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WYRV 770
I am a singer/songwriter and would like to submit some of my songs for consideration of air time. Check out my music page Carol Wright Music Page on fb. If interested contact me via messenger.
By: Carol Wright on January 17, 2021

KMUR 88.3
I posted the note about the bakelite KMUR 50's radio address directory. Perfect condition. Hope someone affiliated with KMUR might be available, also did I mention "FREE"?? POSTAGE NOT INCLUDED.
By: Ron Lins on January 16, 2021

American Family Radio 88.1 (KKWV)
Hello, thank you so much for your ministry. I was listening to a sermon that was about how a Christian cannot lose their salvation. I touched me deeply and I would love to know how I can get a copy of it. I believe it was Tuesday night, maybe about 7:30pm. He was teaching on Hebrews 6:4-8. I have a Christian brother that believes you can “lose” your salvation and I would love for him to hear this study. I really appreciate this station and how it’s been ministering to me. God bless you
By: Nat grillo on January 16, 2021

WBGR 93.7
WBGR Jim Douglas - Love the oldies show on Saturday mornings. I wonder if you can help me out. Back in the 1960's there was a group from Wisconsin called "The Robbs". They had a song called "Race With The Wind". I can not find a source to download this song. Any suggestions? If not maybe some of your listeners can help. Thanks - Rick
By: Rick Baumgardt on January 16, 2021

Relevant Radio 95.1 / 1260 (WSDZ)
Hello My name is Elder Randy Wilson Sr, and I'm reaching out for information on broadcasting. Does this station lease time slots for Religious Churches and our Schools to use as a outreach ministry. You may email us using the address above or call us at 314.356.4182. Thank you and be blessed
By: Randy Wilson Sr on January 16, 2021

Zeta 92 (WCMQ)
hola buenas dias qiusiera saber cuanto me cuesta unnciar mi servicio en su emisora cuanto me cuesta los comerciales gracias espero su respuesta
By: Rolando lopez on January 16, 2021

News/Talk 760 (WJR)
I have listened to WJR in the evening for years but whoever this new guy is on till 1am cannot stand to listen to him he talks so fast you cannot understand what he is saying. So I turn on TV till he goes off the air. Please hire someone else!! Cannot stand this guy. Martha Watson
By: Martha Watson on January 16, 2021

KOLT 690
Stop the ad saying there is systemic racism toward black and brown people ,that is not true and we have laws against that, STOP lying.
By: Anonymous on January 16, 2021

Air 1 90.1 (KLRD)
Thank you for being there for me. My constant worry of catching COVID has taken the life out of me. I was about to give up when I turned to you and heard Tasha Layton "Into the Sea" saying we're going to be o k. The lady on the radio said what a great message during these times. And it was. I feel stronger with God now and I really think I'm going to be ok. Thank you so much.
By: Richard Okeson on January 15, 2021

WLKX 95.9
Thank you for changing your format! 80's and 90's are everywhere. Keep this going!! Love it!!
By: Sassy on January 15, 2021

KFSD 1450
Such a refreshing "glass of water" in a Sahara Desert of other AM stations. Feel-good standards. Great musical accompaniment to my day. Keep it going!
By: Wes on January 15, 2021

KQAC 89.9
Wonderful music thank you.
By: Anonymous on January 15, 2021

WRDV 89.3
I live in Alberta, Canada. Is there any way I can access this radio station to listen to?? thanks
By: Marlene McLean on January 15, 2021

K-Love 101.7 (K269EQ)
Hi ! Can you please help. I was listening to your station tonight at 6PM on my way home from work Thursday 1/14 and you mentioned a nutritionist from ILLINOIS who gave advice on how to improve your mood with diet.. Talked about increasing seratonin with Vit D and Mg in your diet. Please give me the name of the nutritionist if you can. Thanks, Helen RN
By: Helen Johnson on January 15, 2021

KGTN 106.7
Hello, I would like to speak to someone about getting my original praise music played on your station. My number is 907-229-2558. Thank you,
By: Frank Iarossi on January 15, 2021

KGSO 1410
Guy Benson sucks. If you think you're gaining lessons by putting him on you're wrong. Is not a conservative is a typical rhino establishment yay who! Unfortunately he's affiliated with fox and he knows he better toe the line he's far from conservative he talks a little bit of the talk but then bombards what's a Democrat liberal talking points. You've lost my listenership from whenever it is 3:32 or 3 to whatever!!
By: Brad Stitt on January 15, 2021

KVCC 88.5
Why do you broadcast programs that promote the overthrow of our government? Programs that propagate conspiracy theories? Programs that undermine American institutions?
By: Scott McKinzie on January 14, 2021

KOTF 106.1
So happy you have a kids live stream!!
By: Rachel Fouch on January 14, 2021

The Drive 96.9 (WWDV)
I am also wondering what has happened to the reception for 96.9. Just static.
By: DEBORAH E BOOTH on January 14, 2021

The Drive 96.9 (WWDV)
I have the same question, do you not broadcast on 96.9 anymore? I haven't been able to get a signal for the last week. Please respond.
By: Steve Bellaire on January 14, 2021

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