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WOMB 89.9
I haven’t heard about Mary's Children for quite awhile .. used to get emails from them and when they stopped, I thought the group had stopped.. Anyway hope to hear the radio in Indianapolis on line.
By: Carl on April 11, 2022

Fox Sports 910 (KGME)
What happened to kgme? No one picking up phone. Just checking to see what happened to jody oheiler and his show. Thank you
By: Bruce on April 11, 2022

KXQT 105.9
Station sucks. Tejano is dead.
By: musiclover on April 11, 2022

WDWR 93.1
I am wondering if you are on air, and possibly increasing power to reach Stuart, FL, Ron KD4PQQ
By: Ron on April 11, 2022

WCNO 89.9
I found your station looking for a “Real person” MC talking to us Christians. I’m impressed & thrilled about this but live far out where radio waves somehow miss me. Gonna try the Peacock thingy. Hear y’all soon!
By: Sally on April 9, 2022

Sports Radio 950 KJR
Update for Joe: I asked a couple of engineers who lives up in Seattle, and the game plan is this: 93.3 FM will be KJR with local shows 950 AM will be Fox Sports syndicated. 1090 AM will be Conservative Talk "The Patriot". The official change will be May 22nd, 2022.
By: ZBG on April 8, 2022

Oldies 96.5 (KIKO)
Audio quality has gotten really bad. The bitrate of the audio is really low and it at least one song was in mono. I just don't know with this station... so oddly run.
By: Anonymous on April 8, 2022

Bay Country 94.5 (KBAY)
Yeee Haw Country Time!
By: Anonymous on April 8, 2022

WOSN 97.1
WOSN is my radio station of choice, but for the last few weeks all I hear is static—with an occasional undertone of music. The problem is not just in MY car, but also in my husband’s Tesla. We live in Seagrove East and in the past have listened to your station all over the area. We would like to start receiving a clear signal again (or an explanation.) Thank you for your consideration.
By: Marsha on April 7, 2022

Sports Radio 950 KJR
Dear Joe, I came across a Twitter page for KJR that mentioned 1090 AM. I kind of thought it was weird that they have two brandings, so maybe 1090 will permanently pick up KJR, which leaves 950 open for something else. I should add, though, that 1090 itself has changed callsigns to "KPTR" in March, which formerly was a Progressive Talk Station in California, so it becomes impossible to tell for sure. My overall theory is that now that they have 93.3 KUBE, they will probably give up the old callsign for some other station to pick up, and we'll get 93.3 KJR, with possibly a simulcast on 1090 or possibly 1300 KKOL (which simulcasts 1590, and iHeart probably wants to get rid of redundancies like that). Otherwise, who knows? From Z.
By: ZBG on April 7, 2022

WOCO 107.1
Has "When Radio Was" been cancelled? I has not been on 3 times in the past week.
By: Barbara on April 7, 2022

KXQT 105.9
Yeah, my wife and I just discovered this cool new station and saved it as one of our favorites then they just changed.
By: whut on April 6, 2022

WSHT 100.1
Man I haven't heard "Mother In Law' by Ernie Doe since the early 1960's. The song brought back some old memories especially the line "sent from down below....mother in law"...
By: Ralph G. on April 5, 2022

Sports Radio 950 KJR
Does anyone know what's happening to KJR 950 AM? The current sports radio is simulcasting on 93.3 FM lately, and have announced that they will be losing the 950 AM station soon. Anyone know what's up?
By: Joe on April 4, 2022

WMIY 93.1
Been looking for an alternative to the other Gospel station. Now that I've found 🙌 😍 you you are stuck with me. Hallelujah
By: Lyn Z on April 4, 2022

WBZL 103.3
What has happen to 103.3 possum Miss your country music lineup
By: Jerry on April 4, 2022

The Buzz 104.3 (WZIN)
Ya no se escucha la emisora estamos tristes no hay rock q paso?
By: Jose on April 4, 2022

FM 106.1 (WMIL)
I now have to listen to Rick Jackson's country hall of fame on 98.7 WCCQ out Joliet, IL. Bring the show back to our area.
By: Victor on April 3, 2022

KXQT 105.9
They were basically a retro station playing everything from Pearl Jam to TLC to Tupac. Then sometime last week they switched to Tejano, which is ironic because this area being West Texas didn't have a Tejano exclusive station.
By: Anonymous on April 2, 2022

Relevant Radio 1310 (KIHP)
Listening this morning to Patrick and it’s super static. Not sure if it’s his microphone!
By: Bridget on March 31, 2022

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