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KBYU 89.1
No radio in Roy Problem
By: Wieslaw Izydorczyk on October 29, 2020

KHSB 104.7
104.7 has been off the air for the past 3 days. Will it be back up soon? I miss it.
By: Rich on October 29, 2020

WTSN 1270
When is dr. garko on now?
By: Anonymous on October 29, 2020

WPAK 106.9
I really enjoy the music you play but now your getting too political.We here just too much of it ! I just want music not the political crap!
By: R. Hamilton on October 29, 2020

KZEQ 104.9
I stumbled across this station on my way home and then sat in the car just engulfed in the man's words. I would love to know more about the channels line up and those on it.
By: Kelli on October 29, 2020

WCDW 106.7
After living on Long Island during my childhood and teenage years, I had my choice of radio stations and they were fabulous. Moving to Binghamton after college was a radio shock for me. Having been here for many years I have finally found the best radio station I could ever wish for! The great songs you play bring me back to the New York City stations and the memories I have of the great artists I was able to see in person many, many times. Thank you so much! Please don't ever stop, because I don't think I can afford living down there again. And keep up the good work!
By: maryann greco on October 29, 2020

Community Radio 88.5 (WMNF)
I need your help. Hello, I'm Crystal from Alcoholics Anonymous. The buildings where Alcoholics meet are empty due to COVID. The Alcoholics are also not attending online meetings because it is something new that they are having trouble adjusting to. When I was talking to other Alcoholics, I found that they are staying home and getting more mentally ill by the day. No wonder suicide rates and overdoses are sky rocketing. Could you please contact me and do a piece on this epidemic? Alcoholics are funny and they can be lulled into doing the next right thing for themselves and their families. Thank you, Crystal Clear
By: Crystal Clear on October 29, 2020

News Talk AM 1130 (KTLK)
To the Justice and Drew show. I noticed how much Joe Biden looks like the Walter puppet in the Jeff Duran comic skits when he is about to lose it.
By: Rick Johnson on October 29, 2020

KDSK 92.7
I just discovered your station this evening, by accident. I should have more of those....accidents. Absolutely terrific oldies. Not your boring run of the mill Sirius Radio, or wanna be oldies station without a purpose. I'm a 50's and 60's gal. I tolerate 70's music. Even your 70's songs have class. Good heavens where have I been? Thank you. Please continue. I'm an oldie now, but a goodie. Can you throw in a little Sunshine Company occasionally? I'm just blown away that your repertoire is a tad off beat and delightful. Even my new doggy is jazzed up.
By: Nancy H on October 29, 2020

KICE 94.9
What happened to the Sports Radio on 94.9 ? It’s gone! If you aren’t going to broadcast this, can you tell me who is and what frequency please. Thanks
By: Jeff Thompson on October 28, 2020

KZOK 102.5 FM
My name is Karen and I am a fan of KZOK and a member of Nar-Anon Family Groups a worldwide 12-step fellowship for those affected by someone else’s addiction. Nar-Anon recently developed a 30-second audio PSA directing the listeners to find information about Nar-Anon at our website or toll-free number. Would the radio station be willing to broadcast this PSA? Thank you, Karen M. 253.208.5362
By: Karen Mashburn on October 28, 2020

KSGF 1260
Guy Benson is a bust. Please bring back Chris Plant.
By: Fred Rosenberger on October 28, 2020

KHTU 88.1
I am Paul J Jones (country-gospel singer-songwriter from SW Missouri). Do you accept music from independent artists?
By: Paul Jones on October 28, 2020

Seattle's BIN 850 (KHHO)
I agree with Chuck. Bring back Clay Travis, Jason Whitlock and Outkick. But only if you want more listeners than you have now.
By: NotPleased on October 28, 2020

KKTO 90.5
We would appreciate it if you would please consider announcing the following: The Carson City Cinema Club will be showing “Carmen Jones” (1955) on Tuesday, November 3 at the Brewery Arts Center Performance Hall (511 West King Street). Doors open at 5:30 pm; film trivia and discussion begin at 6:00 pm and the film starts at 6:30. General admission is $5 at the door. Students of any age are free with ID. Feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks as we are not providing refreshments at this time. Masks required. Social distancing will be practiced, and sanitizing wipes will be provided. Our regular schedule of classic films is shown on the first Tuesday of every month. Please see our website at or our Facebook page for more information. Proceeds from this event benefit local youth arts education.
By: Carson City Classic Cinema Club on October 28, 2020

970 AM The Answer (WGTK)
I would like to know the schedule for Leland Conway....I loved him when he was on WHAS and have really missed him. Have not listened to WHAS since they let him go. I understand he is with Salem now. Would love to know his schedule. I listen to all the programming on 970 but wish Leland had a real program time with during Gorka's time slot!
By: Laura Thomas on October 28, 2020

101.1 The Wave (WAVV)
does this station have a PLAY LIST so you can find a name of a song that just played??? WHERE, please give a link , thank you so very much rosedale
By: rosedale on October 27, 2020

WVNR 1340
WVNR once had local church services on the radio on Sunday morning. Do you still have them and if so is there any time available for a local church to participate?
By: Melvin Patch on October 27, 2020

WLUV 1520
Sad to hear of Mr. Salvis' passing, but boy what a run he had! Alex can always be heard online at I used to love winning free car washes...I guess no one else was listening. LUV radio was a small station, but with infowars from 11-3, it was the most important radio show in the Rockford area.
By: tjr on October 27, 2020

98.1 The Bull (WBUL)
Can you guys please play.... Dirtroad by kiddg Just about over you by Priscilla block Please these are my 2 favourite song that have came out in the last 3 months
By: Tracy m Luckadoo on October 27, 2020

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