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News Talk 780 KOH (KKOH)
Disgusted you are playing Adam Schiff commercials. Mr. Schiff was censured for lying to congress. Airing commercials for this piece of filth is the reason I will be listening to the shows I have been enjoying on KKOH for many decades, elsewhere.
By: Anonymous on February 21, 2024

KFXU 90.5
I do love hearing Pete (Stiewalter?) read the scriptures on my way to work in the mornings. (I don't know how to spell his last name.) I would love to know if he is on any other times during the day, or on any other media. If you can email me, i would appreciate it.
By: Nelda on February 20, 2024

Jazz 89 (KUVO)
Can I receive your signal, and music, in Loveland, CO?
By: George on February 20, 2024

WJXI 96.3
I enjoy the fresh music set played on the station. I've noticed this past week though that the programming in the mornings are playing the exact same songs, same time, everyday now. How about trying to mix it up some? Thanks
By: Larry on February 19, 2024

KTBX 98.1
Trying to locate a song title from Feb. 14, 2024 played on KTBX…are there playlists anywhere?
By: Jeff on February 15, 2024

WCNS 1480
The talk show line up is great. I listen everyday. Don't change
By: David on February 15, 2024

WLLJ 107.7
Amazing, solid, spirit nurturing Bible teaching. I listen every day at lunchtime and it is my food and medicine.
By: Chris on February 14, 2024

KREV 104.7
Can you please tell me the title of the song and the recording artist you played on the station this morning? I know the lines are "Hey Soldier Boy" but I don't know if this is the title. Sure do enjoy your station of music.
By: Guy on February 14, 2024

WLTI 1550
Why has the radio been cutting out since Monday? We enjoy the music being played (maybe a bit too much of Phill Collins) ,but it is cutting out more and more frewiently.
By: Matthew on February 14, 2024

KMDO 1600
KMDO has changed format to "red dirt" country.
By: Scott on February 14, 2024

KDPS 88.1
I worked at KDPS radio and tv while I was in High School at Tech in 1959 thru 1962. The transmitter was Western Electric 1000 watt tube transmitter. I got my BSEE degree after Tech and went to work at Motorola. I am retired in Dakota Dunes, SD.
By: Steve G Twiselton on February 13, 2024

KIT 1280 News Talk
i lik e to listen to hugh hughit (misspelled sorry) in the mornings monday thru friday at 3:00 to5:00. what happened? i know is spelled things wrong but that is my wakeup call in the monrnings weekdays
By: kay on February 12, 2024

WQXY 99.7
This station went off the air during/after Hurricane Ian in September, 2022. My attempts to contact this station PRIOR to their demise were UNSUCCESSFUL. Their phone numbers were either disconnected or were unanswered. Now, 18 months later they are APPARENTLY transmitting again, albeit with just a dead carrier...NO FCC required station IDs. This station...IF it is the real one, is NOT operating in the interest of the community in which it is licensed. The licensee remains illusive. If I can ACTUALLY nail this station down, I will be REAL curious to look at their public inspection file.
By: Jim on February 12, 2024

KLSR 105.3
For Rural America, this is a Great Radio Station. Covers a lot more territory than what's shown...
By: Mona on February 11, 2024

WHAS 840
Sure, people can turn the radio off so as to avoid the degenerate filth which some people call "humor", but all the advertisers who pay good money to reach ears, might look at it differently. I'd literally listen to old Paul Harvey shows than the trash that comes out of WHAS these days.
By: Reply To Anonymous Above on February 11, 2024

WJLX 1240
This station is national and international news for the story about their "missing" tower.
By: Anonymous on February 11, 2024

WKDA 900
I hear big band music on the airwaves, but spanish music online. Is there a window for the big band music? This is more of Dx question, as On a good night I can pull in WKDA from the Chicago suburbs, but the site is always in Spanish. Thanks
By: Martin on February 11, 2024

KSUB 590
You’re signal over here in Kanab Utah has gotten so weak lately I can’t hear you even with the volume all the way up
By: Russ on February 9, 2024

KWRB 90.9
Yes! This radio station is so awesome! This is the best christian radio station from here to northern Nevada! I love this radio station! So Powerful!
By: Anonymous on February 9, 2024

WRSK 97.5
Love WRSK. Such a great variety of music. Brings me back to my childhood and High School days and when my own children were growing up. Love the music of the 50s and 60s and 70s and 80s. And especially love Big Band Sunday and Polka Express and Uncle JImmy Smooth Contemporary Jazz. Applause to all of the deejays. Grew up with the radio on all the time at home and in the car. Music has always been one of the greatest joys of my life. Everything is so much better and more fun while the music is playing. Sing a long and dance a long. And drive a long. Turn the radio up. It can only put everyone in a good mood, and music is so good for the mind and well being. Applause and applause and applause. Keep doing what you are doing, and do not change a thing. I am a happy listener. WRSK is a pleasure!!
By: JOLENE on February 8, 2024

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