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590 KQNT
Disatppointed with the new lineup, you just lost another listener KQNT Spokane used to have a decent daily lineup, what happened ?
By: Karen on January 24, 2020

590 KQNT
Disappointed with the new lineup, you just lost another listener.
By: Karen on January 24, 2020

670 KBOI
I'm trying to remember which sandwich shop advertises with you....known for the best clam chowder in the northwest.....can you help?
By: Mark Williams on January 24, 2020

KYEP 89.9
Is great to have more educational radio station like this one
By: Francisco Villa on January 24, 2020

WWLZ 820
Came home from vacation to find my station missing. Miss my conservative info. Will have to go to the Internet now. I will return when talk returnse.
By: Genio on January 23, 2020

WODB 90.9
Ervin E Torres Rodriguez esa emisora pisa y no arranca. 1- no tiene estudios fisicos por lo tanto, no pueden tener locutores ni en vivo ni grabados 2 - transmite desde el transmitter site 3- es la misma musica desde que volvieron al aire en julio 2016 4 - desde esa fecha nunca han tenido un programa en vivo 5 - No tienen personal 6- y estan a punto de perder la licencia en estos días, la misma vence el 2 de febrero 2020.
By: Miguel Melendez on January 23, 2020

KAGU 88.7
I am trying :to find the piece that was just played ending about 9:50 am on Thursday, January 23, 2020. The movement playing when I turned the radio on had beautiful flute highlights. I hear a part of the name, something about Italia by the Cleveland Symphony. That's all that I hear. I'd love to share the movement with my daughter who plays flute in the Youth Symphony. Thank you for your excellent music station. I only with I could access the playlist online, but so far am not able to find a way.
By: Kristin on January 23, 2020

99.9 KLUR
Terrible radio station. Tons and tons of commercials. This station is on in my office all the time and for the last 2 months it has been the same 6 songs, 4 of which glorify alcoholism.
By: Bryan on January 23, 2020

WWLZ 820
Even Ithaca NY has Rush! The local news in Elmira hates Trump to.
By: Anonymous on January 23, 2020

WEPB 106.3
Just came across your radio station. Very nice and beautifully strange.Thx!
By: Anonymous on January 23, 2020

WWLZ 820
Goodbye WWLZ, I came here for conservative talk radio. I can listen to music all day on FM
By: Anonymous on January 23, 2020

KERW 101.3
Trying to find a song that was played this morning between 6:30 and 6:45. It was a piano beginning which was reminiscent of a music box and sounded similar to Elliot Smith as far as genre. I’ve been trying to figure it out all day! Please help!
By: Jules on January 23, 2020

KYWS 92.9
Blue T, are your actual going to do something with this station? Could you give people an idea of when and what the plans are? The music so far is good. However it’s the same thing over and over.
By: Jeff Tilton on January 23, 2020

101.7 K-WULF (KWUL)
Wanted to know the band and song title for a blue grassed style song about a guy who buys a used coat and gets a date because of it ? Refrain is something like ragged and in need of repair ? Please advise
By: Donald Eschbacher on January 23, 2020

101.1 The Wave (WAVV)
Tried listening to the Second Wave...not the same. Mostly instrumentals. Where is Michael Bublé, Harry Connick Jr, Barry Manilow as well as Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams and Johnny Mathis and all those classics I love?
By: Josie Iglesias on January 23, 2020

WKVX 960
i’m a listener from canton ohio , this is a great old school station and i enjoy the music format and the djs
By: mark l on January 22, 2020

WFOG 95.9
Same song is playing 1/22/20
By: Daranette Sikes on January 22, 2020

WENI 1450
You need to get Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. 820am is now playing classic rock. I have tried to deal with Dennis Prager but is not the same, he does not have the ability that Limbaugh or Hannity have. Must be Socialists own 820am.
By: Anonymous on January 22, 2020

WWLZ 820
What? Did George Soros buy out this radio station. too? I am joining the others and will listen to WENY. Your loss, their gain. I also understand now why you won't answer the phone.
By: Tom across border from the regime to the north on January 22, 2020

Fox Sports 97.5/1260 (WNDE)
I listen to Rush Limbaugh on WNDE 1260 and began to hear Query & Schultz after the Rush show and I began to enjoy listening to them also. I think they are still a benefit to the station.
By: Carl on January 22, 2020

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