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KBDB 96.7
Hey! We have a news story for you, complete with photos! A group of your fellow home town gentleman just ran my family of four out of the national forest where we were legally boondocking. Would you like the story, fresh from the hoses mouth? Or shall I tell the story to the national news first?
By: Shannon Lowe on June 4, 2020

Jazz 88 (KBEM)
eu e todos os brasileiros estamos revoltados com a crueldade desses policiais com o cidadão ,eles mataram porque quiseram,e eles são racistas merecem pena de morte,os negros americanos de todas as classes financeiras tem que se reunir,parar o país ,e mostrar que a vida de um negro tem valor,passem essa mensagem a todos por favor ,pois chegou a hora vamos,parem o país ,mostrem quem construiu o país,quantos negros morreram no passado,e o que foi que o país fez pelos negros,os menores salários são dos negros,os negros ficam em segundo plano,vamos mostrar ao pais,é agora ou nunca,ou a igualdade ou escravidão ,meu tel: 55 75 988041059.
By: Jefferson willians on June 3, 2020

WAYZ 104.7
Please play Aaron Pritchett new song "Never Seen Me Like This" Thank you and I love your radio station
By: Becky kailing on June 3, 2020

WRYN 89.1
Same as above. Love listening to this station, but the hum is as loud as the talking. I pray the problem will be corrected soon. thanks
By: phyllis on June 3, 2020

KFSD 1450
It’s back!! Glad KFSD is back on the air and playing the old standards.
By: Zoot on June 3, 2020

WWKR 94.1
Did one of your DJ's used to be on a radio station in Holland, MI 20-30 years ago? He has the exact same voice! Not sure who he is. His voice brings back good memories of my childhood!
By: Nancy Joldersma on June 3, 2020

WLOU 1350 AM
Dear Sirs(Ma'ams); I am a retired police officer having spent 14 years on the police force in Atlanta with the MARTA dept. I have written a book about my experiences and would like to know if you would like a complimentary copy. During these difficult days in our city I am hoping the input from a seldom heard voice of a Black female police officer may offer more and helpful perspective. I can be reached at (502) 772-9900 (H) and/or at (502) 299-3784 (C). Thank you for interest.
By: Janet Garnett on June 3, 2020

101.1 The Wave (WAVV)
Six months in and you still haven’t gotten the message. You have made a huge mistake and are paying the price. I check back every so often, only to find you’re still playing music that is anything but “relaxing”. It appears you are determined to lay your once great station to waste. A sad ending indeed.
By: T. Cook on June 3, 2020

WOLG 95.9
A few days ago I listened to a religionist on this station explicitly and ignorantly spreading cynicism. One example: he didn't believe and couldn't understand how masks provide more protection to those around wearers than to the wearers themselves. A few moments of research might of led him to Scientific American, which points out: "Droplets evaporate as they move through the air, so they are biggest when they are first coughed out. Because cloth masks are more effective at blocking larger particles, they are most efficient at stopping the spread if they stop the droplets at their source."
By: Jake Conklin on June 3, 2020

JC Talk 1220 (KSLM)
Public Service Announcement: In the wake of the many recent attacks against law enforcement, we are gathering at the Salem Police Department on Friday, June 5th, from 5-8 pm, to show our support. We would love to have you join us! Please park along the street (not in the underground city hall parking), and meet us along the sidewalk that borders Commercial Street. Supportive posters are welcome, and please note that beverages and restrooms will not be provided, but there are many businesses nearby.
By: Jill Fairall on June 3, 2020

WKAY 105.3
I challenge you to play the peace songs of the 60's & 70's.
By: Mark Hendricks on June 3, 2020

KBLA 1580
Quería saber el nombre de una alabanza La alabanza dice su letra así ; Amado mío esperándote por siempre Aquí estoy esperando en tu amor Cuando veré tu sonrisa par siempre Jesus mi Amado agradecida estoy contigo Ya no se lo demás pero si quiero saber quien la canta Y cómo se llama esa alabanza
By: Noe Noriega on June 3, 2020

95.7 The Ride (WXRC)
HEY TONY SCOTT , just to say you are my favorite D J , i listen to you on 95.7 the ride CHARLOTTE N C you are jamming in LINCOLNTON NC .man you are one BAD DJ i can't wait until 3 ;00 for you to come on ,you play the best music ever keep ROCKIN the music TONY love youDUDE
By: rita hamrick on June 2, 2020

WRYN 89.1
Same as person above, it sounds like a 60Hz hum on the carrier hear it in L&R channel. The hum is almost as loud as the talking. I can't remember exactly when but it seemed like this same occurrence happened last year for several days.There was no number that I could find for a local person to make this report to.I really enjoy listening to this station especially on my way to work in the morning. Thank you, David
By: David Hertzog on June 2, 2020

News Radio 570 WSYR
Please put Ryan McMann back on at three. He has been a calming presentation during this virus time. It is my only means of getting facts rather than opinions. He was elected and has more than shown his abilities. The man is from Syracuse and has the city in his heart. Is 30 minutes to long a time to give up. Until the crisis is over. Dan Dow
By: Dan Dow on June 2, 2020

KSTX 89.1 please check out theses musicians thanks jb
By: john bodnar on June 2, 2020

KTSW 89.9 please give them a listen thanks
By: john bodnar on June 2, 2020

WVLG 640
it is nice to hear my long time friend please play coffee is a cardboard cup by gorman lowe LOL
By: charles lowe pittsburgh pa on June 2, 2020

WRYN 89.1
Greetings: I live in northwest Alexander County. There is a loud hum on my radio when I tune in 89.1 and I cannot understand what is being said. Today is the second day, and it has been this way all day long. I am a faithful listener and I am very disappointed that I cannot hear your broadcast. I pray you will be able to correct this problem soon. Thank you so much. Love your broadcast.
By: ROLAND St Clair on June 2, 2020

WSHT 100.1
A comment pertaining to the death of George Floyd comes from Isaiah 47:6.....I was wroth with my people,.... The people of Israel, for their sins and transgressions, particularly their idolatries. Here begin the reasons and causes of the destruction of Babylon, and the first mentioned is their cruelty to the people of God; for though he was angry with them himself, yet he resented their being ill used by them: I have polluted mine inheritance; the Jews, who, as they were his people, were his portion and inheritance, as he was theirs: these he is said to pollute, by suffering the Heathen to enter into the land, and defile their city and sanctuary, and carry them captive into an unclean and idolatrous country: and given them into thine hand; to correct and chastise, but in measure, not to kill and destroy: whereas thou didst show them no mercy; used them very cruelly, and exceeded the commission given: upon the ancient hast thou very heavily laid thy yoke; whose age should have commanded reverence and respect, and whose weakness and infirmities called for compassion; but nothing of this kind was shown; they were not spared because of age, but had insupportable burdens laid upon them; and if not they, then much less young men;
By: Listner on June 2, 2020

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