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WKCX 89.1 FM

City of License:
Crittenden, KY

Somerset Educational Broadcasting Foundation

WKCX is an FM non-commercial radio station broadcasting at 89.1 MHz. The station is licensed to Crittenden, KY.

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WKCX-FM Coverage Map

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Listener Comments and Reviews

WKCX 89.1 FM You are now blowing away our favourite radio station WOBO 88.7 FM and we have been advised to contact you by the FCC. Thank you Graeme Houghton
By: Graeme Houghton on April 1, 2011

A friend who listens to your station called and said you were looking to buy vinyl records. I have quite a few lps and 45s if interested.
By: Peg M on January 1, 2018

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Bluegrass Market at Burlington Debuts at the Boone County Fairgrounds in Historic Burlington, Kentucky Offering a Family-Friendly, Open-Air Market featuring regional artist and handcrafters. The Bluegrass Market’s Grand Opening weekend, June 23 - 24 Burlington, Kentucky – May 1, 2018 June 23 & 24 will be the debut in a three weekend arts and crafts fair at the Boone County Fairgrounds in historic Burlington, Kentucky. With over 50 unique artists, crafters and food vendors from across the area, this event is going to be their first of its kind in the Northern Kentucky area. Janet Koszycki states that she has a dream to bring families in the region to both attend and have a role in an event that showcases artists and crafters from Kentucky and beyond. An accomplished artist herself, she has an appreciation for the arts, the people of Kentucky and its beautiful landscape. Janet has organized an event that folks will be able to enjoy year after year, all while benefiting Veterans and The Kentucky Equine Humane Center. The Bluegrass Market hosts entertainment for the whole family, including live music from the McIntyre Bluegrass Trio and the Kentucky 4H Equestrian Elite Drill Team who performed in the Presidential Inaugural Parade. A one-stop event for finding unique one-of-a kind creations and merchandise from talented artists and crafters. Delicious food offerings. Meet and greet with the horses, pony rides and the Boone County Animal Shelter will also be at the Market on Saturday with their, “Adoption Waggin.” Hours for the debut event are Saturday, 10am – 5pm and Sunday, 10am – 4pm. Free parking, admission at the gate is $5 per person, Veterans & Seniors, $4 and kids 12 and under free.
By: Laurie Howard on June 15, 2018

