Radio Station Information

The Key

KFIO 1050 AM

America's Best Music

City of License:
Dishman, WA

Adult Standards

Spokane, WA

Mapleton Communications (Liberty Broadcasting System, LLC)

1601 East 57th Ave.
Spokane WA 99223

KFIO is an AM radio station broadcasting at 1050 KHz. The station is licensed to Dishman, WA and is part of the Spokane, WA radio market. The station broadcasts Adult Standards programming and goes by the name "The Key" on the air with the slogan "America's Best Music". KFIO is owned by Mapleton Communications.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Just wanted to thank you for always doing such a GREAT job -the announcer for the Lady Zags BB games is amazing!! We are season ticket holders and are so thankful that you broadcast their games. Thanks for helping us to follow them when they are away. We'd go crazy waiting to hear the results on the news or in the paper!!!
By: Peggy Gullickson on December 21, 2011

Message for Joe Daniels, Is there any way to request a song by calling you?
By: Patrick E. Burke on July 14, 2012

We are long standing Zag fans. We live near Canadian border and cet on can't get radio. Tried to get on computer and haven't been able to. We're missing everything. Can someone help????
By: Jim Middleton on November 22, 2012

Last week I heard a song sang by a female with the words "I would never hurt you". Can you tell what female sang this song it's driving me crazy to try and find it.
By: David Martin on June 3, 2013

Please, PLEASE consider not dropping your power at night!! I live in the Post Falls area, and can get good reception on a number of Spokane stations. However, The Key is the only one I WANT to listen to!!!! Thank you for your EXCELLENT programming!!!!!
By: W in Idaho on September 22, 2013

We love your station but your signal is very weak now. We live in Spokane on the south side of Five Mile Prairie and normally get good reception until about 6 PM. Recently we get poor reception all day long- like right now , Friday 25 Oct 13 at 9AM. We would appreciate a boost in power so we could enjoy you station throughout the day -at least thru dinner time -7PM. Thanks. What is your telephone number so I can contact the station? Please let us know if you can help. My phone number is 327-6015. Dennis
By: Dennis on October 25, 2013

Do you have sister stations with similar music elsewhere in WA, ID,or MT?
By: Joe on November 23, 2013

How about sticking with the mellow tunes? Specifically, dump the screechy-screamy blues, funk, soul, motown junk, nobody liked it when it was new and we like it even less now. But how about more of the mellow stuff from the 50's, Ivory Joe Hunter, Evelyn Baker, Fats Domino, etc, And zags idiotball games, c'mon, leave that silliness for espn, M
By: Mike on January 13, 2014

Just a special thank you to the staff of Spokane's 1050 AM. You and your station saved my life. After loosing my business, home, and living on the street as of this month, I was going to take my own life. Discovering 1050 AM Spokane, and all the memories from such music that my parents/family and their friend listened to while growing up, I found the courage to go on (with a smile on my face). I am 43,educated,and life experienced. I never would have thought I could end up on the street or in such a bad way(no more family, or friends here, gone back to school for the past several years but can't find work, etc.). Again, thank you for your work, and for bringing me back from the brink. Warmest regards, Gordon
By: Gordon David Banks on August 30, 2014

Ref: The Key KEYF 1050 AM I had to move faraway from spokane and the u.s.a. --spokane where i use tolisten your great station that surfing the web never never have find a at least similar station with the very special nostalgia music themes. I keep reviewing your site each month, now by the inernet, to to see if you finally are in the internet, but.... Its really sad to a lot a users of your station that you do not be in the Web. When would it be possible!!!? How could we listeners help to finance the radio in the web?? My son lives and work in spokane, im sure he could donate at this respect. Please "keep going on"... Congrats to all you in the radio Staff.
By: fran on October 2, 2014

Have listened to your station for many, many years, but now the static makes it impossible to enjoy your music. Some of the other AM stations are similar. I live in St. Maries, ID and I assume the power has been cut on many stations. Would like to know if I will ever be able to enjoy your Station and the great Oldies again.
By: Marie Miller on October 14, 2014

Excellent music
By: Rosalinda on October 20, 2014

I used to listen to your music all day long - love your selection. Now I can't get the key at all. Sad - miss you.
By: Kathy on October 26, 2014

I drive into your area 5 days a week and love to listen to your style of broadcast music of the "oldie". I just wish that you would broadcast online so that when I drive out of the area that I could still enjoy that music. Thanks and hope to hear more of you.
By: Steve on November 16, 2014

Hallo, wie kann ich am Freitag die Kommentiewrung über das "Women-Basketballspiel" Las Vegas - Gonzagas über Internet The Key 1050 Radio hören. Was muss ich anklicken? Can you help me? regardes Fritz Stach, Germany
By: Stach on November 26, 2014

I tuned in at 8:45 this AM and the radio had two stations with static. What happened to the Key? It is the only station I like.
By: Mary on April 29, 2015

Gordon David Banks, it's your friend Steve from Los Angeles. You still have at least one left. I'm going to try and find you and help out if I can.
By: Steve Weese on May 13, 2015

2009: Living in the city of Spokane was a great experience lisening your great radio station, with all that music that never "dies". 20015: Now living in south america I come frecuently to your link in the internet hoping to some day meet in the web your station, but.... Need supot?
By: frank on June 27, 2015

