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WOOG 92.7
The music is great, especially the traditional bluegrass!! Just wish there was a playlist available.
By: Joe D on September 19, 2021

New York Jewish Radio 107.9 (WMDI)
are u still on the air it is very difficult to find your serial bit stream that works...
By: Dave on September 18, 2021

KRZX 106.1
Hi guys, love listening, however I would love to see the playlist for Friday Sept. 17th around 10 A:M. Hope you can help.
By: Marilyn on September 18, 2021

W243DG 96.5
I am listening to your station and I am in tears! The vaccine truths you are speaking has me in tears, I am in Lexington right now and I have pulled over just to listen, the young woman speaking is speaking nothing but truth. I am moving to Kentucky from California and you would never have been able to speak this truth where I am from. God bless you!
By: Rachel on September 17, 2021

KTJJ 98.5
To the DJ on air right now...Griff, I think....I have no idea what Col. Max Klinger wore to try to get discharged in M*A*S*H*, but CORP. Max Klinger wore dresses! Oh, and Mr. Bentley's first name is pronounced DERKS not DEERKS! Get it right!
By: Gloria on September 17, 2021

WSMA 90.5
Danette, My CSN (KWYC) is almost always having transmitter issues. As we speak, they are on low power. As for the NPR, we can probably blame that on tropospheric conditions, and the likely candidate is WNPR Meriden, Connecticut (116 mi), which is a common distance for tropo to travel. Now, it's possible there was spillover from 90.9 Boston, but that's less likely if they keep their transmitter in check.. I'm glad your third radio works! ZBG
By: ZBG on September 17, 2021

KFAQ 1170
You used to have the best talk show in the country with Charlie Kirk, Ben Shapiro, Michail Knowles, and others, Now what have you got? I can't even find your line up. So long 1170.
By: Bruce on September 17, 2021

WLIV 104.7
I know Stonecom bought it and looks like they shut it down so you have to listen to their existing stations. I’m not happy about it not being on the air and certainly not going to listen to their stations if this is the case
By: Skip on September 17, 2021

Old School 104.7 (KOCP)
Plays the same songs day after day. Some even multiple times a day. This is the only station that comes in at my work that’s tolerable to me.
By: George on September 17, 2021

KOMO Newsradio 1000
Bring back the Jim Bohannon Show ASAP. Your current retreading of "the news" is pathetic. Bohannon brought an intelligent perspective to late night radio.
By: NotPleased on September 17, 2021

KRWV 99.3
I can't figure out how to get to your Current play list so I can see who is performing "Right Now". Please send me a step by step. Thank you, Kathy
By: Kathy on September 16, 2021

WEPB 106.3
Please make your station have a wider radius, I work in Noblesville but my commute home to Pendleton, I lose the signal every time in Lapel. Also is there any way possible to hear your station on-line? thanks for the station though, I love it
By: Eddie on September 16, 2021

KAFR 88.3
That's nice how you just cut off that caller on air, as soon as he mentioned people were dying from the forced jab. Hundreds of thousands have died from it, you can't cover this up.
By: Perry on September 16, 2021

KFXM 96.7
9/16/21 - My favorite station (KFXM) has been down almost 2 full days...I'm jonesin' and need my fix. God Bless
By: Chico on September 16, 2021

WJMK 1250
hi i would like to listen on line but cant seem to find your station Lived near Bridgeport on Bell Rd and love this station Can you help Mary
By: mary on September 16, 2021

WKCW 1420
They're back! They came back up sometime in the last few days. I caught the evangelist/owner guy doing his little Q&A show at lunchtime, followed by the usual odd music mix. (A Duophonic copy of "I Want to Hold Your Hand"? REALLY?) Glad to have them back at any rate.
By: Eric on September 15, 2021

WILA 100.1
Heard part of a sermon today about returning to the Jordan to dip 7 times for healing. Couldn't finish it and would like to know who that was so I could listen to it in it's entirety. Came on around 11 a.m. today. Can you help me?
By: Debbie on September 15, 2021

KHWG 100.1
The absolute best station, EVER!
By: Laurie on September 15, 2021

100.3 K-Love (KKLQ)
I am visiting So Cal this Sept 2021 from DFW where I always listen to KCBI. I had wondered where the awesome host, Lorie, went to from KCBI. It was such a joy to hear her today at her new radio home here, KKLQ! Take good care of our girl!
By: Beth on September 15, 2021

KAFR 88.3
I listen to your station all the time. Last Saturday, Sept. 11, 2021 was listening around 12:30 p.m. till 1:00 p.m. Please tell me how I may obtain a copy of what was said on your program. The gentlemen, can't remember his name, game a lot of history about Israel and what had transpired over the last 2 centuries in the Middle East. I loved listening to what he said. Please advise as to how I may obtain a copy of this broadcast that afternoon. I keep my radio on your station all the time and have for a long time!
By: Anonymous on September 15, 2021

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