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NewsRadio 610 WIOD


Miami's News, Traffic & Weather Station

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Miami, FL


Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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iHeartMedia (Clear Channel Broadcasting Licenses, Inc.)

7601 Riviera Blvd
Miramar, FL 33023


WIOD is an AM radio station broadcasting at 610 KHz. The station is licensed to Miami, FL and is part of the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL radio market. The station broadcasts News/Talk programming and goes by the name "NewsRadio 610 WIOD" on the air with the slogan "Miami's News, Traffic & Weather Station". WIOD is owned by iHeartMedia.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

You guys may find this website interesting... They clam to have a partnership arrangement with you guys and is trying to sell advertising packages... I know the owner of the site and can tell you from experience... He is a scam-er... Just the other day I visited this site and the were calming that all branches of the military, Budweiser and several Miami businesses were their sponsors... They in fact do not have an online radio station as the website implies.
By: Mark Walker on February 9, 2011

there is no doubt that you all aided in the recall of natacha seijas yes she was bitch i never got a thank you from her regarding my loud and public position during BOTH recalls and letters published why dont you take a look at the candidates for her seat and have us on
By: alan rigerman on May 10, 2011

Note to Program/Operations Manager. Why did you move Schnitt to graveyard shift 9PM-12 Midnight, and replace the 3-6PM slot with a local, boring, talentless, talk guy? That decision will lose audience numbers. Myself and 10 other people at work have already switched over to 850 to listen to Lou Dobbs. A local talk host should not be on drive-time. He cannot compete with nationally syndicated shows. Please move Schnitt back. Thank you.
By: Curt Schwartz on July 14, 2011

I just want to say that I am extremely shocked that you would move arguably one of the best radio shows.The Schnitt show to 9PM???? Luckily I have satellite radio so I won't be affected. All my friends and family now turn off WIOD at 3pm and listen to Schnitt online through his Tampa affiliate. This is a horrible decision. You do not put some random guy on at 3pm. What kind of irresponsible decision making is going on there? I'm sure the ratings will speak for themself when you see everyone drop off at 3pm. Schnitt's show is growing everyday for a reason and you replace him with some random guy? Put the random guy on at 9pm. Thanks.
By: Dawn Dennis on August 9, 2011

Bring Schnitt back to 3pm. I stream WIOD from 10am-3pm and then have to switch over to Tampa's online stream in order to hear Schnitt. It's annoying. Even better, move Cefalo to the 9pm time slot because he's quite indolent and I find his show material to be dull.
By: Christie on August 9, 2011

I had no idea what happened to Todd on WIOD 610 until reading these posts on this site... I just happened to type in what happened to Todd S. on 610 and this came up... glad it did because I could not understand why he was no longer on the radio from 3-6 PM. I have been listening to his show for many years and miss it so much! What was the factor in changing things with a new talk show radio host? Please, please, please bring Todd S. back... he is loved and missed!
By: Vicky on August 23, 2011

Sir, The only time I have to listen to your quality AM talk radio shows is either going and coming from work in traffic. Moving Todd Schnitt to 9:00 pm will be a diasaster for your station. Many of my co workers also very much enjoyed his show and now none of us like the guy you have replaced him with. I hope you put him back in his original spot or I will be forced to listen elswhere. This is the first time in my 51 years I have ever written a radio station but I just have to comment . I have listened to the replacement program to be fair. Forget it . Please bring back Todd Schnitt to his daytime hours! Respectfully Rick Walter Margate ,Fl
By: Rick Walter on August 25, 2011

Please bring back Schnitt to the hours between 3 pm thru 6 pm. I just can’t believe WIOD took his air time to 9 pm. Thanks
By: Pablo J Roque on September 1, 2011

I will no longer listen to 610 WIOD at 3PM. Todd Schnitt was informed, intelligent and a pleasure to listen to. Many, many listeners feel as I do and WIOD will lose Todd's loyal followers and their ratings will be even worse. I hope the powers to be at the radio station will reconsider this terrible decision.
By: Lois on September 2, 2011

Please bring back Schnitt to the 3 to 6 slot.. Rich Manaya Sucks!!!!
By: Rosita on September 15, 2011

I grew up in new york and I am 52 years old now and I spent years listening to the big names in radio. I've been listening to wiod now for a few years but now I think I'm movin on. The hosts you have now are becoming so boring. The world is falling apart around the world and these guys talk like there's no material to work with. Cefalos voice makes me want to go to bed again. Him and Manaya both find it entertaining to beat a stupid story to death. They are ALWAYS trying to find an absurd subject and go on an on about it. I like Beck, Rush and Schnitt. It's a shame I have to listen to these fill ins before the good shows. Good move moving Todd to 9:00. He was at least entertaining on the drive home. Well, if you guys think you have talent at wiod then you'll be out of business in another year. JZ
By: J zitzmann on September 30, 2011

Who was the brain child for moving Todd Schnitt from 3 to 9 pm? The new guy is quite boring, he does not sound to be too informed on intellectual subject matter, quiet frankly he pounds his topics in the ground - YAWN! Bring back Todd and apologize, you'll see your viewer ratings rise to their for high numbers! SHAME ON YOU!
By: Dan N on January 15, 2012

Bring back Schnitt on the 3-6PM slot. Are you listeneing to the guy you put in his place? Are you? The man is totally uninteresting. Our only choices now are to switch to Lou Dobbs. Fine man but no fire, or Hennety on a scratchy reception, and strictly political. Schnitt has passion for what he does. A fine sense of humor and he tackles any subject that is on the menu for the day. I no longer listen to WIOD at this time.
By: Francoise Dodson on January 20, 2012

I was not impressed during this mornings news at 7am, as a news item was being reported it was interupted with a comment 'rasist bastards'. I intend to also contact the FCC.
By: Ken W on February 29, 2012

I have been listening to WIOD since I moved to Florida twelve years ago, and I generally enjoy your programming. However, and this is a big however, Rush Limbaugh went over the line. First of all, he attacked a young law student for merely exercising her First Amendment Rights to free speech. No matter how you look at it, it boils down to this: Limbaugh tried to intimidate her from expressing her opinion. And she showed real class, which makes Limbaugh look bad. I will no longer listen to WIOD as long as you carry Limbaugh. If he were a guest in my home and he said that about anybody, not just a dignified young law student, I would ask him to leave, and if he didn't leave, I'd call the police and ask them to eject him. When you get rid of Limbaugh, I'll start listening to WIOD again, but not a moment before.
By: Joseph D. McCaffrey on March 8, 2012

The Fluke woman was nothing more than a plant by the Democratic liberal left. They wanted her to speak before Issa's committee and they said no because she had nothing to bring to the committee. The democrats set her up in a room made to look as though she was performing before an important committee. There was no committee, it was just a room full of democrats and the liberal press. All of this was take the spotlight away from Mr. Issa's committee. Ms. Fluke's undergraduate degree was all about radicalism and women. Unfortunately, Rush fell for her ridiculous speech. Since women can get contraceptives for $10 to $15 a month - where does she come up with the $1,000 cost. And furthermore, why should taxpayers pay for her or any other women's sexual escapades.
By: Patricia Carey on March 21, 2012

