Radio Station Information

News Talk 780 KOH


The News and Talk of Nevada

City of License:
Reno, NV


Reno, NV

Live Stream:

Cumulus Media (Radio License Holding Cbc, LLC)

KKOH is an AM radio station broadcasting at 780 KHz. The station is licensed to Reno, NV and is part of that radio market. The station broadcasts Talk programming and goes by the name "News Talk 780 KOH" on the air with the slogan "The News and Talk of Nevada". KKOH is owned by Cumulus Media.

Nearby Radio Stations

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Co-Owned Radio Stations in Reno, NV

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Wheres Bill Manders, We need him back on the air!!!!!
By: Bruce Lane on November 16, 2011

Where is Bill Manders. We really would like to know if he is well.
By: T Cash on January 4, 2012

After many years of listening KKOH from California, Oregon and Nevada, for Coast to Coast and Bill Manders, we no longer listen. We're very disappointed in the new hosts and want these two back!
By: L Hays on February 11, 2012

Are you going to replace Limbaugh with Huckabee?
By: Scotty on March 16, 2012

I agree the new station owners hurt the programing. Manders is good. We just listen to Ross and Monica, Rush and The Garden show.
By: lanceh5 on March 17, 2012

Please reconsider the choice of Michael Savage for the afternoon slot from Noon to 3 PM. Despite his continual bragging about his background, he rarely seems prepared to do the show. He free-associates about topics, music, his latest menu choice for dinner, etc. Who cares? He slams conservative talk and tv hosts, and he does little to enlighten his audience. We are merely an audience for his inflated egotistical rants. I have always disliked this man -- and he has gotten any better with time.
By: Gail on April 28, 2014

NEWS For Immediate Release September 2, 2014 Contact: Douglas Johnson Nevada Coalitions Director Convention of States (775) 690-4500 Mark Meckler President of Citizens for Self-Governance and Convention of States to Speak in Reno Town Hall Learn How Citizen Volunteers Using Article V of the Constitution will re-establish States Rights and Return the Power to the People Reno, Nevada September 4, 2014 The Air Port Plaza Hotel located on Terminal Way in Reno will host a Town Hall Meeting open to the public on September 4, 2014 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. Mark Meckler will deliver a 30-45 minute presentation titled: “TIME FOR A RADICAL RESPECTABLE REVOLUTION: AMERICA AT A CONSTITUTIONAL CROSSROADS”. The presentation will be followed by a robust question and answer session. Our Founding Fathers foresaw the likelihood that the government in Washington, DC might someday become too centralized and overreach the limited powers granted it by the US Constitution. Citizens for Self-Governance has launched the Convention of States Project to call an Article V convention of the States to propose only amendments that would impose restraints on the federal government, limit its power and jurisdiction and impose term limits on its officials and members of Congress. Join other deeply concerned Nevadans and learn how everyday citizens by contacting our Nevada State Senators and Assemblymen can remind and embolden them that it is their Constitutional right and their Constitutional obligation as our duly elected direct representatives to stand up to Washington overreach through the use of Article V of our United States Constitution. More detailed information is available on line at: or feel free to call Douglas Johnson at (775) 690-4500.
By: Douglas Johnson on September 2, 2014

Please get Rush back and Michael Savage. We have listened to them for years and not only enjoy their comments, but like their format. This was not a wise move and we hope that you get them back.
By: Bev Riley on May 8, 2015

Your weekend evening programming is terrible. Between the adds for the sheets and wireless security system, it has caused me and some of my friends to turn off the station. A week ago last Saturday between 8 and 9 o'clock there were 7 adds for the sheets and 5 for the security system and some of them were back to back. You must be in in dire need of advertising to inundate the programming those two nights.
By: Tom White on May 23, 2017

Where is Money Talk with Bob Brinker. What time is it on? It is suppose to be on from 1:00p.m. to 4:00p.m.
By: Marcia D'Angelo on November 11, 2018

Get no KOH reception in Carson City on my AM Desktop Radio. I get every other AM station in the world but KOH. What is the answer to this problem?
By: Robert Hunt on February 21, 2019

Where is the radio lineup for KKOH-AM?????
By: Bruce Cole on July 12, 2019

For Monica J. Left my house in Virginia City this morn to deposit my check at Bank of America on Hwy 50 in Carson. Sign on door said they were closed, sorry for the inconvenience etc. ATM also not in operation. I only come down to Carson once a month and wondering what was the problem. Talked with a few other customers out front and they said they had no notice/notification that the Bank wasn't going to be open this day, 8-3-20. One patron claimed that B of A has donated to BLM (sizable) and people are angry and withdrawing or closing accounts.I'm betting Monica J could find out the reason. Kirk
By: Anonymous on August 3, 2020

Disgusted you are playing Adam Schiff commercials. Mr. Schiff was censured for lying to congress. Airing commercials for this piece of filth is the reason I will be listening to the shows I have been enjoying on KKOH for many decades, elsewhere.
By: Anonymous on February 21, 2024

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