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Louisville, KY


Louisville, KY

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iHeartMedia (Ihm Licenses, LLC)

4000 Radio Dr Ste 1
Louisville, KY 40218


WHAS is an AM radio station broadcasting at 840 KHz. The station is licensed to Louisville, KY and is part of that radio market. The station broadcasts Talk programming. WHAS is owned by iHeartMedia.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

wow, i accidentally tuned into the am talk show this morning, don't know the host's name --- but it was around 9:30am. This guy is truly ignorant. so much that for the first time in my life I'm compelled to write in. talking about global warming. He is either a liar (because he only wants to appeal to a certain group and therefore is willing to lie to get their attention) or is flat out STUPID and totally unread on real world events. The comments he was making about how this is some kind of Al Gore "plot" is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. As if almost single handily Gore managed to get 95% of the world's "environmental" scientists and nearly 200 countries to all commit fraud in some GRAND scheme is truly a sign of lunatic. God help his children (if we are unlucky enough that he would have fathered any) who will suffer from the consequences of lies like that this lunatic passes around --- in order to make a living. Shame on you (the station manager) for even allowing such garbage. Oh yea, he is the "fake" media that he also was attacking --- how dumb is that (to call yourself names and not even know you're doing it) .... no better example. I can only guess what the IQ is of his listening audience. I can promise I'll never make the mistake of tuning into that station again.
By: david on June 2, 2017

We are seeking a station over which to broadcast our weekly thirty-minute gospel preaching program. We have been broadcasting since 1978 and are on stations in San Francisco CA to Richmond, VA. Our website is If you have any available time in your programming schedule for our broadcasts please contact us as you earliest convenience. Rick Breidenbaugh 740-703-5140
By: Richard Breidenbaugh on August 27, 2018

This concerns the reporting of news by your Will Clark. He has a bad habit of commentary while reporting the news. Case in point was this morning at the 9am news. While reporting of the betting on the Oscars, he started out by saying, “if you are a degenerate who bets on everything”……………..and so on. Commentary is for the talk show hosts. If Will Clark becomes part of that show then so be it on commentary. As to whether he added the comment to his news piece or he was reading what someone wrote is moot. Either the broadcaster or the writer shows no class in what is suppose to be reported. This is poor journalism at the very least. I have no interest on betting or if someone else does, but to degrade a group of listeners or potential listener seems pretty stupid from the radio stations economic standpoint. The point is that this is not the first time Will Clark has done this and not too long ago he was reprimanded by Tony Cruise after a news cast for a similar circumstance. I have been associated with the WHAS families for over 40 years and always respected the integrity of the news broadcasters. Milton Metz is spinning in his grave over this type of reporting commentary. There is enough name calling and slanted views by our politicians. The fourth estate has been corrupted to think this type of reporting is acceptable. Please go back to the ethics of good reporting or I’ll turn you off.
By: Charles Eppinghoff Jr on February 22, 2019

Sorry to say I will no longer listen to WHAS in the morning. Don't like the replacement for Leland Conway.
By: Sharon louise Guenthner on February 5, 2020

Listening to TonyVanetty is like being in a middle school boys bathroom at lunch and recess. I switch to 970!
By: Anonymous on February 25, 2020

What happened to the WHAS family oriented channel. I’m almost 70 and those guys are on the morning need to be moved to some R rated station. They’re not family friendly. Tony Cruise is ok and the tall newsman try to keep it PG , sorta. I’ve got to listening to the news, weather, and road report then change the channel. No need for cussing or off color talk. If you want to be entertainers , try going to the View or somewhere else.
By: Arnold Smith on April 22, 2020

SHAME ON YOU. Since we frequent Louisville we normally listen to WHAS....NO MORE. the "but hole" song was the final. We will continue with RUSH but not Tony and Dwight. We are very disappointed and disgusted with your choices for the airtime. I might try back next year. So Long.
By: Karen OBryan on May 4, 2020

This complain is on Terry Meyers---Terry I realize you need to be funny to stay on radio TV or what ever But today 5/28/2020 3:30 pm I did not need to hear about sex rooms what to do how much time needed after each act. or how many positions were allowed. Did they make you say this or did you just enjoy it. I did not. You keep saying and saying this is a family show you are so wrong. It makes it even worst when after this conversation with the public or who ever, you stated you needed to wash your mouth out with soap. I think this was uncalled for. I feel ashamed to call this my listen to radio station. You owe your fans and who ever an apology, You get real close sometimes but this time you crossed the road. Get back over there where you need to be instead of being like the media. Shame on you and I pray your family was not listening to this sexual talk you had. . I want to post this on face book but i am better then that.
By: JOANN HARDISON on May 28, 2020

