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WNRC 97.5
I operated the station when it was located in another building back in 1958 on AM
By: Charles L Colton on January 14, 2023

Truth Radio 590 / 97.7 (WLES)
I listened today and could not believe these people are fellow “Christians”. The hate talk they are spewing was scary. I hope and pray they will turn from the rhetoric and hatred and try to be more loving and Christ like.
By: Joy on January 13, 2023

WPJB 93.3
My Prayers go out to everyone in Selma, that suffered damage due to this tornado. Happy to announce that Jesus Radio Selma 93.3 FM is still on the air and bringing you the best mix of Christian Hits and Oldies. We had a few minutes of a power outage but that was it. Glad God spared the radio station from having any major damage to the facility. To Him be all the Glory, Honor And Praise. Great things He has done and continues to do.
By: Dan Presley on January 13, 2023

Mix 98.3 (WRTO)
This is truly a wonderful station.
By: Tommy on January 12, 2023

WPJB 93.3
Live Streaming and new program are still coming. Hope to premier them, sometime before this month ends. Sorry for the breakdowns. Working on getting them behind me for good. We're back on, as of now, from a loaner. Hope to get current unit fixed for good, this time around. If anyone reading can help me find a spare LPFM transmitter, let me know. I want to keep one in storage, just in case I need it. Thanks!
By: Dan Presley on January 10, 2023

WTSN 1270
What happened to the grace curly show? Since I can no longer get it on wtsn I will no longer be listening to your Channel
By: Brewster on January 9, 2023

WPJB 93.3
Due to an ongoing transmitter issue, the station is off the air again. Hope to be back on, by weeks end, with a loner from the engineer. My plans are to fix this current unit and get all the issues out of it for good. Once I do that, then we'll entertain the streaming and new program with Dr. Mike Perry.
By: Dan Presley on January 9, 2023

WSQN 88.1
Johanna Warren was on around 3:06 PM she is one of the greatest musicians I've ever heard it's the shame you didn't announce her name but she is awesome in all her music I would love to hear on your station thanks for playing her
By: Joshua on January 8, 2023

WPJB 93.3
The streaming side and new program premiers are now on hold, due to a new transmitter issue. Going to get this issue fixed for good and then we can move on and carry out the future plans I have for this broadcast. Thanks to all that continue to Pray for, support and encourage me. I appreciate it.
By: Dan Presley on January 8, 2023

KNAN 106.7
I've really enjoyed this station all year, but noticed it's been dead silence since December 20, 2022. I hope the station returns SOON with the Amazing variety of classic songs from the Diverse Music Genres (Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, and R&B), across the 70's, 80's, 90's, and 2000's! The nostalgia was incredible! Please bring back the music. It was such a nice station to listen to when I get tired of the same current music on other stations.
By: Badia on January 5, 2023

WSHT 100.1
I found your station today while scanning around. I found your music selections somewhat interesting, it reminded me of a station back in my hometown that played a little bit of everything back in the 70's. You now have a new listener.
By: Tomas on January 4, 2023

WVIA 89.9
Great Jazz driving back from the south, 7:00 PM 1/3/2023
By: Annonymous on January 4, 2023

WPJB 93.3
Live Stream is scheduled to premier this Saturday. Starting next Sunday, at 10:30 A.M., a new program is premiering too. Stay tuned for A Moment From The Word with Dr. Mike Perry, from New Covenant Presbyterian Church. He's the one that brought us the Christmas message, I just aired a few days ago. This program will be a daily broadcast and will air for 30 minutes. Once we get the stream going and the new program on air, I intend to set up a Facebook page. Things are looking bright for Jesus Radio. I'm excited about our future. The best is yet to come.
By: Dan Presley on January 1, 2023

WSLO 90.9
Wow.. I'm new to the area. And I think I stumbled upon your station.90.9 ? I think that's This is the best station ever..I never need to change it to look for something else..Not one commercial so far..a wonderful mix of great commerical top 49 stuff just good music , jazz , world music, and everything great in-between..Thank you for a great line up..I'll be keeping my dail on you. Irene
By: Irene on January 1, 2023

WSHT 100.1
Happy New Year!!
By: Beth Ann on December 31, 2022

WEWZ 103.9
I love this station. So much quality from many different decades--it all fits together well. A magic mix of surprise goodies and great hits. Truly solid DJs. Thank you! Please stream it online! More people should enjoy this.
By: Will on December 29, 2022

KTSD 91.1
How can I access the broadcast today about the Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890? I’d like to listen to it again in its entirety.
By: Sheridan on December 29, 2022

WEVR 106.3
TJ Campbell is a living legend.
By: Melissa on December 29, 2022

Wild 104 (KBFM)
Hello there, it's Darius. I randomly saw this station and I was very excited to listen to, however, when I checked the playlist, they did a lot of latin stuff, less variety, and more Bad Bunny less actual hits. I have a suggestion for you guys so that I can start listening, can you turn down the tone a little bit? There is WAYYYYYYYY more people performing this type of stuff than just Bad Bunny. Maybe play artists like Lizzo, Afrojack, David Guetta, R3HAB, Justin Bieber and less latin stuff like Bad Bunny, Becky G. Thanks! This helps me a lot
By: DB on December 29, 2022

Shore 104.3 (CHHR)
It airs Soft Adult Contemporary now going by 1043 The Breeze
By: Darius S on December 29, 2022

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