Get rid of Rich Manaya. He's opinionated domineering dead air time. Bring in the Jerry Doyle show or return Schnitt to that time slot. They both excel at their craft.
By: DD on September 19, 2012

I injoy Rich Manaya he talks from is heart and head. I listen to him for years. When he worked on Lansing Michigan. He is very go at his job.. The people that do not like him meaning, he's doing the job you sent him for.
By: Walter K. on October 27, 2012

Perhaps Todd preferred the night shift to spend more time with kids n family, For years I listened to his show every single day and when he went to 9:00 p.m I always wondered why or who the heck made such a terrible decision. I miss his show dearly. The man is a walking encyclopedia! And what about his funny and twisted sense of humor?
By: elaine on December 5, 2012

bring back schnitt sanchess sucks
By: guy on January 20, 2013

Rick Sanchez is a tad above Manaya. Not much. Bring back Schnnidt to 3pm please.
By: Connie Munoz on April 10, 2013

Rick Sanchez is a closet socialist posing as a pseudo-conservative. Get this cretin off of the air. Schnitt is a vast improvement, but I would prefer a pro-free market, pro- tea party guy. Out with RINOS and establishment RINOS.
By: Mike Miles on October 25, 2013

Why the schedule change suddenly? I enjoyed listening to Rick Sanchez and I thought he had quite a following. And you reduced him to 2 hours? Wow. Also in the morning on Cefalo's program could you please mention traffic in the Kendall area more. A good portion of the Miami population travel west to east on Bird/Miller/Sunset and Kendall and the Canadian you have doing traffic talks so fast, it's like he's running an auction. Tell him to sloooowwww down!
By: Laurette M. Ellis on January 8, 2014

Lately, I've been concerned about the tendency of some WIOD announcers to mispronounce certain words. As public radio announcers, I believe that they should be more responsible in their use of the English language. Some glaring examples: the "traffic" girl at night, Marissa S., prounounces the word "construction" without the "s". She says "con-truction". Odd. Reno Grant pronounces the short "a" vowel sound as "e". So, "boulevard" becomes "boule-verd". And, last, Michael Wolf pronounces "Hallandale" as "Hollandale", which is incorrect, of course. They are all excellent announcers, and it would sure be nice if they would correct these annoying errors. Some of the commercials are annoying enough, such as Mobile Mike's irritating screaming at the microphone. Thanks, folks. --L.S.
By: Laurence Stang on July 7, 2014

You people are all idiots. WIOD doesn't read the comments on this page! Also, if you like any of their boring programming, kill yourselves. I am not trying to seduce you! -- Gilbert
By: Gilbert on August 15, 2014

You have a spot that runs during your program advertising your advertising on WIOD, It says very clearly that you should advertise on WIOD "Because 2,000,000 people are listening" !! ?? Not over a period of week of advertising or anything like that. This is an exaggeration to the point that it could cause a class action suit against WIOD by all your advertisers !
By: Thomas Buyea on September 19, 2014

is it really necessary to have the H___ word constantly used by talk show hosts? Listening now to Rick Sanchez and it's like every few sentences, there it is again.
By: Suzette Gibson on October 7, 2014

Rick Sanchez stinks.
By: Gee Gee on January 21, 2015

This message is for Jimmy Cefalo morning news 610 WIOD Radio. Jimmy, when murders happen in the black community from lawless citizens it is upsetting and causes deep heartache. When unarmed black citizens are murdered by police without consequence for their actions, this is more upsetting because they should be there to uphold the law, not become an additional impediment to the community! You always call Al Sharpton and people like him, rabble rousers. Jimmy, you started your show this morning speaking about a Justice Department report stating all of the horrible injustices circulation in the Mozori Police department. You then took no time to say how wrong they were for operating this way! You turned and began attacking Al Sharpton and people like him for the two policeman who were shot last night! When you sir are tired of being a closet racist yourself, let me know! How you spent so much time with blacks on and off the field of football and yet can harbor so much bitterness toward them is quite sad sir. All humans are flawed, yes all of us, not just blacks!
By: RICHARD BAUGH on March 12, 2015

What happened to Michael Wolf the WIOD announcer?
By: Vern on September 8, 2015

Vern - Michael Woulfe retired a few months ago.
By: JMB on October 8, 2015

What happened to Rick Sanchez?
By: Teresa on October 8, 2015

Where is Rick Sanchez? I miss his objectivity
By: Julius on October 12, 2015

why is Jimmy Cefalo sooooo rude to Natalie Rodriguez? although he loves talking to Wendi
By: Eduardo Vega on October 16, 2015

What happened to Ron Phillips, the traffic guy? I miss his quick-wit humor, especially between he and Jimmy.
By: Ben on October 19, 2015

glad Rick Sanchez is gone from WIOD. whenever a caller came on that didn't agree with him he would cut them off and belittle them. as a radio host i would think you would have an intellectual battle with a caller that doesn't share your ideals instead of bullying them and hanging up on them.
By: robert in miami on October 22, 2015

So what's the real reason Rick Sanchez left WIOD?
By: Alexander on October 28, 2015

I am so happy that Prick Snatchez is off the air. Drew Steele is an excellent host. Bring Hannity back to the afternoon drive time. I want to make babies with Wendy.
By: FlagranteDelicto on October 29, 2015

I meant bring back Todd Schnitt to afternoon drive time.
By: FlagranteDelicto on October 29, 2015

Sanchez is gone?? YEEEEHAAAAWWWWWW!!! WHAT TOOK SO LONG?? What a talentless hack. Hey Rick, why don't you crawl home to channel 7? You guys are like peanut butter and jelly. I think it's sooo funny that WIOD is obviously left leaning but their biggest revenue producers are conservative shows like Rush and Hannity. It must kill them. LOL
By: william bartlett on November 19, 2015

I was giddy with glee when WIOD cancelled the Rick Sanchez show. He was a lefty loon mouthpiece for the politically correct power elite. His phoney anti-cop, anti-white, anti-middle class rhetoric turned my stomach, and he made sure to bring his well-rehearsed disinformation soundbites with him from the "blue screen" fake news CNN to WIOD. My question is why did Clear Channel hire him in the first place?
By: Jan Murphy on November 23, 2015

All you guys are a bunch of envious hatters. Rick Sanchez is a home grown talent that represented his community well. We should all be proud of his work and accomplishments.
By: Sergio Perez on December 1, 2015

Open Borders liberal Cefalo is a democrat and should be in California holding the doors open for his illegals
By: John Frost on December 2, 2015

A response to Mr. Perez who thinks that Rick Sanchez is a "home-grown talent who represented his community well." Tell that nonsense to Jeffrey Smuzinick who languished and eventually died in a nursing home after Rick Sanchez performed a community service "hit-and-run" on him while leaving a Miami Dolphins game back in 1990. At the time, Sanchez was an anchorman for WSVN-TV channel 7 news. He fled the scene after severely injuring Smuzinick and then decided to return two hours later when he was still drunk and well above the legal limit. Fortunately, his invisible friends on the police force, (the same cops who he loves to vilify on his radio talk show), never charged him with hit-and-run since he was a high-profile anchorman. He was later charged with (and pleaded no contest to) DUI. We certainly should all be proud of his works and accomplishments.
By: Jan Murphy on December 3, 2015