The Exxon refinery in Los Angeles is real and therefore the prices are higher
By: Mark on July 14, 2015

Key is my favorite station. Unfortunately, I can only listen to it when I am driving. I live in Deer Park and would love to tune in at home, but there is too much static. There is no another station I like as well. Will we ever be able to have it here?
By: Jane on August 16, 2015

By: George M. on August 28, 2015

The station had technical issues that required them to go off the air. You should try to contact the station and tell them that you miss the format.
By: John on August 28, 2015

I can't find how to contact them. The one phone number I did find, doesn't work. :(
By: Wendy on August 28, 2015

Just got in touch with the parent company. They are having major technical issues, but expect to be back on next Tuesday (9/1/15). The format is not going away. I know I'm relieved, and will be patient till it comes back on...
By: Jeff on August 28, 2015

Hope your right Jeff, its the only station I listen to!
By: Joe on August 28, 2015

Why is your station off the air in Spokane??
By: Mary on August 28, 2015

I've been missing them, also. Glad to hear it's only temporary and nothing is going to change. If they have to overhaul it anyway, I hope it comes back with a stronger signal.
By: Tom on August 28, 2015

Thank you for information glad to know it is only temporary. Can 't wait for it be back. It is the best.
By: Mary on August 29, 2015

Love the music it is great and relaxing! But as of late have not been able to get on AM don't know if it is down or what but would love a contact number I put my e mail there if there is! :-)
By: Ted Courtney on August 29, 2015

Wish you had a stronger signal. My sister loves this station and we miss it very much when you are not on the air. (P,S. Where are you anyway???)
By: Sharyn on August 30, 2015

Am I glad you'll be back on the air. No other radio station like yours. I'd just as soon leave the radio off than to listen to the junk on the air. Tried contacting phone numbers to no avail, my next step was writing a letter. I was getting worried!!!
By: Cristi onAugust 31 2015 on September 1, 2015

I love this station and miss it very much. I will be glad when the technical difficulties are resolved.
By: Leslie on September 1, 2015

I'm glad it will be back :) I'm glad I'll be able to listen to Christmas music! I listen to hard rock on my ipod but at work I listen to AM 1050 the key, I can't stand all that "top 40" claptrap.
By: Wendy on September 1, 2015

what has happened to the oldies 1050am. can not get it on the radio. did they more to a different station dail. help thanks lov the old music
By: bill on September 2, 2015

Listening to KOOL 107.1FM now while 1050AM is off the air. KOOL plays some music from the 50s, too, but they are more rock n roll.
By: Mike on September 2, 2015

I too have to give a shout out to know the station is coming back. Pretty much exclusively listen to it in the car; even got my husband to switch in his car. Love to sing along, makes me feel good.
By: Pearl on September 2, 2015

So thankful it is only technical difficulties, HATE not listening to 1050
By: Anne Rae on September 2, 2015

Keep looking for your Station every morning and would loved to be surprised one morning to find you are on the air again. I live in North Idaho so hope the power is sufficient to get a good reception.. Thanks much for your great music. Marie
By: Marie Miller on September 2, 2015

Joy, Happiness, thank you for being on the air today!
By: Anne Rae on September 4, 2015

Glad and happy you are back!
By: Marie on September 4, 2015

Would love it if you would stream over the Internet like on Tune In etc
By: Neal on October 12, 2015

What is the name of the ragtime, jazzy instrumental song you play every so often? I never hear the song name mentioned and can't find it online.
By: Dan on December 21, 2015

i think you have a advertiser that offers part time work using your own car please call bill 805 766 9127
By: bill on February 10, 2016

Are you having technical problems I have trying listen the last couple of days and sometimes your station and sometimes it doesn't .I have noticed ithas happened a few other time. Just wondering .Y our my favorite station. Thank you
By: Mary on February 12, 2016

We noticed we couldn't get our favorite station for several days now, SO today we found it on glad. Love this music. The call letters just advertised 1050, so must be technical glitch or maybe changing position on the dial? Hope they let us know what's going on soon.
By: Peggy on February 14, 2016

Is it relaxing music for sleep???
By: Ivyana on February 15, 2016

From what I read on the internet KEYF will become KFIO. Don't know what the new format will be.
By: Darrel Stubbe on April 25, 2016

I often keep reviewing your site specting some day in the near future we can listen so GREAT RADIO STATION , but.... Its really sad to a lot a users of your station that you do not be in the Web. When would it be possible? How could we help to finance the radio in the web?
By: fran on December 14, 2016

Por favor si alguien sabe de un estacion de radio lo mas similar posible a TheKey y me avise al correo ftq_2005@hotmail. Nunca conoci una radio de american Oldies tan completa; cuando vivi en spokane la disfrute 24 horas al dia. Me recuerdo y me viene mucha emocion, pena, lagrimas. Muy triste perder algo de las pocas cosas buenas de esta vida. Gracias amigos sensibles.
By: Anonymous on January 30, 2018

When can we expect to start hearing Christmas music? I'm really looking forward to it!😊
By: Katie Youngren on November 12, 2018

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