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103.9 Bob-FM (KBBD)
Thank you for playing mostly songs that I want to hear. No need to play bohemian rhapsody every day though....ha!
By: William Douglass on April 15, 2021

WCCW 1310
Great format.Hope you stay with it. Very best air play on oldies I've heard in a long time. Keep it up!
By: Larry Otto on April 15, 2021

KAHM 102.1
My wife and I have listened to kahm for the 14 years we have lived in the phoenix area. Really loved your programing. However, since you recently shifted over to music only, including some really bad "funeral" type music, especially in the morning, we no longer have your station as our favorite. So sad ! We really liked hearing the vocals of the old favorite singers of the 40's, 50's, and 60's. Sorry to see your change. Any chance you will go back to the "old" programming of vocalists again ?
By: martin Kann on April 15, 2021

WJAS 1320
Accidentally heard the first few minutes of Rose today during her symphony of self-love. Was embarrassed on her behalf. Egotism that extreme is creepy.
By: Anonymous on April 15, 2021

WEVW 90.9
I really like the inspirational music that you play. Is your station available on Alexa?
By: Fred Simon on April 15, 2021

KZSB 1290
Please tell me what happened to baron Ron Herron, We miss him in the morning? Thank you
By: Carol on April 15, 2021

94.9 The Rock (KPKY)
What happened to Bob and Tom. I left for ten years, I come back and there's no Bob and Tom. The one thing I was looking forward to. I mean come on!
By: Bear Viles on April 15, 2021

Family Radio 91.3 (KDFR)
I am so grateful for your station. I listen at home and in my car. It inspires an uplifts me. I feel oftentimes God is showing His Love through the messages I need to hear an songs that hug me right when I need one. God bless you Family!
By: Trish Banks on April 15, 2021

Big 104 FM (WABK)
Fonzie jump the shark on Water ski’s, not his motor cycle.
By: Jim on April 15, 2021

KISH 102.9
Need to know song title Ti siña yu maleffa nu hågu sa gaige hao gi kanttåku na seso ma dåndan I've tried searching and listing these lyrics but no luck
By: Poomi on April 15, 2021

TK101 (WTKX)
Check out a new band out of Ohio starting to make some big waves The Lonely Ones is the name
By: Steve Collins on April 15, 2021

KLAY 1180
Can anyone tell me what is going on? I tuned in to this station at 9:00PM (weekday) and the Jim Bohannon Show was playing (corresponding to the schedule they have on their website). However, when I tuned in at 5:00PM the following day (weekday), it was playing a simulcast of KGNW The Word. Can someone tell me what is going on, as their website is clearly inaccurate.
By: Charles Winkler on April 15, 2021

KPEG 100.9
I'm actually just finding this page. Thanks for all of the nice comments. We've been on the air for almost six years (hard to believe), I'm glad you have enjoyed what we do here at KPEG. I will be retiring very soon, leaving the station in the hands of others. Feel free to call the studio at 805 875 2750 with comments or suggestions. Thanks for listening!
By: Gregg on April 14, 2021

WXBN 105.5
I would love the country music back again
By: Joseph Leonard on April 14, 2021

WOEZ 93.7
Are you having problems this morning with your signal. I like in Bluffton and your station is very scratchy.
By: Charles Waters on April 14, 2021

WTIR 91.9
Great radio station! Wish I lived here so I could listen all the time. 😊
By: Walt Corwin on April 14, 2021

92.3 WTTS
Hi, I was listening to your radio station this morning. I wanted to know the name of the song that I just heard. Thank you for your time.
By: Mary on April 14, 2021

WNTJ 1490
Why all of a sudden the broadcasts poor quality to listen. Did you lose signal strength. Can’t listen clearly to hockey/baseball?
By: Joel Popma on April 13, 2021

WQEW 98.5
98.5FM is shared signal. WQEW Chinatown Radio from 3am - 3pm which broadcast remotely from San Francisco, Ca. From the hours of 3pm - 3am the signal broadcasts as WJYN - Uptown Radio, who owns the antenna which broadcasts from the legendary Philadelphia Uptown Theater.
By: L.s. White on April 12, 2021

550 KFYI
Is Dan Bongino going to be in your line up? I sure hope so!! While there is no replacement for Rush, Bongino is the voice we need to continue Rush's legacy. Bongino gets it. Bongino is humble and will tell it like it is. PLEASE add Bongino!
By: Gary L on April 12, 2021

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