Freedom From Overweight “Lose It Like You Can Live It Plan” (Note: Your Radio Station & Freedom From Overweight Program have No Legal or Financial Obligations with each other.) “Lose It Like You Live It Plan” is open to anyone who would benefit from losing and/or managing weight and improving health. Because viewers and family members have so many obligations during and after work and or school hours, I believe the best type of meeting is the weekly “Live Webinar Weekly Meeting”. With “Live Webinar Weekly Meeting” there is a Free Lifetime Membership Program, that’s right, the program is available to all staff and their family members (18 years of age and older) for “FREE” I will never ask for any financial information. Now, let’s talk about the plan. It will be a simple calories-based plan. “NO FOODS WILL BE CONSIDERED EVIL OR FATTENING!” The live weekly webinar meeting(s) will be held and automatically stored on my internet channel that you will be able to view if you missed the live webinar meetings or for repeated viewings. I will also have a videotaped informational webinar on basic topics such as how to fill out the “Tracker” and how to use the “Supplementary Food and Restaurants Lists.” To Sign up or for any additional questions or concerns: (513) 430-5071 Taught at Walnut Hills High School and was also Varsity Tennis Coach for the Boys and Girls teams and was named Coach of the Year for two years by the Cincinnati Enquirer. Has lost over 100 lbs. and has maintained the loss for over twenty years. Harry was a fulltime Weight Watchers Leader for over 15 years. During his employment with Weight Watchers he had over 500,000-member contacts. Led more meetings than any other leader, assisted more members to lose their weight to reach a healthy goal weight, assisted more members to lose one hundred pounds or more. Harry is also the “National Spokesperson” for the American Heart Association “Heart of Diabetes Campaign.” Harry created and led workshops for Motivation, Relationships and Dating during the last 15 years. Has been featured in Cincinnati Magazine where they called him the “New You Guru” and have also been featured in a national health magazine and in the Cincinnati Enquirer several times. Has also been interviewed by two of the local television stations. Please email with any additional questions or concerns at: (513) 430-5071 and/or, Mission Statement: My job is to help you make Losing and Maintaining your Weight, “AS Easy And Enjoyable As Possible!” Why “AS Easy And Enjoyable As Possible!” Because I have never quit any lifestyle changes that I made “AS Easy And Enjoyable As Possible!” But I have quit all lifestyle changes that were “Hard and Not Enjoyable,” because, I didn’t make it “AS Easy And Enjoyable As Possible!” Benefits for having a Weight Management and Motivation Programs • No cost for your listeners and family members that are18 years of age and older to participate in the program • Lower health costs due to fewer doctor visits with fewer tests to treat illnesses and, therefore, less need for medicine • Less sick days • Better self-esteem • More energy to enjoy preparing and planning their work and leisure time • Time & Convenience-no additional stop on the way home from work/school • Being able to view any webinar meeting when unable to attend the live webinar meeting Concerns Regarding Participating In A “Live Webinar Video Meeting” Concern: Don’t like the way a look in videos! Answer: Not a problem you never have to be seen in the “Live Webinar Video Meeting,” you can still watched the “Live Webinar Video Meeting,” with these two choices, one turn your camera off and/or two placed a “Post A Note” over the camera lens. I’m the only person that has to be seen on Camera everyone else it’s their choice. Concern: Don’t like the way a sound in videos or on audio tape! Answer: Not a problem you never have to be heard on the “Live Webinar Video Meeting,” you can still watched the “Live Webinar Video Meeting,” and never have to talk during the live broadcast. I’m the only person that has to be heard on Camera with everyone else it’s their choice. Concern: If I don’t want to be seen or heard on the “Live Webinar Video Meeting,” what if I have a question or what to share my thoughts or experiences? Answer: Not a problem, if you never want to be seen or heard in the “Live Webinar Video Meeting,” you can always send me an email before or during the webinar. Concern: Don’t want anyone to know who I am! Answer: Not a problem, you can always have a “Screen Name,” that only you and I know who it is. Concern: I don’t know if I’m ready to commit to managing my weight yet? Answer: Not a problem, that is why everyone get eight “Free Lifetime Membership, which allow you to stop and start at any time plus for most people to develop a plan and to find out if they are ready to commit to managing their weight it take at least eight weeks or more. Plus, there are no long tern contacts or obligations. Concern: I concern about giving out financial information to someone I don’t know. Answer: Not a problem, I never ask for any financial information. Concern: What if I can’t watch “Live Webinar Video Meeting,”?” Answer: Not a problem, after the “Live Webinar Broadcast” is over, it will be stored on my YouTube channel I will send you a link to the broadcast. Just Wondering: Have you every FACETIMED with anyone? What about Skype, Google Hangout, WhatsApp or have you ever watched those “Cute Kitten Videos” on YouTube? If you have ever done just one of those, then watching our “Live Webinar Videos” and/or the ones in storage on my Private YouTube Channel, shouldn’t be a problem. Endorsements for Harry Moore We have known Harry for at least ten years when we made a commitment to ourselves to lose weight and to keep it off. Thanks to Harry and our weekly sessions with him we were both able to lose significant weight, which has improved our health and the quality of our lives tremendously. Harry has a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and health, as well as the impact overweight has on the human body which is so important as we age. He is also deeply knowledgeable about the psychological and emotional factors that trigger over-eating in most folks, a crucial dimension often ignored in weight management programs. He is an excellent teacher who models what he teaches, often sharing his own struggles to maintain a healthy weight with us. Harry is also such a good motivator that we find ourselves quoting him to family and friends. “Harry-isms” include: • “nonfood rewards” • “you didn’t cause it and you can’t fix it” • “when the food looks more interesting than the people you are with, it’s time to leave!” These motivate us and help us