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Newsradio Orlando WFLA


Orlando's News, Weather,Traffic

City of License:
Pine Hills, FL


Orlando, FL

Web site:

Live Stream:

iHeartMedia (Clear Channel Broadcasting Licenses, Inc.)

2500 Maitland Center Pkwy Ste 401
Maitland, FL 32751

866-916-5400, 407-916-5400

WFLF is an AM radio station broadcasting at 540 KHz. The station is licensed to Pine Hills, FL and is part of the Orlando, FL radio market. The station broadcasts News/Talk programming and goes by the name "Newsradio Orlando WFLA" on the air with the slogan "Orlando's News, Weather,Traffic". WFLF is owned by iHeartMedia.

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Co-Owned Radio Stations in Orlando, FL

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Listener Comments and Reviews

On Saturday the traffic update was read by a female and she stated "John Young Prky is having an issue" what the hell does that mean, a woman having a baby, a 12 year old on a bike hit by a taxi, a wreck, a shootout? She did not give a cross street and JYP is a long road. People that use "issue" is either trying to sound more intelligent or a leftie. Who, what where, when, how basic "J" school stuff.
By: bojoklo on February 26, 2014

I heard an ad for Orlando Kia which I find patently offensive and unsuitable for broadcast. The ad was using the work freaking in place of the F word. I can't/won't listen to your station as I have young children who I don't want exposed to this type of trash. You've lost me as a listener and probably many others who won't take the time to write.
By: Stephen Stankiewicz on May 7, 2014

I'm looking for the mechanics company that advertises on Saturday. I can't remember the name/phone number. Can you help? Thanks in advance.
By: Judy on July 23, 2014

i have listened to your station thru out the nite on my c.crane Wi-Fi radio. Some time ago something changed and I no longer am able to receive you. I live in Davenport so can't recieve recieve you with a normal radio. I currently get the programming from WOKU. Is there anything I can do to get your station?
By: JosephRupsch on October 4, 2014

Since before Christmas 2014 I encountered severe static on AM540. I could not hear the Budman. I have been listening to him for years. I went to 102.5 FM but the program was entirely different than AM540. What can I do to get AM 540 like I used to. I miss listening to the station. I live in Leesburg Florida. Please respond!
By: Pat Rossiello on February 1, 2015

I listen to my local station AM 540 , WGOP Pocomoke City, MD. This is usually after 11pm all thru the night. All music. Several years ago I heard voices mixed in with the music. As I repositioned my radio I detected WFLA Orlando. I was quite surprised. It only happens once in awhile, depending upon weather conditions etc. I am located close to 1000 miles from Orlando, on the Delmarva Peninsula between Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean. I was stationed at Sanford, Florida when I was in the Navy in 57-58. Bill Culver
By: William Culver on February 19, 2015

I tuned in to listen to the Gator basketball game against Kentucky on 3/13/15, only to find talk radio insted of the game. I tried to tune in the game on the radio 740, but cant get it clear. I'm very disappointed that I cant listen to the game. I cant listen on line as my work wont allow streaming radio. If you're supposed to carry the games, the do so every game!
By: JAN MAURER on March 13, 2015

6am...Easter 2015. 540 AM I tuned in and heard news at 7 S and woman with news of Boston found duffle bag with body parts. Clear ID WFLA followed by medical sales program. Local 540 AM started at 615 am blocking signal. I am in connecticut.
By: Dan Crowley W1STP on April 5, 2015

Fewer Bustamonte promos until their Visas are verified, please! This area is beseiged by these people who take on Italian and Irish names and buy time ongood American shows. Where is their even one "realty" For Sale sign with Bustamonte's name?? Loveland is another example of this possible chicanery. Enough of these fly-by-nighters . Also, Dave, the financial whiz, needs to just go away!!!
By: Listener on April 26, 2015

What happened to Bill Cunningham on Sunday night? It's like the former Soviet Union where he is now a non-person and is wiped clean from the books!!
By: Paul Keresztes on October 25, 2015

What happened to Coast to Coast at 10:00 PM on 540 WFLA Orlando? I noticed it was replaced for this time slot with a financial planning program. Also, you took Michael Savage off the air some time ago…What disappointments. I don’t care what your excuses are, I’m looking for another talk radio station.
By: Answer Mann on December 12, 2015

