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Cleveland State University 89.3 FM (WCSB)
Hi, please play "Call Me By Your Name" by Lil Nas X
By: Amora on April 7, 2021

101.7 K-WULF (KWUL)
Love the station, just found it a few months ago. What radio should be. Question: is there any way to find out what song was played at a certain time of day? I turned on the station halfway through a song, great guitar solo. Then I pulled into a parking garage and lost the signal and couldn't finish it to the end. The song was playing at 9:58 am today, 4/6/21. Would love to know what it was if possible.
By: Allen on April 7, 2021

105.7 Willy FM (previously 105.7 Max FM) (XHPRS)
What was that metal song that just played a out three songs before Aerosmith...the lyrics were something like "liar, Cheater' sounded sort of 80s thrash. It's the second time I've heard it in as many days and Shazam can't identify it.. I love that about this station, by the way.
By: Almost Consious on April 6, 2021

Talk Radio 1370 (WZTA)
I am located in Sebastian, Fl & trying to locate a station that I can receive that will be airing the Dan Bongino talk radio starting May 24th. Thank you! Marcia
By: Marcia on April 6, 2021

NewsRadio KFBK 93.1
I have listened to your morning broadcasts with Sam Shane and Cristina Mendonsa many times. I never write in like this but wanted to commend KFBK radio and those two reporters for the balanced reporting they do. It is refreshing to not hear such biased news reporting on stories other programs have. I feel like they give both political parties angle on stories.... it feels like news was back in the 60's and 70' you could trust. I will admit that Sam and Cristina both seem to view things more conservatively... which may be why I enjoy and believe their takes on current stories. Thanks again for having a great show to listen to on my drive time to work.
By: Bob M. on April 6, 2021

Fox Sports 1450 (KTZR)
Why can' I hear your 1450 on ny house radio or my car radio?
By: Anonymous on April 6, 2021

K-Jazz 90.1 (KJZP)
What has happened to the English programming and music on KJZP 90.1 FM? All I hear now is Mexican talk and music. KJZP has been my #1 choice of FM radio in Prescott for over 20 years and I do not want to say good bye. I hope this is a temporary move.
By: Bill Norton on April 6, 2021

WFDG 92.3
I thought the station was to be off-air for just a few days, for maintenance purposes. Wish it would hurry up.
By: Rick on April 6, 2021

WGSM 104.7
Like your station. Listen on the internet.
By: Harold Mason on April 6, 2021

WKNT 104.3
Good station with country music and local news. Pick you up on Amazon Alexa
By: George Beaver on April 6, 2021

WLNT 96.1
Like the local news with Mike Stevens.
By: Royal Valdez on April 6, 2021

WCIP 93.7
How do I make a donation to your radio station 93.7?
By: Alecia Butts on April 6, 2021

550 KFYI
Please add Dan Bongino to your line up.
By: Suzanne Patenaude Newell on April 6, 2021

KSPT 1400
Please add Dan Bongino to your line up starting in May.
By: Suzanne Patenaude on April 6, 2021

Seaview 104.9 (WCVU)
Certainly enjoy the music but don't need the political commentary in the morning.
By: Steven Parker on April 6, 2021

KHIM 97.7
Well you did it again thanks you had a great thing going and now you screwed it up. What happened to Michael in the Morning? Now you got the trash Sandy Show and who the hell are they? As usually SW Oklahoma can screw up chocolate milk. Good job won't be listening to this station again. This was the only station left that I can get or played good dtuff. Again thanks for screwing that up. :)
By: Mike on April 6, 2021

KHTA 92.5
I was wondering why "In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley" wasn't on this morning (Tuesday, April 6) at 6:00 AM? Has the programming schedule changed?
By: Gina on April 6, 2021

KMUZ 88.5 I'm a local artist from Salem Oregon and getting my music on the radio is the next step. (I'm non explicit )if it is gonna get played lmk please cause id like to record it so email me back a time :)
By: Kyden Vance on April 6, 2021

Talk Radio 1450 (KBFI)
Since you have taken off Rush I have stopped listening to the morning show. That lady on there is about as inspiring as watching paint dry! I know it is hard to replace a talk show host like Rush, he was one of a kind but maybe do some shopping for similar content. Someone like Dan Bongino... he is interesting to listen to. I will listen from tome to time to see if you have found someone entertaining. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, James Chaney
By: James Chaney on April 5, 2021

KXPR 88.9
Do you know where you are going when you die?  I can answer that question easily:  If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, I can assure you that you are going to Heaven for eternity.  If you have not:  you will face Hell.  Pray with me:  "Jesus I know you died on the cross for my sins and I choose this day to thank you and to accept your free gift of salvation. I will live for you from this moment on In Jesus name I pray,  Amen" 
By: Angie Salcedo on April 5, 2021

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