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WEAG 106.3
Am a Daily listener. An wondering theres a song by 38 special, Second Chance, played there usually in the mornings, in counrty or slow version format, Trying to find out the artist? Thanks , Forest,
By: Forester on November 13, 2023

Classic Oldies 90.3 FM (WRBK)
I'm new to the area of Chapin SC and during a scan of stations I discovered yours. Love it and it holds the #1 program spot on my auto's FM. Unfortunately the signal is weak and often lost. Turn up the power a little please! The FCC be damned :)
By: Jerry on November 13, 2023

KBLY 100.5
How can I listen to past interviews. Would love to hear the one with McKinley (Roxie) Burgess.
By: Monica on November 12, 2023

KXQT 105.9
Awesome. I'm from San Antonio,TX and listening to Tejanousic cures me of being so homesick.
By: Letty on November 11, 2023

WOAS 88.5
Heard about this radio station (WOAS) on the 11/09/23 NBC news broadcast and I might have to make a visit to the area next summer and show some support! Please let me know if I could do anything now to help make sure you’re still broadcasting next summer!
By: Mark on November 10, 2023

KAGO 94.9
I love listening to your radio station but please do us all a favor and get rid of that annoying repetitive bell sound you play; I am about ready to change stations because of how irritating it is.
By: Mike on November 9, 2023

WARN 91.3
We live in the Manassas, VA area. Lately, we get only static during the daytime hours from your station. There is no problem in the evening. Is this problem temporary or a permanent change?
By: Alicia and John on November 9, 2023

KBMJ 89.5
I heard last night a sermon study about 'Angels' but did not get the information about getting a copy of the book and also listening to the study at home. Can you help me? Thank you.
By: Wayne on November 9, 2023

WGAM 1250
It appears they are not on the air. Dead. Nothing.
By: Tom on November 9, 2023

WWFH 102.1
I listen to this station 102.1 in Riverview, Florida every time I'm in the car. I love that there are no commercials or DJs, just wonderful old Christian hymns, choirs, quartets, using banjo, harmonica, fiddle, jug, or even washboard. A real treat! Remember "I'll have a new life"? Wonderful songs I've never heard. I look them up on youtube for the lyrics. and find them sung by the Gaithers, even Elvis. So imagine when I took a double take when I heard a Casting Crowns song. It did prompt me to look you up online to encourage you to continue playing the songs we can't hear anywhere else! I tell my husband after 3 songs, Rapture Songs! I only change the station when I'm driving out of range. I especially love hearing the children joining in! God bless you as we wait for our Savior's appearing!
By: Elaine D on November 8, 2023

KKEN 97.1
Why can I NOT get .97.1 . I can get 97.3 FM.1 in Lawton .3??????????????????????? loud and clear. I am a Duncan boy who wants to feel at home as much as possible...! now live at 10 Oaks - Morada in Lawton for a month now..
By: Charles David on November 8, 2023

WARN 91.3
I’m about seven miles west of Culpeper. For the last couple of days, your signal is jammed (?) by a buzz/hum. Never happened before. What’s up?
By: Peter on November 7, 2023

101.7 K-WULF (KWUL)
Wish i got better reception in st peters. Your station gets over run by other noise around the Menards store at Mexico and Spencer. Live in Lincoln county and hear it great and also all over when driving. Thanks and keep up the great work.
By: Don on November 6, 2023

WUTT 95.5
I haven't heard anything good on the radio since Erie got rid of the 93.7 THE PLANET Erie radio sux sausage but WUTT is the only hope for Erie radio now BECAUSE NO ONE LISTENS TO THE RADIO ANYMORE due to the commercialization bastardization of the entire music industry especially the fake laughter of morning talk radio makes folks relate to psychotic behavior
By: Joe Rock on November 5, 2023

WICR 88.7
They play a lot of great instrumental Jazz.
By: Dan on November 4, 2023

WAAK 94.7
How can the range get larger and the power increase? We depend on them for the Ringgold Tiger games.
By: Lindsay on November 4, 2023

WNAR 100.3
Who were they talking about on Thursday 11/2 around 05:00 PM. Sounded like Frances Harigold. It was really interesting.
By: Andreas on November 4, 2023

The Life FM 107.3 (WWQC)
By: Cathy on November 3, 2023

WLMN 89.7
Hi Greg here in manistee MI 89.7 FM rds & rbds are offline can you guys please fix it please and thanks have a great day greg
By: Greg on November 2, 2023

Country Legend 97.1 (KLVH)
What is with K Love on 97.1? Where is my country legends?
By: Dee on November 1, 2023

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