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Cincinnati, OH

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WKRC is an AM radio station broadcasting at 550 KHz. The station is licensed to Cincinnati, OH and is part of that radio market. The station broadcasts News/Talk programming and goes by the name "55KRC" on the air with the slogan "Cincinnati's Place For Talk". WKRC is owned by iHeartMedia.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Some comments on the 9/17/12 airing of Ground Zero. What the heck guys? The Catholic church wants to destroy Protestant America by Using Radical Islam as its' proxy weapon? Catholics worship the pope as God? American Catholics want their Protestant brothers to be killed? Listen guys, I know that Catholic bashing is the last accepted public form of bigotry in america, and I hear it on a daily basis in one form or another, and I actually expect to hear it on a late nite talk format, 'cause anything goes. But to hear Lewis rant how he is "Sick and tired" of anything Catholic in general rang a little too Klanish to my ears. Even a Presbyterian caller questioned the veracity of the conversation,only to be dismissed. I think Clear Channel and WKRC blew it with Ground Zero in this market.It is just another clone of Coast to Coast with a bad twist, a shock bigot for an host. Really edgy but wrong, really wrong. Sincerely, Greg Muir
By: Gregory Muir on September 19, 2012

I also detest this Ground Zero! I don't listen much to late night but notice this GZ show is on but other times, George Nouri's show. Why the flip flopping of shows? Is this another robo station signal mix up? Or do many people hate the Ground Zero show (like me) I do not think we need another hate filled show. Odd as Coast to Coast can be it is a gentler show (or the rare times I've heard it it seems to be) 550 has blown many schedule changes in the evening but this late night show Ground Zero is horrid. Let me know if George returns.
By: Sophiaz on September 28, 2012

Love the show keep up the good work
By: Alan on January 20, 2013

I know the station makes money by airing the hate-inciting filth and trash of Rush Limbaugh; but, I think it's time for the General manager in Cincinnati to actually listen to this disgraceful, shameful program he is allowing to broadcast over the public airwaves! Surely the money made is not worth the continued reinforcement of some people's immoral tendencies toward intolerance and violence toward others. PLEASE just listen to Limbaugh's DAILY rants and unbelievable disgusting words! Anyone with the slightest bit of education and empathy for others can not help but be appalled by his constant belittling insults directed at women, blacks, gays, immigrants, etc. and the absolute misinformation he spouts as the truth. You, the General Manager, are supporting this daily misleading of people who lack the education and information to recognize that his constant drivel of lies and outrageous insults are done only for ratings and to line his pockets and yours! His audience already tends toward hatred and violence toward his targets; and you along with Clear Channel should be ashamed of your part in his hate-inciting for dollars program! Do you all need money so badly that you are willing to continue trashing the public airwaves even after you are well aware of the damage and shame that Limbaugh's program is bringing to our country daily? How do you sleep at night in your posh homes knowing the disastrous effects you are having on the minds of his audience and the actions they have and will take against others based on his sick blabbering!
By: Doris Sullivan on March 27, 2013

Please start airing the complete ground zero show, I know mark leven is popular but its like beatting a dead horse same same all the time ground zero is cutting edge and real much more interesting than mark leven bashing most of the governmrnt agencies all the time please thank you for yor time
By: Tom Mc on October 7, 2013

Why don't you carry the whole Mark Levin show in it's entirety? This broken up programming really sucks.
By: Rambo Felini on May 1, 2014

I agree with Rambo. Dave Ramsey is a broken record. One hour a day would be enough, especially since you have the Simple Money Guys. I really miss Michael Savage as he is entertaining. I listen to Savage on i-heart, along with the third hour of Levin. I might suggest instead of three hours of Ramsey and two of Levin, how about two hours of Ramsey and three hours of Levin. (Please ignore Doris Sullivan's post on March 27. It is obvious she is a misinformed, low information individual, who is filled with hate against Rush, so much she resorts to name calling).
By: Steve on May 4, 2014

Why is the reception so bad in Blue Ash?
By: Anonymous on September 5, 2014

Im having a fundraiser for the animal adoption foundation in ross,ohio I was wondering where I could send the information so you could mention it Please!!!
By: Becky Doran on April 28, 2015

Please play ALL of Mark Levin show; thank you.
By: Alan C Rohner on June 22, 2016

Could you please play IN SEARCH OF THE LORD'S WAY ? or any recording from the Lord's church?
By: Alan C Rohner on June 22, 2016

Have you thought about replacing Glenn Beck with Laura Ingraham?
By: M Bryant on October 11, 2016

I'm sorry, but I have to turn the radio down when Bruce Davis reports traffic. He is too fast snd chews his words especially the first part when he promos Watson's this or that.
By: Jim Brady on October 19, 2016

By: HAROLD BARE on October 25, 2016

NBC news is all about trashing President Trump, unfair. I keep changing the station to avoid hearing it but this is getting old and I would appreciate it if you went to unbiased news. This change will allow me to continue listening to 55 KRC and avoid leaving all together.
By: Jeff on February 19, 2017