What took WIOD so long to get rid of this individual? You have to question their judgement.
By: Peter McWilliam on December 8, 2015

I listen to WIOD frequently. I wish to know the name and spelling of the weather lady. I have heard her name 30 or more times and still can't say or spell it. It is bugging me. It sounds like Savalis or something like that. Can you please help me????? My phone is 305-232-1422. I live in Kendall. Thank you!!!
By: Bernard M. Stein on December 8, 2015

So happy Ricky boy is gone! And, bring back Ron the traffic guy HE RULES!
By: Mady on December 9, 2015

there will be new people new weather people new sports people new traffic people on weekdays and weekends for good
By: tory on December 13, 2015

Glad to see sanchez outta there! He could take his left wing rhetoric back over there..oh i forgot, they prob dont want him back either. Lmao..Now, can we please get back glen beck or maybe leave bloom daddy in on at 10-12
By: wally on December 16, 2015

I stopped listening to Rick Sanchez the day in August when I heard him say " The problem with immigration is white people. They don't want to accept we are going to be an Hispanic country." Of course, at the same time he would call anybody who wanted less immigration a racist, xenophobe, nativist, anti immigrant bigot. rick is not a bad person, but he is a Hispanic supremacist who has no clue how offensive some things he says on the air. he thinks only white people are racist, not him and those like him that champion endless unlimited immigration. I actually wish he was still on the air so people could hear what a Hispanic supremacist sounds like.
By: Delmar jackson on January 11, 2016

Remember when Rick went on his anti white diatribes by referring to "anglo saxon whites" .He wanted to exclude hispanic whites from his attacks. One day he told his screener he only wanted to hear from anglo saxon whites.Glad that creep is gone gone gone .
By: jim corridan on February 2, 2016

Who are the idiots here thinking that Schmitt is a quality show on the radio? I guess it shows the kind of intellect that most talk show listners in S. Florida pocess, sadly. You want to listen a " real" intelligent, conservative talk show? Trying finding the Michael Medved show and tune to what a true professional sounds like. For the love of Mike..we should be able to do better than "Shitty Schmitt".
By: Bob Brickell on February 4, 2016

I'm glad to see Sanchez gone off of the air. Though I don't particularly care for his replacement much either. I love Schnitt, I wish they would move him back to his original time slot. Currently I have to listen to schnits podcast. If anything get rid of Beck. I loved beck 15-20 years ago but now he's went off the deep end.
By: T.Smith on February 15, 2016

I cannot stand Fernand R. Amandi (it sounds like "Fernando Monty" when he says it on air), Sanchez is my next least favorite, and Schnitt is my 3rd least favorite. Why can't you replace them with real talent like Laura Ingram. I have renewed my listening to CDs whenever Fernand R. Amandi is on air as I find him too infuriating to listen to him.
By: William Dunaj on February 24, 2016

One great thing about the former Rick Sanchez Show was that they took calls. We wish Rick and his family well. Though I must admit on the new show at night, on the channel no one watches except me Rick is Rocking.
By: Manny Ramirez on February 27, 2016

Why can't the spot between Jimmy and Rush ever be filled with someone who is not an idiot (Minaya/Sanchez) , or a Dem cheerleader like the current schlub? I don't tune into WIOD to listen to Dems. I hear and see too much of that in the MSM. Please get an intelligent conservative to fill the spot.
By: Lisa on March 3, 2016

I used to laugh at Rick and Sally Fitz on WSVN in the 90's but I laughed little when the last couple of years of his stink on WIOD. His shows deteriorated into endless pro latino immigration rants. Always ending in "these people will eventually assimilate into our culture"....When is that Rick? Sure looks like anglos are the ones expected to assimilate as evidenced by the spanish speaking hordes that walk the aisles of our supermarkets and offices. Rick must have known the end was near as his last few months on the airwaves were concentrated on changing the mind set towards illegal immigration. I just have one question RIcardo...who is paying for all the freebies both legal and illegal immigrants sponge off the state?? I say Good Riddance and the current clown WIOD has on is a libbie shill also..
By: Thayer Davidd on March 14, 2016

Rick was a bumbling idiot. Bring back someone who's show is based on the only thing that can save this country, the constitution. Mark Levin needs to be put back on 610 and is the only hope of spreading this type of message to south Florida.
By: Peter on March 18, 2016

So, WIOD Finally got rid of that worthless hack, Rick Sanchez. About time! But now, they replace him with this absolutely disgusting Progressive-Socialist Liberal, Fernand Amandi. Are you kidding me? If he were any more to the Left, he'd fall off the edge. Another thing, I used to like Schnitt, until one day a few years ago I was listening to his show and realized that they had taped the First Hour, then replayed the tape for hours 2 and 3! All the while broadcasting the phone number "if you want to call in." What kind of unethical crap radio is that?? I've heard similar bs on other talk shows, to be fair about it. None of that is right!
By: Stan d. Upnow on March 24, 2016

Bye Bye Rick Sanchez. No more "conversations", Rick. Rick Sanchez was a phony know-it-all, name dropping hack that seriously hurt your weekday lineup. Rick had n objectivity and was more interested in positioning himself as smarter than his callers. Rick was living off his nationality and Spanish sounding sir-name which seems too often deemed necessary to succeed in Miami radio. I can assure the bigwigs at WIOD, at least for this listener, that this isn't true, I am more interested in what's being said than the nationality of who is saying it.
By: Reggie on April 19, 2016

Bring Back Rick'nSuds Rush Rules, and Schnitt is to Donald Trump as Donald Trump is to a 5th Grader.
By: Rico Suave on April 20, 2016

Please take Fernand Amandi off the air. The man has no logic. It is incredibly frustrating listening to someone try to sound intelligent when they cannot separate their thoughts from their emotions. As hard as I've tried, and I've given him a lot more listening time than I did Rick Sanchez, I just cannot listen to his irrational, nonsensical rants any longer. And when a mature, well-educated, facts-driven, logical caller calls in to debate him, he sounds like a 12 year old child being told he can't play in the sand box any more. He almost always has something stupid and snarky to say in response. The only thing the man has going for his show is that he has a (mostly) intelligent audience, who from time to time might call in and comment. Please replace Fernand Armandi with someone less liberal, less progressive, and more intelligent.
By: Mel on May 16, 2016

Your lisners are so right. Fagalo willput you to sleep, Sanchez is gone thank god, Armando is just as bad, and it took me 30 times to figure out Heather zare name
By: Nelson on May 23, 2016

I knew Rick wouldn't last long. They don't like free thinkers at IOD. Right-wing maniacs need only apply. Why don't you bring back Neil? He's better dead than your current line up is alive.
By: Juan on May 24, 2016

Listening to Cefalo for too long can't get over the amount of time he has taken off since the first of the year. Always busy-no regard for listeners and he babbles, bad atriculation also. Half the time don't know what he saying. Now with the new show Eat This, already missing time. He is only concerned with himself the heck with the audience. Now with new show last week "he was traveling" This week his sidekirk "took day off" Time for a change to someone who cares. And, deserves a salary. JLG Glad you got rid of Sanchez. He was bias
By: J Grady on May 28, 2016