Looking for www.saleswetandforget as advertised on WFLA AM 540 out or Orlando on the Tom MCowen yard show. tTom Mcowen advertised a free trial of Wet and Forget Little Miss Muffet's Revenge for spider control. This web site does not appear to be accessible as advertised on the AM 540 WFLA - Orlando. Why?
By: Answer Mann on December 12, 2015

Dave Ramsey's show is the most repetitive, boring show on radio; seriously I change stations as soon as I hear Dave's voice. What a breath of fresh air it would be to have a show that wasn't political, sports or Dave Ramsey.
By: John on March 28, 2016

Airline - Yield Management Program - allows for over booking of space to maximize revenue. Thus over sold flights face reassignment of passengers once the plane is full. Exception: Planes are owned by the airline. Crews are employed by the airline. The federal Government regulates employee usage through the Code of Federal Regulations, Hours of Service laws. These laws regulate hours worked, hours of rest, dead heading, etc.. Example: employee headquartered in Orlando marks off sick at 8 AM and scheduled for a 2 PM flight. A relief employee is used to fill this position leaving that employee 6 AM the next day open. By union agreement the next qualified employee must be dead headed from his sign up position to Orlando to cover the open position and because of the hours of service law he must have 8 hours rest before going on duty. The responsibility of the airline is to operate all service daily or face fines. Accommodate the most passengers possible but not an individual passenger. .
By: Paul on April 15, 2017

I just moved to Clermont from Tampa. I listen to Rush Limbaugh and found him on your WFLF. What surprised me is that 540am and 102.5 fm call themselves WFLA. How can they? They are licensed as WFLF. I listened to WFLA 970 in Tampa for years. How can 540 and 102.5 call themselves WFLA when they are assigned WFLF? Every time I hear 540 and 102.5 call themselves WFLA, it angers me because first of all, they are NOT WFLA, they are WFLF, and second, in my opinion, they are a far inferior sounding station compared to the Tampa programming and personnel of 970.
By: Charles Sacco on May 1, 2017

How long is "one moment"? Better yet, when Bud Hedinger tells you something will happen in a moment, and then he says, within THAT moment, to wait another moment, doesn't add any credence to his ability to recognize the value of time. In fact, this morning, Bud said he will talk about Eric Bolling in 10 minutes. He proceeds to tell us how important time is and being punctual and then we don't hear about Bollings for 16 minutes! In my opinion, that's incredibly disrespectful and a sign of stupidity.
By: mike on August 7, 2017

I live in Titusville and listen to your station a lot. AM 540 is weak here and 102.5 is so close to 102.7 that I can barely get it. I listen with my computer when I am at home. It would be better if I could use the radio at home and in my car.
By: T W Merrill on August 11, 2017

would love to hear Jim Bohanen instead of Clyde Lewis in the 10 to 1a.m. time cause Mr. Lewis is constantly negative and depressed!
By: marlene robinson on August 18, 2017

I see fat boy left town. What a log of carp he put out about the storm. His dope man must have left tosn.
By: DC on September 9, 2017

We love clyde lewis yes you took off michael so leave clyde please
By: Esther on September 15, 2017

Enjoy Bud. Don’t agree with him too much, but he is a local voice. Did a bang up job during Irma. Wish more locally originating programming throughout the day would be broadcast. Hate Rush Bingbang.
By: Clee Torres on September 30, 2017

There is a show with 2 hosts named Sherry and Rob J. They talked: sports, politics, health and travel. What is the name of the show and the schedule. Please and thank you.
By: ALEX L on October 11, 2017

I listened to RushLimbaugh yesterday2/7/18 and listen to another political analyst after Rush..Can you give me name please..thank you.
By: Patricia A Dreblow on February 9, 2018

