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Tucson's Most Stimulating Talk

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Tucson, AZ


Tucson, AZ

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iHeartMedia (Capstar Tx, LLC)

3202 N Oracle Rd
Tucson, AZ 85705


KNST is an AM radio station broadcasting at 790 KHz. The station is licensed to Tucson, AZ and is part of that radio market. The station broadcasts News/Talk programming and goes by the name "KNST AM790" on the air with the slogan "Tucson's Most Stimulating Talk". KNST is owned by iHeartMedia.

Also heard on FM at 97.1 FM.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Megan McCain will drive listener off your channel. Megan was Trashing Trump just like her father. I will turn off 790 if you keep McCain
By: George Peet on January 26, 2017

Thanks for having Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis! How about a couple more hours of his show? Keep up the good work
By: Rosemary on December 26, 2017

You know, Donald Trump calls news fake news. I can say that your news is not fake which is good. I am a bit disjointed in the some of the verbiage of Garret Lewis for their are times that much of the verbiage out of garrets mouth generates negativism regarding his views on things both locally and nationally. This can generate the same negativism in the listeners. I realize that this is done to generate a large listening base for knst and increase ratings. Also, the monies received by garret Lewis from his advertising of products may far exceed the wage that is received by knst. I often have to turn off knst because of the anger and foment that is generated by Garret Lewis. There are times when the station is not "Tucson Most Stimulating Talk" but rather "Tucson's Most Depressing talk because of the negativism communicated. I realize that you need to maintain a listener base for increased revenue for knst and garret will do anything to increase his income from the advertisers and negativism. Certainly there are radio hosts that can produce a more balanced approach to things. By the way, I am a Republican and not a Democrat. ~ Bob Black
By: Robert Black on June 13, 2018

We need a couple more hours of Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis......Great show...better than Glen Beck..
By: ronald p olivier on November 6, 2018

I love the line up on KNST AM...Listen all the time. Do not care for Glen Beck Show at all. Would like to see Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis his slot permanently with more air time. We all love the Ground Zero Show and George Noory Coast to Coast....Number 1 shows
By: linda marciniak olivier on November 6, 2018

I do 2 radio shows and a Podcast. The radio shows are on the Internet with a Global audience on the Late Night in the Midlands platform. ( ). I am interested in knowing how we go about getting one of my shows Syndicated on your station. Here is a sample of one of my shows: Here are where many of the shows are archived: We are transmitted on 7 or 8 different platforms - Youtube - iTunes - Google etc Please let me know, or maybe we can talk. Aage Nost 520-481-1507
By: Aage Nost on November 12, 2018

I live in oro valley az on lamber lane dr. and cannot get knst 790 on my radio only static and can get fm stations ok on radio what is the trouble? why cant I get am stations? thanks
By: pat doyle on December 11, 2018

You now have a '7-Up' commercial with a gal with a squeaky voice that is nearly as bad as the recent Goettl-associated Sunny Plumbers. Please yank the commercial and never, ever, use that voice actress again. Whenever the commercial comes up, I turn off the IN feed (or radio), for silence is preferable to her screeching sales pitch, and believe me, I will never buy 7-Up again, just based on that commercial (it's not that good, anyway). Additionally, you have about 20+ minutes per hour of advertising...Whenever an ad comes up, I silence the feed (remote controls are great!). Your commercial greed is killing broadcast radio; be advised. Pete
By: Pete on June 20, 2019

I absolutely LOVE the first hour of "Rosie On The House" on Saturday mornings! This is the part of the show about plants. But when the second hour comes on at 9 o"clock, there is an old man with with a horrible, scratchy, hoarse, raspy voice. It is the absolutely WORST voice I have ever heard on radio. You need to GET RID OF THAT AWFUL OLD GUY!! What are you thinking, having him on the radio????
By: Louise Meyer on November 9, 2019

Along with many others--I live in Robles Junction. The station fades when driving home at about Kinny/Ajo. I assume $$ is the issue??
By: Daniel James on January 18, 2020

Thank you for the best radio in Southern Arizona. You have an excellent series of programs from political opinion to straight news to investment, etc. I have KNST on almost all day. Thanks again!
By: Jim Farrell on April 17, 2020

KNST is a Southern Arizona radio station we are not in California and we do not speak Californian here. Please have your afternoon traffic reporter learn Standard English. Incidents on Interstate 10 are on the Interstate 10 or I-10 for short. Same with I -19. California may have accidents on the 5 or the 101 but not here. We do not refer to a traffic light out on the Speedway or the Craycroft. On the 10 can refer to 10 Ave. Thank you.
By: David Asher on September 25, 2020

This is addressed to Louise Meyer and her comment about "Rosie On The House"! That "old man with a horrible scratchy, hoarse, raspy voice" is actually Rosie! He suffered a heart attack (or stroke, I'm not sure) last year and has finally able to come back on the show, so be a little kinder with your remarks next time. I don't know if this will get to you but I had to get this off my chest because there are a LOT of Tucsonians who respect Rosie and are cheering him on!
By: Michael Gross on October 8, 2020

My alarm clock is set to wake me with Garrett Lewis. I love his energy, wit, and facts which you hear no where else. He does his homework to get the Truth. I love his show and have been his big fan since he first came on the radio. He does a great job !
By: Teresa Nunez on February 24, 2021

I have to say that I think Garrett has many fine political points to make, but I cannot tolerate when he says "holy c--p". The only One who is Holy is Jehovah God, and to associate God in that manner is disgusting. I hope he stops using that vulgar expression. Meanwhile, after too many times of hearing Garrett speak this way, I have stopped listening to his morning show. There are other news radio hosts that do not speak in that vulgar manner.
By: a former listener on October 6, 2021

I do not mean to be harsh but regarding the Traffic reporter named Marie Jordain...? Why does she speak in that strange lilting manner? She ends her sentences with a question mark in her voice which sounds fake, and is very, very irritating. Please tell her to talk normal, as some of her sentences sound normal so i know she can do it if she tries.
By: Ann on October 6, 2021

Garret Lewis is a real phony. The calls that come to the station are by actors. He has hardly any listeners and those of us who do listen have no respect for the man. He throws softballs at all the Republicans bc he's not bright enough to have any decent questions. Liberals won't get on the show bc he berates them. He's not a good debater when he can only shout at people. His Twitter Feed gets very few participants and then those are his buddies. Everyone is a liar according to him (but of course he's honest even when it's actors that call the show). Really don't even think of getting back business w/the advertising dollars you spend. LOL, it's just actors who are pretending to be interested in your product. And, if you mention things like this on the Garret Lewis Twitter feed or KNST Twitter Feed they will delete it. I do not do business w/any of their advertisers because they are supporting a station that will willingly provide mis-information. Does that show respect for their listeners? Nope they just want to feed you BS.
By: Patricia on December 9, 2021

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