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News Talk WSB 750AM

WSB 750 AM

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Atlanta, GA


Atlanta, GA

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Cox Radio (Cox Radio, LLC)

WSB is an AM radio station broadcasting at 750 KHz. The station is licensed to Atlanta, GA and is part of that radio market. The station broadcasts News/Talk programming and goes by the name "News Talk WSB 750AM" on the air. WSB is owned by Cox Radio.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Have wanted to comment for some time on the additional noises that are played before & sometimes during the traffic & weather reports. My 'seasoned citizen' friends say they cannot listen to the programs I like because of hearing aids or the distraction caused by the excess added noises when driving on I 75, especially during traffic time. The noises create confusion and irritation, rather than the desired attention. Thank you.
By: anne hodges on January 12, 2015

Hi, Can I leave short messages to someone in Georgia on this talk radio with an interpreter for the deaf? Because I want someone gets pay attention and recognizes me. If yes, then when appointment and where. I will call an interpreter service. Please let me know. Thank you.
By: kenyi on January 2, 2017

Long-time regular listener since early 1970'but programming in AM gone downhill. Please send "Robin Hood and merry group" back to Sherwood forrest!! Can't stand the silliness, laughing at their own dumb comments etc. I have had to switch stations in the AM during the week
By: Mary w. on August 22, 2019

I could not agree more with the above comment, I hated that AM 640 dumped their fabulous talk show line-up morning & noon for another christian station, not that I am anti christian but Atlanta has enough christian stations we needed a good conservative talk with some humor not silliness & AM 640 had terrific am & pm shows.
By: Mike on September 10, 2019

The silliness of the weekday programming now is a complete turn off for many more mature listeners like me. It's not funny, and it's hardly gut busting advertised. The fact that you have to advertise the program as being funny immediately tells me it's not. It comes off much like the long time campaign of Channel 17 to advertise to its viewers that it's "Very Funny", which it was hardly, either. If something is truly funny, you won't have to advertise that fact as it will sell itself quickly by word of mouth. I realize that you are aiming for a younger demo, and I get that. But I don't think you are doing that demo any favors with the mindless drivel being presented now. Ratings may indicate that the show is doing well, as sort of an escape for your stressed out listeners. So be it. But it still represents a dumbing down of your programing that I think serves no one well in the long run. On the technical side, you're making a fair amount of on-air noise about how much stronger your signal is now. For some, that may be true. But for others, I can tell you that from a perception of reception, it is not. Your Effective Radiated Power may be greater, and your coverage area may have technically increased. But what you are not telling your listeners (I don't believe), is that you are now also (for some strange reason considering your format) broadcasting with an active Stereo Pilot signal in the carrier, triggering any FM Stereo MPX radio to now receive your station in FM Stereo. Because of the increased noise that is inherent in such a signal, folks such as myself who live in north Cherokee county actually have much poorer reception now than before. Many personal or boombox type radios do not have the ability to force reception in mono the way more expensive equipment does (which then eliminates the noise generated by the stereo pilot), so if this is the type of equipment that reception of your station is to be had on, then the quality of your signal is rather poor in my area now, without a lot of fussing with the antenna that never had to be done before. I know, stream your station on my phone or lap top. Except, that is not the discussion of this comment. The comment is meant as genuine feedback relative to your regular advertising that your signal is now stronger than ever. The implication is that reception will be better than ever -- except in north Cherokee Co., I'd strongly suggest otherwise..........unless you've got a radio that can be forced into FM Mono operation.
By: Dave on October 4, 2019

I do not think Eric Ericsson is a worthy replacement for Rush Limbaugh. He is a religious hypocrite, Republican In Name Only! I do not trust or believe his political opinions on anything on the National level. His Only talent is on local GA politics. He is not a true Conservative as Rush always was. I do not like or agree with his arrogant ill informed biased opinions of conservatives. WSB use to practice Real journalism on TV and Radio but not so much anymore. I find Ericsson, and most of your lineup far from principled and mostly annoying , now a unlistenable lineup. You have lost me as a listener with the obnoxious, two faced, liberal ,fake religious , RINO , Never Trumper - Eric Ericsson. You have stopped being fair and journalistic with a lineup that does nothing for me as far as news is concerned and certainly not entertaining anymore. Good bye and so sad what you have become. Will find my news and political commentary elsewhere.
By: Will Aiken on April 19, 2021

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