This is addressed to the management of 840 Radio. In the past I've listened to the morning show with Leland Conway. Even though, I didn't agree with all his thoughts, at least I thought he was a decent man. This morning, at approximately 9:30 am I was listening to the station and thought I had stepped into a middle school boys locker room. Their description of meeting a woman out with a mask on, not knowing if she had acne and a big nose. That's an insult to women who struggle with both. Then they went into a tirade about a brothel in a foreign country starting to open up for only 15 minutes each appointment (which they acknowledged should be enough time for most) and then went into the different positions (referring to sexual) that might be available. These are immature men in adult bodies. Can the management of I Heart radio not do any better than this? This is the first comment in my life that I have ever sent a radio station, but at one time 840's reputation was very good. I'll never listen again, unless the hosts and format changes.Put this guys on at 11:00 PM., when no one is listening.
By: Donna Rennecker on May 28, 2020

Hello, I was listening to the gentleman on the morning program today during the nine o’clock hour. They were discussing the KY State Fair. They started laughing over comments about a teeth counting booth. I do not think that making fun of residents who can’t afford to see a dentist or do not even have a dentist in their county is funny! I have volunteered at the State Fair for more than twenty years. All workers are trying to do their best to showcase the best of Kentucky. Sorry that your employees do not understand or appreciate the purpose of the State!!
By: Christine Duncan on June 10, 2020

On occasion I'll drop on on the Tony & Dwight show. It's a bit hard to listen to the low level grammar..."me and my wife ....", as an example rather than, ("My wife and I....") . And the out of date traffic reports don't help a bit. But today they were talking up the actor Bill Murray as being a cool guy... Please look back at his role in the movie, Caddy Shack. He played the role of a clownish greenskeeper that was a Vietnam war veteran with PTSD. The movie basically made fun of the war vet,making the character to look stupid and crazy. I know it was hip in those days to treat our vets with disrespect..and Hollywood played a big part in this...but why praise an actor of mediocre skills with such a rude act in his resume?
By: Mac Hunter on June 26, 2020

There like 5th graders on the morning show. But I guess you don't have to pay them much.
By: REX stephen C. on May 17, 2021

Tony and Dwight Show is not interesting. They are immature and offer nothing. Leland did have some common sense. Really disappointed with downfall of this station which I have listened to for years.
By: Vira R. on May 23, 2021

the signal has static for about the last 3 weeks. this is in my home or in my car where ever i go. I am located in sellersburg indiana. also, before the local static problem I could listen to the morning shows all the way to morristown indiana. and now the signal stops at about columbus indiana not counting the static. is there a known problem with the signal?
By: david on June 9, 2021

I was so pleasantly surprised by the conversation on the Clay and Buck show on September 21st that I will now make it a point to listen to WHAS every day at that time. I have avoided WHAS radio after trying to listen to the two guys in the morning who bring crudity and unprofessional conversation to a new level.
By: Mary on September 22, 2021

I am at a loss as to why WHAS840 continues to have Rand Paul on your station to spew his ridiculous, unverified comments about Covid-19! I happened to tune in today and heard Dwight (yelling out in the background) “He’s a doctor!” Encouraging your viewers to believe the ridiculous crap Paul was putting out there! For the record, Rand Paul is NOT a Board Certified Physician, has NO background in epidemiology or virology, and he continues to disrespect and lie about Dr. Fauci!! It is irresponsible of your radio station to have Rand Paul on, representing himself as a physician knowledgeable about Covid! You need a disclaimer regarding him if you are going to continue to let him speak about Covid and Covid treatments! Shame on you!!
By: Maryann Carney on January 5, 2022

Maryann, Paul does say some seriously goofy stuff at times, but he is still a registered ophthalmologist. Yes, that has to do with the eye and not the nasal cavity, but still, he has some work on virology. A disclaimer about his profession would be good, although let's be honest here: No one is an expert about Covid, we just have educated guesses by the CDC and the WHO to follow. Anyways, WHAS does run some pretty good sporting programs though that I can pick up from 1,000 miles away. ZBG
By: ZBG on January 7, 2022

The Tony and Dwight show is entertaining. Sometimes they are off color but if you don't like it, the radio has an off button. Not all radio shows can be boring like NPR.
By: anonymous on September 2, 2023

Sure, people can turn the radio off so as to avoid the degenerate filth which some people call "humor", but all the advertisers who pay good money to reach ears, might look at it differently. I'd literally listen to old Paul Harvey shows than the trash that comes out of WHAS these days.
By: Reply To Anonymous Above on February 11, 2024

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