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King of Kings Radio 94.9 (WGNH)
I love that I found your station by accident! I thank you for letting me feel God thru southern gospel. Praise the Lord!
By: Edith on July 27, 2021

100.1 The Buzz (KBBM)
Bring back 100.1 the BUZZ Whatever it is you're playing shouldn't be called music compared to what this station was. Rock is not dead, just folks like you guys trying to kill it and making it harder to obtain and listen to. Shame on you.
By: DARIN on July 27, 2021

ESPN 1040 (WHBO)
Why is 1040 off the air?
By: John on July 27, 2021

WQSN 106.3
This is a great radio station. Wide variety of hits from 50s to ?. I love it! My new favorite radio station (and I am a Sirius subscriber).
By: Manacca on July 26, 2021

KOSI 101
Tony, I'm not an engineer, but I work with radio. It has always impressed me how far the Denver sticks go out. Even the tiny 250 watters are readable here in Cheyenne. The 100kw towers have made it into the Nebraska Panhandle before. The best explanation I can give is that terrain does trump all, like you said. Most are near Golden or Morrison, higher than the surronding terrain, thus a better line of sight. Because the signal is 360 degrees, a higher up tower can also send the signal down and out, providing reception for dozens of miles. Also, antenna efficency matters as well. Stations running IBOC will also boost their efficency overall. (The HD signal still doesnt get out well, but the increased efficency means analog gets out farther still). KOSI is an IBOC station. The other thing to consider is tropo, which enhances signals to hundreds of miles. From ZG
By: ZBG on July 26, 2021

Talk Radio 1210 (WPHT)
Why isn’t joe pags on at 9:00 to 12:00 anymore I listen to rich zeoli in the morning I don’t want to listen again to repeat
By: Seena on July 26, 2021

KOSI 101
I love the station. With my limited understanding of FM, I have always been under the impression that the height of an antenna trumps power. I can't help but notice that so many Denver area FM outlets transmit from very tall mountains with 100,000 watts---the maximum permitted by the FCC. I compare it to the stations that use the Empire State Bldg. In that case, height overshadows power. Can one of KOSI's engineers explain this in layman's terms for me? Thanks so much! Tony, Longmont
By: Tony on July 26, 2021

WCJL 90.9
I was traveling through on I69 Saturday July 24, around 930est and was very interested in your broadcast . The sermon was dealing with the timeline of Jesus and how folklore gods and goddesses changed there stories. I believe the gentleman who presented the sermon had previously been a police officer. I am requesting if you could inform me of his name and possibly the sermon title. i routinely travel through to Indy to visit my daughter and enjoy your station. Thank You God Bless
By: Lester on July 25, 2021

K-Rocky 1630 (KVAM)
Now, KVAM has switched over to "Your Network of Praise", from Utah/Montana. I was wondering if this would happen, but not this fast! From ZBG
By: ZBG on July 25, 2021

KUDV 106.9
i can't believe you are not broadcasting Cardinals baseball today, sunday. What reason could you possibly have for not doing that?
By: robert on July 25, 2021

WNGN 91.9
Looking for a radio program schedule for WNGN, 91.9 FM, with particular interest to yesterday's (Saturday) program prior to Michael Rydelnick (sp?). Was a particularly good history lesson ranging from Washington to Lincoln, nation-formation to slavery and Civil War.
By: Michael on July 25, 2021

FM106.1 (WMIL)
The programming director should be fired for their terrible decision. Bring Rick Jackson back. Until he's back you've lost a loyal listener.
By: Jason on July 25, 2021

WEWZ 103.9
I'm home visiting my dad, and I am so thankful for this fantastic radio station. The line up is non stop unexpected and constantly reminds me of songs I had forgotten about. Thank you for making my emotional trip home a little more magical. It looks like I can't play it online which is so sad. How can we help make the station stronger, or online?
By: Abby on July 24, 2021

99.5 The Mountain (KQMT)
Thank you for being a quality classic rock station for the entire Front Range. Despite being 100 miles away from me , I would tune in and hear some good times and songs quite clearly. Sadly, those days are over for Wyomingites now that a new translator signed on, however I could still listen online, or occasionally you'll still come in over the local. Either way, thank you for that two minute promise. Note to moderators: KGAB signed on translator 99.5 K258DN a few days ago, and runs the same programming, but one second behind. On air, it identifies as "AM 650 KGAB", which oddly omits the FM. Thank you all for reading this. ZBG of Cheyenne
By: ZBG on July 24, 2021

K-Love 91.1 (KLDV)
Ronald, Are you in the Northern Colorado area? I'm up in Wyoming, where KTNE and KLDV battle each other all the time LOL. I hear none of the Denver stations make it to Colorado Springs, though, so if KLDV is out, check on KCFR and KTCL to be sure. By the way, there was a record Tropo opening to Nebraska on the 20th where Panhandle stations traveled to Colorado, Wyoming and Kansas. From ZBG
By: ZBG on July 24, 2021

Sports Radio 1450 (KVEN)
Last Thursday night KVEN 1450 went off the air and has not returned. I know they have moved their Dodger broadcast to an FM station, but what has happened to their CBS Sports Radio slots, including Jim Rome, probably the best in the business?
By: William on July 24, 2021

WLYI 103.5
I've been listening for a long time now and have not heard "I found me a brand new girlfriend" I don't remember the singer, but I'd bet you know it . How about a play . Thank you
By: Joseph on July 24, 2021

Newsradio 970 WFLA
I cannot believe that on 7-23-21 @ 8:40, you had a Harvard professor on who stated, and I quote, that “the Co vid vax is safe for pregnant women”. You realize pregnant women weren’t included in what limited trials they have done, don’t you? That all these women are risking their baby’s lives because they’re blindly trusting the government. This is so irresponsible to spread this message, as no one has any idea of what it will do to babies. Also, there have been many stillbirths, miscarriages and cycle disruptions already documented. I am so confused as to why this disinformation is happening. Innocent people are getting hurt. Babies
By: Beaz on July 24, 2021

Real Country 96.3 (KSWG)
I really like the older country songs and artists, Hank Snow, Tex Ritter, Hank Williams, John Prine, and others. I heard Olivia Newton John this morning. She's good.
By: Louis on July 23, 2021

WCHC 88.1
By: lari on July 23, 2021

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