I do not enjoy hearing the very biased radio host who comes on at 10:00 am. Put Schnitt back in that time slot. I am tired of hearing this guy constantly put Trump down. Move him to 9:00 pm and Schnitt to 10:00 am Rebecca
By: rebecca henry on June 14, 2016

I am for the most part a 34 year old young conservative and I actually enjoyed hearing Rick Sanchez challenge the right wing status quo. He brought up interesting points that you wouldn't hear from Rush & Hannity, and I enjoyed hearing his perspective on issues. Now at the same time there were times that I would shut the radio off because he would go into crazy land on some issues but for the most part he had an open mind set. Now this Fernand guy is just a waste of air time. I tried giving him the benefit of a doubt but its quite annoying hearing him open the phone lines to only ignore listeners comments with his smart a$$ comments and then muting & hanging up on them. Put Schnitt in his spot! Lastly, I used to be a Beck fan but he has now become the most annoying voice on radio, his cold sarcasm and division creating insights have taken its toll. He made a huge mistake by backing a candidate and burying all the other candidates in the process. Obviously it blew up in his face and instead of taking it like a man he is now pouting like a child and lashing out at everyone he can attack. Get rid of him, please! Schnitt would be great for that spot too!
By: Anthony V. on June 21, 2016

Please get rid of Fernand Amandi. His show is terrible...All he does is push his agenda. I can't take listening to it anymore I think other people would agree with me it's a wasted two hours of your valuable airtime. Please replace him with someone that we could actually listen to
By: John Lock on June 24, 2016

Get fernand off the radio please.
By: Mike on July 1, 2016

10-12am-----msnbc radio----- Please change
By: Mike on July 1, 2016

Please, please, I have been a WIOD 610 Listener forever, since 1992, I really cAN NOT STAND THAT LEFTIST HACK AND FAKER FERNAND AMANDI AT 10AM. i HAVE SERIOUSLY TUNED OUT ! ! ! ! I listen to RUSH, Hannity, and Beck, Sorry Shmitt is not very freash or intellectual.
By: Joh Evens on July 1, 2016

Get fernand off the radio please
By: Mike on July 5, 2016

Fernand keeps saying repeatedly Donald trump has bad judgment just like Hilary yet Donald Trump wasn't talking to the FBI all weekend about his carelessness A slight difference. Thank God his show is over and Rush is on please take fernand off the radio. Is there anyway you could do a poll to see if the majority of your listeners actually like listening to that guy
By: Mike on July 5, 2016

Please get fernand off the radio please
By: Mike on July 6, 2016

I'm listening to rush thinking today was great because I wasn't listening between 10-12 and had to hear Fernands BS. Please remove fernand from the radio thanks
By: Mike on July 7, 2016

Please get rid of Fernand, he is a very opinionated Democrat who brings on characters like Anthony Weiner a disgrace to the show and other Democrats who will attack Donald Trump or be anti-republican. He makes up lies about other candidates such as Donald Trump that are Republican and protects Hillary Clinton who is a Democrat and is always trying to defend her and trying to change people's minds. This guy is such a liberal trying to destroy people's minds and get them to vote for Hillary he needs to go he won't let you talk if you're not on his side and hangs up on you or text you off the air it's time for him to go it seems that you guys just don't care or listen however.
By: Gari A Senderoff on July 27, 2016

I can't take listening to Fernand Amanti or Joy or Anthony Wiener or his wife any more. I have switched to NPR which isn't quite as biased!
By: Nancy on July 29, 2016

Please get fernand armani off the air. He is such a liberal. Cant stand listening to him.
By: Jeffrey Reid on August 1, 2016

Please change 10-12 spot he is painful to hear. Does anyone see this that can do something about it or is it a waste of time
By: Mike on August 8, 2016

The Amandi show is a waste of time, listening to the self pompous, liberal, gay defending ,girlie man is not what i want my family listening to. I will call the sponsors of the show and tell them I refuse to buy their products, this is the only way to get the stations attention to the problem. (hit them in the pocketbook $$$ ) Please dump this guy, he does your station HARM...
By: Ernie on August 10, 2016

I have also switched to NPR because it is less biased than Fernand Amandi. Today I tried to listen but the moment he announced Anthony Wiener I switched to a health podcast. Who in their right mind wants to listen to Anthony Weiner?
By: SUE on August 10, 2016

Armandi is extremely biased towards latinos and anyone who disagrees with him is "racist" . Adding WIener of all people to share their politrical accumen is comedy. Sanchez was bad but Amandi is much worse....
By: Tood and Bruce on August 12, 2016

Must admit, I agree with the other comments, Amandi is a leftist and I stopped listening between 10&12 because of him. I thought Sanchez was terrible and glad to see him go but Amandi is even worse! Dump him immediately I beg of you ...
By: Rebeca on August 18, 2016

Unfortunately turned on 610 for Rush a couple of minutes early today and heard the moron ranting and Raving on a caller for being a racist that should pack her bags and move out of the country because and this is all I heard I don't know what it was pertaining to but the caller said the first thing people do when they enter the country illegally his break the law arMandi then blew up like a little kid as usual I am so sick of hearing that BS it's just like listening to MSNBC.
By: Mike on August 22, 2016

Armandi is a latino apologist and hearing him call anyone who doesn't agree with obvious desire to transform South Florida to a 3rd world slum a 'racist" is tiring. There are other stations to listen to and I now choose to do so......BTW Anthony Weiner is a joke and Armandi putting him on the airwaves is embarrasing.
By: steve r on August 29, 2016

The 10am-12pm commentator is a bleeding liberal! Why is he on your station? I don't listen anymore in that time frame.
By: Henry L on August 30, 2016

Another day boycotting the 10-12 slot Hypocrite Amandi on contract and if yes HOW much longer before it's over???
By: Rebeca on September 7, 2016 The program director for wiod maybe that is a better email to send our opinions of the need to change msnbc wannabe in the 10-12 slot as much as I enjoy hearing liberal BS and the personal opinion of the great Anthony Weiner about how bad trump is--truely comical and annoying we have to listen to an extension of msnbc
By: Mike on September 8, 2016

I think it's obvious that he has been hired to make sure Hillary wins South Florida. I couldn't even listen for 5 minutes today before turning the radio off.
By: Sue on September 9, 2016

I have been a loyal listener to WIOD for years. I truly love Manny Munoz, Heather Zare, the Female with Jimmy and Manny, (Rodriguez?) perhaps is it? I forget her first name. But it really has deteriorated between 10:00 and Noon, now. You had Rick Sanchez, who is not mentally well, and this Arrogant, self-certified "intellect" who dismisses you if you don't agree with his Liberal Agenda, and HE is a dedicated sycophant of Hillary. He's rude, nasty like a little girl, and wants everyone to hear he's a "Latino" but "look at me; I'm not Republican like those OTHER DUMB CUBANS--" what a total Jerk. Please get rid of that "mequetrefe-" And the day you do fire him, I hope someone has the guts to give him a nice, hard Punch in the stomach, because he's given hundreds of us a Stomach ache with his Hubris-- Hannity is annoying. Put a TRUE Conservative at the 3:00 o'clock slot, like ME-- Anthony Lisanti Hollywood Florida- PS: I'm not kidding-- PS: what happened to Ron Phillips, the Canadian-born Traffic Guy?
By: Anthony Lisanti on September 10, 2016

