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NewsRadio 840 (KXNT)
I was listening to your state on Sunday, Oct 13th on the way home from Costco. Time between 2:45-3:30 I believe. The MC was speaking to a woman whose son age 10 is CEO of a company who manufactures bulletproof vests for Police K-9 Units. I would like to contact the company to see if it is possible for our organization in Henderson might be interested in donating vests to the HEnderson Police Department, if they would want them. The MC of the show had made a $10,000 donation to the company to provide vests throughout the country. Thank you for your help. Patricia Howle
By: Patricia HOwle on October 14, 2019

Q105 (WRBQ)
I wish U would bring back the Q-ZOO lots of fun in the MORING.
By: Robert Jacobs on October 14, 2019

820 News (WWBA)
Keep Bubba, thought he was off the air, made my day. Like running into an old best friend!
By: Larry on October 14, 2019

KLIF 570
Hello this is Astro, the manager at 1st Place Auto. I would like to inform the community, we are hosting an event open to the public. The event is sentimentally called "Trunk or Treat" where local businesses on Ross Ave will be handing out candy to children. There will also be live music and free food. "Trunk or Treat" is our way of connecting with the surrounding community. We are hoping to bridge the gap between businesses and residents. We would like to make business and residents aware, the event will be held October 31st from 4pm-6:30pm and it is free of charge.
By: Astro Daher on October 14, 2019

Lite 96.9 (WRSA)
Aside from some strange bazaar music you are playing lately, I hope you dont play Christmas music for the entire more the of December. It is so nauseating. Get back to your old music and leave out the rap.
By: Catherine on October 14, 2019

WJPP 100.1
What's the name of the insurance company that advertises on your station? I've heard it broadcast in my car, but of course, when using the app, there are no local ads. Thanks!
By: JAMES REYNOLDS on October 14, 2019

WMSL 88.9
This morning you were promoting TARGET. You must not be aware that they are one of the largets supporters of Planned Parenthood. the largest provider of abortions in our country. You need to be careful promote!!
By: GERALD CRUCE on October 14, 2019

KKMT 92.3
You guys must have fallen asleep cause we can't hear your station
By: Robert C Crockard on October 13, 2019

Family Radio 860 (WFSI)
Our sermon today is on the Good Holy Gospels of Republican Donald Trump as President Trump is a Good Republican Christian and that several televangelists that travel around the US are helping us get the world to make Trump the world's Personal Lord and Savior so that Republican Jesus Christ in Heaven will work better spiritually. Anita Fuentes at or at P.O. Box 218 Schertz, Texas 78154 and also Lyn Leahz at LynLeahz@FreedomNationNews.Com or at P.O. Box 727 Springboro, Ohio 45066 are working with several pastors such as Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson, Jan Markell, Rick Warren and Joyce Meyer to get the world to honor the Good Holy Gospels of Republican Trump, Republican Pence, Republican Bush and Republican Christ working together for the world. In Israel, Republican Christian Personal Lord and Savior Benjamin Netanyahu is also working with us in spreading the Good News to the world. The Bible mentions in parables and symbols that in order to become a Christian, you have to become a Republican. This is proven true in our world today! Voting season should be on the Good Holy Republican Christian Gospels. As a pastor, I want to thank you for your service if you will get baptized in the Holy Gospels of Republican Christian Trump, Pence, Bush, Netanyahu and Christ together! You will be doing yourself good by doing so!
By: Pastor Kate Costa of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church on October 13, 2019

WBTN 94.3
Greetings, My wife and I will soon move to Bennington. We are coming all the way from Patagonia, Arizona. We have a community 100 watt station (KPUP 100.5) and I have really enjoyed having a show about Old Time Radio, a passion of mine. I have an encyclopedic knowledge of American radio shows from the 1930's to its demise in the early 1960's. Not only have I found that listeners here enjoy it, young and old, but I am hoping to do the same in Bennington. The good news is that all these radio programs are G-rated, but give young and old a look into the American past, when people gathered around the radio for news, sports and most of all, entertainment. Like early TV, these shows cover the full gamut including westerns, mysteries, comedies etc. I find that the imagination is much more powerful than TV visual onslaught. We expect to arrive before Thanksgiving and I would love to have a contact (Your programming manager?) to discuss the possibilities of a show. I am very comfortable at the mic and always come well prepared. Thank you for your kind consideration. Michael Schwartz 520-904-6493
By: Michael Schwartz on October 13, 2019

KBHI 107.1
Please play the band Night Ranger. Jack Blades has been my favorite sing and songwriter for over 36 years. Their songs Comfort Me and Truth are amazing.
By: night machine on October 13, 2019

KZQX 100.3
Iam back and have more: If you remember —— then your our kind of listener. If you remember : your tv having channel selectors VHF & UHF If you remember: when your local gas worked on your car also. If you remember: the LV down stores would close early on Friday for foot ball game.
By: Lawrence Dehoff on October 13, 2019

101.7 K-WULF (KWUL)
Music not bad on this station but what the hell is wrong with the audio? It sounds like a bad web stream from 20 years ago streaming over a 56k modem. I have to crank the volume up almost all the way to hear anything. I've heard more professional sounding high school stations. It sounds like a pirate station some stoner is running out of their basement, but I hear good music on there and they play almost no commercials at all so its gotten a preset. But it sounds amateur at best. Signal is OK around western St Charles County; but by the time you get in the city of St Charles or anywhere over the river its not very listenable between the low audio and weak signal from Elsberry.
By: Fred on October 12, 2019

820 News (WWBA)
10/12/19 today I tuned in around 12 noon and listen to bubba on and off for 4 hours great move everyone else is playing info shows about hormones/health/money investments and drugs today you have the best radio programming on am/fm radio bubba even interviewed bill oreiley great segment need more of this stuff very interesting
By: dave on October 12, 2019

Relevant Radio 1260 (KSFB)
Great station for learning about and living out your Catholic faith, but even non Catholics enjoy listening. It's the radion station that I listen to whether I'm home or in the car
By: J.E. Green on October 12, 2019

WBRF 98.1
do you carry WF football
By: nancy mattox on October 12, 2019

K-Love 88.3 (WKIW)
I live in Bessemer, MI and I am so happy to have K-Love radio in our area. I never turn it off in my bedroom and it is what plays 90% of the time in my car. At times I struggle to get it tuned in at my house and I don’t like to lose the connection. I am wondering if there is a way to get a stronger signal in my house? Love the station and I am a monthly giver to it and it’s purpose! I believe in it and the way it transforms lives and leads people to our Lord and Savior! Hope we always have it here!!
By: Tammy on October 12, 2019

WHPR 88.1
I was born and raised in Detroit, I have several albums released, one is called paint me a Melody. Can you please play it on you radio station. most of my songs are Love songs. Thank you so much. ,
By: Trina on October 12, 2019

WSDP 88.1
Hello, my name is trina, I have a new album out called paint me a melody, if you get a chance can you please play thank you.
By: Trina on October 12, 2019

600 WMT
Im appalled that WMT advertises "The Lumberyard," a local adult entertainment business. Besides touting a business that objectifies women, the ad uses disgusting and crass language, such as "get your wood on." Try to keep it classy WMT! I've always enjoyed your programming, but this ad is abhorrent to me. You must be in dire straits financially to take on The Lumberyard as an ad client. Please reconsider!! Dena Stolze
By: Dena Stolze on October 12, 2019

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