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NewsRadio WRVA 1140 96.1

WRVA 1140 AM

Richmond's News, Weather & Traffic

City of License:
Richmond, VA


Richmond, VA

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General Manager:
Ruth Stoutermire

Entercom (Entercom License, LLC)

3245 Basie Rd
Richmond, VA 23228


WRVA is an AM radio station broadcasting at 1140 KHz. The station is licensed to Richmond, VA and is part of that radio market. The station airs talk programming and goes by the name "NewsRadio WRVA 1140 96.1" on the air with the slogan "Richmond's News, Weather & Traffic". WRVA is owned by Entercom under the supervision of General Manager Ruth Stoutermire.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Again this morning WRVA put Andy on the air attempting again to vilify the real conservatives and those Americans who voted for Trump and support him fulyl today. We are again forced to listen to worthless dribble from a IHEART stooge. What a waste of air time putting biased trash on and on. You have lost so many conservatkve listeners that you must be hurting for advertisers. I would not buy fron any sponsor on you radio station. Who could believe any of the bold face liers that comment and support on these advertisers. What an obtuse JOKE. The best thing you could do for Andy is self-indulgent his worthless backside to CNN. It has gotten to the point that the only time I listen to WRVA is where Rush is on. Otherwise I listen to 820 AM. GOODBYE to junk radio.
By: Harold Morris on July 25, 2017

I agree wholehardedly with the above comments by Mr. Morris. I am so very tired of your left wing, slanted liberal news that seeks to find even the smallest possible infraction from the Trump administration, while completely disregarding all the good things that are being done. This is after having overlooked anything even grossly negative from the past Obama kingship. Every time the news comes on I try and give the opportunity to get through it once, then will mute throughout the day. I listen to Rush and some of Jeff Katz so muting of the news is quite frequent. Deanna Malone practically salivates with each tidbit of trash that she reads. There are other stations that host Rush and I will be tuning to them.
By: L Flem on August 8, 2017

I listen to Glenn, Rush, Hannity each day. When the news comes on with Deanna Malone I have to change to channel 790. The stammering, stuttering of Deanna trying to read the news causes me anxiety. She should be a pro by now, but she can’t do it.
By: Lee Farley on October 3, 2017

Are you guys listening to the same radio station? I'm a libertarian and appreciate many of the things Pres Trump has done especially his Supreme court picks. I can't accept however is boorish behavior and his inability to admit when he's wrong. His mega-egotism makes me nauseous. He's definitely better than any Democrat, however, if you can't admit that he has serious issues and he operates by the seat of his pants, you have blinders on.
By: Jim A on July 25, 2018

I used to love 1140 WRVA but over the past two years I've watched the station move further and further to the Left. Instead of Fox News feeds we get ABC. Bloomberg finance news? BLOOMBERG? Jeff Katz is great. I love Rush! When Glenn comes on I switch to 820. Although John Reid is good, every time the governor or one of our worthless Progressive senators come on, I hit 820. And, unfortunately, John isn't even getting the news right. Things we see on Fox News in the morning are ignored or misrepresented on 1140. It's gotten to where I have no where to go to get unbiased news reporting. Such a loss to the area.
By: Pat Harvey on August 28, 2018

Your station has really lost its way.
By: Dwayne W. on October 23, 2018

Whoever the afternoon guy is cannot talk without using curse words which we refuse to listen to. Anyone who uses SOB and others do not have enough vocabulary to be on the air!!!! Your station needs to get real speakers who know how to talk without using any profanity. Do you have any? We think people like Steve Harvey started the whole thing, and it is getting worse each year.
By: Mary T. May on December 21, 2018

I am so appalled at this Gov. Northtrom, anyone who would support murder of a human baby after birth is not moral, ethical or following the creed of a dr. It is shocking that he is a doctor of pediatrics and is pushing this agenda of murder. He can not be believed on any issue, black, white, clans, military support, he is a liar in every sense of the word. He will never be a truthful leader for our great state.
By: Barbara McCourt on February 2, 2019

Reading the above comments by listeners (and struggling through the typos and stream of consciousness drivel) is amusing. The gist of what I believe they are trying to say is: (1) WRVA is not conservative enough in its reporting of the local news (and presumably, weather and traffic); and (2) Fox News is a legitimate source of information that should be emulated by the newsroom of WRVA. Kids, what you're actually hearing is the reporting of news - not opinion-based "alternative facts" you're used to hearing on Fox. I know, I know -- it may take some time to wrap your minds around this, so please process it slowly.
By: Nick Phelps on May 30, 2019

Your station really has moved to the left since Entercom bought it. I like to listen to Rush, Hannity, Mark Lavin, and occasionally Coast-To-Coast, but the local news department leaves much to be desired. On top of that, there are way too many repeat commercials like Katz complaining about his kid eating cheese, and all the commercials for snake oil medication products. I am tired of hearing how brilliant Katz thinks his financial planner is. Reflecting back to what this station was in years past, things really have gone down hill.
By: Joseph Dickerson on December 17, 2019

Love the content, but way too many commercials / ads / ad input. I have a 40 min commute and hear 10 min of news, including weather, traffic, etc. news radio should be just that. I know where Jeff eats every day, don’t need to hear it 4 times an hour. Ads pay, I get it, but damn. Charge more. Please. Please
By: Perry Farley on January 1, 2020

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