Totally agree with most of the above regarding missing Michael Savage, too much Ramsey, and wish you would carry the 3rd hour of Levin. Now, I turn in tonight and there is no Levin?? I hope this is somehow storm related as there was blank air space for a few minutes when I turned it on. If Levin is out of the lineup, I'm done with 550. Nothing left worth listening to. :-(
By: Ernest Hudson on March 2, 2017

Where is Mark Levin? The listener can actually learn something by listening to him. Thank God for
By: Randy Kleine on March 2, 2017

I always wondered why mark Levin was not on three hours and what happened
By: mary ann on March 2, 2017

Ground zero should be dropped so that we may hear Mark Levin's show in its entirety.
By: Darrell M. Radin on March 2, 2017

Please bring back Michael Savage. While your at it get rid of Glen Beck. He needs to fall on his sword of divinity and get it over with. Tired of his fake ass. Please tell Brian Thomas to change his show format. A kindergarten student could come up with better topics to discuss. Really lame ass show. In fact 55krc is getting deleted from my presets. Terrible radio. Really sucks
By: Jimmy on March 16, 2017

Since you have switched to despicable NBC slanted news, I listen Rush and Sean daytime shows on 1290 from Dayton. If I am driving at night and NBC news comes on 550, I mute it until it's over. NBC news is a joke.
By: Debi L on March 29, 2017

Can't stand the news blurbs since you switched from FOX to (MS)NBC. They are so slanted it should be embarrassing to iheart,, or is this pushed by iheart. Yesterday they were reporting from an anonymous source that Comey asked for more money for the Russian investigation even though the administration said it was untrue (although they did not include the administrations comments). New FBI director McCabe testified today that Comey never asked for more money and this is not how their funding works. Didn't hear this on their new blubs today. Amazing NBC/iheart
By: Gary H on May 11, 2017

Please ask Brian Thomas to convince Steve from USA Insulation to stop doing anymore commercials where Steve speaks on the radio. He may have a great product and may have a wonderful business model, but his voice is exactly like running fingernails down a blackboard. I turn is off every time Steve starts speaking and in speaking with other people many others do as well. His voice IS Not made for radio. Just saying.
By: Terry on August 4, 2017

How in the hell is Glen Beck still polluting the airwaves. I cannot believe that this moron is still blaring his garbage. Please get this shill off the air. I would rather listen to Brian Thomas than Glen Beck. And Brian Thomas is extremely boring. He kisses politicians asses too much. Very nauseous to listen to. That's why I quit listening to Brian Thomas and Glen Beck. Both are brothers from another mother
By: Jimmy on August 25, 2017

I agree with the previous comments that are suggesting to get more air time for Mark Levin’s radio show and less to no time for Glen Beck’s radio show. Mark Levin is extremely intelligent and informative whereas Beck is just a sensationalist who is NOT as conservative as he may have been at one time.
By: Jared on November 8, 2017

can't we have all of mark Levin when will your financial "experts" point out that the federal reserve and its low interest rates is very anti senior citizens........And maybe roy moore feels he is a king they have been with young women for centuries. Also, as a retired college professor I can assure you some faculty latch on to cute freshmen girls and what else is new. I didn't and would not, although I was propositioned by 2 charming young ladies who wanted an a. Last are my very favorite station, except gary jeff on your am700 is great.
By: alan marcus on November 16, 2017

The gary sullivan podcast is almost non functional, worst of the podcasts. Very low volume, 2 shows on one track etc. I bought better equipment to increase volume etc. now I can't hear the callers. What a mess, please fix.
By: marc on April 4, 2018

You keep going offline on iheart
By: Vic on June 2, 2018

Yes, Mark Levin's 3rd hour ought to be broadcast. He makes valid legal points of concern. His "Life, Liberty & Levin" on Fox News consistently has great interviews with a variety of experts. As regards Glenn Beck's 3 hours on weekday mornings, he is no longer the jokester of 15 years ago. When the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008-09 was looming, he morphed into more serious topics. Even if people don't agree with him, he does dig deep into the issues facing thinking people today. We shouldn't lose him or his societal introspections.
By: Mark on February 16, 2019

A lot has been made of the comment by Minnesota Rep Ilhan Omar. She is a Somali immigrant apologist for Islam's most egregious behaviors. Ther is another female Somali escapee who is internationally well known, Aayaan Hirsi Ali is a former Moslem who rejected the religion and has been intercontinentally persecuted since. He is a best-selling author and a thorn in the side of radical Islam. She is under a death sentence from several Islamic "republics." She is young and filled with a need to expose Islam's intolerance. Greg
By: Gregory Ruschman on April 16, 2019

the female that does the news has voice issues..... her voice is so high and annoying that I turn off the radio rather than hear that fingernail/chalkboard voice quality. don't know her name cuz I can't understand what she is saying she was just on the noon news today (Good Friday) please give her voice coaching
By: pgh on April 19, 2019

What has happened to the Cooking Show and the car show with Dale Donavan? Only reason I listened. Can hear most of the other syndicated up and down the dial any time. Very disappointing
By: Bruce Walters on January 25, 2020

Why is Marilyn Harris cooking show not on saturday at 1pm.Love her show and cooking ideas. Hope she is alright.Please let me know what is going on? Thanks Diane Griess
By: James R.Griess Jr. on February 8, 2020

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