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The Bay Area's New Country Music Leader

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San Jose, CA


San Jose, CA

Silicon Valley Asian Media Group LLC

KSJO is an FM radio station broadcasting at 92.3 MHz. The station is licensed to San Jose, CA and is part of that radio market. The station broadcasts Country music programming and goes by the name "Nash FM 92.3" on the air with the slogan "The Bay Area's New Country Music Leader".

In March 2011 the sale of KSJO 92.3 from Clear Channel to Principle Broadcasting Network was finalized and the station shifted formats and branding from mainstream alternative rock as "Channel 92.3" to deeper alternative format featuring alternative from different genres as "Save Alternative".
After a few weeks the alternative format was dropped and replaced with Chinese music. The alternative format moved to KCNL 104.9 HD2 channel as well as on the main 104.9 signal during the weekends.
Former top played artist on Channel 92.3 include Muse, Pearl Jam, Green Day, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Mumford & Sons, Kings Of Leon, The Black Keys, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Linkin Park.
In April 2014 the station was sold to Cumulus and in May switch to country music as Nash FM.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

I will miss the mainstream alternative rock format of Channel 92.3 now that the new owners of the station have taken the station a different direction. However, I also like the new format of the station as well and it will be interesting to see where they take this "Save Alternative" station.
By: John on March 7, 2011

Love, love the new format! Finally a REAL alternative station in the Bay Area that reminds me of college indie radio with lots of great indie/alt artists. And no commercials! Save Alternative, stay alternative!
By: Betty on March 11, 2011

Y'know, it would be great if this station had any personality to speak of. The music's fine, I guess, but the DJs (what DJs?) are hardly adding any soul to Save Alternative. All I'm hearing is an automated autotune-esque message reminding the listener what station they're on. They don't even tell you what song you're listening to. What I liked about the "Channel 92.3, The Alternative" was that the DJs had a sense of humor and interacted heavily with their audience, and had funny taglines like "New music smells like new shoes--and sounds even better!" and "Here's another song that DOESN'T S*CK." Long story short, unless this station gets its act together, it's gonna s*ck.
By: Ruth on March 12, 2011

I think the new format sucks. I wanted an alternative station as an alternative to 105.3, but now I find myself without choices and having to go back to 105.3. I liked the old format and the old djs. I also don't like a lot of the music they play now. Oh well...
By: Mary on March 13, 2011

Absolutely fantastic...I love what you guys are doing. Thanks for finding some very cool music that I hadn't heard in awhile, and also playing more current tracks...great balance...fantastic selection...very nice! But, does alternative need to be saved? That's my question. There's always been an up and down to it...ever since the earliest days.
By: David on March 14, 2011

I like the new new format. It's almost a copy of my Pandora account. I don't know how your gonna make money? Good luck.
By: Brent on March 16, 2011

What happened? I was really enjoying the music. I agree with Brent, it sounded a lot like my Pandora account. It was "save alternative" on my way to work and by the time I came home it had obviously become another radio station.
By: Anne on March 16, 2011

I love the new format. The music is soooo much better and the music is what I want to hear, not stuff like the vomitus lady bird crap. But today I go to 92.3 and it's some asian stuff? I swear, I haven't taken drugs. What's going on???
By: darlene mezack on March 17, 2011

Apparently, 92.3 (KSJO) was bought out and is now a Chinese Pop Music station. The last few weeks, which have had some of the best music on the radio, have been the transition period in which the station has been functioning with little to no airstaff, because everyone was let go.
By: Daniel Oliver on March 17, 2011

Didn't know the station was in transition for sale and than once the sale was finalized that the FORMAT would change as well as the STYLE of alternative rock being played. Actually, the STYLE is about the same,better in many ways, different sounds from a variation of genres. Sure there are many of us that miss the old familiar format but we listeners are resilient in our ability to adjust and with change comes movement.I like the S-ALT logo. I like it big time.Right on Save alternative, I'm sticking with you.Show us what you can do!!!
By: Richard Valles on March 17, 2011

