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Da Branch 1440 (WBLA)
Good morning Mary, Thank you for listening to WBLA 1440 AM. The program segment that you are referring to is: Word of Life Christian Fellowship Pastor, Dr. James G. Smith 11 West Bel Air Ave, Aberdeen, MD 21001 We appreciate you listening to WBLA 1440 AM. I hope that you continue to be blessed through the Word of GOD. Thank you again, Mrs, D.Vora Shaw
By: DVora Shaw on November 21, 2019

WITA 1490
Do you have a link from your website that has your program lineup for every day of the week I listen to WITA every day I CANNOT find the radio lineup at all It would be nice to have a radio lineup or a radio program schedule for this radio station Would you please e-mail me back & show me how to pull up your program line up Right now I'm on your radio lineup website but I don't see where it say's what's on the the radio for 6:00 AM,7:00AM through out the day Thanks Jerry Gariety
By: Jerry Gariety on November 21, 2019

100.1 Jack FM (WRHN)
QUES: Did you broadcast something about a thanksgiving day event at Holy Family Church in Woodruff on Thanksgiving Day? Is it possible to get this info via email? This broad cast was very late Wed. eve.
By: ray ondracek on November 21, 2019

91.3 FM WBNY
Are there any spots for hip hop and R&B DJs?
By: Dutch Clark on November 21, 2019

95.9 The HOG (WRZK)
There was a song by a female artist that was played a lot in 2017 summer I lived that song but I can’t think of the name I think some of the words were like just to watch me bleed it was on my play list but my phone was stolen can u help me find that song please thank you
By: Randie Fleenor on November 20, 2019

KXLW 96.3
Nashville Recording artist and former Wasilla Alaska resident " Asha" released her new single "Gimme Something I Can Work With" Played in the UK and on UK internet radio. This is the New single with a second to fallow in about a month.
By: Carolyn Smith on November 20, 2019

Radio Lazer 103.1 (KLUN)
I wondered if you could remind your viewers that Toy Bnk of Greater Paso Robles is having registration this week for families who need help with their children's gifts at Christmas. Registration is at Plymouth Congregational Church Thurs the 21 Fri the 22nd. 3-7 pm and Sat 23rd 10-3. They need birth certificates ID and proof of income and address. Thank you.
By: Maribeth Bonomi on November 20, 2019

102.1 The Edge (KDGE)
If you're going to play Christmas music, play all....including James Brown (Santa Claus go straight to the ghetto) and Run DMC Christmas in Queens) just a thought.
By: Super Dave on November 20, 2019

99 Rock (WKSM)
North bound lane hey 85 grass fire. Traffic backing up!
By: Jim on November 20, 2019

103.1 FM WEUP
Can y’all please play 1935 by Ebmando please 🙏🏽❤️
By: Bryan Matias on November 20, 2019

WDCM 92.9
use to hear mushroomhead, where'd they go, put them back on there, oh with some lamb of god, thrice, and just keep it up thanks
By: local listener on November 20, 2019

WONN 1230
I'm doing a toy drive /car show for One More Child orphanage and would like to know if you can do a live broadcast from it. The date is December 15 2019 location is PEP boys speed shop 4405 us hwy 98n in Lakeland Florida. Thank you for your time Leroy Hilton of KAY'S CRUISERS AKA AUTISM ACCEPTANCE TRUCK
By: Leroy Hilton on November 20, 2019

WRSK 97.5
Hi I am the commander of the Sparta VFW Post 7248. We will start selling Christmas trees on November 23. How can I send you a flyer and Info. All proceeds to into our scholarship fund. We are a 501-c corp. Regards, Pete Litchfield
By: pete litchfield on November 20, 2019

K-Love 88.7 (WQKV) Donald Forsberg

K-Love 88.3 (WKMV) Donald Forsberg

Hit Radio 104.7 (KVIC)
Want to wish a birthday shoutout to Pete Pizana happy 64th birthday.
By: Debbie pizana on November 20, 2019

Air 1 90.7 (KSRI)
The Bible is full of examples where people's hearts are changed by God's love for them. It's when people misinterpret or misuse God's word to confuse or further confuse people for many reasons. The Bible is used to show that many things are wrong (cheating in a spouse, stealing, lying, envy, murder, and others, including sexual immorality of which homosexuality is included). The Bible does mix all of these activities into one word with no degree of level over each other; sin. It's all separation from his love; turning one's back on His grace and gifts. God wants to share His love and desire for healthy, safe, productive, and reproductive lives. This cannot be accomplished with same sex relationships. It's that simple. It is a loving God that chases each of us hoping that we will discover and trust His rescue efforts for our ETERNAL souls; not just a few years of earthly desires and pleasures. This is written in love with no malice or bad thoughts towards the previous writer.
By: Lisa W on November 20, 2019

