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101.7 K-WULF (KWUL)
Ron, regarding the song you are looking for, if I could get some more info like when you heard it again, I may possibly find it for you. Thanks for listening to K-WULF. Bill Neal
By: Bill Neal on January 15, 2022

FM 102.9 (KARN)
The best thing to happen to conservative talk radio is the SCHMIDT Show at 2:00. He is the first conservative host I have heard in years that has the ability to make his point without nasty comments or name-calling. Conservatives will never get their point taken seriously if they have to insult each person they make reference to that has a differing point of view. Please encourage him to continue his style of delivering a conservative point of view without denigrating the person or issue they are making.
By: Arleen on January 14, 2022

K-Love 89.1 (KADV)
Why not list your programming? I cannot trace back to what you played today.
By: JD Mosher on January 14, 2022

WZJR 91.7
Hello, recently came across this station and was excited to listen to a radio station that played a variety of music from the 60's, 70's, and 80's and with no advertising. My wife and myself would comment saying "I haven't heard this song in a long time". However after listening to this station for over a week now we no longer say that because the same songs are being played what seems to be every day. An expanded list of songs would be welcomed. I realize broadcasting music 24/7 requires using an extended library of songs but there are many more songs from the 60's - the 80's that are available and not being played. Other than the repeated selection of songs being played every day and maybe the excessive station identification I am a fan. However with songs being repeatedly played everyday I have become somewhat burned out listening to the same songs every day. I will likely be taking a break from this station and perhaps revisit at a later time to once again enjoy and again say "I haven't heard this song in awhile". Thank you for the great music!
By: Dan on January 13, 2022

KBKW 1450
What happened to am 1450 talk radio. Really unhappy it's now County music. Where would I find a talk radio station???
By: Kay on January 13, 2022

WPAK 106.9
Is you station streamed on the internet? I live in Iola and I cannot receive a stereo signal over the air as we are located near a hill which interferes with the signal.
By: Wally on January 13, 2022

WZJR 91.7
Hey. I just found your station and think it's awesome. For a week I haven't turned it off day or night. 93.5 was my station out of Ohio and they gave it to a religious group. Since ya don't have commercials I don't know how you make it but before you give it to anyone make sure you ask for financial help on the air. We'll be there for ya. Thanx so much.
By: Charles on January 13, 2022

KLIE 90.3
What was the set list the woman played tonight for the man she mentioned around 650 pm. It was a cool oldie.
By: Aaron on January 13, 2022

WTID 101.7
Seems that this station has changed formats. Now broadcasting contemporary Christian music. Too bad, the oldies format made it the best station around. I loved it when it was oldies, now I will listen to satellite radio.
By: Perry on January 12, 2022

River Country 101.7 (WRCV)
Please play more music from men. Too much female music, and most of it is old and repetitive. Seriously...
By: Ron on January 11, 2022

WVIP 93.5
I love listening to the MANCHU RADIO SHOW on Saturday night into Sunday morning at 1am. They play good music reggea, soul, r&b, hip hop, and more. They are funny and give good information. Nylock, Ms Benita, and Pretty J.
By: Mike on January 11, 2022

WJVQ 94.7
Not receiving radio broadcast since Sunday????? I'm in Catskill
By: peter on January 10, 2022

KDAN 91.5
I love this station. I listen to it in the background always and it's my go to. I live in the Bay area and recently visited Marshall California on the coast enjoyed the Marshall general store seafood extravaganza and as we searched and searched we could not set eyes on kdan radio station to be able to salute! Appreciate what you're doing. Michele
By: Michele on January 9, 2022

ESPN Radio 1510 KMND
Why is station not on air?
By: Randy on January 8, 2022

KWXY 1340
We are soooo!! glad you are back on the air do you know when you will be on the internet?
By: Michael on January 8, 2022

KIHB 101.7
I just discovered KIHB 101.7 tonight and I am loving the music
By: Rolland on January 8, 2022

AM 1230 Digital (WFAS)
Dear Anonymous, WFAS is now using an all-digital MA-3 mode that can't be heard on traditional radios. I would either tune to 103.9, check out their online feed, or better yet, purchase an HD radio online. It's like an uncovered world of radio :). From ZBG
By: ZBG on January 7, 2022

WHAS 840
Maryann, Paul does say some seriously goofy stuff at times, but he is still a registered ophthalmologist. Yes, that has to do with the eye and not the nasal cavity, but still, he has some work on virology. A disclaimer about his profession would be good, although let's be honest here: No one is an expert about Covid, we just have educated guesses by the CDC and the WHO to follow. Anyways, WHAS does run some pretty good sporting programs though that I can pick up from 1,000 miles away. ZBG
By: ZBG on January 7, 2022

WNLT 104.3
Belinda, Ah, right, a national station. They do, in a sense, care about their listeners, but do not give one iota about frequency or anything local. K-Love, Air1, and other national networks just kill the local out of radio. At least it is a profoundly Christian organization I can trust. From ZBG
By: ZBG on January 7, 2022

WPJB 93.3
Congrats, Dan! Happy New Year! From ZBG
By: ZBG on January 7, 2022

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