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101.7 K-WULF (KWUL)
been listening to your station for about a year now love it, but where can i get my hands on some of your merchandise ?
By: kennan on August 19, 2023

WRSK 97.5
Hi Oldies 97.5! I don't live in New Jersey but Arkansas and I accidentally found your station and I just wanted to say that you play really good Oldies! I'm 36 I grew up with 50s and 60s Oldies. Brings back good memories for me! Keep up the good work! Your fan from Arkansas! Michael!
By: Michael on August 19, 2023

WJPA 95.3
what hapened to the vinyl countdown
By: dale on August 18, 2023

95.3 WEGG Good Time Oldies
Best Playlist of oldies I have heard in a long time. I'm on Lake Hartwell in South carolina and love your station.
By: Jimmie Jean Boy on August 15, 2023

KCDX 103.1
Please fix the just played and search playlist feature! I want to know what that song was!
By: Jason on August 15, 2023

WRSK 97.5
I listen to Cruzin Oldies everyday! Love the music, Tony Dee, and all the DJ's! Great station!
By: Kevin Wheels on August 14, 2023

WEPB 106.3
Some of your selections are wonderful, and some are just awful.
By: Terry on August 14, 2023

WPUT 90.1
I LOVE your station, I live in Rivington, Danbury Ct. near Exit 1 Saw Mill Rd., but recently I am not able to hear you? I miss you! What is happening? Thank you
By: Tina on August 14, 2023

KZXK 98.9
By: BJJB on August 14, 2023

KHST 101.7
This station plays songs I haven't heard since my early teens and I love it! Listened to it almost exclusively (passed on the sports stuff, sorry) until recently. For some reasons, I can't pick you up anymore on my radio. What happened? Please return!
By: Mary on August 12, 2023

94.5 The Hawk (WKXS)
I never knew just how small minded your djs were until they critiqued the Barbie movie. I haven’t seen it yet, but they sounded super ignorant. Clearly their white male privilege cannot help them see out of their small world bubble.
By: Concerned woman on August 12, 2023

KCFB 91.5
PTL - gifts for the year , rejoicing with you all!
By: Dee on August 11, 2023

Gold 93.7 (WQGR)
Too much Motown. I listen often and like the 50s-80s format. Lately every time I tune in it’s Motown. So much other music to play as well.
By: Tim on August 10, 2023

WAXT 98.9
Have you considered using a different source for the news updates on the hour? I would prefer a more balanced news source, rather than the current one, which tends to be biased against national and world news, and against moderate views. I listen to your station frequently while in my bedroom or in my car or in my garage working on projects. Thanks for your music.
By: Frank on August 9, 2023

101.7 K-WULF (KWUL)
Guys, Overstock Outlet is a shell of a building these days and has been empty for months now, yet the advertisements continue. As far as music, always love the format.
By: dave on August 8, 2023

WVCY 690
I listen to WVCY EXCLUSIVELY when I am in Oshkosh, WI. It is outstanding.
By: Brian on August 6, 2023

KHGA 103.9
What has happened to my station? What is sunny 103 in memphis tennessee and why is it on 103.9 FM here in arkansas? I want my country station 103.9 KHGA the hog back. The hog was launched on may 5th, 2019 and it hasn't been around long enough. Please bring it back. I'm verry disappointed in the change from country music to other musical formats.
By: Chris on August 5, 2023

News Radio WHAM 1180
I miss Doc and Katie!
By: Garby on August 5, 2023

DAM Country 100.5 (WRVY)
Please consider renaming your station! I love classic country, but can’t listen to this station with my kids because you call it dam country. So I basically never listen. I don’t appreciate hearing that word all the time either. There has to be a more appropriate name you can call your station!
By: Monica on August 4, 2023

KLCU 90.3
Hi, KLCU is probably the Best radio station in the Silo/Durant area ! But what's wrong, y'all have been off the air two days. Please come back on. Gregg
By: Gregg on August 3, 2023

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