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KBDE 89.9
Whoever is currently talking here Saturday, 1/9/20 at 2:40 pm is dong no good further spreading lies about the Election. There have been lots of accusations of fraud but there has been no actual evidence. You can’t equate riots in reaction to systemic racism to riots because a voter base failed high school government.
By: Kevin Morehouse on January 9, 2021

NewsRadio 610 WIOD
I can't believe you no longer have Todd Schnitt! I'll have to search for him. Won't check back with WIOD until it's time for Coast to Coast!
By: PB VANRYN on January 9, 2021

KAAN 870
We us to listen to Morning Jack on the Party Line show. 870 am. Do you still have a show like this.
By: Connie miller on January 9, 2021

WDAC 94.5
Concerning Saturday morning programming and the loss of 'Ranger Bill'. I am disappointed with the loss of Ranger Bill. Do you no longer have access to the Ranger Bill programs or did you make a decision to discontinue them? Thanks, AM
By: Arnold Martin on January 9, 2021

WZFN 104.3
Just found this station yesterday and I love it! I love the genre. Keep it up! Not many stations out there that play oldies music.
By: Linda Smith on January 9, 2021

103.9 The Boot 92.3 / 1450 (WWJB)
Swap Shop still on? Time & day please... Thanks
By: Len on January 9, 2021

WCPP 102.1
Just discovered your station. I have to say, I enjoy your format immensely! It’s a refreshing alternative from the Status Quo. 🤗👍👌
By: Vickie Krueger on January 9, 2021

WGRU 99.1
I was change the channel on Truck radio and came across the station I was blown away as soon as I got home I tune in on stereo and stay there all day. That was 8am till around 3pm so refreshing . I love it..
By: Ronnie L Dixon on January 9, 2021

WHKW 1220
I have an old GE super radio by my bed, I was scanning the am dial one evening and came across this station, didn’t realize it’s in Cleveland and I live in WestView pa, other than moving the needle around and some squealing it’s a nice station, I can occasionally get it in the car, and when my husband and I travel 79 north I can keep it somewhat tuned it
By: Cathy Claypool on January 9, 2021

WMEQ 92.1
By: Gussie on January 8, 2021

KZQM 104.9
I just found this station today, & love it, you play the best songs! THANKS!
By: Deb on January 8, 2021

KXSC 104.9
I extremely love your radio station. Your music makes me feel like home. A station where I can hang my hat and relax. Thank you very much. (408)791-4590 Adam
By: Adan Peacemaker on January 8, 2021

KUAZ 89.1
I would like to see if I can get an interview for a case that I been working on for almost 25 years. This will include a book that I have written. Thank You Edwin Collazo 5203903316
By: Edwin Collazo on January 8, 2021

WSFW 1110
Great Christian station. Nice to have another non denominational station on my playlist that isn't FLN or Calvary Chapel affiliated.
By: fred farkel on January 8, 2021

WRHB 105.9
How much to buy your station and location
By: Charles Baker on January 8, 2021

KUAW 98.5
I can no longer get this station. I used to listen non-stop, everyday. Now it is just garbled. What gives? Seems like the stream has been slowed down. I get one word of a song at a time!!
By: Deborah on January 8, 2021

K-Love 97.9 (WCKL)
Had to write and the radio station know that I listen last night. January 7 at about 7 pm in my car driving from Chicago to Carol Stream. In tears all the way to my daughter house .The music was all on point at the right time.In that order. Holy spirit rained on me for about an hour while I was driving . Is there any way I could get that list of songs he played. 7735676535 Janie Richards
By: Janie Richards on January 8, 2021

WFHG 92.9
I live in Morristown and listen all day to your station. Sometimes, the reception has a lot of static. Have you ever considered putting an app of your station in the app store? Would love to be able to carry my blue tooth speaker from room to room and be able to listen to your station.
By: Mary on January 8, 2021

NewsRadio 610 WIOD
I really dissappointed that Todd S. is no longer on your nightly programming. He was always so uplifting and entertaining. Someone I could relate to, not the boring same ole BS the replacement offers.
By: J. J. Hines on January 8, 2021

WHAM 1180
Bring back Michael Savage loyal Canadian listener from Port Hope Ontario.Be Safe,Peter
By: Peter pnisuskas on January 8, 2021

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