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KMMK 88.7
My book on the life of St. Maximilian Kolbe is now available at Amazon/Kindle. The title is The Life of St. Maximilian Kolbe: Apostle of Mass Communications. I just got my monthly copy of the MI newsletter and saw the article about your radio station finally getting on the air. My congratulations to all those who worked so hard to accomplish this. I'm sure St. Max was a vital part of the success. May God bless you and your family and hope to work you sometime soon. Bill LaMay - K3RMW Matthews, NC (704) 995-0002
By: William Lamay on June 14, 2019

AM1350 (KABQ)
1350 simply sucks now. I used to complain that Stephanie Miller repeated during the day. I wanted more variety. But now?! What the heck. Podcasts? Where is Thom Hartman, Norman Goldman’s and yes Stephanie Miller. Your format, lineup is ridiculous. Booooring. What happened? Did you get paid by Russia to have this crap on?
By: Shirley on June 14, 2019

KIEF 101.5
Where did the idea that this is a religious station originate? There are some gospel and Christian rock songs played on Sunday from 6 am - 10 pm. The rest is eclectic, blues, southern rock, oodies, crooners, country, western, indie, soul, pop, acid rock, blue grass,and anything that is not rap.
By: Jim Phillips on June 14, 2019

WGLR 97.7
What is the website for the up coming auction.
By: Bonnie J. Davis on June 14, 2019

AM1350 (KABQ)
I listened to 1350 all the time in the car for the intelligent, informed talk radio on history, politics, government and law that was no where else to be found on the radio. The only thing left in Albuquerque is right wing crazies that only call names with no intelligent or knowledgable discussion of important issues of the day.... obviously that is what Iheart wants and are willing to lose money make it so.... the new programs are just dumb and can't imagine anyone listening. . Conservative talk media is all there is now... our democracy is under attack by corporations who own all the media and are controlled by the republican party. They oppose the informed populous notion our country needs to survive as a free country.. Needless to say I will no longer listen to this station, hopefully another one will pop up with real news and commentary about important issues . I will boycott all Iheart radio stations and hope others will as well until they provide balanced programming.. This is really disturbing!
By: Steve on June 14, 2019

KZBT 93.3
Just when I thouhgt Karmen outdid his or herself, he or she does it again. Best one yet.
By: Jerry Osborn on June 13, 2019

The Eagle 107.3 (WXGL)
This station plays the same 370 songs over and over. There is no live DJ, Just a computer running the programming. That's corporate radio for you! Money Money and more Money. They couldn't care less about their listeners.
By: Frank Stevens on June 13, 2019

WXJB 99.9
Please not this station's programing is via satellite and very few local shows are produced here.
By: Frank Stevens on June 13, 2019

Nature Coast Country 104.3 (WXZC)
This station is no longer sports. It is now broadcasting the same programming as 103.3 in Ceder Key. Yes we need another country station!
By: Frank Stevens on June 13, 2019

K-Love 92.1 (WKHL)
My friend Heard you speak of a young boy who sings the national anthem in our area. I was wondering if I could get his name and or somehow listen to this segment that you guys broadcasted on him. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!
By: Kim on June 13, 2019

WBRT 1320
Is Fred no longer with us, or did he retire? I can't seem to find any info anywhere. We miss him.
By: Dan Whobrey on June 13, 2019

AM1350 (KABQ)
By: Emily Antle on June 13, 2019

WBLE 100.5
A song was on today between 1:00 -1:10. I havent heard it before...the words repeated "close to me " several times and it was a female singer. Is it new? Can you tell me the name.
By: Michelle on June 13, 2019

KWXL 98.7
I listen to your station all day ,but I don't know all the artist names. can you please send me yuor playlist . im from phx. and Im just getting to know tucson
By: tony tellez on June 13, 2019

Journey 94.1 (WNNF)
I just heard the song pull my finger( not sure that was the name of it) it was about Fathers and I loved it! Who was singing it? I want that song so I can play it for my husband!
By: Betsy on June 13, 2019

WBGR 93.7
ATTN: SCOTT REF:: Vibraton; Check Drive shaft Universonal joints.
By: glenn on June 13, 2019

92.9 The Wave (WVBW)
Music has charged and now Paul has left. What are you doing?
By: Fred on June 13, 2019

KBSN 1470
This station has got even worse since July 13th, 2018. They dumped The Eric Metaxis Show last summer for some ignorant red-neck who does nothing but assault anything not-proTrump as well as complain about the school systems. Some of the advertising is nothing short of "survivalist". Don't know if they got the scam insurance Christian Share of the air or not. This station is a complete must avoid for thoughtful fair-minded people..
By: James Prokop on June 13, 2019

AM1350 (KABQ)
You sold out, I won't be back.
By: Mike Maulsby on June 13, 2019

Lite 96.9 (WRSA)
I will not listen to your radio station if you play Michael Jackson’s music. He admitted many times to sleeping with young young children. There has been at least five that have accused this pedophile of sexual abuse.
By: Ann Hudson on June 13, 2019

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