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KRKX 94.1
Please play Morgan Wallen's music again!! We love his music and miss it greatly!
By: Kimberly Watts on March 31, 2021

Cat Country 102.9 (KCTR)
Please play Morgan Wallen's music! We love his music and miss hearing it in rotation!! Many radio stations around the country have begun playing his music again!!
By: Kimberly Watts on March 31, 2021

WGVE 88.7
Heard a song by Ella Fitzgerald on 03/31/21 a little after 8:00 am. Could you please tell me the name of the song and which album it is from. Thanks so much, John
By: John E Lopez on March 31, 2021

KTRH NewsRadio 740
When I first moved to Houston in 1981, 740AM was my mainstay for many commuting hours for many years because of traffic, weather and nonpartisan straight reporting on the major issues. Now, every issue is raised with an overt or implicit political agenda. I'm tired of. Why can't you just go back to reporting the news without trying to push your political views? Michael Berry and Shara Fryer (who I used to watch on local ABC TV) are unlistenable. I just want a local channel that is unbiased.
By: Tom Scheirman on March 31, 2021

News Radio 101 KXL
Please add Dan Bongino show to your line up, He will be replacing R Limbaugh May 24th Respectfully M Lockwood
By: Milton Lockwood on March 31, 2021

98.9 Magic FM (KKMG)
GET TOM MACDONALD!!!! Church did more for me in under 4 minutes than years of army therapy for addiction and suicidal thoughts. No good bastards got me more pumped than any song to work out or beat some ass. You gotta help out this independent artist. He’s blowing up with no record label, no manager no nothing.
By: Jamie House on March 31, 2021

640 WHLO
Please add Dan Bongino to your lineup in May from Noon to 3:00. He is taking Rush’s time slot on stations across the country and I listen to his Podcasts right now. He’s great!
By: Lisa Donze on March 30, 2021

KOER 101.5
KOER-LP 101.5 FM - Cypress, TX officially launched as an FM radio station on November 4, 2016 @ 4:38pm. Rhema Gospel Radio is also committed to local programming that gives listeners an alternative to commercial radio stations. Our programs are family-friendly for every generation.
By: Benard Russett on March 30, 2021

WYNC 1540
My 88 year old mother LOVES this station! First thing she turns on when she gets up to eat breakfast and plays ALL day until you go off the air! What a blessing you are to her! Her name is Maggie Johnson and she lives in Green Level NC. Give her a shout out and you will have made her day!
By: Darsell Hadley on March 30, 2021

WJLE 101.7
I am a songwriter and have written and had a song recorded. I'm inquiring to see if may submit this song for you to listen to and possibly play for your listeners. It is a comedic song and at a time like we're facing now, I think people can use some laughter in their lives. Thank you, Michelle Eckel
By: Michelle Eckel on March 30, 2021

Foxy 99 (WZFX)
Black racism? Blacks hating on white people? Yes, it exists! This station proudly serves it.
By: Tonya on March 30, 2021

KAHM 102.1
I am a relative new comma to the area, and really enjoy your Music, and as I understand your station has the largest coverage in our area. I would assume, most of your “advisors” are local businesses, which I would assume pay for advertisements. I would like to point out one major deficiency: I believe it is pretty much universal that Ladies speak must FASTER than Men - Some of your lady advertisers speak so fast-rapidly that one can not understand what they are saying, thus they are not getting any value out of Advertising on your a station. I am writing - hoping you might consider reviewing such Advertisements, and help these Ladies improve their advertisement message, or messages. Thanks for listening!
By: Don Dennison on March 29, 2021

KYFP 89.1
Thanks so much for airing Unshackled on your station. Try to listen daily .
By: Donald Teague on March 29, 2021

Newsradio 790 WAEB
Won't listen to WAEB anymore if you continue the gay commercials re the CDC. Gross. And Mark Levin? You're going the wrong direction
By: Leslie Ann G. on March 29, 2021

Q105.9 (KCNL)
We can get you here in Desert Center, CA. I love your selection of tunes. Hope you stay on the air forever.
By: Paul on March 29, 2021

WKCW 1420
love this radio station.
By: Lyle W Ray on March 29, 2021

WWKR 94.1
What happened to your country station 94.9? Miss it very much, don't care for your rock station.
By: ralph h sircher on March 29, 2021

KFSD 1450
What happened to my oldies with jazz. Please bring it back. It's the only station I enjoy on radio.
By: Patrick T Thomas on March 29, 2021

WUTT 95.5
I love this station! It's like going through a stack of my favorite CDs! I was so pumped when I heard What was I thinking by Dierks Bentley! And I didn't have to put on a crap ass channel like Wolf to hear it! Rock on! 🎶
By: Nancy S on March 29, 2021

WIIT 88.9
Does anyone even do any programming there? I listen to their stream sometimes since I like indie and I have a different 88.9 frequency near me and I notice that I don't hear that much DJs. I did before the pandemic but since the pandemic is here I have been hearing less DJs or none.
By: Anonymous on March 28, 2021

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