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WXLA 1180
I noticed a format change a few days prior. While I will still listen from time to time, I am very disappointed that the "timeless favorites" format has been abandoned. Why could you not leave the am 1180 alone and only launch the new format on FM radio?
By: Patrick Cassidy on August 9, 2020

WLUV 1520
What happened to old school country? I tuned in and heard a 9 minute loop of donna summers, then more old pop and wanted to stick forks in my ears! Are you seriously changing your format to that??
By: Diane on August 9, 2020

WKBC 97.3
I can come out with something myself on radio you'll love .I would like for all to bring great sandwiches to my home .I work a great deal.
By: Sun soon first on August 8, 2020

107.3 KFFM
hi i was just wondering if you knew when there would be another food distribution at St .Vincent depaul in union gap
By: shirleycarr on August 8, 2020

Alt 101.7 (WQRR)
I love this genre; running through all your music, is a subtle struggle and overcoming of life. It is not only inspirational but, points to a definite direction. My life’s soundtrack. Jacob
By: Roderick M. Farb Petty on August 8, 2020

KTBX 98.1
Wish you could publish a daily playlist. More than once I have had to pull over and write down lyrics to research later who the artists are. Love you!
By: Janie Schembri on August 8, 2020

KMGI 102.5
Yesterday, I heard something about an August 15th American Flag "ceremony" that's taking place on the I-86 overpass near the Simplot plant. I caught that it went until 8 pm but I didn't hear the start time. Could you please email it to me? Thanks. Also, I really think that you need to quit with the "big girl pants" announcement. I understand the idea that you're trying to get at, but from the perspective of a devout classic rock fan for more than 50 years, it isn't coming across to most people. In fact, I've heard many say that they're confused by it and is actually appearing to do them more harm than good. It sounds more self demeaning as opposed to a positive statement. Thanks again.
By: Dave Shell on August 8, 2020

WHYU 102.3
Seems impossible to contact or listen online. Doesn't seem to be active....
By: Chris Allen on August 8, 2020

NewsTalk 630 WBMQ
I reside in Sun City Hilton Head and am no longer able to receive your broadcast on my car or home radio! The only way I can listen to your station is by downloading the app on my I-Phone. What has happened to your signal?
By: Charlie Davis on August 8, 2020

WKKC 89.3
Is smooth Steve Williams, my home boy from the Alabama country, out with an illness?...He hasn't been on the air in months, it seems!
By: Leon Gholston on August 8, 2020

KMRW 98.9
What: Drive-Thru Voter Registration by Arkansas League of Women Voters When: August 21 and 22, 9am-1pm Where: Hibachi Grill Buffet parking lot (north of Walmart), Rogers Are you registered to vote? Do you need to make a name or address change? The Arkansas League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan organization, will be holding a voter registration drive-through on Friday, August 21 and Saturday, August 22, from 9am to1pm. The location will be The Hibachi Grill parking lot north of the Walmart Supercenter on Walnut Street in Rogers, across the street from Hobby Lobby. You will be able to fill out your voter registration application from the safety and convenience of your own car. The personnel working on this event will be wearing masks and face shields, will have hand sanitizers on hand, and will be following all precautions for everyone's safety. ¿Está registrado para votar? ¿Necesita hacer un cambio de nombre o de dirección? La Liga de Mujeres Votantes de Arkansas, una organización no partidista, estará llevando a cabo una actividad para registrar votantes tipo servi-carro (“drive-through”) el viernes 21 de agosto y el sábado 22 de agosto, de 9 AM - 1:00 PM. La misma tendrá lugar en el estacionamiento del Hibachi Grill, al norte del Walmart Supercenter que está en la Calle Walnut en Rogers, al cruzar la calle de la tienda Hobby Lobby. En la actividad podrá completar una Solicitud de Registro de Votante desde la seguridad y conveniencia de su auto. El personal trabajando en este evento utilizará mascarillas y escudos faciales transparentes (“face shields”) y tendrán gel desinfectante disponible y tomarán todas las precauciones para la seguridad de todos. Thank you for publicizing this event for Benton County. If you have any questions, please feel free to email, text, or call me. Connie Hoffman (501) 265-9687
By: Connie Hoffman on August 8, 2020

WNPD 105.5
Can you please tell me where the music played on 105.5 comes from. I find it very relaxing but have no idea who to find it elsewhere. Thank you.
By: Renee m Johannensen on August 8, 2020

102.9 The Whale (WDRC)
WDRC use to be my go to station. Ever since you narrowed your playlist to just classic rock your station sounded boring and repetitive. I mean now I know exactly what's going to be played because there's no variety it's just the same 10 Leds zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith songs recycled everyday. It's nothing like what whcn or wccc was. I can never get over why you blew up a great oldies station for classic rock. I miss hearing bands like Jackson Browne, Chicago, Earth wind and fire, Stephen Bishop, Gerry Rafferty, America, The Chi Lites, Christopher Cross and many other great artists from the 70s and 80s that you removed ever since your format change. Classic Rock 102.9 the whale is a joke! FM radio is really going downhill.
By: Jackson on August 8, 2020

