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WYCY 105.3
I have been an avid listener of sunny 105 More than 20 years and have not experienced that phenom. Are you near something that could "jam" or step on your signal. I lived near a church once that had a ham radio that screwed up my reception or stepped on it Stepping on it meaning it sounds like the power was cut off from the station or dead air
By: john on December 8, 2018

KORJ 97.7
The signal fades in and out all over the valley, not just east medford, both my vehicles., hope the station improves the reception
By: William on December 8, 2018

WLSW 103.9
What happened to the oldies on this station? Always a Big Fan of Jeff Allen and Charlie Apple. I Miss there brand of Oldies. Thanks for the Great Music to these two guys.
By: Stanley Z. Keith on December 8, 2018

KQSE 102.5
Please contact me about advertising Spanish content on your radio station. Thank you very much, Robert
By: Robert Hawk on December 8, 2018

KMCM 96.9
I would be like to hear Christmas Music like Away in a Manger, Hark the Herald Angels, Mary did you know and more music about the birth of Jesus - instead it is all just Pop Christmas versions of the Classical Pop. Can you do anything about it?
By: Roxanne Wetherwax on December 8, 2018

KWYA 107.1
I would like to schedule my artist for an interview on air. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. His name is Todd Barrow. Here is some information on Todd Barrow. Why we are publicists for Todd Barrow? We were interested in signing a country artist who had that traditional country music sound. He values the old school artists that have open the door for all other musicians. While many artists are changing with the modern feel of country, Todd Barrow has stuck with what works and what had motivated him to become a country music artist. We believe if you don't know Todd Barrow, you don't know country music. He also brings a large audience wherever he performs. Country Music Vibe is excited to have him on our team. Please review the information regarding Todd Barrow. We look for to booking him at your establishment. WHY TODD BARROW? Todd Barrow is a proud member of the Texas Music Office, BMI and Fort Worth Songwriter's Association. He is also a member of American Music Podcasting and American Songwriter Magazine. Todd recently performed at John Schneider Studio at Bo's Extravaganza. Here is a list of the artists at the event: Kix Brooks, Paul Overstreet, Lu Lu Roman, Cody Mccarver, John Schneider and Tom Wopat. Recently appeared with Country Star Jack Ingram. Also part of NSAIDFW songwriters association and Dallas Songwriter's Association. Now a member of British Country Music Association. Music consideration for Texas Flip N Move show, Texas Country Music Association and Bayou Country Music Association. Best Country album winner for 2017 Akademia. Good Morning Texas appearance w/ Jerry Matheny!It is also a privilege to be a apart of the Ronald McDonald House Ft. Worth. Please click on the mobile friendly EPK below: Downloadable images and music from Todd Barrow. Click on the link below: We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and patience.
By: Edward Lancaster on December 8, 2018

WRSN 88.1
please go to and take a look at it. We need help right now. My daughters depend on it. Maybe you can pass it on. Thank You and God Bless
By: Michelle Harvey on December 7, 2018

KLDC 1220
I am tryimg to find the name of a peogram that came on about 10 oclock thursday regauding the church, we are the church not the building.... i would like to get the cd but didnt get the name please find out for me thanks!
By: paul edward lewis on December 7, 2018

WDOK 102.1
Station Managers: Subject: "Baby, it's Cold Outside!" Are you people a bunch of pussys or what?! I'm a Veteran and NEVER have I found the lyrics to this song offensive! Lauren BaCall sings it! Lady GAGA! It's a frigging Xmas Song, Morons! You should be more up in arms about the spread of Sharia Law than a Bloody Xmas song! Show song "balls" for goodness sake! A disgrace is what you are by bypassing our 1st Amendment rights! God Bless AMERICA except those losers like the Radio Station Managers who keel over at the first sign of PC! Pussy's!! Sheilah Spencer/USAF Veteran
By: Sheilah Spencer on December 7, 2018

WPAK 106.9
Wonderful music . Great variety
By: Terry Achten on December 7, 2018

WDOZ 91.7
Hello, My name is Dustin, I recorded some new Christmas music with a real Orchestra ( no synthetic sounds), and I would like you to play it on your station. I would also be more than happy to set up a live interview ( phone/skype/ or whatever ) and talk a little to your listeners about what I am doing! I was basically deaf through my early child hood, and after 3 operations by the time I was 10 years old, I was able to hear. This made my hyper sensitive to sound....and music. I quickly learned to love all types of music, and it has been a dream of mine for most of my life to do some singing and recording. Please feel free to call me or email me any time. Thank you so much! Dustin 435 313 6006 ( cell phone ) Here are the Youtube Links for my first 3 songs
By: Dustin Cox on December 7, 2018

KRVL 94.3
Nothing ruins my day faster than hearing arguments and extreme whining (about chocolate that she doesn't eat any way) on the radio. If you have petty gripes with your co-workers handle it off the air!
By: Anonymous on December 7, 2018

KTBX 98.1
We moved to Tucson in September from Chicago and found the station when going through the channels. Great music but randomly the station goes off the air at first I thought it was my radio, lately it's off once a week for several days, this week the last time I picked it up was Monday. I would also like to know why?
By: George C on December 7, 2018

KWUL 101.7
I used to listen to 103.3 for Oldies...which are no longer. I used to listen to K-Hits 96.3 for classic rock...which is no longer. Now I tune into KSHE just Sunday mornings for the Klassics show as I drive to work. BUT NOW...I'm digging this KWUL. Accidentally ran across it while scanning stations looking for something other than a commercial. It has a bit of everything. Just wish there was a website that had the playlist and artists. Comes in strong playing out of Elsberry. I live in Troy, MO. Keep up the great work!
By: J. Splitt on December 7, 2018

KYGV 102.9
Just found you. What a treat to hear Jazz at this high level. Keep the vocals at low minimum you'll have me for life. Thanks for your programming.
By: Russ on December 7, 2018

WRHB 105.9
Love the station but are you currently off the air?
By: Kathleen Wright on December 6, 2018

WIOV 1240
This is THE most poorly run radio station of any sort ive ever heard. I help older people who dont have the means to use computers,smart phones ,satellite etc to listen to sporrs talk...this station will go quiet randomely for hours,minutes, are played on top of each other,.. it is awful..any explanation??
By: Anonymous on December 6, 2018

WNIR 100.1
What do you do when all of your resources have expired, I have sought out every possible sort of help that I found and so none have helped with my problem. I am being robbed very frequently losing a very substantle amount in property, of recently moved into an apartment, since moving in. I have added renters insurance and a security system, but that are getting past my alarm, the management don't care, the cops are not much better.i have eyewitness of a staff member exiting my apartment, with what looked like a signal jammer in her hand, the cops will only take a report.
By: Marsha Spencer on December 6, 2018

WYFE 88.9
This is Pastor Rejouis from Saint Petersburg Florida. I have a ministry in St. Pete. I want to know if you invite people to preach/teach the Word live on the air? If so, please give me a call at 727-768-2784 or email me. Thank you for your promptness. Until we speak, Shalom!
By: huberta rejouis on December 6, 2018

KNYN 103.9
Please play "Where are you Christmas?" by Faith Hill. We listen to you on 99.1 KNYN in Evanston, Wy.
By: Aiganym Davison on December 6, 2018

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