By: Mike on September 12, 2016

This Cefalo should be let go. He is out too much on his own other endeavors with no regard to his station requirement. He babbles and speech garbled. Going to the Bank with the big laugh.. Manny should be right behind him.
By: J. Grady on September 14, 2016

Another day that the Fernand Aamndi show gives me a stomach ache. Please get rid of him and Joy from MSNBC. She is so in love with herself!!
By: Sue on September 23, 2016

Take Fernand Amandi off the air! Get him out of here! Jimmy Cefalo has passed his prime- get Cefalo off the air!
By: Donald J Trump on September 27, 2016

I cant believe this POMPOUS DIRT BAG is still on 610 The only way to remove him is to listen to the commercials get the phone #s and call them. Tell them that you will not buy their product or service so long as this LIBERAL COMMUNIST is on the air. When they go to pay their monthly 610 bill, they will remember your call and think twice about what you said. Maybe they will call the station and voice their opinion about him to the general manager. This method WORKS, we removed another IDIOT in Oregon on 750 am many years ago, Jim Bickel (sp). Sponsor after sponsor called in and he was FIRED! Lets make him eat his motto. (follow the $$$ ) Well lets cut off his $$$ and see how long he lasts.......... Its a shame that 850 doesn't come in a little better in the Miami area.
By: Ernie on September 28, 2016

To: Fernand Amandi You have got to be one of the most uninformed or ill informed people when it comes to deciding whether Clinton or Trump is qualified to be president. Your left wing program gives you away. You are so biased and obviously have not done your homework. You operate only on emotion. Clinton wants only to continue the Obama legacy of transforming America into a socialist third world country country without borders. Please check and see what Clinton has actually achieved in 30 years. The answer is zero. She is a liar and deceitful and should be in jail for her actions. Just ask the little 12 year old girl (now an adult) that was raped back in AK. She bragged about how she beat the system and freed a guilty man. It's been her MOS ever since.
By: Jim Pullen on October 1, 2016

I heard Fernand Amandi tell a caller that he had to explain to his four year old son what Donald Trump said the hot mic video. What a moron! Shouldn't a four year old be watching children's programming instead of the so-called news? This pansy should not only be taken off the air but should also be kept away from children.
By: Frank on October 12, 2016

610 WIOD- please take the liberal Fernand Amandi off the air. We are conservative.
By: Grab the Fussy on October 13, 2016

Oh! Please, I can't wait for you to fire Fernand Amandi, he is so uninformed send him to Cuba with camarade Obama and Hillary. I can't listen to wiod from 10 to 12., so please bring another person a smart one. He said the other day that Hillary didn't lie, please give me a break he is a total ignorant and he was so insulted because of the Donald Trump 11 year old video about women when he is probably saying something similar when he is with others but, he is not disgusted about Pervert Anthony Wiener in his show he is a hypocrite
By: Lourdes on October 19, 2016

Fernand Amandi is a political hack, every poll he's touted either from his company or other polls have been dead wrong. He said Trump wouldn't make it pass the primarys and he was wrong. He been saying daily how Trump is gonna lose the election and he's gonna be proven wrong again. I only can listen to him for 10 minutes then I turn the station to the Rich Stevens Show on 850am.
By: Miguel on October 22, 2016

Fernand Amandi = 2 hour info-mmercial for DNC & and liberal social re-engineering. Nothing personal against the man, but had to switch stations. WIOD can do much better. Registered Independent.
By: Price Phister on October 24, 2016

In advance I'm already sick of what spin Fernand has to say about weiner and Hilary somehow he will only talk about negative trump issues. What happened to his love of weiner. Fernando got slapped in the face by "wiener"-which should be a direct insult to wiod for putting a moron who thinks so highly of an idiot like weiner and his MSNBC buddies. Not Looking forward to the next liberal idiot wiod puts in the 10-12 slot why not Just do the listeners a favor and play either music or dead air both would be better than fernand.
By: Michael on October 31, 2016

Fernand , you touted Weiner gates experience and how you marveled at his talent. How do you feel now when your judgement is so flawed and opinion so one sided? grab your ankles Fernand and kiss your liberal butt gooodbye
By: Al on November 4, 2016

I can't listen to wiod from 10 to 12. Please remove Fernand Amandi show. He is totally biased.
By: Maria on November 4, 2016

I wanted Rick Sanchez out but I have to say that Fernand Amandi is worse.Be careful what you ask for.
By: Angel Merino on November 4, 2016

Fernand Amandi, you'll be very busy tomorrow admitting you were wrong about who is our rightful next President. In the end America saw the corruption of the Clintons and voted accordingly.
By: Ruben weisson on November 9, 2016

Can we please take a vote now to get amandi off air he is about as correct as his polling company and views
By: Mike on November 9, 2016

I feel so sad for Fernand. I visualized him sitting on the politburo with Hillary as the head.
By: Joe on November 9, 2016

Fernandez Amandi is a libtard.
By: John on November 11, 2016

Fernand Amandi is a libtard.
By: John on November 11, 2016

I am another who cannot listen to Fernand. He claims he is not a liberal, but it oozes from all his pores. He has had callers on the line when he made fun of them. Example: when discussing Melania Trump's speech as being copied from Michelle Obama, he played a tape with cuts from both interposed back and forth. When discussing this with a caller who said she was a former state representative, Fernand said, "don't you agree that 98 per cent of her speech was copied" the lady said no. She meant to answer that 98 percent of the whole speech was not copied. Before she could make her answer, Fernand played the tape again keeping her from speaking. Only 98 percent of what Fernand played was copied, not the whole speech. Fernand constantly made fun of those who called in and stated that he he polls might be wrong on the election, Fernand began to reel off the names: CNN, ABC, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC, etc. lately since being proven wrong, he has spent several mornings berating Trump and stating how incompetent he will be. "Disingenuous" Thank you
By: Cornelius Catlett on November 21, 2016

First you have that two faced communist, marxist fake cuban Rick Sanchez, now you put on another Marxist low life Fernand Amandi who berates his callers and behaves like a darn leftest msnbc loony tunes. I can't listen to your your 10am-12pm slot any further all I get is heartburn and vomit comes my throat when I hear that douches voice. Get rid of Amandi and replace him wit Laura Ingraham.
By: Emilio on December 23, 2016

Cefalo has to go. He must have been out this year for maybe 100 days. He just interested in the paycheck. His Eat This is a joke too, Listening to him eat is an insult and Brenda is terrible also she with her speech of "good, oh, wow" Nothing to contribute. Leave him commercial announcing and he just lies that he knows them personally. I have brought this to Grace;s attention for this whole year, but no action.
By: jgrady on January 1, 2017

Please, please, and please. Let Amandi go. From all things, what really annoys me is when he tells a caller (with clear sarcasms) to have a intelligent conversation, I know you are a smarter than that, I have never seem such arrogance. Not to mention when he says that is good to disagree and then starts yelling at the caller or just hangs up the phone.
By: Wendel on January 18, 2017

