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WLRR 100.7
I'm a truck driver from Virginia, delivering in Milledgeville and found your station. This is the BEST selection and variety of music on a radio station I've heard in many, many years. Wish I lived close enough to hear all the time.
By: Joseph Herron on April 8, 2019

NewsRadio 680 (WPTF)
When was America great? I must tell you I am somewhat perplexed by this question. After all, America, initially no more than 13 small colonies, possessed a resolve so strong for independence that it became a nation. A nation, like any new nation of people, having its inevitable struggles BUT ultimately overcoming them to reign supreme. I heard someone ask, "When was America great?" They went on to point out all the low points in America's history. I think America and its beliefs can best be summed up in the now famous painting of Ruby Bridges surrounded by 4 U.S. marshals..........a country though not perfect but willing to protect and preserve the constitutional rights of all its citizens. Oh, and if it means anything........ I am an African American.
By: RF Wiggins on April 8, 2019

KTYD 99.9
I live in Solvang and I can no longer receive KTYD on any of my stereo receivers. What has changed. Do you no longer transmit and analog signal?
By: Craig VanDerwarker on April 7, 2019

610 WTVN
Just heard West Side Jeff give an excellent lesson and explanation of true capitalism and why it is so important and beneficial to is all. THANKS. I think we all need to understand and keep this firmly in mind during the upcoming propaganda blitz Thanks WSJ....Eric
By: Eric Watkins on April 7, 2019

101.1 The Wave (WAVV)
I heard a theme song today it was amazing and while i listened to it, i thought of my childhood and my children's childhood and how my kids and i would rent Disney movies and have snacks. I am sure the song was fron a Disney movie. It was played April 7th at 12:15 in the afternoon. If possible i would like to have this song played at my son's wedding and the song we dance to. Please respond if you are able. Thank you
By: Amy on April 7, 2019

WBLE 100.5
Who sings the country song tequila called you up last night I can't find it anywhere and it only plays on this station. A woman sings it
By: Tabby38260 on April 7, 2019

KJMX 99.5
Why can't you get stronger so we can hear you in Coosbay Oregon. The 2 they have here sucks. They always play love mostly love songs. We use to get you clear but not any more.
By: Al Goodwin on April 7, 2019

WCLJ 107.3
My relationship with Jesus has grown greatly through your broadcasts, thank you.
By: Paul Heasty on April 7, 2019

KBUX 94.3
SONG REQUEST. Internationally Known Ombudsman (Ombudsmen) John Anthony Olszowy (Allsway) is sending this song out to everyone and ask you to please help the homeless along your way. Here's USA for Africa We are the World.
By: John Olszowy on April 7, 2019

River Country 101.7 (WRCV)
Please play more music from women. To much male music, and most of it's old and repetitive. Seriously..
By: Gwen on April 7, 2019

KAYT 88.1
Let’s Work Out Cenla, Inc. (LWOC). P.O. Box 3981 Pineville, LA 71361 Website:, Email: 318 229-2025 Shop Herbalife: Public Service Announcement Immediate Release Contact: Ollie Blade, CEO 318 229-2025 Start: March 19, 2019 End: May 31, 2019 LWOC Community Health Education Program volunteers have been committed to addressing the health challenges facing Central Louisiana and are continuing education and events to raise the community awareness of the health challenges: high rates of drug overdose deaths, smokers, obesity, diabetes, depression and inactivity, making Louisiana one of the unhealthiest states in the nation. In addition, to offering counseling programs & health nutrition & fitness programs to address some of these health challenges, LWOC sponsors the Praying & Walking for a Healthier Cenla Campaign and the Mall Walk program at Alexandria Mall. The Praying & Walking for a Healthier Cenla campaign includes two important goals: 1) to raise the community awareness of the health issues facing Central Louisiana, by praying & walking every Saturday at 1pm at Alexandria Mall. We invite individuals and groups who are interested to meet with volunteers at the food court entrance at Alexandria Mall and 2) We are motivating and encouraging people to walk at Alexandria Mall for their health. We invite you to support “praying and walking for a healthier cenla” and support a loved one who is currently dealing with one of the health challenges (drug addiction, smoker, obesity, diabetes, depression) or in memory of a loved one, by ordering a banner. Written on the banner will be the words “in memory of (name of the loved one or person) or in support of (name of the loved one or person) and the name of the sponsor. If you would like to order a banner in the memory of or in support of a person or loved one, send $100 check or money order to: Let’s Work Out Cenla, Inc, P.O. Box 3981 Pineville, LA 71361. Contact person: Ollie Blade, CEO., Attn: Praying & Walking for a Healthier Cenla campaign. JBStudios at Alexandria Mall is partnering with LWOC to print the banners. You can also order the banners directly from JBStudios ,Joey Bailey, Owner, 318 609-5762. If you have questions or would like additional information, please feel free to contact Ollie Blade, CEO at 318 229-2025 or email: Check out LWOC Website:
By: Ollie Blade on April 7, 2019

