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Kiss Fm 96.9 (KXSS)
It is Saturday Aug. 10. Don't know if you can help me but do you still know the song that was playing this morning at 9:40am ? Thanks Jimmy Full time listener
By: Jimmy on August 10, 2019

WRON 103.1
Multi family yard sale taking place right now in Charmco. Follow the signs at the intersection... everything priced to sell ... this is the @ deal of the week”..👍
By: Richard on August 10, 2019

Gold 99 (WGMA)
I'm new to the area and really like your station. However (isn't there always one), I am horrified that you are still playing Michael Jackson. He has been proven to be a pedi file and should no longer be given any recognition/air play.
By: Kevin on August 10, 2019

WWOJ 99.1
Please announce: Covered dish picnic Saturday August 17th 12 noon at the Avon Park Community Center. All Avon Park residents are invited. Mini-reunions for APHS grads. Bring a covered dish to share. Sponsored by Historical Society of Avon Park and the Avon Park Community Redevelopment Agency. Thank you
By: Nancy Fisk on August 10, 2019

WHRD 106.9
No Kid HUNGRY BAKESALE Wednesday ,August 14th, 2019 8am til 2pm Roshek Building, 700 LOCUST STREET., DUBUQUE iowa
By: Kristy Brosnan on August 10, 2019

Classic Hits Q107.5 (WDBQ)
No Kid HUNGRY BAKESALE Wednesday August 14th 8am til 2pm ROSHEK BUILDING 700 LOCUST STREET Dubuque Iowa
By: Kristy Brosnan on August 10, 2019

KVNW 92.9
Can the new format on 92.9 fm be a hip hop and top 40 radio station with out a morning show and with out radio DJ talking ?
By: Adam on August 10, 2019

WTIR 91.9
Would you guys please email me a list of what songs were played August 8,2019 from 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm? There was a song that I really loved and I don't know the name of it but it sounded like the first line of the chorus went, "Why lie, why even try to hide these feelings..." If anyone knows the name of this song, please email me. Thank you!
By: Joel on August 10, 2019

K-Love 89.5 (KKLY)
Hello, K-love in my city is not working, 89.5 in El Paso TX, just a lot of static. I’m not sure if you’re aware of it, and didn’t know who to contact. Thank you, I miss listening to KLove Thank you for all you do!
By: Rosa Perez on August 10, 2019

WGGG 1230
My name is Bruce Nelson, formerly the DJ on WGGG "Schlitz Campass Bandstand, 5 evesa weel when I at age 20 became the swingshft most listened to as I recall. Wonder is you might have any history on me circa 1969 (old age memory:-). If so this old Nam Era former EE would sincerely appreciate any assisist. (soryy, defective keyboard)...The gent I answered to was Gene Bardo, one heck of a gree=at guy to work under. If any one can locate Gene please ask him to contact me "". Its been many yrs since the late 60s but I just got this notion to google up WGGG (Watch Greater Gainesville Grow" and here you are. This old geezer whould kick a kick out of any info0 (my ssn 261521326) give me a whirl. Respectfully, Bruce R Nelson, 244 Springfield Rd, Vilas, NC 28692 my "show" was The SchlitzCampus Banbdstand" 5pm to shut down at midnight) great memory for this aging DAV
By: Bruce R Nelson on August 9, 2019

103.1 El Gato (KDLD)
Pueden poner adiós amor de Christian nodal
By: Deisy on August 9, 2019

102.5 FM The Bone (WHPT)
Talk to much, do us all a favor an go work on AM talk radio if you like hearing your own voice so much, or shut up and play music!
By: Kennedy on August 9, 2019

KCMU 103.3
Such an inspiring mix of genres, decades, etc! Any chance you could post playlists anywhere?
By: Marni on August 9, 2019

Talk Radio 1380 (WNRR)
I’m John Patrick Lowrie, the actor who voices Sherlock Holmes on The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes which you broadcast as part of Jim French’s Imagination Theater for many years. Jim passed away a couple of years back and the business was closed. However, Larry Albert, the voice of Harry Nile in The Adventures of Harry Nile, and I have restarted the company under the name Aural Vision, LLC. We have enlisted the same writers, actors, directors and engineers used by Jim French Productions and are producing new shows now. We can offer you a half-hour show weekly starting in October if that is something your station would be interested in. I know you carried us for several years when Jim was the head of the company and I can assure you that we are dedicated to producing the same high-quality family entertainment that Jim produced for so long. To hear an example of one of our shows go to Please let me know if this is of interest to you and your station. Thank you so much! John Patrick Lowrie 206-601-4934
By: John Lowrie on August 9, 2019

WRDI 95.7
Catholic programming Redeemer Radio is part of Ave Maria radio and the EWTN network. Wonderful programs to strengthen your faith.
By: Jerry on August 9, 2019

WKFB 770
Love 770. Love Frankie Day. Just love everything about this station
By: Darlene on August 9, 2019

WDRD 95.1
please say where I could find parking for th upcoming 4 tops
By: Marc Johnson on August 9, 2019

K-Love 102.7 (WDKL)
You played a song today, not sure who it was, but it played around 2:31pm today 8-8-19. Is there any way to find out who it was and the name of the song? Please send me some info - I Loved it...
By: Joe Staten on August 9, 2019

AM1350 (KABQ)
The only progressive radio in Albuquerque made the decision to switch to podcasts, most of which seems to be about discussions of technical topics better accessed by those who really are interested via UNM, CNM, the library, and bookstores. Radio listeners want music, progressive or conservative talk shows, and religious programming. Given your "drastic" programming change, I predict that your radio audience will decline to the point that you will try something else, perhaps something drastic like the diatribes of some raving conservative. FYI, my favorite radio program was Thom Hartmann, and since your decision was to eliminate that informative programming featuring one of the most knowledgeable, rational, progressive talk show hosts in the country ... I'm "outta here!!"
By: Glen DeGarmo on August 8, 2019

KSDO 1130
With Carl gone, we afternoon listeners now have to endure “topic driven” talk radio....this type of program is boring and shows how un-inventive a host can be. Just throw out and obvious current event and ask the listeners to share their “thoughts”. I’m too spoiled after listening to Rush for 29 years to even get interested enough to listen to Carl’s temporary ( hopefully) replacement. Maybe I’ll walk the dogs at 3:00 M-F. Jess from Carlsbad
By: Jess on August 8, 2019

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