As a longtime listener of WIOD since the days of Larry King, Mike Reneri and Big Wilson I want to express my displeasure of one of the current talk show host - Fernand Amandi. In the 1980's I was a guest on the shows of Alan Burke and Sandy Peyton during the days of deregulation of trucking. I also screened calls for Dr. John Huffman who filled the Alan Courtney slot on Sunday nights. Therefore, I feel I can say I am familiar with talk radio. Although I can say I disagreed with some of the above they were courteous and respected our differences of opinion, resulting in quality programming. It seems Fernand Amandi does not tolerate callers who have different opinions and cuts them off. Then he expresses his own opinion afterwards in a hostile attitude. He does not respect the caller. It is my opinion he does not represent the quality of talk show host WIOD has aired in the past and should be replaced. I continue to listen to Jimmy 6-10, Rush 12-3, Hannity 3-6 but I turn the channel from 10 - 12. Thank you
By: Alden Barnett on January 19, 2017

Please please take Fernand off the air! He is horrible and his show sucks. Its infuriating to listen to his crappy show and how all he does is push his agenda. He does not let the callers speak, interrupting non stop whoever doesn't share his leftist opinions. If you cannot separate your thoughts from your emotions, you should not be on the air.
By: Marly on January 20, 2017

This guy is such a bully to his callers...he says he takes all calls, but hangs up on those who speak against him and over speaks at them, trying to intimidate..."as he stated before his show his rules"...this guys is pure garbage and only cherry picks to make his show interesting. Honestly, the best part of his show is his wife during the segment she said, he said. However, the rest of his show is such FAKE NEWS! its just the same garbage from other Media outlet that wants to brainwash the American people into their way of thinking. Take this guy off your air....even Jimmy and Manny takes a crack at him during the transition, I doubt anyone likes him in the station. What a waste of 2 hours!!
By: Frankie on January 23, 2017

Please get rid of that Fernand idiot...your listeners are leaving quickly
By: Javier on January 25, 2017

Get rid of Amandi, won't listen to that slot until he's gone.
By: Mike on January 26, 2017

Get ridd of Fernand. I have listened since 1976 Neil Rogers, Mike Reneri, Sandy Payton. I will find another Station. Now. Many have expressed same views as I. Let him finish his contract if it is over soon he needs to go.
By: Anne Oates on January 30, 2017

When are you going to replace the nauseating Fernand Amandi! His show has driven me to listen to Public Radio which is actually more balanced.
By: Robert on January 31, 2017

I can't stand it anymore!! Get this liberal communist out of WIOD!! Is this station going left?
By: Misael on February 7, 2017

Listen to all the negative comments on Fernand Amandi. How much bad comments does it take to rid this station of Fernand Amandi. He just blashed the President. Nothing positive. And he lies that his ratings are the highest. Who is the Program Director? Listen to the listeners and change Amandi send him to follow Sanchez.
By: J. Grady on February 8, 2017

Fernand Amandi NEEDS to GO - ASAP! He is ruining WIOD! SICK of hearing that guy's VOICE - most people i know tune off that channel as soon as his (supposed) '"Program" (DAILY RANTS!) starts! He is NOT worth discussing - he is DIVIDING the Country (and LOVES doing it!)! He has NO CLUE about much of what he talks about! So, he just spreads "HIS LIES" DAILY (has no tolerance of anyone who doesn't AGREE WITH HIM - period! Just rudely 'disconnects' them) . Few people are bothering to listen to this guy! He is a PRO-ILLEGAL ALIEN, biased, Radical Socialist (perhaps Communist) - and is intolerant of anyone whom he can't LEAD down that path! GET HIM OFF the air!!
By: MSpurr on February 9, 2017

I'm self-employed so I am able to listen to your Radio station for most of the day. I have been a long time listener. However, I tune to a different station at 10:00 when Fernand Amandi is on the air. I feel that he lacks credibility. He is a very negative person and is nasty to the callers when they disagree with them. He has no moral issues, he had Rep. Antony Weiner on his show. Is this the moral standing that WIOD represents, then I have missed judged your station. He is missed informed on some of the facts that he present. The guests that he has on his show are individuals who represent his opinion. I would like to hear opposing viewpoints, just not one sided issue. I have enjoyed listening to your radio show and hope that enjoyment can move forward. Thanks
By: Denis DeFeo on February 13, 2017

I didn't catch the name of the host this morning just before noon (Feb. 16, 2017) who played an "exclusive" tape of Trump in Russia discussing his exploring investments in Russia and then the host called Trump a liar because Trump supposedly claimed to 1.) never have been in Russia and 2.) never had any business meetings about investing in projects in Russia. Whoever that host was better retract and apologize for such fake news. Trump is well known for having been to Russia and talking about investing there but he never did do any business there, other than his Miss Universe contest. H is a link to an article from last summer explaining all this. Better get with it and stop manufacturing partisan biased news. It's very incompetent not to mention unprofessional.
By: Steven Stelmach on February 16, 2017

Amandi should be taken off. He is such a politcal hack with a left, left winged agenda. Now he has his wife (Chenel Amandi) on the show, Another paycheck, he talks about the President, what a clown Amandi is, Just a waste of time to listen to his show. He is a waste more than Sanchez, who was so bad. Look over the bad reviewa about him. Take action Program Director.
By: J. Grady on February 22, 2017

Fernand.. LOL What a panty waste of a crybaby.. DRAMA QUEEN? He takes the cake! Liar, sensationalist, and well a drama queen to the ninth degree. I am blessed to have IHEARTRADIO,, and I hope every time when Fernand comes online, that you notice the listeners dropping off like flies.. He is rude, like most drama worshipping liberals, and he overtalks you if you have a different opinion. He does NOT listen to others opinions. I cant wait to see him tossed like a salad.. He is not just rude to anyone with an opinion that doesnt agree with his, He is obnoxious.. Worse than Pelosi.. lmao.. Send him and hos drama loving family packing!
By: Manfred Dulle on March 6, 2017

Please get rid of that moron Amandi, he is horrible!
By: Evelio Perez on March 10, 2017

Armando needs to go, you must get rid of him. He is a liberal liar who only makes false accusations about Donald Trump as president of the United States. Everything he says is a downright lie. He always protects any Democrat in only brings people on his show who will slam the Republican party or Donald Trump. Remember he used to bring on Anthony Weiner to make comments and talk on his show, who is Anthony Weiner a former congressman who is a pervert child molester then when he got into trouble he no longer brought him on the show and nothing was said. If you continue to have this guy on your show you can be sure that you will not have much of an audience left if you don't remove him at once wiod 610 will be finished. He is the worst person you have ever had on your show in the history and is the biggest liar ever only has a one-sided lying way he is anti Trump anti Republican pro-hillary Pro Barack Hussein Obama and always protect them comma I will not listen to your station any longer and many of my friends will no longer listen to your station either as long as he is on your radio station. Thank you
By: Gari on March 16, 2017

I no longer listen to 610 IOD between 10am AND NOON. Gave This Amandi character a chance however I do not enjoy listening to his liberal/progressive commentary.
By: Armand Martins on March 20, 2017

