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WSJB 96.9
We were so pleased and blessed to find your station last week! We are picking you up clearly here a couple miles west of Buchanan with our Bose radio (common boom box radio does not pick you up here). We love the old feel to the music and preaching programs, and ESPECIALLY the Scripture reading. It is a blessing also as we just brought my mother to live with us last week, and we are playing you all day (and not just in the background)!. Thanks again and God bless you! (A couple in our 60's)
By: Michelle on February 25, 2022

WRSK 97.5
Hi Wendell, It's been very hard getting students interested in radio.The DJ on overnight is a former student and the DJ's on Saturday morning and afternoon. They just don't have the devotion and love to do it live or recorded everyday. Also the weekend overnight DJ Pete is a former student. I'm working with 3 students now and hope to have them on the air on Saturdays within the next month. It's a whole new generation when they don't even know what radio is or the difference of AM and FM or Mono and Stereo. The radio they know is their phone, private streams and their own music in their phone and You Tube. I'm trying Wendell. One of my prior students from last semester is now working at WRNJ 1510 AM doing news while still attending the college and hopefully one day with my help on News Radio 88 or 1010 WINS in NYC. Thanks for your concern and hope you continue to listen. Professor of Radio Communications at SCCC Anthony DeNicola
By: Anthony DeNicola on February 25, 2022

WLGM 95.3
Thank you so much for the wonderful music! During Christmas, I had you on 24-7. While at home, yours is the only radio station to which I listen. Just wish you would let your listeners know the names of the artists or name of songs. Keep it up, we need you now more than ever!
By: Janice on February 24, 2022

WRSK 97.5
I listen to this station when I have some down time and would love to hear more students on the programs. Not that the adults don't do a satisfactory job presenting but it would be a wonderful change to hear some SCCC students embrace this great music and bring a modern day perspective on it from today's generation, not those that have lived it firsthand. I am guessing since it is a college station that the students would love the chance to be heard on air or maybe the format isn't of interest to them which is why all we hear are the same adults. At some point the "adults" won't be around and we need the younger generations to keep this music alive. I know other college stations have more mainstream formats so I am not sure how oldies was chosen, researched or selected but perhaps adjusting things to encourage more mass appeal is something to consider. Thanks for the forum to offer my thoughts.
By: Wendell on February 23, 2022

WZED 105.9
Love all the music 🎶 thank you
By: Peter on February 22, 2022

KIQZ 92.7
Dallas, LOL Mount Rushmore Broadcasting strikes again! I feel bad that you couldn't get the type of content you was looking for (Hot AC, was the previous format), but we all should've seen something like this coming. You really can't trust them with any station. At the same time though, 2022-40=1982. THAT IS NOT OLDIES! Also, Classic Hits are really popular amongst the rural crowd, and they absolutely have the right to be covered by their favorite genre, as do you. If you do have a hankering for Hot AC, I would try to see if 1240/98.9 is on the air. But... they too are owned by Mount Rushmore, so good luck. They took my KZMX in Hot Springs, South Dakota and just killed it. From ZBG
By: ZBG on February 21, 2022

WPJB 93.3
If you want more of the Praise and Worship tunes, I got you covered. Adding more of those songs and bringing back some we haven't played in a while too. Stay tuned for these great songs. Coming soon to Jesus Radio Selma.
By: Dan Presley on February 21, 2022

WLPG 91.7
I wanted to know the guitar instrumental piece that played around 12:43pm on Sunday, Feb. 20, 2022. I was looking for a "now playing" or music in this last hour, or coming up, or something on your website. Anyway if you can give me the instrumentalist / musician name, and the Hymn, I would appreciate it. I love instrumental hymns. This one had been performed especially well, so I wanted the artist's name if you can provide that.
By: Suzi on February 20, 2022

KIQZ 92.7
92.7 Rawlins This radio station has been ruined. The past month had been nothing but 40 year old oldies on repeat. For a remote area this station was a bright spot but now is an ear sore. I've always supported local radio but this has driven me to seek out satilite radio for my ears and vehicle pleasure.
By: Dallas on February 19, 2022

KOOL 102.3 / 1280 (KQLL)
I like your station but where can I find your song list. FURTHER, I wish you would let some of the songs you play right before STATION ID. I love PIPELINE among others. Even some of the cheesy Herb Alpert songs. But I really want to know what was the Station ID song you played Friday the 18th 2022. It reminded me of what I used to hear in the late 50s and 60s called "Beautiful Music. Sooo please what was it. SOMEONE had to pick it out and I really would like to know. THANK YOU and keep up the oldies.
By: Buzz on February 19, 2022

FM 94.5 (WYDB)
BB, it's probably just a poor setup of their automation system.
By: Anonymous on February 17, 2022

FM 94.5 (WYDB)
I am curious about two issues that occur on air. 1. There are various times when you are broadcasting "dead air" between programs. Sometimes for several minutes! What is causing that? 2. I notice that during the day, when switching from live to recorded, ie., going on and off commercials, that the volume (decibel level) is quite different. That is very annoying for the listener. What is causing this?
By: BB on February 17, 2022

KFAQ 1170
I always listened to this station, but not anymore. What happened to all the great conservative talk show hosts? When Pat Campbell had to leave the air, we lost an advocate for all Oklahomans. Now, all we have is sports. What about the real world? We need a chance to hear the news. Please ask back Eddie Huff, if he is willing. Loved Charlie Kirk, Ben Shapiro, Joe Pags. Fix your programming so I can again support Tulsa radio.
By: Susan on February 16, 2022

M88 (KLYT)
I'm looking for information on the broadcast that came out February 16th 2022 at 6:30 a.m. I started listening to the broadcast and got interrupted and would like to hear the full content.
By: Robert on February 16, 2022

WGVU 1480
How come I cant get you anymore??? very disappointing..Im in Jenison
By: sheryl on February 16, 2022

WQOX 88.5
It was playing recently,It call a stories, I listen to Voice of SCS on Sunday That Jazz song Play by Jonathan Butlers lady sing 🎤 with him what is name of song, also song play 11:35pm song sang oh oh I like to know name of that jazz song.
By: Nadolyn on February 14, 2022

Rumba 97.7 (WZRM)
WZRM changed formats in 2021 to contemporary Spanish-language music and now brands itself as "Rumba 97.7". It's also the first-ever high-powered Spanish-language FM radio station in the Boston area.
By: Joseph on February 13, 2022

KiSS Radio 107.5 104.9 (CKKS)
Kid Carson spoke the truth in a graceful way. Your firing him is criminal. You have become the thought police. Rethink your agenda.
By: Josephine on February 12, 2022

WPSA 93.5
can I listen online somewhere as it doesn't come in in baraboo?
By: Elizabeth on February 12, 2022

100.5 The Wolf (KSWF)
Why am I unable to receive 100.5 in Reeds Spring, Mo. anymore. It use to come in strong but now nothing but static.
By: Anonymous on February 11, 2022

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