WGKZ 88.7
Gave up on all local radio until a friend of mine told me about this station. I used to wanna rip my hair out after 10 minutes of listening to all the other stations around this town. It's SICKENING the insane amount of national and local commercials they run. They sure must be raking in the dough, although I can't believe any local businesses would even want to waste their money on crap radio that people don't even listen to anymore! There's barely any music at all and what little they do manage to play, it's the same 100 or so songs over and over. And then to add even more reason to shut them off is the annoying syndicated and fake DJ's with their corny so-called "humor". My six year old can tell you better jokes then they can! I could go on and on for days, but from the many similar comments on here I'm by far not the only one who realizes all this. Robin, you summed it up perfectly.....It's a radio wasteland. I just wanna say a million THANK YOU's as well to whoever put the rebel into existence!! I'd also like to know how to donate to this station. Does anyone know how to go about doing this?
By: Fred Bear on April 6, 2019

Family Radio 88.7 (WFRP)
Does your radio announce Events or Festivals? I’m with the Georgia Strawberry Festival Thanks Becky
By: Becky Forbes on April 6, 2019

107.5 The Fox (WFXJ)
Hey, So I flipped on the radio and was going to be my own DJ with CD's.. But I heard a kick ass song, so I left it on and went about my chores. It has been on for an hour or so and I love it! I am a transplanted city boy and rebuke most of this city. Spoiled from my hometown radio I usually DJ for us. BUT your station is awesome and refreshing. I found 1 more thing to love about Ashtabula!
By: Will on April 6, 2019

WBQR 104.3
How nice to have a classical radio station. Oddly, I can only receive the channel in my car, not my home. I hope they continue to be on air and I hope they can boost their signal.
By: Susan Craig-Gilson on April 6, 2019

The Big DM 101FM (WWDM)
What happened to the Big DM? We can’t get it anymore in Bamberg,SC
By: Nina Haynes on April 6, 2019

98.7 K-LUV (KLUV)
I recently found your station and like it a lot. I live in Jacksonville, FL. Maybe expanding your playlist wouldn't hurt. The oldies station here in Jax also has a silly fishing show on Friday's and covers baseball and,football too. I want music. You provide music. I am retired US Navy and a former police officer. I tell a lot of people across the country about your station. Anyway, I listen to you all day (0600-1715) and some on the weekends. Thanks.
By: Eddie Hyatt on April 5, 2019

KLIV 1590
Al Pacino kills Babies with Victoria Jones Tamarra Kennedy John Edward Kennedy still killing me at the same time and killing my father still...
By: Anonymous on April 5, 2019

101.7 K-WULF (KWUL)
I Always listen to Gordo...just an ole timer from waaaaay back in the day... Gordo & this staff know how to get the tracks laid down....Katy as well know how to bring us St. Louis Music the right way thanks K-WULF
By: Tony P Pona on April 5, 2019

KOGL 89.3
PLEASE SHARE with family, friends and visitors. Discover Delicious, Fun and Free Events at Depoe Bay’s Crab Feed, Wooden Boat Show and Ducky Derby April 13-14, 2019 Depoe Bay will be cooking up locally caught Dungeness crab and showing off colorful classic wooden boats at the world’s smallest harbor on Saturday, April 13 and Sunday, April 14, 2019. Indoor and outdoor dining will be available, with a selection of thirst-quenching brews in the beer garden courtesy of the Depoe Bay Brewing Company. Thousands of pounds of delicious whole Dungeness crab will be cooked to perfection in front of Depoe Bay’s Community Hall at 220 S.E. Bay Street. Complete Dungeness crab meals include coleslaw, dinner roll and beverage. Meals will be served from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday and from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm Sunday. The price of a whole Dungeness crab meal will be $25 and $15 for a half crab. Hot dogs and baked goods will also be sold at the nearby Kid Zone table. The Depoe Bay Chamber of Commerce hosts the non-profit event, a favorite coastal tradition for locals and visitors alike. This will be the 24th year for the Classic Wooden Boat Show at Depoe Bay, “the world’s smallest harbor.” Dozens of exhibits will feature hand-crafted vessels both vintage and modern from across the Northwest. Always a favorite of the show is the model boat building booth, which provides both young and old the opportunity to build their own boat to take home. The boat show and the model boat building demonstration are free. On Sunday April 14 at 2 pm "the world's smallest harbor" will see hundreds of colorful bathtub ducks released to race in the annual Ducky Derby. Buy a ticket for a chance to win great prizes from Depoe Bay merchants. Over 75 items to win and only 300 tickets will be sold. That’s a 1 in 4 chance to win! Prizes include certificates for lodging, whale watching and fishing charters, restaurants, wine tasting, and much more! One very special prize up for grabs in the Ducky Derby is an authentic 1783 silver “piece of eight” Spanish coin recovered from the wreck of the treasure ship El Cazador, which sank in the Gulf of Mexico while on its way to New Orleans. Ducky Derby tickets are only $5 and can be purchased at the Depoe Bay Chamber office or at the Community Hall during the Crab Feed event. Depoe Bay’s U.S. Coast Guard station will open its doors to tours of its patrol and rescue boats stationed in “the world’s smallest harbor”. Climb aboard one of their boats and spend some time talking with one of America’s best! For crab meal and/or Ducky Derby tickets go to the Depoe Bay Chamber of Commerce office on Hwy 101 or website at or call 541-765-2889.
By: Depoe Bay Chamber of Commerce on April 5, 2019

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