at all times by TRASHING Republicans!' For heaven's sake, you know how terrible you sound when you say what great Christians you are, and blatantly violate the commandment ..."Thou Shalt not take the name of the Lord in Vain? Violate it all you want...just don't talk about how great Christians you are! I dropped your crap months ago..came back to peek if management had a chat with you two who always seem to find the middle of the road in every discussion! NOPE> Bye forever!
By: Michael P Gabriel on May 19, 2011

It would have been nice if Clear Channel had changed the format of this station to a business channel and kept KOY's music format as it was. Clear Channel ruins everything they touch. The "sounds the same" formats they create and the lack of choice and variety available is reason enough to invest in Sirius radio, for one.
By: Larry Gowey on October 28, 2013

I like the shows, thanks.
By: Bill on December 17, 2015

Can any of your radio talk show people discuss the pending Senate Bill 1350. This is awaiting the signature of Doug Ducey and was proposed by debbie Lesko. The bill will allow any home owner to advertise nationally and internationally to rent out their home for 3 days. That means you could have transients living next to you under no laws like those required of hotels required of hotels. No fencing around pools, no health standards, no sprinklers, carrying no commercial insurance, etc. We cannot believe any of these Republicans would wants these transients next door to them for 3 days while the next group are on their way. I have contacted both Debbie Lesko and Doug Ducey to register my complaints. I asked Doug Ducey if he would want transients living 3 days at a time next to his home in Paradise Valley. Any one who owns a home knows what this kind of activity will do to the value of their home. I haven't heard anything on the news about this. Thank you Sharon
By: sharon Young on April 19, 2016

Racing home after work today 10/7/`6 and turned on your station (and NPR, and BBC and others) to eventually hear an actual KFYI commentator saying that Donald Trump's recent comments about grabbing pussy etc. is something ALL MEN talk about regarding women at some point. I can say, the men I know have NEVER said anything remotely this horrid/coarse about women. The men they know say they do NOT engage in this type of banter (although may have when they were stupid and 16 or 17 which Donald Trump was NOT at the time of this tape), but have learned better. I hope you fire that asshole commentator. What a piece of arrogant, white trash. If this is the 'norm' in his life, he has no right being on your station (or maybe he does). Who the hell endorses this type of 'chatter' about women? Yes, we have a long way to go with the 'trash' in this society of people who think this is ok, but to publicly say, 'EVERY GUY has said things like this- it's not big deal- this is reality- is not only insulting, pompous and ridiculous- it is an embarrassment to your station.". I will be unsubscribing/listening to KFYI and I heart radio. DIsgusting.
By: horrified on October 8, 2016

I recently found your station and now listen M-F your shows on Sun. are horrible, sorry but they are. Who was the guy who did the twisted Mickey Mouse impersonations ? It's driving me nuts, He and that gal were funny! Great stories and laughs. Where did he go? I think we all need a lil more laughter these days. Thank you.
By: Rob A. on November 14, 2017

The station needs to change it's tag line about "real news in real time". It's now Sunday night the 12th. We drove home from Sky Harbor 2 hours ago thru gale force winds, a mini haboob, torrential rain and what sounded like small hail. We had to pull over because of the dust and people again pulled over when the rain took the visibility down to 20 or 30 feet. There was debris on the 202, the 101 and all over the area north of Shea Boulevard up to Frank Lloyd Wright including several trees that were blocking lanes of traffic. During this weather event there was no mention of any weather activity on your alleged news station...nothing at all. The only mention of weather was a recorded forecast which was at least 12 hours old if not older. You might as well disband your local news operation such as it is if your local coverage during severe weather doesn't amount to more than this.
By: kerry schott on August 13, 2018

Where is Broomhead?
By: t strack on January 13, 2020

Where is he coming back? I hope so!
By: Darcy bishop on January 16, 2020

I hope Mike Russel is taking Broomheads permanent place. Broomhead is so full of himself I can't even listen to him anymore. Good ridance you hack.
By: lisa on January 18, 2020

Broomhead has just announced that he is going to KTAR. What a mistake. Been listening to KFYI since the 1980s and when it was 910 am. Good luck Mike but am staying with my old friend KFYI. Please offer Barry Young a boat load of money to see if he will come out of retirement.
By: Bob Jones on February 14, 2020

I think Broomhead made a mistake he can't take back by leaving KFYI.It seemed to be a fairly smooth operation that I enjoyed listening to every morning along with Rob Hunter warmup.I've tried listening to him at his new station but they want to be everything to everyone and it seems like he gets alot less on air time over there.So long,Mike... James T it is.
By: Scott on March 11, 2020

Your morning format between 5 - 6 am is horrible. The boring, prerecorded interviews starting around 5:35 every morning coul put a coffee addict to sleep. I've switched to KTAR
By: Kevin Brennan on April 9, 2020

James Harris has got to go. I have stopped listening to KFYI because of him. The yelling and the phony laughing are too much.
By: Jim Cohen on April 29, 2020

There seems to be a technical problem with our 550 KFYI station we listen to on our Echo device every morning and throughout the day. When the program begins, it cuts out in less than 10 seconds. Our Echo device says that KFYI is unavailable. Other radio stations play with no problems. Please help!
By: Kay Kraver on May 22, 2020

Is Dr Bob Martin's radio show not on KFYI any longer? I don't see it in the lineup.
By: Reva Anderson on September 6, 2020

My congratulations to Ms. Russell at Vanderbilt. My only question. Why has everyone forgotten Katie Hneiden at the University of Colorado? At least she actually made a field goal. And her father was a famous Doctor
By: Michael Ellison on December 13, 2020

Please add Dan Bongino to your line up.
By: Suzanne P. N. on April 6, 2021

Is Dan Bongino going to be in your line up? I sure hope so!! While there is no replacement for Rush, Bongino is the voice we need to continue Rush's legacy. Bongino gets it. Bongino is humble and will tell it like it is. PLEASE add Bongino!
By: Gary L on April 12, 2021

Please add Dan Bongino to your 10AM to 1:00 PM time slot.
By: Loren N. on April 30, 2021

I have listened to KFYI for decades. Art Bell was a regular for me as were Barry Young, Bob Mohan and of course who could forget G Gordon Liddy. In the begining, I had a hard time liking Rush. But here we are and I miss him terribly. I do appreciate you carrying his show but it's time to let go my friends. Please consider carrying Dan Bongino in Rush's time slot. He has some big shoes to fill, but I think he'll do. Thank you.
By: Don B. on May 11, 2021

What time slot will Dan Bongino have on KFYI? Tell J.T. Harris to knock of the STUPID phony laughter
By: Kenneth B. on May 11, 2021

I am strongly urging KFYI to carry The New Dan Bongino Show. I was a fan of Rush for 30 years and I miss his intelligence and wit greatly. But he is gone and it’s time to move on.
By: Mike L. on May 19, 2021

While we all miss Rush, please put Bongino on, as he is the replacement. Running re-runs of old broadcasts prevents the opportunity to hear discussions on current events.
By: Kay Gee on May 24, 2021

James T DOES NOT NEED A WING MAN. Hate this show since he added Producer Aaron. Yuk. It's been a year now, but can't stand Aaron. Sorry!
By: MRose on January 7, 2024

I am absolutely in love with Garret Lewis's style! He pulls no punches! What a breath of fresh air. To be honest, he comes across like President Trump, strong, knowledgeable, and funny. Please keep Garret forever! Love the A.M. show also. Hannity, not so much. Thank you.
By: Beaulah on June 18, 2024

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