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MOViN 92.5 (KQMV)
Best thing you ever did was get rid of Jubal. He was not funny, just an obnoxious jerk. Show is way better now.
By: Carl on October 1, 2021

KIRO News Talk 97.3
I grew up listening to Dave Ross with my dad any time I was in the car with him. Dave had always been the pinnacle of journalistic integrity. But recently, Dave has been less focused on objective journalism and seems to be more focused on defending politics he agrees with and attacking politics he disagrees with. I hate to say it, but this man who taught me what real and trustworthy journalism looks and sounds like has lost my respect and KIRO has lost me as a listener because of it.
By: Carl on October 1, 2021

WYFI 99.7
Just before 8AM this morning, prior to the news broadcast, you played a beautiful song. Please give me the name of the song and the man who sung it. May I have the name of the CD so I can purchase a copy. Thank you for your wonderful programming. God bless you.
By: Claudia on October 1, 2021

KBIM 94.9
Are ya'll off the air I love to listen to the station but can't receive signal it in Hobbs NM ??!
By: Wanda on October 1, 2021

KMXQ 92.9
Good old easy listening rock and roll
By: Eric on October 1, 2021

WWEG 106.9
i dont know if you can answer this but i heard the might be new led zeppeiln album &tour in 2021 can you please let me know if this is true
By: Dan on September 30, 2021

WDYS 1480
Some days this station is clear in Batavia, but some days nothing - even on perfect weather days. Love the station, but what's going on WDYS?
By: kasey on September 30, 2021

97.3 The Sky (WSKY)
Adding to the others with reception problems since the upgrade. I drive all over Ocala and have terrible reception regardless of where I am. Truly disappointing. Please try to fix! We all need to hear what is being said on this station.
By: Anonymous on September 30, 2021

95.1/94.9 The Wow Factor (KOAI)
I stopped listening to another radio station because they edited their music i noticed you do to , that's not a good way to keep fans. There are to many stations to listen to to put up with edited music no commercials are worth it.
By: Duane on September 30, 2021

WRTW 90.5
Love listening to Paul Chappel, J Vernon McGee, Oliver B Greene, and Grace to You ( Pastor Wilkerson)
By: Mike on September 29, 2021

94.1 The Ride (KRDE)
anyone know the artists and official song title to "Girl I wish you well" love that song
By: Thomas on September 29, 2021

97.3 The Sky (WSKY)
I live in silver springs East highway 40 i am a listener of Bob Rose show for years when i heard that a new antenna was being erected i was jumping for joy that i would be getting a good reception after so many years to my dismay that didnt happen now i get no service at all what an disappointment i am now without service i thought this was about progress but it was not so you know what this does to ratings you have lost thousands of customers good luck in getting back
By: AUDLEY on September 29, 2021

KFAQ 1170
Where is Ben Shapiro? All sports...seriously? Bye
By: Debbie on September 29, 2021

WNLB 97.7
Man, what a great station... Really enjoy it... Too bad the app doesn't work on my iPhone. Have tried multiple times with no luck... Keep up the great work!! Dustoff316
By: Al on September 29, 2021

WIQH 88.3
Mike, That's odd. Every hour near the top of the hour, you should hear the call letters spelled out, something along the lines of "W-I-Q-H West Concord, Waltham, a service of Concord-Carlisle High School". It is worth noting that the station is primarily ran by students, so they might have forgotten the call-sign. Also, any frequency below 91.9 (such as 88.3) is not allowed to have commercials at all. In Busy Boston, it's always possible that a pirate might be over-riding what should be WIQH, if your not exactly close to Concord. The FCC has dealt with more wave pirates there than any other city in the US. And naturally, most pirates do not have those things you mentioned. Hope this helps, Z
By: ZBG on September 28, 2021

97.3 The Sky (WSKY)
Hi Station Engineer: Really like Bob Rose, Brian Kilmead and Mark Levin. I have not been able to receive the radio signal since last week when the antenna was being worked on. This is with 3 Wave radios in house and two vehicles from Ocala south. Friends on SR 200 at Top of the World have lost contact as well. Is the station power reduced or antenna redirected? Will coverage return? Missing the informative lineup!
By: Will on September 28, 2021

97.3 The Sky (WSKY)
I like listening to your station. I live in the rainbow park area between Ocala and Dunnellon. Have you reduced or redirected your signal? I cannot get a clear signal anymore. Please come back. I used to listen every weekday. Please send a reply. Thank you very much.
By: Russell on September 28, 2021

96.3 KUBB Country
I listen to Bubba, Big D and Carson quite often but was disappointed in this mornings comment on the Capital One commercial starring Jennifer Gardner . If you don't care for her just say that and not belittle and make fun of the person. These three radio hosts sounded like bullies on the school bus. Treat others as you wish to be treated. I hope they reconsider there words in the future and remember how you felt when someone was cruel to you.
By: Sharon on September 28, 2021

KAYN 92.9
We can pick up the station in Rockaway Beach, OR, and enjoy your station everytime we are visiting. Would like more information on this station.
By: Steven on September 28, 2021

105.3 The Fan (KRLD)
i dont know why your station the home of the cowboys this station stinks
By: john on September 28, 2021

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