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KXQT 105.9
I enjoying listening to Tejano. Please continue adding more to your playlist. Hopefully more promoters will bring better tejano bands to the area..
By: Delia on July 22, 2022

WXWS 100.1
i would like to know how i can download the program aired july 18 2022 about skull and cross bones and the president of the united states of america
By: gary on July 22, 2022

Froggy 104.3 (WOGI)
On 7-20-22 around 3:30/4:00? You played a song. She had a raspy voice and one of the lyrics in it said In a Small Town? It was such a great song but I can’t find it?
By: Annabelle on July 21, 2022

WAKX 98.7
Hello. I just recently moved to Flagler Beach (near Palm Coast) and I am looking for a radio station I can get in my car that plays ONLY country music, preferably "country classic" music. It's been difficult trying to find one and that's the only kind of music I enjoy. Does your radio station play country music and if so what kind of songs do you play? Thank you for your time.
By: Terry on July 21, 2022

101.7 K-WULF (KWUL)
DON'T BOTHER. Lately you're playing covers of Seals & Croft.STOP IT THEY SUCK. Play the originals.
By: Dan on July 20, 2022

WSHT 100.1
Found your station while visiting relatives over the holiday. You guys have an interesting mix of music that I very seldom hear anymore. I was wondering if you are streaming so I can listen when I'm back home. Keep up the good work, you brought back some gold memories with some of your songs.
By: Timothy on July 20, 2022

95.7 The Ride (WXRC)
The other day Kimber gave a brief history of the Moody Blues “Forever Autumn” and then played the song. It gave you chills!
By: Glenn on July 18, 2022

KLOO 106.3
I'm wracking my brain for the name of the cool morning dj from the late 90's to early 2000's? His daughter did a weather forecast before she went to school. Glad to see you are still on the air. Thank you
By: Robert on July 17, 2022

V101.7 (WRBV)
Hi great station
By: Anonymous on July 15, 2022

KIVA 1600
Miss hearing Eddy on 1600am KIVA last 2 days. What's up? Did the Dems attack the station transmitters again? We could use a report about downtime incidents! Best wishes.
By: Graystar on July 15, 2022

KSIX 1230
Thanks for all you do for us listeners I love your morning show and look forward to it on 1230 am.Comment on the Astros the are a great complete organization that plays as a team not as individuals and that starts with Mr Dusty Baker Rock on all
By: George on July 15, 2022

101.7 K-WULF (KWUL)
After about 6 months i checked in and heard a cover of "Diamond Girl" by some band..Why bother playing that poor effort. Stay with the original by "Seals and Croft"
By: Dan on July 13, 2022

The Big Dog 92.1 (WMNC)
I listen to your classic country station at 106.3 all the time, at home and on the road. Great programming; however, I would like even more of the older stuff from the 50's and 60's, stuff like Ray Price, Webb Pierce, Eddie Arnold, Ernest Tubb. My sweet spot is from 1956 to 1962. 62 to 72 is also good. Everything Merle Haggard did is wonderful. Conway and Loretta. Skeeter Davis. The Louvin Brothers! Gems. Elvis Country is also a pleasure. Buck Owens, Don Gibson, Willie Nelson. 90's Country has some good stuff: Dwight Yokum, George Strait, Randy Travis, Alan Jackson. Also like Johnny Paycheck and David Allen Coe. Hank and Hank Jr.
By: Gordon on July 12, 2022

WTRA 105.1
Living in Bartlett love the radio playlist wish we could listen online next. Keep up the good work.
By: Russ D on July 11, 2022

Alt 104.5 (WRFF)
I started my car on a Saturday (or Sunday) morning. 104.5 in Philly was on. I listen just about every day. I am 61 yrs old and a long time ago I fell in love with the music of Kate Bush. I was so thrilled when on that morning the AM crew was playing Kate Bush!!! I sold 230 albums some yrs back and hers as one of the 2 albums. I, again, was thrilled! I hope you continue to play her music, as I think, her songs COULD BE) construed as Alt. Thank you all as you made my day that day! PS And you play great music variety, really. I have heard Pearl Jam, Green day, etc. Thank you and have a great week. Cindy
By: Cynthia on July 11, 2022

WPJB 93.3
Over the next few weeks, the playlist will feature more of the newest releases. Listen and enjoy!
By: Dan Presley on July 10, 2022

Air 1 88.5 (KYUA)
I just started listening to Air 1 - I WILL continue. Good music, good interaction. Thanks!!
By: Sandy on July 10, 2022

WLLT 94.3
Your station has been getting a static followed by a tone approximately every 30 Friday and Saturday. Just wondering what’s up.
By: Karen on July 9, 2022

WCVH 90.5
why are you not brodcasting
By: mike on July 9, 2022

KATG 88.1
Why have you been off the air for at least 2 weeks?
By: Russell on July 6, 2022

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