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92.5 WINC FM
What is the name the song that plated between 6:20 and 6:30?
By: Kevin on July 1, 2021

WENY 1230
Been listening to 1230 or 1450 for years and am so disappointed in your new programming. We don't need another oldies or country station. Bring back talk radio. It was the only good thing in this area.
By: Jo on July 1, 2021

WVNT 1230
Please bring back Dave Ramsey.
By: Gary on July 1, 2021

WLKF 1430
Is your station available on Tunein radio online?
By: David on July 1, 2021

WNHC 104.1
I was listening on June 30, 2021. Please please tell me who I was listening to from 9 am to 10 am. Thank you and God bless!
By: Jennifer on July 1, 2021

KAND 1340
On June 30, 2021 at 2300 hrs. Seems to not be transmitting. I dont' know if they have shut down or not.
By: Tim on July 1, 2021

KTBX 98.1
Fantastic station playing fantastic music. Playing the best of the stuff I grew up with. Guitars jamming like they only did back then. Makes me feel alive again. We park out in the desert and just enjoy your music while we look up at a million stars.
By: Keith T. on July 1, 2021

WFNB 92.7
The Mistress talks to much!
By: Fred on July 1, 2021

KNSS 98.7/1330
Do not like your choice of the replacement for the Rush show. Am going to Dan Bongino.
By: Evelyn on June 30, 2021

95.7 The Ride (WXRC)
Need a playlist
By: Randy on June 30, 2021

News Radio 1040 WHO
Don't you ever update this site? This station isn't nearly as good as in past years. I live just south of the Missouri line and can hardly get reception. The commercials are enough to deter any effort. Is it only about revenue?
By: mike P on June 30, 2021

WRAU 88.3
WHAT HAPPENED TO NPR?! If I Wanted To Hear Garbage Music We All Have The Rest Of The Band's Dial! Bring Back WAMU, Mountebanks!
By: Trey on June 30, 2021

Family Radio 610 (KEAR)
Hi How are you doing? Just a thought l use to listen to your station KEAR in when l lived in California. l picked it up in a town called Grover Beach California. This town is about 250 miles south of San Francisco. on an FM 96.5 fm. One time as l traveled with a room mate as l left Grover Beach heading north listening to your radio station it faded out on me and as I was moving the tuner back and forth for a while I picked up your station in King City California. then it faded out as l was heading north FM 94, l had to be in the right path of the frequency just tp picked that up those two cities, this was the wave bounce. Just thought I would tell you that. this was back in 1993 from January all the way through the summer. I`m sure others probably know about that., then your station shut down, during the summer. you must have now moved to the frequency 610 a.m l enjoyed listening to that station, especially on a Sunday after noon.
By: John on June 30, 2021

KTWL 105.3
In The Woodlands, Tomball, Magnolia & Spring areas we are only hearing Hispanic music.
By: Kk on June 30, 2021

107.5 The Eagle (KGLK)
I listen to you all the time; interested to know the phone number to call and see if we could win free tickets to Elton John. Please, if you could e-mail the info; I'd appreciate it . Thanks in advance. You all Rock!
By: roberto on June 30, 2021

KKGK 1340
What happened to Colin Cowerd's show, "The Herd," from 9-12? All I'm hearing is the same broadcast on 1100? Seriously? Who's the genius behind this idea? Another lost listener...
By: KC Wane on June 30, 2021

Talk 980 (KMBZ)
Please put the "Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show" on in the old Rush time slot like many other stations around the Country have done. What your doing with the programming in that time slot now is not working at all, a big letdown!
By: Pat on June 30, 2021

WOKV 104.5
You're station WKOV has the habit of going off the air about 2am once a week. Very irritating.
By: Roy Joseph on June 29, 2021

WENY 1230
I dont know what happened to talk radio but I am not going to listen to crappy country music. I have a feeling that Socialist thugs have silenced yet another Conservative news outlet. Silencing free speech is right out of the Hitler Stalin playbook and they were both Socialists. But I would not expect today's Socialist to know that because in order to be a modern Democratic Socialist would require a total lack of historical literacy. Socialism always fails economically but always succeeds in depriving people of freedom. So, all you Socialists, Democratic Socialists, Communists, Progressives, Liberals or whatever you choose to call yourselves, BEWARE! Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. When the day comes and your Socialist utopia becomes reality and it costs a $50 dollars for a Big Mack and you are told how to live and what to eat and what to drive, there will be people like me to say to you, "I told you so." Maybe at that point you will realize that you were useful idiots that squandered your own liberty and mine. Sleep well Comrade!
By: Chris R on June 29, 2021

WBLJ 1230
we are unable most of the time to listen to your station, why do you abandon it?
By: Linda on June 29, 2021

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