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WOOG 92.7
Since discovering WOOG, I added it to memory #4. Every week I check to see it has returned. What a delight to hear the station today, instead of fuzz. Welcome back! Please know how much your "eclectic " (really just varied) selections are appreciated. Lyle Lovett is a particular favorite of mine, and it never fails that you play a recording of his. Thank you from.the bottom of my heart for being on the air, whenever you are able! Sincerely Juliana
By: Juliana on March 30, 2024

KMBI 107.9
I was listening to JD Greer on your station this afternoon, 3/29, at 5 to 5:30 PM and wanted to hear that sermon again, but don’t know how to find it. Can you help? I looked at your radio station schedule, but some fell had a talk show from 3 to 6. This is on Good Friday, and I think JD was quoting Allister Begg in talking about the repentant thief on the cross, and how it might have been for him at the gates of heaven being questioned.
By: Ed on March 30, 2024

Newstalk 560 (WIND)
Can’t hear John Kass when he speaks. Either have him move closer to the microphone or turn up sound?? Very annoying ready to switch from my favorite morning show.
By: Larry on March 29, 2024

KHPE 107.9
I noticed you changed your early morning line up. I would look forward to Jefferson Baptist program followed by Focus on the family. Why did you change it. Are the two programs at a different time? Radio ministry teaching played a huge part in our coming back to the Lord. We listened to KWIL 790 everyday for the teaching not the music.
By: Candi on March 29, 2024

KJXN 105.1
FINALLY! A station in Jackson hole that is friendly to baby boomers. Mostly 60s and 70s with a few 80s thrown in at times. Glad I found you folks. Great to listen to even when my siriusxm is available. . KEEP IT UP!
By: Bill on March 28, 2024

KMKX 93.5
For about a month or so now I can no longer get this station - the best rock station in Northern California - in my car or at my home. Can you tell me why?
By: Christi on March 28, 2024

Family Radio 88.5 (WFCH)
I have always enjoyed FAMILY RADIO. However, yesterday, while driving in my car, I heard a lecture on PROVERBS "Spare the rod; spoil the child." It advocated spanking, beating children, and mentioned with a "rod" several times. It was just awful. This is the one scripture you need to focus upon? Especially now - in an age of rampant abuse and domestic violence? In a time when children need advocates, protectors, guardians, and mental and physical healthcare? This is where we are lacking as Christians? Not beating our children enough? The speaker said your children will thank you for it. REALITY CHECK - physical abuse results in trauma and even broken bones. I guess you all forgot what our Lord said about protecting the most vulnerable. It is better that a stone be placed around the neck and thrown into the sea than hurt a child. By the way, we also don't stone adulteresses anymore. God have mercy.
By: Jackie on March 27, 2024

Old School 101.3 (KWIE)
I was driving home from Las Vegas when I heard this station and was cruising down memory lane. I wish this station was on XM radio so I could hear it all the way to and from Vegas. Please keep up the great sounds cause I'm listening on my phone for now. Fantastic music ya'll!
By: John on March 25, 2024

WQJC 107.9
Hi, Thanks for your station. I listen to I work. Last week you played a song by a female artist that was in French. I could not make out the song title. I went looking for a playlist of your songs but have been unable to find one online. Would you happen to know the song and the artist of the French song you played? Thanks, Phil
By: Phil on March 25, 2024

Freedom 93.7 (KDFD)
What happened to Tom Gresham's Gun Talk? Is freedom Radio no longer free have they been taken over by the 'woke' crowd?!?!?!
By: John on March 23, 2024

LanChester 92.9 (WNUZ)
Currently (3/23/24) the website for this station is non-functional. I did find a youtube channel purporting yo be WNUZ-TV but could not verify if it is connected to a radio station.
By: Betsy on March 23, 2024

101.7 K-WULF (KWUL)
I don't suppose that you still pay attention to this site, but I'll say it anyway. What in the hell happened to the occasional deep / obscure classics ? They seem to have been replaced by a constant barrage of Jason Isbel, Bryan Adams ans Eddie Money. Do you really have to play your latest pet Americana songs several times a day ? I continue to listen because of the lack of commercials, but it's not even close to the format that made me start to listen. Above all, please tell J.C. to STFU !!
By: Anonymous on March 23, 2024

WHP 580 AM
I enjoy Buck Sexton's intelligence, humor and insight, but find Clay Travis insufferable. I put up with Travis, even though he is a bore , but now find it unconscionable that he is promoting sports gambling on the show, to the point of telling listeners that they can get rich by following his betting picks. I listened to Rush Limbaugh though the years because he was not only brilliant, but amusing. Clay Travis is neither.
By: Jim on March 21, 2024

KCLI 99.3
Great station, Glen Beck, clay and buck and Sean Hannity, and coast to coast, the only program I don’t like is Dave rMsey
By: Doug on March 18, 2024

KYYW 1470
What happened to the Glenn Beck show?
By: NJF on March 18, 2024

WBCQ 94.7
We listen every time we are in the car MARANATHA.
By: Robert on March 17, 2024

WMAL 105.9 FM/630 AM
What happened to Fowler's Saturday Morning Update today? It is my favorite show on WMAL! Please don't cancel this informative show--especially John Gissi!
By: Martin on March 16, 2024

WOMG 98.5
i just started listening to the radio in my car recently. in one week, i have heard the same songs over and over again on your station. there are hundreds if not thousands of songs, especially oldies you could play daily and not repeat in a week's time.
By: Sarah on March 16, 2024

KSYV 96.7
Train is played WAY too often
By: Matthew on March 15, 2024

KUJ 99.1
I would like to be able to listen to this radio station at work on my computer. How would I do that? Do you have an app for this station?
By: Amber on March 15, 2024

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