KORJ 97.7
How can I determine/ find out which musician and/or band and the name(s) of the song that was just playing? I.e. do you have a list of the performers who have played and their song at a specific time?? Thank you, Richard
By: Richard Rugen on August 8, 2020

Hot 93.1 / 95.5 (WCHZ)
Hi, we are listeners and live in Aiken. Our son Stefan is a 2016 graduate of Lakeside HS, and a 2020 graduate of The Manhattan School of Music. Stefan plays Sax, Bass, Guitar, Synths and a few other things along with arranging/producing music in NYC. He released his first single today, Keep Moving, MP3 attached along with cover image. His website is and he wrote, arranged, produced and played most of the music on this release. It would mean the world to us if you had a chance to share his work on your station. His new release is Keep Moving and available on all formats
By: Brad Haerle on August 7, 2020

WXLA 1180
What has happened to the 1180 play list? The music has changed. I don't hear the old favorites that I grew to love. I am very disappointed.
By: Kathleen Kempel on August 7, 2020

560 WVOC
Why in the morning show do they continually talk about unproven and no studies to prove social distancing works either. You continually just spout fear. We are approximately 55 million short of the infection rate in America for H1N1. The then president quit testing so numbers wouldn’t continue to grow. The death numbers for this disease or so grossly out of line and people paid to put down COVID. Yet you to still spout fear speech. You’ve evidently not read any history of late 50’s late 60’s and what took place. After some wore mask and quarantined in the late teens for Spanish flu the second wave killed more than the first. You are never going to stop until herd immunity has taken place. Look up death rate for TB and we have a vaccine. I will have to turn you two off as you continue to spread fear amongst Colombians. Quit listening to fear monger political people spout stuff they think will help. They are treatments out there yet y’all don’t push that. What makes one doctor more right than the other. Many doctors say all the bs is just bs to make yourself feel better. If we would live off history and facts we all would be in much better place. Respectfully Me Howell
By: CB Howell on August 7, 2020

WPCE 1400
Can you send me the Donald Eaton Prayer Audio. Praise GOD for him. Thank you.
By: Carlotta Boykins on August 7, 2020

TalkRadio 1080 WKJK
Purple Heart Day Please remember these individuals Thanks
By: Terry Watson on August 7, 2020

WBLU 88.9
The following are emails sent to various associations and administrators at Grand Valley State University. As a parent of a student attending the school, along with quite a few other parents, we are concerned at the lack of regard to personal liberties and state and federal law the school's new policies are showing. We are hoping some members of the media will assist us in reminding people what our country was founded on - Liberty and Individuality - as outlined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We are hoping you will help us to shine on a light on how these rights are being slowly eroded away at the school and should not be allowed. These are the emails sent to various individuals and departments on Grand Valley State University campus: As alumni of GVSU, you should be aware that the parents of current students have an issue with how the university is handling certain situations. The following email was sent to the president, board, housing and the Federal Attorney General assigned to Michigan. The policies set in place, in our opinion is a violation of civil liberties, HIPPA, and ADA. We thought this school was one of higher education - that would teach our children to become leaders, with innovative ideas. Instead, it is being led further and further into the socialist/liberal mindset that stifles such ideas. The university should be focused on educating on Liberty and Individuality, but instead, the students are being forced into the same mold - if they don't think, speak and eat the liberal/socialist rhetoric, they are being basically blackballed by the administration - bad grades, etc. This is true, as any student who questions a professor on their socialist statements in class, their grades drop. You, as the alumni association, need to be more involved to ensure that this does not happen, or this is not the institution so many parents thought it was for their children to attend. This was sent to the people above already, as a courtesy, I've included it to you. I have also sent it to local news to see if anyone will address the absurdity. I just heard of the requirements for students at GVSU, i.e. masks and contact tracing. I will be contacting the Federal Attorney General Barr, or his associates assigned to the state of Michigan, because requiring students to fill out forms before entering building on the status of their health (and refusal will result in no entry) seems to be in violation of civil rights and more in line with socialist policies of tracking people to control them, which our country is not founded upon. This is no longer a health issue, but one of control. The governor of Michigan put an executive order in place – IT IS NOT A LAW. Only the legislative branch may create laws that would require these restrictions, and they have not passed any such laws. Requiring students to police other students to make them wear masks, when it could be in violation of HIPPA and ADA at the state and federal level is excessive. The enrollment at this university is already down, you will lose even more students due to your socialist policies. Stick to what the university is for – EDUCATING, and that means not educating in socialist activities and ideas, but in creativity and forming future leaders for a nation that stands for LIBERTY AND INDIVIDUALITY-you know, the United States of America as it was formed under the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Due to the fact that your faculty has a tendency to retaliate against those students who may not fall in line with your liberal/socialist doctrines, (by affecting their grades, etc.) I am not using my name or the name of my child who attends the school. I am requesting the help of the Federal Attorney General or his assigned attorneys, to help the students at Grand Valley State University overcome these totally excessive restrictions on their civil liberties
By: Concerned Parent on August 7, 2020

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