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WOUC 89.1
Encore plastics in Cambridge are not following Gov. Dewines orders. My father works there and has many health issues! Please help me! They need to take safety precautions and they are not! Who do I call?
By: Dawn on April 1, 2020

WOWO 1190
WOWO now sucks. Since Federated Media took control, most all of the programs are far right wing hacks who wouldn't know the truth if it slapped them in the face.
By: Darrell O'Reily on April 1, 2020

WFTL 850
I have e-mailed WFTL station mgr. Paul Mason, and did have an early reply. From the above, I see that I am not the only one dissatisfied with the current afternoon lineup. PLEASE rehire Barsky, and eliminate Dana and Ben - you probably have someone else in mind who could fill the 1-3 hrs., and then get Paul back in his 3-6 slot. He was a great end-of-the-day "breath of fresh air". Thank you - I will continue to tune in unless it becomes obvious that changes aren't made. . . . .
By: mary anne greely on April 1, 2020

WUDS 94.9
This station, the Woods at 94.9 is sensational. I enjoy the music very much, however it is such a low power FM station that I can only get it in my car in Woodstock environs, or when on a south facing hill in Northern Shenandoah County. Strasburg environs has very fleeting reception. I would love if the station could up (increase) the power so that Strasburg might get its broadcasting. Or if you went online I could get it at my home (in Strasburg). Meantime, keep up the good work.
By: Patrick Kehoe on April 1, 2020

WJMJ 88.9
Play - Arise by Workman Song - W.Mass native. Soothing song for these times. A neighbor is in Holyoke Soldiers Home - God help him. I found him on Spotify. John P.
By: John McMahon on April 1, 2020

WCHC 88.1
Play I want to be with you by Workman Song - W.Mass native. Soothing song for these times. A neighbor is in Holyoke Soldiers Home - God help him. John P.
By: John McMahon on April 1, 2020

AM 620 The Pulse (WZON)
Media Contact: Patricia James Public Relations Manager (207) 245-3732 MAINE SALVATION ARMY FACILITIES RESPONSE TO COVID-19 Portland, ME. - All Salvation Army offices throughout Maine will remain open for emergency services by appointment as to ensure safety and social distancing as per the CDC and local officials. Please contact your local Salvation Army office or call Divisional Headquarters in Portland, ME (207) 774-6304. The organization has seen a significant increase in emergency assistance for low-wage employees who may be temporarily laid off due to the coronavirus. The following is some of the services currently being provided by Salvation Army facilities such as meals to go and/or delivering meals to those in need, Capital Region in Augusta is providing food bags to go at their office, 36 Eastern Ave. Serving 20-30 clients daily. Also, they will be offering home delivery for a limited time of groceries for clients in the city of Augusta starting on Thursday, March 26th. To qualify clients must be 60 and older, cannot leave home because of disability or illness or have younger children at home. Please call 623-3752. Bangor providing carry out meals seven days a week from their emergency disaster canteen, 11:45 – 1:00 pm, 65 South Park Street. More than 115 meals provided daily. The Bangor Salvation Army is providing a safe environment for people to receive assistance through their food pantry and fuel assistance programs. Appointments can be made by contacting the office 941-2990. Old Orchard Beach - If you are in emergency need of food, call 934-4381 ext. 105 to place an order for a food package. On Tuesdays and Fridays, carry-out meals are offered. Call by noon on the day before to place your order 934-4381 ext. 103. Please leave a call back number. We will call you with an appointment time for pick up from the Salvation Army, 2 Sixth Street. This service will continue if the organization has a food supply to distribute. Rockland providing food boxes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm, 27 Payne Avenue. “Fresh Rescue” food is available Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:00 – 1:00 pm. And Saturday, 10:00 am – Noon. People can get a pre-packed bag of fruits and vegetables, then pick up bread, pastry and deli items while supplies last (items vary each day). People in need of food do not have to make appointments. Increase demands for emergency assistance is putting a strain on The Salvation Army’s resources, particularly with food demands. If you would like to make a monetary, nonperishable food and/or cleaning supplies donation, please contact your local Salvation Army or Divisional Headquarters in Portland, Maine (207) 245-3732 or you may visit
By: Patricia James on April 1, 2020

K-Love 88.5 (KLRW)
Love your station. Could you please play the Detty sisters? God bless.
By: Carrie on April 1, 2020

WFDG 92.3
GREAT ! I wish i had found this station 10 years ago. Hope you stay on the air forever. I would be willing to pay $$$. Do you need help ?
By: Duane on April 1, 2020

WGCU 90.1
I am an unemployed person living in Fort Myers and I have been unemployed since 3/13/2019. I have been trying to file for unemployment since 3/20/2019. I have been unable to asset the site many times. Many, many hours of sitting with rolling screen to start me at the beginning again. I have been trying at all times of the day. several days at 4 am and 5 am, afternoon, evening, and late in the night. And I still am at the status of registration: incomplete. I don't mind working for unemployment I do mind that i have already lost one week pay and I am going on another. This is just crazy. This morning I got all the way to the end to completed my registration (which took almost 3 hours with the scrolling between screens) I got to the end and thought oh thank you God I got it done and hit submit and it kicked me out. I am so frustrated I don't know what to do. I would love to have an avenue to tell my story. I need money. I have been laid off due to slow business just days before the outbreak. Please if you can't help me tell me where I can go to tell my story of this craziness.
By: Karen G Reynolds on April 1, 2020