ATTENTION RADIO EXECS: Their is a market for another "The Channel". I miss "The Channel", this Chinese Pop SUCKS! well, I should add that it would be better if I understood it. Knowing some of SJ's demographics, I can see why would air on that side. Much luck!
By: George Ramirez on March 17, 2011

Thank you for ruining a perfectly good station with your Chinese music @@@@. I hope this is a loosing investment for you.
By: Maria Guerrero on March 18, 2011

Darn it....loved your Chinese...really?
By: KAL on March 18, 2011

I have to listen to 105.3 now. that sucks. How does save alternative meet my needs while I am driving. I think I am turning chinese, I really think so.
By: Seriously on March 18, 2011

I loved the new alternative format but wish you'd kept the local DJ's - they were good and our people need local jobs! Now, the music is just awful.
By: Annie on March 18, 2011

I was so excited when KSJO finally came back on the air a few years back, before then it was a mexican radio station. And now it's some asian pop station! What the hell is going on?! Maybe KSJO can make yet another come back???
By: Derrick on March 19, 2011

What is this foreign language bulls__t?? This isn't China or Mexico and KSJO needs to bring back the "save alternative" format. It was awesome. Better than anything else on commercial radio.
By: Steve on March 19, 2011

This is aweful!!! My favorite station gone!!!
By: Judith on March 21, 2011

I love the old KSJO's alternative rock format too and really hate to see it go. Please be clear that it is the station management's decision to go with Chinese pop format sucks, not the Chinese pop itself. There is clearly a demand for alternative rock station in the area. And to people in the other parts of the world who did not grow up listening to American rock music, American rock sucks. Be fair, people.
By: Johnny Fernandez on March 21, 2011

The last year or so of alternative was awesome, as it was before the brief Hispanic stint! The last few weeks were hit and miss but now, Chinese? Big bummer for us! Back to Live 105 and CDs I guess.
By: Radiohead on March 21, 2011

What a way to make a statement!! The chinese want to show their dominence by taking over a alternative rock station and replacing the music with stuff that is close to incomprehensible!!! why!only a sadist will have such ideas. I hope you are getting your kicks off this act and snicker yourself all the way "to you know where".
By: Samsonov on March 22, 2011

Welcome to the Bay Area, people, where hispanics and asians rule. Ever see who works at the post office? The same. Try to remember the last white person you saw in a government position today lol. Near me, Asian supermarkets and stores are the rule, not the exception.
By: Sand on March 22, 2011

Nuke china. The hundreds of mushroom clouds would make for such pretty sunsets here on this side of the Pacfic.
By: butt on March 23, 2011

So a little personal attack on your precious music brings the nuking, losing investment, and post-office hate along with the racism, huh? And your solution is to bring more Linkin Park Live 105? Don't get me wrong, I miss me a lil' KSJO, Channel 92.3 and Save Altenative (SALT), and I hope they show up on another channel (someone said 104.9?). I actually loved SALT's idea of becoming thee place to hear great local music. However that doesn't give us a reason to blame and stereotype the whole Chinese population on what seems to be the 97.3/94.9 of asian music. Hey I hate this music too, with a passion, but i'm not going all racial about it.
By: wow on March 23, 2011

When I first heard 'oriental' stuff on 92.3, at first I thought they were playing Japanese music and I thought "how cool" in light of the tradegy in Japan and an audio tribute to the country and how the Japanese have acted so self-lessly - a model that everyone should live by. Then I start hearing Chinese ... I turn off, go back later - more damn Chinese. The next day *more damn Chinese*. Owners of KSJO ... what the hell?? Bring back some real music or at least put Japanese music on for the above reason. The way 92.3 currently is I'd be happy for it to be wiped off the face of the planet.
By: Rob Jones on March 24, 2011

I swear 92.3's programming was on point and quickly became this years top radio station...until one morning on the road. WTF!!! Chinese PoP? Bring back what you had please!!! You guys were on the right track and my peers agree...there was a growing number of people realizing how amazing this thing was. It was better than Live 105 and many others. What the hell are you guys doing? Please get back to what you had... and I think it's safe to say that there are many out there that agree!!!
By: Pencil Box on March 24, 2011

