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93.9 The Mountain (KMGN)
Started listening in early October of this year (2021). Listening from Long Island, NYC, and the Hudson Valley. Really enjoy not only the commercial breaks and the Eddie Miller morning show, but also the playlist itself. This is legitimately the only radio station where I found that it wouldn’t be the same songs being played within 4-8 hours after it is heard first time during the day. Not sure if this radio station plays Christmas music, but if it doesn’t, this would be the station to tune into when favorite variety stations like 100.3 WNIC (Detroit) and B93.3 (Milwaukee) switch to all-Christmas music — FYI I don’t celebrate Christmas. All in all, one of the best radio stations to listen to as a Long Islander & Hudson Valley Resident.
By: Johnluke on October 14, 2021

590 KQNT
Are you having problems with your signal or what is going on with 590 am radio cuts in and, slow sounding, and sometimes no signal at all. Here in Post Falls. Would appreciate a response. Thank you
By: Erin on October 13, 2021

KXMO 95.3
Lots off dead air for weeks now. Pay attention to your feed.
By: Peggy on October 13, 2021

KWAD 920
I have listened to KWAD in the morning for many years and enjoyed it from 6 am to 8 am. I am having trouble enjoying it since the change in announcers. I have waited a couple months to give the new announcer time . My complaints are this: he speaks way too fast and he can’t pronounce Finnish names! Please someone teach him how to pronounce Finnish name so we can understand the vital stats. And if he can slow down I I might think he likes his job but right now I don’t think he does. Gen KetNen
By: Gen on October 13, 2021

KFAQ 1170
Your station is not worth the time any more!!!!!!!
By: Steve on October 12, 2021

K-Love 105.5 (WLXF)
I totally get the money drive and the need for donations but what i don't understand why someone will say if you get x amount of people in a certain time they will add a bonus. If the money is avalialbe I feel they sould give it even the quota is not met. I would.
By: Anonymous on October 12, 2021

1300 The Patriot (KAKC)
Lannie, That is odd, because they're supposed to be 1kw at night, not flea power. Try for 1400 KWON out of Bartlesville, OK, and look at the Coast-to-Coast website for all the affiliates. Hope this helps, ZBG
By: ZBG on October 12, 2021

KHHT 98.9
Please make the station listenable online. The music you play brings back the best memories.
By: Melissa on October 12, 2021

KZSB 1290
I listened to the demo shows of , "Ears on Santa Barbara and loved it! KZSB 1290 needs to have Douglas, MARK and The Beautiful Ella as a permanent show to lift the ratings of a News Radio station! at the noon to 1 pm slot! Have them invited to be on air as their great chemistry and original way of communicating interviews and updates of interesting things to do in Santa Barbara, California is #1
By: Anonymous on October 12, 2021

1300 The Patriot (KAKC)
my favorite radio program is coast to coast Am. Unfortunately you cut the broadcast power ar sundown at dust and I cannot listen to your station even though I live in tulsa. alternate station?
By: lannie on October 11, 2021

WNEL 1430
Estimados señores de RADIO TIEMPO:Por muchos años escucho su emisora ya que soy amante de la música difundida por ustedes, y creo que es la única estación en el area noreste que la pone.Lamentablemente ahora han cogido de poner continuamente música navideña todo el tiempo,faltando tanto tiempo para la navidad y nos están librando a los amantes de la música de cuerdas , romántica,de escucharla.Esperamos que haya un balance para el deleite de todos.Gracias.
By: Maria on October 11, 2021

KCSA 97.1
It's Monday and you have the same sermon on as yesterday from the church in Miles? What's going on? I do my church stuff on Sunday. I wish you had more of a variety of music. It's always the same old songs. I do enjoy hearing Johnny Mathis. Thanks!
By: Dede on October 11, 2021

WUTT 95.5
Great station! Just wish they had a stronger signal or a way to stream online.
By: Marijan on October 11, 2021

WIOF 104.1
Hey all at this station, I love your programming. I was just wondering, how many watts are you powering? Because I live in Cottekill, and when I'm driving around the Kingston area the station gets a lot of static, and sometimes just goes out in a flurry of static. I guess what I'm asking is, are there any plans to extend the broadcasting power you know, up the wattage? I hope so. Either way, keep on keepin' on with the great programming. I wouldn't change a thing.
By: Scott on October 11, 2021

KKNE 940
What happened to "All traditional Hawaiian all the time?" Why is it that the programing switches from Hawaiian music for a couple of months to an international type of music?
By: Ralph on October 11, 2021

WNLB 97.7
I live in Toledo & heard some good oldies while driving near Holland. Any way to get it in Toledo?
By: Sharen on October 10, 2021

101.7 K-WULF (KWUL)
Stacy, I could not find the song you were referring to at the time you heard it. More info please and I might be able to help you. Thanks for listening to K-WULF.
By: Bill Neal on October 10, 2021

WUTT 95.5
Wow, finally a channel in Erie PA that plays good music!! I was flippin channels to get away from the same old stations we have had forever and found you!! I saw a comment that said "kinda reminded of WMDI" I kind of agree...Let's keep this one Erie PLEASE...
By: Debi on October 10, 2021

Talkradio 1450 WCTC
What happened to your Sunday line-up? I anticipated listening every Sunday. Why did you change the line up. Handle on the law seems to be almost discontinued due to Rutgers football games. Not everyone is interested. The garden show is excellent and than you can shut the station off. Please go back. Not much to listen to in the morning any more. Sorry for WCTC. It is a shame.
By: Susan on October 10, 2021

FM 106.1 (WMIL)
BRING BACK RICK JACKSON'S HALL OF FAME! I won't be listening to your station any more unless the Classics return!!
By: ML on October 10, 2021

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