Doesn't the management of this public licensed station listen. How much does it take to get action Amandi is the worst host I have heard. Nothing but a bash of the President. His agenda is known and just extreme left. Don't renew his contract, get someone new who will be entertaining and not so radical. He promotes "Hate and Discontent" among the listening audience, He is worst than that Sanchez was, who had an agenda also. He is where he should be. Amandi has nothing to talk about other than his normal rants. Now Amandi has wormed his wife in for another paycheck with just nonsense talk.
By: J Grady on March 21, 2017

Today listening to Cefalo's "Eat this" is such a ridiculous waste of time. Another replay of a previous shoe is such an insult to the audience. And, listening to Brenda add her nonsense of goo and ahoos is just terrible. She has such a bad radio voice and is just controlled for her input by Cefalo. He knows her capacity for nothing to be said. Don't know and wonder what their association is and why he just drags her along. The show is a just commercial venue for two hours nothing to contribute. He has said "Best job he has had" I know why he gets away with it. I know why he said that. He is happy to make money for nothing. Doesn't want to earn his keep. He such a food junkie and it is annoying to listen on the show to him and her feeling their faces. The show is a waste of two hours. Wish the management would listen.
By: J Grady on April 1, 2017

get rid of Armandi Fernando he is poison for this country
By: Anonymous on April 5, 2017

get rid of Armandi Fernando he is poison for this countr
By: Anonymous on April 5, 2017

you guys are losing listeners left and right you deserve it for having an ass clown on Armandi sucks
By: Anonymous on April 5, 2017

he is a disgrace to this country
By: Anonymous on April 5, 2017

This Amandi character is a disgrace. A Cuban renegade that apparently is not here for political reasons and think the Communism (liberalism) is a great thing. I'll keep my boycott to all products advertising during his show.
By: H. Pinera on April 5, 2017

Armandi is quite possibly the worst radio show host in history. As bad as Rick Sanchez was, this guy is much more bias. I do hope you continue to lose advertising in the 10 to noon spot and he is humbled. No station should lead into Rush and Hannity with this two bit hack of a host.
By: Rowdy Junior on April 7, 2017

I can't Fathom why someone thought it was a good idea to put this ignorant talking head, Fernand, as a radio show. are you trying to turn this time slot into the failed Radio America? he is opinionated, without being well informed. his kneejerk reactions are annoying to anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature. He was calling for Trump's impeachment before the inauguration! What's that about? he cannot handle opposite points of view. and frequently hangs up on callers that are making a point that contradicts his belief system. He always boast that he never lies to his audience, but he must know that omission of presenting the truth is also a lie. Get him out of here!
By: David on April 7, 2017

Again listening to this bias Amondi show. It amazing how he wormed his wife in on Wednesdays for nonsense talk. Just a waste of time. Noticed he doesn't have many advertisers. Know why. He is a known hack against the President all the time. Get rid of him, how do we have to advise.
By: Jgrady on April 12, 2017

Fernando Mondi or whatever his name is needs to be pulled from 610. I avoid your station when he's on the air. Every station is fine to listen to from 10-12, but not yours. Be smart and get rid of this pansy ass liberal hack.
By: JD Hog on April 13, 2017

Wow Amondi's show is an insult to say the least. He incites negatively against the American Way. His guests are the same as himself. He just causes hate and discount with his listeners and who needs that all the time. He is so against this country, but sure enjoys the gifts provided by this country. Doesn't the radio management listen to the listening audience, or are they the same. Cancel his contract for cause.
By: jgrady on April 14, 2017

Amandi must be replaced. No social value offered. Amazing how he wormed his wife in on Wednesday for nonsense talk. Another paycheck for her. Guest Rick Sanchez yesterday on, seemed to mellow, I guess he learned his lessons.
By: J Grady on April 26, 2017

take this anti American off the radio in a nut she'll he suck!!!
By: Jim collins on April 26, 2017

Jimmy Cefalo off again three days straight, what could be so important to take time off again. His personal reasons should not be accepted by Management. Management does not listen to the audience. Why hide behind this guy?
By: jgrady26 on April 27, 2017

The management of WIOD does not listen to their audience of constructive criticism on Jimmy Cefaloi and Fernand Amandi to rid them both. What goes on, they have deaf hears Cefalo took two weeks off and his cover never said why he was not there, happiness to think he as history, nothing but a babbler reading his script's Amondi is bad news causing nothing but "hate and Discontent", if he does not like this country let him exit this counrty and stop taking the money along with shoeing in his wife every Wednesday for another paycheck nothing but nonsense talk. Doesn't anybody listen to all the previous criticisms mentioned.
By: jgrady26 on May 10, 2017

Listening to Amandi is a chore. He is just so Anti American but keeps his paycheck. He has nothing to offer. But, he appreciates his paycheck. He is in the same boat as Rick Sanchez, rotten and glad he is gone. These people should kiss the ground they stand on for the gifts they received from this country they can't be trusted to support America.
By: jgrady on May 15, 2017

Well another repeat "Eat This" show. What can you expect from Cefalo, a person who filed a company Bankruptcy along with his co-host Brenda, possibly causing a loss to creditors of between half to a million dollars some time ago. Can't believe this on line reported news.
By: jgrady on May 20, 2017

Worst radio on WIOD is 10a.m. to 12 noon Monday through Friday when the communist Fernand is sucking up to the liberal agenda. If you don't agree with him you are stupid in his world. Claims to be the most truthful after every lie he tells. Very anti American, lies everyday I won't listen during the time allocated.
By: Garner on May 22, 2017

So glad not to hear Fernand Amanda in the 10 am slot! Listen to his hysteria & disinformation democrat propaganda was absolute torture! He was arrogant, rude& had a terrible radio voice& personality! Finally maybe I'll turn on the 10am slot again!
By: Michelle schmutter on May 23, 2017

Day 2 No Fernand I enjoyed listening today again.
By: Garner on May 23, 2017

Just read the good news in the Miami Herald. Fernand A. is no longer on WIOD!!! Thank you
By: Garner on May 24, 2017

I listen to wiod on and off all day as im in and out of my car for work. I must be one of the few that enjoyed fernand in the morning. It's actually nice to hear another point of view. The new guy is so boring, it's like listening to the news, or radio static. I know I'm not the only one who has this opinion. He really just sucks. Who in the world uses the name bloomdaddy? Puts me to sleep and I have to look for anything else to listen to just to stay interested. Please bring back Amandi.
By: jdeerhunter on May 25, 2017

Thank you GRACE for making the big move and rid us of Amandi a no good liberal beyond space. He just caused "Hate and Discontent". I could tell something was up when he didn't have many commercials to do. It wasn't a pleasant time to listen to him. He was over the top. But now his true character comes out with his "Sour Grapes" and wanting to sue the station. Send him far far away,
By: jgrady on May 30, 2017

I am sure you did it for the BAD ratings not because of the audiences request. But thank you very much for getting that liberal communist piece of crap off the airways . Fernand Armandi. Now maybe I will listen again to your morning show. 😃
By: Jessie Parets on May 30, 2017

thank you for letting fernand go me and my gym pals stopped listening due to his crazy off the wall rhetoric and anti trump views now we can all tune in again
By: james prescott on May 31, 2017

Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah..Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah...Hey Hey Hey, GOODBYE, Fernan, you lefty jerk.
By: Bye Bye on June 3, 2017