New alternative format was awesome. What you've done having gone to Chinese POP is an abomination.
By: elle on March 25, 2011

Bought out huh? This country is going to hell. Back in the day when people immegrated they learned ENGLISH. Quit being so afraid to be offensive and stand up for your land and country. You know how squatters can end up owning the house if nobody says anything? That's what going on for the whold dam country. It's in our mentality to give everything away. Quit whining your inactions have brougt this.
By: Chaldon on March 26, 2011

I was so excited when it became "save alternative"....playing music that really don't get much radio time was like a vacation for my ears. I like 105, but they play the same stuff over and over and over. 92.3 was only a little better, and I loved the fact they didn't have morning talk shows, and I thought maybe the new "save alternative" was going to stick around. Alas, one afternoon i turned it on and it was playing Chinese pop. I thought they were introducing world music..but it was just Chinese pop after Chinese pop. And it wasn't even good Chinese Pop! It was bland bad Chinese Pop with forgettable melodies, and wispy airy voices that made me want to rip my Chinese ears off my Chinese head. Please please bring Alternative music back. Even the classical music station is gone. Being that this is the Bay Area...this is beyond sad. Back to the ipod.
By: Ginger on March 26, 2011

On march 17th, i posted my comment(please read) about the sale of alternative 92.3 to become save alternative or S-ALT and in that commentary i suggested that listeners were resilient, that a change could even be a challenge but i see that all listeners as well as the radio waves were deceived. I am 59 years old and I must say for a Hispanic born in San Jose, My blood runs red, white and blue. I'm as white as the next guy so I love rock,and I made it a point to let go of the rock i grew up on and switched to Alternative to see what the young was into. I got hooked! Now,I'm seriously going through withdrawals,depression. I guess i just have to buy an i pod. MAN,KSJO 92.3 ALTERNATIVE ROCK WAS FREE,JUST LIKE AMERICA.
By: richard valles on March 26, 2011

:D Wow i just recently tuned in to your station and I can't believe there is finally a chinese music station! Then I come online and find all this hate. XP Oh well. I'm sorry your station had to go, but this is the only chinese music station i can find on the radio, and 92.3 is the only station I will now tune in to. :)
By: linda on March 29, 2011

omg. Im sooo sad they took away my fav station. I loved the ch 92.3, didnt really like the save alternative. It was boring. And i absolutely hate the chinese music. Why??? I want the original ch 92.3 back !!! I miss it so much. There's no good radio station in the bay area anymore. Sucks so bad. Why so many pop and hip hop and no alternative??? Not fair :( im really dissapointed.
By: Selene on April 21, 2011

I love this station! It is the only Chinese radio station that I can find and although most of the stuff is in cantonese, there is this story time that comes on in mandarin around 8PM everyday that I just love!! I am learning mandarin and this story time is very nice and helpful! Sorry for those who lost their stupid radio station CHINESE IS AWSOME :)!!
By: Janet on April 30, 2011

do anyone knows the name of the songs in Japanese? it's so hard to find information on those songs since I don't know Japanese
By: Jerry on May 27, 2011

Okay, I'm not white, but alt. rock is my favorite music genre, so when I found Channel 92.3 last October it was like a godsend--it was a healthy mix of mainstream modern rock with new alternative/indie tracks thrown in. I was a little traumatized when the format was replaced with Save Alternative, mostly because the DJs I'd come to love had all been sacked, only to be replaced with an automated message that took all the warmth and humanity out of radio. Little did I know it was just a buffer for the installation of ethnic pop. I know the Bay Area is made of several highly diverse communities, but as far as I know, the generation of Chinese people in the SF Bay Area are right in the bracket of "Too Old for Pop Rock and Drum Machines" and "Too Young to Care About Cantonese/Mandarin." And yet C-Pop enters the picture at the expense of a rock radio format that actually catered to and interacted with its fans. ...Why? There were several empty frequencies on the radio--why did they have to sack the last good alternative station? And where's that petition to bring back Channel?
By: Elfonzo on October 8, 2011

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