K-Country 93.7 FM (WOGK)
Hello My name is Zaida Torres and I am the Recruiting Manager for SITEL Ocala., we are looking for candidates that would like to be part of our family. we are offering Customer Service positions Working@Home., can we spread the word to our community? they can apply at we provide training as well a computer. contact us if you need more information.
By: zaida Torres on April 1, 2020

Air 1 101.7 (KYDA)
I really love this station. I only hear you when I'm driving. You played a song Monday 3/31. (which is today) while waiting @ Walmart @ 9:05am. Nothing You Can't Do?????.. Need that song or CD. Can you lease help? I notice you (,when I am listening) never give the Artist and never give the title of the song. Thank you very much.. Shalom Shalom, Ludie
By: Ludie Williams on April 1, 2020

I love r&b man. Its what my family always listens to because they are black. Some of my family members are white too. My black friend Tito writes, This is Tito Bates writing, i love r&b too and this is all my family members favorites. Half of my family members is white and black at the same time too. Im on glenn hills drive listening to r&b right now. And im watching love & hip hop from which im a fan of. Im a fan of all r&b cities black and white equals r&b family. --TITO TRESHAWN BATES (TERRON) thats all from my friend tito.
By: Devonte Rodriguez Turner on March 31, 2020

KNYD 90.5
Where do I find the songs you are playing?
By: DENNIS on March 31, 2020

Rock 103 (WRCQ)
You've got to do something about the unintelligible newscast in the early mornings! The woman (Felicia?) can barely be understood. I can't grasp the headlines or the details of the news stories because her voice is too low and words are garbled. Her voice falls off at the end of each sentence. Frustrating so I turn the station!
By: Rick Bryant on March 31, 2020

103.7 The Fox (WFFX)
what is your phone # so that I can text in that hourly password to have a chance at the $1000.00 to pay bills. 103.7 The Fox WFFX Hattiesburg/ Laural,MS PS ,TODAY i texted in the word "money 2020" and all this confetti stuff fell across my phones screen and it said I WON then it took me to the pick one of the 3prize boxes i chose the 3rd box it was a gift card for $1000.00 them i filled out this application them i had to answer these other questions and people insurance companies ect. started calling .me and couldn't get back to that site. Would you check that out for me please. Doug Healey ,email:,phone: 601-620-9702 address:301 so. High st . Apt. C ,Poplarville,Ms 39470 thank you amd Hod Bless
By: Doug Healey on March 31, 2020

WPMX 94.9
I am a nurse practitioner living in the Statesboro, GA area (Nevils). I listen to the morning program every day on my way to work in Savannah, and have always enjoyed the banter of your 2 morning radio hosts - until last week. One of the mornings toward the end of the week, your 2 hosts (I'm sorry, I don't know their names because I've never heard it mentioned) were discussing the Corona Virus of course. During this conversation, your young host persisted in taking the stance of "Why should I?" when the topic of staying at home, avoiding contact, help prevent the spread of the virus was brought up. I have never been more offended than by this millennial's approach to this subject under our current situation. It's one thing to have that personal opinion, and quite another to air it in the media where listeners usually take these sentiments seriously. As I said, I am a healthcare worker who is still going to work everyday because I'm required to, risking exposure to myself and my family (includes an 89 yr old mother down to a 9 yr old grandchild), worried to death about my son who truly works frontline at the St. Joe ER as a nurse, and watching people die because we can't save them all. Your talk show host's opinion was callous, insensitive and dangerous and should be censored in the current state of affairs. Please don't let him continue to mislead the public in this manner.
By: Lynn Bowen-Williams on March 30, 2020

WPAK 106.9
I discovered your station last fall and enjoy your musical selection. Lately I've been hearing comments on the coronavirus. I don't believe we should be bashing the media or anyone else. We are all in this together and need to build each other up as much as possible. We also don't know how bad this will be, so we can't be painting too rosy of a picture right now. Giving people comfort is important, I agree, but giving them a false sense of security may have tragic consequences. I will still enjoy your station but please consider a change in your public service announcements. Yours sincerely, Alan Selmer
By: Alan Selmer on March 30, 2020

WMLQ 97.7
No signal ! When?
By: Mike kraft on March 30, 2020

WMVV 90.7
We are a church congregation of 135 people...most of whom are 65+ years old. Due to the Corona Virus regulations, we are not able to bring our congregation together for services. We have been using Facebook LIVE for our one Sunday morning broadcast. We have decided we would like to bring our congregation to the church parking lot for a "Drive-In" Easter Sunday Morning Worship and I would preach from loud microphone with our Praise Team behind me for their music. Is there "anyway" that we could broadcast over your channel that folks in their cars in our parking lot could hear the message in their car? Easter is only 2 weeks away and I am not the least bit technical and would love to speak to someone who might give us direction and assistance. Thank you so much. God Bless you all at WMVV! Philip Kouns, Senior Pastor, The Bridge-First Christian Church of Stockbridge.
By: Philip Kouns on March 30, 2020

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