be honest with ourselves. Finally, Harry has dedicated his life to helping other people live healthily. He is always available with a wide range of practical suggestions. His meetings are varied and always focused on the participants. He takes an interest in the lives of others, rejoicing in their successes and encouraging when someone is struggling. It is our pleasure to recommend him. Tom and Yvonne Foley Cincinnati, Ohio The webinar meetings have been great in the same way your meetings have always been great. I feel supported and I feel like I'm helping others by sharing my experiences. I feel like I'm not alone as I face the challenges, we all face with weight management. His help and coaching helped me lose weight and feel confident that I can keep it off, by really understanding the non-hunger reasons I eat and developing strategies to deal with those reasons. Thanks again, Harry, for everything :-) :-) Becky-Cincinnati, Ohio ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Freedom From Overweight webinar meetings that Harry sets up helpme lose weight in a group setting. I benefit from shared insights from the other members in the convenience of my home study. KJK Cincinnati, Ohio ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was reading another headline about doctors advising the key to a healthier lifestyle was clean eating and exercising. Doctors don’t always advise successful strategies to follow when life happens. Let’s face it, office potlucks, holidays and birthday parties are here to stay. Your Freedom From Overweight Webinars has benefited me because we discuss strategies for navigating everyday life without derailing our healthy lifestyle goals in the process. Speaking of navigation, you can’t beat the convenience of attending a webinar via computer/smart phone versus driving through traffic to an out-of-the way meeting location. Being accountable is another benefit to the program. Having you as my “Accountability Partner” has helped me understand why weight gains/losses are fair or unfair. And, I like the idea that you are as accountable to the other participants as they are to you. Freedom From Overweight has been a great program for me. Thanks for all of your help. R. Spalding Virginia Beach, Virginia Harry has been such a benefit in my life. Years ago, I knew him through Weight Watchers, and everyone wanted his meetings, so they were always packed! Truly he is quite a character and the things he says get stuck in my head. Things like being free to make any choice just not free of the consequences. He has a knack for getting to the root cause of issues and also meeting people where they are - which is different for all of us. I have some deficits in Executive Function that are worse now than when I was younger. Monday meetings make me more focused and purposeful for the week in all areas, not just weight management. I’m a better employee and a better manager. I always walk away from our meetings a kinder, more understanding person. We need to feel connected and he gives us all time to share and support each other as well. The strategies he has supplied have been so helpful. The holiday plate strategy has saved me from overeating on Thanksgivings while I have watched family members get uncomfortably full and miserable. They don’t know I came in with a strategy they just think I have willpower. Having a flexible plan really does make all of the difference. His willingness and ability to help me through the things that overwhelm me is great. Things that block me from achieving my goals he has helped me to reframe to stay focused on the goal. Our meetings are a very safe place to share. He has provided that safe haven of support and I admire how he has helped us to live the life we are destined to live The weight loss is great, but equally so is the personal growth. I truly believe that he has helped more people that he even realizes. Kathy (aka Kit Kat) Cincinnati, OH Weight Statistics provided by U.S. Census Bureau and Center of Disease Control Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan Counties: Indiana Counties: Dearborn, Franklin, Ohio, Ripley, Switzerland. Total Population: 118,693 Kentucky Counties: Boone, Bracken, Campbell, Carrol, Gallatin, Grant, Kenton, Owen, Pendleton. Total Population: 447,125 Ohio Counties: Adams, Brown, Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Hamilton, Highland, Warren. Total Population: 1,722,507 Total Population for Greater Cincinnati: 2,288,325 Number of Teens with average age of 16 years old: 343,249 Number of Adults with average age of 31 years old: 549,198 Number of Adults with average age of 54 years old: 572,082 Number of Adults with average age of 74 years old: 503,432 40% (137,299) of all Teens with average age of 16 years old are 25 lbs. or more overweight Breakdown: 16% (54,920) of all Teens with average age of 16 years old are 25 to 49 lbs. overweight 12% (41,190) of all Teens with average age of 16 years old are 50 to 74 lbs. overweight 8% (27,460) of all Teens with average age of 16 years old are 75 to 99 lbs. overweight 4% (13,730) of all Teens with average age of 16 years old are 100 lbs. and up overweight 60% (329,518) of all Adults with average age of 31 years old are 25 lbs. or more overweight Breakdown: 24% (131,808) of all Adults with average age of 31 years old are 25 to 49 lbs. overweight 18% (98,856) of all Adults with average age of 31 years old are 50 to 74 lbs. overweight 12% (65,904) of all Adults with average age of 31 years old are 75 to 100 lbs. overweight 6% (32,952) of all Adults with average age of 31 years old are 100 lbs. and up overweight Weight Statistics provided by U.S. Census Bureau and Center of Disease Control (Continue:) 80% (457,665) of all Adults with average age of 54 years old are 25 lbs. or more overweight Breakdown: 32% (183,066) of all Adults with average age of 54 years old are 25 to 49 lbs. overweight 24% (137,300) of all Adults with average age of 54 years old are 50 to 74 lbs. overweight 16% (91,533) of all Adults with average age of 54 years old are 75 to 99 lbs. overweight 8% (45,767) of all Adults with average age of 54 years old are 100 lbs. and up overweight 70% (352,402) of all Adults with average age of 74 years old are 25 lbs. or more overweight Breakdown: 28% (104,961) of all Adults with average age of 74 years old are 25 to 49 lbs. overweight 21% (105,721) of all Adults with average age of 74 years old are 50 to 74 lbs. overweight 14% (70,480) of all Adults with average age of 74 years old are 75 to 99 lbs. overweight 7% (35,240) of all Adults with average age of 74 years old are 100 lbs. and up overweight Client References When Requested for your used only):
By: Harry Moore on March 26, 2020

HELP NEEDED- Volunteers for Search Party Needed Desperately Two Swimmers Missing On Lake Cumberland! June 7, 2020 Two international students went missing in Lake Cumberland near Jamestown, KY while swimming & trying to catch their drifting boat. The young men, both in 20s, have been missing since Friday (June 5). Local rescue teams have conducted searches in the area on Friday and Saturday and are still searching. The students’ families and friends overseas are devasted by the news. However, the current travel restrictions make it impossible for them to come over to the United States. Any help you could offer to the rescue efforts are greatly appreciated! Rescue equipment, boats & operators are desperately needed to facilitate the search, esp. ones that are can be on the site ASAP. Thank you very much for your help and prayers! ***Call Jamestown Police Department at 270-343-3300 ***Or Russell County Sheriff’s Office at 270-343-2191 [Other Contacts: Yi Yu (+1-270-227-9133) ; Yiqi Liu (+1-513-593-0411); Siting Feng (+1-513-918-0628) ; Wenzhe Zhu(+1-270-227-8656); Zhuo Wang(+1- 270-226-4171)]
By: lin on June 7, 2020

The Children’s Alopecia Project NEWS Contact: Fred Yaeger/Connie Petrovich (914) 525-9198 The Children’s Alopecia Project, holds “Virtual Summer Camp” at the Pittman’s Family home in Burlington, Kentucky EVENT: The Children’s Alopecia Project (CAP), holds “virtual camp” at the Pittman’s Family home in Burlington, Kentucky. CAP helps children of all ages to deal with the physical, mental and emotional effect of hair loss due to all forms of alopecia. According to Jeff Woytovich, CAP’s founder, “The organization works to help children to build self-esteem, provide on-going support, and to raise awareness of the life-altering condition and its impact on young people and their families. Our organization’s mission is to change the emphasis ‘from growing hair to growing confidence.’ “We were all children once, and it became greatly important for my company, J'aime, to partner with CAP as it is making a positive impact for our future generations,” explains Jaime Karia. J'aime is a social impact fashion brand founded by Jaime and her brother Vijay dedicated towards helping important nonprofit organizations raise money and awareness for their causes. Through our partnerships we are giving people the opportunity to wear their support and donate to a great cause while looking fabulous at the gym, dinner, a night out, or even at a gala. Our mission is enable people of all backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses to pay it forward through fashion J'aime, along with her brother Vijay, created the New York City social impact fashion brand clothing collection that features baby, youth and adult leggings, tops, tote-bags, face-masks, skateboards and much more, with 100% of the profits from the collection donated back to the Children Alopecia Project Due to the COVID-19 pandemic CAP camps nationwide were not able to operate. The J'aime and CAP teams “collaborated on a tremendous modern virtual camp that hopes to bring children together in a fun interactive way,” Ms. Karia says. “The virtual camp will emphasize giving all children and parents a voice that will empower them and build inner confidence. This virtual camp, hopefully, will have viewers tapping into and nurturing their own inner child.” During the camp there are interactive activities, mindfulness practices, health and medical discussions, stretch and kindness demonstrations, and updates on alopecia news, says Ms. Karia. “Our goal in designing this innovative camp,” Ms. Karia continues, “is to provide an enjoyable, safe and non-judgmental space where kids can be just the way they are as they connect with others throughout the world. We provide a new outlet for children to interact with their peers.” WHEN: Saturday, July 18th, 2020 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM WHERE: The Perkins Family Home 2569 Chateau Court Burlington, Kentucky WHO: The Pittman Family Mark, Erika and 15 year old Annika who has alopecia Jeff Woytovich, CAP’s Founder Children with alopecia and their families Fred Yaeger President Yaeger Public Relations 1020 Warburton Avenue Yonkers, New York 10701 O-(914) 613-9177 C-(914) 525-9198
By: Fred M Yaeger on July 17, 2020

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