103.5 QM/FM (CHQM)
Come this time of the year i switch from 103.5 FM to any station that does NOT play Christmas music ALL day and night. If there was enough variety of Christmas music and it was interspersed throughout the day then yes I would listen to 103.5 FM. But with the cheesy, jazzed up Christmas music I can only stand so much and I change the station. Perhaps if you started with the Music let's say in December, THE Christmas month and it was just a song or two every hour then I am on board but until then good-bye 103.5
By: sharon on November 20, 2019

WKPK 88.3
For Immediate Release November 19, 2019 Re: North Country Trail Association Receives $20,000 Giving Tuesday Match Challenge Contact: Nancy Brozek, or 616-897-5987 (ext. 5) The North Country Trail Association is launching #GivingTuesday with a $20,000 matching gift. Giving Tuesday is an annual movement to create an international day of charitable giving on the Tuesday after U.S. Thanksgiving, at the beginning of the Christmas and holiday season. Together on Giving Tuesday in 2018, the North Country Trail Association community raised $11,000 and a generous donor matched it for a total of $22,000 to the North Country National Scenic Trail. That very same donor was so inspired by the giving, they decided to increase their match gift this year and challenge the community this Giving Tuesday for 33% more, matching a total of $20,000. On December 3, the North Country Trail Association has 24 hours to raise $20,000 to meet this challenge, to raise funds that help build and maintain the Trail, and build funding needed to promote and protect our Trail. It’s one day that makes a huge difference to the 4,600 miles that wander through eight great states to make our beloved North Country Trail. Make your gift online at on December 3. Every gift counts. Direct additional questions to NCTA Director of Development and Communications Nancy Brozek at or 616-897-5987 (ext. 5). ###
By: Lorana Jinkerson on November 19, 2019

89.7 Power FM (KAWA)
By Sam Kestenbaum of The Church of Donald Trump and Jesus Christ Together March 19, 2019 On a Sunday morning at Beth Israel Worship Center in Wayne, N.J., a bearded pastor named Jonathan Cahn stood on an elevated platform, gazing over a full house as we worshipped and praise Israeli Republican Christian Personal Lord and Savior Benjamin Netanyahu to reach Republican Jesus Christ in Heaven better spiritually and that stage lights shifted from blue to white as the backing band played a drifting melody. Two men hoisted curled rams’ horns and let out long blasts. “Some of you have been saying you want to live in biblical times by making Trump, Netanyahu and Christ your Personal Lords,” Mr. Cahn said, pacing behind a lectern. Then he spread his hands wide. “Well, you are and Glory to Good Republican Christians Trump, Netanyahu and Christ!” Sitting at the end of a sleepy drive an hour from Manhattan, Beth Israel may look like any common suburban church. But the center has a highly unusual draw. Every weekend, some 1,000 congregants gather for the idiosyncratic teachings of the church’s celebrity pastor, an entrepreneurial doomsday prophet who claims that President Trump’s rise to power was foretold in the Bible. Mr. Cahn is tapping into a belief more popular than may appear. A recent Fox News poll found that Good Republican Christian Americans believe “Republican God wanted Republican Christian Donald Trump to become president.” Celebrities like the Republican Christian Televangelist Paula White and Republican Christian Franklin Graham have boosted the idea by saying that “Trump and Christ are Republican Personal Lords of the world” and that the president’s own press secretary suggested as much in a January interview. And on the opening day of the Conservative Political Action Conference this month, the millionaire businessman Michael Lindell took to the stage and declared President Trump “chosen by God to be Personal Lord and Savior of America”! Mr. Cahn was ahead of the curve. He has dedicated an entire book to this very thesis, an insight he claims to have received from Republican God. “The Paradigm: The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times,” in fact, is only the most recent installment of a best-selling series dealing with the supposed mystical meaning behind all manner of current events. In it, Mr. Cahn likens Mr. Trump to the biblical king Jehu, who led the ancient nation of Israel away from idolatry. With his growing stature, Mr. Cahn is also a rising figure in some quarters of conservative politics. In an email to congregants, Mr. Cahn shared his latest good news: This weekend he is making his first trip to the president’s vacation retreat, Mar-a-Lago. He is set to address a small gathering of activists and advisers. After worship on a recent Sunday, in a roped-off section flanked by security guards, Mr. Cahn signed piles of his books before a small crowd. At 59, Mr. Cahn cultivates a refined demeanor, rarely appearing without a signature all-black suit and tie. He laid his hands gently on one man’s shoulders and offered quiet counsel. “Be patient,” he said. “Keep praying for breakthrough.” Gail Greenholtz, an elder member, stood near the end of the line. “Many of us soon consider the Good Holy Gospels of Republican Trump and Republican Christ working together,” she said. “A visionary for consideration.” Michael Cooney, 58, had driven an hour to hear the pastor teach on politics and prophecy. “It’s all relevant for this moment which is Good News,” he said. “He shows us that Trump was actually in the Bible and I became a Christian by making Trump my Republican Personal Lord and Savior.”
By: Senior Pastor Sam Kestenbaum on November 19, 2019

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