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WUWM 89.7
I was amazed and highly disappointed to discover this morning that you have eliminated BBC news at 9 a.m. This quality news program at 9 a.m. is the ONLY reason why I have donated to WUWM.
By: Janice on July 12, 2021

1660 The Score (KWOD)
So disappointed that you dropped one of the most popular sports talk radio shows ever. What a bonehead decision. Hoping someone will step up in KC and broadcast the Dan Patrick show. Why oh why did you drop the show??
By: Steve on July 12, 2021

WPCH 1310
Great information to get started listen to gospel music all day
By: Patricia on July 12, 2021

Jazz 89 (KUVO)
Can you help me find the artist that was playing around 2:00 PM Sunday, July 11. I was listening to your station and the song was a rendition of "Be My Baby" and I liked it but did not catch the artist.
By: Marie on July 11, 2021

WQQQ 103.3
Grew up in Pittsburgh w/ WWSW, esp Dave Schallenberger's evening program of MOR format radio, this is stuff that I love. So happy to have it to listen to again. Am pleased to hear straight and swing jazz and cabaret as well. As with the old format I would love to hear more ed Ames and jack jones and as little 70s soft rock as possible. Very glad no commercial though I wouldn't hate to hear people who know and love the music play and speak about it. All in all I am thankful you eneterred the local air and hope you can carry on as long as possible.
By: Victor on July 11, 2021

101.1 The Wave (WAVV)
I still can’t understand why you changed your easy listening format. The new format is terrible. Try listening to it when we visit Naples but I can’t.
By: Josie on July 11, 2021

FM106.1 (WMIL)
By: randy on July 11, 2021

WZSP 105.3
Hi, what is the name of the song and artist played at 5:25pm today?
By: Ai on July 11, 2021

KMZQ 670
I like Andy and Mark (who took over Heidi's show).........but NO ONE can replace her. I miss listening to her on my little old transistor radio, I can't sit in front of my desktop computer to watch her at her home. I sooo want her back on your radio station. Almost all I ever hear from Mark and Andy is PROMOTIONS constantly! Telling who is on when, then a gazillion commercials, then when they come back on, it's right back to promoting who is on when. PLEASE bring Heidi back!!
By: Sharon on July 11, 2021

93.5 The Quake (KQAV)
I live in Torrance I have a friend Dennis Springer use to live in Mohave he always call a radio station in the area to fine out a name off a song long story short he past away so if there any dj that remember him can u give him a shout out.
By: Paul on July 10, 2021

Justice 89.1 (KNSJ)
Never listened while on computer, I'm excited. Thank you.
By: Jan on July 10, 2021

Sports Radio 92.3 The Fan (WKRK)
WKRK, branded as "92.3 The Fan" has been all sports talk 24/7 since August 29, 2011.
By: Medulef on July 10, 2021

WASL 100.1
Great host and the best music
By: Will on July 10, 2021

KCEA 89.1
Have been listening a bit in Oakland, CA , and though the sound gets fuzzy on some roads, the jaunty tunes and vintage vibe leave a smile on my face after every listen.
By: Blaze on July 10, 2021

KRZX 106.1
LOVE this station! It's the only one I'll listen to but in the last week, the reception has been really poor. I hope it's fixed soon.
By: Julie S. on July 9, 2021

WTID 101.7
Back on the air!
By: Randy on July 9, 2021

WKCW 1420
I remember listening to WKCW ! or as it was popularly callled "Big K" growing up in nearby Rappahannock County in the late 50s, early 60s. Had not thought about it for years, didn't know if still existed. See its not country anymore. It was a great station, back then it played all types of country music, bluegrass as well as latest hits, older artists, not just new stars. One of its great djs was a man named Eddie Matherly who died suddenly of a heart attack and his fans were so saddened. I remember listening on the morning before I went to school when Patsy Cline and other Opry stars were killed in a plane crash. Wish there was a country station like it now, I find so much of contemporary country consists of banal, insipid lyrics, depicting a shallow hedonism so unlike the joy and sorrow, the emotionalism and vitality of country of the past. The liner notes for the soundtrack of O Brother Where Art Thou? cLled it " warmed over pop/rock with greeting card lyrics." Great movie that was, saw Ralph Stanley back in 2012 when Ben Jones(Cooter) put on a Dukes of Hazzard festival in Rappahannock. Have been watching Ken Burns documentary Country Music and reminded of just how great the pionerrs of the field were.
By: Patrick on July 9, 2021

FM106.1 (WMIL)
Bring back Rick Jackson and fire the management who made this awful decision! Otherwise another lost listener…..tell your advertisers too!
By: Al on July 9, 2021

WZED 105.9
Just found your station... love the music.
By: Marion on July 9, 2021

KAFR 88.3
I love to listen to your radio station, but the interference from a Spanish speaking radio station is making it unbearable to listen to it. This has been going on for quite some time now and I am wondering if someone is working on the issue and if there is a time frame as to when this issue will be resolved.
By: Don C. on July 8, 2021

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