Glad Fernand is gone! Good move he was not a good fit on a conservative radio station. I would listen to Jimmy then turn the radio off at 10:00 until 12:00 when Rush came on. Thank you
By: Charlotte Newbury on June 5, 2017

Still celebrating Fernand is gone. Listening everyday.
By: Garner on June 9, 2017

Listening to Cefalo it was such sham to the radio audience. Manny announces that Jimmy has taken a couple of weeks off "A well deserved vacation time" such a joke that he was just off a couple of weeks ago. They take turns being off. If they don;t want to be there then they should just exit. They are laughing all the way to the Bank. Grace take some action to stem this situation. Listening to Manny just gives me a headache with his voice speed, machine gun pitch. The whole program stinks. You need new Hosts.
By: jgrady26 on June 12, 2017

In reference to the Hollywood Hills Nursing Home Story please use the correct label when mentioning it on air. It is NOT an assisted living facility it is a skilled nursing home. There is a huge difference between the two and you don't need to taint the Assisted Living community by referring to this nursing home as such. Thank you
By: Maggie on September 13, 2017

This week what do you know Cefalo left Wednesday for LA in anticipation of the Dolphins game on Sunday. This guy has so much time off that who needs him for the show. The management just tolerates him being off so much.. Don't know why! On the show Cefalo just slurs his words and babbles his speech. It has past him. Just useless to have him on the show. He serves two masters and himself all the way to the bank. No one listens.
By: jgrady on September 15, 2017

George Noory's coast to coast show has fallen in beside Cefalo with time being off. Noory started off with a seven day show. But now he is personally only on four days a week. He has fill ins that don't measure up to him. The audience wants to hear Noory, not these weak fill ins starting Friday night through Sunday.. It amazing how Noory takes advantage and management permits.
By: jgrady on October 12, 2017

Well what do you know. Cefalo off again after taking off for a couple of weeks, he is off again. He should be cut loose as its evident that he is just using the show when he wants for a paycheck.. Don't understand why the management doesn't take action to correct him and set him loose.
By: jgrady26 on November 9, 2017

I just saw this comments page for the first time. Can't believe all the negatives I see. Have been listener mainly at commute times & lunch since moving here in 2011. Love Cefalo & Manny. Always disappointed when Jimmy is gone but very pleased when he is back. Refreshing viewpoints and appreciate his candor. Rush is Rush. I'm a conservative and I eat up his show. Unlike Hannity, he does not relish bringing people on the air to argue them into submission or step on their neck to destroy. Rush puts out his thoughts and the facts to support them. I don't listen 3-6 anymore. After a full day of issues and problem solving at the office, I do not want to hear more contentious issues on the way home. I would listen however if it were Glenn Beck in that time slot. Lots of great stimulating thought on his show. One of the big mysteries to me happens when personalities just disappear (like Wendi from Cefalo show). I guess you have to be concerned about privacy, but maybe you could give us a hint. Final thought. Would like to be able to enter a conversation thru Twitter or something. Sanchez did that (maybe too much). Many times would like to add something to what Jimmy or Manny says. That's it! Thanks for giving us quality radio in Miami!
By: SteveP on February 15, 2018

Why won't Cefalo talk about the failures of the Broward Sheriff department today? It's clear that Scott Israel was trying to hold back very relevant information about how his School Resource Officer and at least 2 of his deputies failed these kids. Cefalo should be on air demanding Israel's resignation, but he'll never do that. Doesn't promote his liberal views on gun control (which I am sick of hearing every minute he is on air). Thought I was listening to CNN or MSNBC on my radio this past week...had to turn the station several times!!
By: Tom M on February 23, 2018

take boring brian mudd off the air .s like torture listening to that guy
By: Anonymous on April 13, 2018

The listening audience is brain dead to think that Cefalo and his buddy are worth listening to. Cefalo is just using the show as a paycheck. Always out with mystery excuses given why he is off. so much. Listening to the other guy gives a headache to the listener with his bad radio voice and speaking at machine gun speed. It must be his ethnic background. The station show needs new talent soon.
By: JOSEPH L GRADY on May 6, 2018

You need to get rid of that girl who tries to be a weather girl. She sounds terrible.105.9 and 610 WIOD ,Pllllllleeeeeeaaasseee she is so irritating , don't tell me I'm the only one that notices .........
By: Bruno s Duran on September 17, 2018

Where is Manny? Will Jimmy and Manny be back on Monday? I hope so they are a winning team !
By: Charlotte Newbury on October 11, 2019

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By: John Pipoly on February 7, 2020

You should get rid of ABC News in the morning. I have been listening to your program and the ABC news reports for a long time. They always report only half the truth about what President Trump didn’t said on account of their liberal bias in an effort to distort with the true facts are. This morning ABC did it again with regard to what the president said about the length of extending social distancing. The ABC commentator also said there were 23,000 coronavirus deaths when there are around 2300.I guess that’s not surprising since they believe that Bloomberg could give $1 million to every person in the country by spending 500 million Please get rid of the fake news
By: Paul young on March 30, 2020

I know you need advertisers to make money, but you have waaaaaay more advertising than commentary. And it is really bad when you play the same ads 2 or 3 times in the same 5-6 minute run of ads. You can't get a complete thought out of the host because he has to break for a bunch of ads.
By: evelyn on April 29, 2020

Today on the great announcement that Moderna, Inc. has 100% success on phase 1 vaccine , that you had our Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez on both the Brian Mudd & Jimmy Cefalo shows, but you never mentioned that the BEACH, is the safest place to be if temperatures are over 86*+F & salt water kill any virus within 2 minuets. The ULTRAVIOLET sunshine has been scientifically proven to kill all virus within a couple of minuets.
By: Luis Caballero on May 18, 2020

The First News with Cefalo and Munoz is the worst show ever. They are not knowing that they can only read the computer scripts and not well. Cefalo is always taking time off. In it for the paycheck and laughing all the way to the Bank. The other one only shouts at you in his high pitched voice at machine gun speed. They are two stupid's which should be replaced with new talent right away. Cefalo is sad that his added football gig is off. The show adds nothing to entertainment value. The Program Manager should go too. Not doing a job also in it for a paycheck. The show is the pits
By: Joseph Grady on August 11, 2020

Hi, I have enjoyed listening to WIOD for many years. I live near Pines and I-75. Did you change your broadcast pattern recently? Since last week, I can not get WIOD on my Wave radio. Please check your broadcast pattern. Walt Kabis
By: Walter Kabis on December 9, 2020

I really dissappointed that Todd S. is no longer on your nightly programming. He was always so uplifting and entertaining. Someone I could relate to, not the boring same ole BS the replacement offers.
By: J. J. Hines on January 8, 2021

I can't believe you no longer have Todd Schnitt! I'll have to search for him. Won't check back with WIOD until it's time for Coast to Coast!
By: PB VANRYN on January 9, 2021

Replacing Todd Schmitt with Buck Sexton was one of best programming decisions 610 WIOD has made in Years! Thank you! Now please replace Manny and Jimmy! Their time has come and gone. If you find an interesting and competent morning drive time on air team I guarantee you that most of Dade & Broward Counties will thank you!
By: EMB on February 4, 2021

So glad Jimmy is back! I wish him the best...!!
By: Ryan H. on June 7, 2021

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