This is for the Bud Hettinger show. Comments below are from the Denver Post, 3/5/18 about a school in CO that has armed teachers in the classroom and have had parents transfer their students to the school because they feel their kids will be safer there. Following are excerpts from the article. This is the third school year Bennett, a rural district about 40 miles east of Denver, has allowed interested teachers and staff to conceal carry on campuses. Worried that the district’s rural setting would prevent fast police response in the event of a shooting, people in 2012 broached the idea of bringing more guns into Bennett’s schools. “We wanted people in the building to take out any threats,” said Bennett schools chief financial officer Keith Yach, who also heads up school security. Participants need to have a concealed-carry permit and be physically able to carry out the training and procedures, Yach said. Those who are interested undergo psychological evaluations similar to those given to police department recruits. Initial training, which lasts 32 hours, includes active-shooting response, firearms training and medical treatment. Participants need to be 100 percent accurate in their shooting test to pass. “If you miss, it’s a year before you can qualify again,” Yach said. Staffers who carry guns must requalify each year. Yach wouldn’t say how many people are armed on the district’s campus. The anonymous, armed group gets together one or two weekends a month to practice drills. Yach brought his children to Bennett from a neighboring district because he thought they were safer where “a good guy with a gun could stop a bad guy.” He said he’s not the only parent switching districts in favor of the armed school staff. “It was our fear when we did this that we might lose enrollment, but I think we’ve gained some enrollment from doing this,” Yach said. Bennett Superintendent Robin Purdy doesn’t know how students feel about knowing their teacher might be carrying a firearm, but she said parents and teachers are often relieved that someone is ready if tragedy strikes. “It’s sad that this is what it’s come to,” Yach said. “But I’m glad our board of education went this route so we have this extra piece of security.”
By: Larry Kaappel on March 5, 2018

As a VERY long time listener to WFLA.... Why in God's name did WFLA switch frequencies from 102.5 to 93.1, resulting in the loss of FM signal to the Longwood/Lake Mary area? When WFLA was broadcasting on 102.5, it certainly wasn't the strongest FM signal, but at least I could pick it up in our cars so I could listen to it up to Lake Mary. Now - for all practical purposes, you are OFF FM in the Longwood/North Altamonte Springs area. I've had to revert to AM540 to listen to you, and that signal isn't that powerful, either. I know (from frequent experiences) that the power of WFLA’s signal is directed south, so far that I sometimes could pick up the signal on car radio as far as West Palm Beach. But did someone really intend to wipe out your FM signal in southern SEMINOLE COUNTY? If so, that’s a HORRIBLE marketing move! I don't know why the station’s engineers and station management thought this one through, but I'd love to hear their reasoning! BTW – I tried several times to leave this message to the WFLA program director on the WFLA website, but it just sat there, won’t submit. I guess they just don't care!
By: C Morris on November 10, 2018

Really disappointed that I answered the question for the "Sound Advice" contest on 11/21/19 and never heard from anyone on how to pick-up my prize (4 tix to Holy Tacomole). After I was announced the "winner" I stayed on the line, spoke with Melissa Fox for a few minutes. She confirmed my name, birth date, phone number and address. Then, she said I would be on a "list" which makes things easier but that she would text me all the information I needed to know. I haven't heard back and the event is tomorrow (11/23/19) from noon - 6PM. I tried to call the show line this morning (11/22) just after 6AM and the phone just rang and rang with no answer. I sent a text in the evening on 11/21 and again in the morning on 11/22. No reply. It's not like I won some super valuable thing. Tix are only $10.00/ea. for this little event. The thing is, I gave up my time to call in, to hold on the line, to call and to text and it's just not professional to not follow through on the promotion. My wife, my 15YO daughter, my 19YO son and myself were going to use these tix as an excuse to hang out and drive in to Orlando from the Cocoa area. Everyone was kind of excited about the situation. Now... not so much. I love Bud, Mike, Alan and Melissa, but you guys have to do better on your follow-through with stuff like this. Thank you,
By: Tom Bradford on November 22, 2019

BUD...It's time to make a few changes, afterall, we live in the center of MOVIE production and MUSIC, as well. Please consider a few wonderful ideas to add to your ratings, nationwide.
By: Kristen on April 1, 2021

I woke Sunday morning and read two very disturbing news stories. The first story referenced Maxine Waters urging anti-police crowds to become more confrontational. If I read between the lines that means more violent. Why doesn't someone with common sense accuse her with inciting a riot. It worked against Trump. Secondly there was a story of a Theology Professor writing a prayer in which she asks for God's help to hate white people. Mercer University really needs to take actions against this individual. I will leave it at that. Thank you.
By: Kevin F. on April 18, 2021

OMG where is Clyde Lewis and Ground Zero? A must listen when I'm on the night shift. Ughhhhh.. Put him back please!
By: Wallace on January 22, 2022

What happened to Bud Hettinger
By